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Boeing's China Problem
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How to Stop an Epidemic
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The NFL's Logistics Problem
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The Economics of Private Jets
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Iceland's Tourism Revolution
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Why Cities Exist
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The Nuclear Waste Problem
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The Little Plane War
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How to Stop a Riot
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How to Fix Traffic Forever
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Every State in the US
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How to Make First Contact
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How Maritime Law Works
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How Budget Airlines Work
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Why Flying is So Expensive
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TWL #6: Big Mac Economics
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TWL #5: Timekeeping on Mars
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  • William Dowda
    William Dowda 8 minutes ago

    The Wendover Productions video makes some observations about modern technology and implying that if modern technology is added to

  • Aniruddha sudhir
    Aniruddha sudhir 16 minutes ago

    China holds Tibet for natural resource reasons

  • ShaolinGaming
    ShaolinGaming 26 minutes ago

    Who noticed the Designated Survivor reference

  • Sloop
    Sloop 28 minutes ago

    There’s two berlin airports right now, so which airport do you mean?

  • Ronald Dabdoub
    Ronald Dabdoub 32 minutes ago

    one word is missing in the title it should read How the US. Government will attempt to survive doomsday. Scriptures say they will run in caves and clefs and say to the rocks fall on me and hide me from the wrath of the lamb his day has come and who can withstand it.

  • Mountain Mamma
    Mountain Mamma 38 minutes ago

    okay cities are cool and all but Epstein didn't kill himself

  • Mario Vento
    Mario Vento 48 minutes ago

    Yay United airlines

  • Joshua Candib
    Joshua Candib 56 minutes ago

    Does anybody know where his sources are? I'm working on a project and I would like to be able to flush it out a bit more.

  • Christian Caymares

    The biggest flaw in your logic is thinking that traffic is simply congestion. The context around what causes traffic is different for cities all over the world. Have you seen roundabouts in New Deli, India? Are those roundabouts better than traffic lights? Perhaps. But that's not the point when you take into account how bad traffic still is in those places, and how many accidents still occur. Or do you just dismiss regions that lack proper development? The solution isn't technical. And deterring people from driving isn't a solution everywhere either. What about cities where public transportation sucks? Deterring road usage in cities where there are few alternate forms of transportation will only restrict people from getting around. You see, context is everything. We need to change the way we get around

  • Joshua Gherlone
    Joshua Gherlone Hour ago

    Mentioning Monsanto's corn without mentioning how awful Monsanto CURRENTLY CONTINUES TO BE is a mistake I can't really leave. Monsanto tried to abuse a simple fact of life to crush any and all competition their corn had. Plants reproduce. Plants spread, in a wide variety of ways. These ways are not all ways that can be controlled normally. Monsanto started suing farmers who lived near the farmers who bought their seeds. Why? They were stealing Monsanto property. How? The seed from Farmer A's Monsanto-Approved Corn Field had been blown, carried by birds, who cares what, to Farmer B's Monsanto-Unapproved Corn Field. Let's be VERY clear here: Farmer B did not at any point purchase, steal, use, or otherwise acquire Monsanto seeds. Then Monsanto does testing of normally purchased corn from the fields of Farmer B, and proceeds to hunt the poor guy with an army of private investigators, thugs, and lawyers, suing his balls off if they get the chance. And make no mistake: They will do anything and everything to DESTROY you, regardless of how you acquired the seeds, or even if they're wrong and you never acquired the seeds at all, and will not stop until they either sue you into the ground or discover that they were mistaken... At which point they vanish without a trace. No attempt to apologize, no attempt to cover any of the massive bills they've caused a completely innocent bystander when they were clearly in the wrong, nothing. They're just fucking GONE. They're criminally vicious and evil and deserve to be destroyed, but are dominating the market for a dozen different staple crops and that number grows by the year. Think it's hard to avoid supporting China? Try avoiding supporting Monsanto, see how fucking far you get.

  • Some Kiri
    Some Kiri Hour ago

    When your state comes up and all they talk about is water and racing like what about all the dollar generals and rednecks?

