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  • Allie and Coco's Science Show

    Hey Jenna! Sleepypod is the doggy seatbelt that I use! They're actually tested in collisions unlike many brands on the market. They're apparently one of the safest out there, and there's many options from crash crates to harnesses. My dog only doesn't like not being able to jump in my lap when I enter the highway (something she's prone to doing which is SUPER dangerous). Otherwise, she's got a pretty dope harness that's safe in the car.

  • Nicole Horsley
    Nicole Horsley 7 hours ago

    Oh she reuploaded it... it sucks that she feels the need todo that. Shes reviewing it, not saying THIS IS FOR EVERY DOG REGUARDLESS.... come on people.

  • lesmolbean72
    lesmolbean72 7 hours ago

    Take notes, beauty community: Jenna knows how not to cancel herself

  • Sunny M
    Sunny M 7 hours ago

    Unrelated question but do y'all feel like kerm randomly cried more in his younger days or now? Also does peach ever randomly cry (I've watched for years and can't think of a time she did) or is that just a kerm thing?

  • Linnea Ann
    Linnea Ann 7 hours ago

    Sleepy pod makes crash tested dog car accessories! 10/10 reccomend

  • Aladdin Alexander
    Aladdin Alexander 7 hours ago

    Always best dog mom

  • Judy
    Judy 7 hours ago

    For those interested in pet safe carriers and harnesses that have been crash tested, please check out and

  • Mares Vintage
    Mares Vintage 7 hours ago

    Was legit sad there were no live sharks. Soni liked video for jenna to make enough mo ey to get her 99 cents back. Love you jenna. Please be a shark in your pool for a video this summaaa!

  • Ashton Clubb
    Ashton Clubb 7 hours ago

    This is so annoying. Jenna didn’t do anything wrong. She loves her dogs more than we could ever know and people think that she would put them in a dog seat belt basically for longer than they wanted. She goes out of her way to make sure her dogs are happy. Jenna has the biggest heart but people need to leave it alone. They’re taking advantage of it. They know that she was gonna sit here and make this huge apology for no reason. She feels so badly for something that she did perfect for her and her dogs cause omg it’s like she knows and takes care of them better than us. Leave that part of Jenna alone for when or if she actually makes a mistake. I mean did y’all forget the fish video. She will never deliberately put her dogs in something that would upset or hurt them. Leave this sweet woman alone.

  • Stylist_gee12
    Stylist_gee12 7 hours ago

    Also how is anyone not talking about how Jenna put another choker on? 😆

  • TuLocalPendejo •
    TuLocalPendejo • 7 hours ago

    Marble WAS NOT w/ the shit😂😭

  • Паучок Артемий


  • Tiffany Renee
    Tiffany Renee 7 hours ago

    Internet: try this thing Jenna: okay sounds fun Also internet: you shouldn't do that 🙄

  • Ava Grace
    Ava Grace 7 hours ago

    jenna is the literal embodiment of the perfect person

  • Rachel Falls
    Rachel Falls 7 hours ago

    This might be good for dogs who have esophageal disease

  • blueberrypomegranate

    Hilarious. Thank you for the review of this product jenna lol ❤

  • Cherise Coleman
    Cherise Coleman 7 hours ago

    I like a marble calms down when he sees Peach get out and then he's looking around just like hey how the heck did she do that

  • Kalli Sprague
    Kalli Sprague 7 hours ago

    I personally dont think there's anything wrong with the video HOWEVER I just wanna say that I love how Jenna responds to criticism, genuinely. This is her livelihood and I appreciate how she will add an apology or disclaimer to anyone who has concerns. She really truly doesn't get the credit she should for how she handles stuff like this. Maybe her content isn't for everyone but this type of consideration is admirable at the very least. Class act, Jenna.

  • Cathrine
    Cathrine 7 hours ago

    I love your reviews, the people judging you for trying something legit knows nothing

  • eva ortega
    eva ortega 7 hours ago

    I skipped the disclaimer because I trust Jenna and her love and care of her dogs lol

  • Maddy Kibler
    Maddy Kibler 7 hours ago

    The whole minute In the car went like this Cermet: screaming Marbles: am nervous Peach: having a literal seizure

  • Rebecca Lauren
    Rebecca Lauren 7 hours ago

    I would love more dog content and dog product reviews. I’m getting a puppy and I trust Jenna.

