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  • Angry Animation
    Angry Animation 34 seconds ago

    100% setup fight

  • Albert Verano
    Albert Verano 28 minutes ago

    Ruiz ,at first look.. you can't even tell if he is a fighter /boxer... jaja nice opponent. I like him. From Philippines

  • Barnowl Bespoke
    Barnowl Bespoke 2 hours ago

    AJ just cringe

  • f p
    f p 2 hours ago

    2 gentlemen indeed, but its entretaining to see some wilder killing mode kind of press conferense.

  • Usep Hilman
    Usep Hilman 2 hours ago

    Ruiz ... Job👍

  • Ryan Ormerod
    Ryan Ormerod 3 hours ago


  • True Tamizhan
    True Tamizhan 3 hours ago

    Antony joshua will bounce back like Sylvester stallone in rocky Balboa. He will strike back like a tiger and reclaim his title belts. God be with both of the champions.

  • cfc 1888
    cfc 1888 4 hours ago

    That gym seems worth a video of its own. Roberto seems the man with a few stories I'm sure

  • cfc 1888
    cfc 1888 4 hours ago

    100% FAITH anytime ricksterko goes in the ring. Pride of scotland.

  • Tony Darbyshire
    Tony Darbyshire 4 hours ago

    1:52 is where the fight is fixed 😂😂😂

  • Abdallah Khatib
    Abdallah Khatib 5 hours ago

    Stronger head and jaws than Andy's? I've never seen! !!!!!!! Bless him! !!!!!

  • peter garvey
    peter garvey 6 hours ago

    I love both of these guys for their sportsmanship.....class acts !!

  • Paul Liddle
    Paul Liddle 7 hours ago

    Wtf is this a date night

  • Jose Adorno
    Jose Adorno 8 hours ago

    Any commenters getting ready to post ignorance about wanting these two guys to go at it outside the ring prior to the fight, revise yourself as human beings. This is real class. They gave us a great show. And will prob do it again. This is a sport, not mortal combat.

  • BSK 1
    BSK 1 8 hours ago

    Tickets booked 👍👍👍 come on burns

  • Said Mohamed Omar
    Said Mohamed Omar 9 hours ago

    The bottom line is Joshua don't have the cardio to beat ruiz trust me it's going to be sme result second fight end of story.

  • True Tamizhan
    True Tamizhan 10 hours ago

    Anthony took this fight lightly. I believe he will train hard and come back and win his rematch like rocky balboa...

  • Venom Deadpool
    Venom Deadpool 10 hours ago

    Ruiz was a substitute. Pacquiao was also a sustitute on his first title fight against Ledwaba. Great opportunity only knocks once. Never ever hesitate. Grab it.

  • Че Ло Век
    Че Ло Век 10 hours ago

    На это можно смотреть вечно)

  • Barry M09
    Barry M09 11 hours ago

    LOL. How embarrassing. Get real, Edward and please make this the first *and* last outing with these two after you've rinsed them for all the money ofcourse. :D

  • Jerry Jimenez
    Jerry Jimenez 11 hours ago

    Giive it up for the SAUDI'S they got style. The best in the WORLD.

  • Stafford Geduld
    Stafford Geduld 12 hours ago

    AJ was completely overrated. OMG Ruiz is only a fat light heavyweight...nothing more. Even if he wins he will have lost in my book because he will now want to destroy Ruiz in next to no time. Question is , can he survive or come back from a good punch or couple of them??

  • oliver Rodriguez
    oliver Rodriguez 12 hours ago

    You could knock a mexican DOWN, but you can never knock a mexican OUT cold.

  • oliver Rodriguez
    oliver Rodriguez 12 hours ago

    Joshoa looks at the refery and wonders what happened? I tought I knocked this dude out a second ago?

  • Freikorps11/11
    Freikorps11/11 13 hours ago

    Wilder will kill Joshua fury obviously would.

