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Billie Eilish - xanny
Views 49M2 months ago
Billie Eilish - bad guy
Views 772M10 months ago
Billie Eilish - watch
Views 48M2 years ago
Billie Eilish - Bored
Views 22M2 years ago
Billie Eilish - Bellyache
Views 352M2 years ago


  • NoVoice NoFace
    NoVoice NoFace 6 hours ago

    I don’t like this tbh soooooo Imagine shitting on ur girl chest..... saaaaaaa duddddeee

  • young mdu
    young mdu 6 hours ago

    She's amazing 🔥♥️👌🏾😌

  • Davi Lima
    Davi Lima 6 hours ago

    I just love her voice cmonn

  • kjl42
    kjl42 6 hours ago

    Wait I thought this was a James Bond intro credit song? 1:34 AAAAH there we go!

  • Alexis Burnham
    Alexis Burnham 6 hours ago

    I highly doubt you're going to see this Billie but, Im going to your concert in April at the Pepsi center im so excited!!!! 😆😆 i cant wait!!

  • celeste robles
    celeste robles 6 hours ago

    Is it just me or does her voice kind of sound different?

  • Random Person
    Random Person 6 hours ago

    Billie: there’s just no time to die School: allow me to introduce myself

  • joaquin iturrieta
    joaquin iturrieta 6 hours ago


  • Hunter Watts
    Hunter Watts 6 hours ago

    Billie eilish: *DRINKS JUICE* *Comes out of billies eyes* Random person: this normal? Billie: *What?*

  • Pedro Augusto Oliveira

    Essa música é boa, uma grande abertura. Mas nenhuma vai superar "You Know My Name" - de 007: Casino Royale!

  • sarii_14 sarii_14
    sarii_14 sarii_14 6 hours ago


  • Mia Arick
    Mia Arick 6 hours ago

    Where head phones it is AMZING but she is still amzing anyway

  • Ant Clerfont
    Ant Clerfont 6 hours ago

    Magnificent song indeeed. Fits Bond....James Bond.........

  • Lorenzo Suastegui
    Lorenzo Suastegui 6 hours ago

    Wake up people this is illuminati agenda

  • Đëäţh Ňøţę
    Đëäţh Ňøţę 6 hours ago

    I'am brasilian 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷♪┌|∵|┘♪


    zzzzzzzzzzz.. aburrida..

  • The XghliX
    The XghliX 6 hours ago

    A la madre hablo español

  • Azula F4
    Azula F4 6 hours ago

    I'm 25 and either I'm old or this new music is trash

  • Zeneth Originales Tello

    I love you Billie elish good song I love you a thousand

  • Desy Ratna
    Desy Ratna 6 hours ago

    I remember at some interview billie said when she loved someone and talk to anyone about it, than everything become wrongs after it. maybe she talk about it in this song.

  • yourgirl lexi
    yourgirl lexi 6 hours ago

    OMG BILLIE I DIDNT KNOW U LOVED KIDS i really want u to have a concert in VA richmond pweas it would mean the world to me ive at least listening to thos song 10.50K times and i practice singing like u i just really wanna see u like plz just billie pweasasss and all ur music videos go together and i just like I NEED TO SEE YOU i cant belive i dreamed of. Meeing u i was u for halloween barly any ppl know u 💔 but i just love u my air pod case is ur face i wanna meet u soooooo bad or at least get a video call from u or a messgae OR SEE U AT A LIVE CONCERT PLZZ im just so in love with ur music and how well u are and to the fact i wanna be u so much or at least like u whenim older even though ill never understand what u go through i still wanna be just exactly like u srry about the long comment but PLZ COME TO VA Richmon pweass

  • Iago Melo
    Iago Melo 6 hours ago

    What song waiting for the clip ♡

  • It'syourgirl Lisa
    It'syourgirl Lisa 6 hours ago

    I watched this Soo many times 😭😭😭😭😭

  • OPEX production
    OPEX production 6 hours ago

    777 млн просмотров👌

  • Monica Urzua
    Monica Urzua 6 hours ago

    1:02 me cago en el trump

  • Alexavier plus Sydnei Pinon

    I’m officially scared time to pray

  • Gabriel Law
    Gabriel Law 6 hours ago

    I can see billie is trying to improve her belting skill. Nice try. Gave me a good chill. Love this song btw. As always good song from billie.

