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Australia's China Problem
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  • David Vavra
    David Vavra 6 hours ago

    Thank you

  • Imuti Mwiti
    Imuti Mwiti 6 hours ago

    Eeeeh continue telling me about my continent!! U know nothing about it.

  • Bea Sted
    Bea Sted 6 hours ago

    China: builds hospital in 10 days me: thinks of this comment in just as many

  • archballz
    archballz 6 hours ago

    Obviously guys this is out of desperation!

  • anger & rage
    anger & rage 6 hours ago

    Where do these poor countries get their submarines from, I know there are only a few manufacturers in the world.

  • howtobebasic 2
    howtobebasic 2 6 hours ago

    i haven't taken public transit in over 20 years!!!

  • Johnny Walker
    Johnny Walker 6 hours ago

    The Tibetan people are ethnically much closer to the Han Chinese then the white people to the native Indians

  • Bluenova Music
    Bluenova Music 6 hours ago

    You missed my country Curacao :(


    Please support my FLash-player channel. War Stories and MOTO Vlogs. Great channel brother I love your content. Please SUBSCRIBE

  • Ieuan Hunt
    Ieuan Hunt 7 hours ago

    Because they don't care about building safety standards.

  • Louis Wu
    Louis Wu 7 hours ago

    Now Japan need that speed I am pretty sure.

  • Ieuan Hunt
    Ieuan Hunt 7 hours ago

    Do they have a deal with local hospitals where they get money for every broken bone that comes from the ski resort?

  • victoria touchstone
    victoria touchstone 7 hours ago

    No mention of ATL? Really?

  • DK
    DK 7 hours ago

    It's not a hospital, it's a morgue. Watch some of the videos on Twitter, some real videos from staff, hear their stories. This here is just edited footage from the China advertisements they organized themselves. You won't hear or see the truth coming out of that hospital in the official public channels. It's China we are talking about. The country that is treating the Uyghurs the way Hitler treated the Jews. The difference is in the 1940s the world cared enough to go and fight him. Right now we are numb from all the social media. We see horrible stuff and think to ourselves for 3-4 seconds "man, this gotta suck hard" and we keep scrolling before our mood goes down. My point is China caused this outbreak out of negligence and made it worse by lying about the numbers and the scale of the problem in the beginning when it would've been easier to fight it. We should not praise them for this hospital, we should keep them accountable.

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith 7 hours ago

    And thanks to the brainiac Hank Johnson, it won’t capsize 😂😂

  • menassie samuel
    menassie samuel 7 hours ago

    Why don’t you have a Japan of Africa of China of Africa Ethiopia? Come on man I want the seal of approval

  • Vamsi Mohana
    Vamsi Mohana 7 hours ago

    Now there's also GTC here in Kenya....

  • Esatpircsnart
    Esatpircsnart 7 hours ago

    Funny... It never would have ocurred to me to describe the great depression, and world wars I and II as "distractions."

  • Vamsi Mohana
    Vamsi Mohana 7 hours ago

    I'm from Kenya and it's true that train is damn sleek....

    JONNY WEIRDO 8 hours ago

    God Given Airline international

  • gazloading
    gazloading 8 hours ago

    I think the commentator of these Wendover videos is one of the best in world, I could listen to him for ages. Thank you so much for being so good at your job! Can anyone tell me his name? I really want to put a face to the soothing voice.

  • Fifo Tech
    Fifo Tech 8 hours ago

    Sorry, but your graphic of Atlanta in the video is actually of London

  • aarav bara
    aarav bara 8 hours ago

    99% of the people are cracking jokes 1% other

  • Ryder Nigga
    Ryder Nigga 8 hours ago

    i don't know what fantasy film you've watched but russia never invaded ukraine, sorry, that didn't happen

  • K Nav
    K Nav 9 hours ago

    One of the advantages of NOT having Democracy.

  • Caged
    Caged 9 hours ago

    Now let me watch the video where Alaska is a powerful territory.

  • Ernest_Gaming
    Ernest_Gaming 9 hours ago

    30billion a year with 50mil users? Anyone going to pay 600 a year for internet 😁 hmmmm 🤔

  • Alex Salvatore
    Alex Salvatore 9 hours ago

    This video did not age well. 737 Max, Wuhan flight.

