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Hot Food Package Part 2
Views 8 865Day ago
Five Guys Bacon Milkshake
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Snacks from Holland
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PO Box Openings
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Dewlay Toaster Slices
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McDonald's Spicy Nuggets
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Ancestry DNA Results
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Aldi's Chilli Beef Burrito
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Sunday After The Pub
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Dead Man's Finger's Rum
Views 3 96417 days ago
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One Chip Challenge
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Lavenham Day Out
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Framlingham Pizza & Grill
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Chilli and Lemon Mealworms
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Guinness Punch
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Going Live tonight after 7pm
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Sizewell Beach Suffolk
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PO Box opening while drunk #3
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Angry Orchard Apple Cider
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McVitie's Moments
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Chupa Chups soda drink
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The Skinny Food Company
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Brothers Parma Violet Cider
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The Cherry Tree.
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PO Box opening
Views 18 452Month ago
PO Box Opening
Views 9 115Month ago
Sanatogen Tonic Wine
Views 7 382Month ago
PO Box Opening #1
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Doughnotts Leicester
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Bagel Break Cheese Chorizo
Views 9 961Month ago
McDonald's New Bacon Roll
Views 26 521Month ago
Skinny Brands Lager
Views 4 831Month ago
Kolak Hot and Spicy Crisps
Views 8 178Month ago
Dairy Milk Choco Biscuit Crunch
Views 12 0922 months ago
Rowntree's Randoms Foamies
Views 11 6222 months ago
Smirnoff Ice Vodka Mixed Drink
Views 23 8932 months ago
Yorkshire Baking Company Cakes
Views 7 6712 months ago
Eating a OXO cube.
Views 22 5292 months ago
Chip Shop Curry Cheese
Views 19 3352 months ago
Fridge Raiders Snackbites
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McDonald's Kansas City Stack
Views 23 0792 months ago


  • TJMW2007
    TJMW2007 4 minutes ago

    June sucking five guys.....Bacon Milkshake.

  • Kilbz LE3
    Kilbz LE3 42 minutes ago

    We love you uncky Steve

  • Fabrina Scott
    Fabrina Scott Hour ago

    Is it only in the uk?

  • Real Ale Craft Beer

    Love the sound of them sweets, a smaller M&M with spice, great video cheers lads

  • Woody [REC]
    Woody [REC] Hour ago

    You need your daughter/June in all these videos, her laughing along adds such a sweet family vibe to the video, love the work BVM!

  • Nick Ace
    Nick Ace Hour ago

    The title said review nuggets not the fucking toilets...once u started banging on about the old lady I switched off

  • James Goodwin
    James Goodwin 2 hours ago

    Dave can I be ur son

  • willard peck
    willard peck 3 hours ago

    don't do a collab video with food review uk stick to yourself look at the throbbers dislike ratio

  • Kakarot
    Kakarot 3 hours ago

    Looks like a chihuahua's dick 😂

  • Simmo270
    Simmo270 3 hours ago

    Is Aunty Sue also Blind ?

  • ScottyBWraps
    ScottyBWraps 4 hours ago

    Don't turn the WiFi off at night that's horrible😂

  • Phil Jones
    Phil Jones 4 hours ago

    I like Pen 3. Less obvious, and gives you more scope to expand the concept.

  • GURNEY 2
    GURNEY 2 4 hours ago

    "Dave and June's". Blue Van Man is such a nice honest guy.

  • Sarbjeet Virdi
    Sarbjeet Virdi 4 hours ago

    This barber had 0 personality. Service is key in barber shops

  • James Devine
    James Devine 4 hours ago

    "It'll be like shaggin a baboon" lol haha

  • Stephen Lomas-Downing

    The face when the rice hits 😍

  • Train Maniacs
    Train Maniacs 5 hours ago

    Well that was shit

  • Daniel Kember
    Daniel Kember 5 hours ago

    Love the vids can I have a shout out

  • Alex White
    Alex White 5 hours ago

    Blue van man review a parmo from Middlesbrough

  • William James
    William James 6 hours ago

    0:50 thank me later

  • Sivos
    Sivos 6 hours ago

    This guy has the meaning of life completely sussed out - simple pleasures! Bravo sir!

  • Norwall
    Norwall 6 hours ago

    You've got a strong set content here. 🔥❤️

  • Johnny McGregor
    Johnny McGregor 6 hours ago

    Bvm do you keep removing my comments ?

    • Johnny McGregor
      Johnny McGregor 5 hours ago

      @Blue Van Man ok mate no worrys

    • Blue Van Man
      Blue Van Man 5 hours ago

      No, I don't remove comments unless it's insulting to my family.

