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  • AK25e
    AK25e 57 minutes ago

    29/12 Chel 2 v 1 Ars. REMEMBER when the referee gave Chelsea three points, Jorginho gets away over and over again, pundits with their giggles? hahahah thank you for this, United and Harry.

  • Asif Lulat
    Asif Lulat Hour ago

    I will go like this Dortmund 2-2 Psg Athletico 1-0 liverpool (shock result) Atlanta 2-1 Valencia Tottenham 1-1 liepzig

  • Areeb Gul
    Areeb Gul Hour ago

    It is a stupid question just to divide Tottenham players and fans. And secondly Son is nowhere near as good as Kane. Kane last played full 90 mins in December and still he is their top scorer. Son is just a good playet

  • mae
    mae Hour ago

    Just because of you atletico's lover, just because of that, I say our boys will put 4 in the back and am beign generous.

  • Gevin
    Gevin Hour ago

    PSG , they’ve tipped over easily in CL. ManU struggling managed to knock em out,

  • Nick Sparta
    Nick Sparta Hour ago

    Yeah like Kappa would've made a difference to those two headed goals.

  • Man'sinspirational mansinspirational

    My prediction PSG liverpool Valencia Totenham and your..?🤔🤔

  • Marcin Mamrot
    Marcin Mamrot Hour ago

    Pogbie za to ze mu odbilo od pieniedzy zanizyl bym pensje o polowe niechce niech idzie do fabryki na linie pracowac to pilkarski len ktory jakims cudem zdobyl mistrzostwo swiata no paranoja

  • Truth_hurts
    Truth_hurts Hour ago

    Only three possible scenarios. 1. Refs so incompetent to the point of mental retardation that they can't even get basic decisions right even with the benefit of VAR. 2. Ref are deliberately sabotaging VAR to get rid of it. 3.The game was rigged. Take your pick.

  • Manish Bastola
    Manish Bastola Hour ago

    Dortmund vs Paris will be boring 0 0 😅😅

  • Iban vazquez
    Iban vazquez Hour ago

    Stevie is too old for tv

  • Bart Allen
    Bart Allen Hour ago

    Atalanta may surprise Valencia inspite of playing at the San Siro and NOT in Bergamo. Last season they scored more goals away from home than any team in the big 5 leagues (equalling Hoffenheim's tally).

  • One 2.
    One 2. Hour ago

    Henderson TTA Gomez Maguire Chilwell Winks Henderson Grealish Sancho Kane(C) Sterling Pickford Pope Walker Tomori Mings Delph Rice Ox Maddison Rashford Abraham Ings

  • evans desantos
    evans desantos Hour ago

    for the first goal Kepa could not even have jumped.

  • Marcin Mamrot
    Marcin Mamrot Hour ago

    grealish jak barry delph young benteke odejdzie z villi tak jest skonstruowana pilka przez FIFA UEFA I Ligi Narodowe nie ma limitow ile za kogo gdzie po co itp?

  • Eugine Thabang Manganyi

    Arsenal beat Newcastle not Aston Villa

  • M.T
    M.T Hour ago

    Pleaseee sack all this panel....ESPN you are disgrace views why don't you sack those bias and dated old craps...LFC had more weirds vary decisions but double standards clearly hate Man United

  • Ruben Dias
    Ruben Dias Hour ago

    Guys, remember someone predicted CHEALSE 3-1 ManU! 😏 Smh...

  • Jibu John
    Jibu John Hour ago

    Don "if Chelsea had Eden Hazard today they win the game" Response: Manchester United probably trounce Chelsea with Pogba, McTominay, and Rashford also fully fit...what a pathetic statement to make by "pundit" or "journalist" bias at all there...

  • Ryan lex
    Ryan lex Hour ago

    ESPN fake news. Marxist propandaga

  • Sigma Kays
    Sigma Kays Hour ago

    okay so steve does not have a single nice thing to say about man utd just listen when he's asked about bruno

  • Fayez
    Fayez Hour ago

    Why dont they play griezmann as striker with ansu fati as lw and messi as a rw

  • Chief whip
    Chief whip Hour ago

    Suddenly they start talking about problems in regards to VAR.., when it was chapter closed for the match Chelsea Arsenal. They are salty these pundits .. limit dickheads

  • Kevin Masimba
    Kevin Masimba Hour ago

    Greezman is costing the team he misses chances everygame

  • Mayus Jacob
    Mayus Jacob Hour ago

    I always said VAR in england, is the most disgusting thing that has ever happenned. Utd has been so far VAR best team(benefitting the most with VAR). I always say, english Refs on VAR, are the most sentimental(fevers certain teams in every game) i hv ever seen. Thats VAR only in UK steal the show every week. Making watching the PL one of the most cause of high pressure rather than being as usual a remedy for football lovers. VAR in england is disgusting,disgusting,disgusting..........infinity.....

