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2020 Playoff Predictions!
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  • Project XZ1
    Project XZ1 10 hours ago

    Did I see Brady punch Clowney at the end there?! 😂😂😂

  • dany scherzinger
    dany scherzinger 10 hours ago

    Whats song on 10.03 ?? Tq

  • themateenhansel 1
    themateenhansel 1 10 hours ago

    i love it when beyonce move that camera to the audience at the end

  • Justin Ferreira
    Justin Ferreira 10 hours ago

    It’s weird how Shakira acts like that... if you know what I mean. But kids watch her too like dude

    YAH-OVA IS-REAL 10 hours ago

    Special player...any given Sunday can hang with Mahomes.

  • I The Fortnut
    I The Fortnut 10 hours ago

    I'm gonna give credit where it's due and say the dolphins played really good the bears did too but it wasn't enough for the win (this comment exists because nobody is giving credit to the dolphin's win

  • Nathan Gibbs
    Nathan Gibbs 10 hours ago

    The browns are still overated this year

  • Doors067
    Doors067 10 hours ago

    One burner one yac king one in between. All three are great

  • Antonio Torres
    Antonio Torres 10 hours ago Lo que causa una súper estrella cuando sale a la calle en USA.

  • Modern Music
    Modern Music 10 hours ago

    Surprised they got CeeDee Lamb to the Cowboys right

  • AndrewLifts
    AndrewLifts 10 hours ago


  • AndrewLifts
    AndrewLifts 10 hours ago


  • Nick Ep
    Nick Ep 10 hours ago

    The muthafuckin blind ass referees!!!!

  • Mark Hess
    Mark Hess 10 hours ago


  • Daryl Lemans
    Daryl Lemans 10 hours ago

    Wow, Jets looked like a real football team!

  • Pharium
    Pharium 10 hours ago

    EDP can now die a happy man.

  • Antonio Torres
    Antonio Torres 10 hours ago

    La escoba brown crea cuentas solo para repetir la estupidez de que nadie se acuerda en USA de Shakira. ¿ le duele que su actriz retirada viviendo allí es totalmente desconocida hasta por los latinos? ¿ le duele que sale a la calle y ni los mexicanos la paran a pedirle una foto? Hay demasiados vídeos de Shakira en estados Unidos donde no puede caminar por la avalancha de gente y paparazzis que se le viene encima porque ella a diferencia de la actriz retirada si es conocida y amada en Estados Unidos.

  • Isaak Becker
    Isaak Becker 11 hours ago

    the drowns want 0 and 16 that year

  • ll NATE DOGG ll
    ll NATE DOGG ll 11 hours ago

    I enjoyed this Super Bowl. A low scoring game but there were big plays, crowd was into it. Definitely not boring to me though.

  • Angry Joker
    Angry Joker 11 hours ago

    Okay be honest how many of us eagles fan knew we won after the Tom Brady fumble? Like honestly I knew we won and nothing would Change my mind cause even with “The Goat” still playing with 2 mins left. I knew we won after that fumble

  • RaiD OverTime
    RaiD OverTime 11 hours ago

    I’m surprised the cowboys even had a game on this list

  • syed malahim ahmed jafri

    This is homestly the beat superbowl like everything is so in synced and both artist sounds perfect unlike some who soumded a bit off like katy perry (just my opinion) I absolutely loved it 🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • Angry Joker
    Angry Joker 11 hours ago

    If you’re not an eagles fan and haven’t cried seeing them win then your not a real eagles fan.

  • Ravens Fan4
    Ravens Fan4 11 hours ago

    CHEATriots illegally spied on 40 teams practices from 2000-2007. That includes their first three Super Bowls. The New England asterisks****

  • Gabe S
    Gabe S 11 hours ago

    Everyone pissed about Josh Allen’s play not being on here and rightfully so...but also how tf do you not include the Rose Bowl play from the Super Bowl?? The Chiefs has 2 key 4th down conversions in that game. Come on guys

  • gilbert garcia
    gilbert garcia 11 hours ago

    He was never the same after the punishment he got in this game

  • John Irish
    John Irish 11 hours ago

    Perfect pass for his last TD. Romo was the GOAT

  • BudiPlot
    BudiPlot 11 hours ago

    Patrick: Boo.

  • rafa _.ov_
    rafa _.ov_ 11 hours ago


  • Mega
    Mega 12 hours ago

    5:00 That play set up a blowout

  • Rosim Tv
    Rosim Tv 12 hours ago

  • Robert Janko
    Robert Janko 12 hours ago

    motivation vid for the 2020 season! GO BROWNS!

