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I’m Getting Sued!
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Bought A New House In LA!
Views 1.9M13 days ago
90 Year Old Gone Wild!
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Football in Hotel!
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Not My Best Idea...
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Loose Tooth vs Nerf Gun!
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Offensive Interview Prank!
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Loser Sleeps In The Barn!
Views 2.5M3 months ago
Falling With 40,000 Pennies!
Views 2.8M4 months ago
Chase Your Dreams!
Views 2.8M5 months ago
Crashing Golf Carts!
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Extreme Tubing Behind Car!
Views 1.5M5 months ago
He Wanted To Fight!
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I Love My Job!
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Burying My Friend Alive!
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Airsoft Battle Royale!
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My Car Caught On Fire!
Views 2.4M9 months ago
Putting Horns On My Tesla!
Views 1.9M10 months ago
Putting My Car On The Roof!
Views 2.2M10 months ago
Broken Sunglasses Prank!
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I Didn’t Make It!
Views 2.6M11 months ago
Can You Open This?
Views 4.5MYear ago
Mowing a Cemetery!
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I Finally Got it!
Views 1.7MYear ago
Boxing in Public!
Views 3.4MYear ago
Being an Asshole!
Views 3.4MYear ago
Meet My New Puppy!
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Kissing moms in Idaho!
Views 1.5MYear ago
We Crashed The Car!
Views 1.6MYear ago
Views 1.1MYear ago
Feeding People Corn!
Views 1.7MYear ago
She's Always On Top!
Views 2.1MYear ago
Cops Were Pissed!
Views 3.3MYear ago
Making Kids Cry!
Views 1.2MYear ago


  • Jace Plyler
    Jace Plyler 3 minutes ago

    Can u get ahold of juju and let me now love your vids

  • Walker G
    Walker G 5 minutes ago

    I don’t know any of these people or this youtubers but this was some decent content I must say .

  • Tristin Farrell
    Tristin Farrell 6 minutes ago

    Danny Duncan is lance Stewart with a set of balls.. I fuck with it.

  • MMB Productions & Gaming

    Do it Danny

  • Jeremy Marelich
    Jeremy Marelich 9 minutes ago

    Brenan: so many activitys!

  • saul moreno
    saul moreno 12 minutes ago

    That black guy might sue you

  • Derrr
    Derrr 12 minutes ago

    Dis video trash fuck u danny

  • Jack Hyatt
    Jack Hyatt 12 minutes ago

    “Duncan Danny look”

  • Drew Weldon
    Drew Weldon 14 minutes ago

    Danny be like in bit rasic I have a black friend haha

  • Social Vibez
    Social Vibez 14 minutes ago


  • Cameron nichols
    Cameron nichols 15 minutes ago


  • Cameron Scott
    Cameron Scott 16 minutes ago


  • Mulas RL
    Mulas RL 16 minutes ago

    Oh, you're not racist? Name every black person

  • rocky_ghost2002
    rocky_ghost2002 17 minutes ago

    danny never fucking looses at anything

  • RiceNoodlezBR
    RiceNoodlezBR 20 minutes ago

    Imagine getting water poured on your face and walking up to see Danny

  • Moises Cuscul
    Moises Cuscul 22 minutes ago

    2:00 reminds me of that one part in diary of a wimpy kid movie when Greg’s brother picked him up from school in the van 😂😂

  • Manny 1245
    Manny 1245 22 minutes ago

    Camren is back hell yeah

  • Pholio YT
    Pholio YT 23 minutes ago

    F R I K I N A

  • Matthew O’Leary
    Matthew O’Leary 24 minutes ago

    This is hilarious

  • Jheantzen Calvin
    Jheantzen Calvin 25 minutes ago

    "I employ a black guy, I am not racist" Ah yes Danny

  • Nate Hubbart
    Nate Hubbart 25 minutes ago

    Danny is awesome every vid gets demonitized but he doesn’t give a shit

  • Hawksnation18
    Hawksnation18 25 minutes ago


  • Lethal Method
    Lethal Method 27 minutes ago

    7:58 That woman was being a little mean,he was legit asking a question

  • DaddyFreud
    DaddyFreud 27 minutes ago

    7:25 Cameron?

