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  • India Muir
    India Muir 18 minutes ago

    Glazed donut looks so light in the pan but I’ve used it on a few peeps and it’s stunning x

  • Arianna Estrada
    Arianna Estrada 51 minute ago

    You always look gorgeous!!! But you look so amazing, definitely love this look on you and ur blue eyes are poppin!!!!😍🔥🔥🔥

  • Lily Anderson
    Lily Anderson Hour ago

    I feel like even if the colors are out there for the liquid lips you could use them as eyeliners or eyeshadow

  • Alisha Moore
    Alisha Moore Hour ago

    my insfta is @alisha_badco xx love you x

  • M. Mano
    M. Mano Hour ago

    U have the most beautiful eyecolor i’ve ever seen ! love your eyelook ❤️

  • Cherrish McPherson

    I love your smile lines

  • Lily Anderson
    Lily Anderson Hour ago

    I wish that was the most expensive eyeshadow palette I ever bought 🤣🤣

  • Jillian Holt
    Jillian Holt 2 hours ago

    I wanted this pallet to be a beautiful Gothic deep purple, black, antique gold, and burgundy pallet. The name blood lust and the packaging gave me such strong castlevania-esque vampire vibes. Instead the shades are more of a pink purple Barbie dream house theme.

  • Roo Roo Kirkland
    Roo Roo Kirkland 2 hours ago

    You forgot lipsticks xx

  • PatriciaG
    PatriciaG 2 hours ago

    #questionoftheday Will You do a lipstick and clothes declutter? I would really looking forward to see it.☺️❤️

  • Sienna Lp
    Sienna Lp 2 hours ago

    What is your favorite makeup thing

  • Andrea H
    Andrea H 3 hours ago

    Did your chicken sandwich taste good.

  • Maya Hussain
    Maya Hussain 3 hours ago

    Can u do a review and look on the huda beauty Mercury retrograde pallete plzzzz xx

  • Katie Franz
    Katie Franz 4 hours ago

    Ahh you’re doing your meet and greet the same weekend I’m traveling there!! I just bought my ticket, I can’t wait!!

  • Kirsten Welch
    Kirsten Welch 4 hours ago

    Ahhh excited for new soph launch💕

  • kristen lamb
    kristen lamb 4 hours ago

    i literally scratched my palette today too and i was sooo mad

  • paisley.elliott
    paisley.elliott 4 hours ago

    Looooove these. I always feel like I’m suffering from Sophie withdrawals 😆 I actually just got the mini I heart revolution mint chocolate palette & the sleek bronzer/blush/highlight trio for travel. They’re so adorable!

  • Amanda Carrell
    Amanda Carrell 4 hours ago

    You are so awesome! Very unique and original! Love all your videos!

  • Kyra M.
    Kyra M. 5 hours ago

    I love how she said she got a tripod for her birthday. Yet still is holding the camera and proceeds to use one hand.😂

  • Juliana Sciaini
    Juliana Sciaini 5 hours ago

    Hey soph! Just a reminder, during a few months you had a reaction on your eyelids which you didn´t know what was, but it kept coming back... so probably you shouldn´t give away your mascaras, they might be infected with the same thing... pd: Lots of love form Argentina <3

  • Kennedy Watton-Shaw
    Kennedy Watton-Shaw 6 hours ago

    Full face of minis/ samples x

  • Lucy Lang
    Lucy Lang 6 hours ago

    The Juno and co sponges are great for high coverage and concealing stuff but I find it can make my foundation a bit dry in places, but my skin generally does that with full coverage anything so maybe that’s just me

  • Lindsey Lowery
    Lindsey Lowery 6 hours ago

    👍🏻 “boop”

  • Eden Lester
    Eden Lester 6 hours ago

    They just added Makeup revolution to my drug store and I saw your palate

  • Ruby Smithson
    Ruby Smithson 6 hours ago

    I've heard a few people say now that their eye burns after usage ! I'm nervous now lol

  • Nadja Becirovic
    Nadja Becirovic 7 hours ago

    What about lip stuff

  • Lucy Lang
    Lucy Lang 7 hours ago

    They sell the same ones basically in home bargains for a fiver for a jar thing of 60 sugar bear gummies, I dunno if they actually work though but they taste nice

  • Shannon Stokes
    Shannon Stokes 7 hours ago

    #QuestionOfTheDay did u come out with a new palette call Soph favourites i got it in a Make up box which was called Soph favourites too I was so confused as u never said in a video can u please answer this in a video or even reply thanks 😘

  • Lara
    Lara 7 hours ago

    Isn't it obvious that if you "blend" glitter you'll just remove it? Like, whenever applying glitter, who would go with a blending brush?

