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  • Igor Krstovic
    Igor Krstovic 2 minutes ago

    They must destroyed Crvena Zvezda in Champions League!!!

  • BoomBoom 193
    BoomBoom 193 5 minutes ago

    Firminho sounds like him

  • miki ac
    miki ac 24 minutes ago

    Barcelona victimist forever

  • Brando St
    Brando St 40 minutes ago

    All Arsenal fans love this. Two years of finishing bellow tots and now with a less then expected start after being in The CL final. North London will soon be red again lads.

  • nii_amart
    nii_amart 41 minute ago

    Good....a story that originally appeared on The Athletic. Order is restored.

  • Krishna Widardjo

    I think it's Antonio CAndreva

  • Prime Johnson
    Prime Johnson Hour ago

    Watching this after the VAR farce that just happened today against Watford makes this much more impactful

  • Amjad Hussain
    Amjad Hussain Hour ago

    Why is this coming up in my recommended now 😭😭😂

  • Redd Jton
    Redd Jton 2 hours ago

    well, Pochettino went straigt to Barcelona after the final because the winner was dictated to him. This is what's wrong. he does not believe in wright things - he discovered the mafia in football and he is shocked. The players the same.

  • cwaddle
    cwaddle 2 hours ago

    Shit salary, so much sacrifice made to the new stadium and daniel levy.

  • Schlomo Shekelsteeler

    These videos about Spurs are utter crap! The lynchmobs are out. They've gone from tapping up every Spurs player and touting Poch to every club out there, to now claiming the club hates Poch and the players aren't shaping up. It's been a pleasure watching rival fans, fairweather pundits and poorly staged football shows try and destabilise Spurs over the years. Reminds me why I basically hate other clubs and the media. Gutter tactics everywhere. The sport is fucked really. It used to be 90mins entertainment, banter, dreams, glory and get back to your mundane life rest of week. Now it's being constantly reminded Kane should leave and Poch is going to Utd and City should buy Rose and and and... Yawn. Absolute yawn.

  • Jude
    Jude 2 hours ago

    I'm from Wigan

  • Rob
    Rob 2 hours ago

    NL is red

  • T Mac41603
    T Mac41603 2 hours ago

    It means Space Interpreter, it's very cool, actually

  • Luke Weedon
    Luke Weedon 3 hours ago

    We need a clear out. Ik it's gunna be hard to let them go but players like dier, sissoko, rose, alderweirled all should go. And spend more money. It's frustrates me that we don't act like a big club when over the last 4 or 5 years we've shown we can compete for the title and the top 4. Not enough money spent and the contract situation is a joke

  • Dean Carley
    Dean Carley 3 hours ago

    Watching spurs choke is absolutely hilarious. At least we’re seeing the real spurs again and not this delusional team and fans that all thought they would actually win something 😂😂😂 Oh well, at least their fans have got their lucky CL final. They’ll be sharing that story with their grandkids for generations seeing as that’s as close as they’ll ever get.

  • Matte Matte
    Matte Matte 3 hours ago

    Where is the suspense in it? If you are not afraid of getting relegated or hope for promotion, why should one even play. Where is the motivation in it? Only americans have this stupid leagues 😂😂

  • Phomos
    Phomos 3 hours ago


  • UKKieran
    UKKieran 3 hours ago

    >Harsh red card >Karate kick in stomach

  • Kamal Adham
    Kamal Adham 4 hours ago

    This is better than oh my goal

  • Daniel Garcia
    Daniel Garcia 4 hours ago

    I think Kane wants to stay but will move If it's determined to be the right move. Eriksen and Son I think will jump ship if something really is wrong. Losing the CL has destroyed them just like Arsenal

  • David Orvik
    David Orvik 4 hours ago

    Playmakers have moved wide now, De Bruyne, Alexander-Arnold ...

  • MOON
    MOON 5 hours ago

    Lol they drew to Watford today

  • Onyii Wan Kenobi
    Onyii Wan Kenobi 5 hours ago

    after Joe Devine finished narrating this story read through all 959 comments he decided to quit saying that the job was impossible and it was driving him crazy

  • Abdulwahhab Sultan
    Abdulwahhab Sultan 5 hours ago

    Antonio Candreva not andrea

  • anees ahmed
    anees ahmed 5 hours ago

    No wonder they not performing well.they made it to the finals last year of champions league and top 4 finish and still they getting paid far less than rival clubs.

