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Justin Bieber net worth
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  • Laurence Stradling
    Laurence Stradling 11 minutes ago

    This is fake. Just Google it. Kids an actor.

  • dreamlesnights
    dreamlesnights 14 minutes ago

    Y’all dumb he 18 lmao finessed y’all bro just for the money smfh

  • Val Mid
    Val Mid 15 minutes ago

    I thought the president, being who he is, would mention suspenseful and thrilling Parasite-and that was indeed comedic (on Brad Pitt too). Funniest thing is that triggered ones say President Trump is again racist and xenophobic on wanting Gone with the Wind. But then again, wasn’t this movie won an Oscar for a female African American actor?

  • Brandein Gargulio
    Brandein Gargulio 17 minutes ago

    „To have him *PERRRRRRRRRP* the election“ hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • indigolady indigo
    indigolady indigo 28 minutes ago

    Hugh jackman you just been fooled the midget going on 19 ...he's not 9 and not in school ..the mother son scammers ..

  • Kirstin Stapley
    Kirstin Stapley 46 minutes ago

    He is the kid and he is faking it look at this and see for your self

  • MrHEC381991
    MrHEC381991 47 minutes ago

    Oh my god even celebrities fell for it! It's a giant scam and everybody fell for it!

  • chandr barhdawat
    chandr barhdawat 53 minutes ago

    School authorities should be held responsible for each and every misery and pain this kid had to bear bcz of their irresponsibility...this kid will be a hero for saving many kids from getting bullied now on...love and strength

    DA BALL 59 minutes ago

    This is fake

  • Kevin Bebbington
    Kevin Bebbington 59 minutes ago

    She was a wonderful person and will be deeply missed let her rest in peace now

  • Darth Reese
    Darth Reese Hour ago


  • Neil Rafferty
    Neil Rafferty Hour ago

    Does mental health no favours

  • Aphist
    Aphist Hour ago


  • Eng. Anon
    Eng. Anon Hour ago

    I Love You

  • Varheim
    Varheim Hour ago

    Close borders, shut down public transportation and any form of activity involving large groups of people (cinemas, night clubs, etc). Why is this so hard for governments to understand? Because they don't care if ordinary people die.

  • Pedro Infante
    Pedro Infante Hour ago

    I felt his fear, his desperation, for christ's sake he already has a problem to fight for his whole life, he even has to fight to people because he is special and different, please dont, respect, please if you ser someone shorter, thinner, chubby or anything just leave him be, look inside that person and respect, i am really upset, crying, wish i could tell him something to calm him, just gonna say every person is special for what is inside

  • Howard
    Howard Hour ago

    Megamind headass

  • EJG
    EJG Hour ago

    Thoroughly disappointed by many of the comments on this video. Here he is sharing his vulnerabilities and asking people to be kind to one another and here you all are being cruel and insensitive. The exact thing that drove her to take her own life. I would ask everyone to watch the full video before commenting on just this snippet

  • Chris Morrison
    Chris Morrison Hour ago

    heroes rise and cowards fall...ALWAYS...God bless Quaden

  • Eva Eva
    Eva Eva Hour ago

    even we never know each other, but all my family is your best friends. We are living in Taiwan, be strong, God bless you

  • GEM24
    GEM24 Hour ago

    You have friends in BC Canada too. We're standing STRONG with Quaden!!

  • طائر الجنوب

    صوته شجي

  • Douglas Manning
    Douglas Manning Hour ago

    Everyone needs to look at Russianvids video on this kid.

  • Car S
    Car S Hour ago

    Los niños son sinceros y es normal alejarse de lo anormal o enfermo. Es por sobrevivencia. Por esto es q hay q legalizar el aborto, para evitar traer hijos al mundo solo para hacerlos sufrir. El vaticano mata miles de personas al año, debe dejar de ser hipócrita y los burros deben abandonar la religión y comenzar a estudiar, cuanto más inteligente más apoyarán los derechos a hacer JUSTICIA

  • NøvəmbęrXØ
    NøvəmbęrXØ Hour ago

    This Nigga Scammin Yall🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Krista Harris
    Krista Harris Hour ago

    He's 18 years old

  • Baxter Hurley
    Baxter Hurley 2 hours ago

    you know this is a scam

  • Braylon spence
    Braylon spence 2 hours ago

    This is really sad to see school Principal should do something about bullying in school period. Stop Bullying .

