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  • japesz
    japesz 5 minutes ago

    the best track on the compilation (imo) & I’m glad he got Smino Grigio n we$tside Saba. Both my go-to artists when I wanna escape the trap vibes 🤞🏼.

  • Isaiah x
    Isaiah x 6 minutes ago

    What if jah was on this it would be dope sadly he was not took to soon FOREVER JAHSEH

  • Azasakhe Zenani
    Azasakhe Zenani 6 minutes ago


  • Linguini *
    Linguini * 11 minutes ago

    What’s dope is this beat goes so hard I want every great lyricist to spit some verses over this beat

  • Linguini *
    Linguini * 14 minutes ago

    OHHHH MAHHH LAWD he goin off on tha Joey beat gahhhh damnnnn

  • Adigun Olusola
    Adigun Olusola 20 minutes ago

    How did people know that J Cole's part was dedicated to his wife

  • Car Neil
    Car Neil 29 minutes ago

    Love you bro

  • Jason Long
    Jason Long 34 minutes ago

    Dababy wasn't playin

    MF STEEZ 41 minute ago

    Shoulda just been a Bas & Ari song. She wasn't in it long enough

  • B D
    B D 44 minutes ago

    why the fuck is smokepurrp in here

  • Diva Cookn
    Diva Cookn 45 minutes ago

    I like baby

    MF STEEZ 46 minutes ago

    Buddy smoking cos he shook 😂😂, Smino JID and Cole were about to let loose

    MF STEEZ 50 minutes ago

    Reason destroyed Cozz. Very good song 👍🏾

  • B D
    B D 55 minutes ago

    danny brown and vince staples would absolutely kill this

  • Zech Wilson
    Zech Wilson 55 minutes ago

    This group going on tour would legendary

  • Wilnerd Hara
    Wilnerd Hara Hour ago

    J. Cole doesn't seem like the same dude who did "can't get enough" on a cruise Ship full of halfnaked women with Trey Songz few years ago. Seems so wise

  • Penguin
    Penguin Hour ago

    Yo I laughed so hard at the college dorm verse 🤣🤣🤣

  • CyFax McFadden Savion

    Hope they release the other songs they were making

  • Flight 92
    Flight 92 Hour ago

    It’s time to put some respect on what this brother has done for the game. One of the greatest lyricist to ever touch a microphone

  • Ohadah
    Ohadah Hour ago

    jonny venus and j.cole looking like they isrealite ancestors in jerusalem. im lovin this 🔥

  • gun jack
    gun jack Hour ago

    Johnny Venus kills on this... Not too sure if Smino and Saba stayed on subject... I don't hear their struggles... Too busy telling how they got shit cornered... Johnny and Cole got pain in their verses and you can feel it.... Still a bangin track tho...

  • Young Vizzion
    Young Vizzion Hour ago

    1. Cole 2. Johnny 3. Saba 4. Smino But they all killed this shit🔥🔥 . One of my fav songs now

  • Toxic Friends
    Toxic Friends Hour ago


  • Joe Bond
    Joe Bond Hour ago

    Every artist on this track ,just raw and honest,love it. Very rare that u get every head putting a sick verse in that sounds genuine. Big up j.cole for making the best current hip hop,dreamville=everyone on there game. One of the best around at the moment and no feature untill recentley,and every feature verse,u kill it.

  • Young Sinatra
    Young Sinatra Hour ago

    man jcole's verse on this is one of the most beautiful verses i've ever heard, i lowkey teared up lol. idk how u can hate on jcole

  • Young Sinatra
    Young Sinatra Hour ago

    man jcoles verse on this is one of the most beautiful verses i've ever heard, i lowkey teared up lol. idk how anyone can hate on jcole tbh

  • JonBelly thebeatmaker

    The older Woman in the end speaks volumes, levels and family

  • JonBelly thebeatmaker

    The care hat speaks volumes

  • JonBelly thebeatmaker

    The umbrella speaks volumes

  • JonBelly thebeatmaker

    Dope ass mf track.... Went so far over people's head

  • isaiah Igbinoba
    isaiah Igbinoba 2 hours ago

    Loved it

  • Crazy girl Ondablock

    Damn when I heard J.Cole start rapping about his wife I got big day flash backs 😓

  • Militarty Marshall
    Militarty Marshall 2 hours ago

    Sir, please hand me the bazooka!!!

