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  • Jackson Brading
    Jackson Brading 6 hours ago

    It is missa keren

  • Eyad Omar
    Eyad Omar 6 hours ago

    At 7.12 ther was the myatery neighbor hiding behind the trash

  • Always Darin
    Always Darin 6 hours ago

    Guys u passed herrr

  • Syeda Shakirunnisa
    Syeda Shakirunnisa 6 hours ago

    Stephen you dint sow it cearly the mystery naighbour was hiding near that trash can in 7.10 and 713 clip you passed her now she no your spying on her

    MARIBEL ARCA 6 hours ago

    The neighbor have a spy camera on his scooter

  • Mr Mason The Pro
    Mr Mason The Pro 6 hours ago

    Her name is miss Karen

  • Mr Mason The Pro
    Mr Mason The Pro 6 hours ago

    She was hiding in the bush

  • mershid alremeithi
    mershid alremeithi 6 hours ago

    Stephen stop making talking about the ms kearen aka the mestery naigbbor

  • yue hing kan
    yue hing kan 7 hours ago

    Stephen sharer share the love😁

  • Elijah Monti Quitoriano

    You just said game master game master

  • syed mehdi abbas
    syed mehdi abbas 7 hours ago

    Behind the garage there is a car

  • Elijah Monti Quitoriano

    Your project zorgo

  • albertgerome valentin

    stephen always say thats what im talking about😲😲😝📣📣

  • Con Kam
    Con Kam 7 hours ago

    The neighbor put a camera when

  • Haria l
    Haria l 7 hours ago

    Is the pon monster

  • Tiffany’s World
    Tiffany’s World 7 hours ago

    Hi shares love you

  • Mundip Birdi
    Mundip Birdi 7 hours ago

    12:14 who is that 12:50 is that the same person at 12:14 they are both in black Steven sharer you looked Back at them who where they

  • pamela ramadge
    pamela ramadge 7 hours ago

    # lizzy

  • Ruan Van papendorp
    Ruan Van papendorp 7 hours ago

    Can you please do more game master videos 🙏🙏🙏

  • Youtube kids AKM
    Youtube kids AKM 7 hours ago

    10:04 stephens beard is going off

  • Mundip Birdi
    Mundip Birdi 7 hours ago

    11:42 Is it just me or is a person stands no next to that tree

  • Juanita Blacker
    Juanita Blacker 7 hours ago


  • Dominik Czerwinski
    Dominik Czerwinski 7 hours ago

    Shears the love # coca cola vs mentows

  • Narelle Robinson
    Narelle Robinson 7 hours ago

    under the couch

  • Dominik Czerwinski
    Dominik Czerwinski 8 hours ago

    Guys comment down bolow # fanta

  • Peter TV Zambour
    Peter TV Zambour 8 hours ago

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  • Jamie Campbell
    Jamie Campbell 8 hours ago

    Your good at singing

  • Fatima Marzouk
    Fatima Marzouk 8 hours ago

    The mystery neighbour is Miss Karen

  • Bonnie Pang
    Bonnie Pang 8 hours ago

    That was RZ twin

  • Sharon van der westhuizen

    she is mis karen. what.

  • Donohvan Delacruz
    Donohvan Delacruz 8 hours ago

    7:13 mystery neighbor next to trash can

  • D J
    D J 8 hours ago


  • Cohen Zandrex Torres

    Me isaw her

  • Peter Colliver
    Peter Colliver 8 hours ago

    It is really scarce

  • SALEHA Asim
    SALEHA Asim 8 hours ago

    It all made up

  • Louise Seaviĺl
    Louise Seaviĺl 8 hours ago

    There was a pursue and lt was not your mum

  • Youtube kids AKM
    Youtube kids AKM 8 hours ago

    Miss karen took the other evidence check it in her bag

  • Amelia Matthews
    Amelia Matthews 8 hours ago

    You should do last two leave the camper van wins £10,0000

  • Zach Alexander
    Zach Alexander 8 hours ago

    I love ur vids!!

  • roslan alli
    roslan alli 8 hours ago

    The mystery neighbor is mrs karen

  • Amelia Matthews
    Amelia Matthews 8 hours ago

    I think Stephen won

  • Baidaa Mohommed
    Baidaa Mohommed 8 hours ago

    You are the best Form zain

  • ivy barrica
    ivy barrica 8 hours ago

    Wow it's so awesome

  • Sahithi
    Sahithi 8 hours ago

    It’s ms kairan

  • Jayviah Joslin
    Jayviah Joslin 8 hours ago

    I saw the game master behind the tree!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sarah Sajay
    Sarah Sajay 8 hours ago

