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NFL Kickoff | We Ready
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Top 10 Breakout Stars of 2019
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  • Keshav Arvind
    Keshav Arvind 44 seconds ago

    All three of them should become hall of famers

  • sexualspaghetti
    sexualspaghetti Minute ago

    Pat's fan who misses me some peyton here

  • nomibe2911
    nomibe2911 3 minutes ago

    I love how these old school coaches love talking about their players.

  • Jarrin McDowell
    Jarrin McDowell 7 minutes ago

    Hopkins the goat

  • Fiz
    Fiz 7 minutes ago

    1:56 gets called for PI but 2:40 doesnt... Okay refs, okay...

  • Amazing Renegade
    Amazing Renegade 8 minutes ago

    Fisher was abusing Bosa.

  • Philip Scott
    Philip Scott 8 minutes ago

    So wait a minute the Giants were a blown 2nd half from having a real shot at winning the division last year?? I thought this team sucked?? Im confused.

  • Kelper
    Kelper 9 minutes ago

    I'm getting Michael Jackson and Diana Ross Vibes at 3:48

  • Matthew Joseph
    Matthew Joseph 10 minutes ago

    And Brandon McManus

  • Tom Pritchard
    Tom Pritchard 11 minutes ago

    My friends at Duval County.

  • CUEBALL424
    CUEBALL424 13 minutes ago

    The cheerleaders are still the only thing worth seeing at an NFL game.

  • RedEyePergo
    RedEyePergo 14 minutes ago

    Its like the antithesis of Baywatch

  • Knights TV
    Knights TV 16 minutes ago

    1:09 Guys that was a great throw by *Peyton Manning*

  • Mr Knowitall
    Mr Knowitall 19 minutes ago

    deebo, who? DEEBO!

  • Teddy Cox
    Teddy Cox 19 minutes ago

    Joe Flacco is a bum,one good SB run been a scrub ever since 2014.

  • gene estocado
    gene estocado 19 minutes ago

    shut up skip!

  • Burke J Minns
    Burke J Minns 20 minutes ago

    I hope this is a sign of our 9rs season to come defense is gonna be on point... LET'S GO!!! 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  • That guy Over there
    That guy Over there 21 minute ago

    A reminder guys. Kickers haven't gotten worse, these are just the backups

  • RiverviewBass FishingClub

    The 49ers will be forever known as the team that had call in Kaepernick and joe Montana in other words bad/good

  • iRas Makonnen
    iRas Makonnen 22 minutes ago

    Broncos terrible

  • David Fahey
    David Fahey 23 minutes ago

    Tampa Bay Bucs will win the Super Bowl this season...😝...

  • Joe Cummings
    Joe Cummings 24 minutes ago

    49ers have some of the fastest players in the NFL on both sides of the ball look out for the 49ers and I’m a Bears fan

  • smooth
    smooth 25 minutes ago

    flacco looking pretty good

  • Virginia Addis
    Virginia Addis 25 minutes ago

    It pre season really like come on Edmonton and winnipeg 8.00 p.m. Friday someone in the road to the GREY CUP SHEHH...

  • Full Body Joe
    Full Body Joe 26 minutes ago

    Seriously.. They didn't show 49ers punter Mitch Wishnowsky, Lighting up THAT KICK RETURNER. 🤦

  • Iloyd Martinez
    Iloyd Martinez 29 minutes ago

    Poor Flaco, he's gonna pass 500 times this season, with this anemic offensive line not being able to run. Denver's gonna lose at least 3 games being unable to close out games, particularly with being in the same division with SD and KC. If you can't control the ball and the clock, your gonna have a rough time period.

  • Cole Pratt
    Cole Pratt 30 minutes ago

    Who else watched this game and doesn’t care about either team?

  • New Orlean Wolverine
    New Orlean Wolverine 30 minutes ago

    You alright? Yep. That was a big hit.. That's alright

  • Jonathan White
    Jonathan White 31 minute ago

    Yo denvers o-line is trash

  • King_steph 3
    King_steph 3 32 minutes ago

    Most memorable play from last season

  • Felix Alvarez
    Felix Alvarez 33 minutes ago

    If that guy didn’t get that neutral zone infraction it would’ve been game over

  • Tyler T
    Tyler T 35 minutes ago

    Poor guy 🙁

  • Jacob Summers
    Jacob Summers 36 minutes ago

    He hates Denver because they beat Seattle in the super bowl

  • Andrew Sep
    Andrew Sep 37 minutes ago

    listen to the crowd cheer it sounds like a Miami home game

  • Assistant Librarian
    Assistant Librarian 38 minutes ago

    I was flying back to CT from ME with a stop over in Philadelphia the night before the Super Bowl. The entire city was lit up with green lights, it was the oddest thing I ever saw.

