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  • Ray Mugendi
    Ray Mugendi 5 hours ago

    Kindly give an upload about Kai havertz.... Ansu fati.... How can setien improve Fc Barcelona.... Why is the champions league more important than ballon d'or💯💯💯

  • Devin Williams
    Devin Williams 5 hours ago

    Can you do a video on PSG transfer targets?

  • Gregory Comas
    Gregory Comas 5 hours ago

    The ride of bale would’ve broken down daily

  • phantom zt
    phantom zt 5 hours ago

    Aber ihr dürft nicht vergessen, dass Rene 10 Jahre lang auf dem Bau gearbeitet hat diggah

  • Stuart Kidd
    Stuart Kidd 6 hours ago

    American.... Malaysian..... Chinese...... Russia..... Now The U. A. E. And Saudi Arabia. Its no longer the English game. Something that Sir Matt Busby saw over 50 years ago, its business. What he didn't see was that it would be business with blood on its hands. (

  • Kisio86
    Kisio86 6 hours ago

    Dear TIFO Football, can you make a video on why Manchester United and Leeds hated each other. from United overseas fan.

  • Catenaccio
    Catenaccio 6 hours ago

    Where is Bale's Golf course?

  • Catenaccio
    Catenaccio 6 hours ago

    That Ride the Bale is good

  • Hugh Mungus
    Hugh Mungus 6 hours ago

    Bale's section would be an 18 hole golf course

  • Ayrton Steele
    Ayrton Steele 7 hours ago

    i mean rafa is the same guy who wanted to swap xabi alonso for gareth barry so maybe hes not the best judge of talent

  • John Fry
    John Fry 7 hours ago

    30 k a week for doing nothing...hard life

  • Aldi Aquila
    Aldi Aquila 7 hours ago

    was his united career what was expected? or was he a high potential player back then when he was bought? like a grealish right now? or did he have a lesser potential?

  • Fish Tv
    Fish Tv 7 hours ago

    Hands down one of the best striker's ever

  • Arianne April Luz
    Arianne April Luz 7 hours ago

    wait what? MBS bought de vinci jesus painting? they dont even want a cross sign in a FC emblem ( real madrid )

  • Gref
    Gref 7 hours ago

    " U cant drive a 100km/h car at 200km/h speed" - Kovac But it looks like hes driving it at 300km/h

  • kelvin mungai
    kelvin mungai 7 hours ago

    "erimate" 0:33

  • Commander Cody
    Commander Cody 7 hours ago

    So many African players are so underrated

  • Tunç Öztürk
    Tunç Öztürk 7 hours ago

    This video make me wanna play FM20 :) Great channel!!!

  • Benjamin Krüger
    Benjamin Krüger 7 hours ago

    A Bale themed amusement in this park should be a mini golf course, more appropriate.

  • Milad S
    Milad S 7 hours ago

    "the united arab erimate" 🤣

  • Vishnu Vinodan
    Vishnu Vinodan 8 hours ago

    Barkalona : Tiki Taka Zidane : Hold my beer

  • John Svensson
    John Svensson 8 hours ago

    This is literally the worst pitch for a amusement park I ever heard. Sure I'm not a real Madrid fan but I know I would never ever visit a Liverpool theme park. Even though the Istanbul rollercoaster ride sounds amazing.

  • Bourne Evil
    Bourne Evil 8 hours ago

    Is this for real😂😂😂

  • KebabMusicLtd
    KebabMusicLtd 8 hours ago

    @3.20 why does it show the Football League Championship Trophy and the Premier League Trophy? Leeds never won the former whilst Smith played for them, and they never won the latter, period

  • Manuel Lafchiev
    Manuel Lafchiev 8 hours ago

    You should make a video explaining the complicated situation of the two CSKA-s in Bulgaria's first league.

  • Somalie Ahmed Garoon

    Spot on pronunciations! You got RAK right more than once!

