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Gordon Ramsay
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  • David Go
    David Go Minute ago

    FLASH-PLAYER. Gordon Ramsey video. Click. Watch. Learn how to cook pork and not do it ever?...DONE.

  • Cameron Lorenz
    Cameron Lorenz 2 minutes ago

    Nobody: Americans: "My British accent is better than your British accent."

  • Ann Other
    Ann Other 3 minutes ago

    The description says 'catch the episode' but it's just a generic link and nowhere does it say the name of the show. Come on ITV man...

  • Stoic
    Stoic 3 minutes ago


  • GunShot
    GunShot 7 minutes ago

    7:10 ...that's a first

  • Anh Trần
    Anh Trần 7 minutes ago

    Ey... Laos is our neighbor

  • Angery Angery
    Angery Angery 8 minutes ago

    Im not a good cook, but i rly think hes putting on way too much seasoning

  • Oliver Elliott
    Oliver Elliott 9 minutes ago

    I want that cake so bad tho

  • Panda Sannah
    Panda Sannah 11 minutes ago

    If I were running a failing business, I would be so happy if Ramsey came through, turned my place upside down, and redid everything

  • erin flor10
    erin flor10 11 minutes ago

    The Mollendors really show what family and true love is like and Gordon such a blessing 😊 Hope their business continues to bloom and God bless them always with good health and peace of mind.

  • Robbie
    Robbie 12 minutes ago

    Its okay its okay...only a few hairs and pieces of dirt on the chicken...

  • Jeca Therese
    Jeca Therese 16 minutes ago

    The best learnings come from different part and side of the world.

  • Len Hanley
    Len Hanley 18 minutes ago

    There is a link between animal cruelty and serial killers. This is animal cruelty.

  • Richard Fuller
    Richard Fuller 18 minutes ago

    I bet all three of my testicles that I could cook a better burger than him.

  • Lewis Nostredame
    Lewis Nostredame 18 minutes ago

    Gordon Ramsay ordering a Big Mac in McDonald's: **Opens up the burger** Salt Pepper Olive oil, Beautiful.

  • Dluxe
    Dluxe 20 minutes ago

    "we do a lot of gordon ramsay parties, were just telling each other to fuck off" hahaha got me there dude XD

  • F.B.I
    F.B.I 20 minutes ago

    You've become the very thing you swore to avoid.

  • Joe Rob
    Joe Rob 20 minutes ago

    Make sure those strokes are nice ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • HamdHB YT
    HamdHB YT 20 minutes ago

    its RAW!!

  • Kapesports
    Kapesports 20 minutes ago

    *Where are you guys* PULLS UP WITH TANK

  • kev d
    kev d 23 minutes ago

    Hes no Anthony , just not the same .

  • MRTiGzoruA
    MRTiGzoruA 25 minutes ago

    that looks fucking nasty

  • Mark
    Mark 27 minutes ago

    that defiantly looked bad ass I will defiantly be making that

  • pms1712
    pms1712 28 minutes ago

    Indian potato pancakes? I didn't know about *that* . It seemed like something my mom used to do with chapatis and add some schezwan chutney to make me finish my veggies...

  • Cragmortis
    Cragmortis 29 minutes ago

    He used to lift sacks of potatoes and put then in a machine. Humble beginnings as fuck

  • Robert Liberalson
    Robert Liberalson 32 minutes ago

    Ravinda is fit

  • john louis sucks
    john louis sucks 32 minutes ago

    woi siapa disini indo

  • MLG Penguin
    MLG Penguin 35 minutes ago


  • Basit Khan
    Basit Khan 35 minutes ago

    Dont eat pork . Its Haraam

  • Karuyan Nida
    Karuyan Nida 41 minute ago

    *W H E R E S T H E RICE !!!!*

  • Ryan V
    Ryan V 42 minutes ago

    Where is this specific place in Laos 🇱🇦 ? It’s beautiful!

  • Sean Casey
    Sean Casey 42 minutes ago

    That sound at the start is weird

  • Gamer King97
    Gamer King97 45 minutes ago

    For some reasons it reminds me of that hehe boiiii dude...

