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Jalen Ramsey Traded to Rams!
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Marcus Peters Traded!
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Week 7 Power Rankings!
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  • Jason Strom
    Jason Strom 28 seconds ago

    The Eagles really need to study this. And not only this but quite a few of the other games the Cowboys have had.... The Eagles secondary is beat up and has been playing pretty badly, but the Cowboys secondary from what I've seen sofar this season isn't a hell of a lot better. So Wentz might be able to take serious advantage of it this upcoming Sunday.

  • Moritz Jacobi
    Moritz Jacobi Minute ago

    Why they don't play real football

  • Nicholas Heebsh
    Nicholas Heebsh Minute ago

    Player: "Coach, why do we have to practice the tip drill every day?" Coach: *presses play*

  • Julie Marco
    Julie Marco 2 minutes ago

    I’m a saints fan so the falcons being 1-5 is so funny to me

  • Beejay da Gigolo
    Beejay da Gigolo 3 minutes ago


  • Maverick Stannard
    Maverick Stannard 3 minutes ago

    Might be a though game but Where with u to the end of the line #WHATEVERITTAKES

  • Bradley Marcinick
    Bradley Marcinick 4 minutes ago


  • gor9027
    gor9027 5 minutes ago

    Niners 6-0 obviously.

  • ScryingBiotech
    ScryingBiotech 5 minutes ago

    Seahawks will utterly f*ck up the Ravens on Sunday. Decimate and destroy. Jaran Reed is baaaaack!!!

  • A. D.
    A. D. 6 minutes ago

    1:35 What the hell is John Tidwell doing?

  • Nightmare
    Nightmare 7 minutes ago

    Ref calls were bullshit.

  • Billy Wright
    Billy Wright 10 minutes ago

    Stephen Gilmore is best corner in the league.

  • Chris Leach
    Chris Leach 12 minutes ago

    Those predictions are so close it’s sad lmaooo It’s going to be like 33-6 or 42-12 or something like that

  • Death Puncher
    Death Puncher 12 minutes ago

    62 yrds Field Goal.....Im out

  • Doug Tyree
    Doug Tyree 15 minutes ago

    Boycott State farm & their owned packlerz

  • Darceil Reed
    Darceil Reed 17 minutes ago

    Chiefs 27 Broncos 24 Let's go Chiefs

  • Darceil Reed
    Darceil Reed 18 minutes ago

    Thank God the Cheetah is on are team and gonna play a little more we are gonna need him to carry us past this game

  • WolfToonsYT
    WolfToonsYT 20 minutes ago

    Bengals 1% So like when the draft

  • Darceil Reed
    Darceil Reed 21 minute ago

    We lost last year to The Patriots on a run play ended are season and u mean to tell me the Defense got worse this year

  • guy sumpthin
    guy sumpthin 21 minute ago

    Been this way since rodgers 3rd year as qb , thanks for noticing or ask kahlil mack

  • Gaming With RaidenTheMortal

    Damn Gilmore is a complete cornerback

  • Darceil Reed
    Darceil Reed 22 minutes ago

    We haven't been able to stop the run for 2 years now we paid all that money for D.Lee why couldn't we just draft Devin White in the draft and the best available DT with are next pick

  • Awaken To Life
    Awaken To Life 23 minutes ago

    Cousins job is to not let everyone figure out the real play makers are Diggs Thielen and Cook just take the credit for their super bowl performances

  • Dwayne Jones
    Dwayne Jones 23 minutes ago

    I knew I made the right choice putting him in against that Falcons defense

  • Bringmetheshrews2000
    Bringmetheshrews2000 23 minutes ago

    Let’s go Broncos

  • TTundragrizzly
    TTundragrizzly 24 minutes ago

    Never in my life have I seen a current SB champ have such an easy schedule the following season like this. Unbelievably easy!

  • Marcus Schmück
    Marcus Schmück 25 minutes ago

    Should be a good game...

  • Prince Lawson
    Prince Lawson 26 minutes ago

    This will be a hard one for Denver. It’s a true test of our resolve to continue winning

  • Awaken To Life
    Awaken To Life 28 minutes ago

    Vikings should have just kneeled out at 5:30 4thQ why risk injuries you have a 3 possession lead late in 4th?

  • Stefan Dietmann
    Stefan Dietmann 29 minutes ago

    24:90: Laughing so hard!

  • Brother Angelino of the Knights Templar

    Murray looks like a midget but has the arm and skill of a giant

  • Rawdog268
    Rawdog268 31 minute ago

    The redskins are 0-5 in my book beat a dolphins team thats a joke by only one point? Garbage playing Garbage. id be shocked if the redskins see the endzone at all.

  • Alex LOL LOL
    Alex LOL LOL 32 minutes ago

    I want to relive this moment again we’re playing good football right now

  • Aegon One
    Aegon One 34 minutes ago

    I can only watch this once.. if I go and watch it again my blood will boil over.

