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  • MP498
    MP498 4 hours ago

    8:56 Finally... Someone else who thinks Rebel Wilson isn't funny! I've laughed more at funerals than I have at her!

  • MP498
    MP498 4 hours ago

    7:23 She reversed through some curtains and bob's your uncle

  • MP498
    MP498 4 hours ago

    6:44 Is a toilet brush

  • Liam Campbell
    Liam Campbell 4 hours ago

    What a tit

  • Avfc Forever
    Avfc Forever 5 hours ago

    ok. im sad now. you insulted the place in which i live. shame.

  • Avfc Forever
    Avfc Forever 5 hours ago

    will... are you okay? wearing the merch of the creation of jill... slightly worried for you

  • ZALT0
    ZALT0 5 hours ago

    Vauxhall Golf

  • K H
    K H 5 hours ago

    6:23 *watches on Friday. No main channel video. dog has gone missing*

  • Jessica Emmas
    Jessica Emmas 6 hours ago

    Some people just don't seem to realize how airports work

  • Lysosome -
    Lysosome - 6 hours ago

    Maybe we should give will some incentive to go to Luton by saying we’ll stop the square head jokes if he does

  • sincerity is scary
    sincerity is scary 6 hours ago

    alex rating margot robbie was the straightest thing he has ever done

  • Professor Zwerver
    Professor Zwerver 6 hours ago


  • fab family
    fab family 7 hours ago

    Alex: Billie Eilish is a God Me: claps

  • nib nob
    nib nob 7 hours ago

    Weather reporters in the thick of it and the brits

  • SketchyDoodleDoo
    SketchyDoodleDoo 7 hours ago

    Alex saying “hey babygirl” made me choke on my pancake-

  • SketchyDoodleDoo
    SketchyDoodleDoo 7 hours ago

    James: *says live love luton* Everyone: *walks out of time machine with live love Luton merch* right, hello!

  • Morgan Waffle
    Morgan Waffle 7 hours ago

    2:21 Max: *doesn’t exist*

  • Georgelangford xx
    Georgelangford xx 7 hours ago

    Athaulted himthelf

  • Jaiden Robson
    Jaiden Robson 7 hours ago

    Rile from call of duty ghosts

  • Rhys Taylor
    Rhys Taylor 7 hours ago

    Ffs Belfast is not in Ireland, its Northern Ireland, I'm from there so I would know

  • Luke Simpson
    Luke Simpson 7 hours ago

    If you go to Luton and don’t go to the stadium that’s an absolute cop out

  • Squidzzy ._.
    Squidzzy ._. 8 hours ago


  • Reens Phoenix
    Reens Phoenix 8 hours ago

    I love Ciaran.. Hope he gets to burp one day

  • Saifullah taj
    Saifullah taj 8 hours ago

    Hes obsession with Morgz is just boring now and desperate

  • Triple Toxic
    Triple Toxic 8 hours ago

    Me: Finally Willne uploaded 5 mins later: 🤢🤮

  • Triple Toxic
    Triple Toxic 8 hours ago

    Me: Willne uploaded 5 mins later: 🤢🤮

  • Triple Toxic
    Triple Toxic 8 hours ago

    Me: Willne uploaded 5 mins later: 🤢🤮

  • Triple Toxic
    Triple Toxic 8 hours ago

    Me: Willne uploaded 5 mins later: 🤢🤮

  • Rocky
    Rocky 8 hours ago

    I'm FROM portsmouth and even I have to do a double take whenever I see that one in Dubai

  • Dragos 797
    Dragos 797 8 hours ago

    Why do horses need shoes 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ what a fucking question

  • Henry H
    Henry H 8 hours ago

    Do twoti on ksi vs jake paul

  • Harry The Moth
    Harry The Moth 9 hours ago

    You didn’t get a small hoodie you just put on George’s by mistake

  • Novalee Bean (student)

    Why is this video so damn quiet? My volume is on 50-

  • Regilio Bouma
    Regilio Bouma 9 hours ago

    you sneaky BASTARD you just want to get rid of your girl on your youtube :( we like her.