  • Mystic Moone
    Mystic Moone 7 hours ago

    Jenna's such a good dog mom! She immediately saw to their needs when they started freaking out

  • Stylist_gee12
    Stylist_gee12 7 hours ago

    In what world would anyone think that Jenna would hurt her dogs?? She is the most pure soul ever! ❤❤❤

  • Summer
    Summer 7 hours ago

    jennas a GREAT DOG MOM.. on another note since what video or what video does jenna explain why peach owes her money... ive been so confused and need guidance..

  • Autumn Crockett
    Autumn Crockett 7 hours ago

    Yeah people, good luck canceling Jenna marbles. People are dumb

  • GelBana
    GelBana 7 hours ago

    Jenna, we know beyond every shadow of a doubt that you care for your dogs and would never put them in harm's way, I'm honestly sad and pissed that you had to put up a disclaimer because a bunch of vet wannabes said that you were harming your dogs and personally attacked you, as if they'd know any better (spoilers: most of them don't, they just want to attack random people on the internet). We already know that you know what you're doing, so you don't have to apologize, at least that's what I think and I'm sure everyone else feels the same. I honestly look up to you for being such a mature person and handling all this POINTLESS drama so responsibly, you're a wonderful, decent human being. Love, a random fan <3

  • Eddie Mesquita III
    Eddie Mesquita III 7 hours ago

    I thought that I was so wholesome when at the end of the video when Kermit was looking to sit next to peach in the lil carseat and peach got up and rearranged her self so they can both sit with eachother... Oops my heart went ÙwÚ

  • Maryjane Richmond
    Maryjane Richmond 7 hours ago

    Literally the best dog mom ever, stop coming for my girl like that.

  • Paige Allen-Lee
    Paige Allen-Lee 7 hours ago

    Don't even acknowledge the idiots.

  • Boxed Mac N Cheese
    Boxed Mac N Cheese 7 hours ago

    You should wed Bunny and Peach because why not

  • Britany Bonilla
    Britany Bonilla 7 hours ago

    Ticked off she had to even explain how a product review works

  • Erin Nicole
    Erin Nicole 7 hours ago

    If every person on earth was as good of a person as Jenna, we would all be wonderful, happy people who treat each other with respect. Never stop being you, Jenna. We need more Jenna's.

  • Tat
    Tat 7 hours ago

    Delete the apology

  • Morgan legg
    Morgan legg 7 hours ago

    Okay but am I the only person who couldn’t stop laughing so hard u was crying the whole entire video like I’ve watched this video 3 times and I still cry every time I’m laughing so hard... I can’t handle this. It’s my new favorite video ever

  • kendall Martin
    kendall Martin 7 hours ago

    You should redo this video but with bunny!!!

  • Megan Ryan
    Megan Ryan 7 hours ago

    Any other youtuber: RAPE SCANDALS! GROOMING! PRIVILEGE! SELF CENTERED! DRAMA! Jenna Marbles: I am so sorry if you all possibly get upset over me trying out this product. Sorry, I am sorry. Also sorry for saying sorry so much. Sorry.

  • BaBy SooS
    BaBy SooS 7 hours ago

    it should be named a torture car harness omg I wouldn't even consider trying it , its not comfortable at all for dogs , my boy would freak out , peach is an escape artist 😋 good girl

  • ETC Daglish
    ETC Daglish 7 hours ago

    I don't personally believe she should've had to re-upload this video but that's the kind person Jenna is. Jenna is so sweet and genuine that she did so much to make sure her dogs are ok and safe and happy. She never takes her platform as given and is so careful to make sure she sends as good of a message as she can P.s. I love Jenna

  • Marin B.
    Marin B. 7 hours ago

    Jenna upgraded her black choker

  • Princess Faith
    Princess Faith 7 hours ago

    when Jenna said "get a red camera or else I'm leaving" youtube decided to stop playing the video for me so apparently Julien didn't get the red camera

  • Andy Prest
    Andy Prest 7 hours ago

    My dog will happily sit up straight while dragging it's ass across the carpet 🤷‍♂️

  • Darkovika Gaming
    Darkovika Gaming 7 hours ago

    Marbles thinking he was pooping killed me it was so funny. 🤣

  • Kalyn Brown
    Kalyn Brown 7 hours ago

    I don’t like the idea of this causing pressure on their spine.. I’m literally cringing lmao

