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  • nikki k
    nikki k 41 minute ago

    Her and Sturgeon are loonies. Lol

  • david bates
    david bates Hour ago

    BETTEL......WHO ?

  • jean raines
    jean raines Hour ago

    Xavier's a PM of 613 thousand population. What a farce. Next we'll have a PM of Birmingham

  • Tommy Sullivan
    Tommy Sullivan Hour ago

    This is the funniest 😂😂 😂

  • carole carroll
    carole carroll 2 hours ago


  • carole carroll
    carole carroll 2 hours ago

    This world upside down and these murdering pieces of garbage like Johnson 👹are saluted to. Yuk.

  • Gus EAS Waran
    Gus EAS Waran 3 hours ago


  • ju ju ju
    ju ju ju 3 hours ago

    This dippy woman has single-handedly, put this party on a course to oblivion !!

  • George Swampy
    George Swampy 7 hours ago

    Roll on the next General Election, where these British Nazi’s in our Government will pay the price for their treachery, we know just who they are, and they are finished in politics.

  • mark long
    mark long 7 hours ago

    Who ?

  • MikeT
    MikeT 8 hours ago

    Maybe a better surname for her might be Swansong ....

  • Michael Martin
    Michael Martin 8 hours ago

    American WWII Cemetery in Luxembourg. So many lives lost fighting for democracy. Xavier Bettel has no respect. :-

  • Michael Nash
    Michael Nash 9 hours ago

    Mad stupid women

  • Killer 121
    Killer 121 9 hours ago

    She’s a toe rag and the liberal Plebs already got in bed with the tories

  • Richard cranium
    Richard cranium 9 hours ago

    Oh look, the rich folk sent their Butlers out to protest for them. " you know, I feel like protesting today" Jeeves" ! "get down there and represent me"

  • Gaz Roberts
    Gaz Roberts 10 hours ago

    Students are so irritating.

  • Michael Walker
    Michael Walker 10 hours ago

    😁 but what is going on with Mr Raab (I think its Mr Raab)?

  • CelticBommer
    CelticBommer 10 hours ago

    Deluded Tombstone Toothed rat

  • Wayne Jones
    Wayne Jones 10 hours ago

    The Incredible Bulk does a runner.

  • Ben Artee
    Ben Artee 11 hours ago

    Boris Johnson is such a CHICKEN 🐣 🤦‍♂️

  • Roxana Andrews
    Roxana Andrews 11 hours ago

    We will all be ok one way or another, we always are !

  • Michael Hall
    Michael Hall 11 hours ago

    Someone should take them to court for the misrepresentation of their name. They are neither liberal or democratic.

  • Remco Van Ek
    Remco Van Ek 11 hours ago

    You can leave now. What you can't have is cake and eat it. Bye.

    SILVERSTRIPE PSN 11 hours ago

    Who is she?

  • Acac
    Acac 12 hours ago

    The liberal undemocrats

  • Mr Blobby!!!!!
    Mr Blobby!!!!! 12 hours ago

    No one cares

  • Grey Fox -
    Grey Fox - 12 hours ago

    Luxembourg- a country literally the size of a school field, with the arrogance of a country the size of Russia.

  • Craig Johnson
    Craig Johnson 12 hours ago

    Liberal traitors.

  • Matt Stuart
    Matt Stuart 12 hours ago

    What a snake opportunist. Another party with a fake weak leader.

  • Q
    Q 12 hours ago

    Orange-skinned, skraggled-hair ALIENS are attacking Earth ! Primary Targets are Clearly Identifiable around this Planet. These Attacks are well coordinated in Time, Location, and Methodology. Wake Up ! People of Planet Earth! Look at the Blatant Evidence!

  • Richard Foran
    Richard Foran 12 hours ago

    The priest was worriwd about centralised power. Thats the way it is everywere. Das captial gets all the goodies and the far flung neither regions of the empire are ignored. Theres always a hub never just spokes?

  • Sonja Voigt
    Sonja Voigt 12 hours ago

    Thank God there is music that brings us together a little bit!

  • trag
    trag 12 hours ago

    To think they were once led by Paddy Ashdown.

