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CD / Interlacing ADDENDUM
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CD / Interlacing
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Quick D: Mobile Drone
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Quick D: Wall Walking
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Marble Sorting Machine DEBUNK
Views 2,583,757Year ago
Quick D: A Fighter Jet Says Hi
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Quick D: Dancing Phantoms
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Gateway to Sedona DEBUNK
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"Beakmallusion" Outtakes
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Quick D: The Magic of Will Tsai
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Quick D: The Method Robot
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Quick D: Traffic Dodging
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The Mandaellah Effekt
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Cicret Bracelet UPDATE
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Cicret Bracelet DEBUNK
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Quick D: Viral Kid Stunts
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Quick D: Ambiguous Cylinder
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The Undebunkable
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BEAKMALLUSION: Free Energy Devices
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Quick D: Mirror Ball
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Quick D: Flying Girl
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Australian Lightning DOUBLE DEBUNK
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Quick D: The Invisible Cut
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A Year of Exit Gags - 2015
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Floating City DEBUNK
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Time Travel DEBUNK
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Quick D: Anamorphic Bin
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Amazing Water Trick DEBUNK
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Quick D: Where Did the Ball Go?
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Charlie Charlie Poetry Challenge
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Mystery Boob Revealed
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Disneyland Ghost DEBUNK
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Reptilian Bieber-mosh
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A Patreonizing Announcement
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Russian Ghost Car DEBUNK
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Viral Comets: Truck Saves Plane
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Miss Ping Debunk
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Real Phaser Reverse Debunk
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Quick D: Fresno Nightcrawlers
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Quick D: The Lost Episode
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Quick D: Brusspup Outgeeked
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Quick D: Pop-up Videos
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"Fantasy Files" Explanation 3D
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Pantry Ghost ADDENDUM
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Randi + Pantry Ghost... Debunk?
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Holly + Shark Surfer Debunk
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Grey Behind Bush Debunk
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3 Men and a Baby Ghost Debunk
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Man on Mars Debunk
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Low Passing Plane Debunk
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"Gas Station Ghost" RECUT
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Fire Angel Debunk
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"Catching Glasses" Explanation
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UFO Haiti, the Epic
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Ghost Caught by Dog Debunk
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Mirror Ghost Girl Debunk
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Penguin Slap Debunk
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  • WoRKSHOPS 23
    WoRKSHOPS 23 5 minutes ago


  • Noel Goetowski
    Noel Goetowski 8 minutes ago

    "Don't shoot, I'm complying!" Famous last words.

    JDUHBS WDUHBS 37 minutes ago

    Meatballs hit him on the head.

  • bhupendra chauhan
    bhupendra chauhan 43 minutes ago

    Some random cheerleader does invisible box challenge. Captain D: I'm going to end this bitch's whole career.

  • LoDefGaming
    LoDefGaming 48 minutes ago

    A lot of people seem to be talking about the main event that happens at the end of the video. However, the same trick is secretly happening throughout the video. See if you can spot it.

  • boon xin kok
    boon xin kok Hour ago

    Wait a minute, you telling me that you make "The Realm" film?

  • Jeremy Roberts
    Jeremy Roberts Hour ago

    Carl Degrasse Dawkins ? Carl Sagan , Neil Degrasse Tyson , and Richard Dawkins?

  • VideoNOLA
    VideoNOLA Hour ago

    Every viewer who can't spot these hoax videos simply from the bogus camera movement and intentional "out of focus" b.s. deserves a punch right in the mouth.

  • Jr3Dew
    Jr3Dew Hour ago

    big brain

  • OakleyHasAFoot 787

    Reminder when he was sitting in the floor in a red room with horrible resolution

  • Cicolas Nage
    Cicolas Nage Hour ago

    i was doing this when i was 7 it's really not that hard

  • Chris Hamsworth
    Chris Hamsworth Hour ago


  • Vince Patrick Nartea

    Why kids today chose shitty videos rather than this? so sad. This kind of effort deserves more subs

  • Niko Animation
    Niko Animation 2 hours ago

    Am I the only one who still uses 2.79? It's benn months since 2.80 has been released. Comment if u think I should switch

  • Mikel Sopelana Durango

    Why even bother donating them, they are just scammers.

