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$10,000 BEER PONG w/ CLICK
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  • Fallen_Star
    Fallen_Star 41 minute ago

    *F O C U S* *F R U I T* Activate

  • Noobieo 123
    Noobieo 123 45 minutes ago

    11:00 Cray's first thought: YOU GOTTA GET THIS ON FILM!!! edit: Lannan 11:12

  • Rayquaza Playz
    Rayquaza Playz 46 minutes ago

    Imagine getting beaten by someone that dropped out of high school

  • Amartya G
    Amartya G 57 minutes ago

    Lazarbeam is awesome

  • Jesscus
    Jesscus Hour ago

    R.I.P Click pretty sure it was because kath moved away and basically started shittalking click on the podcast with cray

  • Adan Khan
    Adan Khan Hour ago

    loserfruit plays the piano quite wel

    ZACACALIN 2 hours ago

    I’ve planted longer than that and I’m 12

  • Kurtis Russell
    Kurtis Russell 2 hours ago

    Lenette is actually kinda hot ngl

  • mrosepapii
    mrosepapii 3 hours ago

    I didn't like the tweet about lachy:(

  • Joe Kel Kel
    Joe Kel Kel 3 hours ago

    3:37 butt talk

  • Shane Davies
    Shane Davies 3 hours ago

    m i s s i s s i p i

  • James Cutbush
    James Cutbush 4 hours ago

    Do more stuff for videos. Miss you guys

  • Ryan Gao
    Ryan Gao 5 hours ago

    where is Lazarbeam?

  • Gingerbread Pillow
    Gingerbread Pillow 5 hours ago

    Why don’t you post anymore

  • SirRyanS. !!!
    SirRyanS. !!! 5 hours ago

    My max pull-up is 23

  • Kagon
    Kagon 5 hours ago

    Rip click

  • Navox
    Navox 5 hours ago

    I love Lannan i also enjoy annoying my friends

  • Samuel SHENG
    Samuel SHENG 5 hours ago

    Marcus chose the best costume

  • Isaiah Gastelum
    Isaiah Gastelum 5 hours ago

    Why they STOP!! Videos ) ;

