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Jumping Bike Off A Bridge!
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I Love My Job!
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Paying Teenager To Quit His Job!
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DJ Khaled Prank in Beverly Hills!
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Car Surfing with Danny Duncan!
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Triplets Buy Whatever They Want!
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Putting My Car On The Roof!
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Changing A Young Man’s Life!
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Danny Duncan | Best of 2018
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I Didn’t Make It!
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Can’t Believe He Did This!
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Can You Open This?
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Falling on Roller Blades Prank!
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Security Guard Prank At UCLA!
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Mowing a Cemetery!
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I Finally Got it!
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Danny Duncan’s Cross Country Race!
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Throwing Slugs at People!
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Boxing in Public!
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Being an Asshole!
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Meet My New Puppy!
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Fortnite Employee Hates Me!
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Kid at mall wants to fight!
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Urban Surfing in Public!
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Kissing moms in Idaho!
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We Crashed The Car!
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Driving Scooter Into Store!
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Teaching a Jetski How to Swim!
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Feeding People Corn!
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She's Always On Top!
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Cops Were Pissed!
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Making Kids Cry!
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Flipping Trucks for Fun!
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Lighting Fireworks Inside My House!
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Danny Duncan | Best Of 2017
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Crashing My New Car!
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Buying My Dream Dirtbike!
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I've Always Wanted To Do This!
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Baseball To The Face!
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  • Kaden Tisor
    Kaden Tisor 17 seconds ago

    what a great guy

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  • pp gang 4life
    pp gang 4life 11 minutes ago

    rip blU sHeRT ciD 3:22 im ded

  • Bob with A base
    Bob with A base 12 minutes ago

    You should get a sport bike they’re so much fun

  • Elliot Carlyle
    Elliot Carlyle 15 minutes ago

    gay pride!!!

  • Elliot Carlyle
    Elliot Carlyle 15 minutes ago


  • Nogasij
    Nogasij 34 minutes ago

    Security guard chill af.

  • Ryder G
    Ryder G 40 minutes ago

    Budget Steve o

  • Lubito
    Lubito 45 minutes ago

    ppl who say danny duncan better tahn dobrik r tripping but i respect his grind

  • Pan foo
    Pan foo 55 minutes ago

    Damn, i'm so happy for you danny. Keep living your dream while giving others hope to live theirs!

  • Terry Terwilliger
    Terry Terwilliger 58 minutes ago

    what a fuckin vid danny. we are here for you brother you started from basically nothing and look at you now my favorite youtuber bc your such a great guy and hilarious u make me laugh all the time

  • Tristan Heath
    Tristan Heath Hour ago


  • Sp00ky.mp4
    Sp00ky.mp4 Hour ago

    “What did you think when that sign was on fire?” “I thought, wow that sign is on fire and sure enough the sign was on fire” 😂😂😂😂😂 had me dead

  • AdamGamingLife
    AdamGamingLife Hour ago

    10:40 bragging about how America literally gives people like Danny Duncan guns

  • Joseph
    Joseph Hour ago

    Lamont Holt 😂😂😂😂

  • You Tube
    You Tube Hour ago

    if anyone ever calls danny duncan an asshole, i will personally smack the shit out of you

  • Menace Clips
    Menace Clips Hour ago

    This video will be my motivation for the rest of my life

  • Joseph Evers
    Joseph Evers Hour ago

    My favorite burger place!!!

  • Menace Clips
    Menace Clips Hour ago

    Your amazing

  • Lad Ap3x
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  • jon swift live
    jon swift live 2 hours ago

    danny that f##### dude , stop hurting your friends, there not your play toys man? respect dude. and also could you take a poop in aarons stupid hat thx, your pal j.

  • Zach Bender
    Zach Bender 2 hours ago

    2k19 gang wya ?

  • Robbie Symington
    Robbie Symington 2 hours ago

    Love you bro

  • Isabelle Sprinkle
    Isabelle Sprinkle 2 hours ago

    How did a guy fucking around in a grocery store get over 3M views? How? WHY?

