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  • cardigan3000
    cardigan3000 2 hours ago

    fuck me an all black got sent off - must have been horrific - no wonder they didn't show it

  • Mr CJ
    Mr CJ 3 hours ago

    Mr beat his miss's

  • Josephine Perera
    Josephine Perera 3 hours ago


  • Assy the Assquatch
    Assy the Assquatch 3 hours ago

    I don’t understand why he’s even allowed to play rugby.... what a role model for children

  • Maori Boy
    Maori Boy 3 hours ago

    Didn't have a good game against the World Champions in Auckland in Bledisloe 2.

  • dave jackson
    dave jackson 4 hours ago

    Want to make lots of money $$$ ???? australia has the worst attitude in the game ,that unfortunately means that they wont make the quarter finals in the world cup ..I will post which team paying $7-10 to win will knock them out 1wk out from the game. iTS JUST CONNECTING THE DOTS attention to when its on the line for aussie ..they will crumble under pressure to a team they take for granted this space ...EASY MONEY FOR YOU.

  • Alessandro Caroli
    Alessandro Caroli 4 hours ago

    Wallabies: something like Russia in face of Italy (2nd AB try).

  • D Mase
    D Mase 4 hours ago

    Woman basher

  • Guerrilla Man
    Guerrilla Man 4 hours ago

    Don't like being forced to watch ads

  • Etana Tuari
    Etana Tuari 4 hours ago

    All luck as usual

  • Maori Boy
    Maori Boy 4 hours ago

    The next Jonah Lomu

    • Paul
      Paul 3 hours ago

      Dont press him to soon the world cup is not superugby or a test on home soil against the big mouth Australians 1 game doesn't make him the next Jonah Lomu.

  • Ethan Joseph
    Ethan Joseph 5 hours ago

    X-Factor???..maybe..a more appropriate description is "Fijian Flair"..they don't make flyers like we do 😎

  • Paul
    Paul 5 hours ago

    Good but not the best try by any means.

  • Henry Burton
    Henry Burton 5 hours ago

    Okay no more comments from NZers about the nationality of English players please.

  • Carlos Marquez
    Carlos Marquez 5 hours ago

    VAR stealing the game sorry but Argentina should have won

  • Saverio Fontana
    Saverio Fontana 6 hours ago

    I like it

  • The Wilderness Channel

    Nkosi's tries for the Springboks were much more impressive in terms of pure skill and athletic ability. Still a very good try though.

    • James Grieve
      James Grieve 2 hours ago

      Paul thanks 💪 exactly !!

    • Paul
      Paul 2 hours ago

      @James Grieve Same to you my brother May the best team win 💪

    • James Grieve
      James Grieve 2 hours ago

      Paul fair enough!

    • James Grieve
      James Grieve 2 hours ago

      The Wilderness Channel true good luck for the WC :)

    • Paul
      Paul 2 hours ago

      @James Grieve I understand But don't idolize your team it's just entertainment

  • Kiwi Bro
    Kiwi Bro 6 hours ago

    Haha how shit was Beale! He’s on camera snorting cocaine and he’s there ahead of the best FB in the world for quoting the bible! Good work ARU ! Never seen Aaron Smith box kick so much but they knew Izzy wasn’t there and Beale is a nervous player!

  • Wara Kibho
    Wara Kibho 6 hours ago

    rieko can never do this

  • kidavid
    kidavid 7 hours ago

    All he did was hack the ball forward and dive on it.

    • Maori Boy
      Maori Boy 4 hours ago

      Which isn't easy to do when you're going at full speed and with defenders coming at you.

    • Tahu Ayers
      Tahu Ayers 5 hours ago

      Alunski Jacky chea ghee

    • twhw twhw
      twhw twhw 5 hours ago

      Yeah like I don't know how they didn't stop him from doing that.

    • Connor Young
      Connor Young 6 hours ago

      Nz for life🇳🇿

    • Alunski Jacky
      Alunski Jacky 6 hours ago

      Salty Wallabies fan are you Just admit the greatness

  • Mariana Ciriavesi
    Mariana Ciriavesi 7 hours ago

    awesome ......