  • Borna Shirani
    Borna Shirani 6 hours ago

    Is this a boy or a girl ?

  • Amanda Woodard
    Amanda Woodard 6 hours ago

    am i the only one who thought that gun next to no time to die looked like an oof?

  • Kim Hoa Nguyễn Thị

    Reading Seth’s comment again, questioning bout his bald head

  • I Wumbo. You Wumbo.
    I Wumbo. You Wumbo. 6 hours ago

    SethEverman, Bald Martin from Morgz is better than you. Tee hee!

  • Rocco Sophie
    Rocco Sophie 6 hours ago

    She's literally whining. I don't get it. People, listen to the originals. Bassey, Sinatra, Jones, Turner, Hynde. If this chick represents the new Bond, the series is finished.

  • long rice
    long rice 6 hours ago

    I got here from searching "it's corona time"

  • santi 9
    santi 9 6 hours ago

    I love you Billie eilish no english argentino

  • Heidi Nickel
    Heidi Nickel 6 hours ago

    imagine waking up from a nightmare and you just see billie staring at you

  • Mark 02
    Mark 02 6 hours ago


  • Grettel Azaely Leal rosario

    I love you my favorite sing

  • Bubba Husain
    Bubba Husain 6 hours ago

    This feels like a classic

  • DMD Football
    DMD Football 6 hours ago

    This shit suck

  • Miguel Angel Martinez Aponte

    No puedo creer que esta basura ganó el grammy a canción de año, vamos del mal en peor y estos Millenials apoyando cada vez la música de mierda de la actualidad.

  • A Long Time
    A Long Time 6 hours ago

    PhD be like: No time to die

  • DMD Football
    DMD Football 6 hours ago

    NGL this is my first hearing of her music and I came here thinking she was gonna be bogus. I was wrong.

  • maricar v.c
    maricar v.c 6 hours ago

    This is very 007. Well done Billie and Finneas💞👍

  • Frosty Snazz
    Frosty Snazz 6 hours ago

    Billie you did so good on this

  • Mijal Mizrachi
    Mijal Mizrachi 6 hours ago

    I can't even! I wanna meet her!

  • kingofleone
    kingofleone 6 hours ago

    Came from Brightburn of the best movies of 2019

  • Oscar Herrera
    Oscar Herrera 6 hours ago

    this song has to be on the ballad of the song birds and the snakes track list

  • Mijal Mizrachi
    Mijal Mizrachi 6 hours ago

    i love this

  • luis antonio navarro tellez

    So deep and Real, just loved it, Great work.

  • milidka
    milidka 6 hours ago

    I, an old lady from Poland. Bond's fan from the beginning ... I'm very impressed ... Billy is great! The song is great!

  • rebecca apihai
    rebecca apihai 6 hours ago


  • Jacob Brown
    Jacob Brown 6 hours ago


    BLABLABLA BOOM 6 hours ago


  • Thomas Rogers
    Thomas Rogers 6 hours ago

    I remember falling from Grace, love, the light. It's a tough road to salvation. Good music video and lyrics. 😊

    BLABLABLA BOOM 6 hours ago


  • Eman M.sayed
    Eman M.sayed 6 hours ago

    عظيمه عظيمة ⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩

  • hyunas background dancer

    I think she plays roblox bc when you die you say oof

    • My Baby Bil
      My Baby Bil 6 hours ago

      hyunas background dancer it says *007* aka James Bond

  • Stay Frosty
    Stay Frosty 6 hours ago

    I’m the glad guy

  • Eve
    Eve 6 hours ago

    She looks possessed

  • Thomas Rogers
    Thomas Rogers 6 hours ago

    I live in a cave, never heard of Billie but this was cool. 💙 This and Adelle skyfall are good music!

  • Kimberly Darby
    Kimberly Darby 6 hours ago

    Hey guys i just died 2020 jan 7th like=better chance to heaven

  • Moonwa La Worgen
    Moonwa La Worgen 6 hours ago

    I wasn't expecting anything, but somehow i'm still disappointed.

  • sftpetrova
    sftpetrova 6 hours ago

    Yeah lexa no time to die! #the100

  • Alex Vandaele
    Alex Vandaele 6 hours ago

    Of all the millions of songs i love, this one’s my favourite.

