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  • James Cutter
    James Cutter 34 seconds ago

    Good movie, Yes. Scary, not even in the slightest. How can you consider this a horror movie?

  • itaketheSQUARE
    itaketheSQUARE Minute ago

    YUP! Just finished it and THATS the "shot". Whewwwwwy.....thats a big hell no from me dog. 10/10

  • Cheyenne - FD3Freak
    Cheyenne - FD3Freak 2 minutes ago

    So awesome to see that you loved this movie so much. It’s definitely one of my favorites.

  • Mason Sommers
    Mason Sommers 7 minutes ago

    Just saw it tonight. This video is perfect

  • Mr Z3r0
    Mr Z3r0 7 minutes ago

    omg this is the kind of movie I have been missing so much !! Filmmakers out there, please make more of these, with creatures and monsters!! :)

  • K.S. Stoner
    K.S. Stoner 9 minutes ago

    Going to watch it right this second! Thanks Chris

  • Anios Arkhangelisk
    Anios Arkhangelisk 14 minutes ago

    I've just watched that movie and I've got to type that it's just a work of art, the world and Nature is absolutely beautiful and it hits so hard emotionally, the animation is just perfect and it's so well made and especially the music, it's just so amazing, this is just a perfect movie.

  • Brandon Harris
    Brandon Harris 19 minutes ago

    Watched this and immediately checked out the movie. For context, I watched it with headphones on in the dark and it just wrapped at 2:32 am. Very slow. Feels like it piles on the intrigue but doesn't deliver. I interpret the ending like "Well, that was weird, but we decided to move on." Beautifully shot, and eerie, but never delivers or "scares". The first time I saw Paranormal Activity it kept me up for 3 days straight. It was all me and my buddy could talk about. I'm going to sleep like a baby after this one. I definately reckon this was inspiration for PA, but PA did it better.

  • hahatime12
    hahatime12 21 minute ago

    I mean if you don’t take the movie seriously, it’s a good cheesy movie.

  • James Fry
    James Fry 22 minutes ago

    Also: I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy any part of this movie. The scene where Cap is not sure about who won the war when Ned Beatty drives a German car with a Japanese radio? Pretty funny.

  • Rambling Movie Takes
    Rambling Movie Takes 22 minutes ago

    Review Hell House LLC ( the first one ) , it’s on Shudder and I guarantee you that you will be terrified watching that movie damn near from start to finish. When I say that the hairs on my arms were standing up , and that I nearly left the room at one point know that I’m not exaggerating. Talk about underrated horror gems. That’s an underrated horror gem.

  • sicilianotoronto
    sicilianotoronto 23 minutes ago

    Saw it in VIP theatre and it was sold out

  • James Fry
    James Fry 25 minutes ago

    Hm. I wasn't bothered at all by Christopher Reeve breaking the fourth wall at the end of SUPERMAN THE MOVIE. Of course, that movie was (and still is) spectacular and this one...not so much.

  • Raj Saha
    Raj Saha 29 minutes ago

    Yes! One of my favorite horror movies :D

  • Blingdream
    Blingdream 30 minutes ago

    Please review Tucker and Dale versus evil!! PLEASE!!

  • karla hernandez
    karla hernandez 31 minute ago

    I just watched this movie last week for my “31 days of horror” list for this year. I did not find it scary at all. Instead, I found it incredibly sad. It truly felt like a real family dealing with grief in a very raw way and I agree the actors’s emotional restraint is what sold the story. I liked the movie a lot. I think this is an indie gem and glad you reviewed it so maybe more people see it.

  • sicilianotoronto
    sicilianotoronto 32 minutes ago

    I loved it, movie was great!

  • 21melpomene
    21melpomene 32 minutes ago

    Just saw it today and thought it was genius. One of the most devastating and profound looks into the devolution of a character ever. Love your reviews, Chris -- they're always so thoughtful and articulate. I agree with you wholeheartedly (barring the Scorsese parallel criticisms since I've never seen Taxi Driver).

  • New Generation AnpanGirl
    New Generation AnpanGirl 34 minutes ago

    Also, many people who hates psychological horror movies are those who hate thinking, lacks imagination, and hates pondering over dark issues of life.

  • Peter Sison
    Peter Sison 34 minutes ago

    This movie is legit scary... i liked it

  • Taylor Pennington
    Taylor Pennington 34 minutes ago

    That’s a rad shirt

  • Always_Serpico
    Always_Serpico 35 minutes ago

    Jesus wept.

  • Shabako Cooper
    Shabako Cooper 35 minutes ago

    FINALLY a FAIR non bias, non directorial, non fanboying review of a movie. Well done sir...well done! :) I look forward to others. This is my favorite part of the year as well

  • Batman _
    Batman _ 37 minutes ago

    0/10 no justice

  • TJT Reviews
    TJT Reviews 40 minutes ago

    Just watched it... holy shit!!