  • Jacob's Land!
    Jacob's Land! Hour ago

    The only way this could happen is if they switched between domestic and super League every week and each season would be two years long. Edit: And that would mean that clubs who do not play in super League would not die.

  • Thokozani Ngcobo

    worst part is Chelsea defense haven't been overly poor. What is Kepa's excuse.. he wouldn't even start for Leno🤣🤣

  • James Cox
    James Cox Hour ago

    This steve Nicol please ESPN tell me how and why your paying this geezer money to talk about football, i swear he just freestyles he doesnt have a clue what hes talking about 😂, United most of the game were the better side and he sits there and says ‘they caught them on the break’ they had more possession than Chelsea for most of the game you divvy what game is he watching ??

  • Kid Marley
    Kid Marley Hour ago

    I never expect these guys to talk well about United

  • Adel Bechtoula
    Adel Bechtoula 2 hours ago

    3:15 he was legitimately asking cause he really didn't know

  • Abram Kei
    Abram Kei 2 hours ago

    Our supersub14 🔥🔥🔥 GGMU 👹👹👹

  • oyinkansola oduwole
    oyinkansola oduwole 2 hours ago

    Football is football wait until Liverpool gets polled out by ATM

  • uchibenkei
    uchibenkei 2 hours ago

    What else is pep going to say? You think he's going to outwardly panic in public? Become outraged and quit? He has to show that he's going to be loyal so the players stay calm and focused. He's already talking to Juventus. He'll be gone.

  • Ayushman Jaimini
    Ayushman Jaimini 2 hours ago

    United lose problem....united win...another problem.....this pundits really hate united....go cry pundits....united r back and var is not united problem

  • Only4comments
    Only4comments 2 hours ago


  • The Kasolo
    The Kasolo 2 hours ago

    Cry more

  • Heavens Box
    Heavens Box 2 hours ago

    Chelsea have not beaten united since 2018 FA cup final so there was a posibility they could lose..i think chelsea previous loses and draws to teams they should have won is to blame for the pressure they are puting themselves in at the moment..they play spurs then Bayern and then Liverpool all matches which could make or break their season

  • Shameema Bhyat
    Shameema Bhyat 2 hours ago

    Dortmund 2-3 PSG Atletico 1-3 Liverpool Atalanta 1-2 Valencia Spurs 2-1 Leipzig

  • John Storrie
    John Storrie 2 hours ago

    How many players actually know the laws of the game.

  • 쭈노
    쭈노 2 hours ago

    son red card...

  • Pål Abrahamsen
    Pål Abrahamsen 2 hours ago

    ‘’What he can offer in behind’’....😂

  • Ukech Daniel
    Ukech Daniel 2 hours ago

    I’m loving the fact that everyone is mad of VAR. These guys said Chelsea are gonna smash man utd.... 😂😂

  • Leroy Wayne Mathese
    Leroy Wayne Mathese 2 hours ago

    The kick out wasn't affecting any goal ... why is it such a big deal? Michy got up from that lkke nothing

  • Name Change
    Name Change 2 hours ago

    No but maybe they’ll have a chance in the Farmers Cup

  • Kowshick
    Kowshick 2 hours ago

    Rent free

  • R R
    R R 2 hours ago

    Like the NFL+NBA, the game refs watch video on sideline make the ultimate choice. VAR IS UNNECESSARY. It places the decisions those who are not refs. Refs on the pitch may have seen it but from a bad angle. Adopt the other professional methods... NBA and NFL accept the time required. This makes European Football less in integrity and accuracy. Absolute ludicrousness.

