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  • MehBot Scott
    MehBot Scott 11 hours ago

    Stumbling on this in 2020 feels weird. Sad that Lawrence and Bruce are the ones who are gone now.

  • Michael Walters
    Michael Walters 11 hours ago

    Where’s the Spotify upload!!?

  • Gabriel Guajardo
    Gabriel Guajardo 11 hours ago

    Shout out to the needle drop for that light 6

  • eXackly
    eXackly 12 hours ago

    Give us the BEANS Sony!!!! I hope they come in and be like "Here is the PS5 and it has 20TFLPOS! You're Welcome."

  • Burnt Reynolds
    Burnt Reynolds 12 hours ago

    Are you guys using a yellow teeth filter?

  • Kain Dragon
    Kain Dragon 12 hours ago

    Thanks for this guys N gals looks like I'm buying more stock in Sony

  • Arkreiner
    Arkreiner 12 hours ago

    Thank you Brian for keeping the Dragon Quest series relevant. From one Dragon Quest fan to another. Please let us know if there is info on DQX coming to the west.

  • Richard Hambel
    Richard Hambel 12 hours ago

    This game will fade away fast due to its redundancy. If you want to make a game then get Unity or learn something like Java. If you want to make music without spending money get LMMS. This game limits you to making shitty games and shitty music that only people with this game and a ps4 can play, and which you will never make a dime off of. No one bought a Ps4 to play your shitty remake of the first level of Mario 64. Sorry

  • Jay Stone
    Jay Stone 12 hours ago

    This video receives my thumbs up only because of Brian's "these nuts" jokes

  • Joseph Seda
    Joseph Seda 12 hours ago

    I was not there for the big huge pokemon phone game playing day. I was either spending time with family, friends, in a store, or watching a movie. I don't have a phone with apps. I cannot even play Pokemon go. If I got that phone, you see one those rare gamers that never use digital cash in a phone. The only ditgnal cash I ever use is in gift cards.

  • SnowBaal
    SnowBaal 12 hours ago

    Finally ads that relate to me... a gamer who does not shave his balls or order steaks off the internet

  • Kevin K
    Kevin K 12 hours ago

    Lol that cloud gaming will piss ppl off when the internet goes down or your power does and what will you have left to do?? But the people with actual PCs or consoles will be able to play OFFLINE. Lol that’s the downside of the cloud if things around you that you have no control over happens then what? At least with actual hardware if you’re tech savvy or know you can play offline with some games then that’s waaayyyy better than playing nothing at all.

  • Happy Chef
    Happy Chef 13 hours ago

    Conor for the love of all things holy please brush them damn teeth! Ive never seen such yellow teeth on someone so young. Seriously I cant concentrate on the videos without starring at them. No offense, personal hygiene is important.

  • Uncle J
    Uncle J 13 hours ago

    Because I know most people here don't know (I had to Google it for the 100th time) 1 Teraflop is 1 trillion floating point operation per second.

  • big boy viking
    big boy viking 13 hours ago

    Thanks Patrick for the power! Keep on humpin'!

  • Nathan E
    Nathan E 13 hours ago

    I saw today that GoG got an interesting refund policy, and yesterday Steam got some search function improvements, and this got me thinking of GoG Galaxy 2.0, a recent Steam blog going over some of their improvements in the last year (Linux, VR, Search, Steam Labs, Library, Music, Chat, Remote Play Together, a few other ones and their overall blogging increase), and wondered what Epic has improved on in the last year, last I heard is the Open Critic integration, but is that it? Carts & Wishlists still on the "roadmap"? Would make for an interesting journalistic comparison video of the last year of competition.

  • Mohammed NS
    Mohammed NS 13 hours ago

    My favorites super duper dreams are: “Grimmy adventures”, “Haus of bevis”, “Pip gem walker”, “Ommy carts”, “Great job human” and “Super great job human”, “another natural disaster” and “the watergardens”

  • Modernity Leave
    Modernity Leave 14 hours ago

    Pitvhford... Nuff said.

  • vargen1414
    vargen1414 14 hours ago


  • vargen1414
    vargen1414 14 hours ago

    Sakurai: i want to work on something else for a while Everyone Else: Smash is doomed! Sakurai: 😓

  • vargen1414
    vargen1414 14 hours ago

    Sakurai is a tall boyo!

