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  • Tsali Sang
    Tsali Sang 3 minutes ago

    Ander didn't use Liverpool's name🤣🤣

  • Clutch Mozt
    Clutch Mozt 58 minutes ago

    Catching football and soccer ball with one hand Odell:Come on give me a challenge F2:HOW... AHHHHHHHH

  • Carolle Regnard
    Carolle Regnard Hour ago

    Wonderful. Thanks a lot. <3

  • Delano Adamson
    Delano Adamson 2 hours ago

    Man said Jamaican influence...yaad man settings

  • voetbal12
    voetbal12 2 hours ago

    That ginger is unbearable. Absolute mug.

  • gamingsfinest1
    gamingsfinest1 2 hours ago

    That’s a handsome guy. No homo. But maybe some homo

  • Other Humans
    Other Humans 4 hours ago

    It’s cos pizzorno has massive feet like boat he can’t get under the ball easier

  • Wall-e
    Wall-e 4 hours ago

    Celtic legend

  • Dave Cook
    Dave Cook 5 hours ago

    Great move getting off that sinking ship before Stevie g started firing on all cylinders and your chances of being a epl manager went down with it

  • xdeedawggx
    xdeedawggx 5 hours ago

    Clearly scored 6 wtf

  • Other Humans
    Other Humans 5 hours ago

    Does anyone else hate tubes ?

  • Sophie McKenzie
    Sophie McKenzie 5 hours ago

    Just goes to show you having money gets you anything. Ryan Giggs face looked like it caught fire and someone tried to put it out with a hammer.

  • Gence Mosia
    Gence Mosia 6 hours ago

    Bentley was my favourite player while at Spurs and I was sad to see him retire early; but it's good because he's looked so happy since he hung up his boots.

  • yashwant banshi
    yashwant banshi 6 hours ago

    Mane at 5th place sure looks silly

  • Onur Bekar
    Onur Bekar 6 hours ago

    I use him to in my ultimate team, and he has the most goals on his name.

  • M Jay
    M Jay 6 hours ago

    Good guy this Karly...

  • mohammed ali
    mohammed ali 6 hours ago

    Take a shot every time he says "there it is"

  • Evan GamesYT
    Evan GamesYT 6 hours ago


  • Epic Gamer_010388999

    I better than that gk

  • patrick andersson
    patrick andersson 7 hours ago

    Brendan Rodgers should have gotten more time at Liverpool.

  • Justsomeguy
    Justsomeguy 7 hours ago

    1:50 me about to talk to girl.

  • homerussimpson25
    homerussimpson25 8 hours ago

    Why is the background song "I like it raw" by ODB 😂😂😂

  • PhreshFunk
    PhreshFunk 8 hours ago

    Spoilt the whole thing by not doing Shearers standard celly

  • Rhys Peacock
    Rhys Peacock 8 hours ago

    Der it is 😂😂😂

  • SESN
    SESN 8 hours ago

    I used to watch this over and over again all the time because it just made me so happy. Only just seen today that he passed away about a year ago and I can’t beleibe it. RIP Oran 🙁

  • Bernhard Sonn
    Bernhard Sonn 8 hours ago

    4:30 legend haha

  • Bernhard Sonn
    Bernhard Sonn 8 hours ago

    Oh. Thats terrible😂

  • Giovanni Vázquez Islas

    Lo mató con la finta papá

  • Giovanni Vázquez Islas

    Un mounstro el moreno...hasta con gabardina

  • cal robbo
    cal robbo 9 hours ago

    Full of himself tho aint he.good freekick but he loves blowing himself off

  • Giovanni Vázquez Islas


  • Giovanni Vázquez Islas

    El único que veo que lo hace todo chingón....gran técnica de trippier...... jugadorazo

  • Ja O
    Ja O 9 hours ago

    Bentley is the one footballer I would live a piss up with top bloke

  • Mrcelery148
    Mrcelery148 9 hours ago


  • Matthew C
    Matthew C 10 hours ago

    I used to think Bullard was cringy but I now think hes likeable cringy

  • Bilal Patel
    Bilal Patel 10 hours ago

    Still the best soccer am pro am ever

  • Jóhan Thomsen
    Jóhan Thomsen 10 hours ago

    Such a shame that his career went of tracks after he moved from Blackburn... He was sooo good at that time.

    DAVKUNN 10 hours ago

    What the title of song? 09:30

  • nazma nowab
    nazma nowab 11 hours ago

    Coutinho fucks

  • Spider Ashton
    Spider Ashton 12 hours ago

    Who would of thought it would be stoke fans to be the record breaker after watching that crappy team lol

  • more pookeynumber
    more pookeynumber 12 hours ago

    Wheres pogba

  • Sallie Harkness
    Sallie Harkness 13 hours ago

    Wat a great player

  • Nugget
    Nugget 13 hours ago

    Anyone else notice that LFC has 69 points

  • connorstevens94
    connorstevens94 13 hours ago

    Soccer am should change Bullard for Ian Wright or someone who was actually decent

  • vinnyvasquez
    vinnyvasquez 14 hours ago

    Career nosedived when he went to Spurs. Wasted talent.

