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Its time to be honest..
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  • yaliso gioouy
    yaliso gioouy 2 hours ago

    Darrans gingerbread shows how much he is a cheeky chap

  • Karen Steward
    Karen Steward 2 hours ago

    i fell bad she dint get the ice cream

  • Mya Crisson
    Mya Crisson 2 hours ago

    You NaN is a very healthy eater, her portions are much more sensible than yours. Nana is adorable.

  • keepdancingmaria
    keepdancingmaria 2 hours ago

    Does anyone here have a link to an easy yet tasty Shepherd's Pie recipe/tutorial? I can follow a video more easily than written instructions. It's a problem of mine, written instructions.

  • Kara Jones
    Kara Jones 2 hours ago

    I love your vids 😍😍

  • Kara Jones
    Kara Jones 2 hours ago

    Love your top 😂👌

  • Charlotte Louise
    Charlotte Louise 2 hours ago

    Omg i need a friendship like yours 🙏❤

  • Makeup by Molly
    Makeup by Molly 2 hours ago

    “I mean highlight of point what can I say” ahah Jed 😂💕

  • keepdancingmaria
    keepdancingmaria 2 hours ago

    Personally, I feel this would have been a much better swap if you'd each had WHAT the other usually eats, but in the correct AMOUNTS for the different ages and activity levels. Nan could have been seriously harmed trying to cram in so much food that her system was utterly unprepared for. It was unprepared for the type of food, and then to have her try to gorge herself on it was dangerous. Not so dangerous for you, because although you were eating a very different type of diet, you were eating so much less and that is safer. You are also younger, and so it was not so dangerous for you to switch it up. I loved your nan. She was incredible. Thank you for introducing her to us.

  • Jijo Joseph
    Jijo Joseph 2 hours ago

    That look at 8:49

  • tia
    tia 2 hours ago

    it’s funny when u requested it!!

  • 2 Blessed
    2 Blessed 2 hours ago

    She reminds me of my Grandmother. My Grandma was diabetic, and all her meals were carefully prepared and measured out. I remember staying with her, and she would always have a tiny bowl of cereal like that for breakfast!

  • amina arwo
    amina arwo 3 hours ago

    how long can saff live without crumpits idk how long

  • amina arwo
    amina arwo 3 hours ago

    lol youir dad calles brussel sprouts daddy peas

  • amina arwo
    amina arwo 3 hours ago

    congratulations saffs dad

    • yaliso gioouy
      yaliso gioouy 2 hours ago

      Anyone else wondering where saffron’s profile picture has gone

  • joely hynes
    joely hynes 3 hours ago

    jed is so cute 🥰

  • joely hynes
    joely hynes 3 hours ago

    jed: sat with her while she had her eye lashes and makeup but they had to flip a coin for him to play fortnite?

  • cara
    cara 3 hours ago

    can't taste the difference between microwaved eggs and hob eggs. she's a monster

  • Ms Lydia G.
    Ms Lydia G. 3 hours ago

    lovely video

  • Beekay Dlamini
    Beekay Dlamini 3 hours ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 I loved this video 🖤

  • Gemma J
    Gemma J 3 hours ago

    Ps well done Daren for being vegen in the vegen video he wanted a cheese burger but now he is vegen well done Daren

  • Zannah
    Zannah 3 hours ago

    Peppa pig left the chat

  • Hollie Pailor
    Hollie Pailor 3 hours ago

    wish i had that much money to do so many hauls

  • Gemma J
    Gemma J 3 hours ago

    YES!!!! Someone likes plain pasta so do I

  • Katy Green
    Katy Green 3 hours ago

    Your dog 🥺

  • Cassidy L
    Cassidy L 3 hours ago

    Sorry saf but I think Wendy won!!!!!

  • Evie Nichole
    Evie Nichole 3 hours ago

    OMG I wish Saff was my sister I love her💘💘😍😍

  • joely hynes
    joely hynes 3 hours ago

    i keep on re watching the 1:00 yoU woN tHe beT?

  • Gillian Munday
    Gillian Munday 3 hours ago

    I liked the one Saffron was wearing at the end.


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  • joely hynes
    joely hynes 4 hours ago

    your dad makes my day🤣😭💕

  • joely hynes
    joely hynes 4 hours ago

    JED HAS NEVER HAD A GIRLFRIEND OMG 😭😭i mean all girls here would take him

  • Gillian Munday
    Gillian Munday 4 hours ago

    I love it! I've even bookmarked it!

