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  • NightmareTiger
    NightmareTiger Hour ago

    I think it's important to mention why the droplet follows in the direction of the gas escaping. initially it wouldn't make sense right? equal and opposite reaction; but the fluid simulation shows why. It seems the gas wraps around the droplet and ends up going back in the opposite direction, pushing the droplet in the initial direction on the gas. Great vid bruh, and I'd be interested to see what other aerodynamic effects we could use in combination, for example the magnus effect. that would be lit

  • Charles Brightman

    Consider the following: Since the Earth's magnetic field is weakening and moving, (that all these quantum computers exist within), and the electron's spin position is dependent upon the magnetic field it resides in, what is going to happen to all the data in these quantum computers? (Earth's magnetic field currently projected to be at minimum around 2035).

  • Siddharth Pareek

    After the end of this video.. Just one word WTF

  • Attractive Status

    "It's a little bit *drum* atic"

  • Frenzy Flyingwolf
    Frenzy Flyingwolf 2 hours ago

    So where does procrastination fit into this,we wouldn't want to procrastinate if we were not bored.And at a later time we continue to be bored??

  • ben ebsen
    ben ebsen 2 hours ago

    fire fighters should use this its great insulator and water proof you they could walk into a fire and just feel like they are outside on a nice day

  • Edy Banciu
    Edy Banciu 2 hours ago

    P increases duh

  • Lui
    Lui 2 hours ago

    Papers straws make my drink more fizzy when it comes out the top? I see this as an absolute win!

  • Thaddeus Lehman
    Thaddeus Lehman 2 hours ago

    Climate change has happened since before we were here and will continue to happen long after we are gone. The exceptionally dangerous events cause 10-15 degree changes in a matter a week's such as the youger dryas event.

  • antony Pizarro
    antony Pizarro 2 hours ago

    Why my peepee small??

  • Rakan Alshamrani
    Rakan Alshamrani 2 hours ago

    astronauts move in the orbit of the earth but what if they where in the middle of space? would they die because of the low amount of gravity causing the blood to stop its movement? because we know that 400 km from the ship to earth that the gravity=8.7 units but what if it was 0.0 units would the blood stop moving through the body? and what if we made a suit that can protect the movement of you blood during the event of a 0.0 units in space.

  • Alaric Ross
    Alaric Ross 2 hours ago

    For the train riddle, I have a question on what you're referencing as the ground. If you mean the top of the track then yes I agree but if mean the ground the track is on and have the track be exterior to the ground then no actual part go backwards and the entire train is moving faster than the wheels are spinning. So my question is, do you consider the man made tracks to be ground?

  • Billy Mikoliza
    Billy Mikoliza 2 hours ago

    I was vacationing in Hell the other day, they had these in all the cool clubs.

  • GeometryMochi
    GeometryMochi 3 hours ago

    Nobody : The thumbnail : Rege

  • David Morgan
    David Morgan 3 hours ago

    Now i got why Israel keeps killing the innocent Palestinians in their own homeland, because they perceive opposite what the world tell them not to kill the people invading their homeland.

  • Eli cuber
    Eli cuber 3 hours ago

    518 00:44

  • No Color
    No Color 3 hours ago

    what happens if we toasted grapes?

  • Imran Memon
    Imran Memon 3 hours ago


  • B_Jamer HD
    B_Jamer HD 4 hours ago

    Best "Asmr" Room

  • biller 99
    biller 99 4 hours ago

    Am I the only that think he looks like jimmy fallon?

  • Kota Hyatt
    Kota Hyatt 4 hours ago

    The imperial system is my preferred system because metric, is basically alien to me. Ps i live in the USA

  • The Thinking Being
    The Thinking Being 4 hours ago

    8:54 See here’s the thing: maybe that’s why I preferred writing messy. I’m not kidding. I’m serious.

  • Po Po
    Po Po 4 hours ago

    공부하려는데 이 영상으로 날 이끈 유튜브 알고리즘...

