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  • Riyun72
    Riyun72 Minute ago

    Wu Shu horse shit,,,,ever since the commies took power they introduced a "flashy" style that is near impractable in a real fight. Shaolin Temples have a long history of training rebels who opposed various oppressive Emperors of their time. You think the Communist Gov would allow them to continue to teach people to fight? Nothing the temples teach are the systems they taught in the past.

  • Sam
    Sam Minute ago

    The craziest part to me was how the judges weren't looking at the book to check if he was right, they still knew the entire thing by heart.

  • BehindTheMask !
    BehindTheMask ! Minute ago

    Asian martial arts as they are known today is thought to have originated around 500 A.D., when an Indian Buddhist monk named Bodhidharma arrived in China. Legend has it that he taught Indian fighting exercises to the Chinese monks in order to improve their physical condition

  • E Nikata
    E Nikata 2 minutes ago

    Why is this not a real show??

  • Mahesh Walatara
    Mahesh Walatara 4 minutes ago

    What no fire box dragon tattoo???

  • Musungu Kent
    Musungu Kent 7 minutes ago

    Jenny: here's the thing... I'm out!

  • Lil Tae
    Lil Tae 7 minutes ago

    Hokulani passed before my parents were born. Rest In Peace Hokulani 💛

  • Ali Syahbana
    Ali Syahbana 8 minutes ago

    Shaolin look alike Pondok Pesantren in Indonesia

  • Slavik Beloous
    Slavik Beloous 8 minutes ago

    Looks like the elders have focused more on eating than training

  • EricSmyth14
    EricSmyth14 11 minutes ago

    "Memorizing 200 pages of scripture is my weakness. I mean, I did it, but still."

  • stevenARTify
    stevenARTify 11 minutes ago

    What was that creepy sea spider thing at about 3:23 scared the life out of me

  • Slavik Beloous
    Slavik Beloous 12 minutes ago

    Imagine training your whole life and never getting to kick ass

  • Breyonna Morgan
    Breyonna Morgan 12 minutes ago

    Nah fam. They have a physics cheat code. Edit: First of all, y’all made it look hard when all he had to do is place his feet lower.

  • VinTaVge0592
    VinTaVge0592 12 minutes ago

    People dnt eat them? Or the dingos?

  • bamsu 1120
    bamsu 1120 12 minutes ago

    So they can play soccer if they pass the test?

  • MustardDonkey
    MustardDonkey 12 minutes ago

    great job YanDian

  • The mighty Tirpitz
    The mighty Tirpitz 14 minutes ago

    High pitched hummingbird. That's the most cute and tinnitus inducing snore ever!

  • kushal mr
    kushal mr 15 minutes ago

    Kung fu is orginated in India not China early monks

  • Kemigisha Doreen
    Kemigisha Doreen 15 minutes ago

    Senior monk/mentor: Your mind is not at peace, focus on the present (Uhhm duuh! Ofcourse my mind is not at peace, I have a test that I have been preparing for for the last ten years! And when I fail, I have to wait 3 more years to do it again!) I salute those guys btw, that is dedication.

  • Tamil Arasan
    Tamil Arasan 15 minutes ago

    "Bodhidharmar" is one of our ancestor

  • Dare to be wise
    Dare to be wise 16 minutes ago

    Free Balochistan Free British occupied tand Ireland

  • Marv Marv
    Marv Marv 17 minutes ago


  • wdrazzen88
    wdrazzen88 17 minutes ago

    Now he gets the glow and becomes the master 😂

  • steven G
    steven G 19 minutes ago

    Looks like being black help him a bit. All that media exposure at such young age.

  • Mac K.
    Mac K. 19 minutes ago

    I saw the thumbnail before I read the title and I thought this was some type of Japanese adult film.😂😣😬

  • EL Patron
    EL Patron 20 minutes ago

    Them holding sticks me hold my phone.

  • rishi singh
    rishi singh 20 minutes ago

    Kindly correct at 1:51 kungfu was developed by boddhidharma in China not just for fitness but to save themselves from wilderness and that's why martial arts have most of the animal defense and fighting stances. Please be specific as the world watches you.

  • Leon L
    Leon L 21 minute ago


  • xingyue huang
    xingyue huang 21 minute ago

    It's beautiful

  • Raunak Kumar
    Raunak Kumar 22 minutes ago

    Can anyone tell which music used in the background ??