  • Наглый Кот
    Наглый Кот 7 hours ago


  • A Ali
    A Ali 7 hours ago

    Love Nesbos laugh at the end

  • yakkattack
    yakkattack 8 hours ago

    Dive fail got face planted 🤣😂

  • Gman W
    Gman W 10 hours ago

    What a bullshit call, what is the man supposed to do vanish.....obstruction my arse

    GWLAD 10 hours ago

    Brilliant response to what the Aussies did to the ABs last week

  • muhammad haziq nordin
    muhammad haziq nordin 13 hours ago

    Unlucky puma

  • dou mur
    dou mur 13 hours ago

    One cant just beat the Allblacks twice in a

  • Mr CJ
    Mr CJ 15 hours ago

    Sevu "3 Criminal Charges" Reece

  • Виктор Тужилин

    Охуительно просто!!!!

  • Morteros Pirotecnia
    Morteros Pirotecnia 16 hours ago

    1:45 obstruccion, penal...

  • Lil Angle
    Lil Angle 16 hours ago

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  • willie buys
    willie buys 18 hours ago

    Nkosi, you are a Springbok! we are proud to have you in the team , can see you will become one of the legends

  • Alpa Chino
    Alpa Chino 18 hours ago

    Wow. That guy is good. Did he play 7's rugby? I saw a South African who looks just like him on FLASH-PLAYER and he was amazing.

  • Dimitar Dobrev
    Dimitar Dobrev 18 hours ago

    Its really great to see so many positive comments! RWC 2019

  • Joe O Súilleabháin
    Joe O Súilleabháin 19 hours ago

    Corrupt sport. Wake up Boks. Refs and assistants fuck lesser nations, you see it every fucking year. Why? Because ref appointments are not random, they are chosen by unions. It's a sham of a sport for that reason alone. Check out Garces record for England and Saracens...came on the scene right after the paddy o Brien/nzru handover to the RFU of the refs panel. His record is phenomenal for both, go look....small teaser, he reffed England's FOUR away wins in Wales and Ireland in the last 6 years. NO bullshit. I'm trying to get the word out so he doesn't get England's QF (QF refs not appointed yet) It's all excercised low key control for the big nations (current top 8)

  • mark anthony
    mark anthony 21 hour ago

    I wasn’t a fan before but I definitely am now :-)

  • paulsail001
    paulsail001 21 hour ago

    does anyone know if full game has been uploaded so can watch again?

  • Formakiwi
    Formakiwi 22 hours ago

    If that obstruction call is consistent with the rulebook from 2017, then Murray's try in the second Lions test that year should never have been allowed, as Sexton clearly committed the same foul. Interesting how the rules are selectively applied for the Northern teams, especially when Garces is holding the whistle.

  • Chris B
    Chris B 22 hours ago

    S'bu ma bru could have stepped passed 14 Scots on Sat with that desire...of which the Scots possessed none..!

  • T
    T 22 hours ago

    Argentina taking defence lessons from scotland

    • Chris B
      Chris B 22 hours ago

      Can't argue with that..from Scotland.;-(

  • Benjamín Torres
    Benjamín Torres 23 hours ago

    cómo le robaron el partido a Argentina. Con lo gordo que es koch imposible que agarrara a urdapilleta.

  • iluminousTV
    iluminousTV 23 hours ago

    SA gonna put a 50 on Japan!

  • Fendervarius
    Fendervarius Day ago

    Los Pumas have dropped to 11. 🤔

    ENZ TRIBU Day ago

    THEY ROBBED US !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F.....

  • Kimberly Graham

    Ouch that's gotta hurt. Go All Blacks ! Great match guys,from your biggest fans from America.

  • Cobus Brits
    Cobus Brits Day ago

    How on earth did he managed to sidestep dead-cert tackles? It was magical! Such a pity he's not an 11, sure like to see him rather than Mapimpi. Imagine him and Kolbe in the same backline...

    • I am Retlhotse
      I am Retlhotse 5 hours ago

      @Alpa Chino na he hasn't played 7s rugby for south africa

    • Nontz Mkhize
      Nontz Mkhize 10 hours ago

      @Vincent Wienand how amazing would that be for the All Blacks vs the Springboks? But I don't think Rassie would risk that combination for such a crucial game. He probably should have done it last week in my opinion since the championship had been secured. But maybe in the games against Canada and Namibia he can try it out

    • Alpa Chino
      Alpa Chino 18 hours ago

      Him and kolbe would be scary good on either flank. Did he play 7's?