  • Rehana B
    Rehana B 7 hours ago

    You know the video's gonna be 10/10 when you see that leisure suit at the beginning

  • ghouldrool of an urthlybeing

    people cancelling Jenna: nonexistent everyone in the comments: cANCEL CULTURE IS SO BAD SHE JUST DIDNT AGREE WITH THE PRODUCT. SHE DIDNT DO ANYTHING WRON-

  • Jane Segal
    Jane Segal 7 hours ago

    Better apology than any other youtuber has made and you didnt even need to do one

  • Wouke linschoten
    Wouke linschoten 7 hours ago

    When I heard the disclaimer I was so scared to watch the video and turns out it’s just a wholesome video of jenna trying something and the dogs not liking it ❤️🥺 I was so relieved

  • Betsy B
    Betsy B 7 hours ago

    it makes me so angry that jenna felt the need to make the disclaimer. she said IN THE VIDEO that she didn’t think the harness was right for her dogs. everyone turns into a vet whenever someone posts something with their pets online. all it takes is one quick google search to see that the harness is actually very safe for small dogs and doesn’t put any stress on their spine. jenna is probably one of the most responsible dog owners i’ve EVER seen online and it saddens me to know that some people were coming after her for literally no reason. people just saw how amazing she is and were looking for a reason to cancel her

  • Nat Lang
    Nat Lang 7 hours ago

    I love you Jenna :(

  • Gloomy Cookie
    Gloomy Cookie 7 hours ago

    Honestly hate disclaimers so much almost didn't watch the video... It's like a sign of an oppressed youtuber. Just to be clear I love Jenna and anybody who watched more then 5 minutes of any of her videos knows how much she cares for her dogs <3

  • abandoningomelas
    abandoningomelas 7 hours ago

    To Jenna, I feel bad that you felt you had to make a disclaimer for this video, because I thought it was clear that it was a harmless kind of experiment, and furthermore an actually informative one about the product. However your disclaimer also shows again how considerate and thoughtful you are with relation to your fans and how the content you make might affect them, which is just being a great example of character to other content creators. And I know no one's gonna read this, but pet safety in the car is something I'm passionate about. To be a complete buzzkill here (and tw for animal death), one of the most unfortunate things I've ever seen is a car accident where the dog got thrown from a broken window and into oncoming traffic where it immediately got run over by a huge truck. If you don't want someone like me to have to peel your smushed dog off the interstate so you get double the traumatization from the accident you were just in, I suggest foregoing your instagram posts of cats laying on the dashboard and dogs with their heads hanging out the window, and keeping your pet in a crate. As Peach has shown, animals can get out of most any harness if they want to. So honestly the safest way to have any pet in the car is the smallest size crate that they can comfortably lay down in, which is also strapped down. It might seem a little mean to you if you aren't used to crating your pet, but the goal is to not have them be a projectile if you get in an accident. Imagine you had a free-flying 15 pound bowling ball being thrown around in the vehicle in addition to a collision. You want to prevent injury to the pet as well as injury to the rest of the occupants of the vehicle. You wouldn't let a toddler run loose in the car, so why would you let your pet?

  • Bella Martinez
    Bella Martinez 7 hours ago

    honestly be safer if you just duck tape them in lol

  • alexanderrupp
    alexanderrupp 7 hours ago

    I have not yet finished watching the video but this one is meta !

  • Mar Ramirez
    Mar Ramirez 7 hours ago

    Jenna the entire internet knows you LOVE your dogs! Don’t worry we know you’re not a bad pet owner!

  • spknott85
    spknott85 7 hours ago

    These harnesses can still be used with the hooks and a loop clip for the seat belt so the dogs can sit normal in the car. Won't be weird at all

  • someone
    someone 7 hours ago

    Peach Punch Pooth

  • nothingtoseehere
    nothingtoseehere 7 hours ago

    Jenna, you are a wonderful person and dog-owner <3 You always try your best, and your apology for this and even the fish video both show you are incredibly responsible; you take full responsibility, you learn, and you are completely genuine. If people STILL have a problem with this video even with the addition of a super thorough disclaimer, I dunno what to tell em cause they just straight up haters.

  • Jackie Lucas
    Jackie Lucas 7 hours ago

    Jenna is probably one of the most pure people on FLash-player. Why the hell are people out trying to get her??? There is NOTHING wrong with this video!

