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  • Samuel Yemane
    Samuel Yemane 14 minutes ago

    Am a united fan, bt zis club, i hate them, n have so much respect at z same time

  • Yert2 Dirt
    Yert2 Dirt 16 minutes ago

    We are Liverpool ✊🏻 From Australia btw

  • Yert2 Dirt
    Yert2 Dirt 26 minutes ago

    Liverpool are obviously the best club in the World

  • LukeTechTV
    LukeTechTV 33 minutes ago

    I love stuff like this! I'm not a Liverpool supporter but the title is yours this year! You guys deserve it!

  • R Hack
    R Hack Hour ago


  • chilla5000
    chilla5000 Hour ago

    I saw some people saying that Messi is bigger than football, explain this then

  • LQ_0992愛する

    oh yeah scotland😩😩

  • Indra A. Rumengan

    As a football fan I think this is beautiful, especially that YNWA at the end. But I also happen to be a Manchester United fan, so this also hurt me a lot at a spiritual level. Fuckin' hell

  • Nick B
    Nick B Hour ago

    i get goosebumps watching this

  • Ple Amer
    Ple Amer Hour ago

    알수없는 유튜브 알고리즘이 나를 여기로 끌어들였다.

  • ベビーリクエスト


  • Jonh Cass
    Jonh Cass Hour ago

    Klopp is a legend ..bless him

  • deb deby
    deb deby 2 hours ago

    02:23 : santa's come early. ofcourse kids still believe in Santa.

  • Phoenix Rising
    Phoenix Rising 2 hours ago

    Bunch of nice lads. Great team!

    WADANI FILMS 2 hours ago

    Which music name 0:12 tell me

  • little man
    little man 2 hours ago

    Лайк из России! Кру́то!!! 😊

  • عباس ريفالدو

    عير ابليفربول

  • princesss rosegold
    princesss rosegold 2 hours ago

    Jurgen ❣❣❣❣

  • Abo Zaky
    Abo Zaky 2 hours ago

    The master of sus bince

  • Jailton Caralho
    Jailton Caralho 2 hours ago


  • Nurcholis
    Nurcholis 2 hours ago

    what pochettino said in that press conference is so average, and i don't hink he said much motivational one in the dressing room.

  • Zeko 31
    Zeko 31 2 hours ago

    Whats with Real vs Atletico??

  • Karen Mcinally
    Karen Mcinally 3 hours ago

    Where is ALISON

  • mucz channel
    mucz channel 3 hours ago

    Where Alison ? 😭😭😭

  • Wifi Samuel Taylor
    Wifi Samuel Taylor 3 hours ago

    I miss Suarez in a red shirt

  • Roguearagorn
    Roguearagorn 3 hours ago

    I could watch these two talk about biscuits for hours. Like they're so hilarious together it just works. Talking about biscuits. They are the only guys who could make this funny ( well except maybe Ox too, he makes everything funny ) and entertaining for eleven minutes.

  • Ugandans. Com
    Ugandans. Com 3 hours ago

    I love his speed One love brother So he owns 2 jersey Number *10 and 19*

    ICECKER GAMING 4 hours ago

    7:24 niceee

  • wahyu hidayat
    wahyu hidayat 4 hours ago

    17 oct 2019

  • Abdiwali Adam
    Abdiwali Adam 4 hours ago

    Don't lie You all Cried What a Night 😓❤❤😓

  • Ofer Mashiach
    Ofer Mashiach 5 hours ago

    Too bad I can't like this video more than once.

  • Beijing Football Culture

    Sooooooo great moments, let's do this again this week

  • Faisal kharis
    Faisal kharis 5 hours ago

    that day must be remember, when the new legend come in into this club

  • kayne Lee
    kayne Lee 5 hours ago

    hi guys~

  • Léo MC
    Léo MC 6 hours ago

    Ninguem, absolutamente ninguem: Virgil: Booooom

  • Stephen Owens
    Stephen Owens 6 hours ago

    What a breath of fresh air this bloke is! So humble!

  • Hafizi Manap
    Hafizi Manap 6 hours ago

    im here when the video release, im here when we lost europa league final, im here after losing champions league final, and im also here after we won our sixth!!!

  • Satria PG
    Satria PG 6 hours ago

    Look at suarez, a striker who can't score from corners which are taken quickly

  • Нұрсұлтан Карибай


  • mochamad Arizal
    mochamad Arizal 7 hours ago

    this video will be history of decade in footballp

  • Ablaye thiam
    Ablaye thiam 7 hours ago

    The best

  • Wendra Pratama
    Wendra Pratama 7 hours ago

    Unforgettable, From Indonesia

  • pichet yolyinprasert

    jurgen klopp , u r manager friend brother and also teacher on ur position - u r good at ur career

  • Firdaus
    Firdaus 7 hours ago

    Andrian 😅😅😅

  • Football Smith
    Football Smith 7 hours ago

    This club makes life that little bit better, thank you LFC ❤️

  • Hamdi Darwi
    Hamdi Darwi 7 hours ago

    The biggest football fans in the world.. LFC

  • BritheKop
    BritheKop 7 hours ago

    Goals galore because it is Karius and Bogdan in goal :p

  • Mikrtey Natey
    Mikrtey Natey 7 hours ago

    Mohammed salah Toooooop foot ball playerrr

    THE AVERAGE GAMER 7 hours ago

    Dan is still better goalkeeper than Courtois

  • Mansaring Tv
    Mansaring Tv 8 hours ago

    Mané always the best in the world

  • Mansaring Tv
    Mansaring Tv 8 hours ago

    Mané always the best

  • Sahil Sharma
    Sahil Sharma 8 hours ago

    This is magic man thats why 'This is Anfield '

  • Jay Tate
    Jay Tate 8 hours ago

    @4:08 “why don’t we get the nut out the way”

  • Rafael Gomez
    Rafael Gomez 8 hours ago

    Get them at fifa

  • The Lion
    The Lion 9 hours ago

    Not the best highlights coz of the angle of the video is close to the ground. The video crew were close to the ground which made it not interesting . They should have hoisted it up higher to give it a clear view.