  • Norton M.
    Norton M. 9 hours ago

    Australia has almost all natural resources, except for water

  • Tato GBR
    Tato GBR 9 hours ago

    Airbus create the A321 Neo XL to Subistitute the Boeing 757

  • Ahil Moti
    Ahil Moti 9 hours ago

    in Kenya is everything could have disappeared in 10days....first thing the land to build the hospital would have been grabbed...second finance swindled all....

  • • glam
    • glam 9 hours ago

    2:02 : *shows up my country* me: YESSS THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH ... *"-- But Thailand still is a current one"* Also me: are you serious --- Uruguay is a really beautiful and peaceful country, is also the less corrupt one. We have a lot of tourists every year, even more than our population. We are also the MASTERS or futbol and wine! And still, nobody talks about it...

  • Kolt45 Gaming
    Kolt45 Gaming 10 hours ago

    You mean that hospital that is falling apart after 1 rainfall? Ya, HARD PASS.

  • Cain Marco
    Cain Marco 10 hours ago

    the comments section are filled with complaints about their government's failure to speed up building infrastructures. children, children, may i remind you that they have to build this fast OUT OF DESPERATION. just think about it. ya small minded kids

  • All American Trump Supporting Conservative Patriot

    This video is too liberal for me to watch without throwing up. I'm out

  • Bryan D
    Bryan D 10 hours ago

    Hmm - how about the first "unofficial" report of the virus by Li Wenliang?

  • SuperWolf YT
    SuperWolf YT 10 hours ago

    They used premium currency to speed up build time

  • Clément Bourles
    Clément Bourles 10 hours ago

    Most expensive lift ticket in france (for the biggest ski resort in the world) : 63€

  • Colby774
    Colby774 10 hours ago

    I know how, take a few guns out there and fire some blanks off. That’ll stop em

  • drhominidae
    drhominidae 10 hours ago

    Concrete does not dry...it cures.

  • Ghanashyama Craig
    Ghanashyama Craig 10 hours ago

    Eat your cereal

  • alan-mf
    alan-mf 10 hours ago

    I study Architecture and Urbanism and I find that amount of information about cities really amazing! Thanks for sharing ;)

  • Thoreau
    Thoreau 10 hours ago

    Fk the environment, as long as I'm rich.

  • brianwesley28
    brianwesley28 10 hours ago

    I can't really consider the surrounding areas of New York City to be suburbia. It's just sub-New York City.

  • xcw4934
    xcw4934 10 hours ago

    UAE and Oman saw a video about Caesar's double encirclement of Vircengetorix and decided to re-enact it.

  • lonelyPorterCH
    lonelyPorterCH 11 hours ago

    Thats a lot of money and effort for a sandwich^^

  • xcw4934
    xcw4934 11 hours ago

    China: "We built the Great Wall to keep Mongols out. It's one of the greatest feats of construction of all time and inspires engineers and designers to challenge themselves and push what's possible even today." Australia: "Yeah but does it keep out dingoes and rabbits?"

  • The Great War Roleplayer From Europe

    How to stop a fire step.1 REMOVE OXYGEN How to stop Corona step.1 REMOVE AIRPLANES

  • Alex Gia
    Alex Gia 11 hours ago

    ..whY DO YOuu?....spEAK LIkee?...thaAat?...in EVERyy?....vIDeoo?..

  • ez icarus
    ez icarus 11 hours ago

    Banks don't care about profit. Only turnover

  • bechir 1999
    bechir 1999 11 hours ago

    well every powerful nation has an end :D america end is near and she resist that but its happening u can see it clear in 2020 china and russiaa will take place lol

  • Joshua Kim
    Joshua Kim 11 hours ago

    Watching this on President's Day!

  • Demetrius G
    Demetrius G 11 hours ago

    How to make a country my way: Step 1: find sand that is surrounded by water but not on the top Step 2: Make it your country

  • Oliver
    Oliver 11 hours ago

    Bru where is Ireland??

  • Nathan Tessitore
    Nathan Tessitore 11 hours ago

    9:25 No, the sun never sets on the British Empire.

  • Nemesis T-Type
    Nemesis T-Type 11 hours ago

    Check out twitter. That hospital is now soaking wet when it rained. Seems like a rushed job is not that great.

  • George Osprey
    George Osprey 11 hours ago

    They call it a hospital.. but it doesn't treat anyone. It has bars on the windows. There are rumors that there are no doctors. You have to walk 200 meters to get to a washroom... said one patient.