  • Paul George
    Paul George 5 hours ago

    The running two laps - 2V = 2d/t problem is hard to grasp so I did some actual examples and I now see it. Let's say your first lap is at 1 mph. You cover .25 miles in .25 hours (15 minutes). Let's say your second lap is at 3 mph. You cover .25 miles in .083333 hrs (5 minutes) Your combined half mile time equals .25 + .08333 = .3333333 hrs (20 minutes). Velocity is distance/time so .5 / .333333 = 1.5 mph This is NOT twice your first velocity - we are looking for 2 mph. Skip ahead to running you second lap at 6,000 mph. In your second lap you cover .25 miles in 0.15 seconds (.000041666 hours). Your combined half mile time is .25 + .000041666 = .2500416666 Hours Divide distance over time (like before) .5 / .250041666 = 1.9996667 MPH - Not quite 2 MPH. As a matter of fact, you'll never reach 2.0 MPH no matter how fast you go. I hope that helped someone. :)

  • Hreljin
    Hreljin 5 hours ago

    Please Nerf the Grapes on the next Patch.

  • Gabriel Ian Naguit
    Gabriel Ian Naguit 5 hours ago

    Easy they times it from two

  • Creeper37 Plays
    Creeper37 Plays 5 hours ago

    I first read about this in a Chinese comprehension

  • IEatToaster . exe
    IEatToaster . exe 5 hours ago

    The thumbnail looks like a plasma pp

  • kelvyn charlie
    kelvyn charlie 6 hours ago

    feels like taking some coke

  • Slipnslidemessiah
    Slipnslidemessiah 6 hours ago

    I'm sorry , I thought I was watching a video not making one. . . . If you dont know . . . . Lame

  • Rohan Umesh
    Rohan Umesh 6 hours ago

    Plzz give some lectures in physics

  • Sed Muy
    Sed Muy 6 hours ago

    Beyond reduction in zero CO2 emissions, electric cars aren't the perfect solution - they aren't 100% environmentally friendly! Shifting emissions off roads onto power plants (thermal) and disposing of those batteries still poses environmental hazards. Imagine all vehicles (cars and Heavy Duty trucks) in the world went green how much environmental hazard is the disposal of batteries pose?

  • kairuru
    kairuru 6 hours ago

    fresh avogardo

  • KnightOwl Media
    KnightOwl Media 6 hours ago

    This Dec 26 2019.., 😍😍 Nextt 🤩🤩🤩 Super exited 🤩

  • izicgaming
    izicgaming 6 hours ago

    2:45 satisfying man :)

  • Roei Asdolo
    Roei Asdolo 6 hours ago

    When my ears hurt while watching this

  • Sed Muy
    Sed Muy 6 hours ago

    Why is the insistence only on Electric Cars not Electric Vehicles (heavy duty trucks like 30tonne buses or tippers) in general if we are to meet environmental friendly targets? While Electric cars/Pickup trucks will soon be common toys on the roads there is little prospect of Electric heavy duty trucks (e.g. 30tonne buses and tippers) massively hitting the road in 20 years due to requirement of massive batteries!

  • Sagittarius A*
    Sagittarius A* 6 hours ago


  • Alx Lk
    Alx Lk 6 hours ago

    The name of a negative ion is *Anion* and the name of a positive ion *Cation*

  • Jack Murray
    Jack Murray 6 hours ago

    hey can i visit that room?

  • Tony Harknett
    Tony Harknett 6 hours ago

    So as a 4-5? dimensional experiment goes with 4 dimensional travelling particles is the Large hadron collider collecting that data aswell? Thats real brain melting territory in itsself.

  • Lacriid
    Lacriid 7 hours ago

    Who tf turned on the generator?

  • Иван Есьман

    Крутое , видео! Есть над чем подумать.

  • Thomas Kallmyr
    Thomas Kallmyr 7 hours ago

    The UFO we saw was Definitely a TIME-Machine,20.13 it Flew over the Sea,easterly direction,disturbing the Athmosphere such a Way that ALL ELECTRIC in Cars/Houses/Tunnel-electric was Down-Called ELECTRO MAGNETIC PULSE = E.M.P. and a Red Swirly Ruby Lighted Cloud-in the East some hundred Meters in Diameter Flakes Glittering Like Nail Polish Gigantic Clouds-and some Seconds Later a Dark Blue Star Further away East-some 100.000 Feet away,apeared-Four Tagged Star-like a Compass-when it went out of Light-the Red ruby swirling Cloud Also in seconds Disapeared........the UFO was long time (Seconds before) gone....But NO LIGHTS on the Houses-they where Dark....No Electric for several Minutes. 20.13 until 20.35.......

  • Anata
    Anata 7 hours ago

    0:15 yeah the G String is important too 😏

  • Asrat Mengesha
    Asrat Mengesha 7 hours ago

    Do they stack( suck into) some air into the battle with drink so that it can explode when opened just like exploding Tyre releases air? Thanks.