    • Vincent Wienand
      Vincent Wienand 18 hours ago

      @Nontz Mkhize pity about Dyantyi . Nkosi won the game for South Africa, his last try was just unbelievable. I pray Erasmus will listen to your request.

    • Nontz Mkhize
      Nontz Mkhize 20 hours ago

      Mapimpi has been extremely poor. And since Dyantyi won't make it,Nkosi and Kolbe should really have been played together for at least one game so Rassie could test that combination

  • Henry Gerber
    Henry Gerber Day ago

    Die man verdien sy plek #Nkosi

    • Paul
      Paul 5 hours ago

      Ek stem 100% saam

  • Deadly x wolf
    Deadly x wolf Day ago

    Monster 👾

  • is it ? was it ?

    That's some incredible response by the all blacks that only they can do after loosing to Aussies in last game..

  • Rehana Webster


  • Mimo Slavich
    Mimo Slavich Day ago

    Boks are my team, but I think Argentina should have won that.

  • Angie D
    Angie D Day ago

    Amazing just like Springbok running from Lions in Kruger national park

  • Saverio Fontana

    Good performance by two teams.

  • Finnian Dwyer-Cummins

    He face planted so hard

    • Mike Wazowski
      Mike Wazowski 18 hours ago

      If you ask me it was an amazing effort..

  • Blessing Ndlovu

    Talk about making a statement for WC selection.

  • Chunky Games
    Chunky Games Day ago

    Play South Africa vs Argentina yourself in our new rugby game - Rugby World Championship 2. Out now, for free, on iOS and Android!

  • Wara Kibho
    Wara Kibho Day ago


  • matthew
    matthew Day ago

    too big, too fast, too strong, all blacks.

  • Count Monte Cristo

    I'm still waiting for some Aussie bitter and dumbass comments to come through?.... I guess they're watching cricket and AFL to get some stroke on the shaft lo

  • Count Monte Cristo

    I am still laughing at the 0 points... Bahahahahahahaha.... And bahahahahahahaha

  • Saverio Fontana


  • Tahu Ayers
    Tahu Ayers Day ago

    I reks Sevu Reece’s was better

    • Nontz Mkhize
      Nontz Mkhize 10 hours ago

      Both were good. But Nkosi scored a brace so I think that's why. Plus the number of defenders beaten

    • Tahu Ayers
      Tahu Ayers 15 hours ago

      @Mr CJ u sound like a lil bitch

    • Mr CJ
      Mr CJ 17 hours ago

      @Sashen Lamahewa He likes to smash people on and off the field if you know what i mean.. That's why he's so good.

    • Mr CJ
      Mr CJ 17 hours ago

      @Tahu Ayers dont cry

    • Tahu Ayers
      Tahu Ayers 19 hours ago

      Mr CJ and fuck you

  • XBeasT
    XBeasT Day ago

    Did he ground that? Great try

    • Matthew Lowry
      Matthew Lowry Day ago

      Quite clearly

    • twhw twhw
      twhw twhw Day ago

      Yeah he did but why these players continue the risk of planting the ball with one hand when they can do it with two is staggering.

    • William Stacey
      William Stacey Day ago

      yeah he did watch it in slow mo

  • Louis Clark
    Louis Clark Day ago

    Man the all blacks the only place in the world that doesn't respect the kicker . Poor show.

  • Cool Coyote
    Cool Coyote Day ago

    possible forward pass here 4:34 ALB should of passed earlier anyway

  • MightyT Gaming

    1:56 that face plant


    Poor perfomance by7 South Africa

    • Lil Angle
      Lil Angle 16 hours ago

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  • Foulmask Whirinaki

    fucking bullshit up the pumas

  • Faitala Palamo

    Ozzie media talking there team up like always after one win in ages. Peter FizS, enjoy the humble pie you Kefe. It’s wasn’t the wallabies talking shit all week. It’s your media 🤦‍♀️. When will the ever learn 🤫.

  • takiri dixon
    takiri dixon Day ago

    Two of those tries scored by Nkosi were well taken but the defence was crap' they should have tackled him, terrible defence.

    • Lil Angle
      Lil Angle 16 hours ago

      Hello! How do you fancy earning up to R7600 on a weekly basis through binary trading?

