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  • Shrihari prabhu
    Shrihari prabhu 6 hours ago

    Which is the song they are dancing to ?

  • Juanito Esteves
    Juanito Esteves 6 hours ago

    if i was up there i would have a inverted bonner

  • David Fishenden
    David Fishenden 6 hours ago

    Shame it wasn't his house. My Godfather lives directly opposite him. On the same road as Jamie Redknapp and a few Chelsea players

  • K K
    K K 6 hours ago

    I feel like Elton is falling out with someone all the time.

  • Everything
    Everything 6 hours ago

    I feel bad for the dog.

  • Zakapholiac
    Zakapholiac 6 hours ago

    Was this Ben Collins or a professional rally car driver as the stig?

  • ScorpionMassive
    ScorpionMassive 6 hours ago

    Stoffle should be hired by the Cartels.

  • Tuna Rainfall
    Tuna Rainfall 6 hours ago

    Only Lin Manuel Miranda is cool enough to have his own steampunk balloon and a singing hare on board.

  • Brenden Parker
    Brenden Parker 7 hours ago

    a warm fuzzy hedgehoggy distraction from the rigors of 2019. Thanks! needed some cute in my day

  • Jovan Jovanovic
    Jovan Jovanovic 7 hours ago

    This is the *true* try not to say *AWW* challenge

    COH2 ROMMEL 7 hours ago

    The problem is that the original basis and foundation this dump of a nation was built on ,is now the worst problem here!People came here to escape religious persecution,Racism,corrupt govt.s,out of control taxes,and subjugation.Well now the U.S. is the most corrupt racist place on the planet,complete case of the solution becoming the problem!

  • CMBell1985
    CMBell1985 7 hours ago

    Given free will, Darth Vader eventually chose the Force

  • Big T Grunner-Gunner

    Ditch the music, and show MUCH more of Insides of tanks! This could and should be a lot better imo.

    OXYMORON 7 hours ago

    Democracy hahahaha we need to liberate murica for freedom

  • Thomas Birkline
    Thomas Birkline 7 hours ago

    These people should be removed from inside the bridge to outside. They are making the rail unsafe to use.

  • Vicky 12
    Vicky 12 7 hours ago

    You wouldn't think she has something interesting to say and then her comedic timing is so good! 😁🤙🏼

  • Vicky 12
    Vicky 12 7 hours ago

    Honestly, the brunette in the audience looks prettier than the picture and can definitely do better!

  • bangabhusan bhunia
    bangabhusan bhunia 7 hours ago

    I invite all the poor souls to india . I promise I will provide you a better life where you can live with dignity.

  • Clyde Drexler De Castro

    these is why i love jessie j. my goodness

  • Rob Setters
    Rob Setters 7 hours ago

    2:43 is it OK to say hello to a woman??? I think it is. But some people actually get accused of sexual harassment for saying hello to women.

  • Joseph Webb
    Joseph Webb 7 hours ago

    " it's not worth to have to work to be alive".........that why everyone works...

  • Vicky 12
    Vicky 12 7 hours ago

    Interesting how they instantly assume all these dumb but shrewds kids are *"HEs"*

    PARANDROID 7 hours ago

    So incredibly corny

  • Kristopher Kent
    Kristopher Kent 7 hours ago

    Now growing up on a farm there’s 1 thing I’ve learned “Don’t put your hand where you wouldn’t put your pecker” tractor PTO don’t care if your arm is back there it’s just wants to spin

  • Jacqen H'gar
    Jacqen H'gar 7 hours ago

    in logo duniya ki maa chod rakhi h bc

  • ͔Falcon
    ͔Falcon 7 hours ago

  • walees
    walees 7 hours ago

    Oh man its really really good,i think this song will never die..

  • Alexis Diana Monroe
    Alexis Diana Monroe 7 hours ago

    “ *It starts to suck* “ well thankyou for describing my one of many talents 😳

  • GrandWizardRAGE
    GrandWizardRAGE 7 hours ago

    The nerve had me weak oof

  • 101danny
    101danny 7 hours ago

    I'm willing to bet there are cartel spies/members literally in this special forces unit.

  • Moa Lkr
    Moa Lkr 7 hours ago

    ❤love it

  • Vicky 12
    Vicky 12 7 hours ago

    *"Jesus use me!"* I'm dead!! 🙈

  • 혼글
    혼글 7 hours ago

    HitlergruB 🚣🚤🚣🕹🤽📍🕹🌋

  • ILoveJesusMySavior
    ILoveJesusMySavior 7 hours ago

    "by process of elimination..." pfft that pun though

  • naruko
    naruko 7 hours ago



    Arakawa under the bridge? Anyone? Otakus?