  • natasha spickler
    natasha spickler 7 hours ago

    Feeling sad from America wishing I could meet you :(

  • rebecca stone
    rebecca stone 7 hours ago

    Pls put things on depop x

  • Karen Baker
    Karen Baker 7 hours ago

    Love your declutters. By the way, you can but Wet & Wild in Boots now.

  • Georgia James
    Georgia James 8 hours ago

    Hahaha awww soph actually howling at the nail jab into the moonstone wow (not the misfortune but your reaction hahaha)! Adore you girl

  • TriniTea
    TriniTea 8 hours ago

    I love soph but ... she’s kinda the worth de clutterer ever

  • Libby Osborne
    Libby Osborne 8 hours ago

    Love these videos so much. You’re so positive and funny 💗💗

  • Martha Cook that random girl

    That sounds horrible soph 😦😞i hope you feel better soon😊 I've had bad experiences with scams i was so scared at the time and just 😔

  • Hann sapphire Reid
    Hann sapphire Reid 9 hours ago

    #questionoftheday hey soph. Wondering if you answer peoples instagram dms and if you do how long it takes you? Love your vids Btw :) x

  • Beckie Wiltshire
    Beckie Wiltshire 9 hours ago

    Why don’t you give your mascara to friends and family I’m sure they wouldn’t mind using used products

  • Danielle Gorle
    Danielle Gorle 9 hours ago

    OMG I love that purple eye look 💕💕

  • Aleina
    Aleina 9 hours ago

    Your base makeup has never looked better!!!!!! Stunning

  • elliecosmetics Yt
    elliecosmetics Yt 9 hours ago

    Hey Sophie, I love your videos also I was wondering what your go to concealer and foundation was🤍😊

  • Céline Timmers
    Céline Timmers 9 hours ago

    Lol I totally get it. I’ve got -3.75 and -4.25

  • Ania Ania
    Ania Ania 9 hours ago

    Where are you rings from??? 💍❤️❤️❤️ PS. Love you

  • Jessica Stephenson
    Jessica Stephenson 9 hours ago

    You should definitely try start a project pan challenge where you try finish or use as much of a product as possible!

  • Aimee Jane
    Aimee Jane 10 hours ago

    I live in New Zealand 😊

  • Lucy Banks
    Lucy Banks 10 hours ago

    Can’t go London virus going round

  • Alyssa Minnie
    Alyssa Minnie 10 hours ago

    the solemn “goodbye, my friend” at 12:00 while tossing the highlighter into the bin was so real and relatable omg

  • Karina M Rodriguez Santiago

    You can donate any expired makeup to funeral homes that can use the makeup on corpses.

  • Robbie Magill
    Robbie Magill 10 hours ago

    Always love your videos and the declutters and seeing your collection are some of my favorites love hearing your opinions on why you get rid of stuff and see if it’s really worth it

  • anonymous but fabulous

    Sophs makeup collection puts mine to shame 😂

  • Equine Violet
    Equine Violet 10 hours ago

    My favourite palette is palette is number 2!! All the colours remind me of a sunset!

  • SapphireDemirsoz
    SapphireDemirsoz 11 hours ago

    for some reason this is so therapeutic to watch xx

  • Amina
    Amina 11 hours ago

    You could do one mascara challenge like you could stick to just one mascara (or mascaras if you use more than one) until you finish it off. That way you’ll be able to go through them. I started doing that and have gone through 2 mascaras already. Hope this helps 😊

  • Jordon Webb
    Jordon Webb 11 hours ago

    Soph are those revolution pro highlighters the skin finishes? I wouldn’t say they are highlighters! They are stunning for all over the face like the skin finishes from Mac because they’re not intense or sparkly they just add a really nice healthy glow ✨

  • Ketelin
    Ketelin 11 hours ago

    You can give the mascaras away too. I dont really see a problem especally if you've only used them a few times

  • Ketelin
    Ketelin 11 hours ago

    Lmao I dont even have 1 proper highlighter and she has like a billion wow.

