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  • Carston 101
    Carston 101 3 hours ago

    6:14 Jesse??

  • smokepurrp1
    smokepurrp1 4 hours ago


  • Wide Doggy
    Wide Doggy 4 hours ago

    I was so confused as to why it was in my recommended rn. Its from 2012 smh

  • Franz Schneider
    Franz Schneider 4 hours ago

    I dont no why but Barry Sloane is NOT Captain Price and I dont like him as Cpt. Price...

  • Лена Мельникова

    Но все же это одна из лучших частей по сюжету, спорить бесполезно

  • amosa mwig
    amosa mwig 4 hours ago

    _Who have thoht_ *in that nba 2k player's bad voice acting voice*

  • Олеган Чупрынин

    Ублюдское гавно !!!! Зачем делать такую срань !!!!!

  • El Default
    El Default 5 hours ago

    0:05 outside and then inside of the old Troy's. Now it is a Queen's Burgers in Tujunga, California.

  • Jack Berry
    Jack Berry 5 hours ago

    Please bring back buried from b02

  • King James
    King James 5 hours ago

    I took my dislike back from this video and gave it a like instead because MW 2019 is somehow worse than this game

  • Grim Falcon
    Grim Falcon 5 hours ago

    Price looks weird, fatter and less hardy than the old mw trilogy

  • MrSurfMan
    MrSurfMan 5 hours ago

    Why you guys took away 2 modes tf....

  • hernan britos
    hernan britos 5 hours ago

    Aguante el Super Mario bros..exit light, enter night, take my hand, we're off to never-never land..

  • Karla Cordova
    Karla Cordova 6 hours ago

    agan la 2da parte de call of duty ghost plis me encantó el juego pero hay algo muy importante para mi si suben más call of duty ghost seríamos Logan y si no la hasen regales crédito a de call of duty mobile ami me regalen a Logan es mi personaje favorito me llamo eldiegopego10 plis regalenmelo

  • John Cortez
    John Cortez 6 hours ago

    this game in hindsight had a great campaign

  • La Flame420
    La Flame420 6 hours ago

    Me and the boys at the pool 0:52

  • Sean LaViolette
    Sean LaViolette 6 hours ago

    Wow you guys got the $$$ to pay athletes for commercial but cant make a stable game that wont crash on release

  • Sean LaViolette
    Sean LaViolette 6 hours ago

    Instead of paying The Doc here you could have finished development on your broken game

  • Sean LaViolette
    Sean LaViolette 6 hours ago

    Decent you can make an overpriced shoe commercial but cant make a stable game


    Who else came here absolutely for no reason

  • Anomaly is a virgin
    Anomaly is a virgin 6 hours ago

    Fun fact:this game has more players than infinite warfare

  • Danilo Martins
    Danilo Martins 6 hours ago

    O próximo mapa podia ser no Rio de janeiro Brasil do cod mw

  • alex alexoune
    alex alexoune 7 hours ago

    Who's here after realizing that the trailer is way too promising than the actual game that is trash

  • bill Black
    bill Black 7 hours ago

    Nice recommendation in 2019

  • Nebulous
    Nebulous 7 hours ago

    the writing is surprisingly smart in this trailer

  • music is good
    music is good 7 hours ago

    Girls:did we just do that Boys:we just did

  • raman kumar
    raman kumar 8 hours ago


  • ShowwTime
    ShowwTime 8 hours ago


  • Yungz Phxwlxcia
    Yungz Phxwlxcia 8 hours ago

    This is Fire🔥

  • DarthRevan2015
    DarthRevan2015 8 hours ago

    * Me thinking that COD will never get back after being absolutely destroyed by Battlefield 1 * * Call of Duty releases this trailer * OH BATTLEFIELD I AM SORRY BUT U COMPLETLY FUQED.

  • kevingates TV
    kevingates TV 9 hours ago

    I have a feeling alot of crips won't be playing this.

  • Ioannes Eroi
    Ioannes Eroi 9 hours ago

    A true anti-war game.

