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  • Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee 9 minutes ago

    Do it in Cardiff. 86000 seater with fully enclosed or fully retractable roof. Also the Stadium is right in the heart of the city so mad night out in the party capital of former Europe.

  • Lee Baker
    Lee Baker 10 minutes ago

    How do we make this fight happened, the same way Fury makes just get in the ring and don't be a pussy.

  • Darren B
    Darren B 11 minutes ago

    Tyson will nick it on points

  • The Silver Bullet Rifle Company

    This fight is too big for it to be just about money. This would be like a World Cup 1966, it needs to be in Great Britain for absolute legacy. Historic.

  • RJ T
    RJ T 15 minutes ago

    Tyson AJ Dillian DDD/Joe Wow British heavyweights rule the waves...


    🔥🔥🔥🔥 0:30 💓💯 👇👇🔥

  • Freddy Russell
    Freddy Russell 17 minutes ago

    Biggest bullshitter in boxing. He's kept Joshua away from Wilder for years. He picked Wilder for the win, he's a poor judge of fighters. Now he's begging for the biggest pay day of his career, before Joshua gets beat up again. I hope Fury keeps this tosser Hearn waiting

  • Nicolas Cage
    Nicolas Cage 20 minutes ago

    That's a bloody tupée!

  • WolkerSam
    WolkerSam 22 minutes ago


  • Haelo Global
    Haelo Global 23 minutes ago

    They want to try and Slip whyte in to try and Keep fury away from Joshua . The usually bullshit from this promoter . Let’s hope povetkin beats Joshua . He better get his running shoes on

  • Haelo Global
    Haelo Global 25 minutes ago

    Just can’t help himself turning into the car sales man bla bla bla

  • The Wedge
    The Wedge 29 minutes ago

    Why does Saudi Arabia have such a hard on for boxing?? What is the connection?

  • The Wedge
    The Wedge 29 minutes ago

    I'm not sold on Dillian Whyte... he's just a rich man's Dereck Chisora... thats not saying much tho. Fury dismantles him.

  • Alloment Proof
    Alloment Proof 32 minutes ago

    Tyson Fury is the A-Side now.

  • Caleb Menges
    Caleb Menges 33 minutes ago

    Boring without Kugan

  • liam davies
    liam davies 35 minutes ago

    Top man him

  • The Wedge
    The Wedge 36 minutes ago

    this should be $100 million fight between Fury and AJ

  • Dave Spooney
    Dave Spooney 40 minutes ago

    Hearn just sees £££££ chi ching - too right, I would too 👍 this is why the fight will happen.

  • Bass Town Ncs
    Bass Town Ncs 41 minute ago

    amazing content

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler 41 minute ago

    Greedy fucker is Eddie

  • Damiantos D
    Damiantos D 44 minutes ago

    Offer wilder the winner and 10m to step aside. Wilder gets time to heal and has a chance at undisputed

  • Jack L
    Jack L 52 minutes ago

    41 year old Klitschko rocking young athletic AJ... 😮

  • Zamree zai25
    Zamree zai25 54 minutes ago

    Joshua nub !

  • The Hype
    The Hype 55 minutes ago

    a charity eliment to the aj fury fight i think would be great if possible.

  • Felicity Bolt
    Felicity Bolt 58 minutes ago

    You say Britain owns the heavyweight division but I guarantee should this fight happen we won’t get to see it at Wembley stadium

  • Saab life
    Saab life 59 minutes ago

    Shop talking shit make it happen

  • Captain Rhodes
    Captain Rhodes Hour ago

    hearn talking shit again. whenever nothing gonna happen, hearn starts talking shit

  • mak dav
    mak dav Hour ago

    Saudi it is then eddie you money grabbing bastard

  • Dead Alive
    Dead Alive Hour ago

    Hearn jumping right on fury’s train now, pfft!

  • ryan J
    ryan J Hour ago

    this guy seems like a scumbag

  • Khani Ali
    Khani Ali Hour ago

    Make sure the fight stays in Britain this time you hungry man

  • Ashley Williams
    Ashley Williams Hour ago

    why does dillian say im risking my position fighting top guys acting like its the wbc picking his opponents ? Whyte deserves his shot for sure but dont make your path worse for yourself and then use it as ammo !! we already behind whyte he dont need risk his position anymore IF a 40 year old povetkin a risk that is ! being honest i think ortiz would whoop povetkin and neither are a threat to top 5 anymore

  • Adam Lees
    Adam Lees Hour ago

    Wilder is getting in the way of the big one.fury v joshua.he wants a third fight because he's suddenly out of the picture but the world is bored seeing tyson dominate him and it wants the next big fight which is AJ.