  • doug strickland
    doug strickland 24 minutes ago

    he's got that "Freddie Mercury" quality of pulling the crown into the performance

  • Peter Rye
    Peter Rye 25 minutes ago

    Better than a PhD in Gender Studies

  • Wesley Kalman
    Wesley Kalman 26 minutes ago

    Determining one's own value based on the judgements of others is a mistake. Only you can be the true judge of yourself. The ability to honestly assess oneself is the true hurdle which must be overcome.

  • IceLordOtis
    IceLordOtis 26 minutes ago

    My fav animal 🥰🥰

  • 00Mik001
    00Mik001 26 minutes ago

    Haha, kudos to them for sending themselves up.

  • 7th SwagKage
    7th SwagKage 27 minutes ago

    cat: **walks** BBC: absolutely terrifying

  • Jake
    Jake 28 minutes ago

    Only to get crushed by any basic MMA competitor.

  • DJ
    DJ 29 minutes ago

    My heart was racing, i was rooting for mah man

  • Cheng Wang
    Cheng Wang 29 minutes ago

    Every life could be an epic

  • anu maria
    anu maria 30 minutes ago

    He is someone who we can call true legend

  • Eusunt Dac
    Eusunt Dac 30 minutes ago

    Now try watching this on acid lol

  • Celi Keli
    Celi Keli 30 minutes ago

    No one is taking about how annoying hayenas are and how stupid they are??smh you lames !

  • jc weiland's
    jc weiland's 30 minutes ago

    send them to anywhere battlefield which gun,bombs,rpg main weapons vs shaolin/Chinese long would they survive and alive

  • Eugene Fourie
    Eugene Fourie 31 minute ago

    And no one gives a flying f*** about the hungry bird.

  • KennyG Hansen
    KennyG Hansen 32 minutes ago

    cool how u saw the veins in nightvision. mmmmm, booby vein

  • rushmanzero
    rushmanzero 33 minutes ago

    The more I learn about flamingos the more I realize nothing about them is what I thought it would be. I thought they lived in cool tropical spots. Nope, they live in inhabitable wastelands. I thought they were pink naturally. Nope its because flamingo milk.

  • RandomKitty
    RandomKitty 34 minutes ago

    Enlightenment to what though?

  • Antonio Rodriguez
    Antonio Rodriguez 34 minutes ago

    !WoW!.....I'm floored.....just WoW

  • Chris Culpen
    Chris Culpen 34 minutes ago

    Not going to pass it with them Nikes on hahah

  • Collections, Trailers & Medleys

    The Woah woah woah woah woah explode bit was great

  • Mr No Name
    Mr No Name 35 minutes ago

    Yes. Bye

  • Josh VanDerWood
    Josh VanDerWood 36 minutes ago

    Please give this to us on Spotify!?

    ALL IN ONE 37 minutes ago

    Kung Fu was founded by Indian monk - Bhodi Dharma.

  • Matthew Mulcahy
    Matthew Mulcahy 37 minutes ago

    I'm happy for him.

  • Melissa WANG
    Melissa WANG 38 minutes ago

    Anies mana mampu ngatasin begini? Ngatasin kali item aja gak bisa

  • Baalzebul
    Baalzebul 39 minutes ago

    I hope he attains bodhisattva in this life. Awesome skill and dedication.

  • Brad Craven
    Brad Craven 39 minutes ago

    They actually got things the wrong way around. The martial art is a form of meditation that was developed after monks were having problems with their joints from stationary meditation. They developed the movements to move the chi around and to stay fit and healthy while meditating. It was never origionally intended to be a fighting technique. It's just that after decades of training like that they become pretty powerful. Only in current times has it become more about fighting and showmanship. The current abbott likes money and is trying to keep Shaolin afloat by making it flash and showy. That's not what the origional Shaolin Buddhism is all about.

    • Brad Craven
      Brad Craven 37 minutes ago

      By the way, I have actually trained in that very courtyard that he was training in.

  • Aaron
    Aaron 39 minutes ago

    That was awesome.

  • Slic J
    Slic J 40 minutes ago

    We need a right of passage similar to this for everyone.

  • Twiggafinga
    Twiggafinga 41 minute ago

    Omg this gives me hope haha it's a penguin but still

  • Jamie C
    Jamie C 42 minutes ago

    3:07 A kick only a true shaolin master could achieve

  • Sourav Das
    Sourav Das 42 minutes ago

    i saw this guy in men behaving badly

  • razis henry
    razis henry 44 minutes ago

    I think Shaolin make love in their meditation

  • Lulu Manona
    Lulu Manona 46 minutes ago

    That was simultaneously the scariest, most nerve-wracking and cutest thing I've ever seen.