  • E4RLY
    E4RLY 2 hours ago

    The Mandaellah Effekt

  • HD MovieClips
    HD MovieClips 3 hours ago

    Undebunkable because it's true

  • Kevin Vu
    Kevin Vu 3 hours ago

    I want to try some of that buffalo placenta make up

  • Agorgext Gameplay
    Agorgext Gameplay 3 hours ago


  • Galih Pratama
    Galih Pratama 3 hours ago

    I hope I can see it as black and white so I can wowed

  • A Robloxian
    A Robloxian 3 hours ago

    my father fell for that video......Weird......I knew the video was off when i saw it

  • cALiBr0
    cALiBr0 3 hours ago

    I’m gonna double tap on your subscription box too, just to see if it worked

  • LaserSharkSushi
    LaserSharkSushi 3 hours ago

    Jumps to Florida... *one does not simply enter the realm of Florida man*

  • TheAndrew0085
    TheAndrew0085 4 hours ago

    I bet captain d cringes watching these old videos and how mean spirited he was at times (I’m a whore and I’m going to kill myself? Yikes)

  • Thiên Nguyễn
    Thiên Nguyễn 4 hours ago

    1:18 the mascot of r/youngpeopleyoutube? praise Walter

  • Musti A
    Musti A 4 hours ago

    Bro why do u have to be over the top with it all the time u think is entertaining but is really not grow up n show me what I want. #mug

  • raptor eagles
    raptor eagles 4 hours ago

    6:00 He's not feeling well

  • Gispry Einwod
    Gispry Einwod 4 hours ago

    rip half of the population withat that last click

  • Devindranath Mahabir

    I feel like my iq dropped, dude, no,, no more mandela effect.

  • _chilltfoutbro_
    _chilltfoutbro_ 5 hours ago

    5:10 calm down D 😆😆

  • Dash_Gallou
    Dash_Gallou 5 hours ago

    Just realised the numbers in the corner when he explains the steps go: 1, 2, 3, 5, 5

  • Shane Smith
    Shane Smith 5 hours ago

    Fake News :)

  • Profes Itter-Rohl
    Profes Itter-Rohl 5 hours ago

    That's all very interesting but I wanted him to de-bunk the cultural appropriation nonsense.

  • A rainy day!
    A rainy day! 6 hours ago

    you were kind of excited

  • mr rage
    mr rage 6 hours ago

    I'm just looking at your nipples

  • Rocky117
    Rocky117 6 hours ago

    "In front of these 200,000 witnesses" 3 Years and 6.2 Million views later. Can I get a yikes for the Cicret

  • Cosmo Corner
    Cosmo Corner 6 hours ago

    My friend complains about 60fps. Says it's unplayable. *laughs in 15fps*

  • Oliver Nield
    Oliver Nield 6 hours ago


  • Russell Moore
    Russell Moore 6 hours ago

    Humid day in Florida I guess

  • Liam Ozwald
    Liam Ozwald 7 hours ago

    reporting on CNN omegalul

  • Fish for life no1
    Fish for life no1 7 hours ago

    2019 nothing comes up

  • Mr Elkatook
    Mr Elkatook 7 hours ago

    watching this episode after the 2 part Back to the Future episodes 01:24 feels eerily like a BttF reference , where Marty runs confused down the estate from the skewed timeline

    IT MINE EXPERT 7 hours ago

    now with 1.6 million subs...

  • Jetgamer53
    Jetgamer53 8 hours ago

    I hate it when people use little kids to attract views.

  • Jake Ella
    Jake Ella 8 hours ago

    I've been saying all along that the Mandela Effect is racist and brings to light racist undertones. White people were like "Nuh, uhhhhh"

  • Tokyo/Rin
    Tokyo/Rin 8 hours ago

    Wait a minute, the woman from the Fox 8 snippet, wasn’t that Nancy Parker who recently passed away?