  • Jake Mikes
    Jake Mikes 2 hours ago

    He's a wizard Harry!

  • Lelo Brown
    Lelo Brown 2 hours ago

    Dis is Deep,, who can't relate ,, everybody has made a sacrifice!!! Its a never ending jester!!

  • Tega Biz
    Tega Biz 2 hours ago


    HYDRAULICS23 2 hours ago

    Issa vibe 🔥

  • 3
    3 2 hours ago

    smino fire asf

  • LT one
    LT one 2 hours ago

    1.Jay z 2.ice cube 3.scarface 4. nas 5. J.cole ..top 5

  • ang1stokes
    ang1stokes 2 hours ago

    3:15 - 3:40 😪. This whole song is just perfect.

  • Fatal
    Fatal 2 hours ago

    This is smooth

  • TJace50
    TJace50 3 hours ago

    Can we talk about SABA's verse for a minute?

  • Omar Stunner
    Omar Stunner 3 hours ago

    Where can I grab that bob Marley sweater though?

  • D A
    D A 3 hours ago

    Kendrick vibes

  • Joshua Howard
    Joshua Howard 3 hours ago

    The nigga before cole snapped the hardest on this junt

  • Thomas Dent
    Thomas Dent 3 hours ago

    I'm so thankful i found this 🔥🔥🔥

  • CozyBoy D
    CozyBoy D 3 hours ago

    That last song on the outro bro🔥 where that’s at

  • OC Wayvz
    OC Wayvz 3 hours ago

    Best song in the world.

  • ethan Andino
    ethan Andino 4 hours ago


  • al tullis
    al tullis 4 hours ago


  • Andrew Sativ
    Andrew Sativ 4 hours ago

    2:55 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Luis Simmonds
    Luis Simmonds 4 hours ago

    Cole murdered it but can we talk about Johnny!!!!!! GOAT

  • Char A
    Char A 4 hours ago


  • Alexis Turcios
    Alexis Turcios 4 hours ago

    I feel like this is the best song on the album, Sacrifices is a really close second.

  • WestAfricano
    WestAfricano 4 hours ago

    What a beautiful song 🔥

  • Allstar KayB
    Allstar KayB 4 hours ago

    Whoever in care "hat" had bars

  • KidCole
    KidCole 4 hours ago

    I really thought JID did the chorus🤦🏿‍♂️

  • elvatocavron 11
    elvatocavron 11 4 hours ago

    Dude this song is honestly up there on my top 10 fr

  • GunScott HDgaming
    GunScott HDgaming 5 hours ago

    *J. Cole's verse has a sad meaning :(*

  • Ronnie Graham
    Ronnie Graham 5 hours ago


  • Zion Lord
    Zion Lord 5 hours ago

    can we not forget about how saba bodied his verse🤯

  • mona lisa
    mona lisa 5 hours ago

    Haven't heard something this dope since Acid Rap.

  • mona lisa
    mona lisa 5 hours ago

    Haven't heard something this dope since Acid Rap.

  • Victor ogunkorode
    Victor ogunkorode 6 hours ago

    One of the best pour version of jcole ... Apart from talking about himself, street etc... My mind is always at 97 % focused when listening to this 😍🌿👍

  • Rory Sutherland
    Rory Sutherland 6 hours ago

    Cole can I get a picture? "I'll be around I aint going nowhere"....(eye rolls) y'all missed that didn't you.....moral is if you are already there how much more present can you be? be in the moment, not trying to capture it.

  • Big Facts
    Big Facts 6 hours ago

    Bet 95% of ppl don’t know who is singing in the intro

  • Ben Khouri
    Ben Khouri 6 hours ago

    Song @15.09 anyone? And name of artist pls?