  • Dutch Creek Cabin
    Dutch Creek Cabin 6 hours ago

    Looks like a chihuahua dick 🤣😅💀 ya know... for the visually impaired...

  • try hard 7
    try hard 7 7 hours ago

    Grand masta steve

  • Adrian Baccellini
    Adrian Baccellini 7 hours ago

    Great video

  • Corey Campbell
    Corey Campbell 7 hours ago

    Always early... poor June

  • Stephen Lomas-Downing

    Would love the map coordinates for these McDonald's just to add to the specifics

  • James Atkins
    James Atkins 8 hours ago

    Absolutely love BVM and the fam, always make me laugh; I think it’s so good how each person has their own dynamic and personality. Its so good to see each person grow on the channel in their own way. Makes it that much more enjoyable and addictive to watch :D

  • Scrxm
    Scrxm 8 hours ago

    I would love to try and edit your videos for you! 🤟

  • Alex Foster
    Alex Foster 9 hours ago


  • Domuneckles Channel
    Domuneckles Channel 9 hours ago

    You two suit eachother both thick as fuck... 4:04 you both said push it in either end. Fuck me even a moron knows no matter what end you push from it won’t come out... hahahahaha fucking clowns

  • S R C
    S R C 9 hours ago

    go on june, suck on this

  • Uyfkk
    Uyfkk 9 hours ago

    Sorry boss straws r a waste of fooken time

  • Arthur Morgan, Formerly 4th Chairman

    I'm one of your subscribers, never seen true geordie's channel, but I got your mcdonald's double quarter pounder video in my reccomended I believe, you're a great down to earth guy. Got hooked instantly. Uncky Steve is lovely, I knew some visually impaired people at school, their perseverance and positivity was just astounding. Went to a special school, it caused me to become very non judgemental in life. Great content as usual mate.

  • shukur ahmed
    shukur ahmed 10 hours ago

    Pure gold of a channel, can’t believe it took me so long to come across. wish you guys the best :)

  • Reviving Memes
    Reviving Memes 11 hours ago

    The spicy chicken nuggets aren’t spicy

  • Phil Jones
    Phil Jones 11 hours ago

    "No doubt, I had no doubt, that's why I watched it .... Oh! Decision pending....". I laughed so hard at that little sequence I almost passed out. Brilliant.

  • Adam Brown
    Adam Brown 11 hours ago

    Big congrats on the 80k and I hope that you, June and Ginge all enjoy the future benefits of it all 👍🏽

  • CDNCarGuy
    CDNCarGuy 11 hours ago

    Mmmm that is a tasty burger

  • Jonathan Lee
    Jonathan Lee 11 hours ago

    Review Heck sausages. They’re so much nicer than that crap

  • Domuneckles Channel
    Domuneckles Channel 12 hours ago

    Bluevanman surstromming

  • MrCheeseCake2002
    MrCheeseCake2002 12 hours ago

    Takis (pronounced Tar-Keys) The flavour FUEGO is pronounced (f-way-go) They come in many different flavours Mine Tortilla Wraps smothered in chilli powder and lime Originally made in Mexico but are very very popular in north america The heat gets stronger as you go on. Once you finish the bag you open it up flat and lick all the crumbs and chilli powder off the inside of the packet. Theres a Takis Challenge where you eat 2 family sized bags with no water

  • Mtzu Old Channel
    Mtzu Old Channel 12 hours ago

    Bit rubbereh, you’re class pal

  • Jacob Holmes
    Jacob Holmes 13 hours ago

    Chelsea were fantastic first half second half we got spanked. As a Chelsea fan I agree Leicester should of won!

  • Will B
    Will B 13 hours ago


  • DoubleDeckerAnton
    DoubleDeckerAnton 13 hours ago

    I've got some plastic straws for my McDonalds Strawberry milkshake

  • glyn davies
    glyn davies 13 hours ago

    Liverpool vs leicster score pred???

    • Civan LFC
      Civan LFC 5 hours ago

      glyn davies 3-1 Liverpool

  • glyn davies
    glyn davies 13 hours ago

    Added tht commercial plane channell, well good

  • glyn davies
    glyn davies 13 hours ago

    Lots of love from north wales, bangor, luv u guys xx

  • Astroworld Rodeo
    Astroworld Rodeo 13 hours ago

    U need to do the American CRUNCHY hot cheetos

  • Terry jones
    Terry jones 13 hours ago

    What up my naga

  • jay beetie
    jay beetie 14 hours ago


  • jay beetie
    jay beetie 14 hours ago

    Is he sleeping

    • J
      J 2 hours ago

      jay beetie he is visually impaired.

