Life of Tom
Life of Tom
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  • Kamil Pagorski
    Kamil Pagorski 6 seconds ago

    ahaha 80+ mph on the mway

  • liz jackson
    liz jackson Minute ago

    Brilliant Video as always! Missed ya! Keep up ur gid work, luved seeing yir Granda and rest oh family xx

  • annie ralph
    annie ralph Minute ago


  • Luca Garrett
    Luca Garrett Minute ago

    tom put it in neutral by pressing both paddles at the same time. u can also do it while moving and then press the up paddle to put it back in the gear it was previously. i love doing it in mine

  • KFC Abuser
    KFC Abuser Minute ago

    You know its bad when you can a cm of headhair in a month but 20 years to grow a full beard 😬

  • Vanessa Taylor
    Vanessa Taylor Minute ago

    watching tom shoot that basketball really hurt me his form was soooo off

  • Luke_Howe
    Luke_Howe 2 minutes ago

    I'm watching the vlogs from France tom loving them 🤘 check my insta @howe_luke

  • daniel hulmes
    daniel hulmes 2 minutes ago

    Hey man. I think I saw your rear number plate holder broke! Idc if I’m right or not

  • Jack Dewhurst
    Jack Dewhurst 3 minutes ago

    Both paddles at the same time for neutral Tom

  • x-Bones-xi
    x-Bones-xi 3 minutes ago

    Awesome vlog Tom loved it! That was funny how your music started playing in the car, your reaction 😃 loved this vlog! Hope your keeping safe and enjoying the nice weather! Much love from Ireland 🇮🇪 🙌🙂

  • Adam Farlow
    Adam Farlow 4 minutes ago

    Where is the minecraft? Sorry just I’m missing it

  • Don Pablo
    Don Pablo 6 minutes ago

    You’re the 🐐 Tom absolute legend

  • l3gitcravee
    l3gitcravee 7 minutes ago

    hold both paddle shifters in to go to neutral

  • MrThespinner123
    MrThespinner123 8 minutes ago

    Hold the phone..... did you get an automatic sports car..... disappointed Tom ahaha xx

    • ToastOnToast
      ToastOnToast 2 minutes ago

      JordanWoodland yeah lol not sure what cars you’ve seen

    • MoKo Media
      MoKo Media 3 minutes ago

      JordanWoodland There's plenty of sports cars that are still made as Manuals

    • JordanWoodland
      JordanWoodland 4 minutes ago

      It's semi auto. Unless you get a car from the 90's there's like no sport/super cars with a manual H pattern anymore.

  • Cheryl Ashton
    Cheryl Ashton 9 minutes ago

    Hey Tom, did we see you and Carl in Glossop last week? Xx

  • Harrison Bond
    Harrison Bond 10 minutes ago

    i was at that exact costa a few days ago and the guy just handed me the drink...... i wanna see the cool tray lmao

  • Dean Wallace
    Dean Wallace 11 minutes ago

    Thank god there was a vlog some sort of normality coming back

  • Sam Millward
    Sam Millward 11 minutes ago

    This vid got me so hyped thanks for the upload bro 🤙can’t wait for you to properly start daily vlogging 🔥🔥

  • Tk Loc
    Tk Loc 11 minutes ago

    Hope you're granddads ok keep safe nd stay awesome

  • Finnekin
    Finnekin 12 minutes ago

    Right when Tom said shenanigans and hospital “time 3am” I though granddad. Hope he good silly goose

  • ABoyCalledAlex
    ABoyCalledAlex 12 minutes ago

    6:25 anyone notice the plate holder unclipped next to the C

  • Rob
    Rob 12 minutes ago

    Get your grandad a ring doorbell and you can monitor it from your phone. (Set a time where it will give you a notification between say 10pm and 7am)

  • Mason Mitchell
    Mason Mitchell 13 minutes ago

    When does the bedroom get done?

  • Sallie
    Sallie 16 minutes ago

    When I saw the title of the video I was like: "Good job Tom, going to the doctor for almost passing out (bc reeeee'ing)" but no... happy that your granddad is okay though!

  • Dejuan
    Dejuan 17 minutes ago

    Dont you just love how he's Keeping the kegs at the house LOL

    BEN MX MCC 17 minutes ago

    Hold both paddles on the car in at the same time to knock the car into neutral

  • Dr 1337
    Dr 1337 17 minutes ago

    i have missed the vlogs

  • DJ Ling
    DJ Ling 20 minutes ago

    0:44 Sooooooo....... Sunday club?

  • Megan03
    Megan03 21 minute ago

    Was anyone else thinking he went to the hospital because he reeeeeeeee’d too hard??? Just me?

  • Raph
    Raph 21 minute ago

    being peaceful is being complicit, were fighting for actual change. No change has come from peace Tom.

