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    RED KEV 2 hours ago


  • AirScholar
    AirScholar 2 hours ago

    I am automatically eliminating the candidates that 1 - support even more FREE STUFF on the backs of tax payers. 2 - delay securing our borders 3 - base their candidacy on race or gender

  • Ian Weatherell
    Ian Weatherell 2 hours ago

    I want to gift him a super baller tie

  • Alex Ruiz
    Alex Ruiz 2 hours ago

    They still made us go to school yesterday

  • supererik man
    supererik man 2 hours ago

    so pretty much "shut up, don't do anything about climate change, how dare you stand for what is right, let us keep our bribes and keep killing the earth"

  • GreyWolfLeaderTW
    GreyWolfLeaderTW 2 hours ago

    -Old Man- Kids yell at cloud.

  • itellzzz
    itellzzz 2 hours ago

    How many mums will get in there gas guzzlers on Monday and drop there little Angel's at school

  • Shadow Paradox
    Shadow Paradox 2 hours ago

    *_dances in anarchy_*

  • Yoav Goldberg
    Yoav Goldberg 2 hours ago


  • Joe Powell
    Joe Powell 2 hours ago

    Another waste of time and money!!

  • aaugoaa
    aaugoaa 2 hours ago

    So funny

  • Biff Grimes.
    Biff Grimes. 2 hours ago

    you've had 3 years to waffle on about Btexit its now time to deliver it

  • Frankie Tatcanbearrange

    sorry to say but your accent is atrocious!

  • GreyWolfLeaderTW
    GreyWolfLeaderTW 2 hours ago

    -Old Man- Kids yell at cloud.

  • DancinJim
    DancinJim 2 hours ago

    The planet will live on long after humans, but current human behaviour will just mean we destroy ourselves sooner rather than later. Better for the planet really.

  • Charles Bates
    Charles Bates 2 hours ago

    The chairman of the World Meteorological Organization, which founded the IPPC, just announced that there is no climate crisis & wants everyone to calm down. This Children of the Corn business must stop.

  • Wickersham Family
    Wickersham Family 2 hours ago

    We still got school tho

  • itellzzz
    itellzzz 2 hours ago

    Looking for votes Corbyn

    • itellzzz
      itellzzz 2 hours ago

      @Abacab yer right

    • Abacab
      Abacab 2 hours ago

      He doesn't need to. That's why the establishment worry about Labour in an election


    Nauseating 🤮

  • James Charles
    James Charles 2 hours ago

    Wonderful that it may be the youngest among us that finally get the ball rolling. Very inspiring.

  • Joe Powell
    Joe Powell 2 hours ago

    The American people have known the truth ALL long

  • Jeff Smith
    Jeff Smith 2 hours ago

    This is exactly why the UK is a POS EUrotrash and EUnuchs!.

  • Colinn McKinnley
    Colinn McKinnley 2 hours ago

    You know 1 to do 1 like = 1 plastic straw back at McDonald’s and 1 extinction of melting paper straws

  • HeavenGuy
    HeavenGuy 2 hours ago

    How did man cause the ice age "climate change?" It isn't called "global warming" anymore because science has standards. Climate change occurs between winter and summer. Climate change is nature. It is a Trojan horse to tax at a worldwide level to support a global police force or even army to trounce what is left of freedom on the planet.

  • David Knight
    David Knight 2 hours ago

    You can't prove it though..... hense your case will get thrown out and brexit will happen

  • Michelle Shabz
    Michelle Shabz 2 hours ago


  • ᄋ언더
    ᄋ언더 2 hours ago

    Just an acting and a show

  • Firsthgyhgyhuy Lastujhujhuj

    No problem with MPs defying a nation then?

  • Albert Pike
    Albert Pike 2 hours ago

    BAN Commercial air travel

  • The Truth
    The Truth 2 hours ago

    On both sides afghans are being killed like dogs.

  • Hulk Thor
    Hulk Thor 2 hours ago

    Great thinking and I would corporate with you

  • Rick James
    Rick James 2 hours ago

    Never trust an indoctrinated kid with a crooked smile.

