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Hot Mic GPL Week 1 2018
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  • Rice Crispy Man
    Rice Crispy Man Minute ago

    I'm just glad people are starting to give this game the love that it deserved. Peace to the fallen.

  • Simonis aurean
    Simonis aurean 34 minutes ago

    WWIII Starts Girls: "Oh no how many destruction, how many death" Boys: 1:45 "Knife the watermelon" "Nice your fruit killing skills are remarkable" For the first time in 6 years I am buying a cod

  • Retro Lex
    Retro Lex 39 minutes ago

    These sound editors honestly need a raise. It's been 4 years and I still continuously get random flashbacks to this trailer and its sound quality!

  • Junichi Hirashima

    yea,... how I wish it was really like that, CQB and all that ...instead we have people running all the time without checking corners and jumps stupidly thinking the CS trick would work.... and they all die and start blaming this and that

  • bslime
    bslime Hour ago

    this commercial was totally wicked!

  • iReck
    iReck Hour ago

    How can I get early access to games so that I can upload to my channel

  • Ksa Alpine
    Ksa Alpine 2 hours ago

    Are the kids singing supposed to be the 4 characters

  • Eduardo Mendoza
    Eduardo Mendoza 3 hours ago

    So why was this not called bo3 dlc?

  • Hamdi Wijaya
    Hamdi Wijaya 3 hours ago

    My ID : 12314502435552493057

  • Hamdi Wijaya
    Hamdi Wijaya 3 hours ago


  • Hamdi Wijaya
    Hamdi Wijaya 3 hours ago

    I love you COD

  • WillBGaming
    WillBGaming 4 hours ago

    call of duty devs :3.8 mil dislikes gulp*

  • Arctrooper Rob
    Arctrooper Rob 4 hours ago


  • Conmon115
    Conmon115 5 hours ago

    Best COD. Really deserved a sequel that wasn’t Black Ops.

  • wol3fy
    wol3fy 5 hours ago


  • Lego Star Wars Army Is Superior

    I was disappointed that there was no campaign

  • Lego Star Wars Army Is Superior

    I want infinity ward to remake this map even though They gonna make Modern warfare

  • Lego Star Wars Army Is Superior

    Still best zombie map 🚫🧢

  • Alvin Andrean
    Alvin Andrean 5 hours ago


  • carlos ortiz
    carlos ortiz 5 hours ago

    Till this day best map tbh

  • Prince Vegeta
    Prince Vegeta 6 hours ago

    Bring back highrise from mw2 I can trickshot on rust too but I want another map to trickshot on which is highrise

  • Julian Lopez
    Julian Lopez 6 hours ago

    3:25 me when I get my nails cut

  • Froggo
    Froggo 6 hours ago

    Now I wanna join the U.S Army Before y'all say this isn't the U.S army this is UK SAS I am aware.

  • 7srebels
    7srebels 6 hours ago

    Trash game

  • 7srebels
    7srebels 6 hours ago

    Can we see a katana me-lay wepons in bo4

  • All About Birds & More YT

    who still here in 2020 you will never get sick of it

  • Travis Hamler
    Travis Hamler 7 hours ago

    Thanks Activision, new update after season 2 and game lags horribly. FIX THE BROKEN SERVERS!

  • Sindeses
    Sindeses 7 hours ago

    Remember Roach?

  • Fidel Reyes
    Fidel Reyes 7 hours ago

    I'm the only one that the game uninstalled itself?

  • Gracie Huff
    Gracie Huff 7 hours ago

    I remember playing this game when I was 10 😂 I just bought it for my Xbox one excited to play it again haven't played it since I was 10 😭

  • DabberDeveloper
    DabberDeveloper 7 hours ago

    When the video has more dislikes This video is Call Of Doody

  • Ryankz11
    Ryankz11 7 hours ago

    Old: So there’s this rock called Element 115 That brings corpses back to life in a zombified fashion. Black ops 4: So there’s this weird mirror-like pole thing, that let’s you become a zombie map maker, but in real life.

  • harnold mayorga
    harnold mayorga 7 hours ago

    This Is so beautiful ❤ i love Call of Duty 😭❤️😍

  • lucasmegadeth
    lucasmegadeth 8 hours ago

    This is the best call of duty since BO 2, hands down. Mad props to infinity ward.

  • Daniel Tentori
    Daniel Tentori 8 hours ago

    Those 10th grade memories :')

  • LewisMorrey
    LewisMorrey 8 hours ago

    Just coming back to check the dislikes

  • Samuel Rodgers
    Samuel Rodgers 8 hours ago

    I honestly want a reboot of this game very soon

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 9 hours ago

    Brexit joke in this video didnt age well...

  • Godzilla Gaming
    Godzilla Gaming 9 hours ago


  • Midnight Ranger
    Midnight Ranger 9 hours ago

    When’s Russian ghost coming out?

  • Donald Stuckley
    Donald Stuckley 9 hours ago

    I came around to this Call of Duty I changed my dislike to a like.

