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  • The Best Leroy Ever

    Mountain Men is one of the best series. Tom, Eustice, and Marty are freakin amazing! RIP Preston 🙏🏽

  • snoopz. fb
    snoopz. fb Hour ago

    Noobs,they had to nair

  • craiggrogan
    craiggrogan Hour ago

    American guy wearing a scottish kilt making a greek sword

  • Name Jason
    Name Jason Hour ago

    How awesome I seen this picture,and wondered about the background awesome representation.

  • ZImpresive
    ZImpresive Hour ago

    Lmao, why do people Still think the USA are the good guys?

  • IsugMasuko C2O
    IsugMasuko C2O Hour ago


  • Ben Roach
    Ben Roach 2 hours ago

    It's pine light wood like cedar nothing near 300 pounds and nothing like oak or hickory

  • JOB1925
    JOB1925 2 hours ago

    Pajamas? Looks like a clown costume.

  • Uncle Bagel
    Uncle Bagel 2 hours ago

    I got a hernia just from watching this

  • Gary Hudson
    Gary Hudson 2 hours ago

    T-Rex was once my great, great, great, great, great relative, but died off because of shortcomings.


    Good day . I have a question. And i really hope you respond . The question is : Have you ever thought about the upcoming 5G signals , and in the future maybe 6G or higher , accidentally reaching aliens and thereby attracting aliens more frequently to earth ?

  • 1M subs without any video


  • straightrazorgreaser

    *sad Jason noises*

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe 2 hours ago

    Maybe this is a humanoid from a parallel universe! That found a way to travel to earth

  • Peewhocantbeaimed
    Peewhocantbeaimed 2 hours ago

    No, YOU'RE a towel!

  • luis martinez
    luis martinez 2 hours ago

    Dinosaurs never existed

  • Miles Ward
    Miles Ward 2 hours ago

    Another example of Doug swinging a sword he's not familiar with like a knife and messing up his edge alignment, to the detriment of the tested blade. Maybe it's time for Forged in Fire to admit that being a skilled and experienced knife fighter doesn't qualify him to swing claymores and sabers around

  • Randy Marshii
    Randy Marshii 2 hours ago

    "Their cannibal problem" haha

  • Captain Of A Starship

    Women were hardly fighting against slavery, it can even be argued that they fought harder than the men to keep it. What is this mess?

  • Rachel Martinez
    Rachel Martinez 2 hours ago

    Some of these episodes bring up interesting points like the episode about the massive stones not technology can lift. But the episode about the curse of the tombs being ancient alien technology now that is a stretch. I hope people know that these are just theories, the show even states this. Some are good but some are a little rediculous. It is interesting though.

  • Tanveer Khan
    Tanveer Khan 2 hours ago

    Am I high or do all the people talking look like dinosaur humanoids?!😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Kyra Prince
    Kyra Prince 2 hours ago

    Gary L. Stewart is the killer.

  • Ricardo Baez
    Ricardo Baez 2 hours ago

    Los restilianos son autostonos de este planeta y la querra viene con los estra terestres que no estan de acuerdo con los que estan tratándose de colarse en la casa blanco y quedarse con todo lla lo isieron a la iglesia cojieron el poder

  • C Fields
    C Fields 2 hours ago

    I hate that the price dropped so low. But the hunting was so good for a long time and the more gators brought in over time the price goes down.

  • Amir Rahim
    Amir Rahim 2 hours ago

    1 sumria babylon is the oldest cities

  • Marshall Clement
    Marshall Clement 2 hours ago

    guys I’m gonna promise you that those weapons.. *it wiel k I e y a l*

  • Gorky D
    Gorky D 2 hours ago

    Japanese game show hosts watch this show and think .... wtf?

  • Jack Collier
    Jack Collier 2 hours ago

    Guy; throws a sardine at the gelatine body also guy : it will *kill*

  • fuckface unstoppable


  • Ricardo Baez
    Ricardo Baez 2 hours ago

    Todo lo que vemos en el cielo es visto hace millones de años y. Eso esperimentos nuevo es de usa los elien de agui los que tienen vases en el triángulo bermudas

  • enesjei
    enesjei 2 hours ago

    It's Goo-noong-puh-dunk and Soon-duh land, not sun-the land. You're welcome

  • Hugo Alvarado
    Hugo Alvarado 2 hours ago

    10:02 “someone come get their dad

  • Jacob Caldaronello
    Jacob Caldaronello 2 hours ago

    He has yo know he says kill weird by now right?