    • 白夜秋痕
      白夜秋痕 9 hours ago

      ???Are you kidding me? Yesterday some patients be healthy

  • dimml0r
    dimml0r 11 hours ago

    could you not fly a helicopter that far out in case of an emergency?

  • EpicDragonY
    EpicDragonY 11 hours ago

    Wendover productions: Steel land Me: Alright Boiz who wants to help me?😂

  • Freddy Marcel-Marcum
    Freddy Marcel-Marcum 11 hours ago

    Yeah, for me snowboarding is expensive, but, I enjoy it even with the lift tickets 'n stuff, because I don't go every day, maybe five or six a year, and that makes me enjoy it even more. As far as the housing situation goes, look, seasonal workers, and I've been one, it's seasonal, and they're glad for the work.

  • bnetolldnataman
    bnetolldnataman 11 hours ago

    Tell me they didn’t know this outbreak was going down......

  • YT gaming
    YT gaming 11 hours ago

    Canada be like: Ha! we got plenty of natural snow. I should go im too weird..

  • Enclave
    Enclave 11 hours ago

    This is thanks to college! It's the biggest issue in the country.

  • Gwo Gaming
    Gwo Gaming 11 hours ago

    Romania: *still has old trash trains while rest of europe has very nice trains*

  • Mango Memes
    Mango Memes 12 hours ago

    The only problem with dropping an a bomb in Europe is that most countries are so small that the fireball would probably spread to at least five different countries

  • Yellow 45
    Yellow 45 12 hours ago

    Xi: “I’ve been fighting this thing since January 7th!!” Everyone else: ...”you’ve known this was serious... since January 7th!? Wuhhan had a potluckk on the 29th!!!!!!!” Xi: .....✌️

  • Jay blade
    Jay blade 12 hours ago

    Orrrrrrrr, now hear me out here, you could FaceTime

  • Mango Memes
    Mango Memes 12 hours ago

    0:49 _Fanta_ has left the chat

  • Marhaba M
    Marhaba M 12 hours ago

    Might just move to leichinstien


    Wendover:guys I'm going to tell u every country in the world Ireland:were am I wendover I think this is clickbat

  • Jammy Dodger
    Jammy Dodger 12 hours ago

    Your explanation on why civilisation worked in Europe and not Africa based on expansion into similar climate falls apart when you consider that most european empires were world wide. British, French, German etc and any expansion into more of europe is both costly and likely to cause horrific wars.

  • Arsh The king of Street

    I don't understand how they sail upto 25years without fuel 🤔

  • Straywen Love
    Straywen Love 12 hours ago

    spreadiing CCP lies , officially makes you a piece of filth

  • cheafchecker72
    cheafchecker72 12 hours ago

    8.6 pounds per gallon wtf america???

  • Twistdam
    Twistdam 12 hours ago

    Where is Ireland 🇮🇪

    LEGIT SAM 6IX 12 hours ago

    @UCzV5NsNZl3h6SbtAIY3VQnA Africa is finally INDEPENDENT of the eurodevil. Now these Asians intend to do worse. Do like Idi Amin. OUT OR DEATH .. It's a NO TO SENO IMPERIALISM!!👊🏾✊🏽

  • Twistdam
    Twistdam 12 hours ago

    Where tf is Ireland’s fact

  • I AniMateS
    I AniMateS 12 hours ago

    A little outdated, delta now flies to Mumbai.

  • scottN1980
    scottN1980 13 hours ago

    I thought the range of the max was around 20ft

  • Alok Rai
    Alok Rai 13 hours ago

    Tibet is not a shield to protect your boundaries. It's a country and should be respected as it is.

  • TN1183
    TN1183 13 hours ago

    Can't request your airplanes like burgers --- these two are very different things, and the consequences are dire.

  • Dom
    Dom 13 hours ago

    Why Planes Don't fly slower?