  • joely hynes
    joely hynes 4 hours ago

    2:43 i cried 🤣😭

  • joely hynes
    joely hynes 4 hours ago

    11:30 killed me🤣😭😭

  • Chloe Light
    Chloe Light 4 hours ago

    Yes u do get hot dogs in the uk because I work at five guys and mine is five guys

  • iona thompson
    iona thompson 4 hours ago

    Does anyone know which perfume it is? x

  • Rebeka Cintra
    Rebeka Cintra 4 hours ago

    omg her teeth😖

  • Unicorn Fox
    Unicorn Fox 4 hours ago

    I love watching saffron on Strikly!

  • Robyn Daniels
    Robyn Daniels 4 hours ago

    She's so cute and grown up, awh how cute that she did a 4 week diet for Charity, most kids couldn't manage a day!💕

  • Saphire Swindley
    Saphire Swindley 4 hours ago


  • Belle
    Belle 4 hours ago

    Love your Nan. She is so precious!

  • Hermione Shaw
    Hermione Shaw 4 hours ago

    8:21 In aj’s mind “Finally it’s the last one” In Saffron’s mind “Oooo yay I feel like a kid again Weeeeeeeee such a fun slide” and

  • Lauren Priest
    Lauren Priest 5 hours ago

    I dear you to were those gold heals for 24 hours x you have to

  • Olivia Lynch
    Olivia Lynch 5 hours ago

    Umpa lumped are from Charlie and the chocolate factory 🤣😭

  • The Big Man Big Al.
    The Big Man Big Al. 5 hours ago

    Okay Gen-Z.✌🏿

  • Isla’s World
    Isla’s World 5 hours ago

    Saffron is like so so so so so so pretty 😀

  • Gillian Munday
    Gillian Munday 5 hours ago

    I love the chocolate raisins.

  • Jessica Pitts
    Jessica Pitts 5 hours ago

    Just get him the Mac for Xmas day enit, what a gloater

  • Naomi bdx
    Naomi bdx 5 hours ago

    What happened between Spencer and saffron loll

  • ZOEgirl567
    ZOEgirl567 5 hours ago

    I love your nan so cute :3

  • Ishaa Shiraz
    Ishaa Shiraz 5 hours ago

    That's so cute that your Grandad makes food for you nan xx🥰💜💓

  • Jessica Pitts
    Jessica Pitts 5 hours ago

    Even has to show off in front of her fam. The pink pyjamas when everyone else in green says it all...

  • Lillie Mai
    Lillie Mai 5 hours ago

    Saffron was on dancing on ice

  • joely hynes
    joely hynes 6 hours ago


  • joely hynes
    joely hynes 6 hours ago

    omg it’s 2019 🤣😭😭😭

  • Niharika Sharma
    Niharika Sharma 6 hours ago

    she looks like 20 and he looks like 10😂😂😂

  • Isabelle Roe
    Isabelle Roe 6 hours ago

    It is

  • Tracy Fitzpatrick
    Tracy Fitzpatrick 6 hours ago

    To are actuall cereal I get it alllll the TIME LOVE UR VIDS

  • Hafsah Chaudhry
    Hafsah Chaudhry 6 hours ago

    I think willow won

  • Gwennan Edwards
    Gwennan Edwards 6 hours ago

    I love you viedio

  • Amber_ playzz
    Amber_ playzz 6 hours ago

    LoVEly.... I was crying

  • G Train
    G Train 7 hours ago

    Me personally I would have the branded because there proper food and taste the BEST especially sweet corn and corn on the cob

  • nidhi k.sachdev
    nidhi k.sachdev 7 hours ago

    French people live for cheese 🧀😳😳 when I went there after the main course there was a whole *cheese course. But no hate ❤

  • maya yaniv
    maya yaniv 7 hours ago

    What's the name of the perfume??

  • G Train
    G Train 7 hours ago

    Which one would you have the unbranded or the branded

  • Charlotte Puncher
    Charlotte Puncher 7 hours ago

    how old are you saffron

  • Mary
    Mary 7 hours ago

    These videos are so fun. Don't worry, I hate coffee too.

