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Gordon Ramsay
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  • randy rodoquillo
    randy rodoquillo 2 hours ago

    Gordon:What can be mostly seen in antartica? Jack:Nice

  • I Love Sun
    I Love Sun 2 hours ago

    You r always so quick!


    This vs a mcdo drive-thru

  • janananuh
    janananuh 2 hours ago

    : should i tell him or you tell him : well you tell him : oh come on you run the place *HAHAHAHHAHAHA IM DYING*

  • Christopher White
    Christopher White 2 hours ago

    Fantastic recipe Gordon! I will try this one for sure.

  • Blondifull Life
    Blondifull Life 2 hours ago

    Lmao I love him soooo much! The entrance thooo👀🤣🚚 love seein Gordon outta his element! What I would give to be in his position visiting villages like that❤️cheers!🍷💕✌🏼

  • The Tallest Dwarf
    The Tallest Dwarf 3 hours ago

    Let the chef do the cutting, please

  • Israel Cortez
    Israel Cortez 3 hours ago

    After all the shit he gives other chefs for making “monstrous burgers” that he can’t fit in his mouth. He sure does love making monster burgers that he says he loves

  • Wade Cahill
    Wade Cahill 3 hours ago

    I cant believe what people eat from these bacteria infested places

  • Anthony  Padilla
    Anthony Padilla 3 hours ago

    Why does Gordon move like he just smoked some meth

  • DєѧԀ Pooʟ
    DєѧԀ Pooʟ 3 hours ago

    @ about 25mins or so, that waiter probably gettin fired lol

  • A.J. Gebhard
    A.J. Gebhard 3 hours ago

    I’d stuff that girls filet

  • Trepanation21
    Trepanation21 3 hours ago

    Welp... The title was accurate, at least.

  • Ghettosajko Ngh
    Ghettosajko Ngh 3 hours ago

    How dare you?

  • Bob Bedell
    Bob Bedell 3 hours ago

    Where do I find a stove like that

  • Flavio
    Flavio 3 hours ago

    I can't understand why the oil in the water and in the pasta after drained, just keep it "mantegare" with the sauce.

  • n!tromy
    n!tromy 3 hours ago

    Chef was struggling to not implode a new universe in front of that man with the mouse 😂

  • VodkaHindJelly
    VodkaHindJelly 3 hours ago

    What's the bet the next murder won't be a mystery. #spouserevenge

  • blaZe a
    blaZe a 3 hours ago

    For once...there is no olive oil, no lemon or limes..so fuqin refreshing

  • nepotiums
    nepotiums 3 hours ago

    Gordon Ramsay: "Fuck me, she sings raw!"

  • Chris Saindon
    Chris Saindon 3 hours ago

    This literally has me ready for shrimp NOW at 2:25 AM CDT!

  • Bedan Saitoti
    Bedan Saitoti 3 hours ago


  • Bedan Saitoti
    Bedan Saitoti 3 hours ago

    Fuck you ramsay

  • Hayden Bariya
    Hayden Bariya 3 hours ago

    broccoli salad, fuckin disgrace

  • Amanda Maybray
    Amanda Maybray 3 hours ago

    "a guy had some L O B S T A"

  • StreetLove Couch
    StreetLove Couch 3 hours ago

    And the only alive thing in this room is the fucking pigeon😹😹😹😹😹😹😹

  • Tstojoshii 32
    Tstojoshii 32 3 hours ago

    12:04 this view

  • 美美???Puppi???
    美美???Puppi??? 3 hours ago


  • Stormcloud
    Stormcloud 3 hours ago

    Me: ooh that kind looks good! Ramsay; That’s dreadful Me: disgusting

  • David Scott
    David Scott 4 hours ago

    John's a turd!

  • ThegamingEagle
    ThegamingEagle 4 hours ago

    Want to know the crabby patty secret formula, I'll tell you what, Its more than just pickles, here is the link m.flash-player.org/channel/oHg5SJYRHA0-video.html

  • S Mat
    S Mat 4 hours ago

    Aww man. Y'all just gona take the eggs and leave the fish lying there.. Sew her up, wake her up and throw her back in the water or something! Imagine it was you .. Hmm.