  • Itz Chxli
    Itz Chxli 9 hours ago

    WillNe it’s so old it’s a square It’s A FREAKING RECTANGLE GeT It RiGhT

  • Kiwi&Georgie Playz
    Kiwi&Georgie Playz 9 hours ago

    WillNE needs to react to Dance Moms!

  • kiandyson
    kiandyson 9 hours ago

    wait can anyone else not see him

  • sarah o'malley
    sarah o'malley 9 hours ago


  • SaltyBoi 118
    SaltyBoi 118 9 hours ago

    James Charles is dating Tfue

  • Darth Yoda21
    Darth Yoda21 9 hours ago

    You dare spit on the home of blue van man

  • littlepiggy14
    littlepiggy14 9 hours ago

    At 5:49 I found James channel first then Alex’s then Will’s then George’s

  • D&R Gaming
    D&R Gaming 10 hours ago

    4:58 will is so funny

  • ShadyNinjaGaming
    ShadyNinjaGaming 10 hours ago

    Oi im in lough

  • lianne webb
    lianne webb 10 hours ago


  • Arran Mackenzie
    Arran Mackenzie 10 hours ago

    R/oddlysatisfying merch

  • vortex blade
    vortex blade 10 hours ago

    yes betty shwollock

  • Neive Doyle
    Neive Doyle 10 hours ago

    6:38 No offense Kohei Horikoshi, but I think he’s a fan of Todoroki

  • morgan electronics
    morgan electronics 11 hours ago

    2:13 the book is wrote by karen

  • Ria Davies
    Ria Davies 11 hours ago

    the fact will doesn’t think of donna nolan </3

  • ItzVetexx
    ItzVetexx 12 hours ago

    Why is he reviewing morgz merch

  • ItzVetexx
    ItzVetexx 12 hours ago

    Such a cringe guy

  • Jack Queen
    Jack Queen 12 hours ago

    I miss when Willne is funny

  • Jack Collier
    Jack Collier 12 hours ago

    3:20 as snow is a natural insulator the lower levels of the snow are warmer and softer while the top is harder and can be picked up like that

  • Corey Edits
    Corey Edits 12 hours ago

    oH nO WIlL FOrGOt tO SAY “RIGhT HELLo 👋 “

  • Tam
    Tam 12 hours ago


  • Riyhan Ali
    Riyhan Ali 12 hours ago

    3:25 who else thought he said "my dicks quite short"

  • Dominic Flaherty
    Dominic Flaherty 12 hours ago

    is it bad that I actually live in Luton?

  • Riyhan Ali
    Riyhan Ali 12 hours ago

    😂😂😂when i saw the thumbnail

  • Caitlin Berg
    Caitlin Berg 12 hours ago

    When I was little we were getting a flight from Luton (don’t judge). And I decided that on the drive I’d wave at everyone I could, because I’m from Norfolk I’m used to people waving back. It ended with someone chasing the car. Also put coronavirus in twoti Ly will

  • Nate Siddle
    Nate Siddle 13 hours ago

    I did it with a picture of a fish and it said it looked like kim jong un

  • K Khan
    K Khan 13 hours ago

    This title deserves more credit

  • Erica Raths
    Erica Raths 13 hours ago

    I honestly can’t figure out if Will & crew are actually cool with Morgz and just keep up with the troll each other imagine on YT.

