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  • DrComputerGuy
    DrComputerGuy Hour ago

    So... could black holes be dark matter?

  • Ago go
    Ago go 2 hours ago

    but wouldn't this be GOD MODE? or the start of a god mode path. to be able to push your will through our consciousness onto items. seems totally possible to me

  • ford prefect
    ford prefect 2 hours ago

    Hmm. Imagine you live in a box. The top of the box is a rubber sheet. Occasionally, a chair is placed on top of the box. You see indentations in your sky. Sometimes the chair is placed with precision, and 4 indentations appear in your sky simultaneously...and sometimes more haphazardly. You develop a theory to predict the appearance of indentations. You don't know your sky is rubber. You've never seen a chair. You're a boxbody so... how could you know? You develop a theory. Your theory predicts the appearance of indentations without reference to a chair. It's predicated on what you've already seen. Your theory of indentation is based on observed phenomena. The chair is placed haphazardly many times. You observe. You suggest that 3 dimples are always followed by 2 dimples and explain that other dimples are outliers. Your theory gains traction as it's taught. Always more complex as outliers are explained with indentation theory ...But...It's just a chair.

  • bob515151
    bob515151 2 hours ago

    Is there an attempt to simplify the double slit experiment to have the least possible components to try and determine where decoherence happens?

  • arman757
    arman757 2 hours ago

    Its gotta exist to find it...

  • One Freak Vision
    One Freak Vision 2 hours ago

    My opinion : We need energy power with EROI > 12 :)

  • ASomewhatLongAndMeaninglessUserame

    Soo, what was the answer?? I was waiting for him to tell me what collapses the wave function, but that explanation never came.

  • Ariel Alba
    Ariel Alba 2 hours ago

    it came from dog rabbies, want to bite to any body

  • melon shop
    melon shop 2 hours ago


  • Dopamine
    Dopamine 2 hours ago

    Look at his left sleeve and right shoulder

  • T. R. Owens
    T. R. Owens 2 hours ago

    We aren't alone in the universe, it's just that no one ever visits a loony bin. I think we are under observation and when humans collectively grow up then they will start to make themselves known. Then again maybe there is no way to physically overcome the light speed limit and there are islands of life dotted here and there too distant from each other to ever meet. Isn't conjecture fun?? 🖖😚🖕

  • XRP 747E
    XRP 747E 2 hours ago

    Excellent. Very well done!

  • Nick Walker
    Nick Walker 2 hours ago

    the eyeball-brain size ratio is accurate there for mac users. $1400... for a pocket calculator that not a single apple tech is "certified" to fix.

  • TheOtherSteel
    TheOtherSteel 2 hours ago

    12:17 "We seemed doomed to time travel only forward and very slowly at that." I was under the distinct impression that we baryonic beings traveled very quickly through time and only greatly increasing our spatial velocity slowed the velocity through time.

  • Phoenix love
    Phoenix love 2 hours ago

    I prefer Bob Lazars anti gravity type space craft that's already tried and tested.

  • Shale WarBringer
    Shale WarBringer 2 hours ago

    Conscience does not influence quantum mechanic, medichlorians does. This is the ways of the Force ;-)

  • melanjester
    melanjester 2 hours ago

    I want you to be my uncle so bad

  • Katherine Perkins
    Katherine Perkins 2 hours ago

    Thanks guys. This was just what I needed. I’m trying to get people to recognize that they are being lied to by an amoral new age scam artist and this really helps. I’m going to link to your video.

  • Daniel Bojidarov
    Daniel Bojidarov 2 hours ago

    Imagine James web

  • Grisha
    Grisha 2 hours ago

    It's appalling that a so-called "scientific" video spreads BS supporting the "Intelligent Design" pseudoscience and this "finely tuned parameters" gibberish. It seems the more they try to deny the Anthropic Principle, the more they reassure it. We overestimate ourselves in so many ways that it becomes hilarious. The existence of life makes no difference to the universe at all. Whether we're here or not, universe is giving a damn about it. Life is not an evolutionary step to the universe. We need it. It doesn't need us. We're byproducts of carbon.

  • Scott West
    Scott West 3 hours ago

    Also, does entropy affect angular momentum? I feel like that could explain how they merge

  • Matthew M
    Matthew M 3 hours ago

    Finally preparing us for what is really going to happen...global warming is a good thing and not human driven! Welcome to solar minimum 2020-2050!

