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  • Iyiba Briggs
    Iyiba Briggs 18 seconds ago

    Great video. Please review the Bose Frames Alto

  • Ivan Rusev
    Ivan Rusev 36 seconds ago

    Only face unlock must the the stupidest decision in the smartphone industry

  • Ali Syed
    Ali Syed 40 seconds ago

    He's right, telephoto is more important.

  • Daniel de Blas
    Daniel de Blas Minute ago

    Great video as usual, but honestly, I see some of these shots could be done with a regular camera and lens…

  • Boris Spasojevic
    Boris Spasojevic 2 minutes ago

    Telephoto instead ultra wide? 🤔 It seems like they have someone in Google upper management who is a honey badger type. Last year he convinced everybody that notch was a good idea, 'that notch'. Now he did the same thing with telephoto.

  • ayyappadas K R
    ayyappadas K R 2 minutes ago


  • iM4CH3T3 Dimachete
    iM4CH3T3 Dimachete 2 minutes ago

    Would u say the cam has blown u away like the 11 pro one did or even the 11 ?

  • Chawla zone
    Chawla zone 3 minutes ago

    I bought the one plus 7 pro instead of the 11 , 2k display , 90hz ,fast charging, what else do you need

  • Ed Powers
    Ed Powers 4 minutes ago

    if you're gonna call the black phone panda the orange has to be called a flamingo

  • Miguel Carvalho
    Miguel Carvalho 4 minutes ago

    Please review the new Oneplus 7T Pro!! Better than pixel

  • Dave
    Dave 6 minutes ago

    So now everybody that's not Chinese smartphone company simply copied every Huawei's smartphone desingn, which is the most hated company by Washington.

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith 7 minutes ago

    Marques is like Brie Larson with the amount of personal attacks he is getting

  • The big Nut
    The big Nut 9 minutes ago

    The new pixel looks like what the iPhone 11 leaks looked like

  • Pvt Public
    Pvt Public 14 minutes ago

    Gonna see everybody Milly rocking over their phones trying to get the swipe feature working lol

  • Diego Chicot
    Diego Chicot 18 minutes ago

    Does anyone else not give a shit about cameras on their phone?

  • ItsKemal
    ItsKemal 18 minutes ago

    from the Nexus 5, my expectation of Google devices are declining

  • Blake Melbourne
    Blake Melbourne 18 minutes ago

    When is the 1tb and 12gb if ram coming out to buy?? :(

  • Kai Yanagi
    Kai Yanagi 20 minutes ago

    "Your internet's not good enough to do that in the first place" Me : is that kind of personal attack?

  • Jeremy Cornwell
    Jeremy Cornwell 21 minute ago

    Get the sh it eating dog out of my home, Designer dog - designer diseased

  • Stefan C.
    Stefan C. 21 minute ago

    11:03 the supreme tool box

  • YahyaO 7
    YahyaO 7 22 minutes ago

    From the back, it looks like fake iPhone

  • Cr33pyChild
    Cr33pyChild 22 minutes ago

    Sennheiser 4 Ever

  • Keabetswe Mamabolo
    Keabetswe Mamabolo 22 minutes ago


  • Bongani ndhlovu
    Bongani ndhlovu 23 minutes ago

    Even apple can learn from this and make a new iphone instead of just adding on cameras

  • Bongani ndhlovu
    Bongani ndhlovu 24 minutes ago

    This is probably the first foldable that made sense to me. The rest still have a lot of work to do and could learn from this.

  • Stephen Winters
    Stephen Winters 25 minutes ago

    Whats with 2019, the smartphone improvements across the board have been lame.

  • MrAbwab
    MrAbwab 30 minutes ago

    Google: Bad specs Bad design Flagship price! Yea I'ma pass.

  • MrAbwab
    MrAbwab 31 minute ago

    A phone to disappoint! Who ever is in charge of making this phone knows absolutely nothing about anything in the industry. The phone doesn't even have a personality like the first 3 Pixels.

  • Abby Alvo
    Abby Alvo 31 minute ago

    "Kabhi HD here"..

  • TheAppleAndroidGuy
    TheAppleAndroidGuy 32 minutes ago

    Such a great phone for it's time, miss it!

  • abdullah al-hadhrami
    abdullah al-hadhrami 33 minutes ago

    6:58 Were you hovering?

  • Dr. Einstein
    Dr. Einstein 35 minutes ago

    Back Looks like iphone 11 pro

  • Rafsan Islam
    Rafsan Islam 37 minutes ago

    Pixel 3 to pixel 4 Front facing wide camera gone. Front facing speakers gone. Unlimited storage gone. Included headphone gone. Smaller battery. Max you can get is 128gb. And they charge you 100usd to jump from 64 to 128gb. Learn from apple google. 64-128gb - 50usd 64-256gb - 150usd

  • Yaron Cohen
    Yaron Cohen 37 minutes ago

    Thanks for the review!! realy concerned about the Pixel 4 battery life. hope you would be able to specify more about it in the next review

  • Aashish Joseph
    Aashish Joseph 38 minutes ago

    3:30 JK Simmons spotted!