  • Jeffrey Alvin
    Jeffrey Alvin 8 hours ago

    To save you time: Dubai's bubble burst

  • Sam Butler
    Sam Butler 8 hours ago

    When clubs say there are ... potential fans in whatever regions; that's not how football works, you support your local team. By all means start a sister club in some other "market" and help develop their football scene

  • WizoIstGott
    WizoIstGott 8 hours ago

    Yeah I´m glad they lost some money on this. Do a say no to racism thing and an anti-discrimination campaign once a year, than host a world cup in Katar, do business in China and U.A.E. Modern football is morally bankrupt.

  • kevin aparicio
    kevin aparicio 8 hours ago

    stadium seemed promising

  • V-Factor
    V-Factor 8 hours ago

    Could you make a Video talking about Various type of Captain?? Thank You

    THE TRIALER 9 hours ago

    Don't know about Real Madrid but I'm sure of a resort about Newcastle.

  • João Atílio
    João Atílio 9 hours ago

    Fordt of all, got say this sounds cringe, and i didn't even watch it yet

  • Looneytune
    Looneytune 9 hours ago

    He won't win anything with those losers haha

  • Adarsh Kumar
    Adarsh Kumar 9 hours ago

    Won't the current from sea be a deterrent at the open stadium? Footballs are becoming lighter and strong winds would make it hard to play.

  • Phil Thatcher
    Phil Thatcher 9 hours ago

    Tifo is the best football channel on FLash-player! Professional, factual, educational and insightful. Fantastic job 👊

  • Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV


  • Ticca Tank
    Ticca Tank 9 hours ago

    What...! Not even England is too big to sell. Wait for it.

  • SuperHellhawk
    SuperHellhawk 9 hours ago

    That’s the kind of owner you want! One that will wound and hurt your rivals to their core, breaking them, making them realise you have outsmarted and outmanoeuvred them! Perez really is the kind of individual you need to be in football

    NAYA GAMER 9 hours ago

    He killed the Arab names (you got them good I assume)

  • Disty
    Disty 9 hours ago

    A video about sweeper keeper and only mentioning Manuel Neuer in half a sentence? Topic missed.

  • E_M_E_T
    E_M_E_T 9 hours ago

    how practical is that stadium when a defensive clearance doesn't end in a throw-in but rather a throwing-out of the ball since it got ruined by the ocean water

  • Rupanjan
    Rupanjan 10 hours ago

    Real is quite popular among all european teams in UAE

  • R69NiX
    R69NiX 10 hours ago

    Wow that stadium with a beach stand sounded awesome! Shame it was never built.

  • Darwinek
    Darwinek 10 hours ago

    Just crooks trying to make unrealistic business with another crooks.

  • Nothing ToSee
    Nothing ToSee 10 hours ago

    Is any club more hated than Leeds? I bet he couldn’t wait to leave Leeds.

  • Ollie Shepherd
    Ollie Shepherd 10 hours ago

    I’m guessing the badge change in 2014, where they removed the catholic cross at the top of the bade, fell in line with this?

    • Somalie Ahmed Garoon
      Somalie Ahmed Garoon 8 hours ago

      Nah not true Ollie. UAE always has religious freedom. I grew up and still live in Dubai, born to a Muslim family and studied at a Catholic school here that was founded in the 70s by Indian priests. They don’t tell you that in the news because only bad news travels fast

    • Iván Dubaniewicz
      Iván Dubaniewicz 9 hours ago


  • Russelll Kadi
    Russelll Kadi 10 hours ago

    I would never ride the bale. I dont want my ride to kill me by suddenly go golfing.

  • Hector Torrealta
    Hector Torrealta 10 hours ago

    The Ronaldo who Ángel Torres was talking about is Ronaldo Nazario, not Cristiano. Agüero should appear with Atletico t-shirt. Great video, Güiza has always seemed to me like a wasted talent in spite of he achieved some great features.

  • Rock the Province
    Rock the Province 11 hours ago

    Kesian real madrid. Kemain beria lagi skali kena game.

  • Harry Cox
    Harry Cox 11 hours ago

    Wasn't there a bit of controversy about the UAE taking the Cross of the top of Reals badge or something?

    • ThePark 627
      ThePark 627 7 hours ago

      @Somalie Ahmed Garoon What? Ok? So you have to add other than that or not really? Because we can do well without your life story.