  • Scott West
    Scott West 3 hours ago

    So if those jets get shot out of the black hole, are they going faster than light? Since light can't come out of a black hole

  • Tamer Tawil
    Tamer Tawil 3 hours ago

    why arn't we talking about the delayed choice quantum eraser?

  • Ben Lesel
    Ben Lesel 3 hours ago

    The argument made against the parallels of eastern mysticism and quantum mechanics was that it "opened the flood gates" for many books to be written on the subject of which some have erroneous claims? I study quantum mechanics myself and I think the conscious universe theory is the strongest for explaining the observations in various quantum experiments and also provides a mechanism for our own consciousness. I predict that materialism will eventually give way in time to a form of panpsychism, though this will be a hard pill for the current generation of materialist scientists to swallow (I know because I struggled with it myself, but it fits the extensive data sets the best).

  • S20☆ Urza
    S20☆ Urza 3 hours ago

    I read a shirt story once called The Dome. It was about a Dome that showed up on the moon and how a NASA man went to go examine a single tablet that was recovered. In Greek, the tablet was written and it said "No civilization has ever survived the space age." Could be a bit of nonfiction in there

  • Rebecca Wrongdaily
    Rebecca Wrongdaily 3 hours ago

    Yes, the science on this is concluded. Anybody disagreeing is a heretic that must be de-platformed, be made unemployable and generally hated by the wider community if not sentenced to death. Are there any other areas of 2020 science you wish to have an open discussion about?

  • alan smithee
    alan smithee 3 hours ago

    Can't wait until someone finds out all of quantum physics is bs and we've just been completely misunderstanding all these phenomena

  • Organon
    Organon 4 hours ago

    Clades: Chimps are monkeys. Monkeys are fish. Dolphins are fish, sharks are not.

  • Organon
    Organon 4 hours ago

    The Universe observes the Universe.

  • Tony
    Tony 4 hours ago

    In a simulation the results of any experiment are simply a series of mathematical possibilities (of the simulation program) until the simulation program is forced to pick one in order to pass it to the observer. Reminds of the thought experiment of how do you know the rest of the world exists when you're not observing it. Just like in a VR machine.

  • Diana Gibbs
    Diana Gibbs 4 hours ago

    "Earned your nerd card back" GODS I love this channel

  • TheAbc45678
    TheAbc45678 4 hours ago

    This was the best (and scariest) episode ever. Unfortunately it did not justify its conclusion at all. It opened at 0:07 with the assertion that the answer was "no" then despite 13 minutes of (helpful) explanation it still concludes "no" without any evidence having been provided. Basically the conclusion was "leave this question to the real physicists, who, by the way, have changed their minds on this question." Therefore this was the least convincing episode I've seen.

  • Ninja.vom.Wolfstor
    Ninja.vom.Wolfstor 4 hours ago

    How do You know, it is a "first" interstellar Visitor? So silly...

  • Rodger Myles
    Rodger Myles 4 hours ago

    Hold on a minute. Humans are in charge of the CO2 effect, not the Sun. We can do it quicker! But won't evolution adapt over the timescales you are talking about?

  • Sharon Stuckey
    Sharon Stuckey 4 hours ago

    Been dreaming these things! Yikes!

  • Graham Ivison
    Graham Ivison 4 hours ago

    Hmm, not at temperatures reaching 480c, even at night. Venus also has a choking 10 mile thick Carbon Dioxide atmosphere and is covered all the way round in volcanic plains.The radiation from the Sun Mars receives would kill you in two minutes, that’s even before you’re own blood would boil 😐 ... erm, ‘no thanks’ !!

  • Vince Mack
    Vince Mack 4 hours ago

    Could an artificial magnetasphere not be created by a system of micro satellites? It wouldn't need to be that strong. You don't really need that thick an atmosphere to make it comfortable. A couple of thousand feet is good enough and it will naturally thicken over time.

  • 40s&Blunts
    40s&Blunts 4 hours ago

    my dude needs to smoke up some DMT then he'll realize what's getting SIMULATED


    It is NOT US that do you proud... IT IS YOU... THAT FAILS US !

