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  • Chris Tubbs
    Chris Tubbs 30 seconds ago

    Also what is the name of the song that you used in your intro?

  • drummaman1
    drummaman1 34 seconds ago

    Front facing camera has megapickles. SOLD.

  • Seanne Richard Yared
    Seanne Richard Yared 3 minutes ago

    Are we just going to ignore the 12 “megapickle” sensor at 11:58? Awesome review as always, Jonathan! Easily one of the best reviews of this phone I’ve seen!

  • Bonginkosi Nkewana
    Bonginkosi Nkewana 4 minutes ago

    Team Midnight Green

  • Lighthouse Create
    Lighthouse Create 4 minutes ago

    How do I get that airpod shirt?!!!!

  • Ludovic Adjoa
    Ludovic Adjoa 5 minutes ago

    Mother and grand mother in the intro? Top great idea 👍🏽

    BYND GAMING 5 minutes ago

    Writing this on my iPhone 11 Pro Max 256 GB 😎

  • Chris Tubbs
    Chris Tubbs 6 minutes ago

    Seriously have rewatched the intro a few time because it is SO DOPE!

  • Muhammad Shaikh
    Muhammad Shaikh 6 minutes ago

    Worth the wait! 🔥

  • Alex
    Alex 12 minutes ago

    " a 12 megaPICKLE sensor SANDWICHED in there" - nice on, Jon

  • Levin Rajan
    Levin Rajan 14 minutes ago

    Mega pickles again!

  • Marc Tan
    Marc Tan 15 minutes ago

    Whats the intro song???

  • Attila Portwill
    Attila Portwill 17 minutes ago

    As far as I know the charging speed decreases because of Lithium batteries and how they store energy and not because of "Apple preserving battery life". Otherwise I really liked the review!!

  • Brian Evans
    Brian Evans 17 minutes ago

    Maybe an unpopular opinion: I think the green is the ugliest phone released this year

  • Bondi 420
    Bondi 420 17 minutes ago

    Can we get a link to that Pikachu wallpaper please!

  • Philips Future
    Philips Future 18 minutes ago

    So crazy about those cameras 🔥💯

  • The Gaming Tech
    The Gaming Tech 20 minutes ago

    Watched this video in 4K. WOW.

  • Naomi Alex
    Naomi Alex 20 minutes ago

    LOL "Rest in pieces"

  • Roman Kresne
    Roman Kresne 22 minutes ago

    64GB, 720p LCD, 4GB ram, NOTCH for 699$??? Sign me up perfect phone for my grandma

  • thomas m
    thomas m 23 minutes ago

    About to go watch his note 10 plus review ..oh wait

  • Sawrab Samanta
    Sawrab Samanta 23 minutes ago

    The production quality on this one! Really amazing!!! My mind is blown!!!

  • Leo B
    Leo B 24 minutes ago

    After 15 sec of intro - boom, like button pressed - really well done!

  • Abhishek Jain
    Abhishek Jain 24 minutes ago

    One of the best videos for a smartphone review I've ever seen. Period.

  • Mykiea Mcafee
    Mykiea Mcafee 27 minutes ago

    I’m glad to see a you tuber who is actually excited about the new iPhone . Refreshing

  • jonnyb098
    jonnyb098 27 minutes ago

    12 mega pickles? YES!

  • Jacob Kris
    Jacob Kris 27 minutes ago

    who's Tim Apple?

  • Aniket Paul
    Aniket Paul 28 minutes ago

    In the 'weird naming' section, you forgot the SLOFIES one. Man, I'm disappointed !

  • Pinoys UK
    Pinoys UK 30 minutes ago

    Apple totally failed to deliver a true flagship phone this year

  • theonlyredspecial
    theonlyredspecial 34 minutes ago

    11:56 I do love those 12 megapickle sensors sandwiched in anything.

  • Fabio Antonio Esquivel Chacón

    Got to say this is probably the most professional, objective, clear, understandable and likeable review I have seen so far (and I've seen a lot!). Kudos, Jonathan, great work!

  • Thomas Qin
    Thomas Qin 36 minutes ago

    So is it now capable to be an action camera?

  • Ashish
    Ashish 36 minutes ago

    Damn boy.. You up'd your editing game so much. Jeez.. Loved that intro. Stay awesome!!

    • Ashish
      Ashish 36 minutes ago

      Now, gonna watch the video.

  • thatgeekdad
    thatgeekdad 38 minutes ago

    F Me that beginning. I usually don't care for the crazy intros B roll as I am more about the conversation on the device but damn. Every tech FLASH-PLAYERr just got put on notice. Yes, including Marques. We see you Keith.

  • Plant based TECH
    Plant based TECH 39 minutes ago

    Great review as always!