  • KillerG G
    KillerG G 38 minutes ago

    What u mean cam newton does the same thing all the time

  • ItzJust Chriss
    ItzJust Chriss 38 minutes ago

    Who else was just here to see joe Flacco

  • Lol Lol
    Lol Lol 40 minutes ago

    It was bad for cam and now it’s bad for Deshaun like it’s a lot worse 62 sacks

  • Peace O
    Peace O 41 minute ago

    Like a battlefield. Love football.

  • cledesma135
    cledesma135 41 minute ago

    Niners recieving core is going to be dangerous

  • Stan ezen
    Stan ezen 41 minute ago

    Broncos are going to be in for a world of hurt this year lmao

    • padkirsch
      padkirsch 26 minutes ago

      It's a preseason game with mostly their second and third string players

  • james brewer
    james brewer 42 minutes ago

    Panthers going to suck this year

  • Jacob Summers
    Jacob Summers 42 minutes ago

    Jets are go don't know why he makes them do so bad

  • Jacob Summers
    Jacob Summers 43 minutes ago

    He's biost to the jags and Seattle

  • A.O.D I am Asperlando's Production

    Mortal Combat random guy pop up on your screen moment 8:47 "WHOOPSIE"

  • Shivek Shandil
    Shivek Shandil 46 minutes ago

    It sucks alsways has to be adam show


    God it’s almost like you shouldn’t pay a QB who had 6 career starts 😭😂😂😂😂😂

  • CJ Raven23
    CJ Raven23 48 minutes ago

    Joe flacco looked great!

  • Ty Warren
    Ty Warren 49 minutes ago

    broncos are not looking to good this year.

  • Rj St. Romain
    Rj St. Romain 49 minutes ago

    This is stupid the cardinals should have more wins then 3

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 50 minutes ago

    Broncos went down hill as soon as Manning left. 😱

  • Robert Rizzo
    Robert Rizzo 50 minutes ago

    poor jimmy g spot ...hard to come back from tearing your knee up

  • Ivan Lopez
    Ivan Lopez 51 minute ago

    7:50 them olbs didn't do so well there did they

  • Joseph Peralta
    Joseph Peralta 54 minutes ago

    2:09 thats how commentators sound in the ufc lol

  • flychild
    flychild 55 minutes ago

    I don't like the new camera angles where the offensive team is on the right or left edge of the screen

  • Litty Makaveli
    Litty Makaveli 55 minutes ago

    “That’s somebody daddy out there”😭 9:00

  • Ezekiel Chapman
    Ezekiel Chapman 56 minutes ago

    Hate how his always has his mouthguard hanging though like why haha

    KRISPIRACY 56 minutes ago

    Should be higher

  • TeeTauntYen
    TeeTauntYen 59 minutes ago

    Best Super Bowl performance ever.....periodt!!! 🖤❤👊🏿

  • Zyren Bickham
    Zyren Bickham Hour ago

    If Kaiden Ellis Stays Healthy He will Be A Dangerous Linebacker In The NFL, And he Doesn’t Even Start.

  • Rick lindblade
    Rick lindblade Hour ago

    As a Ravens life long fan.........we are in trouble. The Browns are stacked this year in 2019 and of course there is always Pittsburgh.

  • DaffyDuck
    DaffyDuck Hour ago

    That Atlanta catch was NOT a touchdown. It's so obvious on replay he was completely down at the 1 before he even stretched out his arm with the ball. That's an ol' school gimme right there.

  • Jonathan Dryden
    Jonathan Dryden Hour ago

    I told my Browns to get Rudolph. Dude will win a Super Bowl for sure

  • Despiser Despised

    The pick thrown by Jimmy G wasn't his fault. Breida and Goodwin should not have both been in the same area.

  • Groll 79
    Groll 79 Hour ago

    I’m gonna use Cleveland on madden

  • Cap No
    Cap No Hour ago

    Where’s oddell

  • Groll 79
    Groll 79 Hour ago

    Best Cleveland QB since kosar

  • thadude 1
    thadude 1 Hour ago

    I guess I'm the only one that can see the big wholes he is running through. I think Barry was great but you can't rush for 2000 yards without a line. People forget how often he lost yards trying to make a big play every time. Put his team in 2nd and long often. That held them back as much as talent. In my opinion.

