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  • J Acea
    J Acea 16 hours ago

    Tati!! Hope you are well!! Stay safe

  • Megan Wadman
    Megan Wadman 17 hours ago

    I really want your gorgeous palette!! Do you know when it will be back in??

  • Paula R
    Paula R 17 hours ago

    I hope everything is ok with you and family❤ I really got used to your videos coming out regularly. I had even watched some of your past vdieos of yours because i have only been watching for about 6 months now. So I'm not sure if this is a normal occurrence..?

  • aliyya allan
    aliyya allan 18 hours ago

    omg the amount of awkward silence in this videos 😭 lol I'm not hating ot just felt weird XD

  • Martha L Stivers
    Martha L Stivers 18 hours ago

    Tati, I’m concerned about your absence & hope all is well with you. Please know that you are missed ~ not only for your reviews but for your kind soul. I’m keeping fingers crossed that all is well with you & your loved ones and am sending you positive vibes from the Finger Lakes Region of NY state... xoxo

  • Willi Romita
    Willi Romita 19 hours ago

    Where do you get the makeup??? Their website only offers skin care.

  • Willi Romita
    Willi Romita 19 hours ago

    Can you get Doll Face in Canada? Just figured out how to get Wet & Wild and loving it!

  • jenna rotella
    jenna rotella 19 hours ago

    I love the opening to these video's and Taloy is a blast opening makeup, it's more makeup!!! LOL, Logan is so cute too

  • jenna rotella
    jenna rotella 20 hours ago

    Evvery makeup brand review helps and you learn more each time

  • puddin1226b
    puddin1226b 20 hours ago

    I do not like foundations that have such a limited amount of color.

  • Jenn Bell
    Jenn Bell 20 hours ago

    Dove is now free on aluminum and other chemicals. I have been using that and it works really well. I know its not the most natural but it is free of some bad stuff!

  • Damaris Palucha
    Damaris Palucha 20 hours ago

    Super models use her products and always go get treatments with Mimi Luzon when they’re in Paris. Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, Irina Shayk, Kaia Gerber and a few others. Maybe that’s why it’s to expensive.

  • Lisa Craig
    Lisa Craig 20 hours ago


  • Irmaa 25
    Irmaa 25 21 hour ago

    You better work by essence are on fire 🔥🔥 also i have the best things to say about the foundations ❤️

  • Pitchaya Sasibutra
    Pitchaya Sasibutra 21 hour ago

    Im getting annoyed by this kid

  • Connie Drake
    Connie Drake 21 hour ago

    Come back to check for new content and my I miss you comment is still on the top. Still missing your videos. So evenly presented.

  • itsaisha883
    itsaisha883 22 hours ago

    I think revolution for the affordable price dont get enough credit. Their aim is to bring out good quality products for the cheapest price possible, and i think their shade range is better than some higher end brands. I think, having tried quite a few revolution palettes myself, their eyeshadow quality is great for a drugstore brand.

  • Hedgehog in the Fog
    Hedgehog in the Fog 22 hours ago

    The truth is this palette looks pretty bad, im not impressed

  • Adelina J
    Adelina J 22 hours ago

    Use the Jason deodorant. Natural and great.

  • Ana Gabriela SC
    Ana Gabriela SC 23 hours ago


  • Stephy Jay
    Stephy Jay 23 hours ago

    Eight hour fragrance free does smell/feel different to the original one, maybe just try the original not Ff. Sending you love and well wishes xxx

  • Marisol Gonzales
    Marisol Gonzales 23 hours ago

    I love make up. I will buy them all. Just crazy about make up since I was 12. I did not care what people thought. I always wear it. Will not leave the house with our it. Just me. ❤️❤️❤️💄💄💄💄💄💄💋💋💋💋💄💄

  • Marisol Gonzales
    Marisol Gonzales 23 hours ago

    I love Revlon. It is my fave. I also enjoy the cover Girl blush. Thank you so much❤️❤️🙏🏼🙏🏼. God bless.

  • Nida Batool
    Nida Batool 23 hours ago

    I love you even more and more after this video. You're the one I look up when I need to know honest opinion about any product. Keep rocking You're the Queen ❤️❤️Love ❤️

  • Marisol Gonzales
    Marisol Gonzales 23 hours ago

    Not a fan of liquid lipstick.

