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  • Tiia Ahlgren
    Tiia Ahlgren 29 minutes ago

    I'd love you to test Lumene products :)

  • Lucy -.-
    Lucy -.- 48 minutes ago

    if u dont like the sponge you can pull it and use it without it

  • Elizabeth May
    Elizabeth May Hour ago

    I also had excruciating period pain and heavy bleeding, I got the mini hormonal coil called Jaydess. It is smaller than the typical coil so it’s better for women who haven’t had a baby yet. It was easy to have put in and I didn’t have a period or a cramp for 3 years. I can’t recommend it highly enough!

  • Natalie See Thoo

    Soph, I've been really, really liking your videos lately! Thank you for uploading these wonderful videos that brightens up my day ❤💗🥳

  • Gissell Buttó
    Gissell Buttó Hour ago

    you literally look like an angel with that makeup

  • Rizz Elgar
    Rizz Elgar 3 hours ago

    I thought makeup was meant to compliment your skin Not bake yourself as a clown 🤣🤣🤣 incoming ......

  • Rachel Loves Life
    Rachel Loves Life 4 hours ago

    Your makeup is flawless

  • Rachel Loves Life
    Rachel Loves Life 4 hours ago

    Absolutely beautiful and I wish I could by this all !!!

  • Ebony Sortino
    Ebony Sortino 4 hours ago

    This has got to be one of my favourite videos for sure 😂❤️❤️

  • Samantha Jane
    Samantha Jane 4 hours ago

    Expensive but so worth, you look stunning ❤️👌🏻 admittly there are many cheaper alternatives but you look hell-a glow

  • Rileigh Petermichel
    Rileigh Petermichel 5 hours ago

    Okay as much as I hate to say this as a broke college student, this makeup looks absolutely FLAWLESS. I’ve been wanting to try to magic cream for so long and I think this video is going to break me and my bank account 🥺😭😂

  • Holley Oakes
    Holley Oakes 5 hours ago

    What brush are you using for your all over powder??

  • Erin Corey
    Erin Corey 6 hours ago

    I think it's gorgeous makeup that is completely worth the splurge if you have it. Truthfully it's stunning

  • Abigail Davies
    Abigail Davies 7 hours ago

    you look BEAUTIFUL

  • thecorona1784
    thecorona1784 7 hours ago

    Your so pretty, but you look like a drag queen with all that make up on. Take it from someone who works in the modeling industry, little is more. Keep it natural.

  • Georgia Bolocan
    Georgia Bolocan 7 hours ago

    i've watched tons of your videos. i just wanted to say that this is the BEST your makeup has ever looked. your makeup looks so amazing like holy cow!!! please recreate this look with other brands like tarte, fenty beauty, drugstore, whatever. you just look like a model! from your fan, Georgia

  • Marjone Mans
    Marjone Mans 8 hours ago

    Hey Sophy!! Found your palette in a store in South Africa its so awesome

  • Shéa Rock
    Shéa Rock 8 hours ago


  • Giada Belmonte
    Giada Belmonte 9 hours ago

    I need the dupe of charlotte tilbury because is so exspansive

  • babyhols666
    babyhols666 9 hours ago

    i swear that foundation is £60

  • Kat Morris-Wolff
    Kat Morris-Wolff 9 hours ago

    3:51 - 4:01 I’m dead!!! lol love your videos!

  • Lisa Vromans
    Lisa Vromans 9 hours ago

    Still love the pink Hair, and the look... Gorgeous

  • Lucy Bigge
    Lucy Bigge 9 hours ago

    Soph sounds like shes trying squeeze out a poo at 6.15

  • Pippa Thomas
    Pippa Thomas 9 hours ago

    “something that isn’t so nice is the price tag” - i’m wheezing🤣

  • Char356
    Char356 9 hours ago

    Anyone watching this: go buy Charlotte tilbury lipsticks they are SO AMAZINGGGG

  • Alicia
    Alicia 9 hours ago

    I've been following you since around your 200k subscribers, you are the one that introduced me to make up revolution which saved my broke student ass lol, also I learned so many make up technics from you! I'am proud to say I bought the first palet you released with MUR, I've always enjoyed your videos, your vibe and your creativity! You are so inspiring, seeing your channel coming for the 1millions subscribers makes me sooo happy, the hardworking woman that you are really deserves it ! Love from France <3