  • Q-Tip 47
    Q-Tip 47 4 hours ago

    13:56 The moment I thought I was gonna witness a murder.

    MIJISS1 4 hours ago

    Hay una pinche cámara en la cocina y un compa que cocina a todo dar. No veo como no se puedan enterar.

  • Elias Majdaoui
    Elias Majdaoui 4 hours ago

    animals eating that nasty animal

  • Potato_ Faith
    Potato_ Faith 4 hours ago

    No one: Literally no one: The lady: fuck my life Lol

  • Elias Majdaoui
    Elias Majdaoui 4 hours ago

    nasty shit

  • mohammed zaif
    mohammed zaif 4 hours ago

    He loves making love to his food . No wonder he's the best chef in the world!

  • 5280 Reina
    5280 Reina 4 hours ago

    Before cristos finishes his sentence, Hey Cristos its Gordon!😄

  • None Yobiz
    None Yobiz 4 hours ago

    Food looks edible i suppose.

  • Isaac Guillen
    Isaac Guillen 4 hours ago

    Minus the crewtons and that's a delicious keto meal!!

  • Izzy K
    Izzy K 4 hours ago

    7 kids!

  • Redge Y.
    Redge Y. 4 hours ago

    gordon ramsay teaches big shaq cook with no ketchup just sauce raw sauce

  • Sam
    Sam 4 hours ago

    For those who are searching for "nice" 0:49 Edit Here u go. 1:37

  • S U C C
    S U C C 4 hours ago

    Who's this dude

  • sayingthe thingstheywont

    Owner: "No he's just sleeping" Deceased lobster: "Am I a joke to you?"

  • shared android device

    4:40 "unbelievable, fucking donkeys" *Continue swearing*

  • Joshua Fisher
    Joshua Fisher 4 hours ago

    Im high af. That shepherds pie clip took me for a ride 😅

  • shared android device

    2:10Then there goes the free loaders feendin

  • Erica Chuah
    Erica Chuah 4 hours ago

    Gordon should make a cream pie in the butt hut... Alrite Im out

  • sameer munshi
    sameer munshi 4 hours ago

    what dose it mean by water fish I thought all fish lived in the water

  • Aaron rice
    Aaron rice 4 hours ago

    Whoever made the subtitles is real idiot lmao

  • Goons This
    Goons This 5 hours ago


  • Kenneth White
    Kenneth White 5 hours ago

    Invasion can’t believe they don’t make a world market out them !

  • Madz The 3rd
    Madz The 3rd 5 hours ago

    Aw cmon clips from Amy's baking is kinda cheating innit

  • Harvey Sun
    Harvey Sun 5 hours ago

    4:00 that gorilla...

  • Naru Bell
    Naru Bell 5 hours ago

    Just came for the Larry comments

  • Roman Johnson
    Roman Johnson 5 hours ago

    Why does the owner keep saying "but we thaw them out here", is he retarded?

  • Laura H
    Laura H 5 hours ago

    “God bless America...fuck off, fly.” Goddamnit I love Gordon Ramsey

  • OppaiCyber -
    OppaiCyber - 5 hours ago


  • Wass dat
    Wass dat 5 hours ago

    Who would fucking dare serving gordon ramsay a bloody chocolate pizza

  • Crystal Kielly
    Crystal Kielly 5 hours ago

    How could you kill somthing soooo fucken cute i dont like ramsay no more

  • Bridget Kielas-Fecyk

    What's the seasoning he's using? I'm going to assume that he's using loin fillet as that's the most tender.

  • The Medical Mitten
    The Medical Mitten 5 hours ago

    When u pull up with the boof pack🤣🤣💯💯

  • LilCharley 125
    LilCharley 125 5 hours ago

    0:14 how the crabs look like *baby spiders* Arachnophobia turned: [on]

  • Carlos SpiceyWeiner
    Carlos SpiceyWeiner 5 hours ago

    When people say white people xamt be cultured I wanna throw Gordon Ramsey in their face, and be like " WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS THEN. HES FROM THE WHITE PEOPLE ISLANDS, THE WHITEST OF THE WHITE PEOPLE!" These people have a beautiful culture. I cried, they're pure humans. What humans were meant to be. Living life the way humans were meant to