  • Cory DeBacker
    Cory DeBacker 14 hours ago

    i dont see how there can be a competitive gaming scene with game streaming being the norm. i dont think streaming games will be the complete norm as people think it will be in the future

  • vargen1414
    vargen1414 14 hours ago

    Smash might continue but Sakurai might take his hands off the stearing wheel and let Nintendo Jesus put his hands on the stearing wheel

  • Carlos Taylor
    Carlos Taylor 14 hours ago

    I don't think Microsoft is gonna win the next console battle. They are unevenly confident About their system with little to no support from actual people , I'm certainly not excited for them. Their arrogance isn't doing them any favors either. I guess that's what you get when your company is run by a bunch of out of touch geezers With more money than they know What' to do with

  • Richard Hambel
    Richard Hambel 14 hours ago

    This looks pointless lol. All of these games look ridiculous and awkward.

  • Keres666
    Keres666 14 hours ago

    Its almost like making everything in sweatshops in China was a bad idea.

  • Samuel Campana
    Samuel Campana 14 hours ago

    Best way to end the episode with those SSDZ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤪🤪🤪🤪

  • zesound
    zesound 15 hours ago

    He was on gamertag radio podcast. It was a good listen! I recomend.

  • EddieTheValiant
    EddieTheValiant 15 hours ago

    Console or streaming... they both sound awful right now. Think I'll just stick with my PC and wait for this whole streaming thing to blow over.

  • Jeremysonfire 》
    Jeremysonfire 》 15 hours ago

    Leave brian alone! he is a human! How dare anyone out

  • Rodney Carter
    Rodney Carter 15 hours ago

    love spencers attatude but love my rpgs and open worlds so still probs wont end up will a xbox... sony owns the market i love...

  • 1 2
    1 2 15 hours ago


  • PJMack
    PJMack 15 hours ago

    I’m a physical copy guy. It’s becoming less and less convenient, but I like being able to share my games with my friends. Also, on a more practical note, what happens when hardware ages out like the original Xbox and loses access to Xbox live? Will I still be able to access my digital titles? Maybe, but it’s more of an ordeal than popping the disc in and playing

  • 1 2
    1 2 15 hours ago

    You’ve been Philled in

  • Emile Alpha239
    Emile Alpha239 15 hours ago

    "Adorable keys"

  • L Fox
    L Fox 15 hours ago

    The next Xbox should have a PC mode where you can run steam + epic stores. That would freak out the master race

  • B Boy
    B Boy 15 hours ago

    Dreams: a program where you can design shovel water games.

    LE COCO 15 hours ago

    This sonic game convinced me. Not kidding i go buy this game right after this video

  • princepunk
    princepunk 16 hours ago

    y'all have a podcast!?

  • sixx
    sixx 16 hours ago

    You show footage of people struggling and crying in a hospital, at the same time give the most insincere and rushed "our thoughts are with those affected" spiel and are practically laughing about it. It'd have taken zero effort/time to deliver that with some basic decency. It'd have been better if you didn't mention it at all, even. Then you quickly move on and say you're supposed to be focused on games industry news, but you still make time to talk about your balls and how weird it is for men to have nipples (because that's news?). People are dying and suffering because of this. What the fuck is wrong with you. Never seen a video from this channel but that was the first and last

  • KYB
    KYB 16 hours ago

    Great black mirror is here...we have to pay to skip thanks

  • Treuze Bits
    Treuze Bits 16 hours ago

    what? insidegaming podcast? thats the interesting part of this video, dont care about master daddy Philly sorry!

  • DNFL -
    DNFL - 16 hours ago

    Why left guy gotta look like he just held up an urban outfitters

  • Christopher Doman
    Christopher Doman 16 hours ago

    2:44, Patrick unleashing his inner demons

  • David anderson
    David anderson 16 hours ago

    What happened to the original crew ?

  • Luke Cooper
    Luke Cooper 16 hours ago

    Why dose it have to be forced advertising why can't they just put real billboards/sponsers in racing games and GTA style games

  • Key Jay HD
    Key Jay HD 16 hours ago

    What is this? Bets on Brian was teasing his fanfic of himself, Phil Spencer and Shrek at the beginning? Also yes, sorry dudes for not clicking heads, too distracted watching my keyboard barf a rainbow 😆

  • Christopher Doman
    Christopher Doman 16 hours ago

    5:57 a wild RussianBadger appears

  • Jimmie Lovett
    Jimmie Lovett 16 hours ago

    Yeah 4 hours a week is nothing. When I worked at Macy’s I learned that’s literally how all of their stores are unless you’re a manager or the HR rep, which is also a manager. Most of the sales associates (unless you work for the cosmetics kiosks) or are the main sales associate might get 10 hours a week, the people working in the loading docks only get 4 hours, 3 1/2 actually because they have to give them a 30 minute break. Lol, I luckily got hired by the janitorial service contracted there and everyone was super pissed every time they saw me because I was no joke getting in 10-12 hours a day 6 days a week. At $8.75/ hr (WV minimum wage) I was making bank even after taxes. That’s what a lot of retail does to its non managerial employees though, they give them like 4 hours a week and I know people that work like 4-5 different jobs throughout the week, it’s stupid because it’s just a lot of hopping around and different schedules and shit. It’s why I’m all for $15/ hr, but further more unless requested and negotiated by a potential hire, all positions everywhere need to be full time 8 hrs/ day 4-5 days a week.

