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  • Franziska Nagel
    Franziska Nagel 5 hours ago

    Funny Fact. That plane used to be the plane of the german chancellor.

  • Tyrique Throne
    Tyrique Throne 5 hours ago

    I was expecting you to scream "hello"

  • Mohamed Suhail  Irfan Khazi

    imagine if trump builds a wall here

  • JamieThePeepster
    JamieThePeepster 6 hours ago

    They litterally have one of these at lunar park in sydney, australia

  • SYLM Blk
    SYLM Blk 7 hours ago

    Something about tell you something about NASA

  • SYLM Blk
    SYLM Blk 7 hours ago

    Stargate trainer

  • KirsakaboooM —
    KirsakaboooM — 8 hours ago

    I’m surprised it didn’t grow a pair a legs all that radiation, good luck haha

  • koldkiller101
    koldkiller101 8 hours ago

    My Goal: £££

  • SeanTheOriginal
    SeanTheOriginal 8 hours ago

    Avoiding the sweater curse is easy. Always have the recipient have a hand in the sweater being made. Whether they pick the yarn, pattern, stitch, proportions, whatever, they need to be involved in some way. Surprise sweaters are a bad idea which only shows how inconsiderate you are even when you have nothing but good intentions.

  • Zach Sit
    Zach Sit 8 hours ago

    Get Idina Menzel and Aurora and Josh Gad to sing "AH AH AH AH"

  • XxThe Masked GamerXx

    Welcome to the anti stoned room

  • aola wili
    aola wili 8 hours ago

    Is this the new DC universe Tom Scott with the moodier colour scheme?

  • V6ix
    V6ix 8 hours ago


  • redroyandeb
    redroyandeb 8 hours ago

    I'd rather have a drink with a camel toe in it.

  • Aviral pp
    Aviral pp 10 hours ago

    Hey.... Can anybody tell why the box of pharyngeal plosive is half shaded and half white??

  • Johnny sun
    Johnny sun 10 hours ago

    you just altered the video

  • dm
    dm 10 hours ago

    i stands for a bunch of stuff but the reason why it's stuck around is that back in FORTRAN all variables are considered real numbers by default, except i, j, k, l, m, n default to integers when the type is undeclared. That's why all those are often used for loop counters and other integerial things.... the reason why they are considered real numbers in FORTRAN is that they are traditionally used in math and engineering for representing integer types.

  • Adam Ahmed
    Adam Ahmed 11 hours ago

    Don't ever make a British plug out of legos. Step on it and YOU WILL DIE.

  • Ryad Arlan
    Ryad Arlan 11 hours ago

    Try to work out how people do stupid things, which they build a zip line and roller coarters and guns and cars and boats and computers..... These guys got employees and a warehouse and they use it for a fun park and call themselves "home solutions" why are they not in a tornado prone area?

  • Mildon
    Mildon 11 hours ago

    *doesnt allow G and 0 as they are represented as numbers* *allows 5 as an S*...

  • cj c
    cj c 12 hours ago

    Imagine a nice night out with your buds and you get proper drunk so you act a little questionable in front of a peace officer, and boom , you are either killed in a fire or the proud new owner of a stumpy limb. a marvel of engineering for sure.

  • stuart pratt
    stuart pratt 12 hours ago

    @tom scott if we build a large enough room would it be possible to simulate earth gravity just on the wall or would it be too improbable to do

  • cj c
    cj c 12 hours ago

    If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with or suspects they have mesothelioma, and has worked in the town of asbestos you may be entitled to financial compensation . call (888)888-law , that's (888)888-law .

  • cj c
    cj c 12 hours ago

    Theres a philosophical argument that says with humans being part of nature, our involvement in the ever changing landscape and and state of the world is just that, natural. So by that standard i would say its perfectly fair to consider it a natural wonder . Especially considering the end goal of the settlers wasnt to create a canyon but to plow feilds for crops, And after that was done, nature took its own course with the land .

  • nitehawk86
    nitehawk86 12 hours ago

    So I just played the North'O'Meter and, being American, I got placed in Oxford. However, I love this: There aren't sharing buttons. This doesn't need to go viral again.

  • Jace McCall
    Jace McCall 13 hours ago

    Ed balls

  • Chris Stevenson
    Chris Stevenson 13 hours ago

    Sounds like they were SOFAKINGWETODDID

  • Ben Ulisse
    Ben Ulisse 13 hours ago

    Garlic Bread

  • EngineMusic
    EngineMusic 13 hours ago

    human greed is getting out of hand

  • Jace McCall
    Jace McCall 13 hours ago

    “Because Elon musk is working on everything lain m banks every wrote about” Cat girls. Did they write about cat girls.

