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Rad - Inside Gaming Review
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  • Ace Maxwellington
    Ace Maxwellington 2 minutes ago

    All of that seasons still a trash...

  • Travelling Gamer
    Travelling Gamer 4 minutes ago

    Well I'm sure in two years time we will get Fortnite Classic and everyone will be hyped over that too.

  • KoTu
    KoTu 4 minutes ago

    can't wait for fortnite classic servers

  • RacerM53
    RacerM53 7 minutes ago

    Bah-weep-Graaaaagnah wheep ni ni bong

  • Mike Hawknballs
    Mike Hawknballs 7 minutes ago

    Lol epic just glanced at apexes new map and had a idea

  • krazyy
    krazyy 14 minutes ago

    The worst thing is still in the game tho - buildung to the moon after those douche bag kids saw a squirrel... All i want is a cooldown for building or a mode without any of this shit. In this case i miiiiight consider to play it again, after i loved the pve mode so much, till they fucked it up right away to make money out of this shit br mode. Does anyone remember the origin of fortnite? No? I do...

  • S P A N G L E S
    S P A N G L E S 24 minutes ago

    still not gonna play this game for crackheads.

  • Erik Zambrano
    Erik Zambrano 25 minutes ago

    Hey Lawrence where did you get that sweater? 👀

    REDEEMERWOLF 26 minutes ago

    Zombie land 2

  • DeShawn Terrance
    DeShawn Terrance 32 minutes ago


  • Jerry Flowers
    Jerry Flowers 32 minutes ago

    Remember when this was a survival game and this was just a free gamemode? Nobody could have seen this coming.

  • Mohammed Al-Sahaf
    Mohammed Al-Sahaf 35 minutes ago

    That last line got me good. Love these people. And this show. And channel.

  • Mitchell Fyfe-Smith
    Mitchell Fyfe-Smith 36 minutes ago

    Anthem was the nail in the coffin for BioWare and EA for me. Refuse to buy a game from these publishers as much as humanly possible, their attitude towards games is most of the problem with the gaming industry these days

  • Harry Deeks
    Harry Deeks 37 minutes ago

    70% of fortnite players haven't hit puberty yet.

  • Matias suiva
    Matias suiva 42 minutes ago

    min 10:41 lawrence: yeah league where's your black hole riot games: here it is *anunced like 4 games of lol*

  • Bignaaasty
    Bignaaasty 43 minutes ago

    Please clean that laptop screen omg

  • Darkstar4451
    Darkstar4451 45 minutes ago

    Rodimus prime was awesome

  • ryosama1988
    ryosama1988 59 minutes ago

    EPIC: Save The whatnow?

  • Moises Ramirez
    Moises Ramirez Hour ago

    Jack "Courage" Dunlop thinks Trandformers is better than all of Star wars

  • Game Metal
    Game Metal Hour ago

    Who cares. Wish fortnite would go away

  • Honest Crab
    Honest Crab Hour ago

    Lawrence "manlet" Sonntag

  • Rudy Oh!
    Rudy Oh! Hour ago

    It would be so good, if they would remove that stupid building mechanic



  • Ryan James
    Ryan James Hour ago

    You guys stink. Booooo.

  • Nathaniel Cameron

    i wish it would die i miss Gigantic

  • Thing Nasty
    Thing Nasty Hour ago

    Lawrence showing his ass was..... it was....

  • Hannes Horn
    Hannes Horn Hour ago

    Think I'll stick to Apex Legends, thanks.

  • MegaPenguin3000
    MegaPenguin3000 Hour ago

    I imagine if they take away signs or don't allow protest shirts etc. they're probably just chant the whole time making it impossible for them to show/stream

  • kirionDK
    kirionDK Hour ago

    Blizzard should ban itself as it has offended everyone who believes in basic human rights.

  • Leinad R.
    Leinad R. Hour ago

    So, Fortnite still has only ONE map? Is this right? How stupid is that? Sounds really boring to me to be honest.