  • PardonMySanity
    PardonMySanity 43 minutes ago

    Honestly disappointed with this one, maybe it wasn't my thing but it wasn't scary to me in the slightest. Not much at all happened in it and I kept waiting for some kind of shift in tension or pacing but it never really did.

  • Taylor Corbin
    Taylor Corbin 43 minutes ago

    Thought I had a pretty good collection....until I watched this video lol

  • Dimension of Darkness
    Dimension of Darkness 43 minutes ago

    Thanks Chris, I'm headed to Amazon Prime!

  • 99 Red Balloons 🎈
    99 Red Balloons 🎈 44 minutes ago

    I watched it in 2008 because it was an after dark horror special film. 7/10 not the best but pretty good nevertheless. Best horror movie to this day is Noroi: The Curse and of course Kairo

  • David Lavender
    David Lavender 44 minutes ago

    Hey Chris, love your videos. Do you still collect amiibo's for Smash Ultimate. I have King K Rool, Snake, Pirahana Plant, Pikachu, and King Deedee,

  • The Automotive Kid
    The Automotive Kid 46 minutes ago

    One of the best scenes was with the therapist and her mom giving the dream sequence.

  • Garrus1995
    Garrus1995 52 minutes ago

    Man, when he killed that dude he used to work with? Fucking brutal. I was honestly surprised by that scene because the violence beforehand wasn't particularly graphic or drawn out. When he shoots those three assholes on the subway, it was pretty quick and there wasn't much blood, but him killing that dude was intense. I hope we get more comic book adaptations in the future like this; movies that try something fresh and aren't afraid to get serious.

  • Richard Letanec
    Richard Letanec 52 minutes ago

    Idk... the atmosphere is great until that one plot twist when it all breaks... then they try to change it with another plot twist and a good jumpscare... atmospherically it's great the first half but really I wouldn't say "it's the scariest horror movie ever"

  • Cleothaluum
    Cleothaluum 55 minutes ago

    I messaged Anderson via the Lake Mungo website, to compliment his work, tell him how he had inspired the direction of my own directorial debut... Nada. No response.

  • Suthangnanan 2000
    Suthangnanan 2000 56 minutes ago

    Get "Stuckmanized"

  • MoviesWithJosh
    MoviesWithJosh 59 minutes ago

    There is a free app called tubi. You can watch it for free there just with ads.

  • Ian Smart
    Ian Smart 59 minutes ago

    This is a GREAT movie.

  • Theo Lamp
    Theo Lamp Hour ago

    Cinematically, it is incredibly impressive. Yet, I could care less about the characters. I wanted to like this film, but I couldn't. But, Nolan's Dunkirk is amazing. Still not character involvement, but it is still great in every other way.

  • Lysol
    Lysol Hour ago

    I agree with you Chris, the hype was dumb. I do however think the REASON for the hype was that the film makes the killing sprees of other real people seem somehow legitimized, and might maybe possibly you never know inspire others to rationalize some violent act they may have been considering before seeing the movie in a similar way that Arthur does. I really think that’s why so many people have criticized it, not for the violence, but for the rationalization of the violence. Again, I think that’s kind of silly, to me it’s just an interesting tragedy with some Macbeth-esque themes, but most movie goers lack the ability to disaggregate a story’s fictional elements from its real world inspirations.

  • Joseph Elliott
    Joseph Elliott Hour ago

    1000% watching this.

  • Brennan Scott
    Brennan Scott Hour ago

    What makes the film work is that it's about how, as a family, we deal with loss; first. Any terror that comes after and in between becomes far more potent. A well done mockumentary and well done review.

  • The Molecule FX boulder

    In the last two days I have watched two films: Joker and 1st season of Goliath [billy bob thornton]. Goliath was great, lot of memorable script moments and cerebral plot twists. Did Joker have any of either? Not that I noticed. I would say Joker is a bit like Requiem for a Dream meets Taxi Driver, but not nearly as good by any criteria. Is Joaquin's character, really the only actor in the film, anything but monochromatic? Marginally crazy guy loses his job, gets a gun, and predictably gets more crazy. Did something else happen?

  • Louis Johnson
    Louis Johnson Hour ago

    "I kinda like that I've never been quoted," ~Chris Stuckmann

  • Brenden Sellers
    Brenden Sellers Hour ago

    Lake Mungo had me sleeping with the lights on for a couple nights. It disturbed me and disturbs me more the more I think about it. It was great!