  • Matthew Burnett
    Matthew Burnett 16 hours ago

    But I don't wanna stream games.

  • KaiUno
    KaiUno 16 hours ago

    God damn it, just when I was about to buy stamps.

  • Carlos Aragón
    Carlos Aragón 16 hours ago

    I'll NOT be surprised if Xbox has more power... PS consoles have never being more powered than its rivals yet they pretty much almost always wins over dreamcast back in time and others by sheer amount of games it has... Look at VR is kind of "meh" but Sony's is the most "acceptable" and did generate money for them

  • David Camilo
    David Camilo 16 hours ago

    I come for the sexy games and slanderous bible references.

  • Old School Gamer
    Old School Gamer 16 hours ago

    What’s with thumb nail. Just for a start power doesn’t matter, it never has games matter more. Plus we don’t know the specs of the PlayStation 5 yet so how can you say Xbox SX is better than PlayStation 5. That’s just a little click bait’ish isn’t it guys.

  • Stephen Borgella
    Stephen Borgella 16 hours ago

    The Xbox Series X will have a 12 teraflop GPU. I suspect the non-x model will have GPU power more similar to the PS5s speculated 9.5 teraflops. But it makes sense that Microsoft is pushing the specs of the series X because it doesn’t sound like Sony plans on releasing multiple consoles (at least not at first; we could see a PS5 Pro later in the life of the PS5 🤷🏾‍♂️).

  • David Holesch
    David Holesch 17 hours ago

    For a company that failed so miserably this gen, Microsoft sure talks a lot these days. How many people are actually interested in streaming as their primary way of playing videogames? I'm definitely not.

  • Skylar Blue
    Skylar Blue 17 hours ago

    That fantano reference though.

  • Pee Pooh
    Pee Pooh 17 hours ago

    Patrick: He would hump you if you pre-order Microsoft 3DS.

  • Cameron
    Cameron 17 hours ago

    Yes Connor your rocking those ads.

  • Ralq-vids
    Ralq-vids 17 hours ago

    Silence is killing Sony... at this point I'm more interested in the xbox than ps5.

  • Kyle Zechman
    Kyle Zechman 17 hours ago

    Anyone want to guess how much that keyboard is on the logitech site? Anyone??? . . . . . . . $249.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TaylorHamm
    TaylorHamm 17 hours ago

    HR Daily

    BOSS VJ BEAST 17 hours ago

    Xbox pc

  • Ben
    Ben 17 hours ago

    I've given logitech all of my money, are you happy?

  • jeremy mitchell
    jeremy mitchell 17 hours ago

    i bought a fucking g703 like 3 days ago you couldnt have this add last week? damn

  • matthew truman
    matthew truman 18 hours ago

    Yet ANOTHER video of Conor trying to be funny when he really isn't just really cringeworthy.

  • max g
    max g 18 hours ago

    I enjoy I.G but sometimes i just wana see the news, the jokes get too much sometimes.

  • DeadGraveWalker
    DeadGraveWalker 18 hours ago

    I've nicked named the Xbox Series X "The Fridge."

  • Bradley Winn
    Bradley Winn 18 hours ago

    Love the haircut Autumn

  • Jonatan Luque
    Jonatan Luque 18 hours ago

    Request for Autumn to get a green screen behind and a better camera angle

  • Victor Olesso
    Victor Olesso 18 hours ago

    Insidetony Gamingtano here, the internet's busiest gaming journalists

  • Walter Navarro
    Walter Navarro 18 hours ago

    basically players making games they already own.

  • Elirian Attano
    Elirian Attano 18 hours ago

    No fortnite player has the brains to build a PC nor the money to do so. They spend all their money on sh*itty skins

  • Jordan Brown
    Jordan Brown 19 hours ago

    3:15 Anthony Fantano reference. Nice.

  • Jack Warren
    Jack Warren 19 hours ago

    The lighthouse references are appreciated

  • JackTwoTheFuture
    JackTwoTheFuture 19 hours ago

    Definitely play Avatar the last airbender game in dreams.