    • Somalie Ahmed Garoon
      Somalie Ahmed Garoon 8 hours ago

      Nah not true mate. I’m Dubai born and still live here. Born to Muslim parents and graduated from a catholic high school here that was founded in the 70s by Indian priests, a few years after we got our independence from the British.

  • jordana cartón
    jordana cartón 11 hours ago

    I would visit🤷‍♀️

  • Bryan
    Bryan 11 hours ago

    “Bale or Bale” 1:08 🤣🤣🤣

  • The Poltical One
    The Poltical One 11 hours ago


  • Ibrahim Karim
    Ibrahim Karim 11 hours ago

    I’m down to stay at United world in Dubai with a huge rashford head looking at me

  • Ginga
    Ginga 12 hours ago

    The bale wouldn’t be a rollercoaster, it would be a fleet of golf carts to help you get around the resort

    • El Tornado
      El Tornado 7 hours ago

      I'd like to see a Toni Kroos sniper training centre then

  • Frxser
    Frxser 12 hours ago

    @Tifo please can you make a video on how Billy Shankly set up Liverpool into the powerhouse they are today

  • Superpower Football
    Superpower Football 12 hours ago

    Give us a Messi theme park and we are DOWN! 😍🔥

  • Zaigl The Zaigler
    Zaigl The Zaigler 12 hours ago

    Ins Video reingemüllert.

  • mPky1
    mPky1 12 hours ago

    Lots of bullshit words like gateway, no wonder it failed.

  • OG Edits
    OG Edits 12 hours ago

    pls make a movie about this! dam!

  • OG Whitfield
    OG Whitfield 12 hours ago

    Lol dreams are free

  • Philip Global
    Philip Global 13 hours ago

    Most Lebanese businessmen are fraudsters...

  • Adrian Arshad
    Adrian Arshad 13 hours ago

    oh no no no no no

  • Robin Taberner
    Robin Taberner 13 hours ago

    Oh dear, how sad, never mind.

  • Ameya Bhujbal 77
    Ameya Bhujbal 77 13 hours ago

    I’m getting vibes this is an anti Madrid channel

  • marcelano ryadi
    marcelano ryadi 13 hours ago

    Where's the 'mourinho bus' ride ? 🚌

  • Bayern Patriot
    Bayern Patriot 13 hours ago

    Along with his tactical genius, what makes Flick a better coach is his emotional attachment with the players. He knows how to reach out to them. Wonderful Man Management skills. He still carries that carefree youth. (How he followed Serge Gnabry put him in the headlock , sweet 😊)

  • aditya Sunil
    aditya Sunil 13 hours ago

    I live in the UAE and i never knew about this project. Thanks guys for the information and the the great video

  • Lucas cascarino
    Lucas cascarino 13 hours ago

    Can you do a video on drogba preventing a war?

  • Ian Deeley
    Ian Deeley 13 hours ago

    It was just as big as Sol Campbell moving from Spurs to Arsenal in 2001!

  • There Was Only Ever You

    0:32 *"United Arab Erimate"*

    • Somalie Ahmed Garoon
      Somalie Ahmed Garoon 8 hours ago

      But I’m impressed at how he got RAK pronounced perfectly!

    • Mehdi Yahia
      Mehdi Yahia 10 hours ago

      He was thinking too much about how to pronounce "Rass el Khaima" that he miss pronounced the easy part 🤣

  • Cal Turner
    Cal Turner 13 hours ago

    About as legitimate as a pyramid scheme

  • Doge
    Doge 13 hours ago

    For a monthly subscription you to can attend the Athletic Amusement Park.

  • Turd Ferguson
    Turd Ferguson 13 hours ago

    Wow, I vaguely remember seeing this years ago

  • Robert Pearson
    Robert Pearson 14 hours ago

    gee this sounded pretty dope

  • Russ Mawson
    Russ Mawson 14 hours ago

    I was under the impression he moved to help Leeds as the fee received massively helped them and helped prevent them going under

  • Shane Wright
    Shane Wright 14 hours ago

    The ethicality of the actors in this film descended like the downhill run on a rollercoaster - Perez, the Emiratis, the Chinese and the Athletic.