  • Landen Weldon
    Landen Weldon Hour ago

    Watched this movie because of your video. I’m sad to say that I’m afraid of the dark again.

  • Jane A
    Jane A Hour ago

    If a person has been bullied for a .long time and snapped who is the bad guy???

  • GokuMUI#1
    GokuMUI#1 Hour ago

    Hey uhh there's a chopper over there get to it.😁

  • Ever After
    Ever After Hour ago

    Getting ready for Halloween by watching horror movie reviews.😵

  • Kevin Duncan
    Kevin Duncan Hour ago

    I watched this because Chris recommended it he is usually right but I'm pretty mixed about this one. I felt like some parts were kind of creepy but not really scary. Especially, the ceiling scene was almost laughable. I liked the story until about the last 30 minutes or so and then I just felt bad for everyone involved. Not excited or thrilled just...bad. Which is not how I usually feel after a horror movie. Maybe that is why people consider it special because it stimulates a different response from the audience. However, because I didn't find it very scary it just came off to me as depressing. I did like Hereditary, which a lot of people seem to criticize so maybe I'm just weird.

  • micheal stephanie

    The violence in the Joker is like 3/10 I would go as far as to say it's barely violent

  • TigerBloodMan
    TigerBloodMan Hour ago


  • Labot.234
    Labot.234 Hour ago

    a good horror movie.... 8/10 fyi, afterdark horrorfest a.k.a _8 film to die for_ , is a horror film festival (low budget).. and Lake Mungo was one of the 8 film from the afterdark horrorfest 4, along with DREAD, THE FINAL, THE GRAVES, KILL THEORY, THE REEDS, HIDDEN and ZMD : ZOMBIES OF MASS DESTRUCTION. U can check 'em out Chris, good movies, not all of them tho

  • Robert Zenni
    Robert Zenni Hour ago

    Breaking Bad was good but Mad Men was better

  • TigerBloodMan
    TigerBloodMan Hour ago

    If you haven't see it you're a fucking moron.

  • DartSpitter
    DartSpitter Hour ago

    I finished this film 20 minutes ago, and it had changed everything I expect from horror films.

  • Stefanie H.
    Stefanie H. Hour ago

    The girl started re-appearing after he had involuntarily been taken off his meds and she only says what he wants to hear.

  • Teppei Ando
    Teppei Ando Hour ago

    Just watched it. Wow. I'm not usually a fan of the found footage genre but the performances were so natural and soulful throughout. Just as much a film about grief as it was a spooky ghost story. Great recomendation

  • Josh Just Played You

    Going to check it out. You better not be fucking lying. 😂

  • timothy lewis
    timothy lewis Hour ago

    All in the name of a good fuck

  • H Brown
    H Brown Hour ago

    I actually just watched this last week. I was more saddened than scared, but it was a great movie

  • J.P. Mahfouz
    J.P. Mahfouz Hour ago

    I walked out the first five minutes

  • Yonis YMA
    Yonis YMA Hour ago

    U think this is terrifying with hostel

  • EverythingGemini

    It's not about the violence.... Its the cerebral effect this movie has someone on the edge

  • flibber123
    flibber123 Hour ago

    Yup, I've seen this and it worth hunting down. Kind of a slow burn thing so you need to be okay with that.

  • LaDolcevita
    LaDolcevita Hour ago

    But a mockumentery has already been done; it’s caked Blair witch and that was disturbing too

  • Milton Jones
    Milton Jones Hour ago

    Boooooringggg-ahh OMG Chris you led me so wrong this was lame long and not even a little scary! Kudos to the actors for straight faces that's about it. Bless your heart.

  • Francis
    Francis Hour ago

    I love this film, it's one of the only ever that has truly freaked me out and disturbed me, I always recommend it and whenever I show my friends I don't tell them it is a mockumentary until after it is over.

  • Akash Patil-Terhune

    Violence in this movie was not bad at all

  • TheExBoxing Gamer

    Moose is Lenny from "Of Mice and Men".

  • The Jack
    The Jack Hour ago

    Ok so I just got done watching this and the pre credits actually fucking turned my spine to ice and I checked to make sure I wasn't being pranked aaaand yeh

  • manimuthu m a
    manimuthu m a Hour ago

    Try watching Tamil film *Maya*

  • dataseeker1
    dataseeker1 Hour ago

    To me it is Unfortunate this movie is a comic book film. When it starts needing to fulfill its comic origins i felt it fell apart.

  • Shamil Ibrahim
    Shamil Ibrahim Hour ago

    Not comparing the two in anyway but I think season 1 of Psycho-pass is criminally overlooked.. If you haven't watched, highly recommended 😊 The world building and concept is pretty damn unique..

