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  • Cupboard Kaiju
    Cupboard Kaiju 39 seconds ago

    I wish you talked about the Okami manual. The game has a lot of Japanese kanji and it has transitions for them. Plus it’s in colour. Then the Wii release came out and it came in black and white. At least Okamiden has a colour manual.

  • Sonicice 24
    Sonicice 24 10 minutes ago

    Scott needs rare games, he feeds off them.

  • DjFlubNug
    DjFlubNug 13 minutes ago

    "Overwatch would be way cooler" well guess what scott

  • Synthetic Maniac
    Synthetic Maniac 14 minutes ago

    You forgot Action 52 and gray cart Turok: Rage Wars.

  • gamedoc
    gamedoc 18 minutes ago


  • gamedoc
    gamedoc 18 minutes ago

    my name is daigo.

  • akash Shah
    akash Shah 19 minutes ago

    Emulation is far better option than ports !

  • Jason Madlock
    Jason Madlock 23 minutes ago

    This was a well done my good sir just earned a subscriber ✌🏿🙏🏿

  • Jared's Doodles
    Jared's Doodles 25 minutes ago

    Every E3 that rolls around always gives me false hope that an Uprising sequel will happen, its one of my all time favourite games

    • Jared's Doodles
      Jared's Doodles 24 minutes ago

      a remake on the switch in some spicy new polished graphics and maybe a little dlc extras could make me happy too

  • brandon roberts
    brandon roberts 30 minutes ago

    this is the rarest scott video ever.

  • Marshall
    Marshall 35 minutes ago

    Ha ha, you own Brink.

  • Jehayland
    Jehayland 38 minutes ago

    It’s funny that GameStop is literally doing exactly what Scott suggested - making their stores a place to hang out and increasing their focus on retro games, lol

  • Waylon
    Waylon 44 minutes ago

    It's amazing how you went from talking about sex and being horny to video games and Madden 08

  • Waylon
    Waylon 53 minutes ago

    This video did not feel like 2 minutes

  • bananonymous last name
    bananonymous last name 56 minutes ago

    I feel like a european copy of Ultimate 11 for Neo Geo AES might have beef with being left out...

  • Jkop
    Jkop Hour ago

    I love how the death date on Scott's tombstone is a year before this vid came out implying all sorts of possibilities

  • Absolute UNIT
    Absolute UNIT Hour ago

    Rating systems mean nothing in the uk when you have 9 year olds screaming and swearing at teachers because they think they’re roadmen when they’re busy cringe

  • Norman I
    Norman I Hour ago

    The v drink game boy actually looks fire

  • PTyler88
    PTyler88 Hour ago

    The preorder part is way too real, at my local Gamestop we had an older lady pushing preorder games like mad. I remember one time I waited 20 minutes in line just to buy two games and I was next in line. Then she tried to push the preorder crap on me I was like nope just these I'm in a hurry now that I wasted 20 minutes.

  • Daniel Emerson
    Daniel Emerson Hour ago

    Hey now, I’m from Oklahoma and we don’t have money, stop it

  • ThatOneGuyYouSaw

    damn Scott, clean those fucking things

  • TheTrueLegend
    TheTrueLegend Hour ago

    Those SNES competition carts of Donkey Kong and Star Fox were also available in the Nintendo Power catalogs.

  • Nidhin Durairaj
    Nidhin Durairaj Hour ago

    My List 1.Just Casue (3 or 4) 2.Shadow of Mordor 3.Spiderman 4.Breath of the wild 5.Gta V

  • Irinel Popa
    Irinel Popa 2 hours ago


  • Vyrsace
    Vyrsace 2 hours ago

    Scott, the color of the collar of your shirt makes you look like your sweat profusely.

  • Laika
    Laika 2 hours ago

    "Super Mario Land blows"?? Thinking about unsubscribing right now! 😤

  • Just Some Guy Ok
    Just Some Guy Ok 2 hours ago

    It is criminal that Mario 64 didn't get a sequel on the N64. Oh well cant make a sequel because no one has a DD... Then dont put it on the DD. Nintendo does this dumb shit all the time. They set some arbitrary rule for a game and instead of breaking the rule they just don't release the game.

