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  • Priyanshu Das
    Priyanshu Das 2 minutes ago

    MiaSanMia ❤

  • Jason Hernandez
    Jason Hernandez 4 minutes ago

    So disappointing, what upsets me more is that they collapsed at the end letting in that many goals. Well good luck to Wayne Rooney at derby county. Thanks for playing in DC, hopefully we find a good replacement.

  • Xavier Calderon
    Xavier Calderon 7 minutes ago

    dan and shaka are chill together, like the vibe

  • David Jan-Liu
    David Jan-Liu 10 minutes ago

    Open net

  • Cristiano Malanda Sebastião

    How come he said "He's done quite well since" to the arguably the best player of the century if not of all times? Sarcasm must have a limit, please!!

  • American Continent
    American Continent 11 minutes ago

    Start of game: Toronto vs DC United End of game: Toronto vs Veracruz from Liga MX

  • Abraham Marquez
    Abraham Marquez 11 minutes ago

    Piemonte calcio

  • Phorr Da Win
    Phorr Da Win 11 minutes ago

    That's a massive chance at the end of stoppage time, how he doesn't pick out the man at the backpost is tragic.

  • Gaijin Hakase
    Gaijin Hakase 12 minutes ago

    VAR exists but they still get a handball goal to avoid defeat to mighty Watford

  • Raoul Duke
    Raoul Duke 15 minutes ago

    Pele actually scored about 700 official goals, 300 of his claimed 1000 were in unofficial matches

  • Luis Martinez
    Luis Martinez 20 minutes ago

    What a baby, they won the World cup and she still crying

  • abhishek bisht
    abhishek bisht 22 minutes ago

    0:02 not temporarily

  • Damian Salinas
    Damian Salinas 23 minutes ago

    Why didnt Bill Hamid fucking catch the on TFC’s first goal. He’s so nad

  • OwlsShadow
    OwlsShadow 23 minutes ago

    It was tragic how the defense completely collapse for D.C. United towards the end, and it was even more saddening seeing Nick DeLeon-a former United player (2012-2018)-score against his former club. He and Bill Hamid autographed my D.C. United hat at Ft. Belvoir, VA, in 2011. It was interesting seeing one score against the other in such an epic way after so many years playing together.

  • Wazakia
    Wazakia 26 minutes ago

    My latest FLASH-PLAYER video predicted this!

  • Ranique Gordon
    Ranique Gordon 28 minutes ago

    So wen dembele is back, who will drop from the squad? Suarez r griezmann

  • Anthony Riportella
    Anthony Riportella 32 minutes ago

    Remember when Hamid was complaining that he wasn't getting game time for the US team? I see why he can't get that time

    • Idkwhat 2putHere
      Idkwhat 2putHere 19 minutes ago

      😂 honestly man that first goal tfc what kind of save was that 2 side step and in the hands bro DC was knocked out because of Hamid

  • Night Fury
    Night Fury 35 minutes ago

    Jesse Marsch would be great...

  • Raoul Duke
    Raoul Duke 35 minutes ago

    Why are managers still playing three centre backs in the premier league? I thought it was more or less proven that you need a back four in a league this competitive?

  • Clown Centralia
    Clown Centralia 36 minutes ago

    Wait until Utd can unleash a fit again Lingardessi from the bench they'll rocket up the table.

  • Bob
    Bob 39 minutes ago

    Going on 7 years of absolute failure and the executive chairman, who runs the show for the glazers, is coming out saying none of this is his fault... yeah, were screwed lol

  • Marco Polo
    Marco Polo 41 minute ago

    Pjanic has been scoring for fun lately

  • Stefan Kazimirovic
    Stefan Kazimirovic 41 minute ago

    Lol Jamie Vardy is better than Torres

  • Kumar Sharma
    Kumar Sharma 41 minute ago

    So it was Shaka who said a few weeks ago that Spurs will be fine and will bounce back. Lucky not to lose against, city, Arsenal, Southampton and Watford. Spurs would be in bottom 3 without the luck.

    GARATE 45 minutes ago

    Thanks a lot for the caption😒

  • John Chierichella
    John Chierichella 49 minutes ago

    No league has increased its quality so fast every year as mls I’m sorry all u hate but it’s true

    • AJ
      AJ 21 minute ago

      @Bojan Radivojevic it is getting better though

    • John Chierichella
      John Chierichella 32 minutes ago

      Bojan Radivojevic what joke U hear this clown Ok sure it is It’s amazing how fast the quality got this high I’m around a long time kid and it’s really amazing

    • LuciusXT
      LuciusXT 36 minutes ago

      @Bojan Radivojevic 👎 Nice try but you're salty

    • Bojan Radivojevic
      Bojan Radivojevic 44 minutes ago

      John Chierichella Are you kidding? The quality in this league is horrible.

