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  • HeyItz Clo
    HeyItz Clo 6 hours ago

    *me and denis have been trying* Me: trying what?😏 My friends: YALL NASTY CHLOE OMG WHY😝😝

  • Katy Perry 500
    Katy Perry 500 6 hours ago

    Natalie I'm only 9 I love your channel and I don't have social media so I really want to win your FLash-player giveaway and I want to start my own FLash-player channel

  • Xolly Xolly
    Xolly Xolly 6 hours ago

    I hate my left boob. Its bigger than my right boob. I used to contemplate changing them with surgery. I also don't like my round face and thought about having my jaw line shaved and chin implant. It took 10 years for me to accept and love myself. So I understand your situation about insecurity with guys seeing boobs.

  • Noelia McDonald
    Noelia McDonald 6 hours ago

    DONE plz choose me

  • Amanda Cardona
    Amanda Cardona 6 hours ago

    Poor Jupiter ( May the force be with him) I hope you didn’t get him sick just to gain some subscribers .

  • Zoey Zimmerman
    Zoey Zimmerman 6 hours ago

    Anyone noticed her with her iPhone 11, filming the Macintosh! 16:03

  • Yorbalinda Prudencio-Rodriguez

    So excited about this giveaway. This would be a pleasure if I won. Also it would really help me for next year because next year I'am going to intermediate. Plus it would be a great help for my sister that is going to college next year.😙❤😍😍🤞🤞

  • Victoria Quintana
    Victoria Quintana 7 hours ago

    Isin that your twins hat🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔


    I wish I could win the FLash-player give away!!! I edit my videos in my 6 year old iPad mini! Love you Nat!🥳🥰🥳🥰😍😘

  • alivia king
    alivia king 7 hours ago

    Girl ❤️

  • Roblox Playing
    Roblox Playing 7 hours ago

    #natificationsquad i love ur videos soooo much!❤😊

  • Two Warriors
    Two Warriors 7 hours ago

    Lol i have those pjs natalie #natifiactionsquad

  • Victoria Quintana
    Victoria Quintana 7 hours ago


  • Liv Day
    Liv Day 7 hours ago

    Armpits I was 10 Legs I was 11

  • Ryleigh Belle
    Ryleigh Belle 7 hours ago

    My intention Tody and tomorrow is To be great full to who you are

  • Katelynne Rowan
    Katelynne Rowan 7 hours ago

    1:00am, wake up at 6:00 am

  • Imane Thm
    Imane Thm 7 hours ago

    "for bonus entries text me" lmaooo

  • murali madassu
    murali madassu 7 hours ago

    Where’s my girlfriend Natalie 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍 love you never change girl

  • Hannah Breiding
    Hannah Breiding 7 hours ago

    OMG, IM SO EXITED!!!!❤️

  • Jalena’s World
    Jalena’s World 8 hours ago

    i’m late but ILYSFM

  • Kierra Grimm
    Kierra Grimm 8 hours ago

    8 and wake up at 630

  • Stephanie Grabowski
    Stephanie Grabowski 8 hours ago


  • Rubilyn Lingard
    Rubilyn Lingard 8 hours ago

    I want sticky notes

  • colours 312
    colours 312 8 hours ago

    The beginning of this video literally broke my heart. I also suffer from TBD and its something that honestly feels like you're so alone in this and nobody understands. It's shatters your confidence as a woman and the thought of being topless in front of someone, anyone.. It's truly horrifying. Like Natalie I've spent most of my teenage years researching about solutions, quick fixes and even about breast augmentation surgeries. To be honest when I spoke to my family practitioner about referring me to a plastic surgeon, he tried his best to deter me from this idea. Trying his best to convince me that a person who truly loves you will love you for your soul and the essence of who you really are and that your physicalities are just superficial. I still wasn't convinced. I was honestly planning myself to go ahead for the surgery in a few months and for the first time, I'm rethinking this. I never knew about the life threatening side effects besides capsular contracture, loss of sensation and tissue death. For the first time since the age of 14, I'm considering that maybe I shouldn't go under the knife, maybe it's not worth it. I never considered I might be unhappy after the surgery or ill. I cried throughout this entire video because for the first time, I feel like I'm not alone. Thank you Natalie, you are truly appreciated. You don't understand that magnitude of how you might have just changed my life. Lots of love to you girl ❤️

  • Jesse Hill
    Jesse Hill 8 hours ago

    periods suck totally!!!!!