  • evilassaultweaponeer

    "Bureau of Waste, Fraud, and Abuse"

  • Jake Linh
    Jake Linh Hour ago

    My country Country name: Randomland Capital: My bed xd Language: Vietnamese,English (USA)

  • Alex_00 0
    Alex_00 0 Hour ago

    Nahh probably concorde will come back and other supersonic

  • Braaage videos
    Braaage videos Hour ago

    Bruh, just watch yakkos world

  • Braylon Pekara
    Braylon Pekara Hour ago

    So arizona has one of the SEVEN WONDERS OF THE WORLD and instead he talks about a bridge

  • Pierre Bierre
    Pierre Bierre 2 hours ago

    Worse than the 2 crashes, Boeing attempted to cover up the problem and keep the MAXes flying. It took the airlines and the FAA to counter Boeing's deceitful ploy.

  • Michael John Little
    Michael John Little 2 hours ago

    07:31... hindsight is amazing... right now, neither Boeing, nor consumers are particularly excited about the Boeing 737 Max....

    ELYXAI 2 hours ago

    Why there no helicopters flying

  • Samirah Samir
    Samirah Samir 2 hours ago

    8:31-8:38 OMAllah 🤭😂 I was waiting all the day to see my country but he just did only 8 minutes 🙈 whole i was waiting to see the more info about how Somalia 🇸🇴 fight with Ethiopia 😒 it was because they stole our country and freaking United Kingdom gave them half kenya and other half Ethiopia 🙄

  • Sled Splat
    Sled Splat 3 hours ago

    Everybody loves airbus

  • EzrealOver9000
    EzrealOver9000 3 hours ago

    Clicking on the video being surprized that wendover is not talking about planes, 6 minutes in and i realize i should have known better.

  • dxelson
    dxelson 3 hours ago

    You would think that the UN Headquarters had a helicopter pad.. lmao gues s not

    YUSKHAN 3 hours ago

    Britain is not Europe and the largest city in Europe is Moscow

  • dizza good
    dizza good 3 hours ago

    Wait, what !?!? Di you just equal more calories to more people... ?

  • Alexander Stevenson
    Alexander Stevenson 3 hours ago

    Last time I went through Málaga airport I got drug swabbed 😐

  • Salty Potatohead
    Salty Potatohead 4 hours ago

    i'm pretty sure no one is surprised by switzerland having the most expensive?

  • FKM
    FKM 4 hours ago

    Hey Boeing, fuck you.

  • Pat Doyle
    Pat Doyle 4 hours ago

    I enjoyed this - a tad simplistic, but accurate. But as a former submariner, I am probably a bit too critical. But the part about the stealth is not exaggerated. Even in he 80s when the 688 class boat was the premier fast attack sub, we ran a training exercise with the Brits just off the coast of South Carolina. We had 6 American and 3 British frigates and destroyers assigned to find us in a square 90 kilometers on a side. Our job was to take out as many of them as we could in three days. Using dud torpedoes we got 7 of them. Near the end of the 3rd day, our captain began heading home, but he got cocky - he came to scope depth and saw that it was thick fog about 9 miles out, so he surfaced right between two frigates that were only operating navigational radars, which would not be likely to pick us up - just to rub in our victory. But 4 miles out there was a break in the fog, and we were spotted and "killed". So technically we lost the engagement - I wonder what the group commander said to our captain! Still, they never laid a glove on us submerged, and we ran with our conning tower about the surface for 4 miles before they caught us. We had a saying back then that I suspect is mostly still true - there are two kinds of ships - subs, and targets.

    MISC BITS 5 hours ago

    important to note: The 737MAX wouldn't be flying if Boeing hadn't already achieved regulatory capture of the FAA. Being able to mark your own homework leads to temptations to fudge things. Boeing and the FAA's reaction to whistleblowers calling out serious 737NG assembly malpractice (and paperwork falsification) issues showed it had already happened by 2004-2005. More worrying: This regulatory capture problem isn't isolated to one US sector. It's across the board and been getting worse since the mid 1980s - telcos being a blindingly obvious example.