  • Steven Holme
    Steven Holme 46 minutes ago

    i love how they're wearing modern shoes

  • MrB66he
    MrB66he 47 minutes ago

    Kung Fu Panda shits on this

  • Khai Tran
    Khai Tran 48 minutes ago

    I wonder, how will they do in the ufc, or this for look and Hollywood! !

  • daniel letterman
    daniel letterman 48 minutes ago

    Yet there are people in america who believe that this dedicated man will suffer eternally in hell after his death because he does not have a personal relationship with a jewish zombie.

  • VTEC over 9000
    VTEC over 9000 48 minutes ago

    we miss you Michael Schumacher 🙏

  • Tyler Appel
    Tyler Appel 51 minute ago

    Super good for him! I could feel how much he wanted it. He should be so proud of his achievement

  • BowTwo HD
    BowTwo HD 51 minute ago

    How about linking the original video? It deserves a little more attention than the news covering it does.

  • Mental Inlander
    Mental Inlander 51 minute ago

    In Anime there are so many ex-shaolin monk work as assasin

  • Zavier Olidez
    Zavier Olidez 52 minutes ago

    Wukong& Sun is so proud of you!

  • Naashi m dovi
    Naashi m dovi 52 minutes ago


  • Dying
    Dying 52 minutes ago

    Thank god I only touched one that was dead. (I didn’t know what it was at that time and I was an idiot)

  • Sister Shook
    Sister Shook 54 minutes ago

    Some of these people are idiots. He was perfect. Uncultured swines...

  • Jimmy Bon
    Jimmy Bon 55 minutes ago

    Isn't China banning all Buddha statues?

  • PRIM Moore
    PRIM Moore 55 minutes ago

    6:28 Lauren Cooper all grown up with a job!

  • Tariq Mulki
    Tariq Mulki 58 minutes ago

    I’m in ukraine

  • Hellhound382
    Hellhound382 59 minutes ago

    Man the new happy feet movie looks amazing!

  • Mat Lachance
    Mat Lachance 59 minutes ago

    The Elders look Fat and Untrained , this Mentality is a Joke just like all Religion and other Prophetic Stupidness. That Include Queens and Kings that Sit on their Past thinking the Future is 17th Century.

  • Celso Filho
    Celso Filho Hour ago


  • Tyler Reames
    Tyler Reames Hour ago

    Friggin huuuge lol. That’s a big bird

  • marni matikka
    marni matikka Hour ago

    I loved the joyous energy in him and his mentor. ❤️

  • Keefe Stone
    Keefe Stone Hour ago

    Someday, I will experience Shaolin.

  • [OCB]
    [OCB] Hour ago

    mf if you want to get to my friends you'll have to get through me first

  • dancer 105
    dancer 105 Hour ago

    nobody come at me but these two are not good at dance the level of diffculty other than a few lift was extremly low they do not know how to dance and the cool lifts and a story makes them get through like 1:14 they do not know how to turn there hopping around and there not even together and the feet are like fish flopping around when they pull in to a passe there feet are sickled which is a basic thing you learn not to do then the jump they do after if it is a tilt jumo or a straddle jump they did not do it right the jumps at 1:38 are very simple jumps with poor technique the leg at 1:44 turned in those are only a few this proves that these shows to get through you need no talent but a story if you want to see good dances watch like world of dance

  • Memory Rinehart
    Memory Rinehart Hour ago


  • DoubleNut
    DoubleNut Hour ago

    Me- plays video games at 3am Asian mom- *grabs stick* Me- 2:26

  • Scott B
    Scott B Hour ago

    Because Women are so kick ass

  • Tzivia Margolis
    Tzivia Margolis Hour ago


  • Mnts Mchll
    Mnts Mchll Hour ago

    Chiquito pero picoso!!!🤪🤪🤪

  • Dabi on them haters


  • Chas Howard
    Chas Howard Hour ago

    I love this woman she's so nice

  • PhotoGeorge
    PhotoGeorge Hour ago

    This makes me want to own a television set again, preferably a 75 in super LED.

  • Xam C
    Xam C Hour ago

    after it was discovered by Hollywood?

  • Thomas Hull
    Thomas Hull Hour ago

    Never been more proud of anyone in my life

  • FanofAjstyles lll619

    My mom said that my childhood joker " Mr. Bean" died..! It was awful as you know that he speaks no words..! I thought he died by telling no one..! Btw I was only 4 😂..!

  • ExplosionChimp
    ExplosionChimp Hour ago

    I really want to pass, otherwise I have to spend another 3 years studying and training.... Hooray! I passed!... now I can spend the rest of my life studying and training!

  • xTailz 187x
    xTailz 187x Hour ago