  • ZM4
    ZM4 13 hours ago

    From the title i was surprised it was 10 mins

  • grognak pickins
    grognak pickins 13 hours ago

    7:30 when I scrape my shoe off the school floor

  • Mitget Multenes Lv
    Mitget Multenes Lv 13 hours ago

    What is Luton? What hapen there

  • amy wolfXD14
    amy wolfXD14 14 hours ago

    0:01 willne hit the ground to hard XD

  • Suzannah Benefield
    Suzannah Benefield 14 hours ago

    Ok but because it’s Timothee you have to give him a 10

  • Emily Collis
    Emily Collis 14 hours ago

    still isn't as cursed as all the fanfic on ao3

  • Connor Shaw
    Connor Shaw 15 hours ago

    My ginormous zute

  • CrackerSauceMan
    CrackerSauceMan 15 hours ago

    He dripping tho

  • HeX Collide
    HeX Collide 15 hours ago

    Do big Jill part 2

  • Sexy Dolphin
    Sexy Dolphin 15 hours ago

    Willne street, willne road What about willne square

    PARADOX PARKOUR 15 hours ago

    Mr Morris😂😂 Love seeing what he did after Friday night dinner

  • Alex Westley-Warne
    Alex Westley-Warne 15 hours ago

    When will laughs I have to turn my volume down by 5

  • Alex Westley-Warne
    Alex Westley-Warne 15 hours ago

    When will laughs I have to turn my volume down by 5

  • M&M _
    M&M _ 15 hours ago

    Will: nel-cha Alex: Will:Oh..Cha-Chanel. Its Chanel 😂

  • Whibba
    Whibba 15 hours ago

    2:54 my school

  • Henry 11 Lion hart
    Henry 11 Lion hart 16 hours ago

    That light in the picture frame is really giving me ocd

  • Cameron Swen
    Cameron Swen 16 hours ago

    It's called sea glass 😂 I have some and mine is jade colored. You find cool shit on the beaches in the south east US

  • Baby_ Bambi
    Baby_ Bambi 16 hours ago

    Hate how nobody addresses that Kobe is a rapist. He got Karma

  • Noah Egan
    Noah Egan 16 hours ago

    I tried this and got you first time

  • Susie Doherty
    Susie Doherty 16 hours ago

    That awkward moment when you live in luton

  • Teddy Waning
    Teddy Waning 16 hours ago

    1:06 am I the only one who didn’t hear ‘rate’ correctly 🤔

  • Fizzard
    Fizzard 16 hours ago

    I saw an overwatch mouse pad, is will a secret ow fan

  • khadijaisdun
    khadijaisdun 17 hours ago

    why does kieran sound like david mitchell

  • antoni_joyce
    antoni_joyce 17 hours ago

    Will is sponsored by Morgan...

  • XOClaudia C
    XOClaudia C 17 hours ago

    i’ve watched this video so many times

  • Seb Cooper
    Seb Cooper 17 hours ago

    3:45 who else went back😫

  • Harvster Flex
    Harvster Flex 17 hours ago

    Jj rapped about netnobody on down like that

  • Sam Hammersley
    Sam Hammersley 17 hours ago

    What Mgz Stands for M bald G Martin Z

  • mrrobloxgamer
    mrrobloxgamer 17 hours ago

    While I'm commenting, this video about airports has 747 dislikes.

  • Deralis 3
    Deralis 3 17 hours ago

    People does anyone here like Brexit.If you like it you uneducated and you are wrong.The Uk is going to get flufed.

  • William Hall
    William Hall 17 hours ago


  • matthew Prescott
    matthew Prescott 18 hours ago


  • Theory Podcast
    Theory Podcast 19 hours ago

    7:20 I think ur a bit color blind

  • cal forde
    cal forde 19 hours ago

    lads I dont understand this. if my flight got cancelled I would apologise to the airline team for being an inconvenience I dont understand this

  • Clip It boys
    Clip It boys 19 hours ago

    Oh shit I live in Leicester never realised a street called wilne street 😂

  • MallBRATgirl_300
    MallBRATgirl_300 19 hours ago

    5 Mill 2020 fellas

  • Boarder fifa
    Boarder fifa 20 hours ago

    WHAT is the name

  • lara
    lara 20 hours ago

    we need willne avenue