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  • saman sa
    saman sa 7 minutes ago

    Liverpool keepers are cursed.😈😈😈

  • Stephen bubba b
    Stephen bubba b 7 minutes ago

    Klopp whispers into millie's ear, I told you I'd give you things city never could, no off and enjoy your ribeena

  • Baye Modou Gueye
    Baye Modou Gueye 13 minutes ago

    Put like my comment. Sadio Manè He is the best in the Premier league.

  • Edi Santoso
    Edi Santoso 17 minutes ago

    11:14 sempakan doang tuh? :V

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  • mfomfo dlamini
    mfomfo dlamini 39 minutes ago

    salah is better than messi

  • 사람
    사람 44 minutes ago

    리버풀 영상중에 한국어 자막있는 영상들 은근 많네..너무 좋다...ㅎㅎ

  • Fvdcd Hcd
    Fvdcd Hcd 45 minutes ago

    Cotiniho: I when to Barca to win the champions leauge

  • Benjamin Heng
    Benjamin Heng 46 minutes ago

    Jose Where's the music???!!!

  • mfomfo dlamini
    mfomfo dlamini 48 minutes ago

    liverpool diserved to win

  • John Ekpa
    John Ekpa 52 minutes ago

    I don't know where else to post this but PLEASE READ ON : I sent this message to "Kick-it-Out". Thanks Kick it out, I am a black LFC supporter and I make this submission well aware of the records of my fanbase history of racial abuse and the action my club takes to address them for instance the recent racial abuse of a pakistani kid by an LFC supporter at Anfield. But, I am a black African supporter of LFC and regularly follow your activities to kick out racism out of football in the premier league (Well done, great effort). Please can you kindly give LFC supporters credits when it is due. 4 black penalty takers missed penalties for their clubs in the last week or so, G. Wiljnaldum for LFC (Community Shield; Trophy at stake), Reading's Yakou Meite (Championship ; 91st minute ‘irrelevant penalty, leading 3-0'), Tammy Abraham for Chelsea (UEFA Super Cup; Trophy at stake) and Paul Pogba for MUFC (Premier League; 2 PL points at stake). The only black player that did not get racially abused by Club’s fan base was G. Wiljnaldum for LFC even though a trophy was at stake. People and “Kick-It-Out” always attack bad behaviour but never compliment acceptable behaviour when observed; that is the problem. This action by LFC fans need to be noted, complimented and appreciated for RECORDS, and as inducement for other teams/fanbase to follow. Thanks. J. Helper

  • Pradana Anggara M
    Pradana Anggara M 59 minutes ago

    Luck Adrian

  • Luis Contla Sevilla

    I hope someday someone believes in me the way Jürgen believes in his players.

  • Muhd Danieal Adam

    I Want to Want To Meet My Idol that is R. FIRMINO...IF only HE CAN GO MALAYSIA AND GET to MEET WITH ME it's FUN😣❤️❤️❤️❤️

    VATAN DELİSİ Hour ago

    Hoşgeldin türkiye'ye Muhammed salah🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🌹🌹🌹

  • christophe Bogaerts

    The most random player has 3 goals of 3 shots

  • sen-xibaar TV
    sen-xibaar TV Hour ago

    Sadio mané golden ball

  • Luis Contla Sevilla

    I still shiver watching this today.

  • Hasan Akkaya
    Hasan Akkaya Hour ago

    Gel Fenerbahce´ye ve kral ol birader.

  • Eden Hazard
    Eden Hazard Hour ago

    Who can spot the difference between Bayern and Barca at Anfield?

  • Alex Reindeer
    Alex Reindeer Hour ago

    Liverpool The EMPEROR OF EUROPE!!!

  • Ryan Harris
    Ryan Harris Hour ago

    You can see how genuinely surprised the players are of how special it is to win something with this club. YNWA

  • Sidya Sidya
    Sidya Sidya Hour ago

    we love Sadio Mane, and so proud of him....the best is coming.......

  • J & M
    J & M Hour ago

    Salah best Liverpool player like If you agree

  • Ollie Oliver
    Ollie Oliver Hour ago

    best match i have been to

  • Youka Zen
    Youka Zen Hour ago

    UEFA: we won't give you the recognition Mané: no matter watch me every weekend

  • syaqhir azmy
    syaqhir azmy 2 hours ago

    Alisson made a mistake against leicester and end up with 3 golden gloves. I dont think adrian mistake is gonna make an impact towards him.

  • Noble Tenshi
    Noble Tenshi 2 hours ago

    Adrian had concussion for sure.

  • Sunil Dsouza
    Sunil Dsouza 2 hours ago

    Brother people who says that that naver lie are the biggest sinners

    PAPICO LEYE33 2 hours ago

    Manè is the best this year

  • Yahia Olama
    Yahia Olama 2 hours ago

    Where's Firmino's celebration??

  • Roshan Taj
    Roshan Taj 2 hours ago

    Mohammed Salah is the best player

  • Arrum Yoanita
    Arrum Yoanita 2 hours ago

    I'm so proud of you

  • Rofada Seiza
    Rofada Seiza 2 hours ago

    Lets hope tomorrow we get 3 point

  • Aisling and Jamie
    Aisling and Jamie 2 hours ago

    Now at Bayern Munich

  • Momo Ndiaye
    Momo Ndiaye 3 hours ago

    Mane notre fierte🇸🇳🤴🏿

  • Conor Egan
    Conor Egan 3 hours ago

    If this was uploaded today would have 4-0 and 5-1

  • Айбек Саит
    Айбек Саит 3 hours ago

    Я балелшик ЛИВЕРПУЛЯ и я знаю што послетаво углавова в энфилде против барсы они досехпор ждуд углавое

  • Prince Hassan III
    Prince Hassan III 3 hours ago

    In the Chinese zodiac signs, this would been known as the year of “the premier league” well done 👍 Liverpool. Coming from Man United Fan.