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  • Amelia Cawthorne
    Amelia Cawthorne 15 minutes ago

    It’s Kevin Mahart or something like that

  • Ralph Prudente
    Ralph Prudente 15 minutes ago


  • Kasen Johnson
    Kasen Johnson 15 minutes ago


  • LJ Unicorn
    LJ Unicorn 15 minutes ago

    I go to gymnastics and I have to go in a fomepit

  • Ralph Prudente
    Ralph Prudente 15 minutes ago

    I want gods

  • Sebastian Rose
    Sebastian Rose 16 minutes ago

    Unspeakable 😒!!

  • Shruti Tanushree
    Shruti Tanushree 16 minutes ago

    RealeSe new merch

  • Ava Kofoed
    Ava Kofoed 17 minutes ago

    Hi it’s me Ava and I’ve moved to Sweden

  • CraZyElite138
    CraZyElite138 18 minutes ago


  • Rizalina Veloso
    Rizalina Veloso 19 minutes ago

    i'm gona play that preston i always wana play with you but i'm in philipines

  • Andrew Taylor
    Andrew Taylor 20 minutes ago

    Hahahahaha I’m sorry I cannot

  • abigail Hector-Taylor
    abigail Hector-Taylor 20 minutes ago


  • Bernadette Jivan Rodrigues

    Yesterday can make a video of stealing unspeakables diamonds my name is 20 minut across the Annamayya number one friend

  • Marites Sumog-oy
    Marites Sumog-oy 22 minutes ago

    Preston my is in a SWAT 😭😭

  • LaShon Wells
    LaShon Wells 22 minutes ago

    Will first of all, I'm to young to have a Tesla and second of all, when I get older, then I want a Tesla, for suree

  • dbdiehl
    dbdiehl 22 minutes ago


  • dbdiehl
    dbdiehl 25 minutes ago


  • Vaibhav Varma
    Vaibhav Varma 25 minutes ago

    Where should i voit for u

  • XxNightmare GachaxX
    XxNightmare GachaxX 27 minutes ago

    I am getting happier now.... I got a *VERY BAD* hairstyle! And your cheering my day up! And I am going to church tomorrow... I hope no one will notice me...

  • iiFrozenuser ello
    iiFrozenuser ello 27 minutes ago

    When Brianna said I’m trapped I’m like YES LETS GOOO

  • Amanda Walters
    Amanda Walters 28 minutes ago

    My favourite battle cat is I haven’t subscribed to Preston and I never will cat. I like Preston, he’s funny but I won’t sub.I like Unspeakable way more, he’s my favourite You Tuber ever.

  • Reben Asis
    Reben Asis 29 minutes ago

    Team preston

  • NoKolor
    NoKolor 30 minutes ago

    bri found 15$

  • Henry Gordon
    Henry Gordon 32 minutes ago

    OOF for the cups that fell over LOL

  • Fe Amythea Zamora
    Fe Amythea Zamora 33 minutes ago

    Its a ninja star

  • HotBlueSeal 3015
    HotBlueSeal 3015 33 minutes ago

    11:52 Is it just me or does anyone hear Preston almost say "You're distracting the f**k outta me"

  • Taylor Long
    Taylor Long 34 minutes ago

    This video is so cool

  • Amir ji
    Amir ji 36 minutes ago

    Preston I remember you from like 2017 and 2018 I love you💖

  • Aggi Kioko
    Aggi Kioko 36 minutes ago

    Where is keith

  • Marites Sumog-oy
    Marites Sumog-oy 38 minutes ago

    Go preston you can do it 😊😊😎

  • MrSeFee
    MrSeFee 38 minutes ago

    10:55 that is the best fu***in water

  • YengkongGaming Yang
    YengkongGaming Yang 39 minutes ago

    Yo Preston You Probably Need A Dog 🐶

  • Lexie Vincent Xo
    Lexie Vincent Xo 39 minutes ago

    team Preston Briana cheats

  • Anabelle Zingone
    Anabelle Zingone 39 minutes ago


  • Janine Perryer
    Janine Perryer 39 minutes ago


  • Jason Whitting
    Jason Whitting 40 minutes ago

    Anyone 2020

  • PM Banan
    PM Banan 41 minute ago

    I voted for you in kca

  • seeriu ciihy
    seeriu ciihy 41 minute ago

    Bri: this place so cOoL Me: I have been in a fire station all the time as a lil kid ^o^

  • G4_K1ngF1uffy
    G4_K1ngF1uffy 42 minutes ago


  • Helen Agabao
    Helen Agabao 42 minutes ago


  • Margarita Bernal
    Margarita Bernal 42 minutes ago


  • Faiek Opperman
    Faiek Opperman 43 minutes ago

    Post more Fortnite please

  • jmdeeben
    jmdeeben 43 minutes ago

    Dog what's up

  • Hamish Smith
    Hamish Smith 43 minutes ago


  • may jean cereno
    may jean cereno 44 minutes ago

    Preston i scared too at horror games when i watch or play horror games i probably scream and run away and go to the other side of the world 😅

  • Fetty Fathonah
    Fetty Fathonah 44 minutes ago

    Why did preston got kicked out....?