  • Gerald Little
    Gerald Little 36 minutes ago

    This didn't age well lol

  • Rawdog268
    Rawdog268 38 minutes ago

    redskins on your knees,look up and open wide so the niners get a good fit when the sit on your face to take a giant dump.

    LOUISJILES 40 minutes ago

    It's gonna be an Upset Bears Win. f#&% are they talking bout? smh.

  • juliemango
    juliemango 40 minutes ago

    19:54 woooooooo I'm hyped!!!!!

  • Demonta Seward
    Demonta Seward 41 minute ago

    Eagles D is amazing🗣

  • Meir Fox
    Meir Fox 43 minutes ago

    "Innoccent until proven guilty" Patriots fire him before proving guilty*

  • Marcus Gregory
    Marcus Gregory 49 minutes ago

    Bears down

  • Any One
    Any One 50 minutes ago

    Chiefs D blows chunks, even worse than last year. Horrible! Easy win for Denver.

  • 6288man
    6288man 50 minutes ago

    Kyler Murray is tiny lolol 😂😂

  • The world is yours
    The world is yours 50 minutes ago

    Chicago at 7 and Dallas at 11 is a joke...

  • Marcus Gregory
    Marcus Gregory 51 minute ago

    Lets go bears

  • Rob Free
    Rob Free 51 minute ago

    Please stop having these chargers on Primetime television. Shame on u NFL for glorifying this garbage..

  • Rudy Bernardino
    Rudy Bernardino 51 minute ago

    I love both teams, but Bears my home team 🐻⬇️

  • Fly Eagles
    Fly Eagles 56 minutes ago

    Shout out to Fitz still playing hard . Blocking out there harder still then some we ever will! Salute 🔥

  • osbert
    osbert 56 minutes ago

    Packers chance should be low 40s but they got the refs on their side so yeah, 70 seems about right!

  • Nobody
    Nobody 57 minutes ago

    So weird seeing the McCordy brothers do the same movements up till the ball comes in.

  • SaltyChanka
    SaltyChanka 59 minutes ago

    I still miss Patrick Robinson and Corey Graham😪

  • Chris Excellent
    Chris Excellent Hour ago

    54% for Seattle I’m done people not putting respect on russell wilson

  • Warrior-of-Love 43

    Hope refs dont try to make it up to lions by doing the same to my vikes

  • jmcghane
    jmcghane Hour ago

    No Turnovers and the 49ers should be fine. 35-13 Niners.

  • Petite Larceny
    Petite Larceny Hour ago

    Patriot supporters if you find time- check out Patriot_hotties on ig 😘

    • Petite Larceny
      Petite Larceny Hour ago

      Patriots Hotties (@patriots_hotties) • Instagram photos and videos

  • Chandler Ivy
    Chandler Ivy Hour ago

    Coach Bill looked happy never seen him interactive like that 😂💯

  • LFT
    LFT Hour ago

    Everybody talking about Kyler... nobody gonna y’all about that hype circle by drew brees

  • jim james
    jim james Hour ago

    Matt Ryan 356 , 4td , 144.9 rating still loses smh

  • rudy rush
    rudy rush Hour ago

    giants are looking like they want to lose.

  • Sadboi Senpai
    Sadboi Senpai Hour ago

    Nope, that's gonna go to Josh Jacobs.

  • jamfoxs
    jamfoxs Hour ago

    That's my QB 🙌

  • Decimus Aurelius

    At least Fitzpatrick came through at the end

  • Jacob Dees
    Jacob Dees Hour ago

    As a lifelong FSU fan it’s awesome to see Tate playing some good football. I definitely thought he was slept on coming out of college as we just weren’t very good

  • Joe Me
    Joe Me Hour ago

    That Tyree catch is timeless because of the situation. As a PATS fan i hate it but theres a reason its #1. This was like the Tyson/Douglas fight in comparison. Along with a winningless PITT team beating a #2 WVU team in the last game of the season these 3 are my most memorable sports let downs but it happens. Unfortunately the WVU/PATS loss happens in the same year. I prolly felt more bad for Moss (GOAT) not getting a ring more than anything though.

  • Daniel Hernandez

    Texans win we got Watson 🙏

  • wandisimo 0522
    wandisimo 0522 Hour ago

    I can't believe some ppl are saying Daniel Jones is better

  • Marshall Plexi
    Marshall Plexi Hour ago

    If the Buffalo Bills dont convincingly win this game and have control throughout the entire game,then regardless of a win , Fan,Media and especially future opponents will lose even more respect for this Buffalo Bills team. Every team shows their lack of respect for this Bills team playing them with extreme confidence and playing the bills Much harder then usual as they are just not afraid of the Buffalo Bills, A desperate team could really do some serious damage if the Buffalo Bills dont play as desperate and as serious as their winless opponent theMiami Dolphins. If John Brown doesnt play This could really mean trouble for an already stale offense. Look for miami to get a couple special team plays combined with Fitz magic and the non believers about Buffalo will shout their non belief from the rooftops as they also turn the trolling up a couple notches. The Bottom line is that the Buffalo Bills must destroy the miami Dolphins! Go Bills!!

