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  • launy ohanina
    launy ohanina 49 seconds ago

    And all the trash you found (scooter, horse, can, ...) you just left them in the river ??

  • Poom za Dab Tv
    Poom za Dab Tv Minute ago


  • John John
    John John 2 minutes ago

    Those fishing rods tho either A. Theirs a rivermonsther in the pond and it just YEET every rod it sees B. It's from guys how think they can do what the rivermonsther guy can do and get angry when nothing bites

  • Alex Waye
    Alex Waye 5 minutes ago

    I want that new i phone wrapped up.I was like don't unwrap it, it must actually work bro.❤

  • bloxy cola guy
    bloxy cola guy 7 minutes ago

    Dude I do the same thing as you but with no scuba tanks

  • K9 Cavern Homestead
    K9 Cavern Homestead 22 minutes ago

    Automatic or semi automatic?????? Wow.

  • Sean Calvin R. Vinuya
    Sean Calvin R. Vinuya 29 minutes ago


  • Kathleen Kavanagh
    Kathleen Kavanagh 36 minutes ago

    Big boy

  • Sergio Tompkins Escribano

    Why does she look like lazerbeams girlfriend

  • J Rob
    J Rob 52 minutes ago

    wow amazing video, you guys rock!

  • Fraakartz Kz
    Fraakartz Kz 58 minutes ago

    Iphone 6s

  • xemily x
    xemily x Hour ago

    There were airpods right next to Jake but he missed them

  • Randel Pro
    Randel Pro Hour ago

    jake BIG BOII

  • Tricia Katoto
    Tricia Katoto Hour ago

    wish I could saff

  • Christina Castaneda

    @18:25 ❤️❤️❤️

  • John Christian
    John Christian Hour ago

    Chasing the dog was funny!!!!!!!!!

  • Joab Petersen
    Joab Petersen Hour ago

    Hi from Denmark u are an lucky " bastard " oppurtunity once in lifetime

  • alessandra187910

    I love your vidieos dallmyd

  • Wolfie_ playz
    Wolfie_ playz Hour ago

    Aw hell nooooooo

  • Lucathesmartboy2

    3:39 i saw some sort of ring

  • Wolfie_ playz
    Wolfie_ playz Hour ago

    He got lucky here!

  • B0R3D4LLTH3T1M3
    B0R3D4LLTH3T1M3 Hour ago

    Y'all's good people

  • Cynthia Siddall
    Cynthia Siddall 2 hours ago

    Someone likes hos fishing lures!!

  • Alex Waye
    Alex Waye 2 hours ago

    His screams are funny.lol😂😂😂

  • lvr boy
    lvr boy 2 hours ago

    Thumbnail 6:13

  • HalfMexican Mike
    HalfMexican Mike 2 hours ago

    Perfect example of modern American genius right here. Even kept his leg sticking out at the water after the attack smh

  • Vertical_Jas
    Vertical_Jas 2 hours ago


  • alessandra187910
    alessandra187910 2 hours ago

    Jake won

  • taylorcoley1
    taylorcoley1 2 hours ago

    It’s probably a shotgu

    BOXING TO THE MAX 3 hours ago

    Nice job

  • Yatashi Tomikan
    Yatashi Tomikan 3 hours ago

    Poor henery

  • nightcore gamer2.0
    nightcore gamer2.0 3 hours ago

    I think thats probably a pet because it doesn't have a last name and people always have last names on there tombstone 🤔

  • Michal Olender
    Michal Olender 3 hours ago

    Do people with staple guns kill people?

  • Kyle P
    Kyle P 3 hours ago

    That was really cool, honestly. came up as a recommendation. cool work bro!

  • mark jago
    mark jago 4 hours ago

    what a great opportunity - fantastic

  • M.H 4 life
    M.H 4 life 4 hours ago

    Yo well done. Your the man when u. Thought u can't reach it what happens u reach it. Dreams do come true well done.2 years later your at 8million

  • Jlow Klow
    Jlow Klow 4 hours ago

    I saw the ring

  • Manuel Rivas
    Manuel Rivas 4 hours ago

    This is exactly what Jake from adventure time would look like in real like

  • Erik iSkogen
    Erik iSkogen 4 hours ago

    SO?! Where they worth anything?????

  • fortnight love
    fortnight love 4 hours ago

    No more energy drinks for Jake lol

  • Екатерина Патрушева

    Что не так с костюмом на 18ой минуте?

  • Katherine Hodgson
    Katherine Hodgson 5 hours ago


  • Oscarz Magic/Gaming
    Oscarz Magic/Gaming 5 hours ago

    iphone 7

  • J K
    J K 5 hours ago

    Never seen anyone that excited about finding cheap cubic zirconia earrings on cheap metal before.

  • Fox Man The demon
    Fox Man The demon 5 hours ago

    Why 10,000

  • cx01
    cx01 5 hours ago

    This is easily the best video on this website

  • Balgis Yasmin
    Balgis Yasmin 5 hours ago


  • justin weisler
    justin weisler 5 hours ago

    I don't want to thumbs up or like this video, I want to love it! Great job Jake!

  • Ирина Стушинская

    Мальчишки,вы лучшие)

  • A Smith
    A Smith 6 hours ago

    From skylanders

  • annacecilia codilla
    annacecilia codilla 6 hours ago

    You are so noisy you are so exited😡😡😡 im so angry for you lol

  • PAPALO _777
    PAPALO _777 6 hours ago

    You are in Georgia

  • Jason dill
    Jason dill 6 hours ago

    I have a ZTE phone

  • Connor Bentley
    Connor Bentley 7 hours ago

    2:55 "alright you going." "nope!!"