  • Deniz Ildır
    Deniz Ildır 7 hours ago

    I fell from my chair while watching, but these Ibexes keep on climbing

  • CT2507
    CT2507 7 hours ago

    finally someone told him how to walk...hahaha...very funny.

  • Mike
    Mike 7 hours ago


  • My head hurts
    My head hurts 7 hours ago

    Discovery is not Star Trek.

  • 으엥엥
    으엥엥 7 hours ago


  • GreenTools NYC
    GreenTools NYC 7 hours ago

    Dry snitching.

  • Brandon Fogden
    Brandon Fogden 7 hours ago

    When he was standing up in the car I pictured him getting his head blown off 😂😂

  • Dutch Doggo
    Dutch Doggo 7 hours ago


  • joe ward
    joe ward 7 hours ago

    when ever i hear mrs brown say mrs nicholsons name it sounds like higgly is that on purpose or what lol.

  • Sanuku
    Sanuku 7 hours ago

    In Europę there would be Vans getting them out and giving Jobs and homes. US Nope

  • mihaelkyeah ksjn
    mihaelkyeah ksjn 7 hours ago

    I cracked up at U2

  • Niamh Speirs
    Niamh Speirs 7 hours ago

    Get Smithy in to sort Brexit 😂

  • Terrence Dillon
    Terrence Dillon 7 hours ago

    Leave her be.

  • Asta Osborne
    Asta Osborne 7 hours ago

    🌟All rise, please be seated... Absolutely Epic Your Honour! 👋😂 💫 Kia Ora and Blessings from 🇳🇿 NZ

  • sarcasmo57
    sarcasmo57 7 hours ago

    Seen it 100 times. Still love it.

  • Turd Ferguson
    Turd Ferguson 8 hours ago

    This isn't about welfare or America being "mean" this is a lady with mental problems, she even admitted if she had the money SHE WOULD STILL LIVE IN A BRIDGE, she wants to be there.

  • Balin Speight
    Balin Speight 8 hours ago

    I’ve never questioned the stings face before now i can’t believe he did that

  • moiz rao
    moiz rao 8 hours ago

    Music at the end ?

  • Tina Cummings
    Tina Cummings 8 hours ago

    They need to stop bullying my baby❕ 👀I fear I’m turning into a black mother

  • TIlak Sevak
    TIlak Sevak 8 hours ago

    40 years past and still going with a HUGE SMART devices with BATTERY and cable! Something still unchanged!!

  • Dana Limbocker
    Dana Limbocker 8 hours ago

    All so great just loved it

  • Maeguk
    Maeguk 8 hours ago

    I would have asked a permission to touch them, squeeze them, MASSAGE them

  • Young Tang
    Young Tang 8 hours ago

    Why don’t they equip the jet with ultrasound to keep the birds away at landing?

  • James Katry
    James Katry 8 hours ago

    And the super rich like Jeff bezzos will just get richer

  • hA? hAkdOg
    hA? hAkdOg 8 hours ago


  • Annet van der Meulen

    ‘In terms of my comfort zone, I’m far away from it’

  • Kaagh178
    Kaagh178 8 hours ago

    What surprises me is the Catholic Church hasn't condemned this show. Yet. Maybe they're more openminded now.

  • Not Called Greg
    Not Called Greg 8 hours ago

    “louise i love you but can you swap with greg”

  • Manu
    Manu 8 hours ago

    1:26 did he say yeet😂

  • Origins686720
    Origins686720 8 hours ago

    So Boris can insult Mulsims all day long, Corbyn cat even make justifiable observations of Isreali Jews, its clear who cat look in a Mirror anymore, the ones you cant criticise! YES, these cry baby Isreali Jews, they've sunk lower than their Nazi counterparts. This community actual made the entire World understand their enemies treatment of them even more!! Totaly understand Concetration Camps and the need for them!

  • Kelvin Larrimore
    Kelvin Larrimore 8 hours ago

    now we have to worry about the russian military and them

  • Derangedxzombie
    Derangedxzombie 8 hours ago

    She seems nicer and more genuine than most people that have a proper roof over their head. Certainly nicer than people with a lot of money (I worked in many wealthy houses, the people are horrible and rude normally, don't even offer you a drink). Also very true, you're working to pay for a roof over your head that you're never under because you're working all the time to pay for it. Hopefully in raising awareness with this video and perhaps seeking help, the authorities won't find and evict her. Should've shown less of the outside, the graffiti is a giveaway, careless of the left leaning bias BBC.