  • X F
    X F 2 hours ago

    Democrats came unprepared and thought they could just demand answers. They are incompetent and don’t deserve anymore chances to put on these sideshows. The Democratic Party is completely unhinged and weak.

  • ابراهيم عمر

    Am fed-up seen this old drunk man as EU leader. it does show how civilized the EU is,i wonder why the uk wants leave the EU...😕

  • shanemanchester
    shanemanchester 2 hours ago

    Saw a great bumper sticker on a HGV today . “Without Trucks You Get Nothing.”

  • Proselytizing Orthodox Pentecostal Trans Rabbit

    Might of guessed this disgusting old racist would jump on the bandwagon.

  • Unauthorized
    Unauthorized 2 hours ago

    Here it is... the whole thing was an ad campaign for a movie... got it. So basically by distributing this film, you're actively engaging in blasphemy and literally contributing to the problem.

  • jonnythreat
    jonnythreat 2 hours ago

    Did most of you watch this only to come up with some B.S. to say about it? Grow up. She needs to be heard this is all very real.

  • BastionIsMyFriend
    BastionIsMyFriend 2 hours ago

    Racism is the best thing to happen to America! White America is the right America!

  • Roger Van Brunt
    Roger Van Brunt 2 hours ago

    Ha nice!!!!!!

  • Jean D
    Jean D 2 hours ago

    Your Mom likes to grab my big throbbing hardon and rub it all over her face.

  • Jean D
    Jean D 2 hours ago

    Your Mom likes to grab my big throbbing hardon and rub it all over her face.

  • ReD ReaVeR
    ReD ReaVeR 3 hours ago

    It's over. We are all damned!

  • fleckolight
    fleckolight 3 hours ago

    Man these comments - any reason not to give a damn about your home to keep your heart closed and feel justified about it too.

  • Peter Grady
    Peter Grady 3 hours ago

    children need to know the truth who promote these Lies!

    • Suck MyToe
      Suck MyToe 2 hours ago

      @playlists do you like using children to push your political agenda

    • Suck MyToe
      Suck MyToe 2 hours ago

      @playlists I can spell I just like baiting leftiest cant auxilium themselfs I am still x1 of x2 gendas

    • playlists
      playlists 2 hours ago

      @Suck MyToe you can't spell so you don't read enough to know anything outside what your circle of neglect teaches you

    • Suck MyToe
      Suck MyToe 2 hours ago

      @playlists I have it said I am x1 of x2 gendas

    • playlists
      playlists 2 hours ago

      have you ever read a scientific paper in your life?

  • paul hoskin
    paul hoskin 3 hours ago

    I hope all these kids don't fly on any planes going on holiday

  • Tuten Vanman
    Tuten Vanman 3 hours ago

    The mouth is open but the brain has long gone if it ever existed. A man for no seasons if his mouth is moving he is lying. If he believed in what he was saying why be there in presence with all his enterarge would have been done via a link. but with no publicity what would be the point. All he does is speak to whatever crowd you put him before and pay enough.

    • Abacab
      Abacab 2 hours ago

      Evidence of this spurious allegation?

  • John Mosley
    John Mosley 3 hours ago

    The planet will be here in 10 years. The scientists don't know what will happen. A few years back we were told the world would freeze. Now it will fry. I would settle for the weathermen to tell me what the weather will be like over the weekend,

  • Death Guard Dave Googley

    Another “because feelings/outrage” piece. You present your side of the argument and present it as fact and as news.

  • paul hoskin
    paul hoskin 3 hours ago

    The stink from the houses of parliament is unbearable

  • Marius Holmberts
    Marius Holmberts 3 hours ago

    The sky is falling !

  • Alan
    Alan 3 hours ago

    Producing gasoline takes vast amounts of energy,then we get to burn it !....and there are still some people who think climate change is a myth! Great video guys.I live with hope.

  • Boblibobli
    Boblibobli 3 hours ago

    The correct answer is Laurel, the words Laurel and Yanny has the same audio prints

  • jacob nighthorse
    jacob nighthorse 3 hours ago

    Child abuse liberals love it

  • C Mc
    C Mc 3 hours ago

    Oh please Jeremy 😂😂 Donald would laugh in your face if you tried to tell him what to do. You're all mouth. You wouldn't dare tell him what you truly think of him in a face to face meeting. Your a weasel.