  • Raalaan
    Raalaan 6 hours ago

    Everyone performed incredibly on this. Johnny Venus comes in with a great chorus/verse, Saba and Smino both flow very smoothly and come in lyrically, and that Cole verse still gives me chills every time I listen. Incredible introspective song. Easily one of my favorites from RoTD3.

  • Be Creative So Creative

    Cole is just reminding them isthat dude 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Chip Rich
    Chip Rich 6 hours ago


  • sione puloka
    sione puloka 7 hours ago

    damn feels..

  • Dominique Lawson
    Dominique Lawson 7 hours ago

    Wasnt really feeling that nigga with the umbrella. Everyone else was dope tho

  • Kago Mabuse
    Kago Mabuse 7 hours ago

    All my anti-chill buddies front but they fw this🕴🕴

  • Jay Fernandez
    Jay Fernandez 7 hours ago

    Yes back to the roots...

  • slim shady
    slim shady 7 hours ago


  • rolaz productions
    rolaz productions 8 hours ago

    I've been telling people J. Cole's been walking Bob Marleys path.

  • Alex Pfeifer
    Alex Pfeifer 8 hours ago

    I keep coming back to this song

  • Elijah Brown
    Elijah Brown 8 hours ago

    Catch me on the 105 with booming system under the sun .

  • Tgc Aspect
    Tgc Aspect 8 hours ago

    Dreamville the best idea in the history of rap. I hope to one day be apart of this brilliant idea 😎🤙

    B.A. PENDAGRASS 8 hours ago

    😱🔥🔥🔥💪💪🌍....AFTER THE VIDEO FINISHED......ME:👉🔂

  • Temi Alawode
    Temi Alawode 8 hours ago

    Someone said he had to go back to back with himself because his breath stinks

  • Romulus
    Romulus 8 hours ago

    "cole can u get a picture" - man im not going nowhere! damnnnn

  • Theodore Cruz
    Theodore Cruz 8 hours ago

    🎶 🔥 Dope Lit

  • Donald
    Donald 9 hours ago

    Why the fuck are there 1000 dislikes What are these people on

  • account
    account 9 hours ago

    every artist/group on this song is overrated ASF 🖕🖕🖕

  • poetmm
    poetmm 9 hours ago

    Ranking Coles Best Studio Album outro 1. Love Yourz 2. Window pain 3. 4yeo 4. Sacrifices 5. Born Sinner 6. Breakdown

  • Always Ayana
    Always Ayana 9 hours ago

    All I needed was for JID to be on this track and it would've been epic

  • etienne wilson
    etienne wilson 9 hours ago


  • Jonathan Amaya
    Jonathan Amaya 9 hours ago


  • RR 4theDub
    RR 4theDub 9 hours ago

    I NEED A 1993 VIDEO LMAO shit would be *hilarious*

  • DeQuincy Skudawoo Morris

    OMG 😲😲😲😲😲😲😝😝😝😝😝🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • thecopsgaming cops organization

    Why this song so nice? It's because the Rappers.

  • kurama2083
    kurama2083 10 hours ago

    “I wanna damn near kill you, to be the one to heal you up” 🤐

  • djhurray
    djhurray 10 hours ago

    Good fucking shit😭👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Dominique Johnson
    Dominique Johnson 10 hours ago

    Damn a music video would be so cool

  • Johnathon Jenkins
    Johnathon Jenkins 10 hours ago

    You ain’t bout static like am (radio) I like that

  • King Carroll
    King Carroll 10 hours ago

    Love the vid and the meaning behind it but on Johnny’s part who else would’ve thought that on the hey man, caveman part it would’ve been better if he was talking into a mirror and the mirror was the second line

  • Christian Reid
    Christian Reid 10 hours ago

    THE tears they feel good on my face

  • fa'afouina mason
    fa'afouina mason 10 hours ago

    This is my favorite song now bruh all these artist i didnt know before are now some of my favorites this is what good music sounds like

  • Ms. B
    Ms. B 10 hours ago

    Cole look like like jesus there✝✝ ths beat fit his flow nice... All them sd good🎶🎶🎶😇