  • Rhonda
    Rhonda 48 minutes ago

    208 people clearly have no heart, may they never need to have to "Wish."

  • vickipedia
    vickipedia 49 minutes ago

    “anything above 30 is unclean” oh so it must be like 50-60 right “573” oh shit

  • The blue Streak
    The blue Streak 49 minutes ago

    Gordon is the British Tom cruise

  • CarltonNation
    CarltonNation 51 minute ago

    this guys is a chef a detective..everything

  • Somaditya Sinha
    Somaditya Sinha 52 minutes ago

    "You're crunchy granola, I can tell by your pungent aroma"

  • 胡Chialien
    胡Chialien 52 minutes ago

    Gordon please go to the Philippines and learn local dishes like chicken adobo and pork sisig.

  • Peter Chanthasena
    Peter Chanthasena 55 minutes ago


  • Amin keykha
    Amin keykha 56 minutes ago

    you ve made the world a better place Ramsay ❤️❤️

  • Carlos Alfaro
    Carlos Alfaro 57 minutes ago

    "Eat them with the flies" 🤣

  • DuckGuide
    DuckGuide 57 minutes ago

    So, he’s a chef, but he can’t even crack eggs correctly..

  • LoveSick
    LoveSick 57 minutes ago

    As much as i love GR let's be frank, he planted that lil mouse there.

  • Jasper L. Ferini
    Jasper L. Ferini 58 minutes ago

    I like it when the servers are honest of how bad the restaurant is

  • mama 79
    mama 79 Hour ago

    I just wish I lived close enough to go & experience a meal prepared by Gordon.

  • TheMajR Payne
    TheMajR Payne Hour ago

    This is some next gen level delusion. This cat and Amy from Amy's Baking Co. need to be roomates at the asylum.

  • Thadee Angelo Aguilar

    74 dollars for half a cake, raw lamb chops and shitty crab cakes. I'd rather eat at a cheap ass place with good food.

  • leeanna040963
    leeanna040963 Hour ago

    "smells delicious" I think he's kidding, fish sauce don't smell delicious 😁, I know coz I'm an Asian 😅

  • mama 79
    mama 79 Hour ago

    Poor Gordon.... you can't rescue ghetto trash

  • TheCuzYNotChannel

    Makeover hotel not happy with $150k ungrateful owner

  • Cat On a mat
    Cat On a mat Hour ago

    “Cut the tentacles”

  • Julie Grace
    Julie Grace Hour ago

    Those twats did not deserve our Gordy!

  • MLBets
    MLBets Hour ago

    Fake... Gordon never cooks eggs without butter :)

  • Un- Deniable
    Un- Deniable Hour ago

    Pilot: There’s a fuel blockage! Ramsay: ITS FUCKING RAW

  • Static Boolean
    Static Boolean Hour ago

    0:07 this dude said that like Tony Montana.

  • Simha's Kitchen
    Simha's Kitchen Hour ago

    I made a tutorial on how to cook Lobster Gordon Ramsay Style. Check it out on my channel :)

  • Mike Riley
    Mike Riley Hour ago

    Gordon the chicken didn't look roasted and the stuffing looked horrible.

  • BeeTheKey
    BeeTheKey Hour ago

    I got an ad of Gordon Ramsay before watching this video

  • Kawaii_ Cilo
    Kawaii_ Cilo Hour ago

    Fact: Did you know Laos doesnt has a beach xD

  • zodiac gamer
    zodiac gamer Hour ago

    It doesnt take much to get happy

  • Louiese Gabrielle Nase

    But don't you all think that the mushroom with egg and bacon could've clashed with the patty in terms of umami or taste?

  • xLIFT Redsaturn
    xLIFT Redsaturn Hour ago

    This is actually NOT a comment about the gorilla throwing grass.

  • Vinny Lopez
    Vinny Lopez Hour ago

    "We want to make sure the food is safe" "Do you want to taste it?" No... you try"

  • Aristide Torchia

    I feel so..so..so sorry for the poor lady. You can see that she tried her best, and she had good intentions with it. Obviously the real problem is that her husband(?) has absolutely zero idea how to run a business.