  • Sian
    Sian 9 hours ago

    I hate when expensive products are actually really nice lol

  • Amy Walker
    Amy Walker 9 hours ago

    I've been on the mini pill for 2 years now but I would keep an eye on your mood swings as it can be common for it to make you feel quite depressed and down often, I get it quite often but I'm not big on change so I continue taking it as that is what me and my body are used to! Plus cross fingers your periods will stop!!

  • Dom Molyare
    Dom Molyare 9 hours ago

    Well, first minutes i was sceptical...but final effect is great:) Don't know if its because its You who put it on ;)

  • Megan Howells
    Megan Howells 9 hours ago

    Makeup on point!😍😍

  • Emme Grace
    Emme Grace 10 hours ago

    I had my vaccinations today and I'm currently sat in bed holding my arm watching your videos😂💘

  • Rachel Long
    Rachel Long 10 hours ago


  • Megan Hughes-Gage
    Megan Hughes-Gage 10 hours ago

    can you test the “florence by mills” make up and skincare ?? It’s Millie Bobbie Browns new company x

  • livstar93
    livstar93 10 hours ago

    Johnson’s cotton buds are 100% plastic free. They have pure cotton tips and a completely paper stem

  • Emily Bannon
    Emily Bannon 10 hours ago

    This is really making me want to do my make up now but its like 9:30 at night and I've already got into bed and took my make up off 😂

  • Jaclyn Cloherty
    Jaclyn Cloherty 10 hours ago

    Never seen your make up look so good 😍😍😍 so flawless x

  • Lizzie Butter
    Lizzie Butter 10 hours ago

    My mum has EVERYTHING CHARLOTTE TILBURY!! Anyone else

  • _Izzy W
    _Izzy W 10 hours ago

    well done girl you got on trending !!!!

  • Natty B
    Natty B 10 hours ago

    Your makeup is stunning here Soph 😍. Just a shame everything's so expensive 😩 xxx

  • Turquoise Greene
    Turquoise Greene 10 hours ago

    Eyelash transplants are a thing, you can choose to transplant pubic hair rather than head hair because it's curlier and thicker... the more you know...

  • Lourda 1
    Lourda 1 10 hours ago

    Awwh no I taught you were going to try the shiny lipstick that is in the ad you showed off there insta

  • Daryl Cook
    Daryl Cook 10 hours ago

    I think id like to see a full face of too faced? :)

  • Rebecca C.
    Rebecca C. 10 hours ago

    Just as beautiful as those models.....

  • Kira Dempsey
    Kira Dempsey 11 hours ago

    Pleaseeee can you do a full makeup review for all KIKO products... love you ❤️

  • elise lobbens
    elise lobbens 11 hours ago

    If you're testing another brand in the future, can you do Bobbi Brown please? Thanks x

  • Heidi Hodgson
    Heidi Hodgson 11 hours ago

    I really wish you hadn’t posted this. I NEED to buy everything 😭 you look STUNNING!

  • holly lumb
    holly lumb 11 hours ago

    My friends mum had her lips tattooed and my auntie had her brows tattooed lol

  • sanaa Cap
    sanaa Cap 11 hours ago

    Bonjour amazing!! The shade please du foundation ? Thanks

  • Xxliv Is shookxX
    Xxliv Is shookxX 11 hours ago

    Yo this is 27th on trending well done ❤️

  • Issy and Priya
    Issy and Priya 11 hours ago

    Please could you test either mac or too faced I would really love to see it xxx

  • Tabinda Waqar
    Tabinda Waqar 11 hours ago

    this is so nice of you to share this information. thank you so much. I'm shocked by his ways.. ♥️♥️