  • Kristy Marriner
    Kristy Marriner 7 hours ago

    I love that you guys tried this product and did a good fair review <3 I'm not gonna lie though I fucking hate that product man, OMG that is not good for any type of dog, but those iggies lol they are such a bad shape for a product like this regardless of how "secure" the product is. But again, the product shows it's flaws and you guys rocked that trial. Also I love your normal car seat system I would totally stay with that <3

  • Shyla Steinhauer
    Shyla Steinhauer 7 hours ago

    Peaches legs looked like skinny undercooked chicken wings 😂

  • Princess Rose Gaming

    'Nunchuck master daddy' I can't 😂 I'm dead 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • notTwilightBella
    notTwilightBella 7 hours ago

    Peach is Julien's dog, but like she IS Julien's dog y'know

  • Matt Williams
    Matt Williams 7 hours ago

    Jenna is the ideal dog owner. No dogs could be taken care of better than her dogs.

  • BlueMoon Rose88
    BlueMoon Rose88 7 hours ago

    Am I the only one who thinks peach looks like a weird kangaroo?

  • Noah Watson
    Noah Watson 7 hours ago

    Why do people gotta give shit... this video was fine, we all know that Jenna is one of the most loving, caring, and respectful person that we all know and there should have been no reason to give this lovely lady shit! Love you J’n’J!♥️♥️

  • yes please
    yes please 7 hours ago

    im just spooked that peach was able to escape. like if that happens on a freeway and you dont have another person to help manage. :/

  • anisaistired
    anisaistired 7 hours ago

    We love you. We love ur dogs. And we DEFINITELY know u love ur dogs :)

  • Corgi Is cute
    Corgi Is cute 7 hours ago

    I heard Kermit crying a lot of it he really does not like car accidents

  • Marin B.
    Marin B. 7 hours ago

    I was in a car accident with my Chihuahua and she was in a booster seat that clipped on to her collar. She somehow got unclipped and fell on the floor, and while she was a little shaken up she was fine. So I would suggest a little car seat (the bed thing Jenna has seems good too) (and it's better to attach them with a harness). For context we hit at about 50mph and the whole front end of the car on the passenger side was crumpled and completely totalled (we were in a car and hit a truck), but everyone was fine.

  • Jo Marquart
    Jo Marquart 7 hours ago

    Jenna treats her dogs so well, as if they are her own kids! It’s very apparent that she would never mistreat them and it’s sad that she even felt the need to post a disclaimer in the beginning, although it shows how much of a genuine person she is for doing so. She was trying to do something good for her dogs, periodt.

  • Stormie Bubbles
    Stormie Bubbles 7 hours ago

    Peach is such a good girl, she’s so patient and smart and CUTE

  • I’m Shellie
    I’m Shellie 7 hours ago

    We have a seatbelt plug that plugs into the seatbelt like a human one and the other bit connects to theyre collar so they can’t run around the car don’t they sell those in America I’ve never seen a big dog bed like that I admire Jenna for her pure devotion to her dogs she really is an amazing dog owner

  • Hermes Perseus
    Hermes Perseus 7 hours ago

    a certain somebody : I'm supporting my TWELVE years old son's confused nonsense that will irreversibly changes his whole life. the internet : yaass you're the example of parents we need nowadays. jenna : being a wholesome caring dog owner and having fun with her dogs the internet : we riot. As of late it has been clear to me that the majority of takes on social media are absolute garbage expressed by people who aren't even qualified to have an opinion let alone advocate for it.

  • Skynikan
    Skynikan 7 hours ago

    This video just Shows Peach's growing decision to poop in the Kitchen tonight.

  • Dana Materi
    Dana Materi 7 hours ago

    She’s so sweet, she shouldn’t have to apologize when she literally even says she isn’t going to use it

  • Lipstick82
    Lipstick82 7 hours ago

    I was watching it with my husband and we were laughing at Peach’s face and then it went away and I was like Wth!? You shouldn’t have taken the old one down because of the fools of the internet! Everyone knows you are an amazing dog mom!

