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4 Revolutionary Riddles
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  • BonnetFs dakota
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    3:44 thats what she said

  • Khaled Karabash
    Khaled Karabash 3 hours ago

    This is one of the best things I've ever watched, but considering the suggested conclusion of our free will comming from quantum randomness in our brains, then how can we justify the relative consistency of our attitudes or reactions? There must still be a place for patterns there, I think.

  • stevecytfme
    stevecytfme 3 hours ago

    Wanted more in depth

  • Dr. Acon
    Dr. Acon 3 hours ago

    But... doesn't that make trees highly inefficient ?

  • Pranjal sharma
    Pranjal sharma 3 hours ago

    Hey Verisatium , 3:48 - 5:10 ,about the charge of the cup you are talking about. But you are holding the cup with naked hands. Will the cup be not neutralised by earthing then?!

  • PhoenixAshes 19
    PhoenixAshes 19 3 hours ago

    " will burn and spread it's poison until entire continent is dead."

  • PauloZappi
    PauloZappi 3 hours ago

    Full of sh*t.

  • Ivan Savchenco
    Ivan Savchenco 3 hours ago

    And he just kept walking and walking and walking and .......

  • Tomáš Vaisar
    Tomáš Vaisar 3 hours ago

    Who else noticed Model 3? :)

  • its_ BELARZ
    its_ BELARZ 3 hours ago

    50.000 people used to live here now is a ghost town

  • Bulba kraK
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  • Bulba kraK
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  • Rob Carter
    Rob Carter 3 hours ago

    So the problem is that the tethered parts of a material that we can see are held together by photons. So are there particles that move faster? As our vision is based on light we would never see them... Surely, the missing mass (dark matter) may be made up of superphotonic (trademarked (not really)) particles that we can't observe. If Einstein based his laws on photons then sure, light speed is max... What about the other stuff?

  • Dzauzier Johann
    Dzauzier Johann 3 hours ago

    If a lot of people did this, would it have an effect on the atmosphere?

  • Boris T.
    Boris T. 4 hours ago

    This guy is awesome give educational and great videos and he does not even moneytize his chanel's videos !! Woow

  • Claudio Conforti
    Claudio Conforti 4 hours ago

    Company : so this is a solid? Scientists: well yes but actually no

  • Rafael Santos
    Rafael Santos 4 hours ago

    I'm really in favor of electric cars, but the bmw i3 isn't a good one. It's been out for years without any significant improvements, the chassis is made of carbon fiber which is a serious contributor to cost and in Europe where i live it's kind of the face of electric cars which doesn't help their adoption since it is so much more expensive (and ugly tbh) than many of its competitors...

    • jan simonides
      jan simonides 3 hours ago

      Would you rather buy the disgusting Tesla to support the bastard Musk and his dream - human driving ban and car ownership ban?

  • I’m to lonely to have subscribers Private

    Imagine if some one vomited in Zero G

  • David
    David 4 hours ago

    A dog's dream come true ! LOL

  • Sana Naz M Basharat
    Sana Naz M Basharat 4 hours ago

    The amount of awkwardness in that boat makes me wanna dive right into the water.

  • Icalasari
    Icalasari 4 hours ago

    ...This may have given me an idea on how to beat my ADHD and actually get to doing needed tasks

  • Dalibor Bartoš
    Dalibor Bartoš 4 hours ago

    yes 800 000 years..and what about the time before that?? 180 million years ago??? no people whatsoever at that time..and what was the temperature at that time??? and what was the metan and CO2 content in the atmosphere at that time ??? and how was this all 1 000 000 000 years ago???

  • Bassem B.
    Bassem B. 4 hours ago

    3:50 Ah this explains why the video began with some clappity clapping and why the production was so cinematic. I should check out the show

  • MrCaracis
    MrCaracis 4 hours ago

    How someone from “west world” has no clue. At current state of developement (mainly lithium using batteries) and current state of most of the world its absolute stupidity. Get out of shell. Where will you get all lithium (and other precious metals) from? What will become of used batteries - even cellphone batteries are problem? What of distances in most of the world? What of electricity production? Benefits are obvious, but not at current level of technology and development, so unless pressured by faith and politics its no good. I suggest you get your head out of ass and get to know world beyond Australia (USA, Germany - fill your choice) and beyond regular tourism.

  • PyroChem26
    PyroChem26 5 hours ago

    I always liked your videos but there are becoming more and more supported by big firms that I honestly can stand because of their policies. I know you are looking for a way to finance your videos but man I think you are already a big boy in the science youtube community so please choose your fund in accordance to your values no?

  • Bill Cook
    Bill Cook 5 hours ago

    i think we all want a video of you handing the cash over

  • Oma To Six
    Oma To Six 5 hours ago

    And you people believe this is safe? 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Johnny Tyler
    Johnny Tyler 5 hours ago

    Awesome ! Thank you !

  • Deepak Dev
    Deepak Dev 5 hours ago

    For the speed problem the answer is zero time that means instantaneously you have to complete the track. Practically impossible!! For the train I think it's the part of the wheel that touches the ground/track. In the cylinder there has to be uneven weight. And bicycle forward may be.

  • danvexwx
    danvexwx 5 hours ago

    Imagine Apple making exclusive edition Airpods out of aerogel? Would be lit to wear Air. Even tho that sounds weird it is what it actually is!

    I COME FROM SUN 5 hours ago

    I hate engine noise - I like to open my windows, put on some good music through my bang and olufsen system and enjoy the ride.