  • Charlotte Middleton
    Charlotte Middleton 11 hours ago

    Yes Charlotte Tilbury is boujee and expensive, but I genuinely love her products. Her matte lipsticks are amazing, the flawless filter is great for us pale people to give us an amazing glow and I’m in love with the exaggereyes quad and the blush compact (can’t remember the name). I don’t know why, but I feel very grown up using her products

  • Mya Reid
    Mya Reid 12 hours ago

    27 on trending 👏🏻 love you soph 🥰

  • Mommy & Karl
    Mommy & Karl 12 hours ago

    hey guys there's a great list of new drugstore makeup here 💘❤

  • Stitch 'N Woody
    Stitch 'N Woody 12 hours ago

    You don’t need makeup

  • Jo Hobson
    Jo Hobson 12 hours ago

    Wow though , this makeup looks amazing on you . You can really tell it’s high end . You did make me laugh about the prices all the way through lol

  • Tombags ss
    Tombags ss 12 hours ago

    You look amazing !

  • Beth Savill
    Beth Savill 12 hours ago

    Trending !!!!!!!!

  • Don't Subscribe. I Don't Need Subscribers.

    You sound like Deet from Dark Crystal Age of Resistance. 😂😘

  • Pinkii2005
    Pinkii2005 12 hours ago

    Hi 👋 Soph! Do u think you could try the no.7 HydraLuminous moisturising foundation. I just bought it, and it is the ONLY foundation i have EVER found that works for my skin, and I have tried A LOT of foundations 😂. The Barry M chisel cheeks contour creams works really nice with the foundation. I use the highlight shade under my eyes as concealer. For powder, the Rimmel London Stay matte packed powder is really nice on the face, but under the eyes I LOVE the Collection sheet loose powder! I use the pixel perfect multi-bronze from MUA Makeup Academy for bronzer and sometimes even eyeshadow. For eyebrows i kinda just use any pencil I can find that isn’t too expensive 😅. Atm I LOVE the Barry M brow wand in Medium brown. For blush I use the blush shades from the PS Cotton Candy (eyes, lips & face collection) from Primark lol. For a cheap eyeshadow I use the PS Nudes palette (i dunno if they do this anymore.) But I also use the Morphe 35F (fall into frost) palette. I LOVE HIGHLIGHTER and my go to highlight combinations is the Barry M Liquid chrome highlighter drops (I suggest the gold colour and btw you can use it alone for a natural glow) or you can (like me) use a highlighter from Primark. (I do not know the name of it unfortunately, but... when I got it for Christmas it was like a gold duo chrome colour with a snowflake printed into the middle. I have another highlighter which is a rose/pink duo chrome that is called the PS Dusk Highlighter. And time for the fav, LIPS I use the Lush Mint juups lip scrub in the flavour mint and then (oh btw i do scrub my lips before applying makeup and add lip balm before too) as a lip balm I use the Nivea Watermelon shine balm, and then for my lip routine, sonetimes I will line in which case I will use the natural collection lip liner in the shade “Almond”, and then for lipstick, the C.Y.O moisturising lipstick in the shade “Living together” and then to finish it off the natural collection lip gloss in the shade “Baked Pecan”. I would LOVE if u could try some of these out Soph. I love ur channel! XX

    • sophdoesnails
      sophdoesnails 12 hours ago

      aahh omg thanks so much for all these recommendations!! I will definitely give some of them a try x

  • Kity Bennett
    Kity Bennett 12 hours ago

    This is the best foundation I’ve ever seen on you it makes your skin look so healthy and beautiful, worth the price!!! 🙌🙌

  • SandraFrancisca
    SandraFrancisca 13 hours ago

    When people say "you get a lot for your money" or "you can use this amount for years" i always think "well there are expiration dates girl...."