  • Volker Wendt
    Volker Wendt 4 hours ago

    Prinkipia, of course. Important debate, yes it is ;)

  • shinarit
    shinarit 4 hours ago

    This Gabe period was interesting as well. The new guy is better, but spacetime was always great.

  • roucoupse
    roucoupse 4 hours ago

    you can make assertions about everything, for instance imagine what it would be if space was in reality time, and time was space.

  • MrMugenwii
    MrMugenwii 5 hours ago

    So they still dont know what is causing the concrete results when measured, after all this years...

  • VJ
    VJ 5 hours ago

    Curiously enough, even though I like the pilot-wave theory, I haven't found Copenhagen too uncomfortable either. Such a lovely city.

  • rhondac98606
    rhondac98606 5 hours ago

    I have my own hypothesis. Suppose one photon at a time is shot at a double slit, with some unknown variables such as minute changes in distance from the photon source to the double slit and minute changes in the distance from the detector to the double slit, I don't know perhaps quantum fluxuations in distance. The photon would appear on the detector where the wave converges with the correct quantum energy to activate an electron/photon. Would this not create a situation where the photons appear in a pattern?

  • Asbjørn Fossmo
    Asbjørn Fossmo 5 hours ago

    @PBS Space Time: From a person with very limited knowledge - If Quantum Physics is "true", wouldn't that result in normal physics having "breakpoints" of sorts? like gravity; two atoms enacting upon one another 100m apart is X, then could it be that the same atoms 100.0001m apart is still X, and not some smaller value?

  • Stephen Wyatt
    Stephen Wyatt 5 hours ago

    Yeah gonna listen 2 your opinion compared to weird elon musk.

  • Dawit Moges
    Dawit Moges 5 hours ago

    you said you'd go slow :/

  • Quick Quiz
    Quick Quiz 5 hours ago

    I think they should teach kids the double slit experiment in school early on. It's absolutely amazing and if kids learn early enough it will open their minds to astonishing things.

  • CailínRua
    CailínRua 5 hours ago

    I have been trying to wrap my brain around wave particle duality and probability density functions for the best part of a decade and I still just straight up Can. Not.

  • Andrew Laurent
    Andrew Laurent 6 hours ago

    Could it be caused by external influence? We know the sun goes through changes in it's field polarity across a decade or so. I've been theorizing that the higher volume of galactic dust towards the galactic plane and our sun's position moving away from these particles may be causing the regular pole changes in the sun, which then may eventually reorient the orbiting planets as the sun's polarity become more stable as it gets further from the plane, when it's potential of attraction in one direction is the greatest. I'm exploring and testing a new theory on electromagnetism in galaxies and star migration.

  • Murphy deffa
    Murphy deffa 6 hours ago

    Now to real world use: 1) lets create dedector that "no interference"=1 and "interference"=0 2) Replace A an B beamsplitters with electro optical device that allows us to select signal. 3) move this selector to mars 4) send continious beam to mars, it takes bit time to arrive but its ok 5) modulate signal on mars electro optical devices on/off 6) see dedector signal on earth at same time, 7)patent faster than light communication.

  • manifold
    manifold 6 hours ago

    300 thumbs down by people suffering from Deepak Chopritis

  • Nabin Thapa
    Nabin Thapa 6 hours ago

    Literally is that a regular speed he talks and gives an explanations !! i just screw up scratching my head and asking myself wait what did he says actually then repeating it.

  • MilesUmbrae
    MilesUmbrae 6 hours ago

    This sounds like the philosophical argument that you can only prove your own consciousness, and as far as you can confirm everyone else around you are nothing more than holograms there to trick you for a malevolent or benevolent reason.

  • Dao - Religion und Wissenschaft

    Wow wait this here is only here because the quantum possibilitys are forming shapes to dont brake apart

  • Dao - Religion und Wissenschaft

    If you definine nothing you define something

  • reuven1961
    reuven1961 6 hours ago

    Why treat consciousness as mysticism? This is indeed the approach of science in the last 3 centuries, and this approach fails when arriving to quantum physics. Consciosness and conscious entities (what ever they are) are part of this world, and I think one cannot get a full understanding on quantum physics without solving the "hard problem of consciousness".