    Sarah i love your channel

  • Amelia Matthews
    Amelia Matthews 8 hours ago

    I think that

  • Mena Alaa
    Mena Alaa 8 hours ago

    When you were going to find the listing dies there was a camera

  • Amelia Matthews
    Amelia Matthews 8 hours ago

    She said she was spying on you in the car

  • monique mostert
    monique mostert 8 hours ago


  • Jalee Grey
    Jalee Grey 8 hours ago


  • George Dallas
    George Dallas 8 hours ago

    It miss Caron

  • monique mostert
    monique mostert 8 hours ago


  • toa mataele
    toa mataele 8 hours ago

    She was hidding behind the trash bin

  • Emma Shah
    Emma Shah 8 hours ago

    If this happens to be true then my lamborghini will break

  • Jordache Padayachee
    Jordache Padayachee 8 hours ago

    Soda blue

  • Mariette Wessels
    Mariette Wessels 8 hours ago

    I want to

  • monique mostert
    monique mostert 8 hours ago


  • Pricey outdoors
    Pricey outdoors 8 hours ago

    The mistery neighbour is miss Karen

  • Marna Barkhuysen
    Marna Barkhuysen 8 hours ago

    Put a fresh water shark in the water

  • Noel Fabian Pedroza
    Noel Fabian Pedroza 8 hours ago

    You love blue. and you're favorite color is blue like you eyes I love you guy's so so so much

  • 永泰郑
    永泰郑 8 hours ago

    I think si 182094

  • Beverley Harley
    Beverley Harley 9 hours ago

    On the scale is 10 For lego🤨☺️🤨🤔☺️☺️👩‍👧‍👦🤟🖖🦶☝️✌🐈🦄🦄🦝🐎🦓🍑🍑🥥🥑🥥🥥🎀🎁🧨🏛🧱🧱🏤🏗🧱🏛🏤 6

  • Peter Tipa
    Peter Tipa 9 hours ago

    Me i am a huge fan in 2015

  • Nargis Enus
    Nargis Enus 9 hours ago

    She is spying on you

  • Beverley Harley
    Beverley Harley 9 hours ago

    Mrs caran is the naber

  • Earl Dorn
    Earl Dorn 9 hours ago


  • Karabo Langa
    Karabo Langa 9 hours ago

    Yep she was behind the bins

  • Sarminah Sulaiman
    Sarminah Sulaiman 9 hours ago

    I saw the mystery neighbor behind you

  • RNG samo
    RNG samo 9 hours ago

    In the lane see hid be hind the bin

    DIY FOREVER 9 hours ago

    Karen your old neighbor I saw her going into the bug truck you guys use for the spy wagon

  • John Doe
    John Doe 9 hours ago


  • paul walters
    paul walters 9 hours ago

    Hey Steve love your channel especially the mystery neighbour videos

  • Anila Sarfraz
    Anila Sarfraz 9 hours ago

    like and subscribe then he will make a part 3

  • dNicolaand Sean
    dNicolaand Sean 9 hours ago

    Stephen shear ITS MRS KARON!

  • Chloe Vlogs
    Chloe Vlogs 9 hours ago

    I dreamed today about Miss Karen aka the mystery neighbor breaking into our house and following us so I woke up and found myself crying

  • Carolyn Smith
    Carolyn Smith 9 hours ago


  • Carolyn Smith
    Carolyn Smith 9 hours ago

    At the start

  • Vihona Upokomanu
    Vihona Upokomanu 9 hours ago

    It's Mrs cArren

  • Izet Izet
    Izet Izet 9 hours ago

    the song is so cooooòl i was watching when this was released im watching this in 2019

  • Roby YT
    Roby YT 9 hours ago

    The glasses and you wanted to go go when you pick them up there's a camera that mystery neighbour had them

  • Mystic Phoenix
    Mystic Phoenix 9 hours ago

    You should go to the mistery neighbour (miss caren) house and put the listening device in her house

  • sasha13 Madibo
    sasha13 Madibo 9 hours ago

    When she fell I was laughing so bad😂😂😂😂😅

  • Billie Davis
    Billie Davis 9 hours ago

    Why evry video I don’t see grase and Lizzy in the same video

  • Josè Ringi-Kaiawkjpzzzpzpz?e

    Hi Stephen share I like all your videos

  • Shahmeela Faheem
    Shahmeela Faheem 9 hours ago


  • vasant karanjwadekar

    I think I saw a machine that is connected with a airpod

  • Ana Maria
    Ana Maria 9 hours ago

    Stephen the mystery neibhord was recording you grace and john

  • Amaan Jamil
    Amaan Jamil 9 hours ago

    She was hiding behind the bin

  • Saskia Spencer
    Saskia Spencer 9 hours ago

    At 6:30she was behind the bin

  • Freya Merricks
    Freya Merricks 9 hours ago

    Can you count how many times Stephan said come on

  • Laksh Ghuroo
    Laksh Ghuroo 9 hours ago

    I saw the mystery neighbor at 7.11