  • The name's Spice, Old Spice

    you okay??? uh si

  • Jett21elite Gaming
    Jett21elite Gaming 2 hours ago

    10:31 he looked away when he said no

  • Miriam in the Moonlight

    5:10 I'm crying he got sued by Louis Vuitton

  • Ramon Reyna
    Ramon Reyna 3 hours ago

    That little kid probably whispered in his ear (virginity rocks ) 8:29

  • floyd undercover
    floyd undercover 3 hours ago

    You Look like shaun whites degenerate step brother

  • Parientito Fierro
    Parientito Fierro 3 hours ago

    Smaks out his hand

  • Parientito Fierro
    Parientito Fierro 3 hours ago

    5.30 this do took too long haha

  • Audrey Anaya
    Audrey Anaya 3 hours ago

    Super sweet 😩

  • Preston Hayes
    Preston Hayes 3 hours ago

    Danny fucking Duncan u are the realest person out there for sure 💯

  • LILOG2345
    LILOG2345 3 hours ago

    there's a fucking confederate flag on the truck 9:34

  • Pedro Silva
    Pedro Silva 3 hours ago

    whats the model of this tesla

  • Platinum Bomb
    Platinum Bomb 3 hours ago

    Being an asshole #2 ?

  • Brandon Kwak
    Brandon Kwak 3 hours ago

    Danny you would kill the #gitupchallenge!

  • Tuker_LILRED
    Tuker_LILRED 3 hours ago

    Says tha guy that put Lego Jim hopper fuckin Joyce Byers on his Snapchat💀

  • Itsmeantx
    Itsmeantx 3 hours ago

    What’s the outro song

  • GoatJacquesYt
    GoatJacquesYt 4 hours ago

    Poor Grandpa lmao

  • WillxClarke
    WillxClarke 4 hours ago

    I never thought a Danny Duncan video would make me cry!

  • WillxClarke
    WillxClarke 4 hours ago

    Dude there’s no other way to describe this video other than fucking beautiful! I’m so happy that you use your success to benefit others that helped you on your way to the top because there’s so many people that forget about there biggest supporters on the way up!

  • Gilberto Berretta
    Gilberto Berretta 4 hours ago

    That kid got rekt

  • Xv_Crysis
    Xv_Crysis 4 hours ago

    Dude this Gary winthorpe guy looks like Danny Duncan

  • Mr Kalafut
    Mr Kalafut 4 hours ago

    Who else remembers daddy ducan 🤣🤣🤣

  • Stanly Sim
    Stanly Sim 4 hours ago

    will it make him look like a baby

    DIRTYDEWS 4 hours ago

    i’m not crying ur crying

  • Troll_Gamers
    Troll_Gamers 4 hours ago


  • Troll_Gamers
    Troll_Gamers 4 hours ago

    Fell bad for the moro

  • TheLittleChinaMan
    TheLittleChinaMan 4 hours ago

    flash-player.org/channel/_l7axY2LB1s-video.html danny ur fan got tackled hard by patty mayo

  • NANA Trolling
    NANA Trolling 4 hours ago

    Selling Instant replay like to buy 1:03

  • Mellony Yuvi
    Mellony Yuvi 4 hours ago

    seems like violence is getting smaller

  • Gavin Barker
    Gavin Barker 4 hours ago

    See u haters hes not mean I mean he can be mean sometimes but hes not like a pack of shit he has feelings to hes a legend.

  • Clint Albrecht
    Clint Albrecht 5 hours ago

    Danny Duncan is a legend

  • Shawn Hounschell
    Shawn Hounschell 5 hours ago

    87k likes later where’s that video of you getting shot with the blow dart gun? 😂❤️

  • Dub Simmons
    Dub Simmons 5 hours ago

    Garry winthrop

  • Manny Ferreira
    Manny Ferreira 5 hours ago

    When you dropping metal straws #savetheturtles

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    Taylor Covington 5 hours ago

    Is.. is that the place in gta??