  • Altair Gaming
    Altair Gaming 9 hours ago

    That voice tho 💖

  • Lartix
    Lartix 9 hours ago

    Hanger 18 was awesome

  • I Smell Like Beef
    I Smell Like Beef 10 hours ago

    Finished the game and im still here. I cant believe i get to see and play the og trilogy and now the 2nd iteration of the mw series. This new series is gon be legendary.

  • Da Ga
    Da Ga 10 hours ago

    Game is trash. I played it for the first week. Now its just nonstop spawn trap camping every corner you go around. I wish i would of bought the dish. Defiantly would've returned. Blackops4 >

  • Siddhant Chaurasia Videos

    Only On PS4 Not Smart phones

  • United001
    United001 10 hours ago

    In multiplayer it’s all fun and games till they say gunship inbound

  • Ninja Killa
    Ninja Killa 11 hours ago

    Pleaassee guys bring more one shot snipers in the game...

  • Sabyasachi Koley
    Sabyasachi Koley 12 hours ago

    I'm playing this game, & I can say one thing for sure that it's worth my money, this franchise is nostalgic, I really want this kind of story bashed campaign mode games which is very rear these days...

    ELECTRO 12 hours ago

    Why this video has more amount of dislikes and less amount of likes

  • LordHeadass
    LordHeadass 12 hours ago

    *Paint it black should've been used in either Bo1 or Bo2 not Bo3*

    • N3062
      N3062 8 hours ago

      LordHeadass ok boomer

  • RelaX Gaming
    RelaX Gaming 12 hours ago

    No one plays this I can’t even find a single match on Xbox one

  • Gaming Mania
    Gaming Mania 12 hours ago

    All new season pass??🤔

  • Darline Chaudry
    Darline Chaudry 12 hours ago

    Gang gang

    APEX KID 13 hours ago


  • Short for Change
    Short for Change 13 hours ago

    think this guy nailed it

  • KJ` Terpsichora
    KJ` Terpsichora 14 hours ago

    And im better at kyle " Gaz "

  • KJ` Terpsichora
    KJ` Terpsichora 14 hours ago

    Billie muray is better @cpt price

  • Si-Jin Yoo
    Si-Jin Yoo 14 hours ago

    Where are the team that jump on the plane? Or was it for multiplayer? I thought it belongs to the campaign.

  • です。Tepaar
    です。Tepaar 14 hours ago

    SCP Foundation

  • CounterStriker013009
    CounterStriker013009 15 hours ago

    #HongKong must fight it

  • Gabriel Zimmer
    Gabriel Zimmer 15 hours ago

    Vai toma no cú

  • Yousef Alttar
    Yousef Alttar 15 hours ago

    When call of duty makes trailers better than the actual game..

  • Brian Is Gucci
    Brian Is Gucci 16 hours ago

    I wish they implemented Strike Packages and Point streaks into the new Modern Warfare.

  • CristianFTWx
    CristianFTWx 16 hours ago

    The best black ops

    EVIL SAMURAI 16 hours ago

    Please feature sending options

  • CristianFTWx
    CristianFTWx 16 hours ago

    2019 boys I'll come back in a few years just going to play the new modern warfare ;)

  • MrElguanako
    MrElguanako 17 hours ago

    A lot of us started this journey back in middle school now look how far we’ve become. Zombies will forever hold a special place in my heart thank you for all the memories🙏😪

  • 1neGod
    1neGod 18 hours ago

    I miss Original One 😁

  • AwAkE
    AwAkE 18 hours ago

    Let’s do this - Ghost

  • Andrew’sTotallyNormal Life

    Couldn’t of chosen any better song than Enter Sandman. That was so perfect.

  • Pigweenies
    Pigweenies 18 hours ago

    would be nice to play it if the cut scenes didn't stutter and drop to 2 fps on PC

  • James Free
    James Free 18 hours ago

    The Future is Fortnite!

  • The Why Channel
    The Why Channel 18 hours ago

    We need to take our dislikes and turn them into likes, this was actually a great game. DO IT FOR ETHAN

  • Sinister 777
    Sinister 777 19 hours ago

    Some old comrades. Yeah that makes sense... SOAP IS DEAD!