  • Rocky
    Rocky 2 hours ago

    All these british pundits don't know how to analyse football from the tactical aspect of the game. Always just narrating stories. Go learn one or two things from american sport pundits(sadly)

  • Shantanu Bhati
    Shantanu Bhati 2 hours ago

    Atletico madrid will win mark my words

  • Sandile Sibanyoni
    Sandile Sibanyoni 2 hours ago

    I bet you man UTD fans would love to have lukaku back lol, they such fickle fans.. Demand the axe and then demand them back haha

  • Gaijin Hakase
    Gaijin Hakase 2 hours ago

    Ah yes, let’s get the former Liverpool player and the former Chelsea player to give their unbiased opinions on Manchester United beating Chelsea. Totally neutral.

  • Aqib Ahmad
    Aqib Ahmad 2 hours ago

    huh he is a genius he can even play in mars......agreeed.

  • Dinesh Pratap Singh
    Dinesh Pratap Singh 2 hours ago

    Stevie try praise team other than Liverpool one time for God sake

  • Donal Power
    Donal Power 2 hours ago

    I love it always negative about Utd

  • MBA Presents
    MBA Presents 2 hours ago

    2-1 Atletico

  • Uche Okweye
    Uche Okweye 2 hours ago

    If we had Ronaldo we would have won the game 😂😂. Hazard was sold

  • Sergio Aguilar
    Sergio Aguilar 2 hours ago

    Most garbage commentator ever fire this guy

  • MBA Presents
    MBA Presents 2 hours ago

    3-1 PSG

  • D L
    D L 2 hours ago

    If Son did that, he would have been kicked out of England. These refs are a joke.

  • Rezwan Randy
    Rezwan Randy 2 hours ago

    Kepa isn't a good assistant coach

  • philip anam
    philip anam 2 hours ago

    Foolish people talk about the var and the referee’s decision.

  • Farhan Marco
    Farhan Marco 2 hours ago

    It's well and good favouring PSG until Haaland comes and scores 4 past them lol

  • JorgeThakur live
    JorgeThakur live 2 hours ago

    "Meanwhile we got to give man utd credit" Of course but after this game they will return to original form of losing to bottom teams...

  • MRdarcy743
    MRdarcy743 2 hours ago

    I remember Man Utd vs Palace earlier this season. Gary Cahill foul on Martial, no penalty. Martial fouled yet again. No penalty. Craig Burley: yeah they could have had 2 penalties but that's no excuse. United beat chelsea. Craig burley: VAR. VAR. The agenda against Solksjaer is real

  • Alibobs Marland
    Alibobs Marland 2 hours ago

    VAR was brought in for clear and obvious mistakes, not armpits and toes being an inch offside. And the Maguire decision was a disgrace.

  • Chris Evans
    Chris Evans 2 hours ago

    good Old slabhead slayed them !!!!........

  • Nathaniel Bryan
    Nathaniel Bryan 2 hours ago

    It’ll be soooo good if Dortmund smash psg

  • Rashpal singh
    Rashpal singh 2 hours ago

    juve win champions league final

  • whtwht
    whtwht 2 hours ago

    Straight red .. shocking refs

  • Andrew Vaughan
    Andrew Vaughan 2 hours ago

    messi is creating the chances because no one else for barca can

  • Lindsey Celia
    Lindsey Celia 2 hours ago

    For all you know, this espn host could be the biggest MU hater... he is continuously fueling heat and steering those pundits who are already biased over MU's success to add more criticism... these people are shocking

  • Brian Anthony
    Brian Anthony 2 hours ago

    Spurs' Son banned for 3 matches for similar 😡 VAR is a PIG!

  • miyahtallulah
    miyahtallulah 2 hours ago

    And MU lost Pogba.

  • SpiritSquad
    SpiritSquad 2 hours ago

    Harry gave a story because he was asked the question.

  • Lindsey Celia
    Lindsey Celia 2 hours ago

    Who is this Craig guy?....someone said he played for Chelsea but secretly supporting Liverpool!!!

  • Prison Mike
    Prison Mike 2 hours ago

    kepa by far is the best keeper they have.

  • pike101000
    pike101000 2 hours ago

    Cech didn't bring in Kepa. Kepa came before. Cech would never have recommended Kepa to the board coz he's not good enough but he should've played vs United

  • Sullay BJ
    Sullay BJ 2 hours ago

    Blah blah excuses excuses this 8s the third time we whoop Chelsea this season 😏💁‍♂️

  • Cesar Gomringer
    Cesar Gomringer 2 hours ago

    Koby plays soccer how cool is that this man was truly something else ..