  • Ashley Williams
    Ashley Williams Hour ago

    Fury should fight AJ but not to prove hes better HES CLEARLY BETTER but fury should do it to make history even though he already shown hes the GOAT twice already!! Hearn saying fury NOT number 1 til he fights AJ is not how its done !! Andy humiliated AJ in 1st fight NOBODY EVER BEEN EVEN CLOSE TO BEATING FURY ! Fury doesn't wobble away from home either !! Eddie wil get AJ beat again !!

  • Antz hudz
    Antz hudz Hour ago

    This probably wont happen cos aj will want 20/30 million more because he thinks he deserves more

  • Air 68
    Air 68 Hour ago

    I think Wilder will definitely take the rematch. If Fury v AJ happens, it's got to take place in the UK, forget about Saudi, I thought the atmosphere was rubbish for AJ/Ruiz 2. The atmosphere would be incredible in the UK. He says Britain owns the heavyweight division, so let the British fans see the fight at home. Fury has to be the favourite at this moment in time after recent performances. I really hope it happens it will be a great night for British boxing.

  • connor o'Neill
    connor o'Neill Hour ago

    10oz cloves. No head guards. Someones getting pregnant.

  • Libby Davis
    Libby Davis Hour ago

    I think AJ will regret stepping into the ring with Fury. I think he should duck the fight for at least a few years in the hope he improves and Fury gets fat and lazy - both will happen if he waits long enough. Eddie Hearn know this so I wouldn't be surprised if the fight didn't happen and this is why he is talking the fight up in this video. Fury did this to Klitschko and so AJ should do it to Fury.

  • David Tompkins
    David Tompkins Hour ago

    Legend has it that there is no one behind the camera and Eddie is talking to himself in the mirror

  • louis reniers
    louis reniers Hour ago

    Well Saïd eddy

  • haggard fan
    haggard fan Hour ago

    And then there is tyson fury who will take it all

  • matthew watts
    matthew watts Hour ago

    Good luck kal do yourself an us brummies proud an come back with your belt mate an ready to take over 🥊🥊🥊👊🏻

  • Jason CR7
    Jason CR7 Hour ago

    I'm an AJ fan and also love fury too but Hearn going on about how does wilder come back as he got "battered" which I agree but let's be honest Ruiz put a proper beat down on AJ in the first fight and he came back....

  • Sara Stewart
    Sara Stewart 2 hours ago

    Oh yeah he's such a slime ball I mean AJ is struggling financially giving him a real raw deal similar to Don king and Mike Tyson this promotor has breathed new life in to British 🥊 I'm just happy for that Frank Warren no likely but that's life absaloutly top promoter

  • Mervin Parallag
    Mervin Parallag 2 hours ago

    Imagine if Tyson Fury's hitting AJ! Haha chicken dance King!!!!

  • powerful mind body and soul

    I don't even think that there is a guy behind the camera, it seems that eddie is interviewing himself 😂 😂

  • 1 Walshypj
    1 Walshypj 2 hours ago

    sky and bt both show it fixed price split gate sales whoever buys it on sky aj gets paid same for fury for whi buys it on bt then have a mad promotinal campaign then its up to the channels to show the best content leading up to it to sway the fans because bt have stepped up their game try and do it on a bank holiday weekend , at wembley the king of the north v the king of the south all the belts on the line who is the one true king of the heavyweights?

  • Huellings
    Huellings 2 hours ago

    If this fight gets made not only will it be the biggest heavyweight fight of our erra it will also tell you that Wilder and his team were the ones ducking fighters all the time. No matter what you do in life the truth will always come out.

  • Fly Network
    Fly Network 2 hours ago

    The best way to get greedy is to find Eddie Hearn

  • Sam48
    Sam48 2 hours ago

    Tough fight for gonzalez at this stage of his career. Anyone saying it’s an easy night for him doesn’t see the wear and tear and decline. Watch.

  • Bryan Black
    Bryan Black 2 hours ago

    A bigger puncher who could land cleaner? LoL The man was floored by an over hand right that was so hard he almost hit head first and then got hit so hard by a body shot it sent him flying backwards. Not to mention all the other shots that had the dude leaking. Was a Wilder like power shot ever landed on Wilders chin? No but that would have just ended the fight. It's the accumulation of heavy shots round after round that does serious damage to a fighter.