  • Roger Prida
    Roger Prida 8 hours ago

    I never get bored of watching this sketch. Im amazed that it only has 1.7 M views

  • Blindfolol
    Blindfolol 8 hours ago

    osez-vous monster im dumb arent i

  • AHeapingHandful
    AHeapingHandful 8 hours ago

    Who is dave

  • MindDrift
    MindDrift 8 hours ago

    Who was the famous person that reached out to you at the very end?.

  • Robert Dekarz
    Robert Dekarz 8 hours ago

    Nice pipe model

  • Lucas Harry
    Lucas Harry 8 hours ago

    The crappy music wasn't loud enough. Fake tutorial. Dislike

  • thundabird
    thundabird 8 hours ago

    wrong on half the real-fake list.

  • Robert Dekarz
    Robert Dekarz 9 hours ago

    I never leave 🦄

  • Mean MrMusician
    Mean MrMusician 9 hours ago


  • GawkyOrpheus510
    GawkyOrpheus510 9 hours ago

    me and my nostalgic ass thinks when ever i hear those drums at the start the yogscast intro will play

  • pauldzim
    pauldzim 9 hours ago

    Anyone remember Joe Namath dying a few years ago?

  • Orlando
    Orlando 9 hours ago

    I'm angry i didn't know of this video until today.

  • Travis King
    Travis King 9 hours ago

    Damn... Don't show Chills your videos.

  • Billy Breakaho
    Billy Breakaho 10 hours ago

    And this ladies and gentlemen is called "dragging it out". 2:48

  • abfg616
    abfg616 10 hours ago

    What? I thought I picked apartheid

  • Thiên Nguyễn
    Thiên Nguyễn 10 hours ago

    You recommended Bad lip reading? because they took 5 years to release a video, like you, Cap.

  • Victor Cardenas
    Victor Cardenas 10 hours ago

    Love how captain disillusion uses his videos to teach valuable lessons

  • kturst s
    kturst s 11 hours ago

    in which video did you imitate smarter everyday?

    • kturst s
      kturst s Hour ago

      @Muka Zero thank you very much for sharing this info...

    • kturst s
      kturst s Hour ago

      @Muka Zero you were really lucky to have it seen... i would love to watch... i wish i could get it....

    • Muka Zero
      Muka Zero 2 hours ago

      Once up on a time... there's a incredible enlightenment excellent fun full of pun and extensive knowledge video about history of films made by Captain. In that video he's imitated many more of FLASH-PLAYERrs and Viners personal, used them to better explain things. However, those good time day is lost to us (may be one of those people might not happy with captain... borrow their looks). Not save that video is one of my biggest regret in life...

  • Master J
    Master J 11 hours ago

    We dont talk about 2017...

  • Flare Boy Official
    Flare Boy Official 11 hours ago

    Serously!? I have literally waited since 2013 for one! They were fake!

  • Juraj Tirpak
    Juraj Tirpak 11 hours ago

    Good artist create, great artist steals ...that's how it goes

  • IronicOyster _
    IronicOyster _ 11 hours ago

    I was wondering if you could see if the video titled “Man jumps over drawbridge” is fake and if it is how they did it

  • Lon Suder
    Lon Suder 11 hours ago

    Yeet 240p

  • Lon Suder
    Lon Suder 11 hours ago

    Dude... John Tutor is from Steins Gate

  • Israel Wolstein
    Israel Wolstein 11 hours ago

    What do these people believe?? Reptiles? Bieber is a reptile? Really?

  • Cxero Annuki
    Cxero Annuki 11 hours ago

    0:59 Take it up with English's non-existent governing body.

  • Caden Gibson
    Caden Gibson 11 hours ago

    Do people even know what ufo stand for

  • FearTheImpaler
    FearTheImpaler 12 hours ago

    wow, they used the slippery slope fallacy while complaining about bad logic.

