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  • Flam3Vort3x - Mobile Legends

    Danny : *pukes* Seconds later Danny : I feel better

  • FlamingBeast2521
    FlamingBeast2521 3 minutes ago

    "How many views are we getting by mentioning Baby Shark?" The question is: How many subs are you losing?

  • The Screaming Lal
    The Screaming Lal 5 minutes ago

    What happens if you tost It

  • Felisha Armstrong
    Felisha Armstrong 6 minutes ago

    Danny lookin' like a Sam Winchester cosplayer 😄

  • Layla Tallman
    Layla Tallman 8 minutes ago


  • charley kirkham
    charley kirkham 8 minutes ago

    I'm sorry but that's literally square orbeez

  • trollface
    trollface 11 minutes ago

    More hide and seek

  • Sarah Sukaimi
    Sarah Sukaimi 18 minutes ago

    Vat19, Guess What movie am I watching with the Cookie Dough bites?( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Hint: *The Vat19 Movie*

  • J C
    J C 20 minutes ago

    Jon is the king of vomit in vat19

  • Lea Do a slime video
    Lea Do a slime video 21 minute ago

    and idk the rest btw window Lobster girl

  • Estelle Morin
    Estelle Morin 25 minutes ago

    Man i wanted some ☹️

  • Your average User
    Your average User 30 minutes ago

    Staged. Look at the spinner remaining things.. Bloody mary and Gumbo? Ok then vat19

  • Morgan Keziah
    Morgan Keziah 33 minutes ago

    0:50 -"AH SON OF A-

  • Elize Nienaber
    Elize Nienaber 34 minutes ago


  • Ruby 2004
    Ruby 2004 34 minutes ago

    You could sell them as prank toys

  • Emma Chamberlin
    Emma Chamberlin 36 minutes ago

    put slime down the drain

  • Collen Justice Sibanda
    Collen Justice Sibanda 41 minute ago

    Can it use squash

  • daniel benia
    daniel benia 43 minutes ago

    actually "shmegous" is better

  • N00B2610
    N00B2610 44 minutes ago

    Why don't you give life straws to the people

  • Joel Villanueva
    Joel Villanueva 47 minutes ago

    Poor Kara. I know she was holding it in. Ps. Never let Eric eat that cake!!

  • bailey zeigler
    bailey zeigler 48 minutes ago

    Eric:Baby bird vomit... Me: eating breakfast🤢

  • Bob Wood
    Bob Wood 49 minutes ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Agent 28
    Agent 28 Hour ago

    7 years laters Me : nothing new

  • Çınar Leylak
    Çınar Leylak Hour ago

    Wow Jamie smokes

  • アAlexia
    アAlexia Hour ago

    They can burn it or throw it outside :v

  • rose_ edits
    rose_ edits Hour ago

    Save the turtles !!! 😡

  • Yair Sharon
    Yair Sharon Hour ago

    So its like orbies?

  • Dylan DaKing
    Dylan DaKing Hour ago


  • braidsnatchedx
    braidsnatchedx Hour ago

    Older than me

  • Rainbow Cupcake 77

    I love durian

  • Bonblox RB
    Bonblox RB Hour ago

    I think cereal its a perfect meal its a sereal but when its soggy it becomes oatmeal

  • Charlie Mazzella

    If you work at the nhs you get one

  • Ella Guapa
    Ella Guapa Hour ago

    I want that♥️♥️ Though Im single😩 But who damn cares I still want some

  • Brynn Romel
    Brynn Romel Hour ago

    Who else is confused how u can mix da colors???

  • Fatima Benida
    Fatima Benida Hour ago

    Idk how does dollars mean

  • Adel Eng Sheng Jun Student

    Pff I can use a knife “Hey why did you put so much weird tasting ketchup on the hotdog?”

  • angela and alyssia


  • Jazy Gacha_UwU
    Jazy Gacha_UwU Hour ago

    Parents: don't take anything from strangers Kids in this video : takes drug from a guy they don't know whatsoever Me: ....... *Boii* The vid was cool btw

  • Go Dak Prescott
    Go Dak Prescott Hour ago

    I used to have a sticky the poo but my little brother popped in so now I just have the paddle

  • creeper king
    creeper king Hour ago

    It doesn't really answer the question that they set out on the title of the video... But in my opinion it seems like super illusion is the best out of all of them.

  • SuperZucc
    SuperZucc Hour ago

    Don't tell me to not eat them

  • Morgan Denz
    Morgan Denz Hour ago

    That will just fool me so much I will probably throw the whole plate in the bin

  • Melissa Ramos
    Melissa Ramos Hour ago

    I have a request can u make a giagantic silly putty

  • Samantha Marquez

    3:00 ASMR

  • Didith Salamante07

    Hes not realy dead

  • Didith Salamante07


  • Dough Dough Pie
    Dough Dough Pie Hour ago

    TechRax should test this out •o•

  • これは日本語です

    too sad eric wasnt in the picture

  • T G.
    T G. Hour ago

    Sometimes i feel like its fun and lucky to be a vat 19 employee... . . . this is not one of those times.....

  • _ uwu _
    _ uwu _ 2 hours ago

    3:36 okey, Voldemort is here

  • Robin Imus
    Robin Imus 2 hours ago

    Melt or twist like the gear-ball

  • gacha unicorn universe

    *just let me get that big fat cow togue* Me: ;-;

  • Jane Madrio
    Jane Madrio 2 hours ago

    Go Kara!