  • Kindred Fenrir
    Kindred Fenrir 2 hours ago

    I don't know anyone who actually gave a damn about all star, home run contest, and break the targets tbh.

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 2 hours ago

    My boi looken like Spiderman

  • Double flores
    Double flores 2 hours ago

    I have to say that the Wii U pro controller works really well if your playing Bayonetta 1 & 2.

    NEScRETRO 2 hours ago

    i fucking hate Howard Lincoln. what a fucking pussy.

  • Just Some Guy Ok
    Just Some Guy Ok 2 hours ago

    Rare has had one hell of a fall from grace. They are basically incompetent now.

  • Jackson Leegill
    Jackson Leegill 2 hours ago

    wait I’ve been using a paddle ball backwards my whole life

  • Daood Zafar
    Daood Zafar 2 hours ago

    Where the fuck is the dsiware community? I represent the A little bit of brain training and flipnote studio community

  • Hylian Fell Dragon
    Hylian Fell Dragon 2 hours ago

    The rarest game that I own is probably Fire Emblem Path of Radiance.

  • elmarijuano209
    elmarijuano209 2 hours ago

    I have "malagai" for Atari 2600 and a sealed natsume "super Chase HQ" for gameboy o_0

  • linktheslayer15
    linktheslayer15 2 hours ago

    Hey dead space for iPhone was actually really good 🤨, it’s a shame it got pulled from the store

  • Darknovadragon
    Darknovadragon 2 hours ago

    I own a rockcandy 360 controller and i like the replaceable wire gimic

  • JoshuaBuildster
    JoshuaBuildster 2 hours ago

    The amiibo warriors sound pretty cool

  • Edbeebop
    Edbeebop 2 hours ago

    S C O T T

  • maxpower10k
    maxpower10k 2 hours ago

    Omg update your browser and go to the site. Holy shit!

  • Gallifreyan Warrior
    Gallifreyan Warrior 2 hours ago

    5:06 finally, Nebraska gets some representation in the video game industry. As a Game Boy commercial. (Slightly joking here, but seriously.)

  • maxpower10k
    maxpower10k 2 hours ago

    Fucking go watch the 5th Element now. Holy shit get the fuck off youtube and watch it!

  • Ayer Flite
    Ayer Flite 2 hours ago


  • Jay Kettavong
    Jay Kettavong 3 hours ago

    Oh man just scrolling through your videos ha the begone days of early motion control

  • Marque_Plays
    Marque_Plays 3 hours ago

    Hey what the hecc, I'll have you know I bought Gotcha Force because I WANTED it. (I also got it when the Gamecube was the current console generation, so...)

  • Taylor Khan
    Taylor Khan 3 hours ago

    How old r u and do u live at ur mom's house

  • Benny
    Benny 3 hours ago

    Scott : What?! Me : You've never played tuber simulator?

  • xyber 8992
    xyber 8992 3 hours ago


  • jhskasgs
    jhskasgs 3 hours ago

    I love and hate this guy at the same time. He’s annoying and charming all at once. Wtf.