  • Big Goat
    Big Goat 28 minutes ago

    Fuck you grisha is strong

  • Chase Vincent
    Chase Vincent 28 minutes ago

    Aye fly me out there so I can whoop your ass in the ping guy

  • Jatinder Singh
    Jatinder Singh 28 minutes ago

    0:20 my mans just got rejected

  • Massive Legend Here
    Massive Legend Here 28 minutes ago

    Did Danny smuggle Cameron back across the border

  • Mike Agate
    Mike Agate 28 minutes ago

    Classic gresha

  • Chase Vincent
    Chase Vincent 28 minutes ago

    I don’t give a shit who the fuck you are Gary, I’ll beat your ass in ping pong

  • caleb skrzypek
    caleb skrzypek 30 minutes ago

    Greatest people in the world them people were

  • Hi There
    Hi There 30 minutes ago

    This is just jackass but even more white

  • Evelyn Bree
    Evelyn Bree 31 minute ago

    14:18 thought that dude was a whole ass statue lol

  • Josfy
    Josfy 34 minutes ago

    Why is my hoodie taking so long to arrive?😭

  • Thomas Bienek
    Thomas Bienek 35 minutes ago

    Cut your fenders

  • Gabby Leehey
    Gabby Leehey 35 minutes ago

    “why is everything about race” Welcome to california Danny

  • *Mustyl3allsack*
    *Mustyl3allsack* 38 minutes ago


  • Yung E
    Yung E 39 minutes ago

    I didn’t know Adam22 had a younger brother

  • Kendrick Durand
    Kendrick Durand 40 minutes ago

    Danny : POOL PARTY AT MY PLACE Everyone that watched this vid: lol nah

  • L Quigg
    L Quigg 40 minutes ago

    I meet Chris at the Berrics 2 nights ago

  • Andre Whyze
    Andre Whyze 41 minute ago

    idk who that kid is, but that was like a movie.

  • Toys Toys More Toys
    Toys Toys More Toys 44 minutes ago

    Cameron’s back

  • Robbie Boz12
    Robbie Boz12 45 minutes ago

    🔥”all of his friends are losers” hahahahaha haha

  • •OfficialDano•
    •OfficialDano• 48 minutes ago

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  • diego ._.
    diego ._. 48 minutes ago

    so we just gonna ignore that cameron is back ?

  • Jtboy25
    Jtboy25 52 minutes ago

    bruh that ping pong kid is such an asshole

  • Lola Bartlett
    Lola Bartlett 53 minutes ago

    those skate park kids hit different

  • Brady Silvers
    Brady Silvers 54 minutes ago

    Bro u have been doing FLash-player for five years

  • LegendaryFluff
    LegendaryFluff 54 minutes ago

    This is how many times that guy said Weird l v

  • ella norman
    ella norman 55 minutes ago

    i like how he’s so calm even though he knew he was getting sued lmao

  • Drewman91
    Drewman91 56 minutes ago

    Wait a minute are the 2 chicks from the ending that Georgia girl and her friend?

  • Morgan Brown
    Morgan Brown 56 minutes ago

    Imagine that, he pulled the race card. 😂

  • ShhFN Yeah
    ShhFN Yeah 57 minutes ago

    5:55 bleeps number turns around shows the number on camera

  • Juan Galicia
    Juan Galicia 57 minutes ago

    You got me crying 😭!!!!! Second time watching this shit lol 😂 Chris Chan. The one. The only.