  • Bo Jangles
    Bo Jangles Hour ago

    I love how they switch to a camera showing a laptop with a Skype or google hangout or whatever when Brian talks, to the point that it’s become completely normalized even though it’s pretty goofy.

  • Lalit Kumar
    Lalit Kumar Hour ago

    Hi plz help me

  • Marth Link
    Marth Link Hour ago

    I was hoping to hear they did something with the save the world mode... the Real game before BR took over.... Epic is just gunna grind this money train til it crashes and burns XD.

  • Mr Ununpentium
    Mr Ununpentium Hour ago

    Should have remained closed.

  • Mr Meme
    Mr Meme Hour ago

    I barely recognized the game after i stopped playing after season 3 and now they just relaunch the game with a new map and mechanics?. god i feel old.

  • Zeusifer
    Zeusifer Hour ago

    Good I hate fortnite wait what

  • Milky Sato
    Milky Sato Hour ago

    Honestly I stopped playing Fortnite a long time ago. My buddies dragged me back in and it’s like a polished first season of chapter 1?

  • Lindsi Clark
    Lindsi Clark Hour ago

    I can't believe Epic is ripping off of FFXIV now.

  • Kyle Toker
    Kyle Toker Hour ago

    I also for the last week or so keep seeing psnow ads EVERYWHERE

  • awsomesprinkles
    awsomesprinkles Hour ago

    League's blackhole is that they ARE china

  • Jackson Boyd
    Jackson Boyd Hour ago

    If only they did this with paragon

  • Salvador Carias
    Salvador Carias Hour ago

    Does anybody else remember that Fortnite was a whole different game when it was released? Anybody?

  • Twenty-five Schmeckles

    Lawrence can fit his whole fist in his mouth. Ask him.

  • Baati Nagawo
    Baati Nagawo Hour ago

    Would it be fair to include the mixer numbers because of the big fan base behind Ninja? Cause that does have some affect I’d like to believe on their numbers

  • Daddy Sempai Chan

    Group emotes. Hmmm...

  • Krono Soliddark
    Krono Soliddark Hour ago

    And like always for the people that supported the game by buying it and preordering didn't get shit

  • RainWizard483
    RainWizard483 2 hours ago

    So new look, same terrible FOMO. No, thanks.

  • orderslash
    orderslash 2 hours ago

    "How is league still so popular?" Here's a heads up~ That number is a bit skewed I'm afraid. That's cause that still that you guys showed us was probably when the LoL World Championship was going on live, and it's gonna be live almost everyday up until November 10th. And not to mention it is their 10th anniversary, so lotsa celebrations and stuff. LoL numbers on Twitch has always been polarizing depending on whether it has tourneys/leagues or not at the moment when you decide to "look" at the numbers. And also since this year they are doing it in Paris, peak hours might be different to L.A time zones. Cheers~

  • Son of Meme
    Son of Meme 2 hours ago

    Sounds like Blizzard need some Tegridy

  • loverofmonstergirls
    loverofmonstergirls 2 hours ago

    I played Fortnite for the first time ever when it came back up. I just wanted to take a look, as soon as it came up I wasn't expecting to be thrown right into a game. So I was like "screw it" and started playing. I know they toned down the difficulty by trying to put people of similar skill levels together but I was still surprised that I won and I didn't even build anything, hell I didn't even gather materials.

  • Liquid Truth
    Liquid Truth 2 hours ago

    This was just a PR stunt.

  • J Vit
    J Vit 2 hours ago

    Scrapping the current game and making a new thing is what brought their previous project Paragon into an early grave. Perhaps they've learned lessons from those mistakes but as of now I can't say their plan was exactly smart given how well their previous major updates worked. Especially when such huge changes commonly was ALSO a problem they had with Paragon. Also 100% fuck them for killing Paragon.