  • Jordan Millar
    Jordan Millar 21 minute ago

    tom, you can put your car in neutral by pulling both paddles in at the same time!

  • raxhie
    raxhie 21 minute ago

    Sorry about your grandpa!

  • raxhie
    raxhie 22 minutes ago

    YES! I so needed this lol. Watching your videos is so nice, it almost feels like talking to an old friend. You have a great personality for this.

  • Gxnman Greenwood
    Gxnman Greenwood 23 minutes ago

    Thank god he’s uploaded!!!!

  • Adeline Thayer
    Adeline Thayer 25 minutes ago

    Did anyone else see the title and wondered if it was because he reeeeeee'd too hard on Mianitian Isles?

  • TheSolista7
    TheSolista7 25 minutes ago

    I am glad your granddad is well after that fall

  • Andy Pandy
    Andy Pandy 25 minutes ago

    Good to have you back brother... i hope Gordon is well

  • Angelo Mork
    Angelo Mork 26 minutes ago

    Finally I shaked in happiness when the nofiction came upp on my phone

  • liam gait
    liam gait 27 minutes ago

    tom is such a good guy with his grandad, MAD respect bro

  • Jack Dane
    Jack Dane 27 minutes ago

    Mianitian isles bought me back to the vlogs

  • Jenni kozlow
    Jenni kozlow 27 minutes ago

    Will tom ever upgrade steeve’s house? 😂💜

  • HJS Music
    HJS Music 28 minutes ago

    6:20 DAT ASSSSSS 😍

  • _ Astronommical _
    _ Astronommical _ 28 minutes ago

    That jumpshot is CRAZY

  • Nerdy Gamer
    Nerdy Gamer 29 minutes ago

    @ Tom the new LG fridges are super fukn awesome 👍 it has built in craft ice machine which means you get crystal clear round ice balls for your alcoholic beverages or just plain beverages. I urge you to give it a look

  • Keirran Sutherland
    Keirran Sutherland 29 minutes ago

    glad your grandad is okay tom! so lovely of you and your sister going to the hospital and taking care of him! brilliant video as always man

  • birdie love
    birdie love 30 minutes ago

    Good to see you back Mr. Cassell!

  • Mystiic
    Mystiic 31 minute ago

    Is Toms grandad his Mums or Dads dad?? I never see them around him??

  • HJS Music
    HJS Music 31 minute ago

    When Tom mentioned the crows, all i could think of was. Crow-navirus

  • roy noble
    roy noble 33 minutes ago

    Finally a new video thought that was it

  • Abbie
    Abbie 33 minutes ago

    How did I forget about the dog

  • Kevin sessions
    Kevin sessions 33 minutes ago

    When you going to do the volg about you AMG CAR and the cost and running of the car

    • Azzaboy55
      Azzaboy55 31 minute ago

      I’m still wondering about the time he was donating money in the vlogs and said he’ll say how much he raised but he never said

  • Harry
    Harry 35 minutes ago

    Song at 7:06

  • MR SW
    MR SW 35 minutes ago

    To put the GTr into neutral pull both paddles in at the same time . hope it helps!!

  • Robert Fernie
    Robert Fernie 35 minutes ago

    Good to see the vlogs back. Missed these as part of my routine. Say hello to Gordon

  • Chris Nick
    Chris Nick 36 minutes ago

    Boss lad. Great to see ya back champ. Looking well mate. Keep smiling kiddo

  • Mike Vater
    Mike Vater 38 minutes ago

    Hope your grandad is keeping safe

  • Isaac Boyce
    Isaac Boyce 38 minutes ago

    I think you have to press both paddles at the same time

    WAYWARD 38 minutes ago

    Why you pop the champagne tom tell us man

    • Chuck
      Chuck 34 minutes ago

      WAYWARD English & grammar is shocking!

  • Isaac Boyce
    Isaac Boyce 38 minutes ago

    I think you have to press both paddles at the same time

  • David Cottingham
    David Cottingham 38 minutes ago

    I don’t feel like anything has really changed tbh I’ve worked through the entire lockdown just normal living for me now

  • Sonarctica
    Sonarctica 39 minutes ago

    Just don't get a samsung fridge that'll break in a year, get Sub-Zero

  • jmike cleland
    jmike cleland 40 minutes ago

    18:23 I almost pissed myself laughing looking at his imaginary watch

  • Oscar Lahtinen-Kalsi
    Oscar Lahtinen-Kalsi 41 minute ago

    How is the puppy

  • tit _rick64
    tit _rick64 41 minute ago

    Does this mean Mianitian Isles is going away😢

  • Adam Orchard
    Adam Orchard 42 minutes ago

    Tom is so fucking dramatic 😂 ‘smashed into big tasty’s car’ then shows a small dent LOL

  • Brinkley Studios
    Brinkley Studios 43 minutes ago

    should have checked the breaker

  • morvelas
    morvelas 45 minutes ago

    you building a adittion on your house would of taken less time then the bedroom ppl renovating your bedroom

  • PUBG_mobil And other things

    And to top it all off I just got rejected lol

  • Saliya Lokeshwara
    Saliya Lokeshwara 46 minutes ago

    Grandads gotten so skinny since the last time I saw him

  • Naomi Johnston
    Naomi Johnston 47 minutes ago

    Smile on my face watching this video 😀

  • Byte
    Byte 47 minutes ago

    Hey Tom I bet you the entirety of the Syndicate Original company that you won't heart and/or pin this comment.