  • Ian Houston
    Ian Houston 12 hours ago

    The Toe On The Go....I cant stop laughing at the Lib Fems

  • Bloodshot Eyes
    Bloodshot Eyes 13 hours ago

    Boris you've failed us because you're a coward.

  • The Aristocrat
    The Aristocrat 13 hours ago

    So, so weak.

  • ToffeeToff
    ToffeeToff 13 hours ago


  • martin vairy
    martin vairy 13 hours ago

    Oh dear so sad never mind.

  • Kay Young
    Kay Young 13 hours ago

    he should prorogue until November the 1st. and take us out WTO!!!°

  • Arabian Warrior
    Arabian Warrior 13 hours ago

    Trump even said it isis was made by Americans now who is the terrorst I guess all Americans are terrorst

  • rgcsc
    rgcsc 13 hours ago

    Well done Boris

  • lyceeuk
    lyceeuk 13 hours ago

    shame on you the sun

  • lyceeuk
    lyceeuk 13 hours ago

    shame on you for the dead

  • lyceeuk
    lyceeuk 13 hours ago

    shame on you for profit

  • David Hutchings
    David Hutchings 14 hours ago

    Brexit is the betrayal.

  • David Hutchings
    David Hutchings 14 hours ago

    The Leave machine have duped the working class to believe that the EU is not in their interests. The backers of Leave are afraid that new tax rules will force them to pay the right level of tax when the Tories wish to keep the old outdated tax system which favours them. The EU is the best thing that has happened to the UK; we are more prosperous and safer because of the joint co-operation of 28 soveriegn states and leaving is a dishonourable and facile project.

  • Inge Wood
    Inge Wood 14 hours ago

    Most people in Britain do not really know what they want and what they are talking about . It is probably better if they leave as soon as possible .

  • allan james
    allan james 14 hours ago

    Well known rich bloke banging on about "the elite". Pass the sickbag, Alice.

  • Ralph Wilmot
    Ralph Wilmot 14 hours ago

    That was a set up, disgusting Luxembourg. PM Johnson did the right thing.

  • ravenshireful
    ravenshireful 14 hours ago

    Why is the times so desperate to stay in the eu?

  • S Pedro
    S Pedro 14 hours ago

    COWARD BORIS... what kind of PM UK ended up with....

  • Jay R. Rees
    Jay R. Rees 14 hours ago

    In a negotiation if someone pulls a stunt which undermines you or wastes your time it's right to walk away. Well done Boris.

  • Brooke Gymnast
    Brooke Gymnast 14 hours ago

    Totally staged by the corrupt , belligerent, spoilt dictatorship of the eu

  • Matthew Leitch
    Matthew Leitch 14 hours ago

    Not a very good location for a press conference.

  • Glen Bowie
    Glen Bowie 15 hours ago

    Wonder what Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg, who served in the British Army after his country had been taken by Germany, would think of this little non-entity sneering at a British Prime Minister.

    • Robert John Redrupp
      Robert John Redrupp 14 hours ago

      Glen Bowie ....They probably enjoyed it under the Nazi Jack boot ..... they’re suffering from an ‘ism’.... (Incredibly short memory )😉

  • British Naturalist
    British Naturalist 15 hours ago

    Not very funny.

  • British Naturalist
    British Naturalist 15 hours ago

    The sooner we leave & stop subsidizing twits like him the better

    • British Naturalist
      British Naturalist 13 hours ago

      @u wot m8 Nonsense just the opinion of a bad loser cry baby.

    • u wot m8
      u wot m8 13 hours ago

      @British Naturalist Based on evidence and logic

    • British Naturalist
      British Naturalist 13 hours ago

      @u wot m8 Nonsense that's just your opinion.

    • u wot m8
      u wot m8 13 hours ago

      We will be poorer though

  • A i
    A i 15 hours ago

    Boris thinks the people are be a prime minister one has to be a liar, but Boris is a terribly liar, my parrot lies better than Boris Karloff.

  • Nancy Mcgouyrk
    Nancy Mcgouyrk 15 hours ago

    Take that Isis you're dumb cuz you think you can take over our country the u.s. bomed you haha you're never going to bomb us or this country go u s go u s g o u s

  • Gonzalo Martinez
    Gonzalo Martinez 15 hours ago

    WE are being mocked by these leaders.