  • Sinom
    Sinom 14 hours ago

    Just a very stupid solution is pseudo code: n = 0; while (i!=100){ print((!(n%3==0||n%5==0)?n:((n%3==0)?"fizz":""))+((n%5==0)?"buzz":"")) n++;}

  • Farmer Tyler
    Farmer Tyler 14 hours ago

    Actually crazy 8s and unstoppable are two different incidents

  • whably potato
    whably potato 14 hours ago

    a young mind trapped inside an old body

  • rallyrat
    rallyrat 14 hours ago

    How is it possible that until now I have not been able to find what sets the carbon dating clock? Well done, and thank you!

  • Eisenfaust
    Eisenfaust 14 hours ago

    Inuktitut language: *exists* Me: *what the f have you bring upon this cursed land*

  • isaac10231
    isaac10231 14 hours ago

    Well I'm not a great programmer...

  • Farmer Tyler
    Farmer Tyler 14 hours ago

    The tachometer on a “lorry” aka truck also measures rpm not speed, speed is called a speedometer

  • Louie Tec
    Louie Tec 14 hours ago

    Damn the earth is flat that crazy 👁👨🏼‍🔬

  • MegaKopfschmerzen
    MegaKopfschmerzen 14 hours ago

    So that's why John Bercow keeps shouting ORDER. But UK still can't brexit.

  • Farmer Tyler
    Farmer Tyler 14 hours ago

    I’ve had bacon ice cream before 😋

  • Robert Clarke
    Robert Clarke 15 hours ago

    Don't know why I found "Gold and horse" so funny 😂

    • aola wili
      aola wili 8 hours ago

      Was that an undertake reference??

  • Colin Smith
    Colin Smith 15 hours ago

    Why does this sound so much like an SCP?

  • User Name
    User Name 15 hours ago

    built in the 80s, 40 years and this is how far they are? "we are stumped at the tennis ball problem in this janky amusementpark ride with a laptop in it" something tells me this isnt true.

  • TheLaserlord
    TheLaserlord 15 hours ago

    the thing with spinning up a ship in space is that unless that ship is producing thrust at the time there will only ever be the "gravity" produced by the rotation.

  • Seccc
    Seccc 15 hours ago

    Hypertrading: Finally, I’ve made every last possible cent! Some weird fishing wire: 😎🖕

  • xoobo vola
    xoobo vola 15 hours ago

    Did we just get primed?

  • mekkanizer
    mekkanizer 15 hours ago

    Dear Tom, isn't that "semantic priming" you've just mentioned simply an understanding of the concept of context? Like, how else do you understand word/phrase relations, other than constantly scanning for those relations?

    • xoobo vola
      xoobo vola 15 hours ago

      it's a brand new video but it looks exactly like the same ones from years ago

  • Testikuski TestdriVR
    Testikuski TestdriVR 16 hours ago

    I'm sorry but hasn't anyone from this video been in to a carneval with that spinning thing? I actually thought this was going to something new according to the title.

  • ifroad33
    ifroad33 16 hours ago

    Anyone else read the words in the thumbnail, then failed at reading the title? I read it as ”Can You Read The Words ... ” probably because I thought that was the point of the thumbnail.

  • Mateo Betancourt
    Mateo Betancourt 16 hours ago

    fortnite is cool!!!!!!

  • UnCxlored CS
    UnCxlored CS 16 hours ago


  • IcePrincessYuki
    IcePrincessYuki 16 hours ago

    You can see the water spin as it flows by. This is awesome

  • Xu Huiming
    Xu Huiming 16 hours ago


  • Siddarth Machado
    Siddarth Machado 16 hours ago

    But can you floss there?

  • Shekels shekels
    Shekels shekels 17 hours ago

    so a restraining order?

  • Celsian
    Celsian 17 hours ago

    Would the body still need to adapt if the force was directed down from above you rather than from front to back? IE like the artificial gravity created in the Hermes from The Martian?

  • PBOOMGaming
    PBOOMGaming 18 hours ago

    It sounds more like Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift at the beginning

  • PBOOMGaming
    PBOOMGaming 18 hours ago

    It sounds more like Tokyo Drift at the beginning

  • Jamie Fox
    Jamie Fox 18 hours ago

    Who else had this -the forehead- in the recommendation ?

  • Rachael Gibbs
    Rachael Gibbs 18 hours ago

    Aren't these at carnivals? I've been in one and its just this but lighter gravity.

  • Gerard O'Mahony
    Gerard O'Mahony 18 hours ago

    Got every camera angle but the only one I wanted...

