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  • The Journey Of Sydney
    The Journey Of Sydney 3 minutes ago

    The first few seconds of the video was ASMR basically

  • n popo
    n popo 7 minutes ago

    This is very impressive, can only wait to see what apple does if they do a folding phone

  • Bawdale
    Bawdale 9 minutes ago

    Fine in China, India and South Korea where they don't use google much

  • Equinox
    Equinox 10 minutes ago

    Its not glass... its plastic. Duh. And its weak. You can scratch it with your fingernail

    DEXTER BLOCKERSON 13 minutes ago

    In rewind 2018 I thought they said mark ass brown ley

  • asif shaikh
    asif shaikh 21 minute ago

    Came here after the news that essential company is officially dead.

  • Game boy
    Game boy 24 minutes ago

    Is it a phone or a camera with a sim option .

  • Best Reviews
    Best Reviews 28 minutes ago

    Super sonic

  • LittleWhole
    LittleWhole 30 minutes ago

    FLash-player algorithm: 2014: no 2015: no 2016: no 2017: no 2018: no 2019: no 2020: Hey, now that the Galaxy S20 Ultra is out, wanna hear about the Galaxy Note 4???

  • Schatzeli Schatzeli
    Schatzeli Schatzeli 31 minute ago

    Hmmmm why on some people says it’s plastic type.!???

  • Sidharth Singh
    Sidharth Singh 33 minutes ago

    I thought bill to be intelligent but he is not because if he has complain about range why he brought porche instead of Tesla model s or x which is cheaper than that . Taycan is nothing in front of Tesla in all ways race , range ,comfort etc etc

  • Simon Tank
    Simon Tank 33 minutes ago

    So much packaging for such a small product... Does not help that most of that is stained cardboard...

  • quant2011
    quant2011 37 minutes ago

    Things we will never hear from Bill Gates: 1) potential of hydrogen cars and transportation, 2) alternative energy production (solar, geothermal, others - decentralization of electricity), 3) decentralization of political power and information. FLash-player is ALL about spreading out information sources as wide as possible. Clearly, Billy does not want that saying that "historically newspapers were guardians of "true" information". Really? How did mainstream media covered Epstein case during the last 12 years? Yeah, he was your buddy Billy ;) 4) How to prevent diseases using natural methods rather than technological ones. Yeah, little money in that, so Bill not interested, despite TONS of scientific research showing that organic things in organic human body are a perfect match, while non-organic, factory made is a disaster. 5) Who is smarter when it comes to socio-economic, issues facing humanity: Nassim Taleb or Gates? Listen with awareness what Taleb is saying about GMOs, diets, health, journalists and GW... now listen to what Gates has to say about same topics. Notice a HUGE difference? One of these guys is using great deal of logic, the other is money hungry. Guess which one ;)

  • Mr H
    Mr H 37 minutes ago

    Just came cause I ordered the Pros

  • toekka baby
    toekka baby 46 minutes ago

    Only population reduction can save the planet,no one talks about agriculture

  • Peter Husband
    Peter Husband 46 minutes ago

    Great video. It is me or does it seem Bill Gates turning / leaning away from Marques about 8min into the video? He's getting a little unconformable toward the end, Gates have issues with Tesla / Elon...

  • Caven
    Caven 48 minutes ago

    2020 where u at

  • Vaku Zaku
    Vaku Zaku 48 minutes ago

    Scam shit.

  • Jan Skácelík
    Jan Skácelík 51 minute ago

    The aspect ratio is horrible. 16:9 is already crap for anything else than video. But this is 🥵

  • Lokki 1
    Lokki 1 51 minute ago

    You can stop scrolling through the comments. It’s really not worth it. Enjoy the great video tho!

  • Kenny420
    Kenny420 53 minutes ago

    I wish you had asked him why he invested in the corona virus development.

  • Pratyush
    Pratyush Hour ago

    Can you provide me the any ipad because I need it because I am starting my internship next week for which I need a powerful device.

  • Adil Hakim
    Adil Hakim Hour ago

    so basically the digital process of compression causes the output format equivalent to an analog file, with all the imperfection of such retro 'recording'.

  • Your Pakistani Bro

    Still flexing his apple watch😅

  • Skywalker Jedi Knight

    Suck next look like note 10 lol are you f****** kidding me Samsung S phones suck

  • Michael Nuarin
    Michael Nuarin Hour ago

    It has a glass, But just cover with plastic for protection. Search for Pbk reviews

  • popop noobmaster69

    Holy shittttt.....

  • Viral Updates
    Viral Updates Hour ago

    I wish i could afford this device one day

  • Charles Jade
    Charles Jade Hour ago

    Nice intro The Samsung Z Flip Ad directly at the start

  • noobie747
    noobie747 Hour ago

    Hi! Whats the cheapest google phone available in the market?