  • Liberal Rod
    Liberal Rod Hour ago

    Steelers defense has some depth which showed in this game 😎


    49ers 😀♥️♥️♥️

  • Dalton Robert Pepple

    1:23-1:30 Trash

  • WaffleNinja
    WaffleNinja Hour ago

    4:44 multiple reasons why the eagles should not have lost this game

  • Jay Giovanni
    Jay Giovanni Hour ago

    And he’s ranked above Derek Carr? Gtfoh!!!

  • Kevin Bolanos
    Kevin Bolanos Hour ago

    Garrett bolles 🤦‍♂️ already giving up sacks, getting holding calls that bring back big plays & missing run blocks!! Thought bringing in the hof oline coach would be a big help, guess not!!

  • Philip Tucker
    Philip Tucker Hour ago

    I said it halfway through the season last year, the browns are going to be a beast this year. It's not just them finally having a good team, it's the confidence and hope that they finally have. Having Baker, OBJ, Landry, and Chubb gives that team a dangerous offense

  • KingKong
    KingKong Hour ago

    Everyone showed up tonight..Jimmy will get into rythm soon👍🏼

  • ReturnoftheBrotha

    Bill belichick sold suckers another dud! Jimmy and Joe are both Italians yet are very different races... it's that black soul brother in Jimmy...

  • Jtzanche
    Jtzanche Hour ago

    Cardinals finna be picking new 1#pick qb until they get Trevor Lawernce. Save this comment.

  • Maliek Jackson
    Maliek Jackson Hour ago

    Let him sit for season.

  • Cortez Wright
    Cortez Wright Hour ago

    Thanks Russell

  • chad hamel
    chad hamel Hour ago

    1:20 nothing from the announcers on that recovery? Dang.

  • Mathew Lagueux
    Mathew Lagueux Hour ago

    Nice outing by Flacco... would've been better if the LT didn't hold

  • Slow Cheetah
    Slow Cheetah Hour ago

    Ryan Ramzcyhk was the clear lineman’s in that draft. Bolles can’t block without getting a penalty

  • Texan Football Houston

    Denver looks good the QB is better this year then last year and 49ers are bad 4-12 year I think

    • Despiser Despised
      Despiser Despised 54 minutes ago

      You should get help for your delusions. I hear 0bamacare is free for the really dumb people.

  • Zachary Icenhower

    the 49ers had the same amount of interceptions in this preseason game than we did all last year lol!

  • XpoZedBeatz
    XpoZedBeatz Hour ago

    Seeing Flacco in orange is just weird

  • Philip Tucker
    Philip Tucker Hour ago

    Wow, even the commentary panel sounds bored outta their minds 🤣

  • Drail
    Drail Hour ago

    The broncos could’ve made it a one score game at the end and instead went for two making that last drive meaningless

    • Despiser Despised
      Despiser Despised 53 minutes ago

      Winning and losing in the preseason is comically meaningless. This was done to prevent a possible tie game and OT.

  • Ector Reza
    Ector Reza Hour ago

    All I got to say is broncos are gonna wreck teams with their defense and new offense these games mean nothing only the first teams during the first quarter mean anything . I'm happy with the outcome 😊

  • i ate at burger king

    Taysom hill is the future after drew brees

  • Aiden Campbell
    Aiden Campbell Hour ago

    This is why I hate Kevin hogan

  • Fredrik Reinfeldt

    Julian Edelman sounds like your lovable drunk friend who goes around telling everyone who much he loves them lol

  • lil cigga
    lil cigga Hour ago


  • Michael McDonald

    How tf did they not run out of fireworks lol

  • Treyvon2K
    Treyvon2K Hour ago

    Bruh Taylor Lewan is deadass Ryan Reynolds.

  • Gerhard Bär
    Gerhard Bär Hour ago

    I miss the tackle of the punter --> this was the best play of the game

  • Matthew Joseph
    Matthew Joseph Hour ago

    Defense wins championships, that Broncos defense will go down as one of the greatest defenses of all time, only 4 players remain from that team:Von Miller, Chris Harris, Emmanuel Sanders, and Derek Wolfe

  • Galdy Medina
    Galdy Medina Hour ago

    To this fool dissing my team F$&k you you mothaf$&king f$&k😂😑

  • Philip Tucker
    Philip Tucker Hour ago

    Lol Tampa will never win a ring with Jamies crab legs as QB. Dude is so immature and childish. They need a real QB to lead like Brady, Bree's, Goff, or Mahomes

  • hikikomorphi
    hikikomorphi Hour ago

    Imagine thinking that Lamar Jackson is better than Joe Flacco.