  • Mohd.Habiby Mandanoven
    Mohd.Habiby Mandanoven 52 minutes ago

    I think the referee should have post match interview just like managers and players.. Let’s put them on the spot for once .. Give the referees an opportunity to explain themselves after the match..

  • Tba Zizou
    Tba Zizou 54 minutes ago

    That keeper is wayyyy better than Courtois ... 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Andrew Eppes
    Andrew Eppes 55 minutes ago

    NFL highlight soundtrack?!

  • Brian Garcia
    Brian Garcia Hour ago

    Man that’s unfortunate. I really wanted dc to at least reach the next round. Ah oh well. I wish Wayne Rooney good luck on his adventure with derby county.

    YES ITS ME Hour ago

    That’s some bad defense

  • Randall Esquivel

    We know we that any other team would have conceded a pk but Juventus in those final minutes. I hate seeing them continue to be favored.

  • Dominic
    Dominic Hour ago

    That’s a terrible loss for DC. I really wanted them to go further😢😢

  • Dmay
    Dmay Hour ago

    Joke league

    • Trash Boi
      Trash Boi 29 minutes ago

      @Carlos Esho at least liga mx fans have passion for their teams no matter the score

    • Carlos Esho
      Carlos Esho 34 minutes ago

      4-3 and 5-1 are joke results? Call liga mx a joke league

    • bernman23
      bernman23 51 minute ago

      You're just butthurt Jordan Morris looks good against any caliber of opposition and this was a great game.

  • Username
    Username Hour ago

    And he's still underrated by many, especially prem fans and other footballers who vote for awards.

  • Username
    Username Hour ago

    I know these statistics like the back of my hand.

  • steven clark
    steven clark Hour ago

    Spurs where so poor again especially in the first half.

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus Hour ago

    looks like ronaldo is getting his man utd form back 🔥🔥

    • AM 7
      AM 7 14 minutes ago

      Big Chungus if only the freekicks could return

  • Username
    Username Hour ago

    He can play midfield until he's 40.

  • Username
    Username Hour ago

    So rare to get an interview with him and you ask these questions..

  • xChaleur
    xChaleur Hour ago

    This video looks like it was made 15 years ago.

  • Juan Jaramillo
    Juan Jaramillo Hour ago

    I feel like its taboo to say that Rakitic is a bad player

  • Username
    Username Hour ago

    Same way Iniesta wasn't Laudrup, De Jong isn't Xavi or Busquets and Arthur isn't Xavi. They're all individuals who bring different aspects of each other to the team. De Jong is going to be world class, if not already. This pundit is depressing, always looks at the negatives.

  • Kevin Ivester
    Kevin Ivester Hour ago

    Why did deleon change he’s hair But no respect just celebrated like he did not play for them

      JAMES JOHN 52 minutes ago

      @Thomas Ethridge are you Dumb?

    • Zakeem Lucien
      Zakeem Lucien 57 minutes ago

      Some may see it as a disrespect not celebrating for your new club. I see no problem with it, as long as you don't go all Adedayor and run the length of the field to celebrate in front your former fans. Though that would be funny.

    • Thomas Ethridge
      Thomas Ethridge Hour ago

      @ADAJ3 Nigeria One should always respect a team that he played for, even if him and the team got off to a bad relationship at the end.

    • ADAJ3 Nigeria
      ADAJ3 Nigeria Hour ago

      Kevin Ivester not celebrating against your old team is the worst unwritten rule because they obviously don’t want the player anymore and he doesn’t owe his former team anything

  • socc3r4life 9
    socc3r4life 9 Hour ago


    BIG HUNGRY Hour ago

    They’re soft. They need to be more like NFL players. Be criminals. Knock up several women. Sell drugs. Steal underwear from Dillard’s. Beat women and children. Kill a guy. Be freaking NASTY!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Denzel Makhubedu

    Did penaldo score or even be man of the match in that euros dickriders?

  • RasenRendan
    RasenRendan Hour ago

    Meanwhile Chelsea form is.... 😁 But they will just focus on pulisic for Chelsea. A team in the top four currently after losing 4-0 opening day

    • Gaijin Hakase
      Gaijin Hakase 11 minutes ago

      Chelsea just won Europa and finished top 3. Wouldn’t it be odd if they weren’t at least in top 4?

    • RasenRendan
      RasenRendan 36 minutes ago

      @steven clark spurs are in free fall. Really crazy what's happening to em

    • steven clark
      steven clark 46 minutes ago

      @RasenRendan I watched the game on TV and spurs where very poor in the first half and the second half it was about the last 25 mins they started to try and get a goal..