  • Matt King
    Matt King 2 hours ago

    You all got played. This guy is actually an 18 year old actor scamming people for money.

  • makeup times
    makeup times 2 hours ago

    Don worry quaden... Baby ua already ahead of those kids and akways will be... This world is cruel.. Stay strong... One day ul b setting some serious goals for these people...

  • Banana PanCakes
    Banana PanCakes 2 hours ago

    Even the best actor got scammed by this 😂

  • nadeak nadeak
    nadeak nadeak 2 hours ago

    Kasihan kamu dek.. Tetap semangat ia dek. Hiraukan orang2 yang membullymu ia dek..

  • Danny Alibrandi
    Danny Alibrandi 2 hours ago

    Lol fake

  • Matthew Royce
    Matthew Royce 2 hours ago

    I always enjoyed life when I was younger. I was 4ft tall through my mid teen's year's. It's honestly not easy because most everyone is so tall and it's difficult to find passion. I embraced my capabilities and I was better than the tall people in my eyes. I embraced the teachings of Ninja and the military sniper. I learned to blend with the overall character of people's honest action. I learned to see people for who they were from within themselves. & looking into what the world had for the future I seen giant people of every character that I would have to survive & escape to protect myself & to keep them from invading my home and my life. You eventually learn that even though you're lonely for many days amidst the crowd of fighting giants that there are many other people in the world somewhat just like yourself & also that as your completely overlooked... That you have the strongest capabilities to actually do something for the better good of the giants that are being hurt by other's activities. I would say to Quadan, " Your uniqueness is a Greatness that for all the power of the giants, they will never be capable of. You are one of a few. Thank you for caring. Learn the world, there is a thing of heart that only we, !!!small people rule!!! "M.P.R

    • Darth Reese
      Darth Reese Hour ago

      Matthew Royce he’s an actor this is all fake

  • I. M.
    I. M. 2 hours ago

    Quaden, Hugh Jackman, isn't he wonderful????? A good friend to have. I see great things for you, Quaden. A happy life and many people who love you. Sending big hugs!!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍Maybe you have changed the hearts of the ignorant children.😍😍The entire school and all the parents too.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • 3rick _
    3rick _ 2 hours ago

    people still think this is real 🤦‍♂️

    QUEEN MARISA 2 hours ago

    This is not true! It was all fake they created that it's not true at all I have proof!!!

  • John Morrison
    John Morrison 2 hours ago

    Where was the mic

  • xander cage
    xander cage 2 hours ago

    Lol if only they knew how much of a scam this is and how much a of a gucci dressed dbag liar this lil shiet is....

  • donnyfrom hackney
    donnyfrom hackney 2 hours ago

    We don't want them

  • nikdo a nikdy
    nikdo a nikdy 2 hours ago

  • John Morrison
    John Morrison 2 hours ago

    I want hear more

  • Chronotic
    Chronotic 2 hours ago

    Played. PLAYED.

  • Bobby Brown
    Bobby Brown 2 hours ago

    He scammed y’all lmao

  • Stingaroo
    Stingaroo 3 hours ago

    Quaden, so many you don’t know love you!! Be strong my friend. Chin up, smile and know you how many people are there for you❤️💪🙏🏻

  • Kday555 Kday555
    Kday555 Kday555 3 hours ago

    Prayers for u hun🙏❤️🙏

  • Stylists-House Shop
    Stylists-House Shop 3 hours ago


  • Zander Floyd
    Zander Floyd 3 hours ago

    You know he is 19 right

  • Bmore Blondie
    Bmore Blondie 3 hours ago

    They all infected

  • t h e u n k n o w n b o y

    Even Hugh Jackman gets scammed

  • AutomobileFunk
    AutomobileFunk 3 hours ago

    LoL Trump is the man. 👍👍👍

  • Baby Joey Ramirez
    Baby Joey Ramirez 3 hours ago

    This was all set up!!

  • Kanokwan Tharawan
    Kanokwan Tharawan 3 hours ago

    I cried so hard. He screamed out "you don't even do anything." Please know that you have me in Thailand. You have friends all over the world now. This is amazing, right, young man? I promise I will do something Quaden. You taught me well. I will dedicate my life fighting to stop bullying. My love to you and your mother and your family.

  • 0ne_ tap
    0ne_ tap 3 hours ago

    Its a Scam

  • Tika Sinaga
    Tika Sinaga 3 hours ago

    QUADEN and Mum you got much much love love from Indonesia!!