  • Bert Coffee
    Bert Coffee Hour ago

    “Chief sturgeon surgeon”

  • MikeGlasses
    MikeGlasses Hour ago

    That aint puffin on the salad, I’ve eaten enough JackLinks beef jerky to know it when I see it.

  • Joseph Salinas
    Joseph Salinas Hour ago

    I felt really bad for the chef

  • BabyFace Chase
    BabyFace Chase Hour ago

    I really want that burger... like.... really badly 😂.

  • Tarun Bangar
    Tarun Bangar Hour ago

    Lol look at the security for him behind

  • Lucihaua xd
    Lucihaua xd Hour ago

    what part of him was cocky i think even his cock isn't cocky

  • lilxc cxpcakes
    lilxc cxpcakes Hour ago

    "Holy fuck I'm gonna jump out the window" AM HOWLING!!! 😂

  • PinkieDash the Brony

    It tickles me to see Gordon Ramsay putting people like that in their place.

  • Bryan Shoemaker
    Bryan Shoemaker Hour ago

    Looks like he has to take a piss

  • CryptPixel
    CryptPixel Hour ago

    You probably don't want to click a time stamp like this one 11:37 without any context.

    LESLEY MEASE Hour ago

    Sporo is a shona word for how he was running

  • RobotThunder 1
    RobotThunder 1 Hour ago

    The owner be like :0

  • TyrranicalT-Rad
    TyrranicalT-Rad Hour ago

    Because "chef Gordon fucking ramsay" can't hold his own...why? Because English food is SHIIITT !!?!!! BEEF WELLINGTON SORRY ASS MEAL !!!! EEL PIE ?? FUCK THE QUEEN !!!!

  • Alfie Solomon
    Alfie Solomon Hour ago

    *Sets the bacon on fire* Gordon : Beautiful

  • Mr. DeadFoxz
    Mr. DeadFoxz Hour ago

    Gordon is so freaking big

  • xXFluffyMooncakeXx

    That looks INCREDIBLE 😍

  • get2rog
    get2rog Hour ago

    Typical Canadian ....delusional snobbery.

  • TyrranicalT-Rad
    TyrranicalT-Rad Hour ago


  • cσld hєαrt
    cσld hєαrt Hour ago

    Pls stop eat grass eat rice pls

  • Stephan Riachi
    Stephan Riachi Hour ago

    Imagine having this clean of a grill

  • SwissMarksman
    SwissMarksman Hour ago

    1:50 that smirk

  • stephanie Cuyno
    stephanie Cuyno Hour ago

    To the 1% people can read this please also support me and give me a big Red click. 😍 Small FLASH-PLAYERrs here thank you 🤗

  • Phengsakon ເພງສາກົນ

    Welcome to Laos POPS ❤❤❤❤

  • Hazard Standoff 2

    Being an Indian I gotta say that Indian food is the best you can find in the whole world...

  • James de Jager
    James de Jager Hour ago

    This Mann makes it look so effortless

  • Ninja Guy
    Ninja Guy Hour ago

    I pulled a sneaky on ya

  • Marc Ludford
    Marc Ludford Hour ago

    The owner actually admitted she had diaraha in one of her rooms Bloody he'll!!! Not the sort of thing you normally admit to

  • Dead King
    Dead King Hour ago

    Where my islanders at

  • Dodarel
    Dodarel Hour ago

    Thanks I’m packing my lunch

  • Javon Edenfield
    Javon Edenfield Hour ago

    That sound when it’s cut is so satisfying

  • Anthony Torres
    Anthony Torres Hour ago

    Half a teaspoon of what??

  • Marc Ludford
    Marc Ludford Hour ago

    Do they have health inspectors in the u s?

  • kenneth mortensen

    Must be on something that are doing for tv. Nobody can be that stupid

  • Marc Ludford
    Marc Ludford Hour ago

    That owner is defending serving boiled burgers yuck!!!!