  • Hacen Moutaly
    Hacen Moutaly 9 hours ago

    Best game ever

  • White Boy
    White Boy 9 hours ago


  • 10000 subs Without a video

    Me explaining why we gotta clean the school yard to my friends Me: 1:18

  • Aj Montgomery
    Aj Montgomery 10 hours ago

    Where my mr6 man

  • Dislocated To3
    Dislocated To3 10 hours ago

    “If you can’t identify the target, you ARE the target” best line👌

  • Lakio King
    Lakio King 10 hours ago

    Idc what anybody says this game is great the only thing it needs to be fixed is fps lag

  • Manuel Martinez
    Manuel Martinez 10 hours ago

    And never play cod ever again like this tryhard game I want one skin tell ur tryhard players to nock it off

  • Explosive Expert
    Explosive Expert 10 hours ago


  • harnold mayorga
    harnold mayorga 10 hours ago

    I want a remaster

  • jester high
    jester high 11 hours ago

    How about giving us Battle Royale or giving us a new map for the blackout one since we got to keep waiting so long for the Battle Royale losing the height for this game and then you don't even put zombies in this game shake my head

  • kaleb bledsoe
    kaleb bledsoe 11 hours ago

    Please add a Tlc with new maps and a new weapon the spas-12... Anybody remember the old days in modern warfare 2 and the kinda old days in infinite warfare with the s-Ravage.😊😄😂

  • Dhari Afayez
    Dhari Afayez 11 hours ago

    2020/2/22 where is zombies players 💔

  • Livid_Gunslinger
    Livid_Gunslinger 11 hours ago

    Pure cringe.

  • TheRohBird1
    TheRohBird1 12 hours ago

    It just should have been named CoD: Halo

  • yessir
    yessir 13 hours ago

    Press F To pay respect

  • VarietyGamesDX
    VarietyGamesDX 13 hours ago

    Why is everyone saying the campaign was amazing? It was painfully mediocre at best.

  • AB
    AB 13 hours ago

    Infinity ward made 3 bad cod's in a row. Time to kick them off the development cycle

  • nangel gamer HD
    nangel gamer HD 14 hours ago

    I have this game

  • Dedy Kamata
    Dedy Kamata 15 hours ago

    6749172413340057601 oM_dheddd...

  • Dedy Kamata
    Dedy Kamata 15 hours ago


  • Fusionplayz
    Fusionplayz 15 hours ago


  • Billy Young
    Billy Young 15 hours ago

    Best cod

  • My Leg
    My Leg 16 hours ago

    I wish Carry on by A7X was a playable song in Tanzit

  • adrian setiawan
    adrian setiawan 16 hours ago

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  • Manuel Martinez
    Manuel Martinez 16 hours ago

    Now I'm on elite v

  • Manuel Martinez
    Manuel Martinez 16 hours ago

    I'm on pro 1

  • Manuel Martinez
    Manuel Martinez 16 hours ago

    Fix that

  • Faze_Scope
    Faze_Scope 16 hours ago

    Who's here after "Going Dark"????

  • Radi Tia
    Radi Tia 16 hours ago

    Is not like that fu*king

  • Eren C
    Eren C 17 hours ago

    Me getting in shape for the coronavirus apocalypse

  • RydoGaming
    RydoGaming 18 hours ago

    this game is very cool.

  • bola shop
    bola shop 18 hours ago

    wajib nonton saya ini... makasih

  • HypnotiZe
    HypnotiZe 18 hours ago

    I must say I do tend to revisit this trailer a ton. It's just so neatly edited...

  • ben solo
    ben solo 19 hours ago

    You said we can get free cp

  • ben solo
    ben solo 19 hours ago


  • European Infidel
    European Infidel 19 hours ago

    Call of camping modern safe space door edition

  • Jskor Nick
    Jskor Nick 19 hours ago

    1:13 when your in the Taco Bell bathroom

  • Will
    Will 20 hours ago

    STRIKER is a hit market machine. get ready to lose most gunfights while using it. but hey Joe Cecunt likes it that way.

  • Lleyton Tinsley
    Lleyton Tinsley 20 hours ago

    This just puts bo4 in the grave

  • Brody Hughson
    Brody Hughson 20 hours ago

    It's rock out

  • FBI
    FBI 20 hours ago

    I bought this game, my wallet is now empty.

  • Arish Zeeshan
    Arish Zeeshan 21 hour ago


  • Dasep Sabarudin
    Dasep Sabarudin 21 hour ago

    nickname: RANGGA123

  • QuantumLeopard GAMINGYT

    I cant sign in to PSN so i cant play multiplayer and i cant buy ghost which makes me sad

  • kirvy 2481
    kirvy 2481 22 hours ago

    So ghost didn't died?? I need some explanation

  • Domovèn0k TV
    Domovèn0k TV 23 hours ago

    *ПОМОГИТЕ набрать лайки и просмотры пожалуйста *

  • IAmSirZak
    IAmSirZak 23 hours ago

    Are those chainsaw like sounds the zombies? If so, they sound horrifying.

  • IAmSirZak
    IAmSirZak 23 hours ago

    Man, I miss Co-Op campaign so much.

  • Warren D 3rd
    Warren D 3rd Day ago

    Guys follow my channel please!

  • Ary Dandois
    Ary Dandois Day ago


  • Andi Yunianto
    Andi Yunianto Day ago

    Name : ๛KimiHime๛ Id : 6742996099658678273

  • Erick Enciso
    Erick Enciso Day ago


  • Daniel Reyes
    Daniel Reyes Day ago

    Name song?

  • Iks Lums
    Iks Lums Day ago

    fix the game

  • PunkDude 223
    PunkDude 223 Day ago

    I liked the game sjnce the begining...They called me a madman


    Do more updates, and put less loot boxes and lucky draws... If we want to spend money on your game, at least we wanna get the items we want.

  • Eric 05
    Eric 05 Day ago


  • David Soroz
    David Soroz Day ago


  • David Soroz
    David Soroz Day ago