  • 김현빈
    김현빈 7 hours ago

    Best place for asmr recording

  • white collarhat
    white collarhat 7 hours ago

    Can I do that with a used tea bag???

  • creativefeather
    creativefeather 7 hours ago

    So, if I found some super smooth ice cream, my root beer floats wouldn't go nuclear?

  • Joel Abela
    Joel Abela 7 hours ago

    1:12 android and samsung bitches be like

  • J Ø É Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ
    J Ø É Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ 7 hours ago

    1:24 It’s honey

  • Defrop
    Defrop 7 hours ago

    He went to the pool and Ferris wheel that we all know

  • Tony Harknett
    Tony Harknett 7 hours ago

    You cant look at light from 1-2 dimensions light may be a particle that resonates through space & time in a Helix, Spiral, or Vortex the assumption its a wave could be just its side profile? Its more of a 4 dimensional physical object at minimum? Each wavelength vibrates at its own resonance & or speed producing color? The assumptions need reviewing. Radio waves/helix or expanding diminishing spiral, light waves could actually be Helix miss identified that has a very slow decay rate? Everything moves in helix, spirals & or vortexs vibrating through space & time at there own resonant frequency? DNA strands Helix, planets following our sun through space & time at its very own resonance?, snail shell formations, sometimes life mimics the patterns? What if magnetic fields had more than just + & - they have a weak rotation to them? Our planet spins after all & magnets interact with each other in a spin before they combine. What if the double slit experiment was wrong because of the assumption light particles move in a fundamentally flawed wave form? Helix Ill say it now assumptions are the mother of all f**kups. On that note i hope anything ive said holds weight lol. Helix looks like a parralel constant (But dose light have infinite far reaching energy? We know gravitational fields can bend light Black holes) A spiral seems to fade to centre or outward ever expanding dependent on your end perspective (Radio waves seem to diminish rapidly?) Vortex reminiscent to storm cells (Or polar magnetic fields?) Are they all part of the same spectrum or am i confusing my parralel assumptions as my brain starts to melt? Who would have thought you need to go round the bend to find pertinent or the most

    • Tony Harknett
      Tony Harknett 7 hours ago

      Inpertinent questions, if you cant find the answers all you can do is spin on it lol.

  • Sowmyan Tirumurti
    Sowmyan Tirumurti 7 hours ago

    More than a decade ago, when I created a google web page, google offered me Rs 2000 to buy adwords. To avail this I had to pay a smaller sum and start an account. That was useful to explore the potential advantage of advertising. I soon found out that 8 out of 10 page visits were fake by visiting the site from which the clicks came. I stopped wasting my money as well as google's money by refusing every other free reward of adwords money they offered. Monetizing on the net is a game that I did not like playing. It is not merely based on content quality alone. The feedback is too late and not enough for a beginner. I now learnt what click farms do. I am not surprised that India is one of those countries doing this unethical business in large scale. We often get spam mail inviting us to earn easy money sitting at home.

  • Sagar Chand
    Sagar Chand 8 hours ago

    1 Either earth's magnetic field or liquid inside being highly viscous 2. Should move forward if tires have enough drag 3. V1=3 and V2=9 4. Whole train can go backwards because ground does not moves

  • Dev Guy
    Dev Guy 8 hours ago

    these guys ever hear of safety glasses? and any other safety best practices??

  • dasda asdasda
    dasda asdasda 8 hours ago

    3:37 Wouldn't this be polynomial?

  • Big Meegle
    Big Meegle 8 hours ago

    This guys got a lot of balls

  • N C
    N C 8 hours ago

    So noone noticed that flirtatious vibe during the end ? *awkward silence* .... "Do you like boba?" ..."I luhhv boba" 😂 "I might get some after this" She was totally hinting to hangout.

  • Aryan Mitra
    Aryan Mitra 9 hours ago

    2:14 Me on Dec 1

  • Karl Keenan
    Karl Keenan 9 hours ago


  • Dorota Tucholska
    Dorota Tucholska 9 hours ago

    I was in 1st grade and are teacher let us see it and at home too

  • Seff Hyugoe
    Seff Hyugoe 9 hours ago

    It's like you've stated that all solid things are a liquid in solid state, and liquids are a solid in its liquid state.

