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  • M _R
    M _R 8 minutes ago

    I don’t understand why they are investing

  • Dames Jay
    Dames Jay 11 minutes ago

    Jenny: "I never make investments, so I'm in" Entrepreneurs: "you're out"

  • Brian McDonald
    Brian McDonald 20 minutes ago

    He really does look like a desk licker

  • Mr Jones
    Mr Jones 30 minutes ago

    And there was me thinking the EU ain't all that bad!

  • HartleyX
    HartleyX 31 minute ago

    Jenny when she announces she likes women I'm out

  • trolli polli
    trolli polli 33 minutes ago

    So a database that stores customers id's and other meta information and it was created by the Israeli government, wow sign me in, maybe I can give them a shit sample too.

  • James Lee
    James Lee 34 minutes ago

    2:18 Jenny is planning alternative uses for those items in her hands

  • dave101t
    dave101t 43 minutes ago

    i feel for this guy, he was less nervous than i would be. but he did mess up on the gluten thing. know your product.

  • Ivor Scrotumic
    Ivor Scrotumic 52 minutes ago

    To anybody who's called that man stupid in the past.......Take a good look at this & see the genius that he is.

  • pixelTox GG.
    pixelTox GG. 55 minutes ago

    a nuddle sitting in water and in a conceled bag ?!!! that taste have to be awful ..:( moist soggy weak mushy ..bleeeee

  • LadyDragonsblood
    LadyDragonsblood 57 minutes ago

    They are missing the point.... people LOVE adventure things like this...and would easily pay twenty pounds to do it....just for the reasons Peter said they WOULDN'T want to do it.

  • JL H
    JL H Hour ago

    Oh my this guy Is really one arrogant and very self centered asswipe.I am shocked at the way this guy Is speaking to the dragon's his treating them like something his stepped in.

  • EinkOLED
    EinkOLED Hour ago

    Jenny only invests in the shitest businesses.

  • UK NOW
    UK NOW Hour ago


  • Haydn Po
    Haydn Po Hour ago

    Ridiculous pitch. Ridiculous product.

  • mortdog
    mortdog Hour ago

    13:22 I hate that awkward moment when your new investor tries to kiss you but you're not ready yet

  • Orange Car Bad
    Orange Car Bad Hour ago

    The future of Britain is bright if they stay out of Rotherham.

  • Leehamster
    Leehamster Hour ago

    Jenny: what’s a fitness? Before you answer, I’m out.

  • Nicholas Rolfe
    Nicholas Rolfe Hour ago

    Yes, he should not have said chemical free, but the mistake here is that the comments Deborah read out were (I believe) read from a MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) which deals with the bulk transport and handling about large amounts of the chemical. His use of the term 'non-toxic' was probably taken from a Toxicological Risk Assessment and were probably correct. The point that is missed here is that a chemical risk assessment takes into account the 'normal use and foreseeable misuse' of a product. A product can have a horrendous MSDS yet also be classed as non-toxic. He didn't word it properly and should not have had a folder with an MSDS in it.

  • david tunnicliff

    haha, yeah need two dragons. one to build the business, and one to explain to peter what it does.

  • HighFlyerPL185
    HighFlyerPL185 Hour ago

    I don't get the appeal for this guy. Are people turned on by his arrogance? I don't know where in the five minutes before Jenny says "you're very persuasive", he actually showed that quality? He got his values wrong, and Peter keeps disagreeing with his evaluations. He's a bit witty, confident and arrogant, but he doesn't carry massive balls in his leather bag. He's confident, okay, but Peter's done him over here with the 25%, not the other way around. Peter's the smarter con here, as always. He also completely ignored Jenny (which was funny, "Sorry, sorry" haha awkward), because he was too busy being sly against Peter, who has done him over anyway?

  • david tunnicliff

    love it. best wishes for them, i think the product is great.

  • x
    x Hour ago

    Back to the Kebab shop then.