  • jacob nighthorse
    jacob nighthorse 3 hours ago

    Silly old duffer

  • Peter Grossett
    Peter Grossett 3 hours ago

    Trump acted on genuine climate scientific factual advice. Pollution knows no boundaries? Stop farting, if you care

    LARCHANGE1 3 hours ago

    Au lieu d'écouter les scientifiques hautement qualifiés qui nous alertent depuis longtemps, ces foules de demeurés préfèrent écouter cette gamine qui ânonne en partie les mêmes choses. Bon, après tout, tous les moyens sont bons !

  • The_Cynic
    The_Cynic 3 hours ago

    Two egos I'm surprised fit through the door.

  • Christian E.
    Christian E. 3 hours ago

    OMG! He's absolutely right! Full support! For my children and also their children....

  • Proselytizing Orthodox Pentecostal Trans Rabbit

    This kinda infantile blabber pretty much sums up the Thunberg Cult

  • paul hoskin
    paul hoskin 3 hours ago

    Great excuse to justify a day of school .why haven't they done the same for brexit

    • playlists
      playlists 2 hours ago

      because brexit does not stand for any actual policy just to turn the uk into the wild west.. aka .. let rich tories sell off your public assets and natural resources often to corporations with no laws in place for accountability

  • Concerned Voter
    Concerned Voter 3 hours ago

    So Corbyn who supported dirty, high pollution coal mines from the age of 18, who did not care about the environment , then when it becomes a vote winner we need clean energy......the hypocrisy, this anti semite must be stopped.

  • Achim Stößer
    Achim Stößer 3 hours ago

    In one word: veganism (i.e., the side effects thereof).

  • Zak Martin
    Zak Martin 3 hours ago

    Rubbish. There is nothing at all wrong with the climate. And Greta Thunberg is 16 years old. She is NOT a child. "Climate change" is a scam, and an extremely sinister and dangerous religion/ideology.

  • TwoSling_Mappings
    TwoSling_Mappings 3 hours ago

    Look at the Editorial they made when turn cc on

  • Rick James
    Rick James 3 hours ago

    BS, this kid knows 0.

  • Jeff Ray
    Jeff Ray 3 hours ago

    I still smell the plastic diapers from their landfill.

  • kumaresan C
    kumaresan C 3 hours ago

    Please translate this video into all languages

  • Peter Grossett
    Peter Grossett 3 hours ago

    Why is'nt the BBC held to account, for producing and screening the back and white minstrel show? I still get fashbacks and I'm white.

  • Chris Gill
    Chris Gill 3 hours ago

    Dementia is a cruel disease... very sad to see Jeremy deteriorate this way. Some should put him in a home.

    • Abacab
      Abacab 2 hours ago

      Be careful of your comments on here. They're slanderous

  • cindy mathew
    cindy mathew 3 hours ago

    is that Africa or Londonistain

  • David Woollcott
    David Woollcott 3 hours ago

    I don’t agree with Corbyn’s political stance but I do agree with him here!

  • Alex Enriquez
    Alex Enriquez 3 hours ago

    How long ago was this?

  • Sara Smith
    Sara Smith 3 hours ago

    What a stupid girl. And she snared an even stupider prince. She is all for Hillary. Who is married to a serial abuser of women. Clinton had to pay Paula Jones $800k, for violating her civil rights. And who paid that bill? Harvey Weinstein, another Hillary associate. Hillary did nothing for women beyond digging up dirt on the women her husband abused. She got her pal James Carville to describe the Paula Jones incident as what happens when you drag a dollar bill through a trailer park. Yes. Very supportive of women, isn't she? Bill Clinton had to surrender his law license over lying under oath, so, was that the same thing?

  • Kirk Thomas
    Kirk Thomas 3 hours ago

    Ummmmmmmmmm given the total absence of global warming how old are these children and why are they having a Ferris Buehler day?