  • Prakhyat Thapa
    Prakhyat Thapa Hour ago

    i want it

  • Vincent Ng
    Vincent Ng Hour ago

    Elon: We don't give discounts and I actually pay retail prices for my cars. Lol. why don't you give yourself a discount and for others too.

  • Rob R
    Rob R Hour ago

    No comparison!

  • FridayWithLiv
    FridayWithLiv Hour ago

    Quite sad really



  • Talal Sultan
    Talal Sultan Hour ago look like iphone 11 camera !😛

  • Ian Dave Roman
    Ian Dave Roman Hour ago

    can i have it then??? plzzzzz

  • Avinil Das Sharma

    It isn't glass!

  • Pure Genius
    Pure Genius Hour ago

    Shoutout to my FLash-player channel please I am your biggest fan !!! Channel name : Pure Genius

  • 1st Person Approacher

    If anyone wants to know what a true "hero" looks like, they look like Bill Gates and other generous innovators.

  • Anthony Salerno
    Anthony Salerno Hour ago

    A 64 and 128mp camera with a 120hz quad hd screen and 128gb base storage etc. Yeahhhh the new iPhone is going to be shit in comparison

  • bad dwarf
    bad dwarf Hour ago

    so no one is gonna mention the girl juggling the three balls? Ok!

  • Nathan MacIsaac
    Nathan MacIsaac Hour ago

    Totally worth the upgrade if you have any iPhone before the iPhone X. It's fast with great battery life and the camera is amazing!

  • Petko Krushev
    Petko Krushev Hour ago

    So advanced and......without LED notification (facepalm)

  • Sebastian Szefer

    When Mi10 Pro review?

  • Dark1Masta
    Dark1Masta Hour ago

    Is this worth watching? 12 mins.

  • Justfortheviews
    Justfortheviews Hour ago

    Buying a Taycan simply says he does not support Tesla. Bill knows what his doing and so as Elon.

  • Tim
    Tim Hour ago

    May I ask where did you get that T-shirt? Really cool! Great review

  • Tech Ghost
    Tech Ghost 2 hours ago

    Why don’t you understand people. You guys compare latest 2020 flagship work last years iPhone and declare a winner. But them  releases their new 2020 iPhone they become king again. Lol sand for other companies hahahahahaah

  • Just because no other reason

    The people's choice is sold out in the UK, couldn't get one anywhere so went for Huawei P30 and it's bloody amazing. The speaker has a grill and I have installed a wireless charger in the USB port. Win win for me

  • mborockzzz X
    mborockzzz X 2 hours ago

    Now Apple will release aphone for 2000$

  • Geo The Barber
    Geo The Barber 2 hours ago

    Samsung runs the phone game, I dont know why everyone is so stuck on iphones.. I'm planning on getting this phone even if it's more expensive than the best iphone.. it's worth it

  • Thol Anderson
    Thol Anderson 2 hours ago

    He: welcome back Me: i didn't go nowhere😂

  • DanLovesPugs
    DanLovesPugs 2 hours ago

    You know what I have, a clear case. It’s perfect for everything and I can still appreciate the design, even thought with a case I’d love it anyway. Guys don’t listen to him- buy a case.

  • AlexViktor
    AlexViktor 2 hours ago

    wow, watching the video and checking the price at the end :O i thought this phone costs 200$ at max, seriously

  • Petros K
    Petros K 2 hours ago

    It’s 94 pixels not 108

  • Christoph Buchner
    Christoph Buchner 2 hours ago

    Why is nobody ever talking about meat consumption in the context of climate change? Electric cars? Yea sure. What about the batteries though? And as long as you get your electricity from coal it seems useless. I feel like the public conversation on climate change is misleading.

  • Shivesh Lochunah
    Shivesh Lochunah 2 hours ago

    Y’all should watch jerryrigeverything ‘s video

  • Honza Berka
    Honza Berka 2 hours ago

    Good people of the internet. Does anybody have link for that wallpaper? I really need it.

  • Mayur Shivhare
    Mayur Shivhare 2 hours ago

    Please make a zoom video

  • Olirif
    Olirif 2 hours ago

    This product never caught on, everyone uses Alexa or Google home

  • oran stanisic
    oran stanisic 2 hours ago

    Im just confused how much space and time( and lol- glory) u spent with 90 khz on OnePlus but barely nothing with this 120 khz,does that mean 120 khz isnt that great stuff with really big screens or not?

  • EliteExplorer Sploring

    This Iphone 6 owner left Apple because they Apple decided to rip off customers as you say by just removing a feature and charging us to fix it. Screw Apple.

  • Ernie Jones
    Ernie Jones 2 hours ago

    I want one!!!

  • Spoon
    Spoon 2 hours ago

    Love your T-shirt with the RGB "mountains". Where did you get it from? :D

  • Affiliate Marketing Beast

    Bill Gates: let me save money for the new lambo * 10 seconds later * Bill gates: done :)

  • EliteExplorer Sploring

    $1400 but they are too cheap to put in a headphone jack.

    HARSH 2 hours ago

    that skeleton employee working behind tho.......