  • Christian Eddy
    Christian Eddy 5 hours ago

    Did anyone else notice the hickey on Tannar

  • Chezballs
    Chezballs 5 hours ago

    I ate Riley jennings

  • Chezballs
    Chezballs 6 hours ago

    Hi I liked for no reason

  • Sorrroz
    Sorrroz 6 hours ago

    8:00 me when someone is being annoying

  • Mack Mills
    Mack Mills 6 hours ago

    Funny that Lannan and Elliot are wearing Power by Lachlan merch

  • justmadden111
    justmadden111 6 hours ago

    well kalf is a murder

  • Hades2Eros
    Hades2Eros 6 hours ago

    Kinda surprised Lufu or Cray didn't hide under the bean bag

  • Jlrefarm
    Jlrefarm 6 hours ago

    Crayator looks like Freddy mercury

  • Bronze Grippz
    Bronze Grippz 6 hours ago

    Most of them are gonna look like a warm bag of diarrhea by the time they hit 30

  • My name Jordan
    My name Jordan 6 hours ago

    Love the vid

  • Crystal Vanleuven
    Crystal Vanleuven 7 hours ago

    When your 5,2 and your 11 and cray is 5,5 and hes like 30 that's sad

  • IDLE BOI 101
    IDLE BOI 101 7 hours ago

    Lannan is making fun of blind people Soo distrespectful

    WILLIAM STEPHENSON 7 hours ago

    9:49 my God

  • Jack McEvila
    Jack McEvila 7 hours ago

    When crayortor picks her ears

  • Conor Pierce
    Conor Pierce 7 hours ago

    I’ve never seen such bad form in my life

  • Lucas Santos
    Lucas Santos 7 hours ago

    Bazza needs to come outta the closet. Bu dum shhhh

  • Dominic Payne
    Dominic Payne 7 hours ago

    I wonder how many times Elliot missed the hole in the intro😂😂😂

  • Jack Billy
    Jack Billy 7 hours ago

    When lazarbeam got thrown up all I could think about was a chicken nugget flying

  • z.J. The Derp
    z.J. The Derp 7 hours ago

    8:34 that is not cray and lazar

  • tenzin hyland
    tenzin hyland 8 hours ago

    Lannan:I don’t stream. Me in 2020: you streamed yesterday

  • Kate Ashlyn
    Kate Ashlyn 8 hours ago

    Cray’s the only one who said thank you 🥰

  • X KingGrim X
    X KingGrim X 8 hours ago

    *"They play for ego. I play for the wins."*

  • Jackson Spears
    Jackson Spears 8 hours ago

    Y'all suck at all that I can lift twice what any of you can

  • SoaR Easy-E
    SoaR Easy-E 9 hours ago

    Steve bday was yesterday rip 😢💔

  • jnr chibelle
    jnr chibelle 9 hours ago

    After numerous rounds of winning, he finally let's them cut out those scenes and let them win

  • Jack Hudlun
    Jack Hudlun 9 hours ago

    Why is muselk wearing lachys merch

    MATTHEW GREEN 9 hours ago

    did anyone else notice that mussels was so fat that the chin up bar shook

  • MrFlopper 5000
    MrFlopper 5000 9 hours ago

    Lannan: I know that I am a woman, but I think I just got a boner. Everyone: What the hell. Lol

    SPRT VIDS 9 hours ago


  • Tanner M
    Tanner M 9 hours ago

    It’s not Meriden it is the earths axis

  • Blake Matako
    Blake Matako 9 hours ago

    When the Australian sidemen turn into a ceeday on crack

    XBENDYGAMER 10 hours ago

    Wtf what happen to you all

  • xXOver DriveXx0
    xXOver DriveXx0 10 hours ago

    Looserfruit lookin 🔥🔥

  • Erin Dougherty
    Erin Dougherty 10 hours ago

    Their poor neighbors 😂

  • grelli
    grelli 10 hours ago

    12:57 why does it say cratator

  • LemonnBoi Antoms
    LemonnBoi Antoms 10 hours ago

    me and the bois playing r6 against a sweaty plat

    CADEN WIENER 10 hours ago


  • Shark Gaming
    Shark Gaming 10 hours ago

    They spelled meters wrong

  • Glenn Chandler
    Glenn Chandler 11 hours ago


  • Hype Blaziken
    Hype Blaziken 11 hours ago

    I’m with bazz 25:00

  • Liz Schandel
    Liz Schandel 11 hours ago

    I dare you to put crate inside of a big wheel and roll him down a steep hill

  • Neon Wolf126
    Neon Wolf126 11 hours ago

    Lannan: ladies first Me: *seeing it go slow motion* poor choice of words

  • grelli
    grelli 11 hours ago

    everybody in click: misses lazarbeam: aimbot i couldn't stop laughing when i saw cray when he was wearing the outfit

  • Ben Cubillo
    Ben Cubillo 11 hours ago

    I watched this a year ago, I'm now im 6th grade, and i'm just seeing *if im more smarter* Which is not likely...

  • Mikaela Silo
    Mikaela Silo 11 hours ago

    My two favorites are lazar and Lufu

  • chonc_420
    chonc_420 12 hours ago

    3:56 lol lannan and cray

  • Ayvah Kenneally
    Ayvah Kenneally 12 hours ago

    Where is markus its been 3,4 videos without him come on its not click without him pls markus come back 💖💖💖💖

  • Joshua Mcpherson
    Joshua Mcpherson 12 hours ago

    O watch this. Lannans group draw Giannis Antetokounmpo elliots group draw a smiley face this is rigged

  • Ayvah Kenneally
    Ayvah Kenneally 12 hours ago

    Markus come back pls markus come back poor loserfruit it's not the same without him it's not click without him

    ELECTRICmarsBAR 12 hours ago

    Was it just me or did any one else notice lazarbeam flip the board and land it Time stamp: 4:37

  • chonc_420
    chonc_420 12 hours ago

    I think cray had the best form on the chin ups.