  • Anthony Helm
    Anthony Helm 2 hours ago

    If I'm fury I might go for whyte first make some money then decide on Joshua? Might even swerve Joshua to remain undeafted lineral ,WBC and ring magazine champion as well as having won all the belts on foreign soil . And piss of Joshua at the same time who needs fury

  • Polyester Lynx
    Polyester Lynx 2 hours ago


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    Fury v Joshua is a big fight

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    Beyonce windmill wilder

  • Haxel66 u
    Haxel66 u 3 hours ago

    If Fury does fight AJ and beat him I would love him to retire after that and let Joshua, whyte and usyk etc to fight it out.

  • nathan pearson
    nathan pearson 3 hours ago

    yeah 2 Brits biggest ever British showdown to be hosted in not Britain

  • Dean Ryan
    Dean Ryan 3 hours ago

    Eddie trying to beg it

  • joi_is _love333
    joi_is _love333 3 hours ago

    He look like thin, wig wearing Dana White.

  • Daven Storm
    Daven Storm 4 hours ago

    Wilder is still bleeding from his ear and his ass and nose and mouth !

  • Big Juzzo
    Big Juzzo 4 hours ago

    1st fight: AJ-Fury 2nd fight: Wilder-loser of 1st fight 3rd fight: winner of 1st fight-winner of 2nd fight. =Undisputed Heavyweight Champ Wilder fore goes rematch to allow Unification fight, knowing he has a chance to win all the belts. No real questions left unanswered & 3 awesome fights.

  • Heman Israel
    Heman Israel 4 hours ago

    Anthony Joshua is the REAL Champion .

  • Fabstar Schroeter
    Fabstar Schroeter 4 hours ago

    100% not gona be in th uk then 🙄

  • Delbert Grady
    Delbert Grady 4 hours ago

    AJ should have been at the fight and ready to call out the winner if he really wanted it

  • Riv era
    Riv era 4 hours ago

    Hearn ain't gonna give a shit about Dillian

  • Riv era
    Riv era 4 hours ago

    Number 1 rule in UK boxing: If you're a heavyweight DO NOT sign with Matchroom unless if AJ is no longer signed

  • Peter Shanley
    Peter Shanley 4 hours ago

    Came on here to see every one bad mouthing Wilder now he's been beat. Everyone loves his downfall by the looks of things. Hope he makes a comeback as it's not right writing someone off and running them down. One thing thou Wilder never gave up like AJ did. It's his corner that through the towel he would have scraped till the death. He's a warrior. More than 3 quarters of the bad mothers would have give up after seeing a drop of blood. Give the guy a break. And all the lucky to the Gypsy King.

  • Erick Lozano
    Erick Lozano 4 hours ago

    What the name of the song when he starts training????

  • Blickey
    Blickey 5 hours ago

    Fury will embarrass Joshua🤣

  • daniel eaton
    daniel eaton 5 hours ago

    Fury fights for pride to something all you dossers at match room don't know about

  • Saxon **
    Saxon ** 5 hours ago

    Yep let's do 2 UK fighters in Saudi Arabia. If it happens I hope Top Rank do the promotion, as Vegas is a better trip.

  • BalticStreet THRASHER

    boring -- need boxing social, IFL for real questions ... abit scripted..

  • 1987bluey
    1987bluey 5 hours ago

    Eddie is a creep well if he wants to fight Tyson it will be 70% to Tyson an 30% to Josh Tyson is undisputed he deserves more

  • thebernism1
    thebernism1 5 hours ago

    TYSON FURY CHEATED! He got carried to the ring when Deontay had to carry a 20kg costume and the Ref in his back pocket... It's just not fair!

  • Steven Mason
    Steven Mason 6 hours ago

    So let's get this right...Dillian Whyte is being thrown into the long grass by his own promoter, but it's all the WBC's fault. Shameful

  • Live Life
    Live Life 6 hours ago

    Eddie looks like smartly dressed FOX

  • Qpid
    Qpid 6 hours ago

    'Catastrophic beating' I like that

  • Jose Perez
    Jose Perez 6 hours ago

    Wilder will ko aj you didn’t want to make the fight eddy because you pussy all you do is talk

  • Eric Grinnell Sr.
    Eric Grinnell Sr. 6 hours ago

    Should only be one belt. Soon as a person gets a belt they want to hide with it. Eddy talking a good game but AJ just got his belts back he don't want to lose them so soon again.