  • Krysta Green
    Krysta Green 15 hours ago

    Save the moaning for the negotiation table, no one is forced to sign a contract. If you've agreed and signed to the terms then just shut up n put up

  • Daniel Hamilton
    Daniel Hamilton 15 hours ago


  • Spencer Guillen
    Spencer Guillen 16 hours ago

    Aj get smacked up hahaha...all that muscle never saved his skull from being punched in...the bigger they are the harder they fall😉😉😉😉😉😉😉👍🏻

  • Jason Khawaja
    Jason Khawaja 17 hours ago

    Andy Ruiz Jr Fighter of The Year

  • Ántrax Love
    Ántrax Love 18 hours ago


  • Khalid Naji
    Khalid Naji 19 hours ago

    جوشوا جوشوا جوشوا

  • maz man
    maz man 20 hours ago

    Great lad👍

  • Gerrie herwijnen
    Gerrie herwijnen 21 hour ago


  • Enduro L888
    Enduro L888 22 hours ago

    Joshua. What a melt

  • Mark M
    Mark M 22 hours ago

    It's going to be a draw. These guys trying to make money.

    LEFT HOOK LARRY 23 hours ago

    JESUS CHRIST Parker's chin is insane. The hook he landed on Parker knocks out 99% of the division.

  • Jordan Ulbrich
    Jordan Ulbrich 23 hours ago

    Not taking anything away from Ruiz. Definitely has the Speed, Skills and power to win against potentially anyone but doesnt it seem like AJ is gassed. Guy looks like he was partying the night before. Not that that is an excuse just an observation.

  • Liam neill
    Liam neill 23 hours ago

    This guy is the reason I stuck watching boxing. Gwarn Ricky

  • Gurpreet Digpal

    This is how AJ needs to come against Ruiz’2 hunger is his key 🔑

    • MrRemixV3
      MrRemixV3 11 hours ago

      Ruiz is on another level, power, speed, agility, movement etc.

  • Charles Thomas

    A strong case of mental underestimate of an opponent. This is not new The question will Jos respect the punching power next fight. The guy (champ) wasnt in good shape

  • Dawud Bryant
    Dawud Bryant Day ago

    AJ swore on a sky show, the loss has changed him, no more fakeness

  • Bright Anderson


  • ramz zulu
    ramz zulu Day ago

    I hope AJ owns the people sitting around that table rather than the other way round

  • Sohail Azad Azad

    A round Joshua will live to remember

  • Tam ErS
    Tam ErS Day ago

    Even a blind chicken finds a corn

  • Jacob Abril
    Jacob Abril Day ago

    Nice intro music

  • Feruza Turaeva


  • Jamal Fariclough

    Song ?????????

  • Dike Onyebuchi

    The two are very social...I wish them happy birthday

  • Joseph Cartwright

    Ruiz for the win. He can take a big hit unlike AJ

  • Estevan Martinez

    Fucking andy. He's so admirable the way he carries himself.

  • Emigranti Tironas

    WTF is this about,best buddies ??!!!! AJ lost his confidence and drive as a boxer. You are about to knock out each other 2 months later,and now you talk about family's. Show respect in the right time and place. Leave all the bullshit and get back to business.

  • Mandip Dahal
    Mandip Dahal Day ago

    Never underestimate mexicans

  • Trail Pirate
    Trail Pirate Day ago

    Boring as shit ,rather watch the cricket

  • joe Johnson
    joe Johnson Day ago

    Wow ruiz got strong jew

  • Boxer Guy
    Boxer Guy Day ago

    What about the willie Limond fight

  • Matthew Martinez

    Haney is on his way to stardom thats for come i dont hear bias dotaes boxing nation or barber shop say anything bout Haney using SNAC or victor conteas products? They were talking smack about Mikey when he was there...

  • Kenneth Weis
    Kenneth Weis Day ago

    Joshua will get beat again

  • StanWeiner
    StanWeiner Day ago

    During gloves off segment, they havent worked out to sit in a chair properly. Someone needs to tell them the chairs are meant to lean back on.

