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  • Bipin Dutta
    Bipin Dutta 20 hours ago

    Islam is not a religion. It is a cult of cannibals and mustachless bearded men with machetes ready to slaughter even a new born and eat it in the name of Islam. Every Muslim may, it be peaceful or violent is responsible for killings instigated by Quran (Shame name of books).

  • Royal Blue
    Royal Blue Day ago

    To think these idiots may be coming to Glasgow at the end of the year.. The home of knife crime and serious street violence. Ouch!!

  • Simon Irvine
    Simon Irvine Day ago

    Mr.D. Cummings looks like RoboCop, in the face that is. Don't you think. Maybe he is a Robot, 1st generation.

  • Richard Phillips

    Smoke an grow weed

  • Anonymous Indian

    She sounds like a drug Addict as well

  • Richard Phillips

    I got off it over ten years ago

  • trak rekkid
    trak rekkid Day ago

    you can tell that what these people all really want, deep down, is the warm loving embrace of a dianne abbott government

  • pammens miss
    pammens miss Day ago

    David Lammy ...... a race baiter ! anti British ! an ENGLISH hater ! though, well balanced - he HAS a "chip on BOTH shoulders" THE self appointed Saviour, "Saint David of ALL BAME'S"....... NO matter where they may live in MY country.

  • anthony wong
    anthony wong Day ago

    71% of earth is water. Why are we surprised when this happens with climate change.

  • Keyshon Stone
    Keyshon Stone Day ago

    I have to questions. Say you are already sick with it, can you take the vaccine? And also sorry if I’m wrong but couldn’t you just take a weak or dead piece of the virus and inject it into the human like the flu shot?

  • Moh Ismail
    Moh Ismail Day ago

    He sounds like my English teacher telling me how to write my essay

  • Plebian Peasant

    choose life, choose a career...

  • JB
    JB Day ago

    The only solution is social care- enforced at a camp/hotel/controlled environment for the addicts. Then strict policing of drug pushers and dealers. Then social care in terms of employment and helping the addicts stuck in this culture to develop self-worth and education through an active, controlled programme. I'm afraid doctors prescribing legal drugs are nearly as much a problem as the illegal drugs- How many people do you know have been prescribed valium, anti-depressants etc, when a slight change in diet to include magnesium supplements and fresh air and exercise is possibly all that is needed- but big pharma is not interested in that when there are profits from a straining NHS is it?..... The Government, including Westminster and especially the tin-pot SNP one have a lot to answer for. The addicts can only do it for themselves, but then only if a support mechanism is there to guide them. 'Support' an oft used term for yet more talk- in this case, it needs real comprehensive action as clearly no one in power gives a damn about these people.

  • Majd
    Majd Day ago

    First step is to accept responsibility. Saying "it's not my fault" will not help you address the problem

  • Trap Town HNH
    Trap Town HNH Day ago

    I enjoyed your video :) Keep it up! Would you like to be FLash-player friends? :]

  • George F
    George F Day ago

    The thing is it's probably all quite old fashioned now. This was recorded about twelve years ago.

  • Donna Riggs
    Donna Riggs Day ago

    Have you folks thought about a GO FUND ME kind of this it would truly be a shame to lose that lighthouse...and of course the community. I would certainly donate!! Make it a gase-light light house I believe there are only a very few working on the planet one is in maybe that could give you a leg up?! Blessing

  • Grzegorz Skwara


  • Bill Baynes
    Bill Baynes 2 days ago

    What’s you’re name pet? Canute?

  • Bill Baynes
    Bill Baynes 2 days ago

    Well? You wanted to move near the sea?

  • Benjamin Gillin
    Benjamin Gillin 2 days ago

    2:42 but he still sleeps in every sidemen challenge

  • Simon Gleaden
    Simon Gleaden 2 days ago

    My wife and I visited this very spot and parked in that car park in September 2017: it looks as if the cliff has receded a bit more since we were there - the car park wasn't quite as close as that to the cliff edge. It's very sad for Bryony, but coastal erosion is hardly a new phenomenon in Eastern England: the destruction of her house must have been reasonably foreseeable when she bought it.

  • Tess Durbeyfield
    Tess Durbeyfield 2 days ago

    Why don't they just give them copies of Alexandra Kollontai's "Theses on Communist Morality in the Sphere of Marital Relations" ?

  • Elwood Blues Morris

    where is is she going to keep all that junk and rubbish when the rest of the field goes.

  • LazyJack2003
    LazyJack2003 2 days ago

    Blame it on the EU, I’d say.