  • Seff Hyugoe
    Seff Hyugoe 9 hours ago

    The video is plain stupid. Glass is a solid at room temperature and it is a liquid when the temperature is higher than its melting point because obviously it behaves like a fluid. AND there is no hard evidence that solid glass molecules slide pass each other because of gravity. Again stupid. To wrap it up glass can be a liquid or solid depending on the temperature.

  • JumpingPancakes23 Ld
    JumpingPancakes23 Ld 10 hours ago

    5:50 "WhOa, WhO nEEds DRUgz"

  • Tecno Max
    Tecno Max 10 hours ago

    Does this Mean that when you flip a con on heads top it will Land Tails Tops At a Higher Percent

  • Chris Busenkell
    Chris Busenkell 10 hours ago

    thanks for your time, another great video

  • KeBugCheck
    KeBugCheck 10 hours ago

    find Gravity Waves of Propaganda

  • Art Freeman
    Art Freeman 10 hours ago

    One of the best channels and contents on the internet

  • larden Friund
    larden Friund 10 hours ago

    5:51 will it blend

  • Anata
    Anata 11 hours ago

    so i must to sleep with someone huh :(

  • Anata
    Anata 11 hours ago

    the ball is not fly, but glide. the ball is gliding

  • Peter S
    Peter S 11 hours ago

    Great info but I'm cool w/Canada.

  • Tigon
    Tigon 11 hours ago

    Standard: $5400 + 5% sales tax (equivalent of a new Apple Mac Pro PC) Private Section: $55,000 + 5% sales tax (equivalent of a 2019 Mercedes-Benz C300 Cabriolet) Private Experience: $165,000 + 5% sales tax (equivalent of an average home in Alabama w/ a 2020 Toyota Camary)

  • Scorch Flame
    Scorch Flame 11 hours ago

    Talk about balls deep.

  • Drtoadlord
    Drtoadlord 11 hours ago

    BBC reported on this...

  • GamerBeast12 S
    GamerBeast12 S 11 hours ago

    If we get the data we can bring the Curiosity rover back

  • Tech Point
    Tech Point 12 hours ago

    Americans destroyed our planet Earth

  • Kenny Smith
    Kenny Smith 12 hours ago

    This is the best video I’ve seen in awhile

  • RedBull34thID
    RedBull34thID 12 hours ago

    A high voltage discharge spark from a Tesla coil, or Wimshurst generator.

  • hyykhyyk
    hyykhyyk 12 hours ago

    I don't understand. Why treat water first and and store it in open? Why not store untreated water in the reservoir and treat the water just before sending it to the users?

  • Axle Cremer
    Axle Cremer 12 hours ago

    Hemp straws are the way to go.

  • Anata
    Anata 12 hours ago

    would be cool when i recording my guitar in these room

  • Eli Spalding
    Eli Spalding 12 hours ago

    Does this mean we’re gonna die

  • Shaq GasEngine
    Shaq GasEngine 12 hours ago

    Donald Trump doesn’t understand anything said in this video. NOTHING.

  • M F
    M F 12 hours ago

    In case anyone was wondering, I was lost at 00:52.

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    5:30 Anyone else see the fly on his hand jump through the hoop when he dropped it? lol!

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    I 100% just subbed these are great vids keep up the great work

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    Yo, I got the same microwave

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    It’s not even funny how wrong this is.

    METAL UFO 13 hours ago

    Very good

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    Number four I think the part that goes backwards is the part that goes in the front of the train

  • edward jocson
    edward jocson 13 hours ago

    Its planet 10, remember Pluto?

  • Electronic Adventures
    Electronic Adventures 13 hours ago

    Can’t we just toss in a few more barleycorns and be done with it?

  • Electronic Adventures
    Electronic Adventures 13 hours ago

    Funny how this is being done in a country who doesn’t even know what a kilogram is. Lol

    KEN FOREAL 13 hours ago

    Man the state of California have bunch of good stuff there Los Angeles always a great my mother used to live there many years ago.😀

  • Patriot
    Patriot 13 hours ago

    This news guy knows nothing about engineering or mechanics but can talk a dam good game.

  • Samster Town
    Samster Town 13 hours ago

    This sounds nerdy, but isn’t the roundest object a neutron star?

  • ClassicClawz
    ClassicClawz 13 hours ago

    All Asmrtists need a room like this.

  • Patriot
    Patriot 13 hours ago

    The price is in the exotic polymers and metal's. How many times can it bend before its destroyed?