  • Reno Reno
    Reno Reno Hour ago

    I think teddy and Murray are going to have breakout games

  • Chad Wilson
    Chad Wilson Hour ago

    Keep sleeping on the panthers

  • Apollo Beta
    Apollo Beta Hour ago

    He answered those question like a liar and giving bullshit

  • PENTIUM1217
    PENTIUM1217 Hour ago

    Get better Geronimo Allison #GoPackGo 🧀🏈🧀🏈

  • Byron Da Lord
    Byron Da Lord Hour ago

    26:55 lmao he said “unbelievable”

  • Top Dawg
    Top Dawg Hour ago

    They don’t make people like this anymore and it sucks .. The society we live in now view people like Brian as crazy, but that’s only cause they have no soul ..

  • Ryan Howerton
    Ryan Howerton Hour ago

    Lions should learn how to score touchdowns. That might help.

  • operationNOBO
    operationNOBO Hour ago

    I wish Penny was decent. I just dont know if Carson can sustain this many carries week in and week out. He runs violently, gotta hope he gets some help.

  • Blapkin
    Blapkin Hour ago

    if seahawks control the clock they can win, there rushing attack will allow them too and then they have wilson for majic when they need it, lamar cant do anything on the siddelins

  • treck87
    treck87 Hour ago

    21:57 -- Omg, it's the kid from the Goonies movie!

  • Top Dawg
    Top Dawg Hour ago

    This guys mind set is exactly like mine .. I don’t thank the people who believed, I thank the people who didn’t ..millennials take notice freeging babies

  • Byron Da Lord
    Byron Da Lord Hour ago

    21:58 mother and son have the same haircut 😂😂😂

  • Leo Fred
    Leo Fred Hour ago

    Ooooooo my them Pats dough mmm3X

  • sky langford
    sky langford Hour ago

    oh the irony of jalen going to the very team to eventually start his favorite QB, blake bortles........

  • Joseph Licht
    Joseph Licht Hour ago

    Dolphins win the superbowl...

  • Byron Da Lord
    Byron Da Lord Hour ago

    Drew Brees got me pumped up and it’s 3 in the morning

  • Harold Asugar
    Harold Asugar Hour ago

    14:24 you don’t have to lie, Jon 😂😂😂

  • Ryan Reaves Comedy

    Antonio Brown @0:55 lol.

  • CairoRipper
    CairoRipper Hour ago

    Raiders will win this game! 24-20 #RaiderNation

  • TigerisHyper
    TigerisHyper Hour ago

    Jim Harb was overrated asf. He wasted the 2 minute warning and called a time out for the simplest play calls. He was acting like he needed to draw up the philly special. Terrible clock management.

  • Noah Burkett
    Noah Burkett 2 hours ago

    This is the Steelers last time at the super bowl :(

  • Mase SZN
    Mase SZN 2 hours ago

    Hey either way it will be a fun game I’m not placing my prediction I’m just gonna say it will be a fun one I’m excited 😃

    • Mase SZN
      Mase SZN 2 hours ago

      It really depends on injury IMO Amari has had a issue with his left knee and if tyron is out again I think the eagles will take The dub Cameron Fleming stinks. He reeks the field without tyron are line falls apart not to mention are other all pro tackle is out lael Collins.

  • Wisley Rod
    Wisley Rod 2 hours ago

    Can Someone please tell me what he yells? 6:21

  • Chad Wilson
    Chad Wilson 2 hours ago

    Murry look like a 10 year old back there running around 😂 😂

  • Dive Dodge
    Dive Dodge 2 hours ago

    Nobody in the league develops quarterbacks better than the patriots. Jimmy Garopalo, Jecoby Brisett, Matt Cassel. They just know how to weight physical ability agunst intangible's and find the diamond in rough. Then they train the guy the Patriot way. It's unbelievable the way they manufacture quarterbacks.

  • Ryan Reaves Comedy
    Ryan Reaves Comedy 2 hours ago

    Shout out Colin Kaepernick @4:28 ✊👊🤜🤛✌

  • Christopher Yoon Kim

    That boy Breida got them jukes on 100.

  • Piyachon Yuenyong
    Piyachon Yuenyong 2 hours ago

    24:08 what the hell LOL

  • ExtraSalt
    ExtraSalt 2 hours ago

    49ers are going to take over another stadium.

  • MARI
    MARI 2 hours ago

    “i don’t care if randy moss out here” lmfaooo i respect the energy but Moss would destroy

  • Albert Robinson
    Albert Robinson 2 hours ago

    Everybody talking about the refs robbing the lions BUT the Lions put themselves in that position by not scoring TDS and settling for fields goals. If you bouta Critique the referees which I agree those were bad calls but let’s look at the whole game all around. If Detroit turns those field goals into TDS are they even in that tough position????🤔🤔

  • Jimmie Haskins
    Jimmie Haskins 2 hours ago

    Still would’ve won.....keep hating just to be apart of something

  • Devon Slater
    Devon Slater 2 hours ago

    Who is the commentator