  • Tika Sinaga
    Tika Sinaga 3 hours ago


  • Audrey Bailey
    Audrey Bailey 3 hours ago

    It’s not real He is a actor

  • Robert Bryk
    Robert Bryk 3 hours ago

    He's not 9 he's a liar and an actor

  • Mystic Moon Child
    Mystic Moon Child 3 hours ago

    Google - Quaden Bayles Star Now The kid is an actor, model & influencer❗️ l guess he will be a Star Now after his Mother sent the Bullying Video Viral

  • Mr Smarty Pants
    Mr Smarty Pants 3 hours ago

    Regardless if he's 9, 18 or 50. It's a scam. It's not hard to tell. What 9 year old flashes money and guns, Throws up middle fingers and f you signs, Walks the streets alone, hangs with all adults? He's a actor who was in a show called "Living Black". Its real kids being bullied and he's making money off people's generosity. His mother should be sent to jail for fraud.. 💯

  • Raymond Quadros
    Raymond Quadros 3 hours ago

    Hang on Little Buddy. Don't give up. People all around the world Love you. Love from California...USA.

  • stevie hiner
    stevie hiner 3 hours ago

    I don’t know much about politics at all and don’t have an opinion on trump so does anyone know what the beef is between him and south korea? because i don’t understand what he’s gaining from this. the movie was really good and i understand why it got the awards it did

  • Baz Err
    Baz Err 3 hours ago

    This mum and son have been all over SBS TV before. This isn't the first time they have tried this. Not news worthy. Aussies are gulliable.

  • David Jones
    David Jones 3 hours ago

    I thought it was fake from the jump! If it was my kid and he was acting like cutting his throat we wouldn't be making a video we would be getting help!

  • Farhat Aziz
    Farhat Aziz 3 hours ago

    Love u baby u r so sweet the people who bullied u are not even human don't worry they will pay for their actions god bless u just be happy we all are with you sweet boy

  • seng cheenh
    seng cheenh 3 hours ago

    Lord, make me an instrument of your peace Where there is hatred, let me sow love Where there is injury, pardon Where there is doubt, faith Where there is despair, hope Where there is darkness, light And where there is sadness, joy O Divine Master, grant that I may Not so much seek to be consoled as to console To be understood, as to understand To be loved, as to love For it is in giving that we receive And it's in pardoning that we are pardoned And it's in dying that we are born to Eternal Life Amen

  • iozsa tabita
    iozsa tabita 4 hours ago

    Love this kid! So adorable. Breaks my heart.

  • Donkey CaCa
    Donkey CaCa 4 hours ago

    I'm in my 60's and Quaden's story made me cry like a baby! I can't remember a time ever in my life when my heart was so utterly this broken over a stranger whom I didn't know... Quaden can't help the way he was born, but the rest of us who were extremely lucky to not have physical differences need to surround Quaden and let him know it's what's on the inside that's makes us a big person and not the size of our bodies! I'm 6 feet, but my mother's father(my grandfather)was 5 feet and my mother was 4'10". I remember all the jackasses who teased me because of how short they were... At my grandfather's funeral when I was 15 years old I remember all these very tall big guys coming up to me telling me my grandfather was the biggest man they'd ever met in their life and wished that one day they could be as big a man as he was... Hopefully Quaden will get some new protective quality friends who see him for what's on the inside over this insanely sad video. Quaden's only crime, he just wants to be excepted and have a friend(s), didn't we all at that age... Wish I lived in Australia because Quaden would be my new best friend and find out he's actually a much bigger person than his tiny insignificant bullies!

  • matthew mayberry
    matthew mayberry 4 hours ago

    To bad all this was a lie lmao

  • Fabio Moreira
    Fabio Moreira 4 hours ago

    Parents of boys who do bulling should be arrested! It is necessary to create laws that hold parents and schools responsible for such sad episodes as well! And Congratulation Actor Hugh Jackman you saved my day!!!

  • Scott Pastian
    Scott Pastian 4 hours ago

    Maybe he’s telling the truth-it was actually a shart.

