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  • John Petersen
    John Petersen 2 minutes ago

    Gotta love Captain Price for puffing on a cigar in a combat zone at night where everyone is trying to stay hidden.

  • Antirast
    Antirast 8 minutes ago

    trash game not woth the pre-order i wait until its like 20$

    THE GAMER 13 minutes ago

    infinity ward have upped their game with this call of duty

  • REAl REAction
    REAl REAction 19 minutes ago

    The responds in this game are HORSE $&@!?. The worst responds in any game I have ever played. Super repetitive and easily manipulated.

  • Cerberus
    Cerberus 19 minutes ago

    Gonna get it for pc and use a controller and smacks some kids

  • BlackSheep
    BlackSheep 28 minutes ago

    I play the beta on PS4, hmm some advice for developers because I am the professional player in COD from Modern Warfare 2007. To much UAVs in the game, Ghost perk does not work for me, maps in beta (3) are designed only for campers, developers who designed the maps are campers :)

  • JoTiK
    JoTiK 31 minute ago

    1:45 cuando ves al cani (Rusher,pizzero,Marcuarius,MarcUreña)

  • XxIt'sNotCadexX
    XxIt'sNotCadexX 39 minutes ago

    Anyone playing the beta??

  • DualStancer
    DualStancer 54 minutes ago

    yes modern warfare is back..we need captain price more than infinite and advance warfare..

  • Emperor Constantine 1.
    Emperor Constantine 1. 55 minutes ago

    The shovel is cooler.

  • Zombie Crew Games

    Жду кампанию 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  • Jhon Wick
    Jhon Wick Hour ago

    Enter Sandman

  • NAME :З 遊 び ま す


  • Kemingtion
    Kemingtion 2 hours ago

    this game would be so much better if it weren't a cod game

  • Rechargingdesk
    Rechargingdesk 2 hours ago

    mw2 and 3 are so close to my heart and i have lost some friends that i played with on them but we have all organised to play again and im so happy to play with some old friends

  • Viral Legion
    Viral Legion 2 hours ago

    Never fapped so much to one video.

  • Anthony Perez
    Anthony Perez 2 hours ago

    Call of duty is shutting all these shooting games down

  • Sam Samovich
    Sam Samovich 2 hours ago

    Apparently, this got removed from Russian PS Store...

  • Teodor Tilita
    Teodor Tilita 3 hours ago

    Make cod black ops remastered

  • Danny Daddy Pimp. M
    Danny Daddy Pimp. M 3 hours ago

    the media needs to focus on other thing instead of drawings that look real

    ALESSON MACEDO 3 hours ago

    Does anyone know if have offline local mode with bots and split screen?

  • MattsBuisness
    MattsBuisness 3 hours ago

    *your as beutiful as the day i lost you*

  • hentai-lover92
    hentai-lover92 3 hours ago

    Hab es vorbestellt xD

  • Nico Anes
    Nico Anes 3 hours ago

    Me pase hace unos meses a ps4 y compre el juego hace unos dias. No entiendo por que tanto odio:/ esta genial en todos los sentidos

  • hüseyin Solak
    hüseyin Solak 3 hours ago

    sikicem artık singleplayer gösterin lan bıktım multiplayerdan

  • Finest Fishing
    Finest Fishing 3 hours ago

    Is it a coincidence that I was listening to enter sandman before this

  • Rosewall Motocross
    Rosewall Motocross 4 hours ago

    Wow all this for the same old s##t. Thank you for ruining the online gaming industry. No one will make a game now unless it is a shooter game & team death match is dead. Your gameplay is so outdated. Obviously no one has a original idea here & your stuck doing same old s##t. Plus these graphics should have been introduced whey back. Why are we only seeing this quality of graphics now ? Ps5 is out soon. We going to have better graphics for that ? I think not. Stuck playing ps4 games on our ps5s

  • Trip on Tube
    Trip on Tube 4 hours ago

    Enter the sandman

  • Cornflakes Humunculus

    Too bad it’s gonna have loot boxes smuggled in a month after launch. Calling it right now Activision. I got my eyes on you devil horn Bobby Koticks.