  • Life Support splasher

    Who else just watches these when they’re high

  • Hello Goodbye
    Hello Goodbye 2 hours ago

    Reports from ancient history? Beings that long ago made no reports. Another video of those who can’t get through their lifespans w/out conspiracy. Sign of low IQ.

  • Andreya Feitosa
    Andreya Feitosa 2 hours ago

    Are u all smoking crack? 😂😂

  • Paul Delsandro
    Paul Delsandro 2 hours ago

    This is full tard

  • Kevin Courtright
    Kevin Courtright 2 hours ago

    Rip brandy she know it was her time to go i think she knew it was and thats is why she left

  • Max Nick
    Max Nick 2 hours ago

    I live in Virginia

  • Michael Diaz
    Michael Diaz 2 hours ago

    Ah 1984 ok

  • john smithie
    john smithie 2 hours ago

    there is a species here on earth that did just that they are not aliens they are earthlings.....but there are species that are of other worlds that are not benevolent that changed our DNA that is why there isn't a missing link....educate yourselves instead of putting someone down without even knowing what you are talking about.

  • Rhonda Richardson
    Rhonda Richardson 2 hours ago

    Hey bid fan

  • SoNot Reid
    SoNot Reid 3 hours ago

    1 thing Names 3 things

  • marc kruska
    marc kruska 3 hours ago

    Get lost the ones who think this is fake closed minded.

  • Pooh92
    Pooh92 3 hours ago

    Epic video bro

  • Ian Mangham
    Ian Mangham 3 hours ago

    Bill cooper described seeing a ufo enter the water at tremendous speed without any noise or resistance back in the 70s early 80s. The local sheriff's department executed him.

  • Unsesquipedalian
    Unsesquipedalian 3 hours ago

    Imagine being 6'9" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Mark Valdez
    Mark Valdez 3 hours ago

    Star Trek: Voyager - S3E23 Distant Origin - 04/30/1997

  • Bmore Shay
    Bmore Shay 3 hours ago

    2007 I believe these were seen. We had cell phones. No photos? How can it be deemed no threat if it wasnt investigated? Hmmmm

  • Daniel L
    Daniel L 3 hours ago

    Very racist!

  • Prongu
    Prongu 3 hours ago

    i dont remember subscribing to the history channel, but all the videos I've seen are conspiracy theory garbage

  • Eli Gomez
    Eli Gomez 3 hours ago

    Well I'm not a stupid idiot I don't think that was even possible if dinosaurs were still alive because humans are humans animals or animals that's the way God made it to be

  • Seng Sokhour
    Seng Sokhour 3 hours ago

    I your fan

  • Johansson
    Johansson 3 hours ago

    His sword bends and still smiles, what a guy. Sportmanship at its finest.

  • jamal jamal
    jamal jamal 3 hours ago

    Every year the price is at a all time low😂

  • Yuried Hernandez
    Yuried Hernandez 3 hours ago

    Guy: Overall your weapon will kill🔪 Creator of weapon: goes home starts killing more animals 🤣

  • Quillie Jones
    Quillie Jones 3 hours ago

    I just destroyed you beautiful sword by slamming it into dense fibered hard wood, however it's still very sharp.

  • Anne Bastians
    Anne Bastians 3 hours ago

    The "Warning!" on the dust-jacket is evidence the booklet is a fraud! A fake!

  • S Q
    S Q 3 hours ago

    If you watch Star Trek Voyager: Distract Origin, they show how a dinasour could evolve into an intelligent space bearing species.

    • Mark Valdez
      Mark Valdez 2 hours ago

      Didn't see your comment until after I'd posted. But, yup. And it's "spacefaring."

  • Abhideep Singh
    Abhideep Singh 3 hours ago

    Richie should have used some adhesive to wrap

  • roma bloom
    roma bloom 3 hours ago

    Bah, you people are suddenly all historians and genealogists now. Relax felllassss. It's just a show to watch when we spare some time in between our miserable work/life time.

  • Jude
    Jude 3 hours ago

    Talk about a comeback

  • L9ves
    L9ves 3 hours ago


  • natetheslugger04
    natetheslugger04 3 hours ago

    Im pretty sure a dudes shop caught on fire in the final round. It’s Season 5 episode 7

  • Jaleel Carter
    Jaleel Carter 3 hours ago

    Wait.. Did he say???

  • Nik
    Nik 3 hours ago

    So according to ancient aliens bows, swords and other similar weapon types are very sophisticated and are of extraterrestial origin.🙄🙄

  • TheCoffeePie
    TheCoffeePie 3 hours ago

    This happened.

