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  • yhaqub samed
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  • vKarma
    vKarma 28 minutes ago

    *stubs toe* 5:20

  • Jaime Taylor
    Jaime Taylor 2 hours ago

    Akala I love truth ! I love people ! I love history ! Hence why I believe you ! Can you give a white man something to feel proud of ?? I didnt inslave anyone or hurt anyone ? Yet I grew up in Glasgow youth in 1990

  • BeingJadaWatts
    BeingJadaWatts 3 hours ago

    The best female rapper out .. cardi can never

    TENISHA ANGOL 4 hours ago

    mad mad don tess

  • Baby Gurll
    Baby Gurll 4 hours ago

    This shiii fire asf🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Ibrahim Shaw
    Ibrahim Shaw 5 hours ago

    Nines facial expressions says it all 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Amekia J
    Amekia J 5 hours ago


  • mcevoy gaming
    mcevoy gaming 6 hours ago

    6min 20 listen from there saves you 5 years of school

  • ProwseOfficial
    ProwseOfficial 6 hours ago

    This guy surprised me, he’s talented.

  • Tozz 27
    Tozz 27 7 hours ago

    His rapping style and flow reminds me off dan bull,

  • kamikazemind327
    kamikazemind327 7 hours ago

    she so gooooooodddd

  • The Safety Car
    The Safety Car 7 hours ago

    Plantain is pronounced like stain.

  • Andrew Ton That
    Andrew Ton That 7 hours ago

    anyone know what the first song is?

  • Adam Hart
    Adam Hart 7 hours ago

    That's quite a funny interview haha

  • Tom Humphrey
    Tom Humphrey 7 hours ago

    Haha was thinking where’s this guy from, mans from Cambridge. My guy fucking guy haha

  • Heaven Dreamer
    Heaven Dreamer 7 hours ago

    I'm the only guy who doesn't rate drakes flow or anything about him?

  • Waqar Ishfaq
    Waqar Ishfaq 7 hours ago

    Anyone know what the beat in the background was the first time round? Big heath is finally getting recognition. Guy is mad talented and keeps it real!

  • cetem maduro
    cetem maduro 7 hours ago

    emotional God bless this young Man

  • Kendrick Chambers
    Kendrick Chambers 8 hours ago

    Drake like hitting this button too gotdamn much 👀

  • Andrew Boulding
    Andrew Boulding 8 hours ago

    She badder than ere thang that's out right now, females, males, shmales she finna be the pinnacle over everybody.

  • Steven Kilborn
    Steven Kilborn 8 hours ago

    The first guy sounded like Royston 59

  • Glen Nelson
    Glen Nelson 8 hours ago

    The way bando came in at de start jus kickjumped de whole freestyle

  • II Galaxii II
    II Galaxii II 8 hours ago

    This guy 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • cetem maduro
    cetem maduro 9 hours ago

    charisma and power for real

  • I Only Smoke Quads
    I Only Smoke Quads 9 hours ago

    I think I’m probably responsible for the last 200k views

  • Harshivam
    Harshivam 9 hours ago

    Anyone from imjustbait?

  • Peter Clarkin
    Peter Clarkin 9 hours ago

    Charlie needs to chill with the explosion sound 🤨

  • E Wilde
    E Wilde 9 hours ago

    ‘Rocking leopard print like I’m Bet Lynch’ 🔥🔥⚡️

  • Asaju Jeffery
    Asaju Jeffery 9 hours ago

    “You don’t have to sell drug to be a hustler” 💪🏽

  • Manj Singh
    Manj Singh 9 hours ago


  • leviticus
    leviticus 10 hours ago

    what’s the first instrumental?

  • Mr Max
    Mr Max 10 hours ago

    Yo this is hard u man disliking this is because ur just use to that fast rap British style but this is cold💯

  • Xx_Iphone_xX
    Xx_Iphone_xX 10 hours ago

    When i switch my hair to blond imma turnt up like GOKU AYYEEE 😝 EYYHHHH!