  • abhishek yadav
    abhishek yadav 12 hours ago

    Shakira literally set the stage on fire !!

  • Du_ux
    Du_ux 12 hours ago

    i wanna be in the nfl, im super speedy i just need training

  • Juka Adventure
    Juka Adventure 12 hours ago

    Shakira ruled the show!!!!! Fantastic woman!!!! Queen Queen real Queen!!!!😍😎👑👑👑

  • Kevin Greenwood
    Kevin Greenwood 12 hours ago

    OH NO, does this mean the bucs go back to sucking AGAIN!!! LOL

  • Tim Butler-Jones
    Tim Butler-Jones 12 hours ago

    They sure ain't The All Blacks... (Rugby team)

  • Chris Freeman
    Chris Freeman 12 hours ago

    It's crazy that the fans were so loud they let the Bears QB just stand around until he could communicate with his teammates.

  • Walter White
    Walter White 12 hours ago

    19:11 WHAT a game; Safety 'took the cheese' sucking up for the run; it's a flea flicker, the WR is wide open deep for a TD; and 52 Clay Mathews MADE him right; with a strip-sack. If you hit the QBs hand and cause that; it SHOULD count as a sack; its better then a sack. Loss of yardage and hopefully, the ball.

    • Walter White
      Walter White 12 hours ago

      32:22 Charles Woodson! Whenever #21 Woodson is lined up against #11 Fitz; Warner is not going there. Here; a shallow crosser, and Woodson makes a game changing play in almost certain scoring drive. Since the game turned out as close as it did; this is one (of many) game winning plays.

  • Mike Amabuyok
    Mike Amabuyok 12 hours ago

    JLO outperformed shakira on this one. I kept coming back to JLos performance instead of Shakira’s. If it was shakira’s, I fast forward the video and move on to JLo. Sorry thats just me.

  • Walter White
    Walter White 12 hours ago

    It's COVID19 2020; I'm rewatching (again); this time to analyze deeply. Defense is NOT absent; Packers have: #52 Clay Mathews, #21 HOF CB charles Woodson, #77 Cullen Jenkins, and Pro Bowler #36 Nick Collins. Cardinals have #90 Darnell Docket and Calais Campbell #93; as 3-4 DL; so basically a D Tackle in a 4-3. 9:33 Cardinals Force a Fumble! THIS Game is a triumph of Off Scheme; and the angle really lets you see HOW the route combos attack the coverages then in use; with 3-4 teams. Zone Blitzing seems; maybe in 1990's...Rex took it to the next level with Man/Zone hybrids that could confound Brady, Manning.

    AYOY VINNIE 12 hours ago

    That's my QB

  • Pierre Pinson
    Pierre Pinson 12 hours ago

    🌠🕊The singer "Kate Bush"was like Lady gaga on the end of 70 ies🕊🌹.

  • Trip Kirtiputra
    Trip Kirtiputra 13 hours ago

    Now this is what I call a celebration of American diversity!!! No other place like it on the planet!!

  • Evan Apodaca_20
    Evan Apodaca_20 13 hours ago

    Dude are quarterback is so damn smart 🔥🔥

  • Nu Nu Dior
    Nu Nu Dior 13 hours ago

    let me in eric andre

  • Tim Hunnicutt
    Tim Hunnicutt 13 hours ago

    Should've paid that man, He is a stud

  • Mike Hungcho
    Mike Hungcho 13 hours ago

    Edp did it better lmfao!

  • Eliana Condorí
    Eliana Condorí 13 hours ago

    Nombre del tema que toca shakira antes de ojos asi??

  • Jose Cruz
    Jose Cruz 13 hours ago

    4 months late, I’m just watching this for the first time 4 months later 💔

  • Julio M
    Julio M 13 hours ago

    Shakira WOW WOW WOW!

  • Jesus Nuñez
    Jesus Nuñez 13 hours ago

    Shakira Shakira conquered the World again

  • ZÁM YT
    ZÁM YT 13 hours ago

    Seahawks Fans Have The Literally The Greatest Hearts

  • Marø
    Marø 13 hours ago

    Shakira OMG ❤❤😍😍

  • Cristian delVillar
    Cristian delVillar 13 hours ago

    I love Lee Roy Selmon so I’ve watched this video tons of times and I’m curious if anyone else notices that at 2:06 the kick of the ball by the lions defender is perfectly synced to the music

  • FadeTheEmpty
    FadeTheEmpty 14 hours ago

    Hasnt been a halftime show like it since. God bless Prince.