  • Polly Gee
    Polly Gee 14 hours ago

    Soccer am. Going more n more downhill as the weeks go by. Shite presenters. Boring topics and feeble ex footballers still trying to cling onto something they was very average at. No character and it’s full of soulless trendies. On a par with match of the day for entertainment. Support local grass roots and sack off sky sports. 🖕🏿

  • Abi sm
    Abi sm 14 hours ago

    കേരളത്തിന്റെ സ്വന്തം berbettan Attendance @kerala Blasters 👇

  • Manny roll safe
    Manny roll safe 15 hours ago

    They need to get rid of fenners he pisses me off

  • Manny roll safe
    Manny roll safe 15 hours ago

    Lol so funny when the lads are trying to tell fenners to stfu and just say the questions 😭😭😭

  • Tom Labore
    Tom Labore 15 hours ago

    Every contestant on this show has their hands behind their back

  • alex cairns
    alex cairns 15 hours ago

    so he has to get the luton players tattoed

  • degreatal
    degreatal 15 hours ago

    What a humble star player! One of my favorites... Not even city fan

    GAMING BY SARANDAZ 16 hours ago

    Before: There it is! Oh no! After: It's the ball's fault. It's the circumference of the ball! Never: And the ball goes in!!!

  • JackMLG Music
    JackMLG Music 16 hours ago

    Too many fenners haters man, he’s a joker

  • Mr.Sprite
    Mr.Sprite 16 hours ago

    1:15 mannnn, this kid

  • voodoochile333
    voodoochile333 16 hours ago

    SoccerAm should interview footballers

  • Hell Bro
    Hell Bro 17 hours ago

    Bobble hat nonce.

  • johny ditch
    johny ditch 17 hours ago

    what a fantastic human giggs is.. what family members wife is next

  • i cube
    i cube 17 hours ago

    City Always pick the tittle to Liverpool at the end

  • Sander Stensrud
    Sander Stensrud 18 hours ago

    F***, i’ve been on 4g this Hole time

    YEAHBUDDY TMFIL 18 hours ago

    Bring the show back! Need to know what happened between Decoy and Mich?

  • Daniel Connelly
    Daniel Connelly 18 hours ago

    Hi it’s you know the drill, I’m at the famous Bolton wanderers football club with the u13s, oh no first team sorry

  • Junaid Desai
    Junaid Desai 19 hours ago

    Loved watching his Blackburn team with him, Pedersen, Santa Cruz, McCarthy, Dunn, Samba, etc. Miss that team

  • Damian Kraicek
    Damian Kraicek 19 hours ago


  • Nobita 33
    Nobita 33 19 hours ago

    Typical Berbatov😂

  • Damian Kraicek
    Damian Kraicek 19 hours ago


  • Dean Sullivan
    Dean Sullivan 19 hours ago

    Berbatov was shite in this show. It looks like he isn't trying.

  • Taha Gamer
    Taha Gamer 19 hours ago

    Top 10 quotes: Nooo nooooooo Nooooooooooooooooo

  • Sean and Anna Byrne
    Sean and Anna Byrne 20 hours ago

    Jose said his best moment in football was when he won the Champions League with Malan and now he sad his best moment in football was when he finished 2and in Premier League whit man utd

  • Josh Burrowes
    Josh Burrowes 20 hours ago

    Old tune 😍

  • MNH
    MNH 20 hours ago

    and they are paid millions for shitty fotty

  • JackMLG Music
    JackMLG Music 20 hours ago

    No one gunna talk about that lighty?

  • Inma Shed
    Inma Shed 21 hour ago

    Carrick the most intelligent ?!??!! No one from the North East is intelligent ffs!!!!!

  • Jay Skilton
    Jay Skilton 21 hour ago

    Subscribe to my channel football fans for all football content.

  • JackMLG Music
    JackMLG Music 21 hour ago

    Fenners is a joker fam

  • octo rangga
    octo rangga 21 hour ago

    Where is Manchester united now?

  • e honda
    e honda 22 hours ago

    This reminded me of monty python quiz (marx on english cup winners lol)

  • Mr OldSkool87
    Mr OldSkool87 23 hours ago

    Lol id love to av ago at some of these with jimmy has me in bits watchin it lol keep em comin please !! 🙋‍♂️

  • John Shanley
    John Shanley 23 hours ago

    Andy Gray and old wolf hands must have had a good laugh watching this goalie

  • Andie Nuar
    Andie Nuar Day ago

    El Capitano

  • ketan 10
    ketan 10 Day ago

    He did it at 69 th time

  • anime dude
    anime dude Day ago

    Say no more

  • Keitho Nembhard

    I learnt more about Manchester City and Football listening to KDB than watching ESPN

  • fireshack zippo

    Bring paul scholes please

  • OG Deadeye
    OG Deadeye Day ago

    Still waiting for that Chabuddy G & Stevie spin off

  • No offense but

    5:20 she really wanted to feel the D

  • Gregory's Goals

    1:28 to get past the annoying prat and onto the questions.

  • BOBO Gaming
    BOBO Gaming Day ago

    كسم لينجارد الزبال

  • rainbow dust
    rainbow dust Day ago

    Smith isnt ready

  • The Meaning
    The Meaning Day ago

    Why dont they let tubes and Bullard run soccer am

  • Flackbox
    Flackbox Day ago

    Who TAF didn't like this?! Best EVER

  • Gohanssj4 Semathong

    I miss you.Dimitar

  • Joshua Pevy
    Joshua Pevy Day ago

    Someone explain why people say he’s a nonce (fenners)

  • That One Football Youtuber

    Bayo’s reaction gives me life

  • K1d Ka1don
    K1d Ka1don Day ago

    As soon as I saw this video I was like THERE IT IS

  • EmiL A-ov
    EmiL A-ov Day ago

    What a striker he is. He will be one of the best in the world in his position in the very near future.

  • Ducki Flyerz
    Ducki Flyerz Day ago

    Stone island we was doing that in the 90s out with the arc

  • Tomas Kristiansen

    "Who was the best woman Ryan Giggs ever banged"? His brother's wife!