    • RasenRendan
      RasenRendan Hour ago

      @steven clark Indeed. Spurs is the perfect example. Champions league finalists drawing at home vs the bottom team

  • BlisteryMartin 1

    Well done Seattle sounders!

  • DuderinoDeux
    DuderinoDeux Hour ago

    Scratchy Scrappy wins for the most part.

  • Kourosh Mackay
    Kourosh Mackay Hour ago

    0:28 pretty much summarizes mls

  • DuderinoDeux
    DuderinoDeux Hour ago

    Umtiti much better than a flailing Pique

  • DuderinoDeux
    DuderinoDeux Hour ago

    Only one Xavi EVER

  • kendell pierre
    kendell pierre Hour ago

    yes come home to Trinidad to do a show.......We miss you Shaka!!!!

  • Devon Boos
    Devon Boos Hour ago

    It’s Jordon Ibe, not Jordan.

  • Paulius Prastienis
    Paulius Prastienis 2 hours ago

    Either the loss in the UCL final has completely demoralized them, or this is the doing of karma for the undeserved run to the UCL final.

    • Artifact TV
      Artifact TV Hour ago

      Nah it is the owner fault for not paying their player the wage they are deserve if you look at their wages you will understand. They looks so sad and demotivated.

    • Philip Saal
      Philip Saal Hour ago

      How was it undeserved? It's not Spurs fault Ajax choked and Man City were offside

  • Chip in4seven
    Chip in4seven 2 hours ago


  • john lim
    john lim 2 hours ago

    Not surprised, next year their best player will be gone and so the manager. Back to where they belong.

  • K. Impact
    K. Impact 2 hours ago

    As an Arsenal fan, I'm loving Spurs form 😆

    • RasenRendan
      RasenRendan Hour ago

      @Winchester FC Chelsea won their last five games. Spurs won 1 in 7... So... Yeah it has been

    • Winchester FC
      Winchester FC Hour ago

      Like Chelsea or Arsenal's form have been much better

    • RasenRendan
      RasenRendan Hour ago

      As a Chelsea fan, I'm also loving Spurs form. 😁

  • Cat lover2019
    Cat lover2019 2 hours ago

    They can forget top four with the way Leicester and Chelsea are playing.

  • PSGmax
    PSGmax 2 hours ago

    Poch should have left after the CL final

  • John smith
    John smith 2 hours ago

    We were robbed

  • Flynnzer89
    Flynnzer89 2 hours ago

    Woodward and the Glazer clan are a Cancer at the Club and things won't improve until they leave!!

  • Omar Omar
    Omar Omar 2 hours ago

    This Juventus lacks just right full back

  • Emmanuel Garnier
    Emmanuel Garnier 2 hours ago

    If I said it once I've said it a thousand times: Klinsman was the perfect man for the job. The USMNT went from challenging the golden generation of Belgium in a world cup to not qualifying for it the next time around. the only difference being that at that point Klinsman was fired.

  • abubakar mustafa
    abubakar mustafa 2 hours ago

    Buffon and Ronaldo moments gave me goosebumps

  • reuben patel
    reuben patel 2 hours ago

    Let them rot , north London is red 🔴🔴🔴🔴

    • King Jon01
      King Jon01 23 minutes ago

      MSE Gaming cry more

    • MSE Gaming
      MSE Gaming Hour ago

      Go back to South London where you belong. It was white first and then you trespassed into our territory and claimed it as your own. Basically like the British empire.

  • Rob S
    Rob S 2 hours ago

    why is busquets still starting? hes so slow. cant defend once someone goes by him. he will never chase anyone down. and he cant attack either. hes too old! thats their weakest position.

  • Christopher Yllescas

    what a corrupt POS ref. That was a PK any day in any league!!!

  • Cussler Nyathi
    Cussler Nyathi 2 hours ago

    Y'all don't sleep...but anything involving football I'm up

  • Belu Pilem
    Belu Pilem 2 hours ago

    handball, denied a clear penalty, watford havent got the luck this season

  • Wetpants The Gooner
    Wetpants The Gooner 2 hours ago

    Watford was robbed

    38 YOUNGMONEY 2 hours ago

    Love how the ref helped them today

  • Jeo
    Jeo 2 hours ago

    You know it’s bad when they’re winning off us against Liverpool and it’s not even kick off time 🤦🏽‍♂️😪😂. Anyways I don’t care. Ole is trash. 🗑

  • Gop
    Gop 2 hours ago


  • sf2explus
    sf2explus 2 hours ago


  • DMG family Vids
    DMG family Vids 2 hours ago


  • Marvin Smith
    Marvin Smith 2 hours ago

    Ed Backward speaking

  • Jesse Taylor
    Jesse Taylor 2 hours ago

    Was better when the refs were guessing. VAR is simply a disgrace and continually shows how poor PL refs are.