  • Katherine
    Katherine 6 hours ago

    Why do people listen to this garbage ?

  • AXEL12 Paillan
    AXEL12 Paillan 6 hours ago

    ??????????!NO. 666. 777

  • Kiara Aime Rejala
    Kiara Aime Rejala 6 hours ago

    Perfecto 👍🙌

  • saul castillon
    saul castillon 6 hours ago

    Yo al enterarme que sólo tiene 19 años 😲😲😲😲

    ALAN PEREZ 6 hours ago


  • MJ- Fiath
    MJ- Fiath 6 hours ago

    BTS;Black Swang : Esa seria como mi primer muerte. Billie Eilish;No time to die:No hay tiempo de morir

  • Edel  Garcia
    Edel Garcia 6 hours ago

    Me: i''ll talk to my crush Billie: No time to die

  • PEP Potter
    PEP Potter 6 hours ago


  • jacquelyn ellis
    jacquelyn ellis 6 hours ago

    billie:i wanna end me. me:broooo this is sick dude.

  • Diego Edits
    Diego Edits 6 hours ago

    This song will be good for a bday party

  • KIDA
    KIDA 6 hours ago

    No time to die

  • Isabella Ramirez
    Isabella Ramirez 6 hours ago

    the beginning sounds like an Alice in Wonderland soundtrack to me (listen to the first second of "Alice in Wonderland Only a Dream").

  • 10a8 Tien
    10a8 Tien 6 hours ago


  • Azizbek Aibashov
    Azizbek Aibashov 6 hours ago

    Тоже зашел посмотреть на коментарий набравший миллион лайков

  • Madsea Kimochi
    Madsea Kimochi 6 hours ago

    I am ded guy. DUH

  • astrid sus
    astrid sus 6 hours ago

    Did anyone else realize how when she threw the sunflowers they didn't come back down? 2:11

  • KIDA
    KIDA 6 hours ago

    I really really hate myself.

  • Deepti Sharma
    Deepti Sharma 6 hours ago

    I love you

  • Jose Fernando Hernandez Arana

    Y love You💗💗💗

  • Hayden Hart
    Hayden Hart 6 hours ago

    I'm not trying to be cliche, but there is something about this girl. Her music isn't just the normal type of music where you hear the words but listen more to the beat. No. She somehow FORCES you to listen to the lyrics, to feel what we all feel. What it's like to be human. She makes my heart slow and makes me stop what I'm doing. Makes me finally cry after years of having to hold back tears. And I cry so hard that my eyes hurt. I hate this cruel world that we live in. The one where everyone has an opinion, where we have to fit in to be "cool". And the one where I'm going to get hate comments about how embarrassingly sentimental I'm being. But I don't care, and I think that we should all stop caring.

  • CherryCola _n2005
    CherryCola _n2005 6 hours ago

    This is art.

  • Valencia Meredith
    Valencia Meredith 6 hours ago

    I bet this is going to be a Batman trailer song

  • Camilo Aparicio
    Camilo Aparicio 6 hours ago


  • Camilo Aparicio
    Camilo Aparicio 6 hours ago


  • Camilo Aparicio
    Camilo Aparicio 6 hours ago


  • Camilo Aparicio
    Camilo Aparicio 6 hours ago


  • A A
    A A 6 hours ago

    anyone wanna start a comment section billie fan gc?

  • Sam Rios
    Sam Rios 6 hours ago

    Billie elish has more fans or views than Melany Martinez

  • Rose girl Yisenia
    Rose girl Yisenia 6 hours ago

    Who else is her after Melanie martinez?

  • Stephen Hay
    Stephen Hay 6 hours ago

    a work in a office dane admin n scannin

  • Crystal Hoffmann
    Crystal Hoffmann 6 hours ago

    Billie: like it like that Producer: like it like what? Billie: like it like that like it like that, like it like that

  • Jenny Drews
    Jenny Drews 6 hours ago

    Now I've got a Billieache

    NIKHIL DHANIA 6 hours ago

    Billie: no time to die But it only takes less than 10 sec

  • Rosalia Rodriguez
    Rosalia Rodriguez 6 hours ago

    Que asco🤢🤢🤢🤢

  • Mr Wave24
    Mr Wave24 6 hours ago

    200k comment

  • Kaia Niewald
    Kaia Niewald 6 hours ago

    This is beautiful