  • Christine Gower
    Christine Gower 15 hours ago

    I wonder why Luxembourg are so full of hate and anger, it's not like us leaving EU is their problem?

    • Fints Poon
      Fints Poon 10 hours ago

      The people protesting are English people living in Luxembourg frustrated with the pile of lies that pour out of Boris Johnsons mouth.

    • John Aaron Greenslade
      John Aaron Greenslade 12 hours ago

      The majority of them are British expats 😂 we want to remain in our tax haven!

    • MalteseOwl
      MalteseOwl 15 hours ago

      WE are taking the MONEY away. No more handouts for the scrounging EU.

  • patrick hughes
    patrick hughes 15 hours ago

    you guys are really into mythologising your own reporters. Not to say she isn't a great reporter..

    STIML8ER 15 hours ago

    UK decides to walk away and it’s their fault Boris decides to walk away from interview and it’s their fault

  • Pearly King
    Pearly King 15 hours ago

    Boris sussed this EUSSR stitch up a mile off. Now get together with Nigel and show all these traitorous bastards that Brexit means OUT!

  • A Olcay Olcayto Fb
    A Olcay Olcayto Fb 15 hours ago

    Racist idea washed up English people mind wipped off the brain ..

  • maksim lukjan
    maksim lukjan 16 hours ago

    England is a big zoo.

  • Alpha Lobster
    Alpha Lobster 16 hours ago

    The prez of Luxembourg. That tinpot banker state, with no responsibilities nor influence in the world, telling the UK how to do Brext? Delusion runs deep in the super state. Forza Broisimo!

  • graham jones
    graham jones 16 hours ago

    Well done Boris.... you made him look like clown

  • Stan Webb
    Stan Webb 16 hours ago

    It's just another case of the EU not respecting Brexit and instead they are promoting anti-Berxit protests, with people who are protesting that aren't British so can't have a say, and 'democracy' is the argument against Brexit?

  • The Relik
    The Relik 16 hours ago

    Just like Trump style if he don't like it he flee, coward face the public !

    • Lol
      Lol 15 hours ago

      Face the public of Luxembourg......why. Who are they 🤣 if he’s going to face a public crowd, it might aswel be one of relevance no?

    • Kevin Burrow
      Kevin Burrow 16 hours ago

      it was a set-up, what's the point? He made the right decision.

  • Mel B
    Mel B 16 hours ago

    More of these insults please. People need to know how shity the EU supporters are 😂👍

  • Magsent
    Magsent 16 hours ago

    The MSM have been deprived of their anticipated 'optics' . . . . Boo Hoo! Well done Boris. Now deprive them some more and get us out without a deal!

  • mike s
    mike s 16 hours ago

    He didnt stay and talk because hes trying to make preparations for leaving EU

  • Heart & Crafts
    Heart & Crafts 16 hours ago

    Jew funded crowd terrified we will stop their mass immigration program!

  • gentlemanjim SAOR ALBA

    Scotland will never be free, Nicola Sturgeon wants to give all powers to EU. Out of the frying pan into the fire. Springs to mind.....

  • Keith Nield
    Keith Nield 17 hours ago

    Maybe all those people on here complaining about 'rent-a-mob' should be aware that these people are British ex-pats, denied a vote in the referendum - the referendum that decided their futures. If I was them I'd be furious as well. And hugely annoyed that the British PM will not face his critics.

    • Keith Nield
      Keith Nield 16 hours ago

      @Kevin Burrow Hi, Kevin: it's me, piping up again. No, you are entirely wrong. These people, like me, opted to work in another EU country, very much like you would move to another county in the UK. Very much like you could have done if you wanted to. What you don't seem to be able to understand that having made those decisions, encouraged by freedom of movement, they have had the rug pulled from under them, they are denied rights, abandoned by their country, denied a vote - did you know that they were denied a vote in the referendum? You probably don't care. Or is other people's lives being messed up okay as long you you get your Brexit unicorn?

    • Kevin Burrow
      Kevin Burrow 16 hours ago

      Excuse me, but they are living in the EU. They made the decision, and they decided their future by going there. If they get treated badly then it will be the EU treating them badly, not us. Just try and get that through your head before you pipe up again.