    • sophdoesnails
      sophdoesnails 12 hours ago

      hahaha I’m not gonna lie I still have makeup from nearly 5 years ago that I still use 😂😅

  • hufflepuff reign
    hufflepuff reign 13 hours ago

    Hey soph can you do a video following Charlotte tilbury's tutorial since you have her products now ? I think it would be super fun and also there's tons tutorial My personal favourites are the amal Clooney wedding make up look,rock chick, bella sofia

    • hufflepuff reign
      hufflepuff reign 11 hours ago

      @sophdoesnails oh yeah you did!!😂 maybe do one that suits your style of make up then And also is there a chance we are getting a bf does my makeup in the future???, 👀

    • sophdoesnails
      sophdoesnails 12 hours ago

      I have actually done that video before! but I didn’t do a very good job 😂

  • HotSauceLeadFree
    HotSauceLeadFree 13 hours ago

    Takes me 2 years to use up a bronzer 😭💀 these products deffo worth it

  • Gemma S
    Gemma S 13 hours ago

    You look so flawless with this makeup. It’s beautiful, sometimes you have to ignore the price a little, you get what pay for. 🙃🙃 maybe not an everyday look but so lovely xx 😀😀💖💖

  • bitchin ‘
    bitchin ‘ 13 hours ago

    OMG 50 K MORE!!!

  • Isabella Marais
    Isabella Marais 13 hours ago

    I am so happy having the worst week but finally my pallet came

  • Sumya Yesmin
    Sumya Yesmin 13 hours ago

    ur so lucky u didn't spend £1000 on all this makeup

    • sophdoesnails
      sophdoesnails 12 hours ago

      I am incredibly lucky!! I think it came to about £400 😳so so grateful

  • Toni Llewellyn
    Toni Llewellyn 13 hours ago

    I really wanted to love the magic cream but my skin is sensitive and within a week I had gone red with massive dry patches. Took me weeks to get it back to normal. I love the lip and eye makeup though ❤️

  • daisi xx
    daisi xx 13 hours ago

    It’s funny how people think in different ways. Personally I would rather spend more money on things I love enough to use up then to buy something coz it’s cheaper in the long run... 😅

  • Hannah Guthrie
    Hannah Guthrie 13 hours ago

    why dont you get the little star symbol from your intro as a tattoo???

  • Sian April
    Sian April 13 hours ago

    Stunning! Going to have to invest in that powder for my wedding 🙈 Also I am pretty certain that the packaging on the pallete is an homage to David Bowie (“The Icon”) 👩🏻‍🎤✨⚡️

  • Ellie Greaves
    Ellie Greaves 13 hours ago

    hey! please could you test elizabeth arden skincare or their products please? thank you! 💘

  • Alexandra Popescu
    Alexandra Popescu 14 hours ago

    Love you, but you don't know what holographic is

  • Annie Holmström
    Annie Holmström 14 hours ago

    Am I the only one slightly annoyed at her complaining about the price on every product? Like I would understand if the product was expensive and the packaging and performance was cheap and disappointing but the products look great. Love your videos but in a honest review you don’t HAVE TO say bad things just to seem unbiased. If you like all products, you like all products and that doesn’t make it less honest. Anyways, I love your videos and I hope this doesn’t come across as mean.

  • Milly Hicks
    Milly Hicks 14 hours ago

    “you can do maths!” bold of you to assume that soph...

  • Leah Tomlinson
    Leah Tomlinson 14 hours ago

    Your skin looked beautiful in this soph! Xx

  • TinyDoughnutElle
    TinyDoughnutElle 14 hours ago

    #qotd favourite mascara? also where did you get your necklace from- it’s beautiful 💕💕

  • bahar alibayli
    bahar alibayli 14 hours ago

    btw they have permanent cc creme already hehe

  • TinyDoughnutElle
    TinyDoughnutElle 14 hours ago


  • Hollie_ Fraser
    Hollie_ Fraser 14 hours ago

    You think 70 is expensive over there, in Australia it’s double the price haha 😭 everything here is double your price so your drugstore to us like like 20 dollars and up. And like all the fancy brands are like 80 dollars and up for one thing 😳😳💗💗 love watching your videos xx