  • Scott Pike
    Scott Pike 6 hours ago

    Fantasy. When the universe was smashed into this dot. What was just outside of this dot ? nothing just nothing. Ummm something was outside of this dot. If not where would the Big Bang explode to. Oh so space was not included it got to stay outside of the dot. In the beginning god said “.

  • J B
    J B 6 hours ago

    In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

  • Dorin Ionita
    Dorin Ionita 6 hours ago

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the wave equation is a PDE whose solution is a function which describes the variation of a probability distribution of some outcome - that is, it describes a process. In order to actually make it give us a result, we need (from a mathematical perspective) the initial conditions of the PDE. Since a measurements collapses the function, doesn't that mean that we change the initial conditions of the PDE (after that moment) and hence we change how the probability distribution varies? That means that when we use our consciousness to make a measurements, we are, in fact changing the reality (because we change the initial conditions and the evolution of the probability distribution function).

  • Johnathan Fullman
    Johnathan Fullman 7 hours ago

    Would we ever be able to tell the difference experimentally between a world where the wave function collapses at consciousness and one where it never collapses?

  • Stranglygreen
    Stranglygreen 7 hours ago

    what if the wave never colapses and the wave is alwsy there?? so what you see with the dot is in the exact instant the dot was there. the next instant it could be some palce differnt. coudl it be as simple as.. say you have a an oscilope you can a sine wave in full but the double slit exraimt only see an instant of the wave is showing. only when you combin al lthe points do you see the wave and the true image.

  • Thomas Anderson
    Thomas Anderson 7 hours ago

    It's all meta fizzickle

  • SimplyHuman
    SimplyHuman 7 hours ago

    Quantum is meaningless. flash-player.org/video/0DkQ91n6O40-video.html The experiment began on false premises. Light is not a wave or a particle. Not a photon. It is a coaxial circuit. Ken wheeler explains quite well.

  • Taylor Barnett
    Taylor Barnett 7 hours ago

    That was totally unnecessary, I mean that did not clear it up. It’s still the same exact thing man. Of course small tiny things don’t have tides, they’re not big enough.

  • anglez
    anglez 7 hours ago

    I usually like these videos but not this one. The mainstream physics community's constant shrinking away from all suggestions that consciousness may influence quantum mechanics has to do with the culture of science and its inherited squeamishness over such things rather than the inherent irrationality of the suggestion itself. It's getting quite tiresome actually. Please just admit the possibility that we just don't know and stop trying to defend a paradigm that doesn't need defending.

  • Lex Leon
    Lex Leon 7 hours ago

    If we are here watching I'm almost certain you don't have to explain the double slit experiment, but anyway more fluff.

  • ryuzakilawlight
    ryuzakilawlight 7 hours ago

    I'm cleaning my room, walking around picking up random clothing and I'm listening to your video and there's literally only one word I keep repeating out loud as outrageously as possible - WHAT!?.. Just when I finally thought I understood a single glimpse of the Single slit experiment off it went..

  • Matthew Edwards
    Matthew Edwards 7 hours ago

    "Maximum frequency" is another way of saying "minimum wavelength." If we believe in the Planck length, then there is already a minimum wavelength. It's not a hack at all...it's the same way the Ultraviolet catastrophe was resolved, wasn't it?

  • Nesrocks Gaming Videos

    That equation is basically pointless due to the involvement of 8 wild assumptions. Yes, 8, because it is a wild assumption to assume that it's 7.

  • Minarchist 412
    Minarchist 412 7 hours ago

    Agh the materialist.

  • Thomas Anderson
    Thomas Anderson 7 hours ago

    I love thinking of "causality" in terms of the speed of light. ..

  • Thomas Anderson
    Thomas Anderson 7 hours ago

    Reference frames... kant hit the crux and we're not much further from subjective frames Re objective phenomena. Epistemic doubt lives on!!

  • syntaxed2
    syntaxed2 7 hours ago

    What if Dark Energy is time?

  • Doctor RohitSharma
    Doctor RohitSharma 7 hours ago

    Are you open to changing your mind about Astrology if i send you some data!?

  • Doctor RohitSharma
    Doctor RohitSharma 7 hours ago

    Bro, i disagree, you need to do an experiment to assert they are wrong. In fact, Eastern Mysticism!? Insulting these ideologies or philosophies, Kinda an unscientific way to disapprove and insult other ideas and philosophies. All hypothesis started from philosophies.

