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  • moh gaming
    moh gaming 6 hours ago

    I will never forget this match liverpool be strong and win😁😁🤯

  • Ogies Syaputra
    Ogies Syaputra 6 hours ago

    Juni 2020

  • jusddhhehehehvshsve rcd bbdndnenendndndndn

    😃THIAGOvv agghhh

  • Pejuang Tanpa Nama
    Pejuang Tanpa Nama 7 hours ago

    Michael(liverpool players): Fredo(suarez & coutinho), you’re my older brother, and I love you. But don’t ever take sides with anyone against the Family again. Ever.

  • Ashton RODGERS
    Ashton RODGERS 7 hours ago

    4:14 lad swearing at suarez in the crowd

  • Prem Kumar
    Prem Kumar 7 hours ago

    pep lijnders will be the perfect candidate to replace Jurgen

  • Orennsystem
    Orennsystem 7 hours ago

    Low-key wanna have a bite of that pretzel at 1:18

  • Dan nang
    Dan nang 8 hours ago

    11:44 12:05 Whatever the age we are Wherever we are Whatever position we are in We're still dad's son 🙂

  • はるき佐藤
    はるき佐藤 8 hours ago


  • Zaki Channel
    Zaki Channel 8 hours ago

    We will winer

  • muhammad sabri
    muhammad sabri 8 hours ago

    Like if Allison is the 🐐

  • gexrge
    gexrge 8 hours ago

    This is why I love South American fans they are in a pub watching a team not native to them and they still make as much noise and a section of anfield

  • Pradit Sitthidet
    Pradit Sitthidet 9 hours ago

    Love Boss

  • Iqbal Zulkipli
    Iqbal Zulkipli 9 hours ago

    The best liverpool squad ever! The real liverpool!!! Miss this squad 08/09

  • Arturo Javier Sanchez Heuer

    Soy español

  • Pradit Sitthidet
    Pradit Sitthidet 9 hours ago

    I love liverpool

  • Vignesh Nayak
    Vignesh Nayak 9 hours ago

    Andre Vornin popped up more than I expected him to in this video.

  • SR
    SR 9 hours ago

    7:21 youll see

  • Kumar Sambhavi
    Kumar Sambhavi 9 hours ago


  • Scruffy
    Scruffy 9 hours ago

    Adrian: Goal - Goal - Goal Allison: BIG SAVE

  • simon klopp
    simon klopp 9 hours ago


  • Shehzad Rafiq
    Shehzad Rafiq 9 hours ago

    F liverpool man utd are better and you are going to lose Merseyside derby

  • Enjoying English
    Enjoying English 9 hours ago

    I have shoes, I have football, I have a stadium, and I play better than you without a coach or expensive clothes .

  • kavilasha asha0913
    kavilasha asha0913 9 hours ago

    anyone watching this on liverpool's 128th anniversary??

  • Louie Day
    Louie Day 9 hours ago

    Is it just me or does everyone look ripped

  • Bobbie Colin
    Bobbie Colin 9 hours ago

    04:02 02:12 03:11

  • Kumar Sambhavi
    Kumar Sambhavi 10 hours ago


  • Meena Ragu
    Meena Ragu 10 hours ago

    This game can prove that Alexander Arnold is Xavi of Liverpool

  • green angels
    green angels 10 hours ago

    Thank you for traduction I come from French but I love Liverpool since 2013

  • AryanPlayz
    AryanPlayz 10 hours ago

    Could someone plz tell me the song at 4:53

    • Patrick lfc
      Patrick lfc 9 hours ago

      The original song is this girl just put that in

  • mohammed thersalin
    mohammed thersalin 10 hours ago

    when liverpool bus arrive i always feel like football moonsters are comming !!!!proud

  • Ritchie Murphy
    Ritchie Murphy 10 hours ago

    The fake Eriksen voice😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lise Offutt
    Lise Offutt 10 hours ago

    0:17 01:06 01:40

  • Ritchie Murphy
    Ritchie Murphy 10 hours ago

    Terrible signing

  • Enjoying English
    Enjoying English 11 hours ago

    I do not have a guest, do you accept to be a host, even a mathematical analyst at first.