  • deWaardt
    deWaardt 18 hours ago

    I remember there was an attraction in an amusement park that was basically on this purpose, however it made much more than 1G pinning you to the wall. It was super fun but extremely nauseating.

  • Blessing Matadi
    Blessing Matadi 18 hours ago

    This is how much people use there phones and drive I I V

  • Blessing Matadi
    Blessing Matadi 19 hours ago

    This is how much ppl are watching this video and want to go there I I V

  • Haverja Marosi
    Haverja Marosi 19 hours ago

    FFS ... you are at a german test road .... use metric! or at least convert it for the rest of the world!

  • hellothere byebye
    hellothere byebye 19 hours ago

    so they'll survive .17 more seconds after the world ends, cool

  • Carl Williams
    Carl Williams 19 hours ago

    Just use Tor.

  • Sleep wond
    Sleep wond 19 hours ago

    Does everyone have visual snow when they are in the dark?

  • Per Holmström
    Per Holmström 20 hours ago

    This is awesome. Thank you so much for posting this video :)

  • Marijn Vermeulen
    Marijn Vermeulen 20 hours ago

    Whole else was wondering if Tom used priming to get a higher degree for his paper? 🤔

  • Verrux Lunox
    Verrux Lunox 20 hours ago

    pure beauty, love this channel

  • haf maint
    haf maint 20 hours ago

    well parliament and everybody in it are 3 years behind

  • mebamme
    mebamme 20 hours ago

    Sure, the words you read CAN change your behavior! For example, now that you've read this comment, you're probably going to roll your eyes or something.

  • Zackie chan
    Zackie chan 20 hours ago

    Or tv static.

  • Farmer Tyler
    Farmer Tyler 21 hour ago

    I’ve got glasses. When I do the finger thing I don’t feel it

  • Shazain Shaikh
    Shazain Shaikh 21 hour ago

    Bro I got this at my local arcade😂

  • bilinas mini
    bilinas mini 21 hour ago

    Did we just get primed?

  • vodozhaba
    vodozhaba 21 hour ago

    *Can the words you read change your behavior?* It’s called education

  • jan de Munck
    jan de Munck 21 hour ago

    The beuty expert js the least actractive

  • Michael Harto
    Michael Harto 21 hour ago

    Wow! Our brain is dope!

  • CoverEye
    CoverEye 21 hour ago

    I jellyfish this video.

  • Diesel Dawg
    Diesel Dawg 21 hour ago

    It's fugly.

  • Victor Pelufaz
    Victor Pelufaz 22 hours ago

    Thanks for that last statement, it reassures my fear to the ocean

  • Verrux Lunox
    Verrux Lunox 22 hours ago


  • C Melton
    C Melton 22 hours ago

    soylent vinegar

  • Andre Ribeiro
    Andre Ribeiro 23 hours ago

    The title is basically clickbait

  • ManChild
    ManChild 23 hours ago

    For the many, not the few

  • QuikLight
    QuikLight 23 hours ago

    i know what you did five minutes ago you blinked, you breathed,you saw a color

  • Daniel Hahn
    Daniel Hahn Day ago

    watching this in 2019, and we're well on our way to Tom's 2030.

  • N Jones
    N Jones Day ago

    Aromat on buttered muffins for the win !! (you haven't lived until you try this)

  • Gamimg with Nath

    This bread has gone faster then me.

  • GeorgeGamer45
    GeorgeGamer45 Day ago

    If you have good voice and you using and some autotune you do it very epic

  • Esti Obel
    Esti Obel Day ago

    I love how at 1:24 you can just hear Matt in the background yelling _“Bloody HELL!”_

  • Snooby66
    Snooby66 Day ago

    Americans have a lot to answer for when it comes to their butchering of the English language. I gave up on them, as a species, when I saw one write "fopah" ( instead of _faux pas_ ) and then actively defend that as "the correct spelling". ( and who can forget Keanu Reeves in Point Break saying "I am. A. F-B-I. Agent" )

  • Nicholas Hoi
    Nicholas Hoi Day ago


  • minecez
    minecez Day ago

    What?! I never jellyfish words.

  • Daniel Jensen
    Daniel Jensen Day ago

    General rule of thumb: If a psychology paper makes a big general claim that isn't completely obvious, it is wrong. Although the media reporting of papers is usually worse about generalizing and claiming a strong effect than the actual papers.

  • Saayan Biswas
    Saayan Biswas Day ago

    *Me while learning guitar with steel strings*

  • yroohj gouy
    yroohj gouy Day ago

    Jellyfish. You got me. I rewound the video before you did.

  • Italian King
    Italian King Day ago

    Jesus take the wheel!