  • billy b
    billy b Day ago

    I make them right they should have a rematch clause Katie Taylor has got one so should the other girl

  • PunchFor Pound

    Please, please, please, please do not waste another one of Loma's waning prime fights against Burns. Crolla was more than enough. Just want to say that, preemptively, because I know the type of bullshit this sport repeatedly tries to pull on its audience.

    • PunchFor Pound
      PunchFor Pound Day ago

      For Loma to come back to the UK, it's Josh Taylor or bust.

  • Arnianto Soekarno

    Vaya forma de boxear los dos... echo de menos a Ali...


    Hope Aj beats the shit out of Ruiz and gets his belts back so fury can smash him and take Aj and bum squads title to be undisputed world champ , THERES ONLY ONE TYSON FURY

  • ross yad
    ross yad Day ago

    Ricky Burns 3 weight world champ legend in the streets of Scotland still going strong lives the life great guy respect mate great role model

  • DinaussarGaming

    Low key had troubling understanding him. Is this on the THICKER side of Scott accents?

    • Kevin Armstrong
      Kevin Armstrong Day ago

      Tbh aye. Its what youd definitely call a 'harsher' or more working class accent

    BABY SESH Day ago


  • tony9t
    tony9t Day ago

    Some boyo this kid.

  • Mark Patterson

    Just me but I will not pay for another Katie Taylor fight until shes done right by Delphine Persoon and given her a rematch after Eddie Hearn rigged the judging in a fight she clearly lost

  • Gabs uchiha
    Gabs uchiha Day ago

    good to Ricky Burns

  • Gabs uchiha
    Gabs uchiha Day ago

    good luck to Kaite Taylor and Anthony Crolla Joshua Buatsi

  • callistus nonso

    The only thing missing in this video is Marvin Gaye music in the backgroung and a real slow kiss between them

  • Bob Tob
    Bob Tob 2 days ago

    Dyket atonio

  • callistus nonso
    callistus nonso 2 days ago

    Why dont you guys kiss already🙄

  • Big DONG
    Big DONG 2 days ago

    I would 😁✊🏼

  • Majesticjkr
    Majesticjkr 2 days ago

    Just had apple crumble and custard, I'll never be a boxer

  • Muhammad I’m Ard Bruce Lee

    Let’s have it right burns is a 3 weight world champ respect But my mans skint!! He’s fighting for money and this is to just get Selby back in the running

    • Barry Hearn
      Barry Hearn 2 days ago

      @Muhammad I’m Ard Bruce Lee No way is he worth 30mil, think Warren sued him for half of mil but he went bankrupt. He must have made a couple of mil with those names i mentioned.

    • Muhammad I’m Ard Bruce Lee
      Muhammad I’m Ard Bruce Lee 2 days ago

      Barry Hearn hahaha quality name and pic 👍🏻 If you google his net worth on idol net worth it says he’s worth $30 mil GUYS SKINT FIGHTING BECAUSE HE HAS TO

    • Barry Hearn
      Barry Hearn 2 days ago

      I'm pretty sure after going skint from Fish eyes he's got more than he had before by fighting Crawford, Beltran, Crolla, Zlaticanin, Figueroa, Indongo, Cardle, and now Selby. Didnt fight anyone under Warren.

  • Adam G
    Adam G 2 days ago

    You see how Andy slaps him on the back at the end? Well that's a sign of dominance.

  • Hamed 92
    Hamed 92 2 days ago

    Shame we never saw Crolla Flanagan apart from that like the DAZN schedule and October 26 Sky Box Office PPV Prograis Taylor Parker Chisora Selby Burns 🥊💥

  • MAL
    MAL 2 days ago

    This boxing give ole girl her rematch.. she won the fight.. you running away from defeat.. next u going want to fight shields .. lol

  • MrDavid6864
    MrDavid6864 2 days ago

    I would like to see the winner of this fight vs Haney early next year. Big fight for the winner and a good name opponent for Haney 👊🏼

  • Frank Stein
    Frank Stein 2 days ago


  • Miguel Nava
    Miguel Nava 2 days ago

    Welcome to America!