  • anees ahmed
    anees ahmed 5 hours ago

    Just sounds like the rich clubs getting nervous at new money walking in.

  • Aftermath
    Aftermath 5 hours ago

    Everyone of them who was against Putin, died.

  • Aftermath
    Aftermath 5 hours ago

    How did he get into the oil Market? What made him so luxurious to flee Russia? Was Chelsea just a public image in all this?

  • Zeljko zeksi
    Zeljko zeksi 6 hours ago

    Seems like real has the same problem despite their sining spree last summer, a clear out is unavoidable

  • Macho Fantastico
    Macho Fantastico 6 hours ago

    There's something insane about hearing that Premier League players feel underpaid.

  • R J
    R J 6 hours ago

    Pochettino at United would have been great, he sounds like just the thing that United locker room needed, and for Tottenham as well apparently.

  • Pappy Tron
    Pappy Tron 6 hours ago

    If Poch was like Klopp he'd do the next training session in his underpants and everything would be fine again.

  • Tuff Gong
    Tuff Gong 6 hours ago

    Spurs have Arsenal syndrome under Wenger. Both moved to expensive new stadiums, both reached CL finals and lost, and both have/had big players who realised they would never win the big trophies - in Tottenham's case any trophies - at their respective clubs.

  • Jonathan Horne
    Jonathan Horne 6 hours ago

    I hope inter wins serie A. I’m a Chelsea fan. I always thought Chelsea should’ve never let conte go. I’m always rooting for conte

  • Edmund Dantes
    Edmund Dantes 6 hours ago

    Had to play second fiddle to Owen.

  • Thomas Casto
    Thomas Casto 7 hours ago

    As a striker if you leave the front post open it’s almost always an easier shot. But good goalies will get beat near post sometimes, it’s just a general rule, not an absolute

  • ChickenTikka69
    ChickenTikka69 7 hours ago

    Jose Mourinho is the CM Punk of football

  • British Patriot
    British Patriot 7 hours ago

    I’m having a shit while I’m watching lol

  • Kick Nay
    Kick Nay 7 hours ago

    The reason Spurs are flopping is the same reason Arsenal stagnated for 10 years, the owners aren’t willing to properly invest. Finishing 4th, and spending a lot less than your rivals will only lead to one outcome, you either drop off, or others catch you up.

  • Hassan Radwan
    Hassan Radwan 7 hours ago

    Today's performance against Watford adds weight to this video.

  • Rocket lilrocketbabii

    He’s got the skills to pay the fucking mortgage

  • Richard McWendy Jordan Samuelson

    To be honest, I heard of this Heskey because of FIFA12 and his fails in real games. Didn't realise he was such a successful player, hats off to Emile :)

  • David Orvik
    David Orvik 7 hours ago

    Same deal as with Firmino !!

  • skin19head69
    skin19head69 7 hours ago

    Racist Londoners goes back years it seems.

    DARTHBOARD 8 hours ago

    Good video but a few mispronounced player names.

  • goldenators
    goldenators 8 hours ago


  • Timliu92
    Timliu92 8 hours ago

    I got to respect Inter for hiring Conte. They definitely want to get back to being competitive once more in both Serie A and Europe and accordingly got the right man to help them do it. Conte probably might not win the scudetto this season, but Inter has massively improved under the man, and the club is looking rejuvenated again after years of wilderness. Trust Conte and he will build a solid foundation for your club's progress.

  • Noor Noor1
    Noor Noor1 8 hours ago


  • Callum hanson
    Callum hanson 8 hours ago

    What about the people who scured rangers mr white aka the biggest twat, bell end, pedo, prick, twat

  • Alex Basha
    Alex Basha 8 hours ago

    Nothing is wrong, reality has gone back to the way you t should’ve been.

  • brin Joness
    brin Joness 9 hours ago

    so he is better value than michael owen.

  • Moon Boy
    Moon Boy 9 hours ago

    i wanna be a football agent so bad

  • JMThought
    JMThought 9 hours ago

    It’s not his fault but the solution maybe for him to go.