  • Sam 2017
    Sam 2017 47 minutes ago

    Thomas thomas thomas... are we ever going to find out why you popped the champagne bottle.. after all it is June... ;)

  • 5pministock
    5pministock 47 minutes ago

    Good to see you again. Seems weird that restrictions have only lifted recently in UK. I've been back at work for a month now and community sport is starting back this weekend in NZ.

  • Dj Ghost Uk
    Dj Ghost Uk 48 minutes ago

    You can breed Steve's food, We used to do this. It can be so much easier. We chose Dubai roaches as they need a box full of egg cartoons and don't escape. Also the super worms just need a draw of sawdust. :)

  • Big Bucky
    Big Bucky 48 minutes ago

    Its takes 3 seconds to put a shirt on... You should totally try it. It's sick

  • Nick Carroll
    Nick Carroll 50 minutes ago

    Hold both paddle when driving and it should go in to neutral

  • harvey windridge
    harvey windridge 50 minutes ago

    if you pull both paddles at the same time it should go into neutral :)

  • Abbie
    Abbie 50 minutes ago

    Poor grandad. That sounds like a bad fall ❤️

  • Sam Abernethy
    Sam Abernethy 50 minutes ago

    Do you always take your t-shirt off to pour your cereal?

  • Andrew Rhodes
    Andrew Rhodes 51 minute ago

    They are shyt bed room ppl 😂

  • Thedrummer12382
    Thedrummer12382 51 minute ago

    Right now with the virus if you google the stats it keeps saying it goes up and down up and down but eventually goes up. it's trying to go down with how many people are infected. I feel by the end of the year maybe by February it'll be done and dusted and no more virus.

  • Iz_Matt
    Iz_Matt 51 minute ago

    "This smell like jeff" tom george cassell 2k17

  • MaiPearson
    MaiPearson 51 minute ago

    That was a long and funny livestream that guy who kept donating subs

  • Amy McLean
    Amy McLean 53 minutes ago

    Missed the daily vlogs Tom great to have them back for the time being! Woo 🎉

  • Kascade
    Kascade 54 minutes ago

    Pull both paddles for Neutral Tom!

  • VdamMusic
    VdamMusic 54 minutes ago

    Tom, I don't know if you read this but just wanted to let you know I'm so happy to see a vlog again..!! Thanks for that!!

  • Ariella Gutierrez
    Ariella Gutierrez 54 minutes ago

    this vlog gave me the feeling of normality not felt in a while 😪 keep rockin on tom ✌

  • James Z
    James Z 55 minutes ago

    Your hair grows really slow Tom

  • Jay Te 121
    Jay Te 121 55 minutes ago

    The legend himself is back! Oh yes 😁

  • connor hanley
    connor hanley 55 minutes ago

    Down shifting in manual is soo much better Tom more aggressive pops and bangs 🔥

  • Ross Watt
    Ross Watt 55 minutes ago

    Pull both padles in and should go in to natural

  • Leatherneck0
    Leatherneck0 55 minutes ago

    Tom if you want to go and do drift there are airfield which you can go to drive you cars and there is no speed limit if you rent it out and you can do what you want

  • James Andrews
    James Andrews 55 minutes ago

    Tom you can’t put an automatic into Nutreal when your using paddle shiftersjusy say broilski

  • Abbie
    Abbie 56 minutes ago

    That beard though

  • Edward Bavaria
    Edward Bavaria 57 minutes ago

    A NEW VLOG!!!!!! Welcome back Tom! Great to see your content mate.

  • uniqq init laa
    uniqq init laa 57 minutes ago

    Missed you too much (no homo) cant wait to hear ''Terminal 3''

  • ShaneCrazy
    ShaneCrazy 57 minutes ago

    aye sick vlog Tom! excited for tomorrows vlog! keep up the great videos and streams mate!

  • cody f262
    cody f262 58 minutes ago

    Miss the vlogs but where is the mianiton vid

  • xROBZX 94
    xROBZX 94 59 minutes ago

    I miss lockdown when walking home from work all I could hear was the church bell a mile or so away from work as I left, now all you hear are people poluting in their cars

  • Xavier Deluna
    Xavier Deluna 59 minutes ago

    Joey and Ross from Friends 😂😂