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  • Brianna Quirindongo
    Brianna Quirindongo 3 minutes ago

    but water is not wet..

  • Lliam Webster
    Lliam Webster 6 minutes ago

    They are doing it wrong.... eat several at a time

  • Adam Kirchner-Jacobsen
    Adam Kirchner-Jacobsen 6 minutes ago

    Shit storm

  • Nevaeh Conley
    Nevaeh Conley 7 minutes ago

    Imma start crying...

  • Elizabeth Prodon-Gaspar

    Wooden train set

  • Elizabeth Prodon-Gaspar


  • frisk normal
    frisk normal 11 minutes ago

    if i was one of them i would just... CHUGG AALLL OFFFF THEEEEMMMM IIINNNNN

  • Werewolf
    Werewolf 12 minutes ago

    Spongebob would be proud of the Bubble Thing

  • Tayshawn B. Paron
    Tayshawn B. Paron 16 minutes ago

    This video is the definition of ads

  • JackJack
    JackJack 16 minutes ago

    Water ain't wet tho

  • NEONZippy
    NEONZippy 18 minutes ago

    4:56 Nobody: Literally nobody: Vat19: hmmm yes this cup is made of cup

  • LozzLani
    LozzLani 21 minute ago

    *Clearly Awesome* Me: Why no pun city

  • Vishesh Koonjul
    Vishesh Koonjul 28 minutes ago

    Give that to Coyote Peterson. I'am sure he will love it.

  • -DEMONCAT- Destiny
    -DEMONCAT- Destiny 32 minutes ago

    I’m surprised that theirs no yo-yo’s because their so hard to find now or at least in my country

  • Jeff Francis
    Jeff Francis 36 minutes ago

    Mummy spell m u m not m o m

  • Keebo Llan
    Keebo Llan 39 minutes ago

    2 much puns 4 uz

  • Francesco Amir
    Francesco Amir 40 minutes ago

    Did some one noticed that the tittle said ten and the vid 12

  • Ella Taylor
    Ella Taylor 41 minute ago

    Here’s a Burning question what happens if you mix together all the spicy things that you have created in one smoothie and drink it all in 10 minutes. Will you explode or something

  • DJ Sh4dow
    DJ Sh4dow 45 minutes ago

    2029 vat 19 item: A foldable pocket size Jupiter lol sub to me if you’re a savage

  • Lmclean89
    Lmclean89 45 minutes ago

    why do people actually watch this bullshit?

  • toxic guy
    toxic guy 46 minutes ago

    We have those in Korea

  • colon three
    colon three 50 minutes ago

    Shoutout to fastbreak 383 Staying in every burning questions videos

  • B isritzhere ?
    B isritzhere ? 53 minutes ago

    *sQuaRe oRbeZz*

  • Maria samantha Garcia

    I have a question about the stress ball what it is look like insinde

  • Rainbow ninja Hacker

    Is joe your brother jaimie

  • na tty
    na tty Hour ago

    this just slapjack

  • Beyond Bedrock
    Beyond Bedrock Hour ago

    Crosshair cube?

  • Derrek Motionless

    "Wetter than yo girl" am i right

  • Henry Murphy
    Henry Murphy Hour ago

    OHHH YEA 8:37

  • Devon Shirley
    Devon Shirley Hour ago

    pro strat. Dump the juice, pour half your glass of water into the pickles, shake vigorously, drain again, pour the remainder of your water and shake even harder. chug.

  • Henry Murphy
    Henry Murphy Hour ago

    Wow Danny SIX FLAGS You Made it so ez this episode

  • Zal OwO
    Zal OwO Hour ago


  • ginger asmr
    ginger asmr Hour ago

    illuminati what

  • blaze 102
    blaze 102 Hour ago

    This is how manybtimes he said bacon | | | \/

  • Bubbles_278 101
    Bubbles_278 101 Hour ago


  • Kevin Kaung
    Kevin Kaung Hour ago

    The newest world,largest gummy bear

  • Bubbles_278 101
    Bubbles_278 101 Hour ago

    Very cool

  • Country Cats
    Country Cats Hour ago

    I need this for my old dog.

  • Micheal_the_uncle


  • Captain Windshire

    When you did *IT* 20 times already in a day and it's gonna be the 21st 3:21

  • soggy woggy220
    soggy woggy220 Hour ago

    literally just flower in it 0:07

  • Wondering Wolf
    Wondering Wolf Hour ago

    Just casually pulls out flaming cash at the FUEL STATION

  • Sydney Sinclair
    Sydney Sinclair Hour ago

    Can danny look for jamie for once

  • the crazy anchor

    Why is fastbreak383 in every episode

  • lorraine ransom
    lorraine ransom Hour ago

    Diabetes bow 7:48

  • Taiga Aisaka
    Taiga Aisaka Hour ago

    Oh boi I want to buy at VatBacon

  • Branana9 - SuperBran

    0:41 on the to-do list it says “book flight to pun city” along with “feed not-a-cat cat” and “record confection perfection” ..... REFERENCES MUCH

  • Noy Mandelik
    Noy Mandelik Hour ago

    *10 minutes of awesome things we should buy* Oh yea uh also these cubes are cool so buy them or smth

  • Chai-Mecca Morales-Franks

    I think Danny always wins tbh 😂

  • Minecraft Gamer
    Minecraft Gamer Hour ago

    1:25 wtf why you swear That guy fucking Swims in that Shit

  • Rigo DaDrifter
    Rigo DaDrifter Hour ago

    I find it rare for Vat19 to say make sure to subscribe at the end of their videos lol

  • Mr. Deadpool
    Mr. Deadpool Hour ago

    I just discovered vat19 I bet these kids are damn successful.