  • Martin Andersen
    Martin Andersen 42 minutes ago

    Great thorough review for someone like me who’s into photography. Very good. I generally don’t buy the latest anything, as modern phones are so expensive, I keep them 2-3 yrs then get them 2ndhand from eBay after a new one is released, Apple ppl keep their gear in excellent condition and keep the boxes with everything like new. But this one is the first in a while when I was considering not upgrading my 6s to the 8, but going straight the the base iPhone 11! I’d love the triple camera, but frankly I usually carry my camera with me, but I love photography and cameras and all the computational photography stuff in the base model sounds fantastic; I’d love to see what it can do at night. And the feature that’s coming out later to effectively double the resolution sounds amazing, though I bet it means the subject has to be still.

  • TheMacFreak
    TheMacFreak 44 minutes ago

    Cereal box phone

  • Jessrt4
    Jessrt4 45 minutes ago

    That desktop wallpaper 👍🏻

  • Pinoys UK
    Pinoys UK 45 minutes ago

    USB-C on the other side of the cable, and lightning cable at the other end BUT why? PDS - pretty damn sick

  • The SektorZ
    The SektorZ 46 minutes ago

    surpr _iOS_ 'd pikachu face

  • Pinoys UK
    Pinoys UK 48 minutes ago

    Finally, an iPhone review without sugar coating. Just Honest Review, all we need

  • Martin Gonzalez
    Martin Gonzalez 51 minute ago

    Why is every minute so 🔥🔥. Also, I need that intro Loote track in my life.

  • Jb1911
    Jb1911 54 minutes ago

    Who in the fack is that angelic singer

  • Andreas Steinhart
    Andreas Steinhart 57 minutes ago

    Let’s make #MegaPickle a thing.

  • JP
    JP 57 minutes ago

    You just became my favorite tech FLASH-PLAYERd because of that “Bang energy reference” sorry @mkbhd

  • Javier Hernandez
    Javier Hernandez 59 minutes ago

    I got a mega pickle too

  • Fallen G
    Fallen G 59 minutes ago

    I honestly don’t know how you can review something without testing it for at least a week or two

  • o0dkg8
    o0dkg8 Hour ago

    Still got my 6s lol

  • Dank Daily
    Dank Daily Hour ago

    I enjoyed the inclusion of Trever Wallace . Brilliant

  • Brian_Trawinski
    Brian_Trawinski Hour ago

    That square on the back is so bad. I just can't get over how ugly it is.

  • Weil Tech
    Weil Tech Hour ago

    Jonathan, if you've still got your iPhone XS Max, my repair shop would be more than happy to fix it up for you!

  • Afzal Sheikh
    Afzal Sheikh Hour ago

    Man! That T-shirt is so dope!

  • Michael Nguyen
    Michael Nguyen Hour ago

    Confirmed 2020 Galaxy Phones Lineup: Samsung Galaxy S11 Pro Samsung Galaxy S11 Pro Max Samsung Galaxy Note 11 Pro Samsung Galaxy Note 11 Pro Max

    • Roman Kresne
      Roman Kresne 24 minutes ago

      I hope they are not coming with 720p LCD display with 64GB and massive notch

  • Karan Singh
    Karan Singh Hour ago

    This man deserves many more subscribers

  • Hakeem Adjei
    Hakeem Adjei Hour ago


  • ImSJPC
    ImSJPC Hour ago

    My 11 Pro was delivered today with a scratch on the back you hate to see it

  • Dahlia Ramos
    Dahlia Ramos Hour ago

    I still have the iPhone 6 ? :(

  • Vlad Andrei
    Vlad Andrei Hour ago

    Not to be a hater or anything....but the 25 watt charger that comes in the box of the note 10/note 10 plus can charge the home from 0 to 100 in 60-70 mins, not sure if sub 1 hour but definetely less than 1 hour 50 mins of the iphone...maybe due to the charger and how samsung chooses to fast charge their flagship phones...I think it's called super fast charge, not sure. And for 50 bucks you could get the 45 watt charger but it's not worth it in my opinion because you get just 10% faster charging...meaning when the 45 watt charging phone is a 100% the standard charging phone is at 90%. Gonna wait for a bigger change with the 2020 iphone but honestley the note 10 seems it has everything, except a 3.5 mm jack, but it's time we move on to wireless anyway for some years now. Cool video Jonathan btw, any budget phone/pc stuff in the future?

  • Robert Adams
    Robert Adams Hour ago

    Just because you like technology doesn't mean you a " Need or Geek". In this day in age a Geek and Nerd is looked at as intelligent. Geeks and Nurds used to be looked at as teachers pets. Your definitely not either.

  • NotSure1408
    NotSure1408 Hour ago

    you said that youre going to link those fast charging options "down below" :D

  • imserious2187
    imserious2187 Hour ago

    That's supposed to be ultrawide?, Lol

  • Prashanth Nagendram

    Good video

  • Anthony Brazzle
    Anthony Brazzle Hour ago

    "Thicc Boy" Needs To Be Banned For Life

  • james bando
    james bando Hour ago

    Is the pro max in apple store ready

  • Omari A. Haynes
    Omari A. Haynes Hour ago

    Goddamn this video is CRISSSPAAAYYYYYYY!!!

