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PIANO Vs. HOUSE from 45m!
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  • Actor - Steve Hall
    Actor - Steve Hall 7 minutes ago

    I think he took his jumper off at 7:06

  • Tessa Meijerink
    Tessa Meijerink 12 minutes ago

    2:38 - 3:01 Top ten artist Daan Roosengaarde was afraid to compete with

  • Prajith Sabapathy
    Prajith Sabapathy 41 minute ago


  • Blake Logan
    Blake Logan 46 minutes ago


  • bitchass
    bitchass Hour ago

    sheep behind : Dude what the fuck...

  • Diddy Donkey
    Diddy Donkey Hour ago

    2020 anyone

  • Raihan Aldhiya
    Raihan Aldhiya Hour ago

    8:12 i love their expression

  • Te Mobill
    Te Mobill Hour ago

    Woooow nice Subscribe

  • Torben Wulfgar
    Torben Wulfgar Hour ago

    name big one bruce

  • Joe Burns
    Joe Burns Hour ago

    I say, if you can, drop a good ole Geo Metro on the bungalow!! Or drop a bungalow on a Geo Metro!

  • Boş Yapma
    Boş Yapma Hour ago

    *45 metreden yazısı niye türkçe lan?*

  • Aquatic Kings
    Aquatic Kings Hour ago

    you put it on a backspin you idiot

    MARK FERGUSON Hour ago

    can I have a Rexie? thanks

  • Lili Win
    Lili Win Hour ago

    This guy is stupid they can.t even made paper plane stupid

  • Nathaniel Schwartz
    Nathaniel Schwartz 2 hours ago

    2:22 Well: 4 melons each costing 90 cents. So, in total, that would be $3.60.

  • meme troll
    meme troll 2 hours ago

    it should be clayton....

  • Péter Csajbók
    Péter Csajbók 2 hours ago

    0 content and a horse face guy

  • gojewla
    gojewla 2 hours ago

    Who is wrecksie?

  • meme troll
    meme troll 2 hours ago


  • Jivan Scarano
    Jivan Scarano 2 hours ago


  • Hayden Mcintosh
    Hayden Mcintosh 3 hours ago


  • Master Oxide
    Master Oxide 3 hours ago


  • Federico Etcheverry
    Federico Etcheverry 4 hours ago

    Todos son homosexuales pero yo no...

  • Mary Fennie Manangan

    249 463

  • Mary Fennie Manangan

    1 hour and 7 minutes

  • AGR- Android game review pro gamer

    Piano Missed in a row Hammer: *Allow me to introduce mah self*

  • Jivan Scarano
    Jivan Scarano 4 hours ago


  • shorty foster
    shorty foster 4 hours ago

    Brett best

  • Judah Baggerman
    Judah Baggerman 4 hours ago

    I saw stanford today he runs every saturday morning at parkrun i saw all of them once before no joke

  • Sydney Tomazin
    Sydney Tomazin 4 hours ago

    YEEESSSS it makes me so happy to see that they are CHRISTIANS! 🙏🏻❤️

  • Noah Vivian
    Noah Vivian 5 hours ago

    1:47; I'm literally dying of laughter right now bro he said a big sack of babes

  • Oblivianna aa
    Oblivianna aa 5 hours ago

    The real question is.. Does it scratch at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7?

  • DrXshock
    DrXshock 5 hours ago

    The bowling ball falling sounds like the London Blitz

  • idalia Duarte
    idalia Duarte 5 hours ago


  • Isabella Andrade
    Isabella Andrade 5 hours ago

    When they said I bet the viewers are itchy I got itchy it was creepy!! 😂

  • Tom H
    Tom H 5 hours ago

    I can't imagine carrying the anvils all the way up.

  • Riley Wiersma
    Riley Wiersma 5 hours ago

    147, 247 ,347 ,or 447 ponds

  • DrXshock
    DrXshock 5 hours ago

    why does the blonde one at the bottom with the trampoline look like a white obama

  • Lenon Villanueva
    Lenon Villanueva 5 hours ago

    atlas stone vs giant trampuline pls

  • Riley Wiersma
    Riley Wiersma 5 hours ago

    147 pounds

  • Fortnitebot Yeet
    Fortnitebot Yeet 5 hours ago

    59 min

  • idalia Duarte
    idalia Duarte 5 hours ago


  • taylor King
    taylor King 5 hours ago

    pizza Vs.OOBLECK

  • RamesGamesLC
    RamesGamesLC 5 hours ago

    It's actually really funny how bad these guys are at being natural for the camera and scripted events. In a humbling sort of way.

  • #ineedalife _ 2
    #ineedalife _ 2 6 hours ago

    I know the name, it's... A name.

  • Piggly Puff
    Piggly Puff 6 hours ago

    I’m from Canada and the idea of being so casual about two kangaroos just showing up is crazy to me

  • Zando gamer
    Zando gamer 6 hours ago


  • Devin Gaming
    Devin Gaming 6 hours ago

    Nganjong kedaong MIKAK neh semogalah isok mikak mati nganjong amat neh

  • CRECsports
    CRECsports 6 hours ago

    Middle seat

  • Ize Rblx
    Ize Rblx 6 hours ago

    Next: dropping a trampoline on a bowling ball from 1000 feet!