  • Lily Clarke
    Lily Clarke 14 hours ago

    Okay I need to go to a Charlotte tilbury stand ASAP

  • unknown ._
    unknown ._ 14 hours ago

    you're trending yesss!!👑

  • BTS KimTaehyung
    BTS KimTaehyung 14 hours ago

    17:55 the way she lost her Charlotte Tilbury mascara and literally that's the only product I bought of hers yesterday 😅 so maybe I have your mascara 💜

  • Livi Carter
    Livi Carter 14 hours ago

    Anyone puts Charlotte tilbury makeup on and they just look like an angel 😍 damn the prices!!!! 😥😂

  • Ellie R
    Ellie R 14 hours ago

    Can you three please do another mocbang (you can tell I don't do well in school) together please and thank you, luv u soph 💗💗💗💗

  • mya w
    mya w 14 hours ago

    i swear by 'very victoria' lipstick and the 'ibiza nights' gloss

  • Claudette Kennemore
    Claudette Kennemore 14 hours ago

    I love the pressed powder. I only use it under my eyes and I find it's the only power that doesn't age me 10 years. I will happily pay the price to not look like a crepey mess.

  • Emma Oakley
    Emma Oakley 14 hours ago

    Basically Soph realising she's too poor for luxury make up for 22 minutes...

  • Don't Subscribe. I Don't Need Subscribers.

    Never dawned on me how much you look like Sabrina Carpenter. Even tho I first discovered you years ago.

  • Horseomology
    Horseomology 14 hours ago

    That stuff looks so cool 😉

  • Carolina Leguizamon
    Carolina Leguizamon 14 hours ago

    Soph, can you do a full face with only one drugstore brand like Wet n Wild or Elf?? I will really love to see your opinion!! Lots of love from argentina 😘😘

  • Lara Toffanello
    Lara Toffanello 15 hours ago

    wowww obsessed with how this makeup looked🤩💓

  • Nicole Easley
    Nicole Easley 15 hours ago

    I hate that I started using Charlotte Tilbury products cuz they are so incredible now I have to spend the money. The Airbrush powder is AMAZING! Your face was Flawless, you did look filtered, Great review Soph!

  • Ellen Tong
    Ellen Tong 15 hours ago

    I don't seem to have much luck when it comes to the pill sadly! I was on rigevidon for a year and it worked for me, however my blood pressure went throught the roof, so I was told that I couldn't take estrogen anymore, and had to switch to the mini pill. Started off with the desogestrel pill first, tried it for six months and that didn't work, as I would bleed for a week, stop bleeding for a couple of days and then immediately start bleeding again! Now I'm on norethisterone (which is still a mini pill but with a shorter window for taking it); it took around 6 months to settle, and I tend to have a bleed every 24 days now. However, I'm now in the same boat when it comes to moodswings; my fiancé has noticed that I sometimes fly off the handle for no reason and I do sometimes cry for no reason too. Looks like I'm gonna have to start looking at other methods of contraception. Every woman reacts differently to different forms of contraception, so just because it hasn't worked for me, doesn't mean it won't work for you. Fingers crossed that it all works out for you! 😊

  • Smile Brightly
    Smile Brightly 15 hours ago

    Wish ud go back to being pale because I always matched to u exactly!!! X

  • Sinead Sheehan
    Sinead Sheehan 15 hours ago

    Loved the skirt and the dress with splits x

  • Molly Mccarthy
    Molly Mccarthy 15 hours ago

    This makeup suits you so much Soph!💖

  • taylor wernert
    taylor wernert 15 hours ago

    I switched to the mini pill after I had issues with high blood pressure, and my skin hasn’t been the same since! I have way more break-outs and seem to be much more oily at the end of the day. I’ve been tweaking my skin care routine but it’s super frustrating. Please let us know if your skin settles - I’m four months in and still struggling.

  • courtney's club
    courtney's club 15 hours ago

    You are so PRETTY without makeup love ur vids