  • jmela13
    jmela13 7 hours ago

    This guy is as phony as a 3 dollar bill

  • Drewwy
    Drewwy 7 hours ago

    Sick hair transplant Ed

  • ISMO
    ISMO 7 hours ago

    Good luck on your fight Jessie!

  • Julio Hernandez
    Julio Hernandez 7 hours ago


  • John
    John 7 hours ago

    It's so crazy how long heavyweight boxers recover

  • Knights of Melvin
    Knights of Melvin 7 hours ago

    He lost to this fat ass. But then beat him when he became even more of a fat ass.

  • BZLS
    BZLS 8 hours ago

    To bad wilder n Fury are doing it a 3rd time

  • Bread Game
    Bread Game 8 hours ago

    Hearn don’t know shit about boxing

  • Devante 1995
    Devante 1995 8 hours ago

    This fight won't happen. SMH

  • N.M.N.L DAS IT
    N.M.N.L DAS IT 8 hours ago

    Did ya see how he said something about fighting some one else get that out of your head he should be saying one thing one thing only FURY WE WANT YOU

  • Omar Faruk
    Omar Faruk 8 hours ago

    Wilder shouldn't fight Fury straight away. He'll lose for the third time - an ass whopping pitty match. He started boxing much later than Fury and Joshua, who are more technically skilled than him. Best if he fights a couple of others, learns, and then shows up to fight whoever is unified champ. Pay cheque and recognition for that would be much greater than rushing in now for a career ending third fight. ... Patience is a virtue.

  • AryanRatha
    AryanRatha 8 hours ago

    hearn know AJ is a big underdog against fury in my mind it is like 90/10 in fury's favour and i think eddie knows it so all hearn is doing is saving face and statign the bullocks he is, he knows AJ can easily beat pulev and a couple of others in top ten easy thus easy £20 mill purse everytime eddie gets a cut. He knows as soon as fury whoops AJ up AJ purse is gonna go down big time until fury decides to retire.

    • reculvertowers
      reculvertowers Hour ago

      "He knows as soon as fury whoops AJ up AJ purse is gonna go down big time" Hows AJ's purse gonna go down big time when you think hes only worth 10% of the purse already.What a fucking idiot,talk shit,shit for brains.

  • Michael Julien
    Michael Julien 9 hours ago

    If the King Fury vs little man Joshua fight will occur then there is only one place that Fury will agree to fight it under his Top Rank contract, which stipulates that his fights must happen in the US. It's got to be in Las Vegas at the Raider Stadium.

  • Koi Matai
    Koi Matai 9 hours ago

    50/50 split down the fuckin middle don't u go fuckin this fight up being greedy same as Bob but if anybody was to get a higher split it should be fury at least 55/45 but ffs even split down the middle whoever wins gets 70/30 in the rematch

  • John hunte
    John hunte 9 hours ago

    Fury bursts Wilders ear drum with a fluke punch, hits him high on the head for a second knockdown, uses WWF on him in between and Wilder still ended on his feet. Don't go with the hype.

  • Kenn Cruz
    Kenn Cruz 9 hours ago

    Does a 12 round robbery and a 7 round beating warrent a rematch not dissing wilder just asking

  • Carl Mcdonagh
    Carl Mcdonagh 9 hours ago

    One face one champion one name one fucked ear one fucked rib one fat lip one swollen jaw..... TILL THIS DAYYY

  • Mike Cummins
    Mike Cummins 9 hours ago

    Eddy Hearn is a genius promoter. I see the money signs in his eyes. Joshua will fight fury. It’s gonna happen this time. Joshua has a good chance of beating fury with the right game plan. The world wants to see this fight to unify the division for the first time in 10 years. I think aj can beat fury

  • ManBearPig
    ManBearPig 10 hours ago

    im a *massive* fury fan always will be but us brits need to stop the bs fighting each other we own this divsion right now lets gloat and rub it in the yanks faces then settle it with AJ v Fury, i never rated AJ but after his return fight with ruiz he showed he can indeed change his style to jab and moving around something furys been doing for years so i got massive respect for AJ but will always back my boy and may the best man win when it comes, the HW is booming :D having said that i can see wilder not taking the rematch and fury is the kind of fighter who will give whyte his chance hes been waiting for so who knows, no matter what its good times ahead.

    GALLO PINTO POWER 10 hours ago

    Yafai you used steroids??

  • Adam L
    Adam L 10 hours ago

    Dillian whyte will get a title shot in 2024