  • David Korver
    David Korver 6 hours ago

    I need the next Viddy now

  • DareDevil 09
    DareDevil 09 6 hours ago

    2.5 kilos

  • DareDevil 09
    DareDevil 09 6 hours ago

    2.5 kilos

  • How gg
    How gg 6 hours ago

    100000 years

  • MrnintendoSEGAfan1
    MrnintendoSEGAfan1 6 hours ago


  • Kamomile Tea
    Kamomile Tea 6 hours ago

    I lost it at 10:35 XD

  • Digging KS
    Digging KS 7 hours ago


  • Joseph Mcdonough
    Joseph Mcdonough 7 hours ago

    Where's today's video

  • Cody Wheeler
    Cody Wheeler 7 hours ago

    6 thousnds

  • Colin Morris
    Colin Morris 8 hours ago

    Why does this vid have 100k dislikes? Like, why?

    • Colin Morris
      Colin Morris 7 hours ago

      Nev mind i think its pretty obvious actually. Lack of cleaning and not actually throwing the eb until the end

  • Jordan Jasin
    Jordan Jasin 8 hours ago


  • Jordan Jasin
    Jordan Jasin 8 hours ago


  • Laura Hill
    Laura Hill 8 hours ago


  • Laura Hill
    Laura Hill 8 hours ago

    1 atemte??????????!!!!!!

  • Tracey Gordon
    Tracey Gordon 9 hours ago


  • jebara54
    jebara54 9 hours ago

    2:32 thats what she said

  • Dave Malone
    Dave Malone 9 hours ago

    1 min

  • jebara54
    jebara54 9 hours ago

    0:47 yall see how yellow his teeth are???

  • Jivan Scarano
    Jivan Scarano 9 hours ago


  • Tracey Gordon
    Tracey Gordon 9 hours ago


  • RcAddict
    RcAddict 9 hours ago

    poor car

  • Emil
    Emil 9 hours ago

    "is the bowling ball okay?"

  • Kevin C.
    Kevin C. 9 hours ago

    I don't like the long breaks between vids. 🙁🙁🙁

  • Tristan Toole
    Tristan Toole 9 hours ago

    The reason for cloudy ice is this: Unlike most solids/liquids, water is denser than ice, BUT, cold water is still denser than hot water. That's why ice floats on water. The water as it cools, goes to the bottom of your container, while the coldest water turning-ice floats to the top. The repeated agitation traps bubbles towards the middle.

  • DCcopter
    DCcopter 9 hours ago

    I'm guessing 640 rexys

  • Graham McNally
    Graham McNally 10 hours ago

    I like it when you guys make a difference

  • hasan Battikh
    hasan Battikh 10 hours ago

    Lool, they should subtract 2 balls from edge team, after that guy got hit, afterall i don't think those would even bounce.

  • Marvin Dean
    Marvin Dean 10 hours ago


  • Arianna Alvarado
    Arianna Alvarado 10 hours ago

    One time in class something sneezed and farted at the same time and we all laughed and my teacher didn’t hear it and later something asked who it was and my teacher heard him asked and she said IT WAS ME but I don’t know what u just asked about. Lol

  • Stavros Marlagkoutsos
    Stavros Marlagkoutsos 10 hours ago


  • CopperFox
    CopperFox 11 hours ago

    They should have dropped the house from the top of the tower when the piano kept missing Change My Mind

  • Brian James
    Brian James 11 hours ago

    What's happening to the weekly Friday vids, got the bell on I'm in 44 club lol seems a bit of a delay in getting vids out , what's happening guys

  • MattyBeast _
    MattyBeast _ 11 hours ago

    2020 anyone?

  • Mary Kaye Lewis
    Mary Kaye Lewis 11 hours ago


  • William Phillips
    William Phillips 11 hours ago

    14:47 levitation

  • Jason OSullivan
    Jason OSullivan 11 hours ago


  • Вячеслав Егоров

    the dart tip should be much heavier, you can pour lead into the pipe, then it will fall strictly vertically

  • Brian Cromwell
    Brian Cromwell 11 hours ago

    7:08 is actual footage of the minute after the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs struck.

  • Kacper Pełka
    Kacper Pełka 11 hours ago

    Thor's Mjolljir vs GoPro

  • Zacawesomest 1
    Zacawesomest 1 11 hours ago


  • Riley Wiersma
    Riley Wiersma 12 hours ago


  • Riley Wiersma
    Riley Wiersma 12 hours ago

    4 bones

  • EnderMiteCraft
    EnderMiteCraft 12 hours ago

    And this is how crystal meth is made..

  • Jimmy Doyle Catlin
    Jimmy Doyle Catlin 13 hours ago

    The thunder is quite soothing for some reason

  • Šuplík Obecný
    Šuplík Obecný 13 hours ago


  • Josselyn Rashford
    Josselyn Rashford 13 hours ago

    Why did I think one of them would be inside while they threw it? Lmao

  • Harley Cooke
    Harley Cooke 13 hours ago

    scott should have 1

  • Hb Wyles vlogs
    Hb Wyles vlogs 14 hours ago


  • Marvellous Enakoya
    Marvellous Enakoya 14 hours ago

    My sister 1330 times in one day

  • Finn Rowley
    Finn Rowley 14 hours ago