  • Frank J
    Frank J 5 hours ago

    At least the Chinese didn't give a blank cheque or empty promises, they actually delivered much-needed infrastructure to Africa. And they didn't bring an army with them force African countries to sign the deals. It's all fair game I would say.

  • Caitlin Clawson
    Caitlin Clawson 5 hours ago

    When your state comes up and he talks about how long mailman have to drive 🙃

  • nyeac nyeac
    nyeac nyeac 6 hours ago

    India, you deserve better

  • Семён Маликов

    Nigeria has an argentine flag...

  • Juan Solo
    Juan Solo 6 hours ago

    Never realized that Laos looks like a smashed cock and balls... like it got ran over by a car or something.

  • Mystery Man
    Mystery Man 6 hours ago

    Can I buy shares in Wendover?

  • Mystery Man
    Mystery Man 6 hours ago

    Get rid of the blue highlight of the EU on the UK please.

  • Riot_ZA
    Riot_ZA 6 hours ago

    So the Enclave is real...

  • Lucas Ferreira
    Lucas Ferreira 6 hours ago

    Bombardier: Drops prices Boeing: Wait that's illegal Airbus:Lets join forces Boeing: aw shit here we go again

  • Cookie Man
    Cookie Man 6 hours ago

    7:07 Not a cell phone in sight. Just people living in the moment.

    HENRIQUE MBKP 6 hours ago

    The Brazil coin R$ (Real) it's 4x weaker than dollar, and the taxes are soo much high. The Playstation 4 cost, on release, $400, in Brazil it was used to cost R$4000 = $1000. Sla só queria falar alguma colsa msm hehe.

  • fledi [1000 subs no videos?]

    My Country Name: Trulo Alliances: EU & NATO Language: English Sea/Ocean: Blacksea Currency: Trulo Cavro Continent: Europe Minimum Wage: (1 Dollar is 1,6 Trulo Cavro) 1260 TC INFLATION: 2,64 Religion: Free Capital: Trilla Borders: Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Turkey, Ukraine ( a little part of blacksea coastline)

  • Kazeyomi Jeff
    Kazeyomi Jeff 7 hours ago

    How to stop a riot?? If there are 2 million people rioting. THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD BE RESTRUCTURED

  • Spillie
    Spillie 7 hours ago

    4:15 Where is that in China, someone? thanks!

  • BlackPastaa_
    BlackPastaa_ 7 hours ago

    QFA7879 is now the longest

  • Cruz Florez
    Cruz Florez 7 hours ago

    Bless these people

  • Randy Mack
    Randy Mack 7 hours ago

    10:37 RIP

  • Necronihilism _
    Necronihilism _ 8 hours ago

    South Africa was better than Rwanda until they ended apartheid and started the genocide.

  • Joshua Gherlone
    Joshua Gherlone 8 hours ago

    GOD NO. Look, I don't really have a problem with roundabouts if THE PEOPLE HERE KNEW HOW TO FUCKING DRIVE, but they don't, and roundabouts cause MONUMENTAL TRAFFIC HERE. Like, a MILE LONG BACKUP ON A MODERATE-USE BACK ROAD.

  • 一一
    一一 8 hours ago


  • Hermione Granger
    Hermione Granger 8 hours ago

    Exploiting someone is no good. As👏🏼simple👏🏼as👏🏼that.

  • Sam
    Sam 8 hours ago

    It's so glad to see on commentaries that people are not so blind upon USAs practices above foreign countries anymore

  • Jeraboa JumpingMouse

    This is why you don't do business in china. They are a massive market but the government is fickle, greedy and impulsive. Don't bend the knee to them, they'll take your head.

  • The Love Of Trump
    The Love Of Trump 9 hours ago

    Rejoice! Donald J Trump has been called forth by Christ! With Cross in one hand and Sword in the other, And the Holy Spirit rushing through his soul, He will defeat the enemies of beloved Israel, And bestow charity and love throughout the world! Amen.

  • T Marsh-Connors
    T Marsh-Connors 9 hours ago

    Fantastic educational video.