  • Jordan Bell
    Jordan Bell 2 hours ago

    All well-built fences have gates.

  • Svetlozar Hristov
    Svetlozar Hristov 2 hours ago

    What a lovely guy

  • Sahand Haghjoo
    Sahand Haghjoo 2 hours ago

    This is the best example for showing that people judge everything with knowing nothing at all about it.I'm a samsung user but it didn't deserve the win

  • Invisible
    Invisible 2 hours ago

    Why would this get 2 million views, just because Bill Gates is in it? This is a boring ass video

  • mana surya
    mana surya 2 hours ago

    Oh no! Samsung is going back into the past and starting to make old 1996 flip phones!

  • J G
    J G 2 hours ago

    Legend for picking up on this

  • Secrets teacher
    Secrets teacher 2 hours ago


  • thatoneguy098yt
    thatoneguy098yt 3 hours ago

    The apple listing to the peapole are a lot better than youtube's

  • Herman Falck How
    Herman Falck How 3 hours ago

    Okay I just need to give a bit of a comment here. Because a lot of this is pretty odd. A blurred background does not make a photo better. It does make the supbject stand out more, but you still need to compose for that. So when you're composing a photo for showcasing technical ability people aren't going to be judging for that since the photo looks to be showcasing which one looks best. And since all the composition is kind of shit in all of those people just chose the more consistent with reality. If there is a green thing in the background out of focus in a photo of a red thing that looks bad. But if they're both in focus that might look fine.

  • Dawance Chea
    Dawance Chea 3 hours ago

    Range anxiety with electric cars?? That’s because he bought a Taycan instead of a Tesla. No issues with mine.

  • Herman Falck How
    Herman Falck How 3 hours ago

    Blurred background is a lens thing though...

  • Roynaldo Janwar
    Roynaldo Janwar 3 hours ago

    I'll hold on to mine till the Note 20 release

  • Herman Falck How
    Herman Falck How 3 hours ago

    Samsung has the best camera. Pixel has really good processing, but it goes too hard pretty often in my experience. Like people just look way more wrinkly, and blemishes that are otherwise unnoticable become super sharp and distracting. My opinion is I want the camera to capture reality the best, and if I want a heightened reality poppy look I'll send the thing through photoshop. But most of the time I just won't want that so I generally just like the Samsung camera.

  • Work w/Me
    Work w/Me 3 hours ago

    I wish I am also the one you to give me at least Samsung S9 Plus.. my phone samsung s6 is broke it touch i can't use it properly and its too old. i want to use Latest samsung flagship. i appreciate so much if you granted my wish.. I am also your #1 huge fan always watching your youtube videos..

  • John Rieth
    John Rieth 3 hours ago

    So you still use a mouse to navigate and a Universal Audio Quad Core as a volume knob? ... LOLOL!!!! I'm giving you a virtual pat on the head and a "nice job kid"... YAWN

  • Rishabh Dhawad
    Rishabh Dhawad 3 hours ago

    This was such a great memories

  • Cameron G
    Cameron G 3 hours ago


  • Rishabh Dhawad
    Rishabh Dhawad 3 hours ago

    Why am I getting this in my recommendation after his death . Rest in peace Kobe . You are a inspiration to me .

  • Uyoyo OG.
    Uyoyo OG. 3 hours ago

    Bill is brilliant.

  • Neku
    Neku 3 hours ago


  • Kerri
    Kerri 3 hours ago

    Bill Gates is evil person. Ask me why, how, etc. STOP GLORIFYING THIS ANTI-HUMAN POS.

  • jafni faizal
    jafni faizal 3 hours ago

    Maybe less talk. More results? Yess

  • itdoesntmatter
    itdoesntmatter 3 hours ago

    You have a literal folding smart phone, STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT A DAMN CREASE IN THE DISPLAY!!! If you dont want a crease then just buy a normal phone FFS!

  • Kyle Logan
    Kyle Logan 3 hours ago

    Finally harry potter newspapers will be real soon

  • Kerri
    Kerri 3 hours ago

    Then they would be able to stop everyone in their tracks by simply cutting the cord. Talk about control of the People. Yikes.

  • Sunil
    Sunil 3 hours ago

    A bald guy with an Adidas cap was heard shouting "This phone bends...!

  • Jason R
    Jason R 3 hours ago

    'Maybe next year' - MKBHD, 2017

  • 26humor26
    26humor26 3 hours ago

    Bill Gates just fucked TESLA! 😂

  • Dave Precise
    Dave Precise 3 hours ago


  • Google One
    Google One 3 hours ago

    "leave a thumbs up if you wanna see x" I lol'd

  • Tom Erik Myrdal
    Tom Erik Myrdal 3 hours ago

    People is lisening to Bill Gates, uf hi fo more FLash-player stuff then people will see it.

  • Karthik Simhadri
    Karthik Simhadri 3 hours ago

    Why intro is running at 1.5x?