  • IMStarbuck
    IMStarbuck 19 hours ago

    Take off that god damn moustache. You look like a hippee!

  • Addizt
    Addizt 19 hours ago

    Does any one know what happen to Lawrence ?

  • Leshy
    Leshy 19 hours ago

    I understand you need sponsors, but please don't lie. ExpressVPN is a good enough VPN service, but IT DOES NOT WORK WITH NETFLIX! Netflix just blocks all ExpressVPN servers and you can't access it at all. It's well known fact, just google that shit.

  • kenneth83DK
    kenneth83DK 19 hours ago

    I would love to use express vpn, if only their regional Netflix feature would work again.

  • MeTRoiDs
    MeTRoiDs 19 hours ago

    All these cloud services are gonna F the gaming industry up. Because they all have to be special in a way so they do that through exclusives soo if you wanna play a game that looks great but its on another service you are gonna have to pay for that one as well. So basiclly its gonna suck, thats my concern

  • l s
    l s 19 hours ago

    Typical inside gaming riding that xbox shaft and letting them go all over their race

  • King Leo2588
    King Leo2588 19 hours ago

    I loved Double Dragons

  • Shodaximus
    Shodaximus 20 hours ago

    I don't think you can say that audiences hated these movies, while in the same breath talk of how commercially successful the movies were. You can say that critics hated these movies, but once a film enters into the levels of commercial blockbuster success, that means that audiences (for the most part) enjoyed these films. As for the whole James Cameron statement... He literally called it a "guilty" pleasure, so I don't understand the hate for that comment either... And, Cameron still has one of the strongest Directorial Resumes in film, so if you think these next Avatar films won't be critically and commercially successful, then you have forgotten the face of your father.

  • Albie van Biljon
    Albie van Biljon 20 hours ago

    Irritating presenters!!! You giving me a headache

  • Zeus
    Zeus 20 hours ago

    Autumn wouldn't be able to control herself if sxephil showed up to the podcast.

  • Billy Clabough
    Billy Clabough 20 hours ago

    08:00 skywriting in the clouds

  • toms1313
    toms1313 20 hours ago

    Can you massage me? No. That broke me

  • R l
    R l 20 hours ago

    Connor trying to be funny by ripping on Brian, Lame

  • Iris Dogma
    Iris Dogma 20 hours ago

    Bullshit. I'm sure everyone else living rural is SUPER pleased to here that after one more console generation, all the big players will be giving up on local gaming hardware, and require you to have bandwidth and data capabilities rural folks will literally never have (no fiber, no 5g). Jesus fuck off with that shit. Even if you get it good enough to run in cities, that shit is going to clog current infrastructure so hard it'll make netflix bottlenecks during summer holidays seem like a pleasant dream. And no-one will have the data for doing that full time on their phone either, because mobile networks cannot take the load. At best it'll get more popular to do at home or connected to good wifi. Local hardware is going nowhere. And even if it does get more popular ISP's will have to pass on the costs of extra infrastructure to consumers - meaning all that higher speed internet will come at a premium, the kind of premium that you could have just used to buy a switch, a pc, or a local console.

  • Salvador Carias
    Salvador Carias 20 hours ago

    Did brain confirm his dream. Asking for a friend.

  • Mark Bulgin
    Mark Bulgin 20 hours ago

    The molestache is in FULL FORCE

  • dan hughes
    dan hughes 20 hours ago

    you praise the right god

  • Jason Beard
    Jason Beard 20 hours ago

    I love how versatile Brian's avatar is when it comes to his comedic timing.

  • kayumust
    kayumust 21 hour ago

    MY CHALLENGE 4 YOU ; take your moms or dads phone go to transaction history on the playstore and watch the horror !

  • Rng XBRO
    Rng XBRO 21 hour ago

    Finally ps4 makes their own version of roblox

  • brandon Wright
    brandon Wright 21 hour ago

    Too many rants of non gaming stuff that's not relevant to the video. Worst part is when the dude makes a comment about brian having a dream sucking his own dick and of course the lame new hosts all laugh. Meanwhile brian mutes himself and angrily throws a pencil at the wall asking why his other coworkers had to leave...sad to see. I used to love these videos. More news. Less side jokes.

  • modviiimark1
    modviiimark1 21 hour ago

    “Cool bible reference” still has me laughing! Your banter is why I watch! 9:28 I needed that

  • michael Persaud
    michael Persaud 21 hour ago

    Ssdez nutz your mouth 😄 pure gold

  • mrspock200
    mrspock200 21 hour ago

    I can’t listen to these anymore god there awful I need to unsubscribe !!