  • riddley39
    riddley39 9 hours ago

    I was always a iss man but from the beginning of time, both of these games always, ALWAYS got the stats completely wrong. Useless fuckin barstards!😂

  • figure108
    figure108 10 hours ago

    Thank you for posting this. Whenever I feel down, I watch this and feel a lot better.

  • Arjun Aravind
    Arjun Aravind 10 hours ago

    Tears me up every single time! YNWA!

  • andi putra
    andi putra 10 hours ago

    Imagine when you wake up in your room, look out the window and you see VVD, Mo Salah, Firmino are training in the pitch. What a neighborhood

  • Caleb
    Caleb 11 hours ago

    00:54 me showing my parents my grades

  • Ivrish con-Abarth
    Ivrish con-Abarth 11 hours ago

    3-0 is just not enough...

  • Benji BS
    Benji BS 12 hours ago

    Quick maths: If firmino wears two shirts, he can take off one without getting a card 🤔😂😂😂

  • Mattz1nho
    Mattz1nho 12 hours ago

    Like a pair of old women, amazing haha

  • Armin Hanific
    Armin Hanific 12 hours ago

    Without Becker this would Not happen “the becker pass“ 😀😀

  • Mb_ Gunshot
    Mb_ Gunshot 12 hours ago


  • Pooveshan Govender
    Pooveshan Govender 12 hours ago

    Why they got my man Origi in the basement moving boxes....

  • Creepy Weirdo
    Creepy Weirdo 13 hours ago

    The Egyptian prince

  • moumou bouhbod
    moumou bouhbod 13 hours ago

    Pes the best morokko, best Fifa is Fifa 94

  • chahir el mo
    chahir el mo 13 hours ago


  • Gena Ramy
    Gena Ramy 13 hours ago

    مرحبا يا سلاح أنا أحبك وريد أن تزرني في المنزل كنت اسل ستيتي في مصر

  • Prosjecni Srbin
    Prosjecni Srbin 13 hours ago

    Van Dijk is a fucking king :)

  • Satchel of Doom
    Satchel of Doom 13 hours ago

    Guys Rickie Lambert won the champions league... He helped Southampton into the championship, then the prem. Where Southampton established and subsequently signed Sadio Mané. Mané became prominent in the premier league eventually signing for Liverpool. In the 2019 champions league final he crossed the ball that Sissoko handled to give Liverpool an early penalty and swung the game in their favour.


    Apache verteilt Fifa

  • cavaliere rosso
    cavaliere rosso 13 hours ago

    To Fanta van Dijk +1?

  • Will Lawrence
    Will Lawrence 13 hours ago


  • RajaF2005
    RajaF2005 13 hours ago

    virgil to matip: 61 pace that’s nice look at that 🤣

  • arowell99
    arowell99 14 hours ago

    “Munich, Munich, Munich” Shutup Liverpool it’s filthy.

  • Nathan Garrett
    Nathan Garrett 14 hours ago

    It’s funny to think these two and Ronaldo play the same sport 😂 imagine ronaldo talking like this.

  • Jailton Caralho
    Jailton Caralho 14 hours ago


  • Jackson Silva Barbosa
    Jackson Silva Barbosa 14 hours ago

    Flamengo will finish this Liverpool in the decision of the interclub World Cup ... Again kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Anjum Shahzad
    Anjum Shahzad 14 hours ago

    This year we gonna win Champions league and League

  • ARaam mohamp
    ARaam mohamp 14 hours ago

    حاجه تشرف بجد انت حببتنا في ليفربول ياصلاح

  • Sam M
    Sam M 15 hours ago

    I like how Liverpool even show when they conceec

  • Berlim YT
    Berlim YT 15 hours ago

    Sou do Brasil quem é do Brasil comenta aii

  • masters cooper
    masters cooper 15 hours ago

    4:20 Gini Wi

  • Biswa Pratim Kar
    Biswa Pratim Kar 16 hours ago

    Really love these initiatives by Liverpool FC

  • Syed Jigar Alam
    Syed Jigar Alam 16 hours ago


  • hercjulio
    hercjulio 16 hours ago

    The best champions league in the history ⚽

  • Mame Diarra Coly
    Mame Diarra Coly 16 hours ago

    Mane is the best

  • Nicolai Koch-Henriksen


  • Real King Xan
    Real King Xan 16 hours ago

    I think mane has the best reaction and finishing I think he is the best player in the team

  • Ivan Anders Bearg
    Ivan Anders Bearg 16 hours ago

    Great Job GOODGUYZ!

  • Sam M
    Sam M 16 hours ago

    Joe Gomez went to my secondary school

  • ليفرہبولہی
    ليفرہبولہی 16 hours ago

    هلا ليفر

  • Jose Armenta
    Jose Armenta 17 hours ago

    What are they doing to their ears?

  • Mr 11.9
    Mr 11.9 17 hours ago

    Come on.... Mane 90, Firmino 88, TAA 85, Origi and Adrian atleast 80.

  • Pierluca Mollo
    Pierluca Mollo 17 hours ago


  • Angel mihaita Nastase
    Angel mihaita Nastase 17 hours ago

    Anyone 2019?

  • smart tutorial
    smart tutorial 17 hours ago

    Good job mane 👉⚽