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  • Black Dahlia
    Black Dahlia 17 minutes ago

    Joaquin's involuntary laughter is unsettling and makes me feel bad for him since he rly isn't okay. that Awakening to the Clown Riot is so Beautiful made him the Hero Gotham really Needed. it's great that it's kind of it's own thing a rarity these days. I would Love to see more of Phoenix as the Joker if he ever wanted to again.

  • Victor Vasconcellos
    Victor Vasconcellos 18 minutes ago

    If we go down this way then there's no way to confirm nothing on the movie happened as we saw, at all. Of course it happened, they wouldn't make a Joker movie where Joker only kills people in his mind and commits no crime. Unless, you know... It's just a joke and not "canon" at all.

  • John Rowlinson
    John Rowlinson 25 minutes ago

    Content creators seem to have a lot of information but they don't. Calling the 4 thugs shot by Bernie Goetz, "panhandlers" is stretching credulity too far. The four claimed to be panhandlers but they were muggers and the proof is that Goetz was not convicted in any of their shootings. He was simply convicted of carry an illegal firearm. A firearm he had requested a permit for but was refused because the police said he didn't need it.

  • Chase Kimbrell
    Chase Kimbrell 27 minutes ago

    I think it happened outside of his mind, most of it anyway. I assumed he was caught after that scene where he was rescued from the police car during the riots. It explains why he has henchmen and why he goes to such lengths to commit chaotic acts.

    CHAMPIONXLX 50 minutes ago

    Jessie going to Alaska could be a mistake for Jessie. In B.B Jessie told Saul he wanted to go to Alaska. If Saul gets caught and gives any leads that Jessie went to Alaska then Jessie is screwed.

  • fraz
    fraz 57 minutes ago

    You're looking to deep into it. Joker was laughing at Bruce being orphaned like how he is an orphan. That is why he was laughing and of course the psychiatrist wouldn't understand.

  • Robbie Landrey
    Robbie Landrey Hour ago

    I read the book 2 months before the movie came out and they're both awesome. However I was pissed that there wasn't any Rush 2112 level in the movie like there was in the book. I was soooooo looking forward to seeing that. Still an awesome movie though. 💯

  • enzo fire739
    enzo fire739 Hour ago

    did anyone see joker in the crowd while the wanes were leaving

  • Eduardo Comerlatto

    These videos are so obvious and uninspired it hurts. Just absurd fan theories and things we all literally saw on screen

  • NP CHE
    NP CHE Hour ago

    The lesbian Batman nobody wanted

  • Dshadowj
    Dshadowj Hour ago

    Rey is a clone. And captain plasma is one of the Rey clones. There are two scenes that place both Plasma and Rey in front of Fin and they are both the same height compared to Fin. And the evil Rey is going to be Plasma with no trooper armor

  • Icanifiwant
    Icanifiwant Hour ago

    Such an awesome actor. They are so far and few between, he is the joker.

  • Young Hazy JV22
    Young Hazy JV22 Hour ago

    The tinkerer is gonna bring Ultron back

  • SidisticSloth!
    SidisticSloth! Hour ago

    I love how there controversy surrounding this movie, I mean it’s the joker what did you except sunshine and rainbows, nah nah nah that ain’t how it works, this is joker and unless you live under a rock everyone knows how violent and uncomfortable the joker really is

  • Freddie Lopez
    Freddie Lopez Hour ago

    Its the JOKER! the joke is on us.

  • Kian Williamson
    Kian Williamson Hour ago

    This is how I think ultron will come to the mcu

  • The Complex Individual

    I thought the film was really smart, it’s still got me thinking

  • Kevin Pesek
    Kevin Pesek Hour ago

    Vision burnt ultron out of the web at the beginning of the final battle.

  • LMF'S workout clips.

    When the Joker (Health Ledger) died , another joker rose from the ashes .... much like a Phoenix.

  • Jbf53176
    Jbf53176 Hour ago

    I know I'm in the minority, but I think this movie is going to be really good..

  • Variable Volume
    Variable Volume Hour ago

    Wow. I NEVER noticed Kevin's plane ticket being thrown away!

