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  • Kate Powell
    Kate Powell 19 minutes ago

    Haha very good Lol 😁

  • luna lovegood wanna be
    luna lovegood wanna be 28 minutes ago

    How to get food in class. Wear a jacket. But the food in one of the pockets. Eat when no ones looking

  • lulu Cookie
    lulu Cookie 30 minutes ago


  • lulu Cookie
    lulu Cookie 31 minute ago

    Yo I have an idea if ur hungry get a snack and ask to go to the bathroom and eat over there

  • Dollygupta 4321
    Dollygupta 4321 31 minute ago


  • Xianna Foster
    Xianna Foster 31 minute ago

    How come they can eat so much food and stay so fricken skinny but when I eat a small bit of food I blow up like a balloon 😂

  • *.*Gacha Error *.*
    *.*Gacha Error *.* 32 minutes ago

    4:03 Why does that gUrl have shoes on?

  • John Mendoza
    John Mendoza 33 minutes ago

    Yummy nuttella🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫

  • Larry the Cucumber
    Larry the Cucumber 34 minutes ago

    Ok, let’s be honest, some of these are disgusting and dumb, don’t do these “hacks”.

  • Gizmo Farts
    Gizmo Farts 35 minutes ago

    noboby: 123Go: dID YoU CaST A sPell oN tHAT LeMoN Or SoMeTHIng?

  • Dong Sicheng
    Dong Sicheng 36 minutes ago

    Omg short is sooo me! Lol!!

  • Mr. Durag.
    Mr. Durag. 37 minutes ago

    Life hack

  • Gizmo Farts
    Gizmo Farts 41 minute ago

    Beginning: how to kill your friend. 👌

  • Chelsea Linares
    Chelsea Linares 44 minutes ago

    Some of these pranks are so RUDE

  • Pauletta Casteel
    Pauletta Casteel 46 minutes ago

    1 2 3 go you are my sisters and my favorite Channel I love you my sister has FLASH-PLAYER on our TV we just love to watch you all the time she hated you but then when I showed her you are so fun she loved you now just found out how to comment we love you

  • Luna Thegachgamer
    Luna Thegachgamer 48 minutes ago

    SAVE THE TURTLES AND-I OOP skskskskskskkskskskskksksksksksksks

  • Swapna Swapna
    Swapna Swapna 51 minute ago

    123 go pranks are the best I am the fan of vicky and Amy

  • Gizmo Farts
    Gizmo Farts 52 minutes ago


  • Anna Kraft
    Anna Kraft 54 minutes ago

    That is factually really mean to take some one's glasses

    DARRELLF FOLASA 57 minutes ago

    Omg 😮 I was so sorry

  • Saba Ahmed
    Saba Ahmed Hour ago

    😎😜 So funny 😂😂😂🤣

  • Lissette Pizarro

    One time i found i thumbtack in meh hair.

  • •ArcticWolfeon•


  • Taynis Acevedo
    Taynis Acevedo Hour ago

    I got introuble for doing the pranks

  • Alfonso Ramirez
    Alfonso Ramirez Hour ago

    1:35 tattoos

  • Aisha Alisha
    Aisha Alisha Hour ago

    I love 123 go pranks

  • Sophie Satogo
    Sophie Satogo Hour ago

    Her teeth are yellow

  • kaum pribumi
    kaum pribumi Hour ago

    Sofia so cute!

  • Roquelyn Ramirez

    Mi no

  • Gamingwith Shan
    Gamingwith Shan Hour ago

    I know that Oreo prank

  • EddieYT
    EddieYT Hour ago

    The branch would be poisoned

  • Lavon Foster
    Lavon Foster Hour ago


  • Fionella Lagos
    Fionella Lagos Hour ago

    Jacket...... you can make it a skirt plain long sleeve attach a colorful tape and place it like a crisscross for that you can make a cone ... if you have pom-poms well take three pompoms on it... attach it above the cone.... tadaaa finish

  • Cookie Gacha
    Cookie Gacha Hour ago

    I like 123 go if you like it give me a thumb up

  • Ava Rimer
    Ava Rimer Hour ago

    I can agree with short people

  • Neytiri H
    Neytiri H Hour ago

    Omg I just did a pra no

  • Cookie Gacha
    Cookie Gacha Hour ago

    What a nice prank

  • 食べ物おいしい

    4:04 I thought she was crying

  • enrique martinez

    I wish I can do that for you guys you guys and cute and my name Christian I am from Las Vegas 💟💖💘💙💜💓💛❤💚❣💟🖤💕💖💝💞💗😇

  • biggest fan page of everyone

    how to get slime of without know one knowing

  • Ellyanna Cole
    Ellyanna Cole Hour ago


  • Heaven Mathis
    Heaven Mathis Hour ago

    Im losing brain cells watching this


    Cringy asf

  • randol schwiers
    randol schwiers Hour ago

    do you want somebody to help you

  • Italian Ice
    Italian Ice 2 hours ago

    Anyone else come here from Jarvis?