  • Excellent Ethan
    Excellent Ethan 11 hours ago

    Wow, Kepa is finding it hard to save screamers

  • Mr Cheswick
    Mr Cheswick 11 hours ago

    Liverpool FC - Traitors to the common man by supporting the government propaganda encouraging race riots & looting, hang your heads in shame I guess that's what happens when you sell out to American corporations hey?

  • Jake Meng HOR
    Jake Meng HOR 11 hours ago

    Kid: “How many girlfriends do you have?” Trent: “No, no, no.” Me: How...

  • George Coyle
    George Coyle 11 hours ago

    I always thought origi was some average bench player, but after watching this I dan see he’s actually decent

  • Emily Taylor
    Emily Taylor 11 hours ago

    Lallana at 0:56 ‘good effort’ the way he says it is like he’s a father to Elliot😂 both Elliot and Jones have both credited him for being a driving force in training, always the first to correct you and tell you you’re wrong but equally the first to praise you.

  • fadhillah basyar
    fadhillah basyar 11 hours ago

    If you see the replay of 2:46 can see that firmino dabbed while heading the ball...damn such a cool striker.

  • 50,000 subscriber with No videos

    0:32 I like that smile after he pushes that trophy

    QUEEN ELIZABETH II 11 hours ago

    Congratulations,🚧🇬🇧⚽️🇬🇧 LIVERPOOL F.C🇬🇧⚽️🇬🇧🚧 HOLA, 🚧💂🚧🇩🇪👑🇩🇪ade umaretson, irfan Harry's bachdim, Tommy brawun hotmatua, Justin bieber, Carlos legion madora, yan julisantri, david beckham, Arrival julansen santoniyus 🇩🇪👑🇩🇪 🇬🇧👑🇬🇧 Prince William (Duke of Cambridge) & Prince Harry (Duke of Sussex)🇬🇧👑🇬🇧🚧💂🚧

    TASK FORCE KNIGHT 11 hours ago


  • Mayank Verma
    Mayank Verma 12 hours ago

    Salah handed his penalty to Firmino and people call him selfish! 😅

  • karl trace
    karl trace 12 hours ago

    Song 12:13?

  • Sapu Lidi
    Sapu Lidi 12 hours ago


  • Dung alex Bach
    Dung alex Bach 12 hours ago

    After ucl LFC fans Adrian downgrade FCB fabs Adrian icon

  • Pavan Srikar
    Pavan Srikar 12 hours ago

    First goal 14.07.11?? 2011??

  • Chemsdine Baihi
    Chemsdine Baihi 12 hours ago

    It is so funny to watch

  • It's Azmah
    It's Azmah 12 hours ago

    What about Allison

  • Toko online
    Toko online 12 hours ago

    Everyone forget that he is secondary goal keeper. Of course he has no skill like Allison has. But he trying his best. In premier league, he is good

  • Turar Kochkorov
    Turar Kochkorov 12 hours ago

    Please Alexander Arnold assist and goal

  • MO1907
    MO1907 12 hours ago

    Could you please upload all the premier league goals from the 10/11 season?

  • Armaan Ahmed
    Armaan Ahmed 13 hours ago

    Andy lonergan 🤯🤯👀👍👏👏

  • Aideen O Reilly
    Aideen O Reilly 13 hours ago

    Liverpool is the best team in the world

  • Dung alex Bach
    Dung alex Bach 13 hours ago

    The main man sadio mane so lame

  • Bilge Su
    Bilge Su 13 hours ago

    4:43 Liverpool all season

  • Kev kid
    Kev kid 13 hours ago

    Year later best day to be liverpool Fan!!! 🔴🔴🔴

  • Julian Grixti
    Julian Grixti 13 hours ago

    That 2nd goal by Roberto Firmino was something delightful. Brilliant build up play, fantastic touch and bang into the top corner. Lovely stuff.