  • Alan Camper
    Alan Camper Hour ago

    She's gorgeous though!!! ❤️❤️😻😻😻

  • SnailTheSandWofe

    I played bean boozled once. I fell and accidentally put my hand into the spit bowl. *It was a great time!*

  • CelebiLikesTwice

    1:10 I didn’t know she liked BTS! (RJ on the table)

  • Pyro
    Pyro Hour ago


  • prod. by fuujito
    prod. by fuujito 2 hours ago

    Kyle looks like a big teenager named Kyle. In conclusion, he looks like a Kyle.

  • Australian Peep
    Australian Peep 2 hours ago

    Has anyone noticed this was posted in 2009? TEN YEARS?! 2019 anyone?

  • prasanna dhurai
    prasanna dhurai 2 hours ago

    Durian is my fav. It's famous in Malaysia

  • Lacarrie Baker
    Lacarrie Baker 2 hours ago

    In my house ..fried rabbit or squirrel with rice and gravy is a normal. But then again we from south Louisiana 😂❤️

  • Eann Rafael Molina
    Eann Rafael Molina 2 hours ago

    Where can I download a short version of this song?

  • K3lvin8tor Neece
    K3lvin8tor Neece 2 hours ago

    Kyle looks like he could play the character of the shirt he’s wearing

  • Julie Ann Bernardo
    Julie Ann Bernardo 2 hours ago

    Is that 2 or 1

  • Fayzan Haque
    Fayzan Haque 2 hours ago

    Regular people: in the future there will be human like robots Vat19:there will be gummy people in the future

  • FattyLoui
    FattyLoui 2 hours ago

    Its looks like a saw trap, but its kinda deadly

  • Ricardo Reyes
    Ricardo Reyes 2 hours ago

    I'm not gonna lie. Part of me was like what a waste of toilet paper...the other part of me was like I want one...

  • ImRpt
    ImRpt 2 hours ago

    I’m so proud I predicted it the first time he went in

  • Dave G.
    Dave G. 2 hours ago

    These would be really fun if they weren’t so scripted.

  • Elisha Otto
    Elisha Otto 2 hours ago

    It’s funny how far we have gone cos now the iPhone 11 has come out 😂😂

  • FrostyKatKit
    FrostyKatKit 2 hours ago

    Next: gummy butthole

  • James Wingate
    James Wingate 2 hours ago

    Vat19: Wetter than water Me: impossible

  • Nate Christensen
    Nate Christensen 2 hours ago

    Eww! 😖

  • jessica hugo
    jessica hugo 2 hours ago

    I think what the person ment in the first question was if he/she ate it she/he will be good at sports

  • gg Coley D
    gg Coley D 2 hours ago

    Gummy watermelon kids go goer water

  • zombie phoenix
    zombie phoenix 3 hours ago

    6:01 the voice of an angel

  • otomacovers
    otomacovers 3 hours ago

    "Vat19! Is gone, "

  • Niko Bellic
    Niko Bellic 3 hours ago

    4:54 ah yes the cup here is made out of cup

  • The Mine Therapist
    The Mine Therapist 3 hours ago

    Duh, he’s at 0:01

  • Sana wants a cup of Tae

    omg $375sgd hell no

  • Nina Kataoka
    Nina Kataoka 3 hours ago

    you're welcome? go i need to do this

  • Del Crampton
    Del Crampton 3 hours ago

    -candy maker apers- Me:MY CHILD HOOD CANDY 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Todoroki Shoto - Idol-


  • the rayyan
    the rayyan 3 hours ago

    But if they dont blow up they will make a fire i

  • Knate Harrison
    Knate Harrison 3 hours ago

    The rock was to say it down you guys are dumb.

  • Alicia Savitskoff
    Alicia Savitskoff 3 hours ago

    *had cotton candy at a sleepover, came home puking.*

  • Shubhodeep Mandal
    Shubhodeep Mandal 3 hours ago

    Indian should try this...

  • Shubhodeep Mandal
    Shubhodeep Mandal 3 hours ago

    Indian should try this...

  • Dade The Floofy Floofer

    I'm tempted to try these cause I love anything spicy and I wanna test my limits XD I might explode and let out fire bombs for a week, but it's gonna be worth it in my books!

  • Clayton Merrill
    Clayton Merrill 3 hours ago

    11:11 got think l thumb nail

  • zqkwqn xd
    zqkwqn xd 3 hours ago

    Idk why but kara is soo cute

  • Jiggle Bob
    Jiggle Bob 3 hours ago

    For those who don't know, they are in Missouri...MY HOME STATE!

  • S Tepper
    S Tepper 3 hours ago

    ok.... i REALLY want to eat a bug... is that weird?

  • Jett Fischer
    Jett Fischer 3 hours ago

    I’m just gonna say this. Boss don’t act like it’s an inconvenience to you if your employees not working, like the longer he hides, the more content and watch time, and then in turn make more money. Sooooo him ‘not working’ is still technically working

  • Fung chun Luk
    Fung chun Luk 3 hours ago

    Me: *eating deli rock spicy chips* woo! These are spicy! Vat19: not even close bro

  • cake is the best :p
    cake is the best :p 3 hours ago

    Boi I was born in 2009 dum dum

  • tita ramadhanty
    tita ramadhanty 3 hours ago

    Do you have beef bacon flavour?

  • K A Y L Y N N
    K A Y L Y N N 3 hours ago

    Animal cruelty

  • Tyreece Daly
    Tyreece Daly 3 hours ago

    Anybody else hear the age of Ultron reference