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  • ピンクTea
    ピンクTea 20 seconds ago

    i was born in 04’ but i know the tia and tamera. I grew up around that era of disney channel.

  • Elizeah Tharani
    Elizeah Tharani 53 seconds ago

    I’m 18 and I have seen every single episode of sister sister AND both twitches movies

  • Marneera Poin
    Marneera Poin Minute ago


    • Temi Talkz
      Temi Talkz 56 seconds ago

      Marneera Poin ? They did...

  • Jenny VanderPas
    Jenny VanderPas Minute ago

    I love Sharon so much! She makes these so much better. I feel like we would get along so well! #REACTQueen

  • Lulu Squad
    Lulu Squad 2 minutes ago

    He said people under 19 don’t know who tia and Tamara are but I knew them science I was like 6 and I’m 11

    • Temi Talkz
      Temi Talkz 34 seconds ago

      Lulu Squad I’m 13 and I know them 😂

  • Jeremiahb Lozano
    Jeremiahb Lozano 3 minutes ago

    React To Minecraft song parodies

  • Soledad Rodriguez
    Soledad Rodriguez 5 minutes ago

    am i the only one who remembers the olson twins from their books?

  • Brandonman2007
    Brandonman2007 6 minutes ago

    Bet I watch twitches

  • Oh Schnapp
    Oh Schnapp 6 minutes ago

    Imagine going to Olive Garden and you see on the menu that they have spaghetti tacos and the crust is like garlic bread or something

  • poopooman 5
    poopooman 5 7 minutes ago

    1:39 someone come get their mom

  • Sebastián Dolores
    Sebastián Dolores 7 minutes ago

    by the way, when Kostas said f me I snapped and choked, like YEAAAAAH

  • Riverdale’s MADMAX
    Riverdale’s MADMAX 7 minutes ago

    When they are doing the siblings one, I thought you were going to put Dylan and Cole Sprouse

  • Sebastián Dolores
    Sebastián Dolores 7 minutes ago

    Sheila is absolutely the cutest

  • Young Blood
    Young Blood 7 minutes ago


  • Stephencurry 815
    Stephencurry 815 8 minutes ago

    I know this is stupid but you guys should do wwe wrestlers guess other wrestlers baby photos

  • BigScottyMcCreeryFan
    BigScottyMcCreeryFan 9 minutes ago

    The sibling ones were so easy. But for the life of me I couldn’t get the single photos

  • Liv Adams
    Liv Adams 9 minutes ago

    3:31 i said that too lol eric

  • Naimah Horton
    Naimah Horton 9 minutes ago

    Labib you are wrong I know exactly who the Mowery twins are and I'm 13

  • Mark Espinosa
    Mark Espinosa 10 minutes ago

    Lolll “they’re like evil little pumpkins”

  • amstevens23
    amstevens23 11 minutes ago

    I think Sharon is cool

  • amstevens23
    amstevens23 12 minutes ago

    .. I'll just leave those ghost peppers with you..

  • Mark Espinosa
    Mark Espinosa 12 minutes ago

    Sharon is so damn chill loll

  • Midoriya Izuku
    Midoriya Izuku 13 minutes ago

    My sister in law made #2 for my nephew's b-day I love it 😶

  • hyuna lee
    hyuna lee 14 minutes ago

    Try not to eat TASTY foods :))))

  • Edeline Mutanga
    Edeline Mutanga 14 minutes ago

    I'm 11 and I've seen every episode of sister sister like a million times

  • Reagan Gray
    Reagan Gray 15 minutes ago

    OMG I LOVE TwIcheS AANddd FULL HOUse (I'm 12 XD)

  • 愛
     16 minutes ago

    Just shidded

  • Adventure With Cahillyio cat

    What are the twitches

    • Emily Johnson
      Emily Johnson 7 minutes ago

      It was the best movie on Disney Channel! You can still watch it!

    • Kinsley Ryan
      Kinsley Ryan 14 minutes ago

      a movie on Disney channel that stared the Mowry twins

  • TruePerception
    TruePerception 17 minutes ago

    No, Tori; Usher sings Truth Hurts.

  • Mark Espinosa
    Mark Espinosa 17 minutes ago

    Lmao Labib is my dawg!

  • kailyn
    kailyn 18 minutes ago

    why there so many recent comments..

  • Jazz Rose
    Jazz Rose 19 minutes ago

    My school went into 3 lockdowns within a month because of gun threats

  • Ahlexah
    Ahlexah 19 minutes ago

    10:12 I’m 17 and loved watching sister sister and all their other movies

  • Cats 29641
    Cats 29641 20 minutes ago

    Ary is so pretty! Who’s with me

    • poopooman 5
      poopooman 5 9 minutes ago

      She has over 20 pounds of makeup on

    • 愛
       17 minutes ago

      Cats 29641 nah

  • MillionToast722
    MillionToast722 21 minute ago

    Labib got the last twins

  • Sid Pad
    Sid Pad 21 minute ago

    I wanna be friends with Danny SO badly

  • Taeden Labbe
    Taeden Labbe 21 minute ago

    Labib I know who Tia and Tamera from Sister, Sister and Twitches. Also Tamera is on The Real Daytime.