  • Ryan Brown
    Ryan Brown 14 hours ago

    Deshaun Watson I'm so glad Whitney gave you a card from me and you liked it and you know I exist even though you never saw me.

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson 14 hours ago

    Even Though I don't care For Brady. This is one of the best superbowls I have watched since I have been getting into football.

  • Chris Bakas
    Chris Bakas 14 hours ago

    When you play Madden on rookie mode

    THE REAL LB 14 hours ago

    Imagine having a pack stadium in 2020😢

  • Al Sam
    Al Sam 14 hours ago

    Joe Flacco, now everything else that you will ever say in a lifetime is it relevant. As much as I appreciate and love Joe Flacco he is not top 5. Not even in the discussion. Marshal Yanda yes, haloti nhata could even be in the discussion but you fart oh no

  • makk333
    makk333 15 hours ago

    Full play calll: Gun Trey Right 3 Jet Chip Wasp Y Funnel

  • Humberto Coronado
    Humberto Coronado 15 hours ago

    4 meses de esto y aun no puedo superar la presentación de shakira shakira, necesitamos un super bowl con ella sola, necesitamos todos sus éxitos en un halftime show, please NFL give it us espectacular shakira shakira

  • NicoSauv3
    NicoSauv3 15 hours ago

    That musta been the best day in the lives of all who were fortunate enough to attend

  • Dog Breath
    Dog Breath 15 hours ago

    Hippies were for the Jets.

  • Juan Carlos AM
    Juan Carlos AM 15 hours ago

    4:53 ✌❤

  • Kristopher Watson
    Kristopher Watson 15 hours ago

    I know the throw was insane but what a comeback by the Pack!

  • Taylor.I.21
    Taylor.I.21 15 hours ago

    1:24 massive respect given to a man who deserves it

  • Derek Theiss
    Derek Theiss 15 hours ago

    As a Saints fan, this was an amazing thriller! I’m not even sad that we lost, because it was an amazing game! I really wanted San Fran to win it all, but Mahomes was Mahomes.

  • Krystian Izaguirre
    Krystian Izaguirre 15 hours ago


  • Asad Abbasbeyli
    Asad Abbasbeyli 15 hours ago

    4:39 an I the only one who is obsessed with Bad Bunny's vocals in here?

  • nice nargis
    nice nargis 15 hours ago

    Anyone here in quarantine?

  • C S
    C S 15 hours ago

    The Texans don’t deserve him

  • Blaise
    Blaise 15 hours ago

    They tried to tell me he would be Danny Woodhead, but all I see is Barry Sanders 🔥

  • Delrancho 89
    Delrancho 89 15 hours ago


  • Gameingwithsmith A Roblox vid

    He’s wife looks so mad and. He’s wife did no calp

  • Ariel Perez
    Ariel Perez 16 hours ago

    Madden 20 Is 🗑

  • GodSpeed14
    GodSpeed14 16 hours ago

    Sheesh I miss those good days 😞👋🏼

  • George Washington
    George Washington 16 hours ago

    Not even a Ravens fan but I can't miss any of Lamar's games cuz this man is history in the making for the NFL. If he can stay healthy he's gonna be a hall of famer after it's all said and done. And he's fun as hell to watch

  • Gameingwithsmith A Roblox vid

    How bout them cowboys

  • Peter Nguyen
    Peter Nguyen 16 hours ago

    Some people used to take watching football for granted. Now that we cannot watch it lately, we know how precious it is. Hopefully someday near it'll come back, even watching it with empty stadium.

  • daniel carrion
    daniel carrion 16 hours ago

    y el comentario del deed

  • Jordan Keomany
    Jordan Keomany 16 hours ago

    Should do one of these with Mitchell Trubisky

    WRONG 16 hours ago

    That's MY QB.

  • Neneme Neneem
    Neneme Neneem 16 hours ago

    It’s funny cuz cleft has no skill he just got lucky

  • Mk Chino
    Mk Chino 16 hours ago

    Esta fue la ceremonia de clausura de Nuestro Planeta Tierra y no nos dimos cuenta💔😢

  • Kevin Kelly
    Kevin Kelly 16 hours ago

    God bless the Miami Dolphins. The Kansas City Chiefs owe you a huge debt of gratitude! Thank you! What an amazing finish!

  • Gaming With Cj
    Gaming With Cj 17 hours ago

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact that the Seahawks threw the ball at the goal line