  • OHKPodcasts
    OHKPodcasts Hour ago

    people are dying of hunger, Britian is trying to feed its dogs ice cream.. priorities

  • Ghebrehiwet
    Ghebrehiwet Hour ago

    10:16 AT WHAT PRICE?!

  • david tunnicliff

    he can use all the unsold stock to paint his skoda.

  • Antony D'Andrea
    Antony D'Andrea Hour ago

    the cutting of these uploads infuriates viewers

  • X88B88
    X88B88 Hour ago

    Jenny: Well gentlemen, here is my cv, as you can see it is a blank sheet of paper, and for that reason, you’re out.

  • Matt Doeland
    Matt Doeland Hour ago

    Peter’s microphone sounds terrible. I’m out.

  • The Butler
    The Butler Hour ago

    As an artist I like all kinds of art and craft.. so i tried knitting as well, its probably one of the most boring craft, it requires no skill just a lot of patience and time, anyone can do it with a book of instructions

  • Ghebrehiwet
    Ghebrehiwet Hour ago

    3:17 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • MystiCalBEING89
    MystiCalBEING89 Hour ago

    u cant invest in this lol come on never get a investment

  • Sarah Jones
    Sarah Jones Hour ago

    Thank you Duncan patience is not on the wealthy dragons agenda .

  • Manj Sher
    Manj Sher Hour ago

    That Indian dragon, once you see that nose... Is hypnotic.

  • afgzee
    afgzee Hour ago

    what the fuck? Jenny made an offer?

  • john smith
    john smith Hour ago

    When hilary says you're a typical yorkshireman. Substitute the word yorkshireman for the word wanker. It is a more accurate appraisal.

  • Yusuf Gazi
    Yusuf Gazi Hour ago

    I feel sorry for them

  • david tunnicliff

    nice to see the guy get a good grilling............very valuable experience for him.

  • Pana Sonic
    Pana Sonic 2 hours ago

    Peter was indeed talking rubbish! Why and how would he be subsidising their salaries when they are still having their jobs??

  • david tunnicliff
    david tunnicliff 2 hours ago

    i didnt see any threat?

  • CyclonePlays
    CyclonePlays 2 hours ago

    Coventry is a bad place to start. Lol

  • Bert
    Bert 2 hours ago

    What a rubbish idea

  • JL H
    JL H 2 hours ago

    He seems a bit dodgy to be blunt.

  • Ed Va
    Ed Va 2 hours ago

    200k for 20% puts a value of the company at 1 mill, which is not fair to old investors. 200k for 5% is 1year old 4 mill valuation. He simply couldn't go any lower.

  • Umair Javed
    Umair Javed 2 hours ago

    Jenny borrowed Stack of money to put on table next to her just for the sake of show

  • Ben
    Ben 2 hours ago

    Peters popularity may simply come from how confident he acts and intelligent on this show he looks. . . . . But his real life portfolio backs him up (what even is that word portfolio)

  • Martin McGrath
    Martin McGrath 2 hours ago

    Well done Duncan.. Good man.

  • CemtecUk
    CemtecUk 2 hours ago

    Never invest in a man who wears empty frames....what a bellend!

  • sam jackson
    sam jackson 2 hours ago

    The homeless bird at the local high street makes more investments than Jonny Campbell

  • hawri hemin
    hawri hemin 2 hours ago

    Did he just say it is "chemical free" this guy either doesn't know what chemical really is, or he hasn't studied chemistry if he thinks his nail polish/varnish is completely chemical free.

  • Afid Dhia
    Afid Dhia 2 hours ago

    I watched too many dragon den, dont need to take econ major

  • MrPreZidentZ
    MrPreZidentZ 2 hours ago

    Probably one of their worst investments. £2 margin and will require huge amounts of money to get anywhere and compete with the likes of GSK and optimum nutrition

  • Jimmy Baldwin
    Jimmy Baldwin 2 hours ago

    Why do the dragons always use common sense which has been around for many years. And people in todays day and age dont use it anymore ?