  • Rubilyn Lingard
    Rubilyn Lingard 8 hours ago

    Nice out fit

  • Dalila Hall
    Dalila Hall 8 hours ago

    You don’t need makeup your beautiful

  • Brooklynn Cotton
    Brooklynn Cotton 9 hours ago

    Mold of my face

  • The beast family 109

    #natificationsquad your videos are the best

  • Grace Young
    Grace Young 9 hours ago

    But what about the kids sitting next to you lol

  • Aline OMG
    Aline OMG 9 hours ago

    Say bye bye to stealing your dads shavers AHAHAHAHAHA THATS WHAT I DO 😂

  • Grace Young
    Grace Young 9 hours ago


  • Danya Hashim
    Danya Hashim 9 hours ago

    your really going to shower with a full face of makeup smfh

  • Thegamingturtle 555
    Thegamingturtle 555 9 hours ago

    who's watching this in December 2019???? because I am!!

  • Aaron Gurrola
    Aaron Gurrola 9 hours ago

    What up girl I used to watch u on tv

  • Thegamingturtle 555
    Thegamingturtle 555 9 hours ago


  • Emily Lepien
    Emily Lepien 9 hours ago

    I love your channel you absolutely inspire me! I would love to win something from you. Thanks!

  • Dani Vlogs
    Dani Vlogs 9 hours ago

    so am i

  • Nusu Rahman
    Nusu Rahman 9 hours ago

    I last the whole entire video

  • Mikaela O'Brien
    Mikaela O'Brien 9 hours ago

    makeup and hair!!👝🙋‍♀️

  • Hajar Hsn
    Hajar Hsn 9 hours ago


  • Nina VerWys
    Nina VerWys 9 hours ago

    am I the only one who already knows what that queen thing is cause that's been around like forever.

  • Keeva Kiely
    Keeva Kiely 9 hours ago

    I don’t get cramps😁😁

  • Tayla Rayne
    Tayla Rayne 9 hours ago

    Do actually have a sister or no

  • Keren Cruz
    Keren Cruz 9 hours ago

    Can I have 1 please I Never won a giveaway and I we laws be subscribed to you ever if I get a giveaway or not so can I have the macbook please #natificationsquad

  • Irma Aguirre
    Irma Aguirre 10 hours ago

    I want it

  • JJ land
    JJ land 10 hours ago

    I’m an outie but I can’t join in bc I live in England

  • puppylover32 pc
    puppylover32 pc 10 hours ago

    We run the world

  • Richekerline Paterson
    Richekerline Paterson 10 hours ago

    Hope I win the mac book I love you Natalie

  • Briann Mendozaa
    Briann Mendozaa 10 hours ago

    Please pick me 😔😔😔😳😳😳

  • Tanim Uddin
    Tanim Uddin 10 hours ago


  • Maika Ramirez Martiarena

    I'm a lazy potato

  • Moratwa Radebe
    Moratwa Radebe 11 hours ago

    Natfacation squad

  • Thomas Byrne
    Thomas Byrne 11 hours ago

    Whats in my trash? TRASH duh!

  • Slime Lover
    Slime Lover 11 hours ago

    I like the sponge xx

  • Peter Settevendemie
    Peter Settevendemie 11 hours ago

    9 pm asleep 6 am on school days and 7am on weekends I can’t sleep late lmao love u natalie

  • jhonson thavamalar
    jhonson thavamalar 11 hours ago

    I have an assessment Tomorrow wish me a good luck

  • Evelyn Kendall
    Evelyn Kendall 11 hours ago

    Omg yess

  • Teyla Roberts
    Teyla Roberts 11 hours ago

    2019??anyone ok just me😢

  • Teyla Roberts
    Teyla Roberts 11 hours ago

    2019??anyone ok just me😢

  • Teyla Roberts
    Teyla Roberts 11 hours ago

    2019??anyone ok just me😢

  • maisey croft
    maisey croft 11 hours ago

    9pm - 7:32

  • jhonson thavamalar
    jhonson thavamalar 11 hours ago

    Once I slept at 9:00 and guess what I woke up before my parents they wake up at like 5:00 am