  • the jocker
    the jocker 10 hours ago

    this is just twisted fancy nerdy Russian roulette

  • Peter meter
    Peter meter 10 hours ago

    I am not convinced. I mean to be honest, even if Boeing did shit. It came out. Like people know Boeing did something wrong. Now they have to fix it and get blamed for it. The CCP in China would never admit that they failed and rather would accept that this planes crashes and blame it on the pilot.

  • Innocent MAGAJI
    Innocent MAGAJI 10 hours ago

    Don't criticize, if you notice a weakness in the country, the highest patriotism you could do is to help improve the situation.

  • Bob Daye
    Bob Daye 11 hours ago

    Boeing built the 737 Max at the request and insistence of it's customers. The MCAS system was used previously & successfully but they removed the redundancy in the 737 Max & an easy override.

  • If u call me a wumao you're autistic

    The fact is simple. China's done a much better job than the West has in Africa, so shut the fuck up with all your 'neocolonialism' allegations. Hell, the West practiced ACTUAL colonialism in the continent; down with your moral haughtiness! Haha

  • the depressed loam of bread

    step 1 : have territory step 2 : have population step 3 : have goverment and lastly : have diplomacy

  • 길동수
    길동수 12 hours ago

    Freedom DPRK & PRC

  • Erikk kenneth Deneke
    Erikk kenneth Deneke 12 hours ago

    I went from a train from Florida to North Carolina and I can say is the worts train I've ever been in. More than 25 hours in a fucking train.

  • Game Addict
    Game Addict 12 hours ago

    I live in Guam

  • jayesh soni
    jayesh soni 12 hours ago

    I just bought a kilogram of salt in 90¢(aud) from one of the super market.

  • K P
    K P 13 hours ago

    There is no such thing as a free lunch, you think they just give you free money without asking anything, and you just can't blame all the fault to something like "ahhh, they didn't help us but they bombed our city, killing our people"... guys look at the Vietnamese, US bombed the sh*t out of them and look at them now, deffinitely better then you guys in Affrican now, sure, they won and were assisted by "Chinese brothers" during the war with US, but you know that they were betrayed by the so called "brothers" just 4 years after the war with US, so much for brothers in arms

  • Sanjeev V Kumar
    Sanjeev V Kumar 13 hours ago

    Complete crap. Get your basics of history right. Any idiot can make videos thesedays

  • Benjamin Gill
    Benjamin Gill 13 hours ago

    I don’t know why I force my self to live in the hell hole known as Ohio.

  • ObscureWorld
    ObscureWorld 13 hours ago

    Dude the numbers that you gave when you talked about batteries are totally wrong, MATH anybody????

  • Ashwin Umapathi
    Ashwin Umapathi 13 hours ago

    Alaska’s still right in the middle of most routes between Asia & North America, so Anchorage’s international terminal would still be a perfect place for airlines taking that path (& paying Russian elites that $100 per passenger overflight fee 😒) to layover.

  • z progress
    z progress 14 hours ago

    "... it was only last 3 hundred years China took it over..." 300 hundred years eh? "...ethnically different..." well and wow

  • Fnö?
    Fnö? 15 hours ago

    Palestine has the right to the land You call Israel.

  • Joshua Bates
    Joshua Bates 15 hours ago

    You say here that the people of China would like to overthrow the current govt. The Communist Party of China has been genius! Yes, there are problems but look at everything that has happened in the last 40 years? Millions and millions of people that were poor are no longer that! People do not forget! I think you are very wrong.

  • cuppateadee
    cuppateadee 15 hours ago

    Fly russian boeing are not safe and their quality control with the battery scandal is corrupt.

  • WarMike_1
    WarMike_1 15 hours ago

    Also, Russian "Pobeda" (By a traditional airline "Aeroflot", specializes on domestic flights) has no free luggage, and registering the luggage in the airport is times more expensive than online. They use special aircrafts with more seats and less space between seats, all food and drinks except water is paid, and water is only administered on demand.

  • Axolotl Gamer
    Axolotl Gamer 15 hours ago


    OSVLOGS 15 hours ago

    Britain stole our money and artifacts

  • Deloune Comfort Matongo

    at 3.58 minutes, the flag put for Zimbabwe is not correct...