  • • qlissfulbee •
    • qlissfulbee • 2 hours ago

    Dreamworks : *I made the best movie franchise.* Disney : *Hold my iced tea.*

  • Lee
    Lee 2 hours ago

    Does anyone really care about Disney's trilogy anymore? Just end it already so we can retcon it as canon.

  • Alisha Magda
    Alisha Magda 2 hours ago

    Literally this movie should be called "What...?"

    HEYHAZE29 2 hours ago

    Take it easy fam, your overthinking it

  • Henry Chavez
    Henry Chavez 2 hours ago

    when the women at the end says “what’s funny” and he answers it by saying “you wouldn’t understand” i think the joke was the whole movie meaning due to his mental illness he thought that the death of everyone was funny

  • Jesse G.
    Jesse G. 2 hours ago

    The K--nights of Ren XD

  • X A
    X A 2 hours ago

    rian johnson intended to kill off the knights of ren because of course he did.

    AWARE PRODUCTIONS 2 hours ago

    They do look alike tho

  • z2•*
    z2•* 2 hours ago

    jesse didn't drop out of high school! you were there!

  • Diego Diaz
    Diego Diaz 2 hours ago

    If his past is multiple choice, both could be true, one could be true and the other a fantasy, or they could both be fantasies. On the other hand, the movie could be part fantasy part truth.

  • xoAIDSxo
    xoAIDSxo 2 hours ago

    OMG this is suicide squad all over again. I guarantee it. I'm saying this on 10/16/19 at 1:22 am and writing this down so when I see it I'll remember to look back to this comment. To tell myself I told myself so.

  • Bighetty Storm
    Bighetty Storm 2 hours ago

    that's Noice :P

  • Crimsonwolf Hunter
    Crimsonwolf Hunter 3 hours ago

    i dont think hes real cuz if he got in that space when he couldnt escape wouldnt he be able to get out

  • juan leal
    juan leal 3 hours ago

    Plot twist , one of the drones killed John wicks dog , next movie starts with John wick mourning in a coffee shop and the reveal comes out on tv, then John wick looks up and says boogeyman

  • TheYoungReezy87
    TheYoungReezy87 3 hours ago

    That moment when you realize Phoniex’s Joker danced with the Devil in the Pale Moonlight 🌝 (bathroom scene)

  • benjamin britton
    benjamin britton 3 hours ago

    Nobody is going to mention the fact that Jesse won the duel with a .38 snub?

  • Kevin Garner
    Kevin Garner 3 hours ago

    It will only have gays and blacks in it

  • ComputerWhiz
    ComputerWhiz 3 hours ago

    Pixar Animators: "Let's save time by recycling old assets." Everyone: "Look at how much thought goes into these Easter Eggs!"

  • chris b
    chris b 3 hours ago

    Heard they were goin to do a Hulk vs Wolerine.

  • Melissa Sandford
    Melissa Sandford 3 hours ago

    Yes it should have Ben included

  • Sean Paijit
    Sean Paijit 3 hours ago

    Could the asylum scenes be viewed as a metaphor for his desperation, and killing the psychologist in the end was a symbol of him escaping that?

  • Jasen Jahn
    Jasen Jahn 3 hours ago

    Just not excited. Next trilogy.

  • Speak My Mind
    Speak My Mind 3 hours ago

    talk fast so fast cause fast - Ritalin please.

  • Ryan Tech
    Ryan Tech 3 hours ago

    these are obvious

  • Iam AIDS
    Iam AIDS 3 hours ago

    It’s funny because Netflix specifically won’t let you use a vpn so that’s a lie

  • michael vieth
    michael vieth 3 hours ago

    Okay so Jarvis is technically ultron and vision but ultron and vision are two different people and Jarvis is dead which is why we have/had F.R.I.D.A.Y.?

  • Dionario Santos
    Dionario Santos 3 hours ago

    What if this movie will lead to the batman who laughs......👽

  • Alexxx
    Alexxx 3 hours ago

    I can 100% guarantee that Hopper is still alive It’s just so obvious

  • Lucas Sacdalan
    Lucas Sacdalan 3 hours ago

    I think the plot will be that Kylo Ren will try to bring back the Knights of Ren, which will be shown to be dead, with something shown in the movie. Rey and the resistance try to stop Kylo and the first order but fail. Kylo succeeds but not only brings back the Knights of ren, but also Emperor Palpatine.