  • joshx413
    joshx413 2 days ago

    Where was there science? Pretty useless video, information wise. Cool footage though? 🤷‍♂️

  • Ruthie May
    Ruthie May 3 days ago

    Citizens are asking for the impossible to happen. You better take your compensation and move on.

  • Maad Man
    Maad Man 3 days ago




  • Foppo Leeuwerke
    Foppo Leeuwerke 3 days ago

    These are not sea defences a few rocks to stop the incoming sea.Either let this land go and every year more will disappear into the sea or make a stand.That means proper defences along the coastline.It won't happen politicians won't even discuss this or have any excuse to walk away from it.

  • Sajid Khan
    Sajid Khan 3 days ago


    MrRRHHMM 3 days ago

    More Woke nonsense from this gutter Orwellian Globalist Deep State rag...

  • Star Wonder
    Star Wonder 3 days ago


  • Daniel
    Daniel 3 days ago

    The agrarian revolution and it's consequences were a disaster for the human race.

  • Diarmuid Cunningham

    and in reality, the muppets in question are more disorganised and less amusing

  • Glen Quinn
    Glen Quinn 3 days ago

    Just another black raices agains whites this man is trying to start a race war

  • Mukter Ahmed
    Mukter Ahmed 4 days ago

    Only Allah can save us..please everybody pray for saying us.

  • J Flow
    J Flow 4 days ago

    Global warming?

  • John Kraken
    John Kraken 4 days ago

    Works out roughly the same..... Sea reclaims... Land reclaims

  • am123 456
    am123 456 4 days ago

    Crappy flash animations and some ‘witful’ columnists who think they’ve got it all to write the scripts don’t make you the satirists you think you are, it’s sad that’s all it is

  • Mr Space
    Mr Space 4 days ago

    Go away, David ‘I’m gonna start a race war’ Lammy

  • forbiddencrisis
    forbiddencrisis 4 days ago

    This is a natural event that would have occurred whether humans existed or not but that won't stop some climate change moron saying its human's fault

  • Steve Inczedi
    Steve Inczedi 4 days ago

    Good luck to the folks living there, I’m also coastal but more inland and on rock.🙏

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan 4 days ago

    So Sad for these people 🙏🙏

  • Eversley Collymore
    Eversley Collymore 4 days ago

    What we are not being told is the whole of England will be un water turned into a few tiny islands and it won't just be England

  • NPC 00000001
    NPC 00000001 4 days ago

    That reminds me that I need some jaffa cakes.

  • Ria Carter
    Ria Carter 4 days ago

    This is Erosion and not rising sea levels !

  • Majd
    Majd 4 days ago

    Annoying man

  • Thomas Tully
    Thomas Tully 4 days ago

    So she refused compensation ,well tough .

  • Jo Levy
    Jo Levy 4 days ago

    The Times was once a newspaper of record. Now it's a Woke narrowsheet.

    • Dominic
      Dominic 2 days ago

      Jo Levy I know, this is atrocious

  • Household Dog
    Household Dog 4 days ago

    Taxidermy is a useful skill to have as a Labour MP.

  • Jamie Would_be_Wood

    David Lammy is, in my opinion, a racist hate monger. His facist behaviours & attitudes remain unchallenged. People like him, who exclude & traduce whole sections of humanity, based upon an inherited characteristics, are a stain on our society. Shame on this deeply sinister & disturbingly troubling man..

  • SilentViolent
    SilentViolent 4 days ago

    In the ghetto . . .

  • kaur singh
    kaur singh 4 days ago


  • Dee Surry
    Dee Surry 4 days ago

    Thick as treacle and out of his depth in a puddle, horrible racist white hating asswipe.

  • Clayton Wiffen
    Clayton Wiffen 4 days ago

    2066 is demographic tipping point for the UK.

    • pammens miss
      pammens miss 4 days ago

      Clayton Wiffen Then THIS "baby boomer" and I'm SURE I'm NOT alone,, am very grateful .... I WILL BE DEAD ☺

  • Margaret Dent
    Margaret Dent 4 days ago

    What a horrible racists country Britain has been that enabled an immigrant family to buy their own home and educate their son to be a lawyer and later a politician. How underprivileged he was.

  • Clayton Wiffen
    Clayton Wiffen 4 days ago

    Go to FLash-player channel Morgoths Review and watch the video Hate reading the Guardian : Lammy deportation rage.

  • Clayton Wiffen
    Clayton Wiffen 4 days ago

    Mass immigration has destroyed London. I remember you could leave your front door open and had a high trust community. Today we have a higher murder rate than New York, and the rise of Radical Islam. Everyone I knew has moved out on mass to Essex and Kent. White flight from London is massive.