  • Perils
    Perils 2 hours ago

    Duncan Bannatyne is not a nice man.

    AL PAAPI 2 hours ago

    Jenny wants to show how keen she is by making an offer for half the money...LOL. She has made an offer knowing they will not choose her.

  • goodcat1982
    goodcat1982 2 hours ago


  • El Gringo
    El Gringo 2 hours ago

    well done i love to see others succeed .

  • Zain Anwar
    Zain Anwar 2 hours ago

    Deborah is my favourite investor forever.

  • Ali
    Ali 3 hours ago

    Tej should have asked for 50% they would have gone for it.

  • Yusuf Gazi
    Yusuf Gazi 3 hours ago

    Touker and Tej are lads

  • darran fallas
    darran fallas 3 hours ago

    A marksman will not be everyone's problem to most of us commenting on this video? But just goes to show what humans need over an academic brain will solve a problem anyday?

  • Sarah Jones
    Sarah Jones 3 hours ago

    Why does everyone attack and ridicule Jenny ? it is juvenile and getting to be SO boring.....

  • Christian Audigier & Jhonny Walker

    Jenny only invest when she sees other dragons investing.Whenever she sees the negative feedback from other dragons,she declines to invest !!!she has been getting more free samples rather than investing.

  • Sir Walter Raleigh
    Sir Walter Raleigh 3 hours ago

    I wanna fuck that lady on the right side of the thumbnail. What a feisty semen demon.

  • Lesmond 45
    Lesmond 45 3 hours ago

    Duncan Bannatyne was unnecessarily rude here when the lady was polite to him.... sometimes they can be such A*******s!

  • Sparky Malarky
    Sparky Malarky 3 hours ago

    I reckon jenny is skint dragons den ia actually her full time job 😂

  • Helterskelter4
    Helterskelter4 3 hours ago

    ''I would accept your view, but you're completely wrong''.....Sounds like the average New Zealand bloke lol

  • 4exgold
    4exgold 3 hours ago

    it seems a very interesting business but he himself is a bit of a chancer, as well as that whole passive aggressive thing in his conversations. He would not work well with any investors and he's definetly got some kind of personality issues going on so yeah, smart move by the Dragons to ditch him.

  • David H
    David H 3 hours ago

    This must be one of the best episodes ever....!!...What a wonderful couple and very well done Deborah !!.

  • Fin Trotter
    Fin Trotter 3 hours ago

    ALl the dragons are deaf and always want 40% Why would you ever start a business relationship with people pulling your pants down?

  • Jpgitters Official
    Jpgitters Official 3 hours ago

    What if the balloon pops and ur eating ice cream and someone’s dead grandmas ashes just blow onto ur ice cream? Imagine a pane going down because ur grandmas ashes😂 she died doing what she loved.....killing other ppl....

  • NeeP
    NeeP 3 hours ago

    supplement is such a boring and crowded market these days. Like every 3rd pitch is about supplements like wtf....

  • trolli polli
    trolli polli 3 hours ago

    What they're offering is HIGHLY in demand, I myself struggle to find such products and would buy in a heartbeat specially after hearing they genuinely use good quality stuff and they don't make a crazy margin but sure they'd need plenty of money to start up, Airbnb made enormous loses and no profit for years (they understood that's what it takes) so did many other major companies but these greedy rich men wouldn't dare say Airbnb was a bad business... I wish these guys could get their money from somewhere else so they could sell good prodcts without making outrageous margins, everybody would win.

  • Mark S
    Mark S 3 hours ago

    Jenny says that she is keen to invest and to show how keen she is, her words, she offers only half the money.

  • Linda Sue Sharma
    Linda Sue Sharma 3 hours ago

    Aww .. I never thought this show would make me almost cry .. I’m so so happy for them !!!