  • jorge1995xd
    jorge1995xd 4 hours ago

    Para mí es un gran call of duty infinite Warfare encerio pero los call of duty como el Ghost o el black OPS 4 no son la gran cosa la verdad

  • Kijang 123
    Kijang 123 4 hours ago

    Battlefield is crying

  • Jerry Sears
    Jerry Sears 5 hours ago

    Lack luster. Overall grade B-. I hope they bring a 100 player battle royale(blackout) mode, to this new game.

  • Noah Hagelstrom
    Noah Hagelstrom 5 hours ago

    You’ve redeemed yourself

  • rsanchez423
    rsanchez423 6 hours ago

    I’m a big fan of call of duty

  • nugnug118
    nugnug118 6 hours ago

    You’re supposed to throw the grenade, not the pin.

  • Νικος οπ
    Νικος οπ 6 hours ago

    Ooooo yes the classic modern warfare 😁😁

  • Mike Davies
    Mike Davies 6 hours ago

    64 player ground war free for all please! First to 150 wins. Do it!

  • Adolfo Martinez
    Adolfo Martinez 6 hours ago

    Awesome, this one its epic, i still playing that map since world at war, then bo1 and now still playing on bo3 in 2019. Thank u so match, Treyarch ever will be the best on cod. Gracias Treyarch, jugué desde el principio y joy en dia sigo jugando estos increibles mapas. Increible Trailer. Sois los mejores desarrolladores de cod

  • N-Gin & TonicTM
    N-Gin & TonicTM 6 hours ago

    Remember when everyone said they hated is, and now they suddenly love it? Yeah, jog on sheep. Who else was there from Day 1? I know I was. I never doubted this game, and Extinction was the final piece I needed to realise that.

    • PSgamer666
      PSgamer666 Hour ago

      N-Gin & TonicTM stoke the words from my mouth

  • Isaiah Simmons
    Isaiah Simmons 7 hours ago

    Bravo6....Going Dark

  • James B
    James B 7 hours ago

    smokes cigarette that would give him away and someone yells stand clear when it seems theyre going in silent? lol

  • barkusha
    barkusha 8 hours ago

    Кастовцы вперед! Кастовцы вперед! Кастовцы вперед!

  • HDMultiplayerGames
    HDMultiplayerGames 8 hours ago

    Only one Map for 32vs32 Players ?

  • J.A.G. Just another Gamer

    Im Downloading no question about that i love Call of Duty this would be a nice Weekend thank you. I hope the Servers are stable . :-)

  • Ched Cusi
    Ched Cusi 9 hours ago

    i got the code from nvdea

  • sir bigwater
    sir bigwater 10 hours ago

    Underrated game of 2016

  • Calker
    Calker 10 hours ago

    1:13 Alien in area 51

  • Eax Hd
    Eax Hd 10 hours ago

    0:31 does she say Bravo Six to Actual ? Can someone help me unterstand what she says ?

  • Ayan Biswas
    Ayan Biswas 11 hours ago

    hopefully ghost is in the campaign!

  • Mattia G
    Mattia G 11 hours ago

    Best game for camping

  • southerneagle 16
    southerneagle 16 11 hours ago

    bruh they got nokk in this game. i cant wait to play that operator.

  • William Motte
    William Motte 11 hours ago

    Hi, I’m from the future. This is still a great video.

  • Always Right
    Always Right 12 hours ago

    Please fix the gun battle, healths are low, firerate is high and aimlock for consoles are On point and guns have almost no recoil. its not challenging at all, perfect game for campers. what is wrong with COD WWII’s gunbattle? why dont u make it same as WWII gunbattles?

    I HAVE MUFFINS! 12 hours ago

    Battlefield: History is written by the victor. And here I am thinking we won.

  • 01 sevensix
    01 sevensix 12 hours ago

    Divorce lawyers rubbing their hands...

  • William Laurent
    William Laurent 12 hours ago

    Literal goose bumps😃

  • Jacob Case
    Jacob Case 13 hours ago

    I love that they chose this song but Rag'n'Bone Man - Human seem to fit better with it but im so getting this game loving the beta

  • Sixties
    Sixties 13 hours ago

    Please bring cranked back from ghosts. For us fast pace players.

  • padre 22
    padre 22 13 hours ago

    Next cod mw3 remake

  • Deimantas
    Deimantas 13 hours ago

    Bravo 6 going dark

  • Austin Vue
    Austin Vue 13 hours ago

    We can be a protester in a solo play... We can be a police... We can be... New soap?