  • Michael T
    Michael T Hour ago

    @11:57, mega-pickle sensor 😂 love the video!

  • ssjkhaled
    ssjkhaled Hour ago

    Watching this on my iPhone 11 Pro🔥

  • Dan Gage
    Dan Gage Hour ago

    LMAO at the Bill Gates pic on the iMac 😂😂😂

  • ImSJPC
    ImSJPC Hour ago

    1:35 Where is your Yosemite wallpaper from?

  • Jayson Levy
    Jayson Levy Hour ago

    I don’t know why people have a problem with including “pro” in the name. The difference between all of apple’s pro devices (iPads and laptops) is slightly more powerful hardware with a hand full of extra features. All this while the software experience remains the same. The gap between the iPhone 11 and the 11 pros is the exact same as the iPads and laptops except for the processor bump. That’s why apple should get away with calling their phones pro because no one complained when they used that distinction with their iPads and laptops. A lot of reviewers are saying the phones shouldn’t be called pro because many android phones have more hardware and software features.

  • Shoaib Mumtaz
    Shoaib Mumtaz Hour ago

    Wow, one of the best videos ever. Didn't even noticed it was 24 mins long video.

  • Brett Domenick
    Brett Domenick Hour ago

    I never got to watch the video. I kept restarting the intro

  • Jeff Gassman
    Jeff Gassman Hour ago

    You have the best reviews sir.

    AKSHAT JAJOO Hour ago

    Won't lie i was pretty sure I'll watch and hate this video/fanboys. But man you were unbiased and as usual loved it😂🙌

  • Philip Li
    Philip Li Hour ago

    Thumbs up on the intro song

  • Stefan rhys
    Stefan rhys Hour ago

    Hooooollyyy faarrkkkk, THAT INTRO GAWDDAMN! You outdone yourself on that one man, those visuals were crazy! ... ill be back when I’ve finished the video.

  • Rohan Khatri
    Rohan Khatri Hour ago

    Intro mannnnn 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Krstl rgch
    Krstl rgch Hour ago


  • Tomorrow Lab
    Tomorrow Lab Hour ago

    Want to see some of the tech that inspired the iPhone? Check out our teardown of the Apple eMate, circa 1997.

  • Andrew Lee
    Andrew Lee Hour ago

    My P30 Pro charges from 5 to 95 in 35mins. Apple, take notes.

  • WawiK
    WawiK Hour ago


  • princess lana
    princess lana Hour ago

    did it come out today ?

  • Taylor
    Taylor Hour ago

    Intro is so sick...nice work!

  • Jesse Evans
    Jesse Evans Hour ago

    Film an episode using the iPhone 11 Pro along side your Otus setup 😀

  • Rick McNelly
    Rick McNelly Hour ago

    Great review!

  • Brendon McGay
    Brendon McGay Hour ago


  • Travis Johnson
    Travis Johnson Hour ago

    Luv the shirt

  • Rafael Castellanos-Welsh

    @ 11:56 "a 12 mega pickels sensor sammiched in there"

  • Pallav Desai
    Pallav Desai Hour ago

    When JM’s videos are way better and detailed than MKBHD!!! Great job man!

  • Kumulaau
    Kumulaau Hour ago

    Us: Hey Jonathan, can you ... Jonathan: 🦗 🦗 🦗

  • Max Lyshtva
    Max Lyshtva Hour ago

    Just give it a like for the intro and that magic trick at the start

  • rohit c
    rohit c Hour ago

    House apple vs house Samsung vs house huwaei vs house one plus vs house google !

  • Biswajit Basu
    Biswajit Basu Hour ago

    “12 megapickle sensor “ around 12:00 mark not sure if it was an easter egg :) awesome review as always

  • Cormac Ennis
    Cormac Ennis Hour ago

    Got the iPhone 11 in black😍

  • Ματέο Κράστα

    Rest in pieces 😂

  • Jack Hallauer
    Jack Hallauer Hour ago

    I honestly don’t think the ”Pro” name is an issue. They aren’t charging any extra for the Pro over the Xs’, they still start at $999 and $1100. It’s really just a new naming scheme to simplify their lineup.

  • Jesse Ambrose
    Jesse Ambrose Hour ago

    People are so ignorant to buy a iPhone. Of any model. They are over priced pieces of trash with parts that are so cheap and poorly manufactured. They have the least functionality of any flagship and will always be under the rest when it comes to functionality. They break the first time you drop them. They are proprietary to apple and has little customization. Why do people with high egos like iPhones while the smart ones get Samsung or Huawei. Apples first computer sold for retail $666.00 they been a ego marketing trash product since day one And makes no innovation of any kind.

  • Anthony Flores
    Anthony Flores Hour ago

    The Telephoto lens is loved as a parent. It is fantastic being able to zoom in optically and get some great photos and video of little people that are usually just a bit too far for a normal lens.

  • Amaan Siddiqui
    Amaan Siddiqui Hour ago

    John's videos are getting better everyday

  • Ailee Kim
    Ailee Kim Hour ago


  • noah
    noah Hour ago