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  • Kristen555
    Kristen555 9 minutes ago

    Typical entitled feminist. Chrissy would be better walking away from her.

  • Nermin Mowsa
    Nermin Mowsa 17 minutes ago

    Jenny in the box “I’m out!”

  • Ray Hesher
    Ray Hesher 23 minutes ago

    random fact: peter jones, tej lalvani and piers linney all have wives named tara

  • Steve Cox
    Steve Cox 38 minutes ago

    Her elf deteriorated.

  • Sunny Kapoor
    Sunny Kapoor 58 minutes ago

    Entrepreneur drugged jenny, and for that reason...I’m in

  • Vannila
    Vannila Hour ago

    £500 a month.... £125 a week... Basically £18 a day.... “You can’t even afford a sandwich a day” 😂😂😂 What fukin sandwiches you been eating mate 😂😂😂

  • TheRABman _
    TheRABman _ Hour ago

    I think it’s a great idea... I hate boiling eggs

  • Scott Wild
    Scott Wild Hour ago

    Why Am I watching this at 3.00AM

  • kilo kolo
    kilo kolo Hour ago

    Low key racist in his heydays

  • M _R
    M _R Hour ago

    No way he should get an investment. Terrible

  • TheRABman _
    TheRABman _ Hour ago

    “You’ve made a compass” 😂😂

  • TheRABman _
    TheRABman _ Hour ago

    “I can’t give away 15 percent”. Says that while she’s standing right next to a 15 percent share holder lol

  • Centurion Guards

    I'm flabbergasted non of them could see a deal to be had at 10% was to be had @ 5% per dragon. Unbelievable!!!!

  • TehScorpion
    TehScorpion 2 hours ago

    People say Jenny doesn't invest in anything in the later series, I find Kelly barely invests in anything.

  • Isidora Vucicevic
    Isidora Vucicevic 2 hours ago

    theo fanning himself with money😂😂😂

  • Tomorrow We Live
    Tomorrow We Live 2 hours ago

    The boxing lad's tall innee? Wonder if everything's...proprotional

  • KhoiKO
    KhoiKO 2 hours ago

    I do tax avoidance. I’m homeless.

  • Cosmic Dark Matter
    Cosmic Dark Matter 2 hours ago

    I Literally thought this man was going to start his pitch by dropping his pants-- when he took off the Abs Pak ... lol

    I AM IRON MAN 2 hours ago

    I feel bad for old people who aren't as strong in business as the younger generation

  • flip inheck
    flip inheck 2 hours ago

    Interesting device with many applications, cheap antenna rotator for 40 quid.

  • David Smith
    David Smith 2 hours ago

    From a nervous girl to a wicked whitch.

  • Ivan Bignell
    Ivan Bignell 2 hours ago

    Hang on what about Jenny? They did not ask her opinion? Bloody bullies ..she was going to make a offer for the baby and pram.?

  • Ivan Bignell
    Ivan Bignell 3 hours ago

    That baby is not moving.????. What the fk. No air??? That babys looks in shock.???

  • Joshua Rin
    Joshua Rin 3 hours ago

    Dragons Den? Guess you guys dont have the license or patent for Shark Tank Branding.... And for that reason. I'm out

  • Prestigious King
    Prestigious King 4 hours ago

    He's a dumbass meathead

  • Danny Edwardo
    Danny Edwardo 4 hours ago

    Great product, great negotiations, great investment...I hope this one goes well. Good luck to all involved!

  • JonnyWisdom
    JonnyWisdom 4 hours ago

    9:16 - Made olde Doocan blush at the end hahaha

  • KhoiKO
    KhoiKO 4 hours ago

    Jenny - " What you got is a great product and you need help of a investor and what they can bring " For that reason " I'm Out"

  • DylValentine
    DylValentine 4 hours ago

    Health club magnate Dookan Boonatoon

  • Clown Centralia
    Clown Centralia 4 hours ago

    Duncan ruthless as a mfer lol..

  • Air Quotes
    Air Quotes 4 hours ago

    Take my money 😭

  • Dex Ssm
    Dex Ssm 4 hours ago

    Bless his soul! If I was a millionaire I’ll just invest for the sake of his story

  • mario evyeniou
    mario evyeniou 4 hours ago

    I went trick or treating round at jenny's house.. after knocking the door, i saw the curtains move and I saw a figure hiding behind them . Then from the distance i heard those 2 beautiful words......

  • Jubes R
    Jubes R 4 hours ago

    This guy is such a pretentious nob. They could have easily secured an offer if they weren’t so defensive

  • KhoiKO
    KhoiKO 4 hours ago

    seedweed man like hold up im making more than her lol

  • KhoiKO
    KhoiKO 4 hours ago

    You cant beat salt fool, its number 1 seasoning forever.