  • Nobgas Neon
    Nobgas Neon 3 hours ago


  • john jobs
    john jobs 3 hours ago

    before watching: Stubbs the zombie After watching: Not stubbs the zombie

  • i hate myself
    i hate myself 3 hours ago

    suprised he didn't mention EA murdering the Mercenaries series

  • ElYorch 0
    ElYorch 0 3 hours ago

    They made a guy black in Revelations Persona

  • ElementFlameBoy
    ElementFlameBoy 3 hours ago

    1. Gta v 2. The Witcher 3 3. Smash brothers melee 4. Gmod 5. Halo master chief collection

  • lurkerrekrul
    lurkerrekrul 3 hours ago

    Maybe it doesn't count, but I have the only known ORIGINAL copy of the game Star Battle for the C64. Back in the 80s, I saw an ad for a Star Raiders like game in the back of a magazine. I wrote to the address provided with questions and the author replied. I then bought a copy of his game, Star Battle. It came on a Certron blank disk with a plain label printed on a common dot matrix printer. It sat in my disk case for the next 20+ years. Around 2011, I thought of it and decided to see if I could find it online, but there was no trace of it. I tried to image the disk, but the copy didn't work and I'd long since forgotten what little I knew of cracking games. So I uploaded it to a file hosting site and posted the URL on Lemon64, inviting people to crack it. Someone did and posted a working copy. We then proceeded to work out the controls, since I didn't have any instructions for it. Then someone downloaded the copy I had uploaded, "supplied" it to a cracking group and now it's available as a one-file, cracked game, with someone else credited as having supplied the "original". In any case, floppy disks are easily duplicated and my original disk pretty much looks like a copy anyway (because basically it is), but as far as I know, I have the only known copy that came straight from the original author.

  • skattergraph
    skattergraph 3 hours ago

    you should send back your lootcrate. It looks like the just dumpster dive gamestop

  • Nuke Stadnyk
    Nuke Stadnyk 3 hours ago

    Asuras wrath 2

  • Potatoesfromsaturn
    Potatoesfromsaturn 3 hours ago

    You look like Tom Holland's ugly twin. Your content is great I just subscribed.

  • jook13
    jook13 3 hours ago

    This killed the Tony hawk games

  • Lil P5ych0
    Lil P5ych0 3 hours ago

    You could sign that cartridge and sell it for a $h!t ton

  • Sims Vincent
    Sims Vincent 3 hours ago

    Bruh what about zombies

  • john jobs
    john jobs 3 hours ago

    I actually owned wii party game 2...Still do and i both kinda liked it and hated it

  • Click
    Click 3 hours ago

    Sans in smash

  • Jacob Serperior
    Jacob Serperior 3 hours ago

    I'm really not sad that Telltale closing mostly because their games were over 50% DLC.

  • Monotonegent
    Monotonegent 4 hours ago

    I played the LAN mode when they did the mall tour way back when. It was cool, but it wasn't something I was attempting at home.

  • Soyman Jack
    Soyman Jack 4 hours ago

    Omfg..... I had a competition cartridge of DKC as a kid.... Welp there's 1k I'm never cashing in on :(

  • Brendan Milburn
    Brendan Milburn 4 hours ago

    Telltale's Walking Dead has two collections: First off is The Walking Dead Collection and it's okay at best. While the improvements to graphics and performance are appreciated it still had many awkward hitches in scene transitions, framerate problems, and some absolutely infuriating bugs including not reading save data correctly in many ways. Also this was made before The Final Season was made, so it isn't included . Plus certain scene moments are missing from the game for some bizarre reason (like Lee using a glass shard if you didn't cut his arm off during his push towards The Marsh House is gone) and the removal of the original menus/end credits/etc is disappointing. And it contains zero extras, it's just the games. It was fine for a time, but something way better has now come out. Which leads us to The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series, which just came out, and it is fantastic. Now it isn't perfect, some bugs are present (the worst one being Season 2's horrendously incorrect audio mixing which I hope they fix soon), however the good greatly outweighs the bad. All the games of the series are on disc including The Final Season. The performance and graphics are improved tremendously from any previous release of the games; the transitions are mostly buttery smooth now, character animation has also been greatly improved to be way less stiff along with fixing a lot of the lip syncing, framerate is now mostly stable, and the addition of graphic black to the old seasons (1-3 and Michonne) also make the games look freaking gorgeous (but they're also kind enough to give you the option to play the old seasons without graphic black if you're a purist). The original menus/credits/etc. are restored as well as any scenes that were removed from the previous collection but were on the original releases. And that's all before getting into the excellent bonuses; you have a character viewer for all seasons which includes all animations and voice lines from them, a music player with the instrumental tracks of all seasons of the game, and commentaries with cast & crew on certain episodes of certain seasons (though it does suck that the commentaries are streaming videos that require internet to enjoy [and these videos may not last forever because of this]). But even with the issues, it's honestly the best version of this excellent series, I honestly see no reason to go back to the old releases after this. I have played this series since the first season got release on disc on PS3 and then many other re-releases throughout the years and I say that these are the best the games have ever been presented and played (I've played all through the third season at this point). Get this collection if you want to experience the series for the first time or just own the best version of them available.