  • Gideon Kannenberg
    Gideon Kannenberg 59 minutes ago

    The end was a bob ross moment

  • RaZR ViBeS
    RaZR ViBeS Hour ago

    You and balyen should collaborate

  • JB Studio
    JB Studio Hour ago


  • Lil DJT
    Lil DJT Hour ago

    8:03 thank me later

  • Fernando jah Ok
    Fernando jah Ok Hour ago

    Bruh can you not hang out with Jacob satorious he's so gay

  • Titus Productions

    fuck suki dong

  • Roberto Echevarria

    Damn that r/t tho😍

  • VividVivix
    VividVivix Hour ago

    Fucking dumb bitch right there.. probably broke af

  • Babyface J
    Babyface J Hour ago

    Your from Richmond?!!!?!? I LIVE IN RICHMOND?!?!?!?!? Can you come back plz!!!

  • Dixie Normus
    Dixie Normus Hour ago

    “She got killed” he starts laughing💀

  • Vyno RL
    Vyno RL Hour ago

    Anybody notice he lost his house

  • Daniel Santoro
    Daniel Santoro Hour ago

    Cameron’s back

  • Madz Z
    Madz Z Hour ago

    That one bitch buying donuts was a nurse for sure

  • anil rehmatullah

    I'm glad we went back for corn also my gf sat in to watch since cameron was back. I'm kinda fucked up about it lol.

  • BeaTs _UnKnowN
    BeaTs _UnKnowN Hour ago

    This is the funniest shit 😂

  • Zeek
    Zeek Hour ago

    I got robbed one time in my life... guess what color he was

  • It's Stuup
    It's Stuup Hour ago


  • Comedy Kid
    Comedy Kid Hour ago

    Danny in that tub at the end is a mood 🙏

  • Incin
    Incin Hour ago

    howd this man not get snatched up in mexico

  • Nic LaBeaux
    Nic LaBeaux Hour ago

    “ Racist” wtf is he talkin about😂

  • For the Boys
    For the Boys Hour ago

    Bruh he said your racist because u said he stole it

  • Alexander3216
    Alexander3216 Hour ago

    If I was a girl I would date him... Mohawks are sexy tbh

  • Unknown187
    Unknown187 Hour ago

    Danny got his disability check

  • Yummy2Taps
    Yummy2Taps Hour ago

    whats aarons channel

  • Eli Salvador
    Eli Salvador Hour ago

    Why does he remind me of the Trojan god

  • The great Castini

    I want to see a fight between kiwan and cameron

  • jonathan rodriguez

    Jacob was actually in this 😭😭😭 vid just went to complete shit omg he got in it

  • Tzerambo
    Tzerambo Hour ago

    Suki really out here trying to sue him.

  • Jude Murphy
    Jude Murphy Hour ago

    yo it’s fucking cameron

  • Some Yungguy
    Some Yungguy Hour ago

    Is it me or does Danny and Gary look like alike

  • Rocco Forlini
    Rocco Forlini Hour ago

    The first car I get putting horns on it

  • vorventa
    vorventa Hour ago

    the orange actually looked really good

  • Seth Grant
    Seth Grant Hour ago


  • ValkariaVex
    ValkariaVex Hour ago

    jacob saggytits

  • Faze Blast
    Faze Blast Hour ago

    Fly him to la


    Cameron’s back

  • David Zeitz
    David Zeitz Hour ago


  • Anthony Gutierrez

    Like if danny should fly him to California

  • Anthony Gutierrez

    Mumbubumumbubu lol

  • Cameron Bailey
    Cameron Bailey Hour ago

    People always want something😂

  • Rhaena Targaryen

    Who’s here after finding out Danny’s getting sued by the lady

  • Hugh G Rection
    Hugh G Rection Hour ago

    “Take yo ass back to Texas” “I’m from Florida”

  • Abdullah Lafee
    Abdullah Lafee Hour ago

    Dude please come back to mobile I want to meet you

  • ツYis
    ツYis Hour ago

    1816 north polar avenue LA. Bravo six going dark

  • Aydingo
    Aydingo Hour ago

    jacobs voice is absolute cancer