  • Sheema Ashrafi
    Sheema Ashrafi 39 minutes ago

    *Mission failed we'll get em next time...*

  • Arkaprava Manna
    Arkaprava Manna 39 minutes ago

    Never thought pixel 4 wud be this bad

  • Engine & Strong
    Engine & Strong 40 minutes ago

    In the review you have to mention stadia as it's only going to be available on p4 on release I think. But if you're streaming games with that small battery surly that's bad

  • M PotatoCabage98
    M PotatoCabage98 40 minutes ago

    I just got a galaxy a20 when a month later this came out. When i saw it was only frickin $699 I was like... So Apple is being nicer now

  • Jesse Oseribhor Maigret
    Jesse Oseribhor Maigret 42 minutes ago

    From all the 4 google assistant and siri are the only ones that are good

  • G03L1N Y5
    G03L1N Y5 42 minutes ago

    1:14 I Thought my Wi-Fi connection lost and switches to Cellular Data! (!^_^)

  • SHA AK47
    SHA AK47 43 minutes ago

    MKBHD the dude that récords in 8k asking if something is overkill?

  • The Asian Nerd
    The Asian Nerd 45 minutes ago

    How to create creepypasta

  • Emily An
    Emily An 45 minutes ago

    The booger on his right nostril is bugging me lol

  • Kodi Marius
    Kodi Marius 51 minute ago

    Probably they make a custom update that somehow uses those cameras at the back and it ' somehow' renders an ultra wide picture? Idk these days craZy stuff is possible 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    • Emily An
      Emily An 45 minutes ago

      Hey Marques, will you do a full review of Pixel 4 XL? I would like to know your opinion! When is it expected to publish it? Thank you dude!

    SAKET NATH MISHRA 52 minutes ago

    Brownlee didn't get Google Sponsorship!!!!!!

  • دمـಿـوع آلَوۣرد m

    منو عربي. هنا. حط لايك جهاز جميل 😶😶😶 شوكت بس اشوفو بطبيعة 😣😣 من قريب 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • nchia
    nchia 53 minutes ago

    My question to Marques: How can you mend a broken heart? 💔 🎶

  • Inderchand Jaipuriya
    Inderchand Jaipuriya 54 minutes ago

    Now I know why my old feature didn’t have a wide angle camera

  • Meedo Pro
    Meedo Pro 55 minutes ago

    waaaw you got the Orange pixel 4 phone that i washes to see a review on this phone color and you did, I like the phone and it's smooth, fast, new cameras and photography style. Thank you dear Marques.

  • Khalid Alamin
    Khalid Alamin 55 minutes ago

    How much time did this take to accomplish?

  • TheGoodGuyOfTheInternet
    TheGoodGuyOfTheInternet 56 minutes ago

    Come on, there are 1080p displays even on 250 bucks phones!

  • Jaimin Parmar
    Jaimin Parmar 56 minutes ago

    Good job samsung 🤣

  • Tanvin Rayhan Talha
    Tanvin Rayhan Talha 56 minutes ago

    eww, whats in your nose -_-

  • Mujhtuba Baksh
    Mujhtuba Baksh 56 minutes ago

    I’m confused as to why they went with the huge square design on the camera if it wasn’t really necessary? Again, everything with the pixel feels like it’s lagging behind everyone else.

  • Sandor Bako
    Sandor Bako 57 minutes ago

    this phone should be $400

  • The LiiTe
    The LiiTe 58 minutes ago

    Why do you minions keep supporting Google Samsung and apple ???? There are way more products far better you're just incapable of thinking for yourselves and so ignorant that you fall in line like enslaved minions..

  • louisdvx
    louisdvx 58 minutes ago

    You've something sticking out of your right nostril mate.

  • mousam gogoi
    mousam gogoi 59 minutes ago

    Blood on your hand

  • Máté Kovács
    Máté Kovács 59 minutes ago

    matt black errrthaang

  • Yosef Roth
    Yosef Roth Hour ago

    Apple should come out with a iPhone special edition ... *Brownlee* real goat...

  • yash sharma
    yash sharma Hour ago

    A video on other Google products launched with this pleaseee

  • Rahaf
    Rahaf Hour ago

    اكتب في جوجل " KAYFIIYA " ثم ادخل للمدونة . ينشرون معلومات ذهبية حول تحقيق الثراء

  • mousam gogoi
    mousam gogoi Hour ago

    Intro song name

  • Jaimin Parmar
    Jaimin Parmar Hour ago

    Did i just see Google assistant in an iPhone lmao

  • Lj Jones
    Lj Jones Hour ago

    Yeahhhhh no thanks Google

  • ojas chandgadkar

    *Google* :- Let's trigger MKBHD by not putting Matt black *MKBHD* :- _Pikachu face_

  • Ali
    Ali Hour ago

    Shit phone. It can be unlocked by anyones fingerprint lol

  • Uhm
    Uhm Hour ago

    Hey Marques, will you do a full review of Pixel 4 XL? I would like to know your opinion! When is it expected to publish it? Thank you dude!