  • Benjamin Holmes
    Benjamin Holmes 7 hours ago

    1:19 please tell me I’m not the only one who’s heart dropped thinking it was an alligator

  • Danny Turner
    Danny Turner 7 hours ago

    that was totally an amazing Rifle

  • SD Canyon Carver
    SD Canyon Carver 7 hours ago

    Sorry man we could not find it lol...

  • Bill Williams
    Bill Williams 7 hours ago

    There's this guy named demon and he's a fellow FLASH-PLAYERr just like you guys are but he does sports cars and stuff like that for DDE and he sells his items like t-shirts and hats and stuff like that alright but he's get her rest but other FLASH-PLAYERrs and so bad where it's really hurting his family in the name of his demon FLASH-PLAYER site is this is ( This us hurting my family ) I don't even know if that were helping but you know just do something to help him feel better because this is too epic you guys going to watch this video it's on FLASH-PLAYER thank you

  • Phil Swift
    Phil Swift 7 hours ago

    i live there 406

  • J Rub
    J Rub 7 hours ago


  • Phil Swift
    Phil Swift 7 hours ago

    is this columbus

  • Hi Savege
    Hi Savege 7 hours ago

    Its a brown water snake i have been studying herpetology for a few years if im wrong please tell me but i beleive it to be a brown water snake

  • Michal Olender
    Michal Olender 7 hours ago

    Wow, this is a beautiful spot!

  • nvme069
    nvme069 7 hours ago

    I find human bones in this creek in Chattanooga,Tn. there from body's of civil war era that were left

  • aaa aaa
    aaa aaa 8 hours ago


  • J.P Santos
    J.P Santos 8 hours ago

    Yo good vídeo big boy

  • Alb Gang
    Alb Gang 8 hours ago

    Will u find my house under wayer or your phone underwater I wish u give back those rings there when u get those

  • Jamira Oliveros
    Jamira Oliveros 8 hours ago


  • Nguyễn Giang Bảo Chính


  • Lauren Teel
    Lauren Teel 9 hours ago

    He found Kim’s diamond earring

  • CemeteryWolfCries
    CemeteryWolfCries 9 hours ago

    I noticed the finger placement when holding ‘gun’ and I respect it u.u

  • Unexpected Potato
    Unexpected Potato 9 hours ago

    its a dell, it will end up in a river or out a window, maybe it was thrown from a RV lol

  • Seth Bowman
    Seth Bowman 9 hours ago

    We’re gonna clean the environment! *throws box and scooter in trash for it to be in a landfill and then to the ocean again

  • ashley stokes
    ashley stokes 9 hours ago

    It's to you new jet ski.....balled my eyes out ur a darling muah xoxox keep up the good work .... I show these videos to my kids to show then you great work hello from Australia

  • mchllngld
    mchllngld 9 hours ago

    Lol to funny Jake

  • sloan karabin
    sloan karabin 9 hours ago

    It's def costume jewelry I'm thinking maybe someone did a photo shoot or sum idk

  • CleanDinosaur 28
    CleanDinosaur 28 10 hours ago


  • Christine Mascarenas
    Christine Mascarenas 10 hours ago

    Also call places that make tombstones see if they have any record of it with family's name

  • mgod zaza
    mgod zaza 10 hours ago


  • mgod zaza
    mgod zaza 10 hours ago


  • Jeff White
    Jeff White 10 hours ago

    Do you need another friend lol

  • Carmen Swanson
    Carmen Swanson 10 hours ago

    Did you get a new camera because the quality of the video was awesome.

  • Lilly Thompson
    Lilly Thompson 10 hours ago

    4:43 did end one else hear his oxygen tank Monitor beep

  • Wisemann
    Wisemann 10 hours ago

    Oh look, 400k likes

  • April Baldwin
    April Baldwin 10 hours ago

    it was a water mokeson

  • Brenda Whaley
    Brenda Whaley 10 hours ago

    You guys are the most amazing people!!! You make me smile every time I watch these videos!! Thank you!!! ❤️

  • Bee C
    Bee C 10 hours ago

    It's my birth stone

  • Lilly Thompson
    Lilly Thompson 11 hours ago

    Why am I waiting for him to take a step down those stair me and fall down as fast as he can

  • Dick 101
    Dick 101 11 hours ago

    Who weres socks under water

  • Zeny Cunan
    Zeny Cunan 11 hours ago

    I really excited for dallmyd to reach 10m subs

  • Tempany Koitka
    Tempany Koitka 11 hours ago


  • jason willy
    jason willy 11 hours ago

    Review your camera sir

  • Sam Robinett
    Sam Robinett 11 hours ago

    We’re just ignoring the fact that dude picked up and moved the whole boat

  • Suffix
    Suffix 11 hours ago

    10:10 asks some random foreign kid if they seen jake lmao

  • Sharri Staples
    Sharri Staples 11 hours ago

    Love your videos. I was wondering, have you ever came across a body?

  • Nurse Nett
    Nurse Nett 11 hours ago

    Why didn’t you use a tank?

  • Tempany Koitka
    Tempany Koitka 11 hours ago

    What were they saying at the end?

  • Elizabeth Maynard
    Elizabeth Maynard 11 hours ago

    You should come explore in canyon Lake Texas. Theres a lot of history with the lake and I think it’d be a great spot for treasures .

  • Woahchanyeol
    Woahchanyeol 11 hours ago

    The smile on his face when he was setting the lobsters free. That was absolute so adorable and honestly just you know he’s a great guy.

  • Tempany Koitka
    Tempany Koitka 11 hours ago

    You guys are incredible