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  • fvckinbxd x_x
    fvckinbxd x_x 21 hour ago

    Is this a kind of punishment what he did?

  • yoojung kim
    yoojung kim 21 hour ago

    흥미니 쵝오~!!

  • HMQ
    HMQ 22 hours ago Pav songs

  • James Lee
    James Lee 22 hours ago

    Son plz leave big club

  • GemuDesu Gaming Blog & Channel

    This era where we have great great striker in the world.COYS

  • TN
    TN 22 hours ago

    Олды здесь ?

  • Football Fever
    Football Fever 22 hours ago

    I doubt anyone will even read this😔 But even if one person reads this it will make my day😀. I have a dream to be a youtuber😉. But I know one can't achieve success overnight🙁. For this reason I am trying really hard😢. I hope you guys can achieve your dreams🏆 I know I barely have any subscribers😔. But I'll work hard and earn them☺️. (I am trying to make videos about Football)

  • Mystery Shack
    Mystery Shack 22 hours ago

    I MISS YOU SON!!😍😍

  • 초승달
    초승달 22 hours ago

    😂😂아 너무 웃겨🤣🤣

  • MrVolvo IsKARAN
    MrVolvo IsKARAN 22 hours ago

    Now you all know, wolves become club superior.

  • AngloHuscarl
    AngloHuscarl 22 hours ago

    Happy days!

  • NoobSaibot 007
    NoobSaibot 007 22 hours ago

    Tottenham💩Wolves 👑

    • NoobSaibot 007
      NoobSaibot 007 22 hours ago

      @SD Random Videos I keep the balance. I just Wonder, why there are so many Tottenham fans.

    • SD Random Videos
      SD Random Videos 22 hours ago

      Why are you on here

  • Fajar Dika
    Fajar Dika 22 hours ago

    #9 Roman Pavlyuchenko😎🤟

  • FAQo o
    FAQo o 22 hours ago

    우리흥 빨리 복귀 했으면..

  • Shahul Khan
    Shahul Khan 22 hours ago

    Jose isn't feeling the heat most likely he is taking it game after game so yeah we gonna expect pretty much of an upside down results I'm not expecting a miracle this season let's wait for next season

  • Ian McIntosh
    Ian McIntosh 22 hours ago

    come on coys we want to win tottenham 4 wolves 0 or 1

  • Kind-Hearted-Thieves Joe

    Pretty sure this was Van Der Vaart's first game for us

  • Khushal Khera
    Khushal Khera 22 hours ago


  • 응삼이
    응삼이 22 hours ago

    뮌헨 . 나폴리 . 꼬마. 맨유 . 전범플 . 맨 시티 . 레알까지 다음시즌 완성형 손흥민을 보고싶다 토트넘에서 말고

  • Dami Ojelabi
    Dami Ojelabi 22 hours ago

    Hope we get a win like that match very important for us to get those 3 points a catch up to Chelsea.

  • UK LIVE News
    UK LIVE News 22 hours ago

    give it a rest

  • Kurt Oyunda
    Kurt Oyunda 22 hours ago

    sa türk

  • wHysOsRs20
    wHysOsRs20 22 hours ago

    Vaart <3

  • 손흥민
    손흥민 22 hours ago


  • Safyo Saf
    Safyo Saf 23 hours ago

    OOF!! Bergwijn WHAT A PLAYER!!!

  • 일이삼
    일이삼 23 hours ago


  • CH High
    CH High 23 hours ago

    Good to see star players work for the community.

  • CO YS
    CO YS 23 hours ago

    He should be disciplined for racism.

  • 이십대자립하기-이자life

    wow is this comedy? dele should be learn about the respect and human being. stop racism alli :(

  • Manaih Spurs fc mi club


  • 이십대자립하기-이자life

    와우 델레알리가 애들을 가르친다고? 그것도 정신건강??? 인종차별 + 불법촬영 범죄자인데? 애들한테 무슨 짓을 하는 건지 모르겠네

  • 김민구
    김민구 23 hours ago


  • 김민구
    김민구 23 hours ago

    흥민형 팔 괜찮나요?

  • sahil sethi
    sahil sethi 23 hours ago

    this shows he really wanted to go someplace else and i've seen inter's match he's been great

  • langesven
    langesven Day ago


  • OzFanTv
    OzFanTv Day ago

    Love this. Love deli, people think he is arrogant but he is defo one of the most down to earth pros out there. 👍 I have a channel that promotes anything Spurs and deli is a hot topic lately

    • OzFanTv
      OzFanTv Day ago

      Renelyn Valencia thank you very much

    • Renelyn Valencia
      Renelyn Valencia Day ago

      OzFanTv fair play to ya. I will be sure to check out your channel.

  • Leonardo Di Caprio

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  • Alex FUN
    Alex FUN Day ago

    Son and kane is the best player in the team

  • 가루빌
    가루빌 Day ago


  • sewook Kim
    sewook Kim Day ago

    Miss you so much

  • Đông Lào Chiến Binh

    Son is so funny :)))

  • Zheng Yi Loh
    Zheng Yi Loh Day ago

    51 only?

  • Jun
    Jun Day ago

    8:33 Soni speed is unbelievable!

  • Cole Parton
    Cole Parton Day ago

    It's a shame he is injured now, RIGHT BEFORE THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE ROUND OF 16!