  • Albert Lin
    Albert Lin 3 hours ago

    these dragons are morons. people love such experiences, and underground tunnels/spaces are hot comodity for parties and events. I mean..if people would stand in line for 2 hours to go into a museum to see wax figurines of people they see on TV, why wouldn't people want to experience this? Furthermore, WW2 buffs would flock there.

  • Mark S
    Mark S 4 hours ago

    It was Tej not Touker who said that.

  • Kay Shiva
    Kay Shiva 4 hours ago

    I think I might have a stroke....Jenny made an offer 😐

  • Michael Spillane
    Michael Spillane 4 hours ago

    I genuinely feel so happy for this couple!

  • Colin Luby
    Colin Luby 4 hours ago

    That fact that Farley owns 50 companies is what worries me, how much time can he put into each one? As long as the profits are there, would be the main concern. Would you want his python like grip sucking off your profits whilst he’s in a casino in Monaco? No.

  • Tweet Protocol
    Tweet Protocol 4 hours ago

    1:30 Oooh hello ducky. Duncan's suppressed inner gay slipping out momentarily for the world to see lol!.

  • pukeylukey199
    pukeylukey199 4 hours ago

    Yay know those people will be able to knit their own ropes. It gets rid of stress and all that junk because you are good at it, you are super depressed you try knitting and you fail and fail it makes you worse. Also she totally pronounced crocheting as crow-sitting not cro-shae-ing

    IMDSKCNT 4 hours ago

    Hahaha Peter Jones set Jenny up, her face dropped when he said he was out.

  • Chrizla
    Chrizla 4 hours ago

    Jenny needs to pack her empty bags and leave. The amount of times she has said “I’m out” and she’s not left is ridiculous.

  • Josh
    Josh 4 hours ago

    he should of came back with 8-10%

  • David Davesby
    David Davesby 4 hours ago

    When you're rich you can be a cunt, it's ok guys. They're rich! I hope this guys smashes it with fellas!

  • BritishMoralHQ
    BritishMoralHQ 4 hours ago

    jenny came with a blank sheet of paper...few years ago and that paper is still blank as a canvas. and for that reason im out...

  • ace sigma
    ace sigma 4 hours ago


  • A Geary
    A Geary 4 hours ago

    I love how he nearly fell getting out of the lift at the end........lol

  • Z M
    Z M 4 hours ago

    Jenny wasnt has in yet coz when she was asked she said shes out

  • l2play`
    l2play` 4 hours ago

    Investors call Jenny for help Investors: "Jenny we need your help!" Jenny: "I'm on it" (hangs up) (Jenny proceeds to sit down on the floor crossed legged) Jenny: "Ooohhhmmmmm" (starts chanting hysterically) (Phone rings again) Investors: "Jenny! Where are you!" Jenny: "I'm sending you all my energy!"

  • RustRabbit
    RustRabbit 4 hours ago

    worried about repeat business ... there is no worry with musicians they will leave the things everywhere lol

  • Robert Langdon
    Robert Langdon 4 hours ago

    "Dragons" lol

  • Colin Luby
    Colin Luby 4 hours ago

    The company used to sell 100% natural products but then sold out, like the mentioned ‘Maximuscle’ by filling their pro with cheap chemicals and retaining prices and initiating bloated price increases. Stay well clear of bodybuilding; full of sharks and liars

  • Robert Langdon
    Robert Langdon 4 hours ago

    Why does he begin all his sentences with "So.."?

  • Prav Chap
    Prav Chap 4 hours ago

    Jenny couldn't be a cricket batsman, because she would always be out.

  • Jason Poole
    Jason Poole 4 hours ago

    He aint stupid, he just aint good at that particular thing, but is very good at something else.

  • Catherine Cullen
    Catherine Cullen 4 hours ago

    She can't even pronounce crotchet...

  • hugo decroix
    hugo decroix 4 hours ago

    I don’t know what they have seen in this business but it didn’t sound great.

  • Mahamed Mohamed
    Mahamed Mohamed 4 hours ago

    Tej looks like he’s been smoking that louddddd 🍃