  • Regular_Mason
    Regular_Mason 12 hours ago

    I don't like where this I going

  • Andrew Newmark
    Andrew Newmark 12 hours ago

    And it only took 2 minutes

  • shadowblaster124
    shadowblaster124 13 hours ago

    When it comes to video games, FPS is not an aesthetic choice. Higher framerates make for objectively better gameplay than lower.

  • liminlumin
    liminlumin 13 hours ago

    I will wait till Summer 2058

  • Dragon_girl7820
    Dragon_girl7820 13 hours ago

    2:48 Click it I dare you

  • Bandito #25
    Bandito #25 13 hours ago

    Did I just watch a short film or a FLASH-PLAYER video Jesus Christ the editing is amazing

  • Etai dade
    Etai dade 13 hours ago

    It would actually be awsome to see the captain explain how the moon landing could have been faked woth modern tech.

  • Vaughn Alexander
    Vaughn Alexander 13 hours ago

    the fuck did i just watch?

  • Pelican74
    Pelican74 13 hours ago

    the periodic tables guy was immaculate!!!!

  • Muhammad Syafiq
    Muhammad Syafiq 14 hours ago

    This asian is not better

  • Izzy Jaded
    Izzy Jaded 14 hours ago

    I saw Beakman and I had to click! I forgot about Beakman's World, Bill nye can suck it 🤣👍

  • Sniggyfigbat's Channel

    The terrifying thing is that I recognised every single FLASH-PLAYERr mentioned. Including Andrew Price from Blender Guru. I can't tell if that's creepy, or if I'm just deeply sad.

  • Streetkids3rd
    Streetkids3rd 14 hours ago

    haha its so funny how he absolutely disses and roasts these failures of fake videos, then makes perfect remakes of them all by himself. Captain Disillusion is truly the best "blenderer" in my opinion.

  • nsxpetes
    nsxpetes 14 hours ago

    Captain Deez nuts!

  • Pierre Villemaire-Brooks

    So wrong ! You preach old dogmas. Science did made a leap foward but sadly there are more people willing to look the other way because of fear , insecurity and the size of the new challenges that would follow. By the way physics is in 3D , not 2D , so your exemple of a magnet step-locking a spinning wheel of magnets is flawed since the proper way to do this is by using a stack of magnets which create a different EM field. The old laws are all based on theories and every theory eventually falls short in the light of new discoveries. The four fundamental forces of nature known so far have not been merged into a single equation and this is most likely because some of the premises we use are erroneous. For those interested to go foward , have a look at the Searl Genrator.

  • stampy Jr gaming
    stampy Jr gaming 14 hours ago

    Hello compact disc

  • Angelo Duenas
    Angelo Duenas 14 hours ago

    5:34 Your marbles don't cast shadows Ha! I have outwitted you! And now I can just scroll through the other 1.1k comments and hope they didn't notice the flaw. 😞

  • Dan's Spot on the Tube

    More chia seeds! Or something, or not.

  • Izzy Jaded
    Izzy Jaded 15 hours ago

    It's easy to debunk. Just ask them for any real substantial proof.

  • Reala Namea
    Reala Namea 15 hours ago

    Whether there's a dash between "Kit Kat" or ot is being likened to a "basic fact"..?! Comparable to Nelson Mandela's life story? Priorities, please.

  • Rainbow Ninja
    Rainbow Ninja 15 hours ago

    Whats with the paint on his face?

  • Yeet Central
    Yeet Central 15 hours ago

    "trillions of children" wait a minute

  • djlowtek
    djlowtek 15 hours ago

    Your vids are laugh out loud funny. Thank you so much

  • István Nagy
    István Nagy 15 hours ago

    Now this is how you do a presentation. :)

  • mlc rip
    mlc rip 16 hours ago

    Lmao still the best video on yt lmao 😂

  • Hyenabro
    Hyenabro 16 hours ago

    Wow he didnt change