  • Budo 's Workshop
    Budo 's Workshop 17 hours ago

    Well done Boris we are all behind you they tried to set you up with this shit weasel and you did the right thing now let’s get out of this parasitic blood sucking eu shower of shit and move back on to greatness again good save the queen good save the uk

  • Dom Perignon
    Dom Perignon 17 hours ago

    this is a set up to all gangsters the British have spoken leave means leave not a deal wake up the British have told you all out

  • British Scorpion
    British Scorpion 17 hours ago

    The Times? Total waste of money. Who needs newspapers these days? Stop feeding them your money and they will soon be out of business.

  • Sky Fly
    Sky Fly 17 hours ago

    Shame on you Luxembourg & the EU leaders

  • I'm sorry About that!
    I'm sorry About that! 17 hours ago

    Get this .... we are going to brexit 31st October

  • Seine O'More
    Seine O'More 17 hours ago

    Boris should have planted this fucker

  • David Clayton
    David Clayton 17 hours ago

    see they got the rent a crowed in , the leftie remainers just cant help themselves trash

  • Dianne Penny
    Dianne Penny 17 hours ago

    Unbelievably rude. A childish attempt on the part of the EU to humiliate and bully.

    • Keith Nield
      Keith Nield 14 hours ago

      @Dianne Penny Two points. EU citizens in the UK are still in limbo with no clarification of their rights after a no deal Brexit. You may of noticed a few high profile cases of EU citizens resident in this country for over three decades losing their right to remain. That's not really honouring their rights is it. The second point is that the UK shouldn't off-load the rights of it's citizens onto another country. Where does that leave them? Are they British citizens or not. It is the moral responsibility of a government to protect it's citizens regardless of their location. And thirdly - outdoor press conferences are not unusual.

    • Dianne Penny
      Dianne Penny 15 hours ago

      @Keith Nield The whole thing appeared staged. No one gives a press conference outdoors. I don't blame him for refusing to try to speak above the baying crowd. Furthermore, if the EU fails to honour the rights of ex-pats when we are honouring EU citizens' rights here, whose fault is that?

    • Keith Nield
      Keith Nield 17 hours ago

      How is this an EU stunt? The press statement was agreed upon beforehand. What spooked Johnson was facing British ex-pats who were denied a vote in the referendum. He simply did not have the balls to face those who are probably more affected by Brexit tan anyone.

  • james bond100
    james bond100 17 hours ago

    Luxembourg a landlocked plot of turf of no consequence .

  • 1spikelet
    1spikelet 17 hours ago

    Totally Utterly Immature!!!!!! When are these People going to Grow UP!!!

  • Can't_snap
    Can't_snap 17 hours ago

    We have such a coward leading us, what an embarrassment.

  • thomasm1964
    thomasm1964 17 hours ago

    Cheeky Indian woman: in my experience, it is the Remainers who have the least understanding of the issues involved with Brexit, not the Leavers. What a nasty little snob she is.

  • Nina Thomas
    Nina Thomas 18 hours ago

    What about the demonstrating in France !!! Why are they violently arrested !!!! Oh it’s the tyrannic dictatorship of EU they call democracy lmao 😂

  • Caerau Park
    Caerau Park 18 hours ago

    I have so enjoyed reading the posts on this topic. There are quite a few remainers on here today getting triggered left, right and centre. Keep it up remainers you let me laugh through my lunch hour 👍😂

  • Zebedee
    Zebedee 18 hours ago

    And none of the press saw this as a complete stitch-up, oh come on how naive can they be. Good on Boris to walk away and not be pushed around by the EU mafia, anyway what the f**k do Luxembourg contribute to the world, nothing.

    • Zebedee
      Zebedee 11 hours ago

      @Keith Nield Considering chickens don't have balls your comment is somewhat inane. Any chance you a love-child of that Marxist twat JC and one of his many dogging sessions on Hampstead common with the brain of Brittan Abbot?

    • Keith Nield
      Keith Nield 17 hours ago

      Johnson is a chicken without the balls to face up to the consequences of his actions.