  • M G
    M G 14 hours ago

    “The first ground to have a side open to the sea” You clearly never went to Bloomfield Road between 2003 - 2010 !!

    • M G
      M G 5 hours ago

      @Ashley Coates I'm certain we had a serious home field advantage, cause then the ball went up in the air it could come down about 20 metres from where it went straight up. Our players got used to it.

    • Ashley Coates
      Ashley Coates 9 hours ago

      Sounds bracing!

  • Faromoju Tobi
    Faromoju Tobi 14 hours ago

    United Arab Erimate 🥴

  • atsleepwalkingpace
    atsleepwalkingpace 14 hours ago

    The park may not have been built, but I'm sure as hell amused.

  • LPR Geddes
    LPR Geddes 14 hours ago

    Does the "Ride the Bale" have Zidane jumping out at you every second and you're armed with an inflatable hammer with the Welsh on it?

    • El Tornado
      El Tornado 7 hours ago

      Yea and the speed of rollercoaster will only be 36.9km/h and it needs to be repaired frequently

    • Sirlankeylot
      Sirlankeylot 12 hours ago

      No it’s an inflatable golf club I believe

    • Vince Massara
      Vince Massara 12 hours ago

      Nah, it does nothing for 12 months but at the end of the ride it does a flip

  • Tomi Razvan
    Tomi Razvan 14 hours ago

    Hy Guys I love your videos! it's a super good insight into football tactics and more, but I have to say this I am beginning to loose it with so much promo for "the Athletic" and this is why i unsubscribed from your channel. Yes, I get it, it's because of them that you have the chance to do this and to make a living out of it and they provide much of the coverage for your content, we know, we get it! but it's just to much for me personally at the end and beginning of every video to hear please subscribe to the Athletic,. I am sorry, as a Marketing man i can't stand this type of down your throat marketing :) All the best for you guys!

  • Kajubi Kalanzi
    Kajubi Kalanzi 14 hours ago

    Great change to the usual music

  • Crossiant
    Crossiant 14 hours ago

    If that stadium happened... what if they booted the ball into the sea?

    • sameer shahzad
      sameer shahzad 10 hours ago

      The waves would bring the ball back but yeah it would be impossible to immediately recover it. They'd need a lot of spare balls

    • Sirlankeylot
      Sirlankeylot 11 hours ago

      Then who’ve kicked it has to get it

  • Nurrr89
    Nurrr89 14 hours ago

    "The only problem we might face is selecting investors." Cos they and the project are so great that everyone will beg to be involved. What extraordinary hubris.

    • Shane Wright
      Shane Wright 14 hours ago

      Any CFO that uses the word "heaps" in a serious financial discussion has to be dodgy.

  • kimmkroo
    kimmkroo 14 hours ago

    king of europe in august

  • bisuk hangoluan
    bisuk hangoluan 14 hours ago

    I hope bayern can win CL this year

  • The New King
    The New King 15 hours ago

    Karim Benzema in china? Did Tifo forget he is a muslim? Black and Muslim people are not allowed to be viewed in china

  • ItzXeon
    ItzXeon 15 hours ago


  • Blaide
    Blaide 15 hours ago

    loved it


    I think this move would've been comparable to Real Madrid supporting the Spanish dictatorship and fueling the El Classico rivalry with Barca even more if it happened. Lots of people would be hating on them more than ever.

  • Muhammad Irfan Hilmy Yusuf

    United Arab Erimate

  • Marcela
    Marcela 15 hours ago

    wanna be friends?

  • Marcela
    Marcela 15 hours ago

    wanna be friends?

  • James Li
    James Li 15 hours ago

    The expansion of World Cup finals is a disgraceful idea and a corrupted process, we will definitely have more dull and bad World Cup games and more injuries +shorter career of good players. Only the FIFA officials who want the votes of less-developed footballing associations will gain.

  • Elle Sea
    Elle Sea 15 hours ago

    That rollercoaster... Phil, you're a genius.