  • Beatergate1527
    Beatergate1527 2 hours ago

    I get that Kane has earned benefit of the doubt for this team, but he was definitely part of the problem today (and really this has been an issue all season). Spurs were at their best when they were able to get pace moving on and off the ball. Son, Alli, Lamela, and even Winks were moving with some real pace when they got space moving forward. Yet, every time the ball found Kane, all forward motion stopped and fell dead, as he held the ball up and let all the runners move right past him while he killed the breaks. Additionally, when Auier and Rose are trying to make things happen from the wings (Son and Lamela as well later on), Kane was more of a dead anchor in the middle of the box, rather than moving, taking defenders with him, and clearing space for runs in behind or even just causing confusion. This team just feels like it is split between being a slow/possession based side (Favoring the styles of Kane, Erikson, the centre backs, and so on) vs being a faster paced, quick strike team (Favors Alli, Son, Moura, Ndombele, etc). Until they can pick and stick with one identity, they’re going to flounder and struggle like we’ve seen.

  • Chivv Sensei
    Chivv Sensei 2 hours ago

    Why isn't the front 3: Son Kane Lucas.????

  • Sergio Alan
    Sergio Alan 2 hours ago

    Honestly, ..what expectations would the U.S have with the new coach? Realistically. But, if we get rid of almost all of the U.S Soccer associaton and place people that belong there, even that have some real common sense. We maybe start having actual coaches. This coach if he stays on, it will show the U.S is purposefully trying to fail. We don't think we will qualify with this guy.

  • lunga lunga
    lunga lunga 2 hours ago

    After the bayern 7-2 spurs i said bayern are not great they didnt perfom well .Coutinho isnt back on form and they wont go far in UCL,it was just a weird game where everyshot went in.Those were my words .I received insults ,so tell how mnay games have they won since

  • Duval Hazard
    Duval Hazard 2 hours ago

    Not enjoying the great game because of this stupid thing called Var...soon the game will be without referees..please scrap it

  • Jeo
    Jeo 2 hours ago

    Just hurry up and sack Ole so we can get Poch.

  • Gilberto Herrera
    Gilberto Herrera 2 hours ago

    Talk about mexico & chicharito fuckers & all the under rated players in Europe herrera , Jimenez , Alvarez , guardado , corona etc

  • Mufasa #1
    Mufasa #1 2 hours ago

    What happened to Tommy Smyth with a Y?

  • Notorious Nerd
    Notorious Nerd 2 hours ago

    Levy should get Mourinho.

    • J. M. Montes
      J. M. Montes 26 minutes ago

      That's not going to work. Mourinho likes to spend a lot of money and Levy doesn't.

  • iGF99
    iGF99 2 hours ago

    Buffon made me choke on water with that save lol

  • morgengabe1
    morgengabe1 2 hours ago

    Ali = Lingard Son = James No excuses

  • jordan gray
    jordan gray 2 hours ago

    We not gonna talk about how watford havent won a game yet

    • J. M. Montes
      J. M. Montes 27 minutes ago

      Is that really surprising though? I don't know who's worse between them and Newcastle.

  • Awge
    Awge 2 hours ago

    Imagine scraping a point over a team that got molested by man city

    • Sampreet Sam
      Sampreet Sam 50 minutes ago

      Well tot got a draw against city!! So tat doesnt matter

  • NoDDinOuTMeLoDy
    NoDDinOuTMeLoDy 3 hours ago

    Triple save !

  • NoDDinOuTMeLoDy
    NoDDinOuTMeLoDy 3 hours ago

    Meret where did you come from ? I was looking at Alex nubel ?

  • amazingatsinging
    amazingatsinging 3 hours ago

    Pjanic scored the most fifa 45th minute goal ive ever seen

    • SuSu SM
      SuSu SM 2 hours ago

      amazingatsinging I know what you talking about lol

  • Ankle Socks
    Ankle Socks 3 hours ago

    Crisis mode, 3-4 more of these shitty results and they ain’t getting top 4

  • Creees
    Creees 3 hours ago

    Pochetino so lost. Passing and possession wont win. I would get a new manager. Youre playing the bottom twam in the league and you play 5 defenders. You are then 1 goal down and you play possession football. M sorry Poch thats horrible tactics. Go back to your 4231. Need to bring back the Dele, Dier, Son relationship

  • Gilberto Herrera
    Gilberto Herrera 3 hours ago

    MLS es pa los tacuaches que no valen verga y pa las leyendas que se vienen a retirar Nomas 😂

  • key buckley
    key buckley 3 hours ago

    Chapocoense would beat United at Old Trafford

  • Jeffrey Niemann
    Jeffrey Niemann 3 hours ago

    Haven't seen this guy for ages.