  • don't deny my righteousness truth

    This guy's high at 3:37.

  • Priyatam Sharma
    Priyatam Sharma 16 hours ago

    Too much wrong information in this video. Indians - Are we joke to you...😂😂😂😂

  • thePhished
    thePhished 16 hours ago

    Starting to understand why alaska has the highest suicide rate in the country.

  • Saadman Yasar
    Saadman Yasar 16 hours ago

    As a resident of Dhaka, i must say this video gave me one of the most shocking insights.

  • The Demon Lord
    The Demon Lord 16 hours ago

    Isn't part of Russia... Yet

  • Thom Al
    Thom Al 16 hours ago

    trust the pathetic u.n. to screw it up.

  • Itsme Alex
    Itsme Alex 16 hours ago


  • Tiffanyy.l
    Tiffanyy.l 16 hours ago

    You guys are literally brainwashed. Always talking about how china brainwashes their people but haven't you realized its the same over here. The amount of western propaganda enforcing a negative mindset towards china in western countries are insane. As a chinese canadian citizen, I know it too well. People always have negative things to say no matter what China does, yet they haven't even visited once.

  • Will
    Will 16 hours ago

    china in poor as good as thailand?? Have you been there? the are so weahthy

  • NoobKiller
    NoobKiller 16 hours ago

    Well,you cant use this way in Hong Kong

  • 辛明雨
    辛明雨 17 hours ago


  • Magomedkamil Koichakaev, Söderbymalmsskolan 9a elev

    PewDiePie Should do it

  • Kindanyume .Kindanyume

    Boeing also screwed themselves royally with their tantrums because is effectively eliminated them from selection for Canadas F18 replacement program... It hurt them world wide by their acting the part of a spoiled brat throwing a tantrum because someone else was doing what they were not and were poised to succeed... so crying to mommy wahhhhhh Meanwhile the F18SH that was to be a possible selection is essentially vanished... (despite it really NOT being a very good design overall and its flat out being incapable of actually doing what Canada actually needs) Reasoning is simple overall.. and to shortest ver is if they want to act like spoiled brats throwing a tantrum over a tiny commercial aircraft like the C100 why in hell would we want to give them billions for an inferior fighter design.. Oh and side impact is such also eliminated any other fighters from Boeing including the F15 (which in many ways is what Canada should have looked at far more seriously way back when the f18 was selected in the first place and when the sweeet Eagle was still made by a good company... aka MD). So by way of that tantrum one of the best possible selections available for Canadian needsgets a bump up... and to add insult to injury SAABs excellent little Gripped E/F would most likely licensed and build here by Bombardier!!! BURN again boeing... you ass hurtin more yet? LOL

  • Saadman Yasar
    Saadman Yasar 18 hours ago

    Now thats what you call INFORMATIVE

  • Mario S.
    Mario S. 19 hours ago

    FAA and Boeing back each other up. Whatever Boeing says, FAA listens and approves.

  • Max Train
    Max Train 19 hours ago

    Courty:new Texas Languages:Slovakian Capital:Papua ukraine

  • Zhongwei Qu
    Zhongwei Qu 19 hours ago

    U do not like to help Africa people and u do not like other to do it, too.

  • SpaghettiKillah
    SpaghettiKillah 19 hours ago

    Oooh yeah, what a great idea! a *cheap* chinese aircraft operated by an *african* airline....i'm sure *nothing* will go wrong 😂😂 Please remember that *MOST* african airlines ARE NOT even allowed to fly over EU because of poor maintenance, training and safety standards !! Add a cheap chinese airplane and you got a great cocktail 🤣

  • coey chen
    coey chen 19 hours ago

    Police: gets riot. Me:just that a riot I mean it is on the front page Police: ok I’m here wait I forget my uniform!

  • coey chen
    coey chen 19 hours ago

    5:38 anyone see the f word?

  • McDaniel booboobeebee
    McDaniel booboobeebee 19 hours ago

    You forgot about The Peoples Republic of Titsistan.

  • 苗军
    苗军 19 hours ago

    Taiwan is a part of China!!!