  • Dave Dopson
    Dave Dopson 13 hours ago

    The description of sun-synchronous orbits (flash-player.org/video/hiRBQxHrxNw-video.html) seems wrong to me. A sun-synchronous orbit will maintain a consistent time-over-target for any given place, but won't necessarily have exactly the same time-over-target for different locations. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun-synchronous_orbit explains that due to Earth being an imperfect sphere that bulges at the middle, all inclined orbits around it will slowly precess over time. The key distinguishing characteristic of a sun-synchronous orbit is that it's orbital plane precesses at the exact rate necessary to make one full precession per year -- this keeps the relative angles constant between Sun, Earth and the satellite's orbital plane, ensuring that, for any given target, the satellite's "time-over-target" stays roughly constant throughout the year. For any given orbital altitude, there's a specific orbital inclination that achieves once-per-year orbital precession. A second constraint is that we want a fixed number of orbits per 24-hr period. The wiki page solves these equations for the case of circular orbits and provides a table. The horizontal velocity component partly cancels out the Earth's rotation, but this is imperfect, and at higher latitudes, the satellite rapidly transitions from daytime to nighttime. For the case of the N=16 near-polar orbit, a "good-enough" daytime pass can be achieved at nearly all habitated latitudes, to within an hour or less of deviation.

  • dark black
    dark black 14 hours ago

    china: builds a hospital in 10 days philippines: renovates a public clinic in 10 months

  • Arthes Mendor
    Arthes Mendor 14 hours ago

    The U.S. doing what the U.S. does best. "This is ours. Oh and also that over there, yeah that thing you think is yours is also ours."

  • Timo Okello
    Timo Okello 14 hours ago

    The novel coronavirus was not from eating any while animals... you haven't done your research but repeating lies.

  • Oriental's R God's Chosen Christ is Chinese

    why is it when people think of africa they think of dark people? half of africa belong to the lights skinned arabs and egyptians, and the bottom portion belong to the european seed afrikans of dutch and german ethnicity also all the antichinese drivel from antisino demons, portray a pitiful and delusional mindset of all the closed minded racist haters, who most likely envy east asian achievement and might

  • Joe JJJ
    Joe JJJ 14 hours ago

    answer: via prefabs

  • Craizy Martis
    Craizy Martis 14 hours ago

    Love how you showed the Lithuanian flag instead of the Latvian one, and censored it 0:57

  • blattimus
    blattimus 14 hours ago

    How China totally bungled their response to this crisis, spent the first weeks threatening and arresting anybody who reported on it, including doctors; had a feast for 100 000 people in Wuhan with shared plates to show there's no problem; waited 3 weeks to send experts to the region; massively lied to the world about the extent of the crisis and allowed it to massively spread; continue to lie about the situation and pat themselves on the back for their excellent response, because the state feelings are so sensitive that they can't stand the least criticism without breaking out in tears; lock down neighbourhoods with force and drag people suspected of infection to mass detention facilities; steal private cars for state use (strangely, only Ferraris are required for the people's war against the disease;) and according to a recent report by a Chinese university, probably released the disease in the first place due to patent incompetence at their bio weapons lab 300 meters from the food market widely blamed for the outbreak. The only real tragedy for the Chinese dictatorship is they won't be able to sell the organs of those who died from the virus in military hospitals, as they do with those forcibly removed from political dissidents by the millions. But this is China, so in all probability, they will sell them anyway.

  • RantzZz
    RantzZz 15 hours ago

    3:40 The Walking Dead fans probably thought he is gonna say the Negan line: "Who's dick is bigger" kappa

  • fortnitebro350
    fortnitebro350 15 hours ago

    Name: Peterson land Distance: 10 miles Flag: 🌴🌳🌲

  • Onety
    Onety 15 hours ago

    Hospital speedrun any%

  • ne
    ne 15 hours ago

    *waiting for my country* him: croatia=islands me: oh ok

  • 67 67
    67 67 15 hours ago

    What a biased video! You really has no idea what's going on in HKG!

  • Chance Webster
    Chance Webster 15 hours ago


  • ProGamer YT
    ProGamer YT 15 hours ago

    Did someone say Coronavirus?

  • Philippe Ant
    Philippe Ant 15 hours ago

    (No discrimination intended) Me after seing ebola stats: pfff amateurs I can eradicate humanity on plague inc

  • Donald Thomas
    Donald Thomas 15 hours ago

    American trains do not have 𝗱𝗿𝗶𝘃𝗲𝗿𝘀. They have 𝗲𝗻𝗴𝗶𝗻𝗲𝗲𝗿𝘀.

  • Hal 9000
    Hal 9000 15 hours ago

    Like they build everything else: cheaply suing slave labor and no regard at all to the environment.