  • ceasar smart
    ceasar smart Hour ago

    They should have kept the chin little bit bigger to balance out the forehead and volume buttons on the opposite side that would have looked a better design .

  • ProIT
    ProIT Hour ago

    Which phone has 90hz display, triple set of cameras (main 48MP, ultrawide and telefocus), bigger battery then PIXEL4, only front display (no notch, no cutout, no visible cameras on the front), Snapdragon 855+, 12GB RAM, high speed storage and it's CHEAPER? OnePlus 7T PRO.

  • Grimmyn
    Grimmyn Hour ago

    Good that Microsoft tries. And two screens and a hinge could be something that gets popular. But my personal opinion that mkbhd asks for is that this is nothing I want at all. But then again I don't like a 2 monitor setup. I want a big screen! The hinge kills it

  • Cheyenne Dargin
    Cheyenne Dargin Hour ago

    I have that and that’s what I use so please don’t be rude about it😞

  • SkaiSharku
    SkaiSharku Hour ago

    With the Pixel 4 release I would now choose this phone... if only it was fully supported (incl NFC) for usage in Japan...

  • smart tricks
    smart tricks Hour ago

    Good start phone in low price

  • Bristow Xavier
    Bristow Xavier Hour ago

    Redmi K20 Pro with an Android 10 Pixel Experience wins over pixel 4 anyday. (atleast for me)

  • Udayakumar Ratnasabapathy

    1:41 we've been tricked, fooled, backstabbed and quite possibly bamboozled

  • Hasaloum Ahmed
    Hasaloum Ahmed Hour ago

    Lol you are in the german trends

  • Patrick-Julian Q. Fulgado

    I wouldn't be surprised if your camera being so close to it might've affected the swiping accuracy.

  • Arsal Mushtaq
    Arsal Mushtaq Hour ago

    13:06 thank me later

  • Bristow Xavier
    Bristow Xavier Hour ago

    5:10 that radar, *Moto X 2nd Gen* did that sort of thing way earlier with IR sensors...

  • 5-Minute DIY
    5-Minute DIY Hour ago

    You people just beating around the bush and don't know what's doing theirs president and why did they choose him. They have mass destruction weapons and playing all the time with them and drop their offense some other innocent country.

  • Ron Duvekot
    Ron Duvekot Hour ago

    5:35- January 3rd

  • Kaushik Pinara
    Kaushik Pinara Hour ago

    PUBG gameplay at high graphics and battery test

  • Bakk-Dávid László

    In 2019 is still a butthurt, when I try toconnect a pendrive/externalsoundcard/midicontroller to my new macbook, because these devices don't come with usb-c cables... why would they, if the rest of the universe still uses standard usb 2.0-3.0??? So I have to buy these ugly adaptors. This so not the Apple which used to be...

  • Gerard O'Mahony
    Gerard O'Mahony Hour ago

    I love pixel. But they absolutely fugged it on this one. What a shame

  • Peace_Out
    Peace_Out Hour ago

    So, dont know how or why but they just cant seem to get it right....should be the best phone available but another swing and miss. Prices too expensive as well...

  • Ram Sumanth
    Ram Sumanth Hour ago

    Which rock do the pixel designer n decision making team live under?

  • Kami Tenchi
    Kami Tenchi Hour ago

    I'm loving the new iPhone.

  • Jitendra Kumar
    Jitendra Kumar Hour ago

    Worst design ever in smartphone.

  • Gauthier Deba
    Gauthier Deba Hour ago

    5:51 Marques listening to Hocus Pocus... you can’t swipe left a good band like that mate. that’s a big thumb up from France

  • Nicolo Main
    Nicolo Main Hour ago

    Can we can a comparison video between the new Pixel 4 and the "Legendary" Pixel 3??

  • D LG
    D LG Hour ago

    The only reason to get a Pixel is the no-bloat OS...and it's a pretty compelling reason, honestly. I hate my Note 9 and will probably switch to the Pixel 4 XL eventually.

  • Charudatta Deshmukh

    What about the phone won't work in many other regions like india due to RADAR chip license? Or Can we have some light on this please? Can I still make it to work buyin the phone in US

  • Blak3 World
    Blak3 World Hour ago

    snapdragon 855+ and fingerprint are essential for me..... i really hate face recognition and the large front

  • Mark P
    Mark P Hour ago

    That radar sensor is not only a gimmick, I hope Google include that you can use the sensor in the camera where you can zoom in and out, adjust settings and take a photo.

  • Joy Ahmed
    Joy Ahmed Hour ago


  • INPicks
    INPicks Hour ago

    I appreciate your hardwork man!

  • Abc Def
    Abc Def Hour ago

    The heck! Why are we making such social barriers on the name of ECOSYSTEMS?!!!! The tech industry is built on innovation and here are we trying to make meaningless boundaries for ourselves. Yes, accepted that the Apple products are good but why to make social walls based on the type of phone you use!

  • Mert Erdogan
    Mert Erdogan 2 hours ago

    now 50 dollars on amazon