  • Julius Seesaw
    Julius Seesaw 4 days ago

    U wouldnt get voted in anywhere else.

  • Glen Armstrong
    Glen Armstrong 4 days ago

    do i have to he said it all

  • Rippenhengst
    Rippenhengst 5 days ago

    She should never be allowed to get back to Europe or the UK. She had a choice, she choose hate, death and ... radical islam.

  • 2be Blunt
    2be Blunt 5 days ago

    Someone needs to burn that place down with all of them inside.


    Actually, nothing and life is stable. Never build your house on sand. Build on the rock that is Jesus. He himself told us to build on our lives on things in Heaven where nothing rots or decays.


      I'm truly sorry for your loss. I pray you come back with more than you lost.

    • Donna Riggs
      Donna Riggs Day ago

      Seriously platitudes are empty when the storm is facing you and you have lost everything to the sea. Jesus was ALSO A MAN a HUMAN BEING that made mistakes and in hindsight maybe wished he didn't sacrifice himself for an unemphatic condescending twit! Just maybe.

  • Andrew C
    Andrew C 5 days ago

    Clickbait. I wanted to see Dominic.

  • James McPherson
    James McPherson 5 days ago

    I sound completely heartless here, but when looking at buying a property and looking at the area. You would of thought about this. This area of the country has been under attack from the elements, it's a battle that they cant win. Hope is lovely, but they refuse to face facts. The amount of money to save a stretch of coastline is not feasible. The lady is being stubborn and foolish. She should take take the compensation. There is no shame in being wrong. But there is shame in being stubborn.

  • Tess Durbeyfield
    Tess Durbeyfield 5 days ago

    And cashless society in 3...2...1...!

  • Tomy Takara
    Tomy Takara 5 days ago

    I'm lucky my town is not flooded yet But the rivers level had ROSEN

  • Alex Morris
    Alex Morris 5 days ago

    It’s nice to listen to a couple of gentlemen telling the truth regarding the BBC ,,,,,,,,,,when is Richard dimbleby going to see THE LIGHT ?

  • Schlipperschlopper
    Schlipperschlopper 5 days ago

    North Korea already has an innovative drug against the corona desease, called Kumdang 2 and Royal Blood Fresh:

  • Jurassic Coaster
    Jurassic Coaster 5 days ago

    Still haven't learnt anything from the bible. No sympathy. Dont build on sand


    The Aitkin book and especially the shocking Panodrama exposé, had farther reaching consequences than the reporter’s destroyed careers, so many people like me who have never had any interest in the whole right left debate, were suddenly shown the depths of the intentional bias and often extremist leftist agendas that pervades our formerly trusted source of news. I don’t care about the politics, but I am disturbed by the restricted omissions that the corporation applies to its editorial selection of stories. I recycled my TV and got a refund on my TV licence. I refuse to listen to the radio if it is the propaganda channels 1 to 5.🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😔😔😔

  • Taimoor Ahmed
    Taimoor Ahmed 5 days ago

    This coronavirus vaccine Also have in America because this coronavirus created by American CIA inject in china and destroy Chinese economy

  • Angel White
    Angel White 5 days ago

    You need to angle the soil on a slope and plant ivy.....

  • Ben King
    Ben King 5 days ago

    Love you Rod, but you are so wrong here. Lisa Nandy rejecting Id-pol? She signed up to the trans pledge of self-ID laws, for Christ’s sake! Labour are finished, there’s no point even caring anymore.

  • Catherine O'Connell

    GEOengineering warfare........manufactured ......manipulated ........military operation.............. UN AGENDA 21 HAARP NOT CLIMATE CHANGE >>>> MAN MADE BY MONEY MAKING GLOBALISTS!

  • Cardinal Sin
    Cardinal Sin 5 days ago

    last 20 years boomers had bank / property party. ignored all affordable building requests. next 20 years. boomers are now old and in need, want to create changes for a new system. yeah. i dont buy it. time has gone. this is your baby.

    • Cardinal Sin
      Cardinal Sin 4 days ago

      @pammens miss the most valuable thing in the next 20 years is labor. there was a shortage of housing driving up prices, and there will be next a shortage of labour due to the retirement explosion. wages will rocket. but with no housing i dont think there will still be any takers for these jobs. people wont work for tokens.