  • Nobody
    Nobody 3 hours ago

    IMHO VAR works fine. They just need to be more transparent, i.e. tell us how much each team paid into the VAR fund before the game, so we can adjust our expectations.

  • Jfkskqooeoqiiii
    Jfkskqooeoqiiii 3 hours ago


  • Yona Berhane
    Yona Berhane 3 hours ago

    No matter how good man utd play they always criticize thanks Liverpool fc

  • frit frita
    frit frita 3 hours ago

    They don't ask hi much question than others

  • frit frita
    frit frita 3 hours ago

    Am watching espn UK for long time u talking about recisem but even the presenter is. They disrespect shaka all the time

  • Phung Shang
    Phung Shang 3 hours ago

    Massimiliano Allegri is more better than noob sarri with such a great squad.

  • Yurties
    Yurties 3 hours ago

    well considering Willy actually dives into the goals as some sort of attempt to save the ball...... yes.

  • arctic 1878
    arctic 1878 3 hours ago

    I still can't believe City is tied with Liverpool as favourites. Liverpool are clear favourites imo, having already sealed the PL title...

  • Ahmad Abdal Khan
    Ahmad Abdal Khan 3 hours ago

    When did liverpool outplay barca away

    • mae
      mae 58 minutes ago

      Did you watched last years first leg. LIVERPOOL had the highest possession. Even messi confest that in his career life he had never felt that tired nor ran like he did just to.catch up with the reds. Lol

    • mae
      mae Hour ago

      So you haven heard. Farza still waiting for lfc CK lol

  • Peter Burke
    Peter Burke 3 hours ago

    My suggestion for offside is 3 body parts to be offside to be conclusive. Not a toe by itself. I.e. a foot, a knee, a shoulder

    • Liam
      Liam 2 hours ago

      it’ll still be too inconsistent with people arguing where body parts start and finish

  • uchibenkei
    uchibenkei 3 hours ago

    Zlatan will be remembered for his personality and humor. he'd make a good tv guy as a pundit or color commentator, until he says something that offends leftists and they get him fired.

  • zoe lane
    zoe lane 3 hours ago

    Man Utd 2-0 Chelsea.... this guy is a clown and dummy. suck his own prediction

  • Marvin Prudencio
    Marvin Prudencio 3 hours ago

    It looks like Prem VAR loves teams in red (Liverpool and Man. United) and despise teams in blue (Chelsea And Man. City)

  • Connor Richardson
    Connor Richardson 3 hours ago

    haha oh how its all going down hill already...

  • Albanian ᚹᛁᚲᛁᛝ

    He is so humble

  • Kri Ber
    Kri Ber 3 hours ago

    Borussia Dortmund vs. Paris Saint-Germain 4-2 Atlético Madrid vs. Liverpool 1-1 Atalanta vs. Valencia 2-1 Tottenham Hotspur vs. RB Leipzig 2-0

  • obuh bennoah
    obuh bennoah 3 hours ago

    kepa is better than Caballero, and Giroud is better than Batuaiyi

  • Seantino Lin
    Seantino Lin 3 hours ago

    Surely it does make different.

  • Safwan Khan
    Safwan Khan 3 hours ago

    Chelsea dearly miss RLc, Pulisic , Tammy and cho . Like if you have those players , pretty dang sure they would win . Tbh , Chelsea are acc sick in building up (that Giroud header ) came from a sick buildup . Reece James is amazing . You def need a lb

  • M Shahnazi
    M Shahnazi 3 hours ago

    Somewhere The great Giorgio Chinaglia is smiling. He always relished playing against the big 3 of Inter, Juve and AC Milan, and in 1975 when Lazio won the Serie A he was an absolute giant terror in scoring against the Big 3.

  • Safwan Khan
    Safwan Khan 3 hours ago

    Literally Chelsea missed sitters , man utd magically get two random headers in , Maguire should have been sent off . Azpilicueta ‘s push wasn’t even bad . If that goal was disallowed , then Maguire should have been sent off

    • DONALD
      DONALD Hour ago

      Safwan Khan yeah there’s always a consolation biach!

  • cheapcigar
    cheapcigar 3 hours ago

    This guy is not an analyzer. He just states the obvious. Boring.