  • Sarah Gosling
    Sarah Gosling 7 hours ago

    I which me and my tow bats friends could do this 💖

  • Ella Bennett
    Ella Bennett 7 hours ago

    7:42 🤣😭🤣😭

  • twin cherry
    twin cherry 7 hours ago

    When your mom is prettier than you 🙈

  • Jessica LA HOLLAND
    Jessica LA HOLLAND 7 hours ago

    I wish you could just go out in your pyjamas without being judged because i would all the time! :)

  • Molly Wells
    Molly Wells 8 hours ago

    Just started up a new channel and would be great to have some support! Please subscribe if you are interested in Lifrstyle and Beauty xxx

  • Fahim Ahmed
    Fahim Ahmed 8 hours ago

    When you ate the oreo you only supposed to it the biscuit not the cream

  • Penguin World
    Penguin World 8 hours ago

    Please tell me why my school in assembly was talking about you ?? What have you done to make you a good influence

  • Nicole Mayer
    Nicole Mayer 8 hours ago

    Hi! I loved your video, the idea for this challenge was really neat. I felt so bad for both of you. Just a tip; the volume levels on your videos change drastically throughout the whole going from way too loud to not being able to hear and I had to adjust my volume a ton. I think there's a way to fix that in most video editors, you might want to try it out! Good luck!

  • Maryam Ahmed
    Maryam Ahmed 8 hours ago

    the subway was weird, in London you get a toy and you can have any filling it's just smaller and the other option can be a crisp or cookie too AND it comes in a really cute bag based on the toy

  • Kelly Forte
    Kelly Forte 8 hours ago

    Did you guys say anything to the people that worked there about the maintenance of the place?

  • Kelly Forte
    Kelly Forte 8 hours ago

    Way too funny

  • Laura_leah
    Laura_leah 8 hours ago

    I like that tequila Rose I did a live whilst drinking a bottle once 🤣

  • Lily Rutherford
    Lily Rutherford 9 hours ago

    I love Christmas crumpets❤️🎄

  • Nxxve e
    Nxxve e 9 hours ago

    lol Christmas is amazing for me cus I'm poor so when me and my family get a present we feel so blessed!! Idk if this is the same when you can afford the presents?? Love these videos and you two xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Phonic Tales
    Phonic Tales 11 hours ago

    You two are so beautiful I just had a wank watching this video

  • Bethany Tollon
    Bethany Tollon 11 hours ago

    Saffron has mastered portion sizes 🤤 I would of had so many more for that dinner 🤣

  • Richard Kelly
    Richard Kelly 11 hours ago

    13:53 she started to say without further ado

  • Gemma Louise Mummy to Mum

    What is the name of that perfume?

  • Liv May
    Liv May 13 hours ago

    Anna should’ve also been in the video hahaha

  • Caitlyn Smith
    Caitlyn Smith 13 hours ago

    Am i the only person that likes every vegetable? How can saff not like cauliflower?? It’s my fav

  • Evie Costello
    Evie Costello 13 hours ago


  • almavogler
    almavogler 13 hours ago

    Your Nan is soooooo adorable!

  • Sonata Shinome
    Sonata Shinome 14 hours ago

    I do think grandad gave you a bigger portion of shepherds pie

  • Maisie Lavender
    Maisie Lavender 14 hours ago


  • Sab’s World
    Sab’s World 14 hours ago

    *Your mum does have good taste!*

  • Simply The Bex
    Simply The Bex 15 hours ago

    Haha I LOVE this, what a fun idea! I've made an Exercise Advent Calendar and behind each door is a fun workout/challenge that takes no longer than 5 minutes to complete. If you've eaten all these advent calendars, an Exercise Advent Calendar could be perfect! I'm a small channel with only 71 subscribers and it would mean the world to me if you checked it out! Bex x

  • Kyle
    Kyle 15 hours ago

    Wait... quick question why on earth do you have a hair dryer in your BATHROOM???!!!!

  • muhammad Malik
    muhammad Malik 15 hours ago

    Horlivka is nice

  • JessicaOnline.London
    JessicaOnline.London 15 hours ago

    Anyone have a link to the Kurt Geiger boots??

  • Amber & Grace
    Amber & Grace 15 hours ago


  • Mummy Caroline
    Mummy Caroline 15 hours ago

    You are ment to go for 1 first not 7

  • Zoya Ganvir
    Zoya Ganvir 16 hours ago m’appelle Carla et je suis française