  • Billyboy
    Billyboy 14 hours ago

    Great to see you and Uncky Steve again..You two go together like Snoop & Dre.

  • Ryan Hineson
    Ryan Hineson 14 hours ago

    Hot Chillay

  • iamcem
    iamcem 14 hours ago

    Spicy steve

  • Dan Harrison
    Dan Harrison 14 hours ago

    You should post more than 1 video a day

  • Heard Vex
    Heard Vex 14 hours ago

    Go on June suck on that 😂😂😂

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    ryan atwal 14 hours ago

    Oh your from Leicester! Always make trips to meridian 😂

  • Julie H
    Julie H 14 hours ago

    For the visibly impaired this way up

  • LUKE M8
    LUKE M8 15 hours ago

    The people’s food reviewer!

  • Natasha Lattimore
    Natasha Lattimore 15 hours ago

    Say thanks ‘Tasha’ 😂

  • Mike Hale
    Mike Hale 15 hours ago

    Legit comparing every bite to McDonald's hahaha

  • Natasha Lattimore
    Natasha Lattimore 15 hours ago

    Very true they do look like a chihuahuas dick 😂

  • Westywarriors 919
    Westywarriors 919 15 hours ago

    It would be a honour to have you in east anglia

  • AlexPurvis
    AlexPurvis 15 hours ago

    BVM saving the planet one bag at a time

  • Checo
    Checo 15 hours ago

    Takis are so good, they originate from Mexico and have other flavors as well. pronounced tahkees, and fuego is spanish for fire, pronounced fwaygo. cheers

  • David Hatter
    David Hatter 15 hours ago

    It’s all nice.... again

  • Propa Nawty
    Propa Nawty 15 hours ago

    Wash ur hands before touching yourself

  • MKL
    MKL 15 hours ago

    Love these vids the most. Absolute banter. Howling someone said unky Steve looks like a stoned Alex Ferguson 😅🤣

  • justin dabreu
    justin dabreu 15 hours ago

    Not posh enough fir Waitrose

  • MAX_ UK
    MAX_ UK 15 hours ago

    Which one of you sharted after eating all that hot shit

  • MUFC710
    MUFC710 16 hours ago

    Try get a few more adverts in the next video.

  • josh vick
    josh vick 16 hours ago

    i don't like the chicken fries- they're rubbery, dry and tasteless

  • Grimez Alive
    Grimez Alive 16 hours ago

    Ewww wtf bacon milkshake disgusting you people are nasty wtf ewwww

  • Dr Beetus
    Dr Beetus 16 hours ago

    Right folks, hot chilleh

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    Seamus Moore 16 hours ago

    You should try the bacon king burgers

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    MezPlays 16 hours ago

    Had a good laugh and found some new food - what's not to like?

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    Jonty Greenlees 16 hours ago

    "There bloody nice" "Nicking my bloody catchphrases" Love these two

  • General Waste
    General Waste 16 hours ago

    Five Guys is very good shit. That is all.

  • Steelmeister Kennedy
    Steelmeister Kennedy 16 hours ago

    All about the hot dogs there ✌

  • tomdm134
    tomdm134 16 hours ago

    Yes BVM, back at it again.

  • ben thacker
    ben thacker 16 hours ago

    just so ya know the "tamales" are pronounced tam-are-lays

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    U K B 16 hours ago


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    swordofthelion 17 hours ago

    Thank u Blue Van Man and Uncky Steve for this video.

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    13:12 another word for a tic tac is callums corner

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    Sure steve is on about the game show....take your pick. I could be wrong right enough😂

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    Keet 10 17 hours ago

    There once was a man called Steve, Who likes to review food of an eve, With a nephew called Blue, And his wife he calls Sue, In you, Unky Steve we believe

  • David Eastwood
    David Eastwood 17 hours ago

    family of legends lol brill

  • Bryceyg
    Bryceyg 17 hours ago

    1:58 when it says "fuego", I'm pretty sure that means fire in Spanish or something which make sense in this case.

  • Dodge 76
    Dodge 76 17 hours ago

    Loved part 1 and 2 of these, weldone 👏👏👏🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪

  • Ben Bull
    Ben Bull 17 hours ago

    We’d be honoured to have you in East Anglia BVM

  • Rambo VXl
    Rambo VXl 17 hours ago

    @0:23 Blue Van Man PLAYING THE GAME... you gotta respect it.

  • Nick Marchak
    Nick Marchak 18 hours ago