  • sanjeed sareer
    sanjeed sareer 8 hours ago

    What’s an American dream??

  • Jg The jason26b
    Jg The jason26b 8 hours ago

    Why did you put cameras on their eyes!

  • Louie Sutton
    Louie Sutton 8 hours ago


  • Ayoub Milad
    Ayoub Milad 8 hours ago

    Genius 😍😍

  • Eddy Jones
    Eddy Jones 8 hours ago

    BBC f××k you stop spewing lies about America yeah this is real mostly in Democrat ran States but some other stories done by BBC is so twisted and far from the truth

  • Surreal 99
    Surreal 99 8 hours ago

    The King isn't being fed

  • Bernie Duane
    Bernie Duane 8 hours ago


  • Huntorix
    Huntorix 8 hours ago

    Why live in la tho lol its expensive as hell lol

  • Mariah C
    Mariah C 8 hours ago

    Reminds me of my friend flashing her titties at me. 😄👍 beautiful birds...

  • kat kat
    kat kat 8 hours ago

    Bad Karaoke

  • GraylyHen94
    GraylyHen94 8 hours ago

    This was lovely

  • Twiglet
    Twiglet 8 hours ago

    0:07 Thomas Cook on the day they went bust

  • Ferhat Tahar
    Ferhat Tahar 8 hours ago

    aghghghgh ugly.

  • Xrisus94
    Xrisus94 8 hours ago

    Still comedian geniuses

  • Scott Yi
    Scott Yi 8 hours ago

    govt should jus put bounties on cartel heads and let pmc and mercs handle the rest

  • itkapatanka
    itkapatanka 8 hours ago

    Michael Rodd, Tomorrow World's hunk.

  • Admam E Alvarez Hammer


  • Admam E Alvarez Hammer

    So cute then

  • Admam E Alvarez Hammer

    Doesn’t look real

  • Ben Brown
    Ben Brown 8 hours ago

    Douglas would have loved to see this... 🙂

  • Prinxiety
    Prinxiety 8 hours ago

    New title: harry potter learns some dumb muggle stuff

  • Matteo Luppi
    Matteo Luppi 8 hours ago

    Quanta nostalgia 😢❤️😭🎶🔙!!! Please doctor, math Smith it's back!!!

  • Chris Sanchez
    Chris Sanchez 8 hours ago

    You're not in the USA. You are seeing this in California. A Democrat controlled state. Democrats love to boast about how successful California has become.

  • Myrrh Curie
    Myrrh Curie 8 hours ago

    The results of mgtow society

  • Gennady Shpak
    Gennady Shpak 8 hours ago

    Well I suppose if you don't have those brains, you bloody well better have those balls of steel.

  • TechNeTium43
    TechNeTium43 8 hours ago

    Didnt know graphics were this good 11 yrs ago

  • Jackal N
    Jackal N 8 hours ago

    It can takes direct hit by projectiles but a small bird can takes it down. Where is his union rep?

  • Ryan F
    Ryan F 8 hours ago

    This is garbage.

  • Doublescoop BS
    Doublescoop BS 8 hours ago

    Miniature 5G Huawei drones for defense.

  • Video Stop
    Video Stop 8 hours ago

    America is a third world country, change my mind

  • hangar2247
    hangar2247 8 hours ago

    Dear God, were people actually given licence payers' money for this? The terrible CGI, the dull dialogue, the indifferent acting and the nearly incomprehensible editing pale into insignificance next to the atrocious uber-PC script which assumed that a classic story of Martian invasion would be less interesting than ten-minute-long discussions on women's rights (GOOD!), the humane treatment of refugees (GOOD!), and monologues about colonialism (BAD!). Dr Who, Years and Years, ITV's Beecham House, and even the once excellent Poldark, have all been ruined by treating the audience like proletarian geese who have to be force-fed progressive dogma until they can regurgitate it. Nobody's suggesting bringing back Love Thy Neighbour, but can we at least go back to a time when it was assumed that the primary purpose of drama was to move and entertain people rather than to lecture them like they were naughty schoolchildren incapable of forming their own opinions?

  • Han
    Han 8 hours ago

    the laugh track made me die inside