  • Lee Mcconnell
    Lee Mcconnell 10 hours ago

    croke park in ireland holds 82,500 people

  • D Bigya
    D Bigya 10 hours ago

    Should've been like why doesn't anybody give a damn about MLS

  • Kevin Jean
    Kevin Jean 10 hours ago

    Under rated on club level mostly, in a way how capello used him around 2008 until the world cup I believe he was an his best, unfortunately England defence were a shambles.

  • Abraham Chinye
    Abraham Chinye 10 hours ago

    Who's here after they lost to Watford?

  • Mike2019HD
    Mike2019HD 10 hours ago

    Tottenham will find a way to solve this, even though their players are in such a difficult state.

  • Liam Pillay
    Liam Pillay 11 hours ago

    This has been a terrible year for spurs and me. I just want this year to end😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😣😣😣

  • Adolph Reyneke
    Adolph Reyneke 11 hours ago

    Amazingly insightful 🔥

  • Open Mic Superstar
    Open Mic Superstar 11 hours ago

    I blame Levy. Not enough depth to sustain the physicality levels the system requires. The players who have been bought in haven't had an impact. Poch also deserves blame too. Klopp demands much of his players, yet I think he knows when to dial things back. We are doomed.

  • мали мокри луг

    Crvena Zvezda will win at London

  • Robert Marshall
    Robert Marshall 11 hours ago

    Spurs could be fighting a relegation battle if someone isn't sacked??????

  • Pardon My Grammar -official channel

    By the time I wrote this, Spuds are losing 0-1 to Watford in half-time.

  • Ashley Hyne
    Ashley Hyne 12 hours ago

    I bet Zeze Moreira 'invented' zonal marking in 1950/1 season. And I know why.

  • Juan Esteban Kruh Sanmguel

    Puyol Pique Busquets Xsvi Iniesta Fabregas Thiago Messi Thats was crazy

  • Oscar Stonehouse
    Oscar Stonehouse 12 hours ago

    As I watch this episode, spurs are 0-1 down to Watford lol

  • Juan Esteban Kruh Sanmguel

    This shows how good was Barcelona in 2011,peak xavi,peak alves,peak puyol,peak iniesta,peak villa,peak pep

  • Marcello De Giorgi
    Marcello De Giorgi 13 hours ago


  • Mo Luther
    Mo Luther 13 hours ago

    The quality of the games wasn't always great, but for sheer drama, narratives, controversy and plain insanity, this is my all time favourite World Cup. Oh, and Shakira of course. P.S. You butchered Tschabalala's name 😂

  • Tommy Jackson
    Tommy Jackson 13 hours ago

    What a shite team

  • Jonathan Moloto
    Jonathan Moloto 13 hours ago

    What he means by saying : turn Tottenham to Manchester united

  • david jones
    david jones 13 hours ago

    Spurs were never going to beat Liverpool in Madrid anyway, they don't sell players and reinvest like other clubs have had too. Their owner is cheap and hell and it's showing, they're not good enough to iwn anything worth while and never have been.

  • Farhana Aini
    Farhana Aini 14 hours ago

    Hi. May I know the title of the background music in this video? Thanks.

  • szsmix
    szsmix 14 hours ago

    Lineker : "Its called football" Okay with ur logic lets ban goalkeepers from using their hands to save. Nonce.

  • Bionity
    Bionity 14 hours ago

    No nation have two N°9 this talented... France struggle to have one. If we have this two guys... wow.

  • Rory Cameron
    Rory Cameron 14 hours ago

    Welcome to the Athletic FLASH-PLAYER channel

  • Conor S
    Conor S 14 hours ago

    Has a lot of similarities to Liverpool between 2004 and 2010. Really good players, dealing with less resources who were largely close but no cigar are in many ways and who ultimately had to consider other options because they couldn’t keep the enthusiasm, the belief and the nearly moments from getting to them.

  • karthik Krishnamoorthy

    Nice & Informative . Please continue making such videos on stories of other teams & clubs of different confederations - Concaf , Conmebol ,OFC etc

  • Tipsii
    Tipsii 15 hours ago

    This Happens continuously at teams like Ajax, Dortmund, Porto etc we may think they are selling clubs but they play fast attacking football and only younger players can afford to burn that much energy so they continuously sell the older players and induct new young and fast players in their teams. Which help them generate revenue and keep the playing style alive.