  • Fabio Moreira
    Fabio Moreira 4 hours ago

    Congratulation Actor Hugh Jackman!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jacob Willingham
      Jacob Willingham 2 hours ago

      Fabio Moreira sorry for my language also

    • Jacob Willingham
      Jacob Willingham 3 hours ago

      Fabio Moreira Bullying needs to stop and to the people who are saying this is a scam need to go f their selfs

  • Vasuki Timber Merchants RAJA

    We love you so much Quaden....Be Brave and be safe for a better future. Remember, Vamana is the fifth avatar of Hindu god Vishnu. May god bless you.

  • Luke Rockley
    Luke Rockley 4 hours ago

    He is a very good actor

  • Sara C
    Sara C 4 hours ago

    Can anyone find the one with the music? What a wonderful world? I saw it and now I can't find it.

  • Nancy Elizabeth Grady

    Precious beautiful Angel you are so loved ❤️🥰

  • xX CheezyBreezy Xx
    xX CheezyBreezy Xx 4 hours ago

    Y’all realize he scammed y’all into giving him $ 500k and he’s actually 18...

  • George Castillo
    George Castillo 4 hours ago

    Wish John snow and the mother of dragons showed up at that school

  • Dara 7879
    Dara 7879 4 hours ago

    Bruh yous got played he's 19

  • joseph291
    joseph291 4 hours ago

    Lies in the bible. Thats wrong. Its black and white.

  • Roy Ana
    Roy Ana 4 hours ago

    If come to USA California I take you to see every thing you want, I promise

    • YT BgFariss
      YT BgFariss 4 hours ago

      Its fake he is 18 years old , how do u believe this he got 500k dollars and he own guns he scamms people for money

  • Irche Rosita
    Irche Rosita 4 hours ago

    I really want to give a big hug for Quaden and say that he is so precious. I pray that God will strengthen you. Hopefully those who bully You can get the right punishment. Please stay strong because there are lots of people love you and support you. So much love from Indonesia. God be with you strong boy

  • Mikel Mcknight ツ
    Mikel Mcknight ツ 4 hours ago

    You guys know he’s 19

  • Brandon And faze rug Fan

    Sorry he’s 18

  • Osman Samsun
    Osman Samsun 4 hours ago

    The judo sport might help to get self coinfidence for kids. It gives the kids bagage for the rest of their lives where they have to make choises! Best of luck for Quaden!

  • WTF
    WTF 4 hours ago

    I’d be sad if it wasn’t fake. But it’s fake and he lied to you ALL

  • Toddrick KillerKitsuné

    I'll miss you lady Dot cotton, you were like my Aunt who died in 2015, you are one classic golden girl. We EE fans love you so much

  • Ella Patel
    Ella Patel 4 hours ago

    He finessed y’all

  • Pilot Matthew
    Pilot Matthew 4 hours ago

    So sad had this was a scam

  • Sindy Lou
    Sindy Lou 5 hours ago

    Good for you for speaking up! Teachers are to blame, society should be a ashamed. God bless you.. "You have a friend in me, too!" ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🤗.

  • TheMusikryder
    TheMusikryder 5 hours ago

    How about this kids acting just to get famous and money and free things?

  • Carlos Cr
    Carlos Cr 5 hours ago

    He is a scam you all

  • MissOriginality
    MissOriginality 5 hours ago

    He’s an actor, he’s actually 18! 🤯

  • Bald Bearded Bloke
    Bald Bearded Bloke 5 hours ago

    Bullying Is Wrong. Nobody Should be picked on because of things beyond anybody's control.

  • No Blood No Change
    No Blood No Change 5 hours ago

    People should sue all celebrities involved and who support that little ugly midget on this scam.

  • Brian Davis
    Brian Davis 5 hours ago

    Thank you people that have some power and influence putting in effort to stop bullying, it's low IQ and just pitiful act of a human.

  • TheBirchTree1205
    TheBirchTree1205 5 hours ago

    and no one notices only the left ear is playing audio cause yall are on speaker or something

  • gennaro ianniciello
    gennaro ianniciello 5 hours ago

    Let us make the song..WARRIORS by ARI SKYE..THE WORLDWIDE THEME SONG in STANDING UP TO BULLIES..Just search Ari Skye on You Tube..Are you on board.

  • avex fenix
    avex fenix 5 hours ago

    No se x q la gente es tan mala burlarse de los demás eres un niño lindo Dios te bendiga hermoso y a tu familia

  • mcluvin0226
    mcluvin0226 5 hours ago

    This was a scam the kid is a 18 year old actor...Google it..just updated