  • ArchGBUStanton
    ArchGBUStanton 3 hours ago

    I was wondering if anyone else got the nod of young Bruce Wayne sliding down the pole as often used in the early Batman t.v. shows. I see I wasn't the only one.

  • Spooky
    Spooky 4 hours ago

    they should of been shown since episode 7

  • Daniel - Broseidon Incarnate

    I think the movie is a reinterpretation through Arthur's past, providing bits and pieces of his memory while in the hospital. His damaged psyche may have bastardized some of the events, some of which we can deduce ourselves (like Sophie), but everything we see is grounded on some basis of truth. Because every joke(r) has an element of truth to it. I really enjoyed the symbolism of his misery climbing the stairs (up into society), in contrast to his chaotic descent dancing down the stairs which he enjoyed more. It's a great movie because it can be interpreted in different ways, or it can mean absolutely nothing at all.

  • Aquatic TV
    Aquatic TV 4 hours ago

    Clone wars is considered cannon right?

  • TheWolverine1234 TheWolverine1234

    Why couldn't nolen derect joker

  • morty
    morty 4 hours ago

    i could listen to badger talk all day.

  • Gcowboy22zeke
    Gcowboy22zeke 4 hours ago

    the dan and justin are lazy that's why there is the same morty stamp card

  • Allen Watts
    Allen Watts 4 hours ago

    He had about 150 contingency plans

  • i9am2gr8
    i9am2gr8 4 hours ago

    I thought Palpa team was Dead during the 3 movie

  • Dayvana Soto
    Dayvana Soto 4 hours ago

    Violets are blue, Rose are red. I can’t believe Thor didn’t go for the head. But it’s all okay, Because Thanos is dead

  • powerengineer33
    powerengineer33 5 hours ago

    With a box of scraps!!

  • Jake Constantino
    Jake Constantino 5 hours ago

    I still have yet no idea what “Canon” means

  • Demir Ramovic
    Demir Ramovic 5 hours ago

    Watch MCU movies before you start commenting them....

  • AnakinSkinwalker
    AnakinSkinwalker 5 hours ago

    If they don't bring Anakin back, I'm done. That being said, I'm already going to be disappointed lol

    • Atte Girs
      Atte Girs 3 minutes ago

      Why would they do that though? Anakin's story is complete there's literally no reason to bring him back. Maybe like a small force ghost scend would be cool but that would feel like pandering. Also you really should give this movie a chance. If you're going into it thinking it's going to be bad you're obviously not going to like it.

  • the collector 5000
    the collector 5000 5 hours ago

    I live in Pittsburgh and i whent to the game and it was so fun

  • Zxam
    Zxam 5 hours ago

    What a bad description of John Wayne Gacy. Saying he lured in "kids" really does a disservice to his victims.

  • Vickram Mouriya
    Vickram Mouriya 5 hours ago

    *You wouldn't get it*

  • Peter Petrovski
    Peter Petrovski 5 hours ago

    How was Alfred able to tell Arthur that TW wasn’t his father after Arthur only asked to see TW in the scene at the gates?

  • ned johnson
    ned johnson 5 hours ago

    It’s pronounced “Ka-nig-its”

  • Gake Jaskin
    Gake Jaskin 5 hours ago

    No reference to the loss of the great Robert Forster? Sad

  • William Waters
    William Waters 5 hours ago

    This movie lines up very closely with American Psyco! I kept watching this movie and wondered the real question of this movie? What would happen when happen when Patrick Bateman and Arthur Fleck crossed paths?

  • Alexis Silver
    Alexis Silver 5 hours ago

    His relationship with the single mother was so obviously not real, I can't consider it a plot twist

  • Kenguinzz
    Kenguinzz 5 hours ago

    Is Disney+ free?

  • Brian Bonnecarrere
    Brian Bonnecarrere 5 hours ago

    umm just to let you know when dimensions are crashing with the collider a ps4 controller passes bySONY

  • Paul Mclaren
    Paul Mclaren 5 hours ago

    That was so amazingly explained like wow mate i get it now Damn.