  • Jas
    Jas 23 hours ago

    I could watch this eeveryday!

  • Jas
    Jas 23 hours ago

    Prettiest Makeup EVER

  • Ej Giffen
    Ej Giffen Day ago

    Try lume deodorant

  • Ej Giffen
    Ej Giffen Day ago

    Can you try diamond asmr's lashes? And it's Zoe tv's lipgloss

  • jeon jungguk
    jeon jungguk Day ago

    BRUH- their products are rly gud and drugstore dupes are rly gud for who can't afford high end

  • Alex B
    Alex B Day ago

    I love your relationship with your mum. She is absolutely gorgeous!!! 😍

  • Nicole Lepir
    Nicole Lepir Day ago

    Are they twins

  • Fatima Alkhalaileh

    Hope u are doing well

  • Fatima Alkhalaileh

    I miss u so much

  • harrystylessbby

    tati used to be relevant 😌

  • Steph B.
    Steph B. Day ago

    You aren’t trained in hair whatsoever, of course you can’t always see the different results between each hair tool. There’s no sense in reviewing things like this when you say ,yourself ,”I don’t care about hair that much” and aren’t very knowledgeable on the topic above the products you personally love. I would love to see you stick to hair PRODUCTS rather than dip your toes into professional equipment in reviews


    I came to check if I was still suscribed to Tati’s channel because I haven’t seen any video of her. Now I see she is not posting 😱 . I hope she is ok

  • Venus Hallajzadeh

    What a long boring confusing video😓 too many products... I wish I could only listen to the summary!

  • Tami Paine
    Tami Paine Day ago

    Tati........come out come out where ever you are!

  • Kate Slechta
    Kate Slechta Day ago

    I spent all my 25 years up until today thinking Bobbi Brown was a man 😳🤯

  • A little bit of everything Christina Miller

    The Greek was gorgeous

  • jenna rotella
    jenna rotella Day ago

    I am sorry to hear about these people on social media or elsewhere creating pollution for your good name and isn't that when it happens when your enjoying your anniversary and wth

  • Rose Ouellette

    I would love to know how you make this simple, beautiful look

  • jenna rotella
    jenna rotella Day ago

    Tati, I understand what your saying on how you feel, and that's the point for people to have empathy and compassion because as you say we all have bad days , not just bad but painful days. You have a sense of humor and that's good for you too

  • jenna rotella
    jenna rotella Day ago

    I'm not a huge fan of wetn wild, products here and there. I haven't used primer and especially after watching Scott's video of doing your makeup. I love your robe , I saw some butterflys on your robe and other cheery stuff

  • jenna rotella
    jenna rotella Day ago

    Happy belated birthday day-Feb,14 to you Tati. You look beautiful at the Oscars

  • Christine Knepper

    All. It’s been 4 weeks since this video went up and this is the only platform I am on. I have been getting more and more worried about Tati. Tati are you okay, or does anyone else know if she is from a different platform? Thank you.

  • David Bechtold

    And she’s gone.. 👋🏻

  • Yareli Gonzalez

    Who’s watching this after quarantine?

  • Karen Carlyle
    Karen Carlyle Day ago

    Tati i am worried about you. I pray everything is good and you are healthy.

  • Witty Kaly
    Witty Kaly Day ago

    Como estas Tati? Espero estes bien!

  • jenna rotella
    jenna rotella Day ago

    Your cloth's are really nice, you have a good eye with colors. Have you ever thought of doing a cloth's, nail , or jewlery tuturiol?

  • Jessica
    Jessica Day ago

    i am feeling so so grateful that i will never have to pay for my health ever as i’m in the UK

  • jenna rotella
    jenna rotella Day ago

    This is going on my list to get in time, thank you

  • jenna rotella
    jenna rotella Day ago

    It wouldn't hurt to re watch the video and write down the makeup that sounds good to order online

  • jenna rotella
    jenna rotella Day ago

    I have this Plup it Plumper , hot like fire, not like this other one I have and heard high raves about-Turn Up the Voltage plumpler

  • Rocio Ramirez
    Rocio Ramirez Day ago


  • Honey lxoxox
    Honey lxoxox Day ago

    Is it me or does tati look like a chipmunk

  • Samantha Lowe
    Samantha Lowe Day ago

    Did Tati move to Seattle? I’m lost lol

  • Beautibutterfly

    I meant to say 4 wks ago when I watched this vid that I thought her eyes looked sad deep inside but didn’t want to sound like crazy.. Hope you r ok Tati we ❤️ u

  • gena geeraert
    gena geeraert Day ago

    Hope your ok. Haven’t seen a post in a while.