  • Miguel Nava
    Miguel Nava 2 days ago

    Just keep singing sweet caroline!!

  • Bob Sabra
    Bob Sabra 2 days ago

    Ruiz is playing that mental game on Joshua again and Joshua is falling into the trap yet again. Ruiz giving him a speech abt how he respects him and how he is classy and pumping him up as the alfa male will nullify any aggression Joshua requires on fight night. Ruiz is a master manipulator. And Joshua is a victim of his own ego letting rivals’ pumping words mandate his state of being.

    • Sbdhudhxbb Djdjdjzjjd
      Sbdhudhxbb Djdjdjzjjd 13 hours ago

      What you want them to kill each other or talk shit like Mayweather your an imbecil fucking idiot

  • Ozymandias
    Ozymandias 2 days ago

    Crolla should be main event he's earned his respect

  • Onlyrealmusic4life
    Onlyrealmusic4life 2 days ago

    Lol dude in the white shirt at 2:09 is reacting as if he's AJ's mother

  • Michele Galdi
    Michele Galdi 2 days ago

    Non mene frega un cazzo

    JAIME BARLOW 2 days ago

    Everyone pulling the del boy card on hearn now 😂

  • Shadow Heart
    Shadow Heart 2 days ago

    Respect to AJ for not being a dick about his loss and taking it like a man. It shows character. AR is no slouch either at 33-1 and with 151 rounds under his belt. May the best man win. I'm looking forward to a great fight.

  • Roberto Salazar
    Roberto Salazar 2 days ago

    Great great round. .. both guys hurt badly and fighting for their life. Skill, guts & courage from both guys in 3 mins

  • Аран Аран
    Аран Аран 2 days ago

    Калайсындар э

  • Gabs uchiha
    Gabs uchiha 2 days ago

    good luck to Katie Taylor and Joshua Buatsi and Anthony Crolla

  • Adrian Duarte
    Adrian Duarte 2 days ago

    Andy may look big but that Mexican got them power hits

  • Martin Macca
    Martin Macca 2 days ago

    George was living rent free in froch's head.

  • Manuel Valino
    Manuel Valino 2 days ago

    josue check your hands before fighting

  • Agent Orange
    Agent Orange 2 days ago

    Snac commericial

  • adam Cummings
    adam Cummings 2 days ago

    Fury was robbed

  • adam Cummings
    adam Cummings 2 days ago

    Worst channel on you tube


    corrola could of been really special if he didn't have that bad luck incident.

  • UBX
    UBX 2 days ago

    Crazy how Katie gets so much negativity these days. She got one bad (and fairly close) decision to go her way... and suddenly her incredible win streak, her professionalism, not to mention what a nice person she generally seems to be, all go out the window? She doesn't control how the judges decide, and if you spoke to the lass she'll be the first to say she got away with one. No doubt she wants a rematch to try silence the haters, and possibly her team thought this was a decent interim fight. In the meantime, just support someone who's helping grow the sport and stop being so bitter, it's an ugly look lmao

    • Shane Jordan
      Shane Jordan Day ago

      She seems really nice, BUT... she should be rematching instead of going forward. She clearly lost!!!!

    • Herb Dee
      Herb Dee 2 days ago

      @Beede Bawng I agree. Boxing is probably one of, if not the most divisive sports when it comes to fans. Guess in a way that's understandable, considering the heightened emotion of the violence involved. Not to mention the shady characters and dodgy promoters we all love or hate. I don't blame Katie at all, just think it's a case of mismanagement.

    • Beede Bawng
      Beede Bawng 2 days ago

      The online boxing community is severely toxic - full of emotionally repressed people who use the Internet to be the worst version of themselves.

    • Herb Dee
      Herb Dee 2 days ago

      It's not Katie's fault at all. She's one of the best boxers around, male or female. However, the decision to take this fight has been rightly criticised. The fight to make was the Persoon rematch, especially with Katie headlining the bill. A bad move by her management. Smells of ducking to me.