  • Amber Yellow Owl
    Amber Yellow Owl 44 minutes ago

    Ps I'm a kid

  • Amber Yellow Owl
    Amber Yellow Owl 45 minutes ago

    Can you please play fortnight

  • abigail Hector-Taylor
    abigail Hector-Taylor 45 minutes ago

    You look AMAZING

  • John Alex Santos
    John Alex Santos 46 minutes ago


  • Dearly Guelas
    Dearly Guelas 47 minutes ago

    I ❤️ your wife!!!!!!

  • Ezekiel Huber Miranda
    Ezekiel Huber Miranda 47 minutes ago

    Hi Preston!!!!!!!

  • The Family
    The Family 47 minutes ago

    Are you friend with moose

  • NoKolor
    NoKolor 47 minutes ago


  • Green Playzxx
    Green Playzxx 48 minutes ago

    Subscribing to Preston

  • Margarita Bernal
    Margarita Bernal 49 minutes ago


  • Lucca Desmet
    Lucca Desmet 49 minutes ago

    I love your vids! <3

  • S Kumar
    S Kumar 49 minutes ago


  • Connie Mangyao
    Connie Mangyao 50 minutes ago

    How about a 1,000,000, rainbow shied in Minecraft

  • HotBlueSeal 3015
    HotBlueSeal 3015 50 minutes ago

    1:50 That would be a nice picture

  • Camryn Leffard
    Camryn Leffard 50 minutes ago

    I watch you whenever I’m sad

  • j mastro
    j mastro 51 minute ago

    why is brianna prestons wife?

  • Hannah Lindley
    Hannah Lindley 51 minute ago

    hogwart school for wizard school

  • Monica Talan
    Monica Talan 52 minutes ago

    Preston!! don't sub to "trap down NCS" because HE.IS.A.FRAUD beacause they will say "i like! keep it up we can be youtube friends(i dont know some of the sentence) but if you go to there channel and you sub BOOM!😑! they got your information the thing you gotta do is don't sub then go to the comment that they commented at the side of the comment is 3 dots going down then click on "Report spam or if you have a phone click unwanted commercial content or spam" be safe AND SEE YOU IN THE NEXT ONE AND GOODBYEEE PEACE CYA!!!!

  • Joyce Ann S. Balones
    Joyce Ann S. Balones 53 minutes ago

    Hey Im A Ninja Did You See Me Just Joking Lollllll!!!!!!!!

  • Lulzerino
    Lulzerino 55 minutes ago

    i am phlilphs no even fight phililphns

  • NoKolor
    NoKolor 55 minutes ago


  • Rick Summerhayes
    Rick Summerhayes 56 minutes ago

    I love police officer and away

  • prime logo Sadio jr
    prime logo Sadio jr 57 minutes ago

    May pro character josh hmmm

  • prime logo Sadio jr
    prime logo Sadio jr 57 minutes ago

    Preston is demon to prank

  • renjith cs
    renjith cs 57 minutes ago

    briana I hate you

  • Jaypee De Guzman
    Jaypee De Guzman 58 minutes ago

    My Minecraft name is Notch Steve

  • claire lalao
    claire lalao 58 minutes ago

    I think preston win👍👍

  • Hailey Barrows
    Hailey Barrows 59 minutes ago

    Preston: who wants to adopt my sister. Me: ooh i would love to have a new big sister...

  • Pandarow's mc
    Pandarow's mc 59 minutes ago

    You made it with emeralds

  • jake 123 yt
    jake 123 yt 59 minutes ago

    Preston wins I give him 9/10 Brianna gets 2/10 because she cheated 😡

  • gayle schmaltz
    gayle schmaltz Hour ago

    He is doing it all rong😡

  • Helen Kuehlman
    Helen Kuehlman Hour ago

    Caleb is hopefully going to win

  • Joan Cardiel
    Joan Cardiel Hour ago

    Preston do not go on fnaf 4 it has scary jump scary

  • Noah C
    Noah C Hour ago


  • Godly Gaming
    Godly Gaming Hour ago


  • Green Playzxx
    Green Playzxx Hour ago

    Jello hello

  • Zeck ian Macaraya


  • Damian Is gaming

    Preston when I’m sad I Watch your videos you make me happy

  • Helen Kuehlman
    Helen Kuehlman Hour ago

    Keeleys not going to find it

  • S Techz
    S Techz Hour ago

    Brianna cheated

  • Fanaf Gang
    Fanaf Gang Hour ago

    Bri will find him frst

  • M Alhabib
    M Alhabib Hour ago

    Hi Preston

  • KING PotatoGaming

    There's so much time you guys didn't call him names