  • Erin Jo
    Erin Jo 7 hours ago

    This is why Jenna feels like she has to tiptoe everywhere... stop being so judgmental

  • Hoody 711
    Hoody 711 7 hours ago

    Absolutely nothing wrong with the original video. Y’all need to GET outta here because there is no one who does more for her dogs than Jenna and Julien. They unconditionally love these pups. If you need a reminder of how far they go, go watch the a Bunny adoption videos again. Keep being you, Jenna. I appreciated the review and was curious about them.

  • Janita Kauppinen
    Janita Kauppinen 7 hours ago

    This is a good video because now we can see why this harness is bad. Do not overly humanize your pets!!! (not directed to Jenna)

  • Brother Conductress
    Brother Conductress 7 hours ago

    “That lowercase “n” thing with your body”. - Jenna Marble 2020

  • Kelli Pullen
    Kelli Pullen 7 hours ago

    If they ever split up, I would die of a broken heart.

  • Averbukh Elaine
    Averbukh Elaine 7 hours ago

    If people watch you they should know you would never do anything to hurt your animals or make them uncomfortable. I’m sorry that you felt the need to make a disclaimer at all

  • Наталья
    Наталья 7 hours ago

    Jenna, cmon, we love you and trust you fully!

  • band behaviour
    band behaviour 7 hours ago

    In Switzerland, if you travel with your dog in your car you have to have a 'TÜV-approved dog cage'. They are usually made of aluminium and if you get into a crash and your dog gets hurt it will not be ensured if you do not have it in a cage like that.

  • Megan Ferleman
    Megan Ferleman 7 hours ago

    Honestly as a pet owner, of a dog and two cats I appreciate this review. (considering your dogs are cats 😂) I feel as though I have the same out look of my pets as you do. So I would love to see more dog product reviews! I am always timid to buy products for pets, but I trust your opinion on pets!!!!

  • Maureen Rocha
    Maureen Rocha 7 hours ago

    That’s like putting triplets all in car seats only harder because they’re dogs!! It was very labor intensive. They did look cute as heck and I think you guys are great to even think about ways to keep your dogs safer. Most people just throw the dogs in the back seat or let them run around freely while they drive.

  • Jesse Kristalie
    Jesse Kristalie 7 hours ago

    Don’t let the feedback control your life. We love these videos and posting these things means we can all learn together.

  • Thunder Braun
    Thunder Braun 7 hours ago

    What dong gave her crap for this vid. I’m baffled.

  • Minty Toq
    Minty Toq 7 hours ago

    This episode cement, leash, and fish go to the deep depths of the ocean to find greenies

  • Haunted Mushrooms ASMR

    "Julien you're the dad, you need to install the car seat" if they dont have kids in the next two years I am going to explode

  • Read to us, Auntie Charlene

    I'm not a dog owner. I don't know what the safe way to transport one's dog in a car would be. I don't think it's kind or fair to attack Jenna in the comments that a dog car harness is unsafe... it's her dogs, it's her life, and live and let live, dinkfam....

  • UnknownFox1000 Plays

    OMG the ennnnnd LMAO

  • Taylor Benson
    Taylor Benson 7 hours ago

    kermit good boi

  • Elizabeth Sisley
    Elizabeth Sisley 7 hours ago

    Jenna and Julien are and have always been amazing pet owners. The fact that people say otherwise is beyond me. Jenna simply tried a product and found that her dogs didn’t like it. How the heck is that “abusive”???

  • Cyan Jackson
    Cyan Jackson 7 hours ago

    The initial disclaimer she did when she first put out the video was fine, I don't get it did people not watch the whole video? She made such an effort to express her intentions and care she was putting with the dogs and was so clearly not endorsing. She even was responsible enough to state she wasn't going to say the claims of the product. what more could people want? Jenna deserves all love and respect it makes me sad she's no longer the mkwhd of dogs 😢

  • Melissa Chavez
    Melissa Chavez 7 hours ago

    Peach is such a mood trying to escape things 😂

  • Karlee Van De Venter

    jenna is the most pure hearted content creator. the disclaimer is just another example of that and why she has been successful online for so long. we love you jenna and we know what your intentions are.

  • Siera Garcia
    Siera Garcia 7 hours ago

    Omg I can’t believe you “vets” made Jenna have to give this explanation at the beginning it’s ridiculously obvious jenna and Julien love their dogs to death and care for them better than my parents care for me. hop off their collective dicks bruh.

  • April_Lynn1999
    April_Lynn1999 7 hours ago

    Jenna is like the least problematic person on FLash-player.