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  • Erin Hastie
    Erin Hastie 4 hours ago

    I love that Tobi was just positive. He is so nice and grateful for what he gets

  • Variety Nathz
    Variety Nathz 4 hours ago

    Homes under the hammer Sidemen edition

  • Lilcrazer Hi
    Lilcrazer Hi 4 hours ago

    Did he really say wallahi im leaving the video 😂 that’s jokes fam

  • Variety Nathz
    Variety Nathz 4 hours ago

    There no way there gonna get 10 million😭🥺😱😥😤🤬

  • Babatunde Akatunji
    Babatunde Akatunji 4 hours ago

    Legend has it JJ is still ordering cheeseburgers and his clone made his red hair and his album

  • Lewis LUNN
    Lewis LUNN 4 hours ago

    VIDEO IDEA sidemen go and watch an ice hockey game

  • Khelan Mistry
    Khelan Mistry 4 hours ago

    Do another one after quarantine plz

  • Flowzz.Austintorツ
    Flowzz.Austintorツ 4 hours ago

    Baba tunde more like baba extra chromosome

  • Ivycris.
    Ivycris. 4 hours ago

    Blaze and teeqo carrying faze

  • Youness El Kaddouri
    Youness El Kaddouri 4 hours ago

    tindervideo with these outfits ahhahaha?

  • Hugo Pieterse
    Hugo Pieterse 4 hours ago

    JJ must be so triggered when it was the singing challenge

  • Zink
    Zink 4 hours ago

    Tobi look like a troll 🤣🤣🤣

  • hababkebab
    hababkebab 4 hours ago


  • jjmoney
    jjmoney 4 hours ago

    why didnt this go on my reccomended

  • Karam 6969
    Karam 6969 5 hours ago

    sidemen should stop bullying vikk especialy jj

  • just a person that watches YT

    0:00 and 0:13 no differences.

  • Ivy Bassett
    Ivy Bassett 5 hours ago

    Adonis is such a sweetheart I can't cope

  • Sammy Brady
    Sammy Brady 5 hours ago

    why did Simon complain so much in this video, he should be grateful

  • HisokaDidNothingWrong

    The tought of Babatunde running from an cheetah while holding a bowl of water makes me die of laughter

    RED ACTORSES 5 hours ago

    13 ads 21m views they have made so many bags from this video

  • Pure Gold
    Pure Gold 5 hours ago

    Can I just say how impressive it was that Simon kept the mode up

  • Victor Leon
    Victor Leon 5 hours ago

    10:18 Tobi probably be the first black guy that enjoy being water, no hate, just a joke😂😂

  • Damani Williams
    Damani Williams 5 hours ago

    Everyone tends ro contradict each other everytime they critique like simon saying they bought the dip but had a whole chef

  • Beau Martin
    Beau Martin 5 hours ago

    Can someone tell me what brand that laptop is

  • Primal Refleks
    Primal Refleks 5 hours ago


    EL TOMMY 5 hours ago

    Let's all not wear socks and not tell josh or Harry

  • Grant Smith
    Grant Smith 5 hours ago

    40:30 Harry sees a picture of Gib's head on Mr. Krabs and I just noticed my christ

  • DMT_ Tuckz
    DMT_ Tuckz 5 hours ago

    I love babautande

  • Beau Cowins
    Beau Cowins 5 hours ago

    I live in Newcastle

  • Isaac Murphy
    Isaac Murphy 5 hours ago

    On Harry’s ping pong trick shot he needed to move the glass cup back

  • Hxrryy _._
    Hxrryy _._ 5 hours ago

    He asked babatunde but ethan answered don’t know why just made me mad

  • Enzo Zephyr
    Enzo Zephyr 5 hours ago

    25:17 JJ do be sitting there tho.

  • Francis Manuel Dela Torre


  • TheSliderKidd 86
    TheSliderKidd 86 5 hours ago

    Wings need to be hot boys! Don’t be a puss!

  • Aidan Du Preez
    Aidan Du Preez 5 hours ago

    I got orange is the new black at 25.35

  • ZakyX04
    ZakyX04 5 hours ago

    25:53. Just 25:53

  • clapz orcxie
    clapz orcxie 5 hours ago

    Ok josh can literally plan any vacation he wants and doesn’t have to have a 50/50 of getting it good. He just ends up going on the good one

  • Ollie Laundon Year 7

    JJ was surprised by his weight because holding something metal effects your weight

  • Muhammad Bin Iqbal
    Muhammad Bin Iqbal 5 hours ago

    Jj: gonna stop for corona Everyone watching in 2020:hmm...

  • HutchVids
    HutchVids 5 hours ago

    13:59 ethans voice triggered me to the core

  • Chaz Field
    Chaz Field 5 hours ago

    I said Egypt 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️😭😭😭😭

  • Batman 1117
    Batman 1117 5 hours ago

    Can’t be worse then jj’s last Christmas

  • OzoMark
    OzoMark 5 hours ago

    Simons right foot is clapped

  • Mo Varmaa
    Mo Varmaa 5 hours ago

    Abbys a real one ☝🏾

  • BRO NO
    BRO NO 5 hours ago

    I wish Deji was there

  • Harry 3650
    Harry 3650 5 hours ago

    8:02 jj is just cringing inside

  • Christian Borja
    Christian Borja 5 hours ago


  • let's play fifa
    let's play fifa 5 hours ago

    Great video

  • gacha.potato mwa
    gacha.potato mwa 5 hours ago

    When's the annual moo off ???