  • Skitgoff
    Skitgoff 4 hours ago

    Scott being a capitalist pig in this one

  • Diana Lecona
    Diana Lecona 4 hours ago

    Whats a anti virgin?

  • Billy Burge
    Billy Burge 4 hours ago

    "After being born in 1997" Well, I'll just be climbing into my coffin, then.

  • ¿ ?
    ¿ ? 4 hours ago

    Your videos are entertaining, informative and hilarious but I can't get over the fact that this channel is basically you wasting your money on things you don't desire.

  • im confused
    im confused 4 hours ago

    i lost it when he said the back was a soap dish

  • Trix aRiaz
    Trix aRiaz 4 hours ago

    Skate 3 would prob be close to at least top 100 if ea ported it to PS4, Xbox, Skate, and PC

  • UltraDoom
    UltraDoom 4 hours ago

    Lester the unlikely is rare

  • Lacoulas 555
    Lacoulas 555 4 hours ago

    Yeah just like Rare games not all of them are good

  • KirbyKips
    KirbyKips 4 hours ago

    15:58 Should....should we tell him?

  • Man Among Men
    Man Among Men 4 hours ago

    congrats. we have a release date on ff7r. but they're milking the hell out of it.

  • Noot Doot
    Noot Doot 4 hours ago

    F*ckin sideways

  • Jacob Nasuti
    Jacob Nasuti 4 hours ago

    Our nes did not need to be refebershed and it still works

  • Xotic Shook
    Xotic Shook 4 hours ago

    scuff is the best 3rd party

  • Texelion 3D prints
    Texelion 3D prints 4 hours ago

    A better sequel to ShadowMan and Perfect Dark. Or a reboot. And Eternal Darkness 2....

  • Leighton Petty
    Leighton Petty 4 hours ago


  • MythicDEX
    MythicDEX 4 hours ago

    ima need like 10 suit cases to rob this place it will be a workout tho

  • Connor Leardini
    Connor Leardini 4 hours ago

    You forgot the American Pokemon Box: Ruby and Sapphire for GC

  • SirWinnigton
    SirWinnigton 4 hours ago

    Theres a place where i live called Slackers and its like a comic book retro games vinyl record board game and arcade cabinet store. They sell a bit of everything there, thats where i got my snes and my n64.

  • Midnight Darkwolf
    Midnight Darkwolf 4 hours ago

    valve is now a joke. I think they will be bought out by ea by 2025 for bad business practices and if that happens Im okay with a bad company dying because they shouldn't be bought when they were good

  • Armani Flores
    Armani Flores 4 hours ago

    0:12 Scott: The L button Me: *puts gamecube controller in ditch

  • aazz0099503
    aazz0099503 5 hours ago

    Vince young ain’t getting shit for Christmas

  • daren963
    daren963 5 hours ago

    Go Bucks!!

  • KirbyKips
    KirbyKips 5 hours ago

    I feel angry you chose Wii Sports over Okami. But hey... I guess you’re entitled to your own opinions.

  • The Star Wars Dude
    The Star Wars Dude 5 hours ago

    “Guys look a me” -Scott Wozniak 2019

  • Mathew Dempsey
    Mathew Dempsey 5 hours ago

    It needs to know your height for the body test

  • Amon Aughey
    Amon Aughey 5 hours ago

    OH [crap] ITS A WHITE GUY!

  • Adam Dao
    Adam Dao 5 hours ago


  • spergsqueaks
    spergsqueaks 5 hours ago

    These aren't games, these are hate crimes.

  • speeddragon73
    speeddragon73 5 hours ago

    Deadass I've had Rule of Rose for like years and I saw that price tag like "nibba what I own a $200 horror game I'm too pussy to play lmao"

  • Baboiminon baboi
    Baboiminon baboi 5 hours ago

    I played a N64 game with an xbox one controller

  • March Frierson
    March Frierson 5 hours ago

    I clicked for the the Woz, but I stayed for the anal hoodie. This guy puts so much effort in the quickest jokes its amazing. Dudes bringing his A game.

  • chocolatepain
    chocolatepain 5 hours ago

    Scott is really good with the ending punchline.