  • Justin Allen
    Justin Allen 2 hours ago

    Me a Black guy: Them: “Trill”, “Lit”, “Fam”...... Me: brooooooooo lol lol hahha

  • Jack Jeager87
    Jack Jeager87 2 hours ago

    Or they could make a game with more depth than a small puddle

  • Cristian Almonte
    Cristian Almonte 2 hours ago

    fort nite does it have night already?

  • Masato Indou
    Masato Indou 2 hours ago

    didn't blizz make a contradictory statement in china? edit: nvrmnd they covered it :)

  • Arif Wahed Hamim
    Arif Wahed Hamim 2 hours ago

    The whole fortnite game including pve was supposed to be free within this year. Instead they are still shilling on the beta.

  • Falkarios
    Falkarios 2 hours ago

    I'm still not going to play Fortnite, the community for Fortnite is....unfortunate.

  • Nero Biblios
    Nero Biblios 2 hours ago

    They rebooted their own game with their own hands before it died, smart move honestly.

  • TJM99
    TJM99 2 hours ago

    I'm just so done with this game's existence

  • Ruizma ;
    Ruizma ; 2 hours ago

    I thought Anthem was getting better but nope still back at it again.

  • Finch Harper
    Finch Harper 2 hours ago

    😷☔😷☔😷☔😷☔😷☔😷☔ Ample Thighs and Large Butt you say? O.K........ PROVE IT!

  • Dragon Den
    Dragon Den 2 hours ago

    Riot Games just showed off 5 new games today. You better talk about that.

  • Sour Lemons
    Sour Lemons 2 hours ago

    Looks like blackout a lot tbh

  • Daniel Archer
    Daniel Archer 2 hours ago

    Hot rod is and always will be my favorite transformer. I will fight you on it.

  • Mr. B
    Mr. B 2 hours ago

    well today was the league of legends 10th anniversary stream. so bad time on epic with the update but it always good to take a number 2 lol

  • Algebra Cow
    Algebra Cow 2 hours ago

    Building and the battle royale thing are the two things I hate the most about fortnite. Just give us a battlefield style game mode please.

  • BenGman
    BenGman 2 hours ago

    His name is GooDude

  • Big Cox
    Big Cox 2 hours ago

    LOL... The game is fine... nothing problem with Fortnite The problem is those stupid 5 yo people that still playing the game with low IQ brain Oh you are triggered? Good, then i am not wrong then

  • Matthew Hackney
    Matthew Hackney 2 hours ago

    How do you know game characters shave ? Maybe they had lazer ?

  • Dükkan
    Dükkan 2 hours ago

    "where's your black hole league?" well they did just announce 3 new games and a show, how's that?

    • Thomas Newton
      Thomas Newton 5 minutes ago

      I’m surprised riot games is actually planning on having more than one game. What happened to my small indie company 😭

    • Dragon Den
      Dragon Den 2 hours ago

      Dükkan pretty much 5. And an anime. Mobile league, Card game, fighting game, FPS, open world.

  • Cybert0ny
    Cybert0ny 2 hours ago

    LoL is on top right now because of World Championship

  • Luis Miguel Ribaya
    Luis Miguel Ribaya 2 hours ago

    Still waiting for Fortnite: Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

  • Armando Diaz
    Armando Diaz 2 hours ago

    Meh might give it try for only a couple of hours then go back to playing other games and say bye bye to fortnite again lol

  • Charles Harris
    Charles Harris 2 hours ago

    well .. worlds is happening right now

  • Joseph Ramsey
    Joseph Ramsey 3 hours ago

    Ive Been playing and I swear half of the players in a game are bots now. Possibly why they didn’t release the update notes probably says how half of the players are now bots. Its sad because I’ve played a bunch of squad matches and I swear they are either mobile users (I’m on ps4) or they are bots it really seems that way.

  • SiQue254
    SiQue254 3 hours ago

    Isn't it just the same game just with a new map, guns and skins? Wouldn't call it a reboot at all.