  • kate1397
    kate1397 Day ago

    Nick white u little rat such a fucking Hollywood little girl no idea why u got picked over Genia lol

  • Slim Shady
    Slim Shady Day ago

    Not convincing win for the Boks the pumas deserved this win with their 2 disalowed tries

  • Meeean Azz
    Meeean Azz Day ago


  • Sebastián Perez Pizarro

    The both countries are similar as fuck: - Fucked up economy - White's social climbing over other ethnics - Feel proudly 'european' - Horrible education and health index - High classes feel ashamed for share with 'uncivilized' people - Italy is for Argentina as Netherlands is for South Africa - Sports chauvinism. Privileging elite's sports rather than a social proyect for their countries. Almost all their sport's goals are done for high class people. In fact, Argentina is the South american's South Africa or South Africa is the Africa's Argentina

  • Edgar Odum
    Edgar Odum Day ago

    The pumas couldn’t finish a wank, they’re the victims of their own mistakes. They would win many more games if they weren’t so stupid in how they play in high stakes situations. To be a world class team you need world class discipline something they need to get if they want to be contenders for the world stage.

  • Mastere_Kiwi
    Mastere_Kiwi Day ago

    Both wingers were amazing. Bridge and Reece were great players of the match. All of them were Crusaders as well! 3 crusaders got a try this game clap clap

  • Tiandray VELOMAGNANO

    All black come back with revenge

  • Good Listener
    Good Listener Day ago

    Argentina should have won the game.

  • belen leaño
    belen leaño Day ago

    1:47 pass forward

    • belen leaño
      belen leaño 7 hours ago

      @Drake Khahili look the distance to the 10-meter line at 1:47 and then at 1:49 minute

    • belen leaño
      belen leaño 8 hours ago

      @Drake Khahili try to observe well..

  • Thanos
    Thanos Day ago

    Fook that daki can run bruh

  • Noggsy Joggsy
    Noggsy Joggsy Day ago

    Omg terrible refereeing

  • Shadow Banned
    Shadow Banned Day ago

    Argentina proving once again they really do belong in the rugby championship they have improved so much since they first came in.

  • Black Panda
    Black Panda Day ago

    That fucking faceplant finish 🤣🤣🤣 OMG I cant fucking breathe

  • Kevin Andersen

    Hear the crowd booing on the final kick? Won't ever go to Eden Park to watch the AB's either - crowd there was just as poor

  • AyAyRon
    AyAyRon Day ago

    Good try Australia! Maybe next time you can win it, oR aTLeAsT tRy =)

  • Micheal De Thierry

    Reece also left you for dead Ocnnor

  • Micheal De Thierry

    Oconnor morunga left you dust

  • Brett Wilkinson

    TMO bullshit decision. Obviously these referees have never played rugby in their lives. Absolutely robbed of victory.

  • Lee James Retief

    Please man we beat the Aussies with our B team, you know whats coming for you in a few weeks time!! SPRINGBOKS

  • Demontz DEMONTZ

    Well!!?...That's what happens when The All Blacks play with 15 men! for 50minutes!!...There were NO! Gaps on the edges of the ruck this time aye?

  • Jack Lum
    Jack Lum Day ago

    Very good game. All Black is always hard to beat. They lost the last game but I think All Black took it easy.

  • girshin
    girshin Day ago

    Nkosi face-plant xD

  • Richard Blackledge

    I have been extremely patient with Australia but after the world cup ALL of the coaching staff has to go!!!!!They also have to totally restructure junior development and work heavily on developing the game through indigenous community.Not enough indigenous people are involved in this sport.You only have to watch AFL and NRL to see what brilliant athletes they are.Speed, agility ,endurance and a sixth sense to know how to play.This is clearly something that Australia needs.

  • peyton hochwarter

    Why do they hold it like that

  • Martin H Campos

    La obstrucción de Argentina si la revisaron y la de Sudáfrica no 👎

  • Charles Degraves

    These are the all blacks I'm used to.

  • andrew cupido
    andrew cupido Day ago

    Blocking the player? where was the Argentine player supposed to go?

  • Stephen Davies

    This result proves right the all blacks off at your peril take note Australia.

  • Mark Coetzee
    Mark Coetzee Day ago

    I have Elton jantjies