  • Ammo Rah
    Ammo Rah 15 hours ago

    Dirty Leeds

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 16 hours ago

    Ansu Fati is here. What a PLAYER!

  • Nivender
    Nivender 16 hours ago

    If Spurs underperformed like this until December, i can see either Poch got sacked or they gonna sell their old player this winter and keep Poch in the wheel.

  • Vanditha Souk
    Vanditha Souk 16 hours ago

    Most of watchers here are Arsenal fan

    • Inside Out
      Inside Out 2 hours ago

      @Dean Carley ASSENAL banter club

    • Dean Carley
      Dean Carley 3 hours ago

      Vanditha Souk And? Does it get under your skin then?

  • Chris Kendall
    Chris Kendall 16 hours ago

    I think the NBA has the right idea to be honest.. In football we should reduce matches to 60 minutes, but stop the clock when the ball goes out of play. And have a time limit for set pieces, throw ins etc to be taken. And a turnover of posession if they go over the time. It would completely stop time wasting and faking injury. Because it would be impossible to actually waste time.

  • Emmanuel Alagbala
    Emmanuel Alagbala 16 hours ago

    They haven't won anything. And that is the biggest driver as a footballer.

  • Ab el
    Ab el 16 hours ago

    Fuck the athletic

  • Viquin Diamonds
    Viquin Diamonds 16 hours ago

    We need a trophy so our belief can come back and desire

  • Bionity
    Bionity 17 hours ago

    "Is Manchester United’s Lack of Success Finally Impacting Their Finances? " Video Answer : "perhaps..."

  • Tage Rosenberg
    Tage Rosenberg 17 hours ago

    Im an Arsenal fan, so watching this is extremely satisfying. They're truly shit. Fuck 'em

  • devon haigh
    devon haigh 17 hours ago

    They are happy with 2nd, 3rd and 4th place. That's the truth.

  • St. Alex Jones
    St. Alex Jones 17 hours ago

    Imagine thinking 6Million a year isn’t enough, lol.

  • Mihir Raddi
    Mihir Raddi 17 hours ago

    We really need the under 21 ream to salvage some pride, it’s not looking great right now. Maybe trying to bring in younger players like Parrott could work?

  • SA SH
    SA SH 17 hours ago

    whats wrong with the world if I want to read a sport article I have to pay, and the videos on YT are just an advertising channels, we get it we will have 50% discount !!!!!!

  • Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee 18 hours ago

    I bet Ole doesn't know this🙄

  • Greenwood 54
    Greenwood 54 18 hours ago

    We need him at united

  • Rudrashish Bose
    Rudrashish Bose 18 hours ago

    How can 2018 be "years ago" (6:04). A minor nitpick in an otherwise awesome piece :D

  • Solomon James
    Solomon James 18 hours ago

    The problem with high pressing football is that if you don't feel as if you've achieved anything then you will burn out and lose motivation faster than any other player. These players have entertained us for so long by sacrificing all of their strength and time all for nothing. For a player, that must be devastating. Imagine if Liverpool didn't win anything last season: I think they would've felt more or less like this.

  • Holger Eggers
    Holger Eggers 18 hours ago

    I recon its not such a big deal. It's one of those situations where you learn from a mistake you've made and turn it around. Poch has been at spurs for a pretty long time now, and knows what he needs, he knows the players at youth level. I think the biggest regret they have was not winning anything around 2016ish, when they were at their best. Now they've kept all these players for so long that they have nothing left to offer. all to most of the players that have stayed for over 5 years need to leave. To fix this problem poch, Levy, the team and the fans need to be patient. After a season or two the club should just aim to get the players they can onto new contracts, and those that dont want to sign should leave; PERIOD! after those players leave; such as: eriksen, vertonghen, alderwierald, rose, etc. sign new young players who have talent and drive to succeed, and develop them into great players... As mentioned before, poch knows the youngsters that are good enough, he should use those and the newly signed players to have depth in multiple positions and then aim to win an F.A cup or caraboa cup in order to build confidence, and then work from there.