    • pammens miss
      pammens miss 4 days ago

      Cardinal Sin Boomers, of all "classes" have enjoyed opportunities now no longer available. Collectively, we have "done alright" for OURSELVES ☺ This accumulated wealth WILL be inherited by their respective children/grandchildren ..... WHY will these now elderly rich Boomers vote for change ? Whatever our individual needs may be WE are able to PAY for them ☺

  • Tomáš Bujnoch
    Tomáš Bujnoch 5 days ago

    guys you need to plant trees close to the cliff

    • Nashmann Jango
      Nashmann Jango 3 days ago

      Ok , but only 1 meter in depth can be fixed on sand dunes, here the cliffs are like 6,7 meters high and sea is digging it under... Concrete stars 4×4 meters or huge rock boulders - 20 meters off the beach would stop this problem ! Netherlands could help them for sure 😉😁

    • Tomáš Bujnoch
      Tomáš Bujnoch 3 days ago

      @Nashmann Jango yes the roots reinforce the ground

    • Nashmann Jango
      Nashmann Jango 4 days ago

      On a beachfront ? In the sand ?!?!?! A treeeeee ??? 🤦🏻‍♂️👎👎👎👎

  • Miss Take
    Miss Take 5 days ago

    Why would you be so foolish to build on a cliff top for it beggars belief NOW you pay for your foolishness -

  • Muhammad Awis abd Shahadan

    Behind the story is boot story or foot story ya?..or toy's story?,marketing story la...

    EDDIE 5 days ago

    Who Ever has a death wish line up for your vaccination.

  • Artemis Pyle
    Artemis Pyle 5 days ago

    England’s collapsing coastline .

  • Michael
    Michael 6 days ago

    They need to put proper sea defences, not just a few bolders. . what a joke the local council and Environment agency are.

    • Ruthie May
      Ruthie May 3 days ago

      What are you? A "PROPER" sea engineer???

  • spud spud
    spud spud 6 days ago

    The dog has more brains than any of these er bastards and probably smells better than all of these left wing hippies even after they've had a shower 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

    PHUK THE E.U. 6 days ago

    Rot in hell terrorist loving scum....

  • Dig of the dump
    Dig of the dump 6 days ago

    groins out at sea a reef would work better.?

  • susi meier
    susi meier 6 days ago

    the swine flu vaccination was forbitten because it as vaccines need to be tested 10 years no one is allowed to test vaccines on humans and no thank you no mattter how much you hype this virus after swine flu and bird flu ...the vaccine is 100000 times more dangerous as we know from many dr and many test taken ...and studies shows not vaccinde beeings are much healthier so you can keep your vaccine ..and this might be speciall china kora virus as only there so many dont thank you and bill gates should be in jail for his talkshows were he is so prwed to reduce polulation on earth with his donated vaccines and he as donated the company that has the patent on this virus so thank you ..

  • Stew Taylor
    Stew Taylor 6 days ago

    You're The once-great Times. Is this pathetic nonsense really the best you can come up with? Boring, whiny crap is not satire. Get some better people, get some wit, some intellect, or you'll be just another bland, vanilla, leftist rag in a few years' time.

    • pammens miss
      pammens miss 4 days ago

      Stew Taylor Former Times editor, late William Rees Mogg (1967-'1981) MUST be "turning in his grave" as the paper slowly but steadily sinks into the cesspit....evermore becoming tomorrow's "fish and chip" paper !!!

  • Adam Campbell
    Adam Campbell 6 days ago

    When you cant even discuss facts, you know your country is in a bad place

  • Renè Kreisel
    Renè Kreisel 6 days ago

    What a terrible englisch speeking 🤢

  • noah
    noah 6 days ago

    What is this video even about? People trying to control nature. Leftist are redicoulous when they think they have the power to control nature. Things change. The ice age didnt last forever. Nothing lasts forever. The world continually is changing so boohoo. It's your fault for building on shutting sands.

  • then benagcz
    then benagcz 6 days ago

    Get them executed!!! What about their victims!! !! Amnesty international dont care about it victims!!! Its disgusting!!

  • rob wells
    rob wells 6 days ago

    Mother nature strikes again!

  • Nicole Ryan
    Nicole Ryan 6 days ago

    Let me get this ..So you had a house that you lost due to the receding coast line, and then you go and purchase another house in close proximity to the coast line? hehe.. Okies..

    DRUNKEN RAMBLE 6 days ago


  • brick wall
    brick wall 6 days ago

    Ireland and England will be under the sea, the ice caps melting. Not good

  • John King
    John King 6 days ago

    This is perfectly normal erosion. This has been going on for thousands of years. Why build near a cliff. Why build on a flood plain? People are stupid.

    • Mark 61
      Mark 61 4 days ago

      John King To be fair it probably wasn’t a cliff when they originally built. We live and learn, but don’t think its stupidity only in hindsight

  • Des Lang
    Des Lang 6 days ago

    All over the world there are reports of coastlines collapsing within one mile of each you find a new building of over 15 foot high that changes the wind patterns