  • Sophie Mob
    Sophie Mob 2 hours ago

    First of all who has glue randomly in their bathroom cupboard Not me

  • Crisha De Leon
    Crisha De Leon 2 hours ago

    Before 0:06 shes a girl Then 0:17 she has beer

  • Naruto sawg Sawg
    Naruto sawg Sawg 2 hours ago

    Guys you do know that she could of put her phone on the table right

  • Skylar Myers
    Skylar Myers 2 hours ago

    You And Me Both Know Who The Most Beutiful Person Is Hunt: read the 3d word

  • Mariem Said
    Mariem Said 2 hours ago

    So Kyot❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Jada Anderson
    Jada Anderson 2 hours ago

    I’d do the giants teddybear prank if the person is watching a horror movie

  • Trisha Palkar
    Trisha Palkar 2 hours ago


  • Pentagram Project
    Pentagram Project 2 hours ago

    A cheeseburger in a lunch box I hope it’s not going bad 💀💀

  • Cecilia Doroz
    Cecilia Doroz 2 hours ago

    8:10 what the f**k give her back the lunch box b***h

  • Cecilia Doroz
    Cecilia Doroz 2 hours ago

    I mean some of these work

    ADRINA BENAVIDES 2 hours ago

    That's rude

  • Mia Brianna
    Mia Brianna 2 hours ago

    Well i heard that many artists are using *IGROCKET D O T C O M* to get followers

  • Voctor Cano
    Voctor Cano 2 hours ago

    Waste of food 👎👎👎😢😤

  • Olivia Gamer
    Olivia Gamer 2 hours ago


  • Riley Jasso
    Riley Jasso 2 hours ago

    If my friend did the first prank on me I’d beat her till she unlocked it.

    Xx BANANACAT xX 2 hours ago

    Girl: Nobody: Girl: I’m gonna food poison and make her not be able to see! Nobody: … Girl’s friend:Oooo ice cream! Also girl’s friend:*DIES* Girl:YOU WERE PRANKED BOI! Part 2 Another of girl’s friend: I need to rest my eyes Girl:*locks girl’s glasses* Another of girl’s friend:AH MY GLASSES I CANT SEE! Girl:*shows key* YOU HAVE BEEN PRANKED Another of girl’s friend:ugh you got me again your such a great friend 🤗🤗🤗 Like for part 3

  • Lexia noel
    Lexia noel 2 hours ago

    I love this video☺☺😊

  • Beatrice Robinson
    Beatrice Robinson 2 hours ago

    Get it V

  • Elhuntador 0125
    Elhuntador 0125 2 hours ago

    Feeling extra human

  • ParisAne
    ParisAne 2 hours ago

    2:58 how can u even do that fast like literly she can see that

  • Blackpink SHALLU
    Blackpink SHALLU 2 hours ago

    I love your videos #123go

  • EddieYT
    EddieYT 2 hours ago


  • cristina guanzon
    cristina guanzon 2 hours ago

    I love This Video is sooo cool

  • Md Ahsan
    Md Ahsan 2 hours ago

    I hate my hair case I have curly hair but people. Love it idk what to do

  • Kristoff Rosado
    Kristoff Rosado 2 hours ago

    Why she say chocolate and Lana got popcorn

  • Jean Sisk
    Jean Sisk 2 hours ago


  • Damian Owens
    Damian Owens 2 hours ago

    You can kill people like that shaveing creme 😑😑

  • Itzkai
    Itzkai 3 hours ago

    This pranks are too much tbh😂

  • Joseph Ks
    Joseph Ks 3 hours ago

    Yes the nerrator is back

  • indian express
    indian express 3 hours ago

    Love you di

  • •peaky Productions•

    I love potentially poisoning my friends

  • Harry potter Juliet
    Harry potter Juliet 3 hours ago

    Guys plz do more videos I keep on watching these.

  • Blak Sheep
    Blak Sheep 3 hours ago

    because we all just have a padlock and key ON HAND at school, yeah okay!

  • Maria jose Sevilla
    Maria jose Sevilla 3 hours ago

    d me jejdjeedd

  • Alaysia Burnett
    Alaysia Burnett 3 hours ago


  • jasper hung
    jasper hung 3 hours ago

    i told you this week of school prank💩

  • Roberto Quinones
    Roberto Quinones 3 hours ago


  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia 3 hours ago

    Funny Prakash i like ⚽️ ni 🏀

  • WolfhoundWife
    WolfhoundWife 3 hours ago


  • Charitess Carandang-Barlis

    great pranks

  • Diana Gadzinska
    Diana Gadzinska 3 hours ago

    its now 3AM creepy!!!! 😬😬😬😬😬😬

  • Jodie Wilton
    Jodie Wilton 3 hours ago

    Make a tea shirt

  • zWarShipz
    zWarShipz 3 hours ago

    Sure all these hack work

  • Rob G
    Rob G 3 hours ago

    I love your videos and pranks

  • iimzx 508
    iimzx 508 3 hours ago

    Me: **looks at the thumbnail** Me: flash-player.org/channel/f9G8mu6rCpI-video.html

  • Raj Dick
    Raj Dick 3 hours ago

    I can't understand Your pranks vìki 😝😝

  • Emily plays ROBLOX!
    Emily plays ROBLOX! 3 hours ago

    Waits it’s Vicky..

  • Emily plays ROBLOX!
    Emily plays ROBLOX! 3 hours ago

    The girl with the red shirt isn’t she from 5 min crafts. (Sorry I don’t know her name)

  • Ivan alexander De buono

    Me gustaría si estuviera en 123 go spanish

  • The lovely life of Nevaeh

    Every time I brush my hair I look like a mad scientist

  • Brad the impaler
    Brad the impaler 3 hours ago

    I dont feel like living anymore I'm gonna kill myself tonight and the great thing is that nobody is gonna miss because no one cares

  • Edgar Saucedo
    Edgar Saucedo 3 hours ago

    4:06 - 4:11 IS THAT A PLASTIC STRAW!!!

  • Ciley Akers
    Ciley Akers 3 hours ago


  • da' Glass Kitchen
    da' Glass Kitchen 3 hours ago

    I love your life hacks and pranks

  • Liam Arkin Santos
    Liam Arkin Santos 3 hours ago

    knk i m j k kh l l. edgxvgjhggdgdb g dyijc. l. .gntjtuhtmm