  • KhoiKO
    KhoiKO 4 hours ago

    You cant even breath right

  • KhoiKO
    KhoiKO 5 hours ago

    He went china to get them make a bullshit nail gel, same as other nail gel but label as natural. Its a scam.

  • Daily Parcel Express

    Theo P is always picking up on the faults 🤔 ..

  • Mr. Rize AG
    Mr. Rize AG 5 hours ago

    I can tell Peter wanted to use this patent as the drop box for drone-delivered groceries. Pretty smart, but wasn't worth the hassle.

  • Tempus Fugit
    Tempus Fugit 5 hours ago

    The washing line chap isn't who you think he is , just watch this ep 3 times and you will spot the sarcasm and narcissism when he is turned down. ...hate to burst your bubbles folks but I have met ( throughout my career ) many of his ilk . When a spouse dies and a need to re-write history sets in because the husband /wife has neglected , ignored , bullied and abused the deceased this type of person swells up with pride and brags about their so called sacrifices . You may think I am harsh but .. ( as Chaucer said in the Wife of Bath's Tales) "Experience. .though non authority " referring to St.Peter the virgin who had authority but no experience of sexual pleasure compared to the several times widowed Wife .

  • Quantris
    Quantris 5 hours ago

    None of them brought up the hackability of this solution. 100% would never install this or anything like it.

  • reira miya
    reira miya 5 hours ago

    This would sell here in Japan for use indoors - might have to come in smaller sizes, as well, to fit better into Japanese apartments and homes (many have much lower ceilings and smaller rooms) and even businesses (that wash their own towels, like dentists, hairdressers, etc.).

  • 9 hundred
    9 hundred 5 hours ago

    he still didn't get it after evans tried drilling it in at the end

  • 9 hundred
    9 hundred 5 hours ago

    debrah looks very russian

  • Quantris
    Quantris 5 hours ago

    Jenny: I'm ovt

  • Carol Fremel
    Carol Fremel 5 hours ago

    There are a lot of women working on the roads in australia - they are always holding lollypops - never seen one with a shovel or a jack hammer

  • 9 hundred
    9 hundred 5 hours ago

    it doesn't solve a problem, just use a sharpie

  • Tomorrow We Live
    Tomorrow We Live 6 hours ago

    She looks so evil in the thumbnail lol

  • 9 hundred
    9 hundred 6 hours ago

    silly deborah, she should know that all products need warnings for dumb people. If you drink the non-toxic nail polish instead of applying it to the nail, then you should seek medical attention.

  • Spxx Fones
    Spxx Fones 6 hours ago

    The richest man i ever saw

  • Angel
    Angel 6 hours ago

    Omg washing line John u should have got ur wife a DRYER!

  • Makken Makken
    Makken Makken 6 hours ago

    In Australia we call a toilet a Dunny Can.

  • 9 hundred
    9 hundred 6 hours ago

    peter needs more coffee, he is so tired always, just like post malone. he should tattoo it under his eyes.

  • Atto boi
    Atto boi 6 hours ago

    Entrepreneur: I. FIX. PAIN. Jenny: I. AM. OUT.

  • vanessa Smith
    vanessa Smith 6 hours ago

    Most adorable couple on dragons den 👫

  • Crazy Loon
    Crazy Loon 7 hours ago

    Did Jenny actually make a deal?

  • Joshua Rin
    Joshua Rin 7 hours ago

    I dont have a reason to be out. And for that reason. I'm in.

  • Bits N Pieces Babe
    Bits N Pieces Babe 7 hours ago

    Geez that was intense haha

  • Tomorrow We Live
    Tomorrow We Live 7 hours ago

    Noelle really seems like someone who needs someone to help her and keep her stable

  • KhoiKO
    KhoiKO 7 hours ago

    Nah he gambled all that millions. He got no money.

  • KhoiKO
    KhoiKO 7 hours ago

    Bad product.

  • FullMetal
    FullMetal 7 hours ago

    so.... honey

  • AJS Hutchison
    AJS Hutchison 8 hours ago

    3:02 - Sarah Willingham wants to get a grasp of something else of Dan's say her eyes.

  • Des Sherwood Guitar Tuition

    They should give a cable to Eric Johnson. Problem solved.

  • Lee Ames
    Lee Ames 8 hours ago

    Doocan? 🤣

  • Axl Dave
    Axl Dave 8 hours ago

    Jenny would suck at doing the Hokey Cokey.