  • Kora Navarro
    Kora Navarro 5 hours ago

    @news rockstar the scissors also look like they have antlers

  • Olexandr Grach
    Olexandr Grach 5 hours ago

    The ending of this video was taking from Film theory

  • Nicolas McGee
    Nicolas McGee 5 hours ago

    Yea no Thomas is not the father clearly lol

  • TheHighwayMan
    TheHighwayMan 5 hours ago

    Thank you honey

  • Ashules
    Ashules 5 hours ago

    Yuppie Yup. I Agree

  • Nobody Famous
    Nobody Famous 5 hours ago

    Making all the best parts of the movie "imaginary" really kills it, I think the whole ending was real and the Joker is basically the catalyst that turned Gotham into the crime-ridden shithole that causes Bruce Wayne to become batman.

  • Maximum Dick
    Maximum Dick 5 hours ago

    I kinda feel like they'll just be wasted like the Black order in infinity war, cool looking and ominous but ultimately beaten by the heroes easily

  • Riley Dobson
    Riley Dobson 5 hours ago

    Yknow The closest thing we have to the OASIS (except taping a goddamn brick to your forehead) is probably VRChat. I say this because well, there's portals, you can talk to people, somewhat play games

  • Shadow Claw4762
    Shadow Claw4762 6 hours ago

    I would have loved if the Knights were the squad from Rouge One like what Film Theory theorized

  • Fox TheGamer
    Fox TheGamer 6 hours ago

    To be honest I would like the Star Wars movies to never end

  • Cory_In_The _Bucket
    Cory_In_The _Bucket 6 hours ago

    me at 3pm: I'll watch one video for today also me at 10pm: mOrE vIDeOs

  • daddydojang
    daddydojang 6 hours ago

    The Knights of Ren & Stimpy

  • Andrew Liang
    Andrew Liang 6 hours ago

    The Rogue One crew barely survived, were used in robotic experiments that created Darth Vadar's body, and they went crazy with all the experiments, and the robotic parts just kept them alive all this time. I'm sure there are better descriptions than "robotic experiments", but it's late, lol

  • BFV Pro
    BFV Pro 6 hours ago

    They’re almost like the death troopers

  • Helen Ledwith
    Helen Ledwith 6 hours ago

    Wow! I thought most of the movie was really happening. I just thought the end was in head and he really died in the refrigerator

  • Tony Campbell
    Tony Campbell 6 hours ago

    Ghostbusters, Build proton packs and destroy the M.F

  • Cassius Loz
    Cassius Loz 6 hours ago

    Am I the only one that noticed a Pogo look alike poster during the movie?

  • Matthew Arthur
    Matthew Arthur 6 hours ago

    it was a good final chapter but I was a little disappointed.

  • Sazonswagg Reviews
    Sazonswagg Reviews 6 hours ago

    He was already in custody and everything we saw was his recollection of events leading him inside Arkham Hospital. Hopefully the ending was his actual escape. How's that for a explanation ??

  • Trayill
    Trayill 6 hours ago


  • Matthew Arthur
    Matthew Arthur 6 hours ago

    love that idea! would be amazing!

  • aztecray1980
    aztecray1980 6 hours ago

    I feel sorry for the people that didn't see the movie and just only watched these ending vids first. You just cheated yourself with a great movie. I only watched the 1st trailer a couple of hundred times and thats it. I didn't want to see anything else cuz I wanted to be surprised. It was well worth it

  • Christopher Alden
    Christopher Alden 6 hours ago

    They are making this all up as they go along. There's no lore here. It's really bad story telling.

  • Aidan Davick
    Aidan Davick 6 hours ago

    Well... Zemo tricked all the Avengers, so I think he might be more dangerous than Mysterious

  • cSpratt
    cSpratt 6 hours ago

    No one: Supreme leader Smoke: All you had to do was follow the damn train CJ

    • cSpratt
      cSpratt Hour ago

      @LevelZ360 Yes Sir. You're welcome!!

    • LevelZ360
      LevelZ360 4 hours ago

      cSpratt San Andreas memes?? 😂 thank you!