  • drew josefek
    drew josefek 12 hours ago

    Where are the uploads at

  • Fortune
    Fortune 12 hours ago

    Is this copyright music? “Nah it’s too crappy” 😆

  • Shreyas03 24
    Shreyas03 24 12 hours ago

    They ain’t coming back are they😭

  • Nik kay
    Nik kay 12 hours ago

    Feel bad that these guys stopped doing yt vids they blacked out their profile pic and banner

  • TheBrokenGeneration
    TheBrokenGeneration 12 hours ago

    Hey everyone I’m just here to say hello for when we look back on this video in 5 years time to remember click and all the fun videos they made for us. R.I.P Click 💖

  • Carter Playz
    Carter Playz 12 hours ago

    7:09 DAMNNNN

  • Jack Baker
    Jack Baker 12 hours ago

    Question: Why is Lannan and Elliot wearing Lachlan's merch?

  • Bradley Fisher
    Bradley Fisher 12 hours ago

    Where’s marcus

    • Nik kay
      Nik kay 12 hours ago

      He left the group

  • Cormac Deeds
    Cormac Deeds 13 hours ago

    Why was Lannan wearing sidemen botums

  • Its Venatus
    Its Venatus 13 hours ago

    2019 lazarbeam: FUCK STREAMING. 2020 lezarbeam: Hi chat welcome back to the stream

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 13 hours ago

    I was watching this then it said does lazarbeam have an eye disease and then an ad popped up and the first word in it was YES

  • Jxn 10
    Jxn 10 13 hours ago

    Well I’m 12 and I love lazarbeam so....

  • Derpy King
    Derpy King 13 hours ago

    It odd that cray (the shortest) and bazz (the tallest) don’t have gf

  • Joel Sansom
    Joel Sansom 13 hours ago

    Release the cricket video

  • UCG-gaming
    UCG-gaming 13 hours ago

    Eliot: I am so addicted to- Markus: -porn. Eliot: like going through messages.

  • Joseph Konecny
    Joseph Konecny 13 hours ago

    You put 15k instead of 1.5k

  • ultrasavage10K
    ultrasavage10K 13 hours ago

    I had like 70 adds in the first 7mins

  • Arin Abdullah
    Arin Abdullah 13 hours ago


    MINECRAFTER YEET 14 hours ago

    I’m 9 and his channel is funny so the can shut up

  • Toby Fry
    Toby Fry 14 hours ago

    It’s cuz lannan has eye ligma

  • Joanna Harris
    Joanna Harris 14 hours ago

    Omg did you do it is loser fruit a term eater

  • Joanna Harris
    Joanna Harris 14 hours ago

    Did you do did you kill musalk

  • Jcraft Gaming
    Jcraft Gaming 14 hours ago

    12:49 that’s what she said

  • sans the skeleton
    sans the skeleton 14 hours ago

    Wow lazarbeam is cold

  • Vincy
    Vincy 14 hours ago

    Miss you guys, come back soon

  • Zibron
    Zibron 14 hours ago

    What happened guys you’re upload schedule been messed up,since Marcus left

  • ßoi
    ßoi 15 hours ago

    14:41 I have that fear (the one Liv wrote) and I can confirm it's HORRIBLE

  • Cormac Deeds
    Cormac Deeds 15 hours ago

    Why did us to smoke

  • ßoi
    ßoi 15 hours ago

    6:09 as a dutchman I can confirm you'll feel even shorter than you already are. Also we literally cycle everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Our rap is only fun for 14 year old thirsty girls but at least the weed is legal! Wooo!

  • Ray Rowley
    Ray Rowley 15 hours ago

    We're going to talk to the guy with the "pec-i-torials"