  • kevin Ikeonu
    kevin Ikeonu 8 hours ago

    What a beauty

  • Jive Talk
    Jive Talk 9 hours ago

    Wait wait wait is this shark tank? Tf y’all on 😂😂

  • Mandeep Kalsi
    Mandeep Kalsi 9 hours ago

    LOL funny dude

  • bilinas mini
    bilinas mini 9 hours ago

    "Hi Dragons, my name is ---" Jenny: "Hi. My name is Jenny. And for that reason, I'm out."

  • Panda390
    Panda390 9 hours ago

    Because no one ever gets nail polish on their skin, just the nail....

  • Susu Sketches
    Susu Sketches 9 hours ago

    Good thing to NOT get a patent to make it illegal inventing different types of helmets with lights. Would suck

  • Gun Runner
    Gun Runner 9 hours ago

    "20% is to much"....let's all offer 20% Retards

  • Preston Siegler
    Preston Siegler 9 hours ago

    🤢🤢🤢🤮 ew. Why the fudge would I want to sit on a fuzzy toilet seat?! That sounds nasty...

  • Clifton Manley
    Clifton Manley 9 hours ago

    Only the British would think a washing line doesn't need to rotate... Washing Lines NEED TO ROTATE... in Australia the wind blows them around....... this would work for a place like the UK where the wind doesn't blow except up your ass... lol

  • Joseph Demello
    Joseph Demello 9 hours ago

    I love Debra she's honest and fair

  • Joseph Demello
    Joseph Demello 10 hours ago

    I don't like kids so I'm out!

  • Susu Sketches
    Susu Sketches 10 hours ago

    Our homecoffemachine makes coffee in 50 seconds

  • ღSwnsasyღ _
    ღSwnsasyღ _ 10 hours ago

    This guy is such a peach.... Absolutely love his story and him! This was for the older days John, not for today but absolutely love this guy so much... Maybe he can invent something for today though...

  • SMb
    SMb 10 hours ago

    Design edit instead of having that think to scrap the dirt off just have plastic blunt spinks on the base of the bush

  • Susu Sketches
    Susu Sketches 10 hours ago

    He got no Tegridy

  • Mass Debater
    Mass Debater 10 hours ago

    And I says to her what you moaning about haha he is great reminds me of me grandad good luck geeza

  • King Kricha
    King Kricha 10 hours ago

    when she said: hsahshs hsahshs I felt that

  • jay
    jay 10 hours ago


  • Piers
    Piers 10 hours ago

    With a few tweaks, this could actually be great for old people. I instantly thought of my grandparents when watching this.

  • Cosmic Dark Matter
    Cosmic Dark Matter 11 hours ago

    There are already small staffing agencies in the US that put women in construction type jobs... And as women, its a shame they can't even impress Deborah Meadon, shame...

  • Gordon C
    Gordon C 11 hours ago

    They should hire private security on the den to eject people like these two privileged prats. Theo had it right.Many years ago the deaths of children that had locked themselves in dumped refrigerator's by accident brought about a major change in the manufacturing of refrigerator's so as none of these needless deaths of children ever happened again.Theo's stance should have been the one reason for all of the Dragons to declare themselves out.Shame on you other Dragons.

  • Dot Exe
    Dot Exe 11 hours ago

    So kids will be pressing that button as a toy, wasting a lot of water. Bad idea.

  • Cosmic Dark Matter
    Cosmic Dark Matter 11 hours ago

    I would like Hilary's blue jacket...

  • Morys Hitchings
    Morys Hitchings 11 hours ago

    Was that arkangel by black mirror

  • Jit Rai
    Jit Rai 11 hours ago

    "If i get anyone, it'll be Peter, Debra, Theo... I was not to sure about you Jenny."

  • Dot Exe
    Dot Exe 11 hours ago

    Finally! Someone doing a buy back deal to lower the share %. It's what should happen way more often. It also shows you are confident in your product.

  • Scottish gal89
    Scottish gal89 11 hours ago

    You mean you slept in your caravan not car😂😂😂

  • Jay Jones
    Jay Jones 11 hours ago

    Poor old guy: "My wife died" Theo: talks about his own wife

  • Nick Tate
    Nick Tate 11 hours ago


  • Cosmic Dark Matter
    Cosmic Dark Matter 11 hours ago

    Deborah was out before asking her favorite patent protection questions.... this is not normal.

  • Angelicatoo
    Angelicatoo 11 hours ago

    It's like watching paint dry lol.

  • Shahin KG
    Shahin KG 11 hours ago

    I like this guy , he is very lovely. God bless him.

  • Richard Dale
    Richard Dale 11 hours ago

    Sexy Sarah