  • Bikelife-Lewis !
    Bikelife-Lewis ! 10 hours ago

    This is cold ⭕️❄️🤟🏻

  • eh?
    eh? 10 hours ago

    Never heard of these man never seen em but the way my ears are ringing from all that screaming I don’t think I’ll ever be the same😓🤧

  • ShitJitsu
    ShitJitsu 10 hours ago

    uk bars … it

  • Wamzzz
    Wamzzz 11 hours ago

    Yh he’s next up🔥🔥

  • Alex Giol
    Alex Giol 11 hours ago

    From a young age don't feel when I wet guys, how many man got touched over them sides? You don't wanna get caught lacking, ching man's rassclart, sorry, it's bedtime One in his chest, neck and intestines, slide in bruck down Fords, no headlights Why you think 'bout your dead guys? S slapped it tryna hit man's left eye I was fifteen when we done it on pedals, big fifteen tryna ching man's vessel Give him a trim like I worked in Shendals, get pulled for your kettle Anywhere, anytime, pop man's bezzle, rudeboy sekkle, fill him with metal T Trap's stuck in the trap, Broadwater Farm, we're the UK rebels Kill confirmed, couldn't give two fucks, he's down south with flowers and doves Rise this shotgun up and then buss, pull up on anyone, foot on the clutch DV got caught, bro shedded his blood Lil Jojo got caught like twice, made that three, better know that you're done Juice gon' spill like peanut punch

  • Dilip Kaur
    Dilip Kaur 11 hours ago


  • will crowland
    will crowland 11 hours ago

    ‘tryna find my dick better luck finding madeline’

  • George Cade
    George Cade 11 hours ago

    Yo this is my mates cousin that was a shock Jesus

  • Funnothing -Playz
    Funnothing -Playz 11 hours ago

    Man said lil tecca and nines

    TRU MAN 11 hours ago

    Wretch32 full verse begins at 4:10 Youre Welcome!

  • Ismail BA
    Ismail BA 11 hours ago

    Anyone know the instrumental??

  • Kieran Penrose
    Kieran Penrose 11 hours ago

    This BANGS 👌🏻👌🏻

  • Joseph Davies
    Joseph Davies 12 hours ago

    My dawg been going crazy think he need a vet, I just hope he don't betray me try to bite me next

  • Djenko Cozart
    Djenko Cozart 12 hours ago


  • KaizerOfficial J
    KaizerOfficial J 12 hours ago

    Yo charlie start the ting already my g, we don't need that extra sound effect ting

  • Izenosa Binitie
    Izenosa Binitie 12 hours ago

    What’s the instrumentals in the first part

  • Pridez
    Pridez 12 hours ago

    Jhezzz!! I was expecting some shit mumble rapping shit but this is fire!!!

  • scribblez 84
    scribblez 84 12 hours ago

    this man is by far the G.O.A.T 👌👍👏💪👊 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Zarren Spry
    Zarren Spry 12 hours ago

    Rate the music but Charlie Sloth where the UK artists at? Tim Westwood 2.0

  • P P
    P P 13 hours ago

    Sick G.... Love from Nairobi Kenya

  • P P
    P P 13 hours ago

    Charlie Muthaphuckin Sloth, listening from former british colony Nairobi, Kenya

  • SwishBoyDarnell
    SwishBoyDarnell 13 hours ago

    Yessir!!! Shit slaps

  • google User
    google User 13 hours ago

    i swear i thought mc quakez and big shaq were the same

  • James WOB
    James WOB 13 hours ago

    Who’s the dickhead nearest the Camara? Doesn’t rap and just shouts too close to the mic. I liked it apart from that bellend

  • Vlvcz
    Vlvcz 13 hours ago

    Ngl nines looks like Dris from top boy 😂 to cold ❄

  • Pedro James
    Pedro James 14 hours ago

    79k views are u lot the rest are from me i swear

  • Kevin Twine
    Kevin Twine 14 hours ago

    She's good for an American

  • Reedy
    Reedy 14 hours ago

    who's the third one? just a loud mouth front with no flow?

    • Mr. S
      Mr. S 14 hours ago

      He's their DJ/producer

  • Connor Binnie
    Connor Binnie 14 hours ago

    Charlie is a fat sweaty sell out 😂 taking the bag from record labels how much is 7k views in 22 hours worth Charlie ?

    • Connor Binnie
      Connor Binnie 14 hours ago

      @Mr. S remember when fire in the booth was just UK artists you "mug" ? You don't have a clue what your speaking about 😂

  • Salena Johnson
    Salena Johnson 16 hours ago

    Definitely not a freestyle but its coo ig

  • Ali Atta
    Ali Atta 16 hours ago

    Someone put it on soundcloud or spotify already 😕

  • Jackie Stirzaker
    Jackie Stirzaker 16 hours ago

    That sn1 production is mmmmaaaaaaaadddd

    EL DINERO JUGS 16 hours ago

    I'm assuming nines never got stabbed on his face

  • Exodus
    Exodus 16 hours ago

    is there a version without the shitty sounds?