  • Michael Thomas
    Michael Thomas Hour ago

    Simpson's already did motorcycle dueling.

  • Freddy Ortiz
    Freddy Ortiz Hour ago

    yall needed some soul reapers

  • ArielSees Coral
    ArielSees Coral Hour ago

    Just watched this today! It was really good lol. I’m not that into serious movies but I enjoyed it. I felt SO bad for Joker. So much shit leads up to him being Joker that you can’t even blame him. It was weird to see so many parallels between Gotham and real life. 😬

  • SpacetimeBoiling

    The Centabytes: Pinhead Chatterer Vagina neck Fatty Headstand

  • Marcus Gettel
    Marcus Gettel Hour ago

    Ha! It's a bee movie 🐝 LOL!

  • shivansh budakoti

    Do tekken

  • Damo
    Damo Hour ago

    I thought it was garbage, damn there goes my respect for you.

    MOBROOKS Hour ago

    I loved it as well because I saw it in 3D HFR the way it was intended to be seen. Ang Lee was very specific about that. Watching this film in 2d with a low frame rate and then talking shit about it is like buying a ferrari and driving it on a gravel road and then calling the ferrari an overrated piece of crap.

  • Camilla Koutsos
    Camilla Koutsos Hour ago

    The last time I saw this it was a new release on VHS. I really should see it again. I loved it.

  • Karmas Camera
    Karmas Camera Hour ago

    Fun Fact: The script has *no written dialogue* in it at all; every single line is completely dependent on improv

  • Zachary Collins
    Zachary Collins Hour ago

    A dark psychological masterpiece that subverts expectations about comic book movies. Part society creating socio/psychopaths; part Joker origin story. The acting, the dialogue, the twists, the open ending... THIS FUCKING MOVIE RULES!!! 🃏

  • Zachary Collins
    Zachary Collins Hour ago

    A dark psychological masterpiece that subverts expectations about comic book movies. Part society creating socio/psychopaths; part Joker origin story. The acting, the dialogue, the twists, the open ending... THIS FUCKING MOVIE RULES!!! 🃏

  • Ser_Weezus
    Ser_Weezus Hour ago

    One of the scariest horror films of all time gets an A?

  • Gooby
    Gooby Hour ago

    Never had someone talking during a movie i went to here in iceland, just the occasional phone light

  • 1206butler
    1206butler Hour ago

    Just watched it after seeing your review. It’s free on Tubi at the moment. Great movie, very interesting and err well it’s now 1am and I’m off to bed... 😶

  • rilluma
    rilluma Hour ago

    !! Doom ANNIHILATION. Review that pls!?

  • wvcraft
    wvcraft Hour ago

    If you do not understand that the media's reaction to this movie is about getting ticket sales then you are not smart enough to analyze movies.

  • Joseph Becerra
    Joseph Becerra Hour ago

    Just saw it. And oh my fucking god did it not disappoint. I screamed so damn loud that my parents heard me from the other side of the house. I got chills through the whole movie. Also, I saw it alone and couldn’t not get through the credits lol

  • MasterOnion North

    I watched this film a few years back. I thought it was really well done and creepy. It was also bittersweet, disturbing, and emotionally moving.

  • Emperor Palpatine

    Where do you get your T-shirts from? That one is dope!

  • ohzannyboy
    ohzannyboy Hour ago

    I did a double take when this popped up on my feed. Thought I was the only person aware of this gem. You’ve got ace taste, my dude.

  • mattlines
    mattlines Hour ago

    "One of the scariest films of all time..." Ok. You have my attention. "...that was ever discussed" Ugh. Come on Chris.

  • Alex Sanchez
    Alex Sanchez Hour ago

    Can you review El Camino?

  • Tim F.
    Tim F. Hour ago

    If you watch the movie, make certain you watch through the end credits. There’s a twist to the ending BUT there’s a different twist on top of that ending, revealed through the end credits. You will miss the true ending of the movie if you don’t watch through the end credits.

    MOBROOKS Hour ago

    Loved this film. It was so well shot. The 3D experience was the best I’ve seen since Gravity. I loved the clarity, and refresh rate. Plus, there were no jump cuts and quick edits during the action sequences and fight scenes which were a gift from heaven. I hate jump cuts and shaky cam during action sequences. Hey Chris, ya know how you feel about about jump scares in horror movies? Well that’s how I feel about shaky cam and jump cuts in action movies. So I applaud Ang for trying to push the film industry forward even though this film is not perfect. So yeah I whole hearted support this film.

  • OG MammacitaBear

    Why is he dressed as Mcloven from Super Bad

  • Joe Scott
    Joe Scott Hour ago

    Maybe as a whole it's not great, but there's a lot of good stuff in it