  • Mr QuocViet
    Mr QuocViet 19 hours ago

    -I'm not speaking Japanese Japanese soldier: -And we're not speaking English.

  • Infamous NM
    Infamous NM 19 hours ago

    bouta play campaign realisiam mode wish me luck bois

  • Gerald GERALDSON
    Gerald GERALDSON 20 hours ago

    There are 9,000,000x more zombies than people in the actual titanic

  • Akwan Kusala
    Akwan Kusala 20 hours ago

    Do people still play this game in 2019 ??

  • Sourav Das
    Sourav Das 20 hours ago

    The best gun sync ever in a trailer.....😍😍😍

  • Shayne Rowe
    Shayne Rowe 20 hours ago

    Claymores have been over nerfed making then ineffective.

  • Nam Nguyen
    Nam Nguyen 20 hours ago

    I am gonna keep asking this. May you make another Advanced Warfare please and thankyou.

  • Joe Phillips
    Joe Phillips 21 hour ago

    Exo zombies: use jet packs to fight zombies! Cod ghosts : fight aleins and massive monster in a zombies mode! Shut up exo zombies! Iw: I’m the one talkin here Treyarch: you dare oppose me mortals

  • Allison Diaz
    Allison Diaz 21 hour ago

    Could you also add the m16 variant to multiplayer challenges that is the second suggestion.

  • Allison Diaz
    Allison Diaz 21 hour ago

    You guys should add the ump 44 back we cod fans need it back number 1 suggestion for the next update. This would be awesome!

  • marioarty
    marioarty 21 hour ago

    I don’t even remember why I thumbs downed this video lol

  • baterie srl
    baterie srl 21 hour ago

    just dont do it PC is all i can ask this days ....

  • Harivansh singh Baghel

    Battle royal isn't working

  • some napalm just got on me help

    I think the maps are okay, but I would like more that are much smaller.

  • Leticia Herrera
    Leticia Herrera 21 hour ago

    The Hellhounds are on fire should the player eat the Hellhounds for a Tasty hot dogs

  • Nancy Stutsman
    Nancy Stutsman 22 hours ago

    I give you ... Mob mentality

  • Jason Ball
    Jason Ball 23 hours ago

    Anybody tryna Gameshare MW for NBA 2k20,RDR2,DayZ...Psn:pensezo

  • Daniel SON187
    Daniel SON187 23 hours ago

    I’m excited for everything (i got it today)

  • Emmanuel Campos
    Emmanuel Campos 23 hours ago

    We need a remake

  • big smoke
    big smoke 23 hours ago

    Inmagine yourself in a frozen forest

  • Mattgaming Yt
    Mattgaming Yt Day ago

    What happend to billy murray???

  • Santiago Efrain Franco

    What a great biographical game.

  • des 360
    des 360 Day ago

    Est ce que le jeu sortira en Belgique

  • Jack Damey
    Jack Damey Day ago

    Bongrips4life is my "original" funny gamertag lol

  • BlueFeral
    BlueFeral Day ago

    The hands dont match the characters

  • Austin Follett

    At 0:50 this moment is never seen in the actual campaign. What happened?

  • Official Rain
    Official Rain Day ago

    Looks like him....

  • Four Alpha
    Four Alpha Day ago

    I love this game

  • Its JGod
    Its JGod Day ago

    When is this game gonna come out?

  • Demosaurio DX
    Demosaurio DX Day ago

    The world needs this game

  • BIG Qgamer
    BIG Qgamer Day ago

    The game was sick shame they haven’t released number 2 yet I miss Ethan

  • Ailji -Playz
    Ailji -Playz Day ago

    Girls locker:*lights on* Girls:I really hope the lights don't come off Boys locker room:*lights off* Boys:Bravo 6 in! MOVE! MOVE! MOVE!

  • Edward.L.H
    Edward.L.H Day ago

    The comment below me is hilarious

  • Hazo
    Hazo Day ago

    Says cod 4 was part of his childhood but he was 26 when it came out? What