  • DisFam 81
    DisFam 81 5 hours ago

    1:50 5 second rule OMG LOL 2:45 "it's ok really I'd eat it"

  • Pilotgolfer 84
    Pilotgolfer 84 5 hours ago

    My kitchen is a disaster. Food was good, but his kitchen afterwards is next level lol

  • Suresh Babu
    Suresh Babu 5 hours ago

    Lots of love from INDIA Mr. Ramsey u r very humble when u r learning something new and I am addicted to ur videos

  • bananaman
    bananaman 5 hours ago

    This is kinda fucked

  • Krawberry Strush
    Krawberry Strush 6 hours ago

    The best answer to “watch your language” is “fuck you”

  • Abhishek Prakash
    Abhishek Prakash 6 hours ago

    That's a doracake , doraemon's favorite

  • lazy bear
    lazy bear 6 hours ago

    i thought he lost one of his bakers from his actual kitchen

  • RM sanders Damian
    RM sanders Damian 6 hours ago

    Who tf is Matilda

  • GuardianSoulBlade
    GuardianSoulBlade 6 hours ago

    Just look at the chocolate bacon "pizza", it looks bad, it must taste worse!

  • Chaos2626
    Chaos2626 6 hours ago

    That last one got intense. Gordon does not like tips going to the owner😂

  • Ian James
    Ian James 6 hours ago

    hey did you guys know mia is from peurto rico? didnt think so cause shes never mentioned it ever

  • Hog Rider
    Hog Rider 6 hours ago

    He is a amazing man

  • Mehul Patel
    Mehul Patel 6 hours ago

    Damn. Ramsey's thicc af

  • Split Banana
    Split Banana 6 hours ago

    I like that he makes them smell the spoiled food, like rubbing the dog's nose in their piddle. They have to know what they've done wrong, especially when they don't see it as wrong.

  • MilkToast
    MilkToast 6 hours ago

    Is it me or does she look like Mother gothell not to be rude

  • Makan Hemat
    Makan Hemat 6 hours ago

    Subscribe, share dan comment channel kami, konten kami adalah food review makanan enak dan murah di Sydney Australia. Selamat menonton dan salam Sikat Bro.

  • Niyati Chokshi
    Niyati Chokshi 6 hours ago

    Gordon is no longrr a vegetarian dish when you add eggs and halloumi cheese to the receipe!

  • sey conrad
    sey conrad 6 hours ago

    I'm amazed that you could always find something so senseless in this world, that's just unbelievable ...

  • Nathanus Abelus
    Nathanus Abelus 6 hours ago

    I can see the angle Gordon is coming from; Id definitely be into her burger too. Spanish cookery is just that much better than every cuisine out there. One of those facts of life.

  • Cecy
    Cecy 6 hours ago

    No lo probó :(

  • Samantha V
    Samantha V 6 hours ago


  • Kappa
    Kappa 6 hours ago

    the part where he cooks made me have motion sickness

  • michael baird
    michael baird 6 hours ago

    they dont give the waitress's tip? thats bull

  • FrostGalactic Ice
    FrostGalactic Ice 6 hours ago

    Gordon Ramsay:It’s Raw Sushi Chef:Thank You

  • Basri Shah
    Basri Shah 6 hours ago

    This how you cook. Oh my god😱

  • jones fong
    jones fong 6 hours ago

    hold up he just say who to serve first n she said the monk first but rosmah already have the bowl in front of her d wtf is this shit

  • CG'OK TV
    CG'OK TV 6 hours ago


  • TheHappy Juicebox
    TheHappy Juicebox 6 hours ago

    Got a Gordon Ramsey Master class ad before this video

  • SSG Gilda Wright
    SSG Gilda Wright 6 hours ago

    Bless his heart.

  • Koolyn Berina
    Koolyn Berina 6 hours ago

    Gordon: Pull that open for daddy 🙄

  • sky
    sky 6 hours ago

    Gordon had a gleaming smile. He was enjoying himself

  • Celestia Amami! Aka, Daleraixe

    Watching Gordon Ramsay attempt to eat a burger is very odd to me..

  • sky
    sky 6 hours ago

    It's so nice to see them have a nice night and the restaurant be successful

  • Adam Timung
    Adam Timung 6 hours ago

    Title should be "Oddly Satisfying Video"