  • Crazy Kidd
    Crazy Kidd 17 hours ago

    Is he american? If not sounds slyly like hes begging

  • Raidspeltz
    Raidspeltz 17 hours ago

    Imagine a singer in this situation singing their own song off a tv screen on the wall like karaoke, it would seem lame.........Welcome to freestyle MC'ing in the ''twenty-tens'', but with a phone instead as it doesn't 'appear' as bad subconsciously or visually. Not all MC's do this thankfully, culturally we've mostly forgiven the transition from originally being 'freestyle' to now writtens before they go in the studio but for real, are we trying to fully regress this artform of spittin or what??????

  • Sun Shine
    Sun Shine 17 hours ago

    Way better then stormzy.

  • Sly K1
    Sly K1 17 hours ago

    So real you dont always have to rap about drugs famo

  • Not Fox
    Not Fox 18 hours ago

    This guy looks like a lesbian with them glasses on

  • Aaron Deehan
    Aaron Deehan 18 hours ago

    Absolute fire! Hip hop is back

  • bigdug123
    bigdug123 19 hours ago

    16/9/19 still listening

  • Josh Buckley
    Josh Buckley 19 hours ago

    The first guy reminds me of the old hip hop i rate this fire in the booth

  • anonymous gg
    anonymous gg 19 hours ago

    I acc like there vibe got me bouncing

  • Margarida Sane
    Margarida Sane 19 hours ago


  • Parminder Kumar
    Parminder Kumar 22 hours ago

    @CharlieSloth Lowkey is a savage!!!!!

  • Dd Ddd
    Dd Ddd 23 hours ago


  • Marouane Fellaini
    Marouane Fellaini 23 hours ago

    Song starts at 1:17 thank me later

  • Dwn UndaKilla
    Dwn UndaKilla 23 hours ago

    What happened to these boys?

  • J
    J 23 hours ago

    The bumlickers are unreal. This was the shittest I've heard them. They look young asf aswell lol. People realy out here beefing lil kids

    • ACupOfWater
      ACupOfWater 12 hours ago

      mixio hili same I think Lz is the coldest

    • mixio hili
      mixio hili 16 hours ago

      for me, Double Lzz has always been the hardest... handsome savage, no homo

  • Claire Becksey

    Good job nines didn’t spit Benji went in, he would of put nines to shame

  • Masouri.
    Masouri. Day ago

    4 people who make a lot of explosion noises 💥

  • Mjghost29 YT
    Mjghost29 YT Day ago

    Next fire in the booth should be NitoNb

    • mixio hili
      mixio hili 16 hours ago

      Man pressed that button faster then he orders McDonalds

  • Sam Arnoldt
    Sam Arnoldt Day ago

    Fucken hell, I'm gonna go deaf with this madd amount of explosions

  • Ryan Clark
    Ryan Clark Day ago


  • Kilodox XBL
    Kilodox XBL Day ago


  • Exposed Emm
    Exposed Emm Day ago

    That was the best interview I ever seen

  • bilias hour
    bilias hour Day ago

    Lzz has probably the most cleanest flow and voice in drill ✖️🎩

  • Kerry Willis
    Kerry Willis Day ago

    What load of shit leave that crap on your side of the pond

  • Hannah Ashford


  • Rico Montana
    Rico Montana Day ago

    First time hearing of him ON gawd dude got sum special bout him BIG UPS FAM

  • FreeHand
    FreeHand Day ago

    give uk rappers a chance to rap instead of this american neeks

    • Mr Max
      Mr Max 10 hours ago

      FreeHand wtf u on about he does all the time it’s a British channel?

  • Daaood Arif
    Daaood Arif Day ago

    Lyrically the best fire in the booth by far there really good others but the knowledge and truth Akala dropping is unrivalled. Eye opener

  • KruuzR
    KruuzR Day ago

    there from the usa or uk...

  • Buzzman182
    Buzzman182 Day ago

    This guy's Ill nice to hear the yutes ain't forgot about lyricism been tired of these drill and mumble dudes

  • UK
    UK Day ago

    Middle guy should go on his own trusttt

  • paul webster
    paul webster Day ago

    They dont quite do it like us Brits too much hype too much pipe and they actually thick they are great topped shotterzzzzz lmao