    • Taeden Labbe
      Taeden Labbe 19 minutes ago

      Cordale Smith I didn't ask you to comment yet you did sooooooooo hush.

    • Cordale Smith
      Cordale Smith 21 minute ago

      We didn't ask about what you know but ok

  • Hāweo Kidder
    Hāweo Kidder 23 minutes ago

    I thought Kennedy had blue combs in her hair

  • Angel Semilla
    Angel Semilla 24 minutes ago

    Ok but like I’m 14 and I’ve been knowing about twitches for yearsss

  • Jess House
    Jess House 24 minutes ago

    I’m under 19 and new who they were

  • Georgia H
    Georgia H 24 minutes ago

    But why were they in family groups

  • Dc family Love
    Dc family Love 25 minutes ago

    Danny we need to be friends lmao

  • Juliette Rosso
    Juliette Rosso 25 minutes ago

    im 13 and twitches was THE BEST disney show i ever watched. and i havent watched it in a couple years

  • Guy Grasso
    Guy Grasso 25 minutes ago

    React to (Most) popular Foreign TVseries on Netflix :) my Examples: Osmosis, Dark

  • Tramya A
    Tramya A 26 minutes ago

    3:41 *its a black baby, so you guess every black female celeb you know* 😪😪

  • dustyb58
    dustyb58 27 minutes ago

    10:47 You say baby too?

  • Marlo Mike
    Marlo Mike 28 minutes ago

    0:16 ohhh cawdddd

  • Kuraimichi
    Kuraimichi 29 minutes ago

    When you're 18 and know what twitches is and who tia and tamera are

  • Alayla
    Alayla 29 minutes ago

    My boi dames out here getting it first try!!

  • dee dee
    dee dee 30 minutes ago

    “ i can use some ice cream, i can always use some ice cream though” is such a mood 😂😂😂

  • Aurora Boogie
    Aurora Boogie 30 minutes ago

    when i first heard of mary-kate and ashley (when i was like 7), i thought they were three people

  • Afumaru
    Afumaru 31 minute ago

    Congrats Kyla, you made it <3

  • Eduardo Kim
    Eduardo Kim 32 minutes ago

    For those that still thinks that the strawberry is a fruit, it is NOT! It’s all about the seeds.

  • Jane Barrera
    Jane Barrera 32 minutes ago

    10:11 Labib: anyone under 19 doesn't know Twiches Me: am I a joke to you? (Jk😂)

  • Ethan Coplen
    Ethan Coplen 33 minutes ago

    i,m in

    GIZZMO GAMING 33 minutes ago

    3:15 australias gun violence DID not drastically drop after they placed stricter gun laws it actually went up.

      GIZZMO GAMING 8 minutes ago

      @Mike Seo It did though it didnt skyrocket it did rise but I will admit it did in fact drop him related crimes are not rare or even uncommon at that. I will admit him control does work but not well.

    • Mike Seo
      Mike Seo 16 minutes ago

      No it didn't.

  • Sliggy
    Sliggy 34 minutes ago

    The comments are only active 3 days after

  • dayla_baby13 love
    dayla_baby13 love 34 minutes ago

    Lies labib I’m 15 and I grew up watching sister sister and twitches

  • Nathan Rabenold
    Nathan Rabenold 34 minutes ago


  • It’s Quoia Rolle
    It’s Quoia Rolle 34 minutes ago

    I’m 10 and and know twitches

  • Angelina Moreno
    Angelina Moreno 36 minutes ago

    I wish they put more celebrities that are considered underrated like Evan Peters, Cory Michael Smith, and Cameron Monaghan

  • Gwen Bretz
    Gwen Bretz 37 minutes ago

    I’m 14 but I love twitches so don’t even!!!

  • charity means love
    charity means love 38 minutes ago

    First of all I’m under 19 and I know who Tia and Tamara are I loved the movie twitches!!!!!!

  • pokeperson1000
    pokeperson1000 38 minutes ago

    0:25 she is noTORIously bad at those things. :P

  • Thorin Hannahs
    Thorin Hannahs 39 minutes ago

    No more Sharon on laugh challenges.

  • Alyssa Bloomberg
    Alyssa Bloomberg 39 minutes ago


  • Kinsley Ryan
    Kinsley Ryan 40 minutes ago

    someone liked my comment already also who liked my comment

  • CapConMan 12
    CapConMan 12 41 minute ago

    I didn’t even know Smosh or Kelsey were in this episode I’m so happy to watch them in this video!