  • Moayad Entabi
    Moayad Entabi 13 hours ago

    10:57 Robertson 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Javad Ahmad
    Javad Ahmad 13 hours ago

    Rafa benitez is so underrated

  • Liam Kenny
    Liam Kenny 13 hours ago

    I'll be honest, I am surprised by how many goals and assists Voronin got. Always thought he was a terrible player at the time, but looking at him compared to other strikers, he was actually up there

  • Wahyu Setyardi
    Wahyu Setyardi 14 hours ago


  • Sinéad O'Dwyer
    Sinéad O'Dwyer 14 hours ago

    ❤️❤️ Liverpool is the best

  • Sinéad O'Dwyer
    Sinéad O'Dwyer 14 hours ago

    Come on Liverpool we love you

  • Anirudh Takkar
    Anirudh Takkar 14 hours ago

    I remember the United fans calling out Trent before this match after Wan Basic got an assist for them. "Trent, come out we just wanna talk"😂😂😂😂😂

  • cobain 94
    cobain 94 14 hours ago

    matip should be 85-86

  • Izwan Hamidon
    Izwan Hamidon 14 hours ago

    Thank you Mr Jurgen Kloop. You are the best bos for the reds family. YNWA.

  • sinak 03
    sinak 03 14 hours ago

    when Suares was in Reds he was a beast now in Barca he don't even score

  • Vieira Games
    Vieira Games 15 hours ago

    The Liverpool Shirt Number 2️⃣7️⃣ It Will Never Be Written Origi, It Will Always Be Written HERO 😍♥️

  • Mohd Faariz
    Mohd Faariz 15 hours ago


  • Bolorbold Ariguun
    Bolorbold Ariguun 15 hours ago

    Therapist: Keanu Becker doesn't exist, he can't hurt you Keanu Becker: 4:35

  • Tom Peel
    Tom Peel 15 hours ago

    Always thought if we’d kept Robbie Keane for that whole season we’d have won the league, with some of the annoying draws being turned to wins

  • Fajar Torres
    Fajar Torres 15 hours ago

    niiiiceeeeeee very very nice

  • Isac Melo
    Isac Melo 15 hours ago

    My love in football is Steven Gerrard. I am from Brazil!

  • kyle scott
    kyle scott 16 hours ago

    Captain hendo be scoring some good goals

  • Tobi Fighter
    Tobi Fighter 16 hours ago

    I love mane! No homo

  • Fajar Torres
    Fajar Torres 16 hours ago

    very very very very niceeeeeeee

  • K L
    K L 16 hours ago

    I love our little one season wonder!

  • Iman Hasan
    Iman Hasan 16 hours ago

    miss you liverpool fc

  • adhm hany
    adhm hany 16 hours ago

    Love you from Egypt ❤️😍

  • PES Highlight
    PES Highlight 16 hours ago

    Love vandijk

  • michael harrison
    michael harrison 17 hours ago

    Wolves were unlucky

  • michael harrison
    michael harrison 17 hours ago

    Adama was running wings around van dilk

  • Waeel Ahmed
    Waeel Ahmed 17 hours ago

    5:32 Just WoW😮

  • Md Saiful
    Md Saiful 17 hours ago

    I am frome Bangladesh i love rierpool

  • Mukono Branch
    Mukono Branch 18 hours ago


  • Michael Chai
    Michael Chai 18 hours ago

    Oh look Adrian not getting anywhere near shots again..

  • Waeel Ahmed
    Waeel Ahmed 18 hours ago

    00:30 😅😂

  • Alexandar Markovski
    Alexandar Markovski 18 hours ago

    This makes me jealous

  • Josiah Abiezer
    Josiah Abiezer 18 hours ago

    damn those midfield, Mascherano Alonso Gerrard

  • Gabriel Ramirez
    Gabriel Ramirez 19 hours ago

    It works thanks!!

  • Alan DS
    Alan DS 19 hours ago

    Tem brasileiros aqui? 🇧🇷

  • 이정희
    이정희 19 hours ago

    I love liverpool!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Simon Lozano
    Simon Lozano 19 hours ago

    Estan felices, lo unico bien que hiceron en su vida

  • Teerawat Palung
    Teerawat Palung 20 hours ago

    Xabi out Aquilani in​ Benitez good​bye

  • Matty Carruthers
    Matty Carruthers 20 hours ago

    Am a Chelsea fan mate 💚