    HALLEBOOYAH 5 hours ago

    Weird sponsor, but alright, I'm in.

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    You are my favourite yt channel

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    Neeraj Saini 5 hours ago

    it should have on sight cage opening system with protect its blades.

  • golden ratio
    golden ratio 5 hours ago

    3:45 genius

  • Fatncrap
    Fatncrap 5 hours ago

    Utter bollocks

  • Neeraj Saini
    Neeraj Saini 5 hours ago

    hi what if while flying it accidentally fall .how they are going to protect the system?

  • Bassem B.
    Bassem B. 5 hours ago

    It's so weight sensitive that even aerogel is too heavy to incorporate!

    SUPER DRAGON 5 hours ago

    If your a smoker Stop smoking

  • Steve Mayers
    Steve Mayers 5 hours ago

    Heat causes bacteria?

  • Seongyong Hong
    Seongyong Hong 6 hours ago

    Hi Derek. I am a huge fan of Veritasium and this is an awesome video. But if you are happen to be looking for other “clicky” titles, I may humbly suggest: “Starbucks Challenged Me to Liquify Air/Nitrogen” or Liquifying Nitrogen with a Mythbuster”

  • destro513
    destro513 6 hours ago

    Why do people always beat up imperial like metric is the coolest and best. People always seem to resort to high school bully style putdowns. All the while I'm over here simply able to do most of the math in my head or just simply know most of the common sizes and their conversions from working with them for so long. It's not only not a big deal or even the smallest of issue but it makes people look orders of magnitude less intelligent to try and put you down because your not some metric nut swinger. Just try asking them what the conversion constant is and watch them fall on their face. Then ask them how many microns are in 50 millionths and away we go.. man I gotta get those renzetti blocks done. Hahah

  • Ron Joplin
    Ron Joplin 6 hours ago

    Safe for drinking water because he says so? "Food grade"? Who decides what that is?

  • Yash Shokeen
    Yash Shokeen 6 hours ago

    so if i eat 20 million banana I WILL DIE

  • Wisoghe139
    Wisoghe139 6 hours ago

    What is cellulose? What are its usage?

  • Kingdom Mansah
    Kingdom Mansah 6 hours ago

    LMAO right.....mars

  • Wisoghe139
    Wisoghe139 6 hours ago

    What is a photocatalyst? What materials/chemicals are considered photocatalytic?

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    “What are you simpletons doing?”

    RAGE OWL 6 hours ago

    8:04 this seems 👽

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    Filmed in Chatswood ayy

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    I would like to know if there is not something hidden under the table ...

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    I wish I had seen this video in my university, I could have predicted my grades for good.

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    This is so amazing. I learn alot Everytime

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    Vsauce music in veritasium, not random !

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    This stuff cud be used for roofing in hot countries like india. Great for summers.

    DURGESH KUMAR 6 hours ago

    where is your another planet.

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    Did u take one as a souvenir??

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    Buns in burner?

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    Hey where can i get the same cryocooler your using?

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    Will this Gel-like substance be able to keep the Mother-In-Law out? Please tell me yes, Please :o/

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    Why cant they use vacuum insulation....and how they control the asymmetrical torque at that RPM ranges

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    One question; How important is it to remove the oxygen?

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    is this video allowed to be re-upload on facebook?

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    Very cool experiment

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    But carbon dioxide turns to oxygen because of plants and because there is more co2 it makes the plants grow faster which makes them turn carbon dioxide into oxygen faster

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    1:28 Are you joking? Making liquid nitrogen at home is far too large a draw for such a pathetic disclaimer.

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    I don't care WHY they were there. This was just a cool video!

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    I really enjoy your videos! But next time wear you safety goggles.

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    Best Mcdonald's ever!

  • James mckissack
    James mckissack 8 hours ago

    this is b******* and it's just filling your head full of rhetoric and not the truth the models haven't been right ever they use the same model to get the same results and all the scientist that I know and the majority talk about there is no warming Trend and yours its natural cuz people don't leave that much carbon footprint and each year is different volcanoes in certain years last year we had record volcanoes

  • Jasmine
    Jasmine 8 hours ago

    yay. stirling cooler. people tend to forget that stirling engines make excellent coolers. but its cheating. was hoping you would be using expansion of gas to get the cooling...

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    Always wanted to try this. Never could find a good enough reason to try it lol. Very nice

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    I hope that dude who drove the truck knew what he was transporting lol also to the people back then thought using a bomb of that caliber, as a tool. You people are insane

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    *The Mosquitoes in my back yard DO NOT care about my DNA!* 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    So... anything outside of the hubble sphere, would we be watching them in reverse time?

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    How about if america launch and it only go 20kms and just land to where trump land co lives ?

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    Micah AP 9 hours ago

    You lost me at evolution. Which more or less identities similarities yet no one knows what they actually mean or do. Sure we can identify many thing aligned with patterns but doesnt remotely show that nothing designed itself to be something. 😕 A bit illogical dont you think?

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  • SolomonDragon
    SolomonDragon 9 hours ago

    Can this hypothetically produce a continuous stream of plasma

  • Adventures with Frodo

    I am really disappointed you got the 3rd law wrong. But you are only a physicist.

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    About 1.6k Facebook employees watched this video.

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    Liquid Helium Next!

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      50 bucks says Alan develops a gambling problem

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    "Do not attempt at home." Roughly translated: Do it at a friend's house, he's got a better camera!