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    Gamer_YT 14 5 hours ago

    Good job guys you made it 💯

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    Brody Brians 6 hours ago

    2:34 Danny really said 😬

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    Seth Grant 6 hours ago

    best video ever

  • Triple Flippers
    Triple Flippers 6 hours ago

    Come to my cabin mn

  • VOID
    VOID 6 hours ago

    What's that place called in the beginning of the video? place with cool shit you always wanted to do?

  • Fzy plu YouTube
    Fzy plu YouTube 6 hours ago

    I have 79% and it goes down to 69 how what I watch this vid haha

  • Rocan aziz
    Rocan aziz 6 hours ago

    faZe duncan hahaha

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    Blicce 6 hours ago

    3:32 Made my day 😭

  • Advacado
    Advacado 6 hours ago

    Raise money to bail donald.

  • Pou Thomas
    Pou Thomas 7 hours ago

    This is so funny 😂😂😂

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    Joseph Evers 7 hours ago

    Vlog creation 💪🏻

  • Gawky Gamez
    Gawky Gamez 7 hours ago

    I like your videos but you were being a dick to Ross and hos friends

  • Apolo BSF
    Apolo BSF 7 hours ago

    This guy just tested if the gun worked on his hand

  • Avery Fletcher
    Avery Fletcher 7 hours ago

    Ur car was road hard and left wet

  • Jays adventures
    Jays adventures 7 hours ago

    It’s against the law

  • Michael Thompson
    Michael Thompson 7 hours ago

    Lol I went to the mall and I said wtf they I bought one

  • Jane Begyn
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  • Barry Allen
    Barry Allen 8 hours ago

    i thought chris chann was in the thumbnail

  • Angel Banks
    Angel Banks 8 hours ago

    shut up i’m not crying you are

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    Seth Warren 8 hours ago

    does he have like 2 tesla’s and an i8 or what?😂

  • Calvin Poole
    Calvin Poole 8 hours ago

    5,300 calories in 100 2,756 calories in 52

  • Wyatt Simons
    Wyatt Simons 8 hours ago

    I'm confused why he was so confident in showing his credit card😂

  • SuperWeebBoy
    SuperWeebBoy 9 hours ago

    Billy Madison is #1

  • Mark Gonzalez
    Mark Gonzalez 9 hours ago

    Danny you should make a shirt of merch about Ernie that says am not a baby. like this comment if u like this comment

  • Dolan Hockey
    Dolan Hockey 9 hours ago

    You’ve came a long way. We are all proud of you

  • Dylan Sankey
    Dylan Sankey 9 hours ago

    This video is amazing, thank you Danny

  • ryan
    ryan 9 hours ago

    Ok daniel duncanthropy

  • Zak’s Gaming Channel

    Instead of Danny Duncan What about Danny dickhead

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    I felt so bad for that hitch hiker 1 like is $1,000 for him

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    dr inferno 10 hours ago

    Danny looks like jim Morrison

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    Raymond Torres 10 hours ago

    Now Chris can do the seat warmer prank

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    missy magro 10 hours ago

    I was there

  • John Holmes
    John Holmes 10 hours ago

    I remember the days you were on chris's channel before u made urs, i fucked w u back then too so when u started making vids i knew they were gonna be gas asf and they were immediately the funniest content on yt for a fat minute istg no vlogger is as good as you dude, Much love dude plz never quit we all love you dude 😢❤

  • martha m.
    martha m. 10 hours ago

    people who go through the toughest and poorest times will always rise up love ya danny and keep ya head up 💗

  • Burned roses
    Burned roses 11 hours ago

    Pretty disappointed you guys didn’t make out smh

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    joey bustamante 11 hours ago

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    Burned roses 11 hours ago

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    "can you play Runescape on this" lmao dead

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    I’ve had dreams of meeting you

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    How is he even alive🤣🤣