  • Good Videos
    Good Videos 14 hours ago

    Does anyone know what tv allows for the best quality

  • slime 15140
    slime 15140 14 hours ago

    The beta is amazing, so beautiful and action packed. Fifteen man killstreaks and weapon customizations

  • Ameer TV
    Ameer TV 14 hours ago

    When it end ?

  • lewisevan316
    lewisevan316 14 hours ago

    To all these new kids..... I'm gonna hurt your feelings and mommy and daddy cant help you 😎

  • y Nippyy
    y Nippyy 14 hours ago


  • Lesley Maruhom
    Lesley Maruhom 14 hours ago

    No camper?

  • Deborah Rahn
    Deborah Rahn 14 hours ago

    We need this version on iTunes

  • Casual312
    Casual312 15 hours ago

    I've never played a COD game before. All my friends in Elementary school used to play it but I was one of those kids who sticks to a games age rating...Except for when Bayonetta came to Wii U I was 15

  • Golden Hoops
    Golden Hoops 15 hours ago


  • HalfbreedVideos
    HalfbreedVideos 15 hours ago

    Can we go back to UAV-only mini maps? Made for much better gameplay. Seriously... go back.

  • Madskilld james
    Madskilld james 15 hours ago

    Only 1 complaint you made the game easy for everybody no skill gap

  • Zack Kilgore
    Zack Kilgore 15 hours ago

    That very beginning part reminded me a lot of Act of Valor ...

  • Pissy
    Pissy 16 hours ago

    Isn't the campaign about how muslims are innocents and Russians are bad? If yes, I'm not buying.

  • Heitor Antunes Alcantra

    I'm a PC user, how can I get the beta?

  • Ajay Rulezzz
    Ajay Rulezzz 16 hours ago

    They should call it, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Paradox, since its another timeline

  • Outloat
    Outloat 16 hours ago

    Plz tell me we are having tactical nukes

  • Alexander Daly
    Alexander Daly 17 hours ago

    Great choice of music.

  • Risheendra Dissanayake

    RIP Battlefield

  • Risheendra Dissanayake

    RIP Battlefield

  • Winston Deciar
    Winston Deciar 17 hours ago

    We need Samuel L. Jackson

  • HYPERION 1205
    HYPERION 1205 17 hours ago

    No mames es battlefiel 4

  • Sharif MD. Jobayed -Ul- Islam

    I guess Criterion & Trayarch is a combo to completely ruin a popular franchise.

    DUX_TENEBRIS 17 hours ago

    Cod Ghost is back 😐

  • Raymond Frasquillo
    Raymond Frasquillo 17 hours ago

    Infinite Ward: we will make what the people want for zombies Treyarch: hold my thunder gun

  • Vathslev
    Vathslev 18 hours ago

    man i cant wait for this, must buy list !

  • Luis Llanos
    Luis Llanos 18 hours ago

    I just see features that aren't in the base game neither bo pass or any update.

  • SanAnMan 1
    SanAnMan 1 18 hours ago

    Games absolutely amazing!! Can give us a full button mapping system, I'm pretty sure one of the button mapping system would work but you need to talk with PlayStation about putting the touch buttons on the back of the PlayStation Vita. Please and thanks.

  • D I E G E X
    D I E G E X 18 hours ago

    CoD IW Campain < CoD Bo3 Campain

  • D I E G E X
    D I E G E X 18 hours ago

    10 Top Videos Before disaster

  • Rigator
    Rigator 18 hours ago

    I liked the zombies

  • Pradyarso Maharsi
    Pradyarso Maharsi 18 hours ago

    I’d like to see Captain Price sweeping the ground while Nikolai rolling in with choppers.. In memoriam: Lt. “Gaz” (22nd SAS) Cpl. “Griffin (22nd SAS) Cpt. John “Soap” MacTavish (SAS/TF-141) Lt. Simon “Ghost” Riley (SAS/TF-141) Sgt. Gary “Roach” Sanderson (SAS/TF-141) Lt. Vasquez (USMC) Sgt. Paul Jackson (USMC) SSgt. Griggs (USMC) MSgt. “Sandman” (SFOD-D) SFC. “Truck” (SFOD-D) SFC. “Grinch” (SFOD-D) PFC. Joseph Allen (75th Ranger/CIA)

  • Mysterio _?
    Mysterio _? 18 hours ago