  • Audrey Brown
    Audrey Brown 42 minutes ago

    React to Jessii vee

  • Oladayo Ajayi
    Oladayo Ajayi 43 minutes ago

    Your a monster

  • The Meme Cactus
    The Meme Cactus 43 minutes ago

    Why does no one acknowledge that Troy looks EXACTLY like Tfue

  • Stitchandpotatos YT
    Stitchandpotatos YT 43 minutes ago

    Wat the frick is icarly

  • watercat1302
    watercat1302 44 minutes ago

    Tori roasting her brother... that sums up the relationship between me and my brother perfectly...

  • Andrew Alcombright
    Andrew Alcombright 44 minutes ago

    I bet Danny is fun at parties

  • Laura Lulu
    Laura Lulu 44 minutes ago

    Who hurt you, Sharon...????

  • LaFleur Chase
    LaFleur Chase 45 minutes ago

    I’m 18 and I definitely watched Twiches back in the day

  • Tiffany Marshall
    Tiffany Marshall 45 minutes ago

    “anyone under 19 doesn’t know who they are” EXCUSE ME but i’m 17 and i grew up with twitches and sister sister

  • Kinsley Ryan
    Kinsley Ryan 45 minutes ago

    i'm 9 and i seen both of the twitches movies

  • Brielle Baker
    Brielle Baker 45 minutes ago

    im offended by labib i knew who tia and tamera were when i was six and im 13. no hate just saying

  • Jess Oberle
    Jess Oberle 46 minutes ago

    i’m 17 and i know twitches !!

  • chris kün
    chris kün 47 minutes ago

    Ehem the girl at the right you're being stalked by Man or Boys By your buub 1:20

  • Danny Readenour
    Danny Readenour 48 minutes ago

    “Hes gEN Z He dOesNT KnoW aNYThiNg” bro what

  • Bob Muller
    Bob Muller 48 minutes ago

    Damn, Tori never stopped wrecking her brother, she showed no mercy! 😂😭

  • Cole Talbot
    Cole Talbot 50 minutes ago

    Nobody likes Sharon

    • Jenny VanderPas
      Jenny VanderPas 8 minutes ago

      I do. Just because you don't, it doesn't mean nobody doesn't.

  • Cece Da midget
    Cece Da midget 50 minutes ago

    My guy said anyone under 19 don’t know twitches 😂😂 Don’t b talking for us ik them I love all them no hating FYI lmao 😂🤦🏽‍♀️💜❗️

    • Abigail Meyers
      Abigail Meyers 48 minutes ago

      I've watched them since I was very little and I'm 16

  • Louis Janzen
    Louis Janzen 51 minute ago

    Please make a Video about NFs New Album

  • Alyssa Victoria Boatner
    Alyssa Victoria Boatner 53 minutes ago

    Adults react to Normani new song Motivation 💖

  • Leandro Roman
    Leandro Roman 54 minutes ago

    10:26 That scream. XD LMAO

  • Rylie
    Rylie 54 minutes ago

    Not sure if I should be offended by what Labib said or not cause im 18 and i know the Mowry twins and love the movie twitches

    • Alissa Skakalskaya
      Alissa Skakalskaya 42 minutes ago

      Rylie same. I’m 15 and I know who Tia and Tamara are and I watched twitches constantly when I was younger

    • Abigail Meyers
      Abigail Meyers 48 minutes ago

      @Jaiden Tull me too. That was my life growing up

    • Cece Da midget
      Cece Da midget 50 minutes ago

      Rylie same I just commented also lmao 😂🤦🏽‍♀️

    • Jaiden Tull
      Jaiden Tull 50 minutes ago

      I'm 16 and I was raised on Twitches and Halloweentown

  • Mr.Krabs with a mustache
    Mr.Krabs with a mustache 57 minutes ago

    Did the level designers ever even played Mario?

  • Inaya Zubair
    Inaya Zubair 58 minutes ago

    5:21 - 5:41 i think that analogy pretty much sums up this whole argument tbh

  • Lauren Smith
    Lauren Smith 58 minutes ago

    I would just like to point out that if you go back or forward to time 10:03 the person named labib said anyone that's under 19 doesn't know who the twins where or didn't whatch they movies or shows but IAM under the age of 19 and I know who they are and I have watch the movie twitches. 🤔🙄🤨😒 PS I am 11so what is he talking about anyway.

    • Lauren Smith
      Lauren Smith 21 minute ago

      @HappyDayz OnTerraria ps not salty just saying fact 🤯😎💩

    • Yeeetus To the feetus
      Yeeetus To the feetus 33 minutes ago

      Lauren Smith I’m 12 and ion what tf is he talking bout

  • sophia Cubilla
    sophia Cubilla 58 minutes ago

    Bruh why is that little kid there

  • natelikesfun
    natelikesfun Hour ago

    Any other person: This level is neat Jardon: This is trash

  • Nicholas Lomae
    Nicholas Lomae Hour ago


  • Charles Robinson

    Sharon is one of those buzzkills


    I feel like Danny purposely laughed at all of them just for the alcohol

  • LJ Fonacier
    LJ Fonacier Hour ago

    1:20 I feel legendary