  • RayAnne Minikin

    Tati... come back! I miss you!

  • vilde noe
    vilde noe Day ago


  • Audrey Devine Homes

    Have you seen the Juvalips??????? Its a lip vaccuum to plump lips..

  • thelm
    thelm Day ago

    Watching again because I miss you Tati!

  • Cherry Russell-Traffanstedt

    OMG, I DIED laughing when you sneezed and compared yours to your sisters! Girl, I SOOOO REALATE!!! 😂 Tati, I pray you are doing well. You bring so much joy to your viewers. XOXO 😘

  • Andrea Pőcze
    Andrea Pőcze Day ago

    Oh the sneeze. My favourite, so funny :D

  • Cynthia4given
    Cynthia4given Day ago

    I have the sponge and I don't like it!!!! It does not blend well.

  • mariam haidery

    I bought the purple essence Mascara and it worked great at the beginning. But now it just clumps my lashes and can't hold the curl even for 5 mins

  • Lux Home
    Lux Home Day ago

    I love you Tati.. you got me through being a single mom.. I looked forward to doing the dishes cause it was Tati time. You have me skills I never knew I could do. My life has been made sooo much better just by knowing you. I know you don’t know me but I feel I know you and I know your hurting. We will wait when ever you are ready...

  • Greycie Pesh
    Greycie Pesh Day ago

    Her gown is so beautiful

  • Vivienne Dejvongsa

    Try Korean beauty sunscreen 🧴

  • Andrea Pőcze
    Andrea Pőcze Day ago

    The bird scene was hilarious. Tati is the best. And I have never commented anything like this to a video.

  • Armaghan .a
    Armaghan .a Day ago

    NICEEEE short intro and PLEASE come CLOSER so we can actually see what's happening... also removing those blinding lights is very good

  • Emelie Westfält

    We miss you!!

  • Priscilla Payan

    Hahaha this was great!

  • Susan Chaney
    Susan Chaney Day ago

    I tossed mine, just didn't like them.

  • Tammara Robinson

    I hope you okay tati nevermind want anyone else says we all love you and here for your support . You are a strong woman and always will be . Hope the time away you will come back stronger and healthier. ❤

  • jenna rotella
    jenna rotella Day ago

    Gosh, I love these products but I'm having a hard time just picking one and keeping the drugstore budget too , hmmm.

  • jenna rotella
    jenna rotella Day ago

    It's great you keep the good drugstore makeup going and the what helps the elephants. My ma sneezes like you, lol

  • RichgirlEsmii !!

    Very inspirational 👑💕

  • Georgia
    Georgia Day ago

    I swear u said u were trying for a baby

  • michelle c
    michelle c Day ago


  • Professional Wierdo

    Tati made me buy the bronzer brush

  • Audrey Fahland

    I love your shirt!

  • Альбина Буюклян

    Ужасная растушёвка 😭

  • ScreamQueen
    ScreamQueen Day ago

    I really miss your WTF videos

  • Mara Pavelescu

    Why haven't you been posting? Is everything ok?

  • Big Glasses
    Big Glasses Day ago

    You must try Avon from Poland. The worst eyeliners and eyeshadows, but avon super stay foundation is realy good :)

  • Ana Ale
    Ana Ale Day ago

    Please review Sensai cosmetic line. Also, did you really wear that look all day? lol


    She seems like a spoiled brat

  • KellyAnn Manning

    Miss you Tati!


    I miss wtf Wednesdays

  • Jillie
    Jillie Day ago

    I miss your videos. I didn't know you had moved to Seattle. I thought you were there bc you were quarantining with family. Best of luck!

  • Willi Romita
    Willi Romita Day ago

    LOVE that you watch 90 Day Fiance Her name is Darcey, one of my favourites!

  • zzz zzz
    zzz zzz Day ago

    They brought out the color of your eyes ♥️