  • Padraig McMahon
    Padraig McMahon 8 hours ago

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  • TheBostl
    TheBostl 8 hours ago

    Would Many worlds interpretation not disprove that consciousness influences quantum mechanics?

    SUSHANTA SAHA 8 hours ago

    In the lottery....when the photon is freezed then we don't get the interference pattern...but when the photon reaches the detector, we get interference pattern in the screen...am I correct??

  • Rashmi Chandra
    Rashmi Chandra 8 hours ago

    Shouldn't the red guy record the speed of photon slower than your measurement since it traveling in the same direction as the photon you fired and hence the ct/x or the slop of tangent to white line be more on red guy's graph

  • Felix Truvere
    Felix Truvere 8 hours ago

    Is it fair to say that BECAUSE an observer must be present to collapse electrons/photons to atoms in a destination from its endless possibilities means that the mind CREATES reality just as the Bible says we are all the likeness of God/creators creating our reality with our positive or negative thoughts/faith?

  • shivercanada
    shivercanada 8 hours ago

    After ALL the evidence proving there is a CREATOR, GOD, PROGRAMMER scientists still try to claim it's humans ( in the future ) that created everything while blindly ignoring the facts of WHO MADE THEM. This is what "GOD" is, the creator of everything.

  • rupak rokade
    rupak rokade 8 hours ago

    The "one electron universe" kind of rules out the idea of observer/consciousness/wavefunction as they are all played by the same electron.

  • Krekács Balázs István

    Short answer: No. Measurement != Observation. Measurement doesn't need a concious being.

  • T. Camarg.
    T. Camarg. 8 hours ago

    As always.... simply great material... Specially for those who are not physicians but have the spirit of one.... 😉

  • Miceal Tidwell
    Miceal Tidwell 8 hours ago

    I wood love to talk to you about this may be help out

  • rubikfan1
    rubikfan1 8 hours ago

    This just hit me. We had quantum knowledge before we had color pictures

  • Darrin Green
    Darrin Green 8 hours ago

    My own personal wave function collapsed at the 12:23 mark when I finally realized Matt's sleeves were rolled differently.

  • Rick Hobson
    Rick Hobson 8 hours ago

    Some of those patterns in the merger simulation reminded me of electron orbitals.

  • Ronald Reynolds
    Ronald Reynolds 8 hours ago

    I believe in a superverse. It's the space of all possible universes. All possible universes right here right now. It's like the sculptor's stone block. Any universe could be carved. Many of them would have conscious observers. Nothing has been carved out. It's all potentiality. But a universe with conscious observers doesn't need to be carved out. It can be observed by the conscious observers. I think we live in a observerse.

  • Jonathan Lane
    Jonathan Lane 8 hours ago

    What would happen when the big rip began to tear apart a singularly? Is that even possible?

  • Taylor Rallsley
    Taylor Rallsley 8 hours ago

    Ridiculous, never gunna happen

  • Ronald Reynolds
    Ronald Reynolds 8 hours ago

    I believe in a superverse. It's the space of all possible universes. All possible universes right here right now. It's like the sculptor's stone block. Any universe could be carved. Many of them would have conscious observers. Nothing has been carved out. It's all potentiality. But a universe with conscious observers doesn't need to be carved out. It can be observed by the conscious observers. I think we live in a observerse.

  • Cowboy Stevo
    Cowboy Stevo 9 hours ago

    It is days like these I'm glad I'm too stupid to be a theoretical physicist... my brain hurts.

  • L Christian
    L Christian 9 hours ago

    Yes it does!! Blueprint of creation discovered: flash-player.org/video/vnrD8nerYH4-video.html

  • Verners Lejietis
    Verners Lejietis 9 hours ago

    Wow! Even though, the Consiousness influencing QM video is more to my liking, I am glad I did not miss this one. I went in it without a clue what an Axion is, but your explanation with the graphics was top notch. If only i was a kid way back in school, your content is really inspirational.

  • Ryan Q
    Ryan Q 9 hours ago

    Nothing you will ever observe is outside of consciousness. Consciousness is the substrate for all things. You will never discover this truth by measuring the world, and it can only be verified by the self subjected.

  • Zurich Ahmad
    Zurich Ahmad 9 hours ago

    I'd choose Mars