  • Creator G
    Creator G 12 hours ago

    Her: read two books a month Me: hasn’t read in 3 years

  • supersonic900w rororo
    supersonic900w rororo 12 hours ago

    Can you do fashion haks becaus girl i need that style pls

  • Phoebe Kerr
    Phoebe Kerr 12 hours ago

    2019 and i startec my second period so yeah it sucks

  • Sajal Ali
    Sajal Ali 12 hours ago

    girl your beautiful i love your smile and most powerful you are

  • Tyler Aubert
    Tyler Aubert 12 hours ago

    brings be back too your first videos lol

  • mahree elle
    mahree elle 12 hours ago

    is it just me or is flat chested actually rlly cute

  • Vikitoo Ivanova
    Vikitoo Ivanova 12 hours ago

    My cramps are like 8,5/10 if the 10 is the most paintful

  • Vikitoo Ivanova
    Vikitoo Ivanova 12 hours ago

    Period suck

  • Raegan Henbury
    Raegan Henbury 12 hours ago

    All you have to do is wear red underwear or wear a red bikini bottom on the day (time of the month)

  • Mahiira Joomun
    Mahiira Joomun 12 hours ago

    2:05 she meant her friends gender =girl

  • Hamster Girl
    Hamster Girl 12 hours ago

    Is nataili pregnant

  • Khan Mdnazrulislamkhan

    like to

  • Lps Tommori
    Lps Tommori 12 hours ago


  • BlxrredTaco
    BlxrredTaco 13 hours ago

    What if you need to *charge* the iPad? ;-;

  • Dino_Killa 10
    Dino_Killa 10 13 hours ago

    OMG you are the best at the at this :3

  • Lps Tommori
    Lps Tommori 13 hours ago

    I survived is my book

  • Abigail Remlinger
    Abigail Remlinger 13 hours ago


  • Lauren Hawthorn
    Lauren Hawthorn 13 hours ago

    new school you are the best one in this video and you have the best school supplies 😍🙂🙃😉😌😋🤩

  • Kawaii Kat
    Kawaii Kat 13 hours ago

    instead of a banana you could use dark chocolate

  • Isla Watt
    Isla Watt 13 hours ago

    #natifciationsquad ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Xightmare Gacha
    Xightmare Gacha 13 hours ago

    Hey I am a new subscriber can I never won a giveaway

  • sisters talk!123!GO!
    sisters talk!123!GO! 13 hours ago

    a kid

  • Maddy Rose
    Maddy Rose 13 hours ago

    The only way to get me to lose is if you put nails on a chalk board I can’t 🤧

  • Summer Livingstone
    Summer Livingstone 13 hours ago

    Periods suckkkkkk

  • Matilda Patchett
    Matilda Patchett 14 hours ago

    Did u use a squishy as a bath scrubber 😂😂😂

  • Zoe Marshall
    Zoe Marshall 14 hours ago


  • z d
    z d 14 hours ago

    #team not freckles

  • Sun Sunshine
    Sun Sunshine 14 hours ago

    I hope i will win!

  • Jennifer Izhar
    Jennifer Izhar 14 hours ago

    She is doing so much of acting

  • Maisie Cottam
    Maisie Cottam 14 hours ago

    Me:mom Mom:yes Me:my ipad craked Mom:why Me:natilie said smash that like button Mom:*notices hammer* Mom:busted

  • Nisrine Sasnni
    Nisrine Sasnni 14 hours ago


  • Emma Noelle Michel
    Emma Noelle Michel 14 hours ago

    Me and sleep have a love hate relationship but me and Natalie’s Outlet are a perfect match

  • Antriana Erodotou
    Antriana Erodotou 14 hours ago

    I have a dog and her name is Chicky

  • CUTE and EVIL
    CUTE and EVIL 14 hours ago

    I don't have twitter or insta so I guess here is my only option, plus I could really use a new laptop! Love u Natalie!!!!:)

  • Emma Noelle Michel
    Emma Noelle Michel 14 hours ago