  • woke.tre253
    woke.tre253 3 hours ago

    They should make a hardcore mode where there's no building mechanic, since u can swim nd boat now.

  • NYR144
    NYR144 3 hours ago


  • Korbes Korner
    Korbes Korner 3 hours ago

    attention humans! to improve your declining performance we are re-booting you! humans 2.0 will serve their masters with total obedience!

  • George Quiroz
    George Quiroz 3 hours ago

    I love the constant updates.

  • lil Artman X
    lil Artman X 3 hours ago

    Fortnite deserves it's success

  • Steven Wert
    Steven Wert 3 hours ago

    5:01 I feel called out...

  • Fresh Towel
    Fresh Towel 3 hours ago

    I love the awkward classy music edits

  • lil Artman X
    lil Artman X 3 hours ago

    "I've lost so many good maps that way" Brian is a jewel

  • Demonic Chaos Overlord

    the f**k is "just chattin"?11

  • wat da
    wat da 3 hours ago

    Hey guys remember when fortnite was a fort building tower defense game? Pepperidge farms remember

  • Kevin Gomez
    Kevin Gomez 3 hours ago

    I still prefer Apex (no building or 10 year olds). Glad they are giving people more stuff to do.

  • Feadds
    Feadds 3 hours ago

    That Jufu beat tho😏

  • kingofkings1stfs
    kingofkings1stfs 3 hours ago

    Lol this video felt like it was my entire lunch break

  • Shawn
    Shawn 3 hours ago

    Rather die

  • Enex
    Enex 3 hours ago

    My whole thing is I never played the BR because I didn't want to do the challenges to level up the pass. I didn't want to "get 10 headshot kills with a sniper rifle." I just wanted to play the freaking game. And also...I'm not a sheep.

  • Migitri
    Migitri 3 hours ago

    I can't actually do many physical activities due to losing the genetic lottery when it comes to health, but I installed Google Fit on my phone because I was told that you can track lots of workouts, including treadmill walking and using a wheelchair (I don't use a wheelchair but I'm glad that this option exists for people who do). So I started scrolling through the different workouts it can track. It can track flossing. Not just dancing (although I'm pretty sure that's in there because some dancing is good cardio), specifically flossing. Some 50 year old fellow kid saw that people aren't playing Pokemon Go as much as they used to and they were like "hey I've got an idea to get Gen Z active you guys" and this was their idea. I want to see metrics from Google about how many people track flossing as an exercise in their app.

  • killercaos123
    killercaos123 3 hours ago

    I’m so glad I don’t play Fortnite

  • Lindsey Costello
    Lindsey Costello 3 hours ago

    You're still popular to me Lawrence. ;)

  • Chistoph
    Chistoph 3 hours ago

    Apex: stop stealing our Features Fort nite: no this something we came up with on our own

    • GhostFZ 62
      GhostFZ 62 2 hours ago

      well Fortnite players spammed them on twitter a lot to add that ping feature so they added it and that's not stealing a game can have the best of other games Soo many fucking games do that but no one says it's stealing then

  • John Christopher Robert

    Why is the gaming company getting involved in political issues. Maybe if they focused on making their games better they could make more money.

  • ryan douget
    ryan douget 3 hours ago

    Want... to like... video.. to support... inside gaming.... but hate... fortnite.... uuuuugh

  • SaigaTenshi
    SaigaTenshi 3 hours ago

    Oh, they are trying to copy what FFXIV did to 1.0? Haha what tryhards

  • Corvo Attano
    Corvo Attano 3 hours ago

    I honestly don't understand how someone can play the same game for 2 years straight. I played Fortnite for about a month, had some fun, then got bored and moved on.

    • Torcano
      Torcano Hour ago

      That's not a new phenomenon, MMORPGs have been around for 15 years at this point, also I've been playing Warframe on and off for 3-4 years