  • Kyshaun Childers
    Kyshaun Childers 5 hours ago

    Your pissing me OFF 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Prinshav Kandel
    Prinshav Kandel 5 hours ago

    8:43 look at that girl form a horror movie

  • Aryya B
    Aryya B 5 hours ago

    15:17 Vikk’s legs are shaking from being too long in that box

  • Jeff Is 21
    Jeff Is 21 5 hours ago

    Earthquake was actually the worst only because of ricegum. F u ricegum.

  • Mr. Tomato
    Mr. Tomato 5 hours ago


  • shade all day
    shade all day 5 hours ago

    where is the house that jj & the other guys located? that house is MAD stunning 🥺

  • Th3 treeh0rn
    Th3 treeh0rn 5 hours ago


  • Aaronlimwt •
    Aaronlimwt • 5 hours ago

    Is it me or do babatunde look kinda like lil yachty

  • Rudra 99102
    Rudra 99102 6 hours ago


  • Oliver McKimmie
    Oliver McKimmie 6 hours ago

    4:20 perfect girl for ethan can she can eat and drink anything

  • Filmin’ With Benji

    miniminter with his black hair looks like James Charles

  • Joringis Ubavicius
    Joringis Ubavicius 6 hours ago

    Do more road trips or something like that after quarantine

  • Edward Grey
    Edward Grey 6 hours ago

    When go I said I did what I needed to do I think he might of wanked

  • Pranav 2237
    Pranav 2237 6 hours ago

    The first episode after quarantine should be Sidemen vacation

  • myah thomas (main)
    myah thomas (main) 6 hours ago

    josh?! josh!? HAHAHAHA

  • Sawyer Blumhagen
    Sawyer Blumhagen 6 hours ago

    I would love to see ethan on the good team his luck is unfortunate

  • Jack Btw
    Jack Btw 6 hours ago

    When eathen woke up listen

  • Lucky gaming
    Lucky gaming 6 hours ago

    What's the name of that soothing song ?

    GINGER BREAD 6 hours ago

    I mean calf's do drink there mother cows milk,so in a sense ethan is not entirely wrong.

  • GamingWarrior 1023
    GamingWarrior 1023 6 hours ago

    R.I.P Babatunde 2019-2020 “a Cheetah obliterated him during his class. May he Rest In Peace”

  • Kurtcobain Kardasian

    I’m sorry but I just really can’t stand vik I just can’t

  • Manhal Eroth
    Manhal Eroth 6 hours ago

    I never thought that a bunch of 20+ year old guys would be excited to see a girl drink water OUT OF A SHOE

  • MIles Straker
    MIles Straker 6 hours ago


  • Manraj Gill
    Manraj Gill 6 hours ago

    I saw all of them

  • shozib haroon
    shozib haroon 6 hours ago

    14:08 rolls Royce casually drives by

  • Josh Lowe
    Josh Lowe 6 hours ago

    Anyone else getting bored of babatunday

  • Pano
    Pano 6 hours ago

    Josh predicted Gib vs Deji????

  • Miguel Mota
    Miguel Mota 6 hours ago

    Favorite thing at 40:14 when Ethan turns to josh while he’s choking checking to see if his lad is ok brotherhood

  • John Wick
    John Wick 6 hours ago

    Keep rollin rollin rollin rollin

  • Tempestz
    Tempestz 6 hours ago

    Sidemen is cringe af

  • Tanvir Raha
    Tanvir Raha 6 hours ago

    Does anyone know what kind of watch they’re using ?

  • clapz orcxie
    clapz orcxie 6 hours ago

    Benidorm is like the perfect getaway for poor people

  • WolfzFang
    WolfzFang 6 hours ago

    Stephen at 28:43 got me

    RICEISPROTEIN 6 hours ago


  • Kevin Alves
    Kevin Alves 6 hours ago

    This was hilarious loved it!! We should have a 3rd part when everything returns to normal

  • joey coza
    joey coza 6 hours ago

    awkwardness at the end

  • Ahmed MHD-1
    Ahmed MHD-1 6 hours ago

    Win gang

  • BIGBOI Bundy
    BIGBOI Bundy 6 hours ago

    All they needed were 5 servings of 12 pizza rolls and they’d be good

  • P H A D D
    P H A D D 6 hours ago

    Stop Bullying VIKKK 🤣

  • Aaron Schroeder
    Aaron Schroeder 6 hours ago

    Vick isn’t funny ever haha

  • Dominick Harris
    Dominick Harris 6 hours ago

    What was the prize

  • Iggy
    Iggy 6 hours ago

    I love how Phil is simultaneously the The bully, the angry teacher, the cool teacher, and the principle

  • Mohammad hosein Hasani


  • Lil Kloude
    Lil Kloude 6 hours ago

    I've watched this so many times and I just noticed that Harry, Vik, and Ethan were listening to juice wrld on the bus 37:21

  • Andrew Guinta
    Andrew Guinta 7 hours ago

    Am I the only one that feels bad for Ethan and wants him to be part of the good team

  • Brooklyn Mcgovern
    Brooklyn Mcgovern 7 hours ago

    Look at Ethans face when he starts the car

  • Sybesawi
    Sybesawi 7 hours ago

    7:23 Black ops zombies round 50 :

  • Rochester Production A.K

    21:21 best part lol 😂

  • Nutty.11 _
    Nutty.11 _ 7 hours ago

    Tobi allways has the best forkfulls.

  • Alpha_XIV !!!
    Alpha_XIV !!! 7 hours ago

    Anyone else miss chubby Ethan?