  • ROL G Songwriter - No ads in here !

    The concealed aim of the EU since its beginning was to turn all of Europe into Vassal states controlled by a centralised capitalist dictatorship.

  • Faith Thomas
    Faith Thomas 18 hours ago


  • Jay C
    Jay C 18 hours ago

    It’s none of their business if we have a no deal Brexit. F.O. will you, EU pigs.

  • TheDogsDiddies
    TheDogsDiddies 18 hours ago

    Another EU stitch up. There is NO comprise, NO reform, NO modification when dealing with the EU. Tony Blair tried, got nothing and gave away a huge chunk of the UK rebate. David Cameron tried and got nothing bar a few minor promises which could never have been enforced, which many would argue lost him the 2016 referendum!! Theresa May tried and got bullied into agreeing to the backstop and Withdrawal Treaty (a treaty that both Remainers and Leavers won't agree to) It is time to walkaway, let Luxembourg and the other EU tax havens, pay a fair share into the EU budget for a change. In 2017, The EU spent €1.827 billion in Luxembourg, yet they only paid € 0.307 billion into the project, therefore are a net beneficiary from the EU. Source :

    • TheDogsDiddies
      TheDogsDiddies 13 hours ago

      @Ay fwee TWENTY ONE I didn't mention anything about Boris. It doesn't matter who the PM is, the EU will NEVER budge an inch and negotiating with them is a waste of time. They dictated the format of negotiations and they have failed, in breach of the Lisbon Treaty I would add too.

    • Kevin Burrow
      Kevin Burrow 17 hours ago

      @Ay fwee TWENTY ONE Listen, you utter moron, parliament gets 'shut down' nearly every year. You're a propoganda believing fuckwit. The fact you would sooner this country gets destroyed just shown how far down the rabbit hole you've gone and how ideologically motivated people like you are.

    • Ay fwee TWENTY ONE
      Ay fwee TWENTY ONE 18 hours ago

      Your perfect Boris shut down a democratic institution (Parliament) so he could push his own far right agenda. I hope Boris destroys this country and brexit voters are held accountable.

  • Mark Doney-MacLeod
    Mark Doney-MacLeod 18 hours ago

    Sent to get a deal when the family silver has already been handed over - a fool's errand, you NEVER give away the goods until you agree the price. How can you make a deal this way without any bargaining power? The parliamentary cowards and traitors of Westmonster again act against true democracy. We are not leaving Europe now it has been derailed permanently.

  • J R6
    J R6 18 hours ago

    Imagine being stupid enough to care about all this shit ahaha

  • neil eastell
    neil eastell 18 hours ago

    Disgraceful set up by the corrupt EU , the PM of Luxembourg is now more relevant than the Mayor of Naples . He actually looks and sounds unhinged. Luxembourg is the most corrupt money laundering tax haven in the EU , protected by EUPresident Juncker of course . All stinks of hypocrisy, just makes Leavers want to Leave even more .

  • Booby Manfanny
    Booby Manfanny 18 hours ago

    I’m sure if they moved the crowd Boris would have happily delivered his speech. They were extremely loud and there was also some kind of trumpets being used. It would have been a disaster to try and talk with all that going on in background. He offered to do it indoors but was refused. This made Luxembourg look very bad.

    • Caerau Park
      Caerau Park 18 hours ago

      Boris would not allow a bunch of buffoons to heckle him. We all know Boris would hear a bunch of riff raff plebs. Thats why they hate him because he talks the talk and soon will walk the walk.

    • Malcolm Patterson
      Malcolm Patterson 18 hours ago

      nobody loves Boris the chicken ahhhhhhh

  • vortex
    vortex 19 hours ago

    "important to a democracy " he says but stands in front of the totalitarian EU flag ... makes sense

    • Lol
      Lol 13 hours ago

      Anomalous deviant well your cringe level just escalated LOL......what a corny kid.

    • Anomalous Deviant
      Anomalous Deviant 13 hours ago

      @LolLol - Herp Derp I'm rubber you're glue, your words bounce off me and stick to you.

    • Lol
      Lol 13 hours ago

      Anomalous deviant now now, have some self love, why would you insult yourself like that..........bless your cotton socks 🤣