  • Borat Sagdiyev

    What a lad, give him a Corona.

  • 코하고 스
    코하고 스 Day ago

    목소리 쥐리네

  • Ruhin Chatterjee

    Son and Aurier are the spiritual successors of the Park-Evra tomfoolery.

  • Эльдар Богунов

    wot a u duin?!

  • Latte is horse.

    어느 아시아인 승객이 마스크 쓴 모습을 보고 코로나바이러스라고 인종차별성 영상 제작+도촬, 그리고 불과 며칠 뒤 애들에게 멘탈 관리 조언을? 그저 우습네,, 토트넘 챔스갔음 하고 응원하긴 한데 넌 팀 상황을 막론하고 징계는 달게 받고 오길

    • 아라
      아라 Day ago

      알리 좋아하는데,,, 그래도 징계는 달게 받아야할거 같아요 ㅜ

  • Conan Edogawa
    Conan Edogawa Day ago


  • Online Shop168

    Son goal last min late winner with broken arm

  • Jenvibe
    Jenvibe Day ago

    델리 좋음. 악동같으면서도 진지할줄 아는

  • E.sav16
    E.sav16 Day ago

    Spurs till I die

  • Ryan Yim
    Ryan Yim Day ago

    i see rush hour here. Not kidding! these guys are funny and lovely!

  • Naulisgood
    Naulisgood Day ago

    watching this such an warm-hearted video after FA's charging him on coronavirus/racism gives very strange feeling to me.

  • The Realist
    The Realist Day ago

    Bergwijn, what a goal to score on your debut at home, and against the champions.

  • jp realcubo
    jp realcubo Day ago

    kubo>>>>>>>>>son this is fact🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵

  • Ba guming
    Ba guming Day ago


  • Danny Danny
    Danny Danny Day ago

    So wads the big fun fare bout tat bergwjn goal scored and tats it???

  • spurs tot
    spurs tot Day ago


  • Focus
    Focus Day ago

    2020 Korean Hands Up! 한국인 손 ㅎ

  • Adam The Yid
    Adam The Yid Day ago

    1 million subs

  • 내 구독자수일본 망할 확률

    He is "Korean"🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷

  • JS Jung
    JS Jung Day ago


  • 유우진
    유우진 Day ago

    누가 누굴 멘탈 관리를 하는건지 ㅋㅋ

  • 포챠펭
    포챠펭 Day ago

    당신이 이 댓글을 봤다면 당신은 한국인이다

  • Julian Palmer
    Julian Palmer Day ago

    If I ever have another boy, then he's getting called Lucas Moura Ajax!

  • 입툭튀오리

    Dele is very cute

  • YouTube드론
    YouTube드론 Day ago

    나보다 피파를 잘하는것 같네... SON 화이팅!!!

  • fan son
    fan son Day ago

    i still can't think how could Son scored two goals with broken arm? i was the Korean kid fan, and i watched the live. After that Son broke his arm, i was crying for whole night......

  • rr ee
    rr ee Day ago

    한국인 찾고있는 사람 좋아요 눌러라.

  • 아이언맨
    아이언맨 Day ago

    ok.. Where is my DESK😂

  • H-S C
    H-S C Day ago

    ㅋ.....역시 팔은 안으로 굽지

  • xx yy
    xx yy Day ago


  • GodVoice7
    GodVoice7 Day ago

    ROK has this Sonsational talent..proud.

  • Mason Harace
    Mason Harace Day ago

    you will be back like this clip , please keep you better then we are ready to hug you

  • G혜안
    G혜안 Day ago

    I miss Son and Kane

  • Yellow Star YLT

    Dele is Son brother

  • face the music

    Though Iam a korean I would like to pick Ndombele.. I think his goal is just like a soda cold coke👊

  • 윤유정
    윤유정 Day ago


  • 하윤유안
    하윤유안 Day ago

    손~ 빨리 돌아와요~~~~

  • trendsetter KPOPPIN

    No Sonny and we're depleted with less talent! Sonny always gave us that spark in every game. Damn I'm feeling depressed and sad


    Sangat bagus

  • 블랙
    블랙 Day ago

    korea 👇👇

  • spurs tot
    spurs tot Day ago


  • Omar toe
    Omar toe Day ago


  • spurs tot
    spurs tot Day ago


  • spurs tot
    spurs tot Day ago


  • 신동현
    신동현 Day ago

    다 손 소니 거리는건 알겟는데 한국인이 왜 일케 없냐

  • spurs tot
    spurs tot Day ago


  • Revangga G Anandito

    If we win you are my brother, but if we lose you are my friend 🤣

  • nothing
    nothing Day ago

    dele virus

  • Suraj Shits On The Street

    Surprised Dele didn't racist abuse those two blackies LOL

  • 강은희
    강은희 Day ago

    델리 사랑해

  • E K
    E K Day ago

    Who let the Son out!

  • Cayorick Sung
    Cayorick Sung Day ago

    Aurier : leave me alone

  • Trenet Charles

    racist dele

  • hiker Frantz
    hiker Frantz Day ago

    He should not teach elementary school students but learn with them. How to watch your mouth.

  • Bruce Kwon
    Bruce Kwon Day ago

    F racist

  • ᄋᄀᄃᄂ
    ᄋᄀᄃᄂ Day ago

    I want son move leage germany