  • Anthony B
    Anthony B 3 hours ago


  • MostlyFaded
    MostlyFaded 3 hours ago

    Ancient aliens is running on fumes lol

  • Pigeon Fowl
    Pigeon Fowl 3 hours ago

    Are we all gonna ignore the fact that birds *are* dinosaurs and that any hypothetical sapient dinosaur would almost certainly be more avian than reptilian?

  • big boss
    big boss 3 hours ago

    Nobody Indonesia is alien

  • Animal Vigilant
    Animal Vigilant 3 hours ago

    Strongest doesn’t mean healthiest by any means

  • Ryan-Lee Stewart
    Ryan-Lee Stewart 3 hours ago

    This building is on fallout 76

  • Angelo Bugara
    Angelo Bugara 3 hours ago

    highest award is medal of honor, i watch jeopardy

  • Francisco Franco
    Francisco Franco 3 hours ago

    Classic conspiranoids posture "Science is only valid if it supports my beliefs."

  • Ryan-Lee Stewart
    Ryan-Lee Stewart 3 hours ago

    Maybe it was always there but they shaped it

  • Goofyman
    Goofyman 3 hours ago

    I feel bad for Doug always ruining his clothes

  • phokingyourmom
    phokingyourmom 3 hours ago

    Didn't expect Canada on Ancient Aliens lmao

  • shorla2012
    shorla2012 3 hours ago

    This seriew is really a sad one. Such an interesting story and only a lot of talk...the sign reader, pls...get one with a real agenda and true knowledge..there is no if and looks like, no mistakes allowed. In any event, its a dangerous work..

  • minura ka
    minura ka 3 hours ago

    エイリアンは壁に彼らの頭を粉砕することができます 😉

  • ZERØ
    ZERØ 3 hours ago

    0:45 Im not gonna believe sb rocking a mullet

  • ZERØ
    ZERØ 3 hours ago

    Hahaahhahaha wtf

  • King Charles
    King Charles 4 hours ago

    Didn't know History will be associated with such cheap publicity

  • Terry Sickels
    Terry Sickels 4 hours ago

    2018 give,,in 4 Every 4 mo a change must be for unity& repentance of rebellionagainst FATHER SON ,,,THE RETURN TO THE SABBATH,,& , JESUS THE DOOR TO HEAVEN ,,,OR AS ROME & THE EXODUS ,,,,, &AS THE JEWISH EXILE FOR REBELLION OF THE SABBATHS ,,OR ,, PLAGUES ,,PESTILENCE ,, Famins ,,,,, In 2021dec to jan 22,,done ??? To 2024???

    TARA BERWICK 4 hours ago

    <3 awesome <3 :)

  • Helicopter Dad
    Helicopter Dad 4 hours ago

    Myra is from NJ not NY.

  • vagabond88817
    vagabond88817 4 hours ago

    I have a dinosauroid protruding from my buttocks. Ouch!

  • MR. Vegeta
    MR. Vegeta 4 hours ago

    There was reports of Sadam Hussein having Cloned dinosaurs , there was military witnesses and all but it was removed from the internet in like 2 days , I can’t find a trace of it but I can tell you it happened

  • Roger Jones
    Roger Jones 4 hours ago

    Mothman is Mothra's husband. They got into a big fight and Mothra kicked him in his big moth balls. They're now separated and she has custody of their larvae

  • spaceranger 12r
    spaceranger 12r 4 hours ago

    Imagine if they just slowed down lol

  • Mabin Thapa
    Mabin Thapa 4 hours ago

    when you sit in a park with a bag of pop corns Pigeon be like: 1:52

  • Raven Whiteduck
    Raven Whiteduck 4 hours ago

    Socialism, 100% failure

  • Itsxmusic
    Itsxmusic 4 hours ago

    Chris Bosh is definitely one of them

  • Eduardo Padilla
    Eduardo Padilla 4 hours ago

    What a weird things use the goverment to distract people from the important thing happening in the countries!!

  • S C
    S C 4 hours ago

    lawyers have f'd this country up!

  • Mauricio Alvarez
    Mauricio Alvarez 4 hours ago

    Just throwing this out there. That bald guy sounds exactly like Dana White lol.

  • 四家百人
    四家百人 4 hours ago


    SIRMcWAFFLE 4 hours ago

    alec steele should join foreg in fire. he would kill everyone there

  • The Architect
    The Architect 4 hours ago

    AirForce takes care of there soldiers. AirForce took care of three generations of my family from a top Colonel, Pilot and an AF Chaplin. Hardest branch to get into and the best. God bless anyone who has the balls to join our Military and God shame anyone who has to face them.

  • Ashton Metzger
    Ashton Metzger 4 hours ago

    This is how many times Eddie said “bicep” | \|/