  • Sic Echo
    Sic Echo 3 hours ago

    What a joke

  • MB
    MB 3 hours ago

    So much indifference about the state of the environment and mockery of those who do care in these comments. At least these protesters are attempting to make some sort of change. Get off your lazy asses and do something too. 🌎🌍🌏

  • Ryder Mac
    Ryder Mac 3 hours ago


  • Neo 101
    Neo 101 3 hours ago

    Resign hypocrite

  • Black Rose
    Black Rose 3 hours ago

    This fuckin snake jumps on any bandwagon!!

  • fuckfannyfiddlefart
    fuckfannyfiddlefart 3 hours ago

    Neoliberal Obama gave us Trump! You suck white man!

  • Habib Hash
    Habib Hash 3 hours ago

    Turkmenistan president an arsehole .

  • Kirk Thomas
    Kirk Thomas 3 hours ago

    This is great! Next month let's go on strike for the boogyman!

  • Damien CALLAGHAN
    Damien CALLAGHAN 3 hours ago

    This DUDE has got BIGGER BALLS than Margaret Thatcher Silent for THREE YEARS and then opens his Jaw just to flog his book Someone will NAIL him Where is JEREMY PAXMAN when you need him

  • dude1967able
    dude1967able 3 hours ago

    piss off u spoilt little girl.

  • John Pasalich
    John Pasalich 3 hours ago

    Perhaps these protesters can donate there cars for scrap metal to make new wind turbines . And let's then see if they can really walk the talk...

  • John Kilty
    John Kilty 3 hours ago

    I think she is great. She and everyone else knows that we all use fossil fuels. That is not the point. The point is, it has become problematic. All scientist agree that we need to reduce burning fossil fuels. Why is that so hard to grasp? Ridiculing a young lady for standing up for what she believes in is nothing but petty thinking.

  • MrJking1962
    MrJking1962 3 hours ago

    This video is a total misrep. Comey started an investigation with no evidence. He used the power of the FBI to topple a President he didn’t like, totally against our democratic principles.

  • Konrad Blades
    Konrad Blades 3 hours ago

    Is George Monbiot still pro-Nuclear?

  • Marc Leach
    Marc Leach 3 hours ago

    Why do they bother they know they can’t do anything right 1 unless they can make China and Japan stop something that won’t happen for a long time they can get every other country carbon footprint to zero and it won’t make a dent in stopping global warming 2 climate change isi t even a big deal it’s not world ending most of us won’t even notice the difference 3 it’s already to late the ozone layer has deteriorated too much the ozone does naturally deteriorate we are already at the point of no return unless we find a way to repair the ozone

  • Dj Doolittle
    Dj Doolittle 3 hours ago

    “Bye bye bibi, bibi bye bye” as sung to the Bay City Rollers number one U.K. song 😷☝️🇮🇪

  • BlueHen123
    BlueHen123 3 hours ago

    Nothing he said makes sense. Oh but lets listen to him cuz he's 10

    MAD BUDDHA 3 hours ago

    afraid of dying at the hands of of an extremist ? that makes you a terrorist ist

  • David o'connor
    David o'connor 3 hours ago

    these people are just pathetic

  • Dan Goode
    Dan Goode 3 hours ago

    We're making a move, we're making it now We're coming out of the side-lines Just put your hands up, it's a raid yeah We want your homes, we want your lives We want the things you won't allow us We won't use guns, we won't use bombs We'll use the one thing we've got more of, that's our minds

  • Rory Smith
    Rory Smith 3 hours ago

    Jeremy Corbyn, Jo Swinson, and Greta Thunberg are right. We need to tackle global warming.

    • Brexit Buccaneer
      Brexit Buccaneer 2 hours ago

      Yeah. We need to close down parliament and these silly "Extinction rebellion" twits who are generating so much hot air.

    • Black Rose
      Black Rose 3 hours ago

      And ruin the country in the process!! Great idea

  • the the
    the the 3 hours ago

    I sound like a fool how can you complain when you live in Australia about anything it is paradise. Try living in uk u would hate it.

  • Sir Cliff
    Sir Cliff 3 hours ago


  • Tom Round
    Tom Round 3 hours ago

    If anyone can use emotional politics and science its the millionaire, corbyn