  • Ho ps
    Ho ps 2 hours ago

    Welp 8 years ago nice

  • Student Rodrigo Chofre Esbec

    I don’t find it on my tablet

  • tech quake
    tech quake 2 hours ago

    Here in india we tie a semi-inflated balloon which makes it sound like royal enfield bullet

  • Limepig Stuff
    Limepig Stuff 2 hours ago

    Wxcuse me thos PlusPlus blocks are NOT new I used them when I was 6! I'm 16

  • Mathias Vinding Hansen 7B Tingløkkeskolen

    Will this “army” ever stfu?

  • Debra Hughes
    Debra Hughes 2 hours ago

    Could you Try to make a giant pocket shot

  • TheGamingEmpire 2019

    *"What the creapppp"*

  • Kawaii Watermelone 133

    I don't think we'll be that advanced in a year...

  • oiuy00010
    oiuy00010 2 hours ago

    I just got one of these through the post for a bday present and I just tried it on and it's epiiiiccccccc

  • Tahlia Nguyen
    Tahlia Nguyen 2 hours ago

    But it is water

  • Gray Gaming
    Gray Gaming 2 hours ago

    Vat19 i got on your site and didnt find the burrito blanket

  • Jassem Salim
    Jassem Salim 2 hours ago

    Did you know?? You've seen this comment!!

  • Anthony Doucette
    Anthony Doucette 2 hours ago

    My cat once used my mom’s bra as a bonnet

  • _Gacha Squad_
    _Gacha Squad_ 2 hours ago

    Did you know that durian is actually the king of fruits....

  • Kobekeiriz Cute
    Kobekeiriz Cute 2 hours ago

    9:52 that is orbeez

  • Laci Wilson
    Laci Wilson 2 hours ago

    am i the only one who hates jellow?

  • kirsty watson
    kirsty watson 2 hours ago

    Stop copying the UK ok

  • Samurimonster 82
    Samurimonster 82 2 hours ago

    This is my dream

  • Dakotah Gimenez
    Dakotah Gimenez 2 hours ago

    you guys always do a good job

  • kookoo krab2
    kookoo krab2 2 hours ago

    Jaimie or whatever name or spelling is the creator

  • Dakotah Gimenez
    Dakotah Gimenez 2 hours ago

    was the clown joey? he did a good job

  • Ege Karakoc
    Ege Karakoc 2 hours ago


  • Barbara Toal
    Barbara Toal 2 hours ago

    You did not make that it’s at toy world Kmart and target

  • Jason Sandgoat
    Jason Sandgoat 2 hours ago

    Baby shark pink fong

  • Willow’s Wide Web
    Willow’s Wide Web 2 hours ago

    “And according to Wikipedia, one of its deadliest” I see what they did there🙃

  • HenryLovesAnythingFortniteRelated

    2:08 wow, i'd be the opposite of alive

  • Beaumont Brewer
    Beaumont Brewer 3 hours ago

    After trying these i wanted a sour version

  • Ailish Gacha
    Ailish Gacha 3 hours ago

    So when u eat that that gets bigger in your belly or nah cause I’m dum

  • Sub or die Sub or bad luck plz sub though

    What if up made a big art out of these?

  • Its Only Kiwi
    Its Only Kiwi 3 hours ago


  • Zach.
    Zach. 3 hours ago

    You Americans Are Lazy! We Asians just Shake The Damn Glass!

  • Sadie ROBLOX, DIYs & More!

    This is why us muslims use a hand shower lmfao nasty ass

  • Mr Pumpkin2610
    Mr Pumpkin2610 3 hours ago

    The speaker is nothing new is the same but worse than JBL charge 4

  • craigomyeggoTM
    craigomyeggoTM 3 hours ago

    Vat19: Look at this fun cube GELATIN TREAT looking t o y!! Me: Everything is edible as long as you can swallow it😳👉👈

  • Ocky Gamers
    Ocky Gamers 3 hours ago

    So not a ice ice?

  • cs go
    cs go 3 hours ago

    Mold is a fungus it spreads throughout the substance so there are the roots of the mold in that cup

  • Emma Rostock
    Emma Rostock 3 hours ago

    I rly want to buy flexy but I can’t

  • Abdullah Umar
    Abdullah Umar 3 hours ago

    I hate pin blocks they insulted lego you dumb stupid people

  • Chyno Keizen Arellano

    its like a orbiz

  • its_sofi 2
    its_sofi 2 3 hours ago

    OMG I see RJ !!!!!!!!!!!

  • nguyen cong huy tuan

    Edible orbeez

  • Belgium
    Belgium 3 hours ago

    And thats how i met your mom

  • Charisse Chai
    Charisse Chai 3 hours ago

    Although it is interesting to watch, you guys should not have wasted so much food. Think about the people who cant even afford three meals a day

  • Nairobi Ebi
    Nairobi Ebi 3 hours ago


  • koko localhero
    koko localhero 3 hours ago

    Haven 19 how did you gonna use the Drum without seeing the drums

  • koko localhero
    koko localhero 3 hours ago

    Hey vat19 I wondering did I put a candy in there with his soul slash

  • Milo Cullin
    Milo Cullin 3 hours ago

    I want him as my boss.