  • Avakin Girl life
    Avakin Girl life 11 hours ago

    I can’t come :( I have school

  • Wolf Girl
    Wolf Girl 12 hours ago

    Coming to see you!

  • Ashley Dahl
    Ashley Dahl 12 hours ago

    definitely recommend acrylic drawer separators! Shaaanxo might link which ones she uses!

  • Vasilikis Beauty Tips
    Vasilikis Beauty Tips 12 hours ago

    The Nars face palette is so pretty!

  • Idk XD
    Idk XD 12 hours ago

    Why don’t u do a used makeup giveaway there will be people who would still want the makeup

  • Katelyn Chapman
    Katelyn Chapman 12 hours ago

    #qotd do you switch out your mascara every 3 months? I was told that’s what you’re supposed to do.

  • Linda xoxo
    Linda xoxo 12 hours ago

    An still films holding the camera!!!

  • Parul Akter
    Parul Akter 12 hours ago

    You can get Wet n Wild on Beauty Bay.

  • Ryein G.
    Ryein G. 13 hours ago

    There is a organization that you can mail your cleaned mascara wands to help Wildlife! I’m not sure about the UK but here in the US it’s called “Wands for Wildlife” and they use them for grooming! Check it out!

  • Jimena Rejon
    Jimena Rejon 13 hours ago

    Yes, you can donate used mascaras, if you are clean and have a good hygiene there is no problem :) Don´t throw them away, many woman will be gratefull to havr them for free

  • Natasha Hart
    Natasha Hart 13 hours ago

    I always like to watch your decluttering videos while i declutter. Makes me feel better not doing it alone 😂

  • Lotte X
    Lotte X 13 hours ago

    There’s even glitter in your hair😂 Love it

  • Victoria Rose
    Victoria Rose 13 hours ago

    Absolutely HOWLING at you opening that becca moonstone 😂😂😂💀💀💀

  • Catherine Aalders
    Catherine Aalders 13 hours ago

    You have a lifetime supply of highlighters... please think about the environment when purchasing items in the future. If you have a similar colour in any brand you don't need to buy or have another one.

  • Jen S
    Jen S 13 hours ago

    For the lashes, and most other makeup you wont use, you can probably donate them to a drama class at a school.

  • Dee Dee O'Gorman-Pagan

    Love both looks, but I prefer the blues & purples just a wee bit more. Gorgeous!

  • Yankee Fan
    Yankee Fan 13 hours ago

    You should do a full face of makeup using paint and using paint brushes instead of makeup brushes

  • Rachel Ponting
    Rachel Ponting 13 hours ago

    Love your nails !! 💜

  • LadyArtist
    LadyArtist 13 hours ago

    I enjoy so much these videos, they are so satisfying 😍😍

  • Sam JP
    Sam JP 13 hours ago

    Maybe a good idea to make use of the tripod and just set the camera up so it's filming the drawer, might save those poor highlighter from nail attacks haha. It's so hard to declutter makeup. I always end up keeping things il never really use just because they are pretty X

  • Elizabeth Borley
    Elizabeth Borley 13 hours ago

    Pretty please can you tell me where your jumper is from?!?! It’s lushhhhh xx

  • Ruby Star
    Ruby Star 14 hours ago

    Hey babe x Could you make a video where you talk about your favourite brushes for a full face x ly💕

  • Lilacfoofness
    Lilacfoofness 14 hours ago

    Shame your Meet & Greet is on the weekend as people work, hopefully you can do one in the week in the future 😞

  • Fairy Simmer20
    Fairy Simmer20 14 hours ago

    I really loved the lip liner & gloss

  • Katt Taylor
    Katt Taylor 14 hours ago

    If you have had the mascara open for more than three months they need to go. The bacteria that grows in the tube is terrible. Just wash the wands and give to animal shelters or rescues.

  • Sam Paver
    Sam Paver 14 hours ago

    I luv the makeup I'm no expert but u may benafit from.using smaller brushers xx

  • emma jane
    emma jane 14 hours ago

    I love your videos and I would love to come to your meet and greet but I live in Scotland😥

  • Musicals Obsessed
    Musicals Obsessed 14 hours ago

    I’ll try to come to the meet and greet but I live in Wales 💞

  • Kaitlyn Parry
    Kaitlyn Parry 14 hours ago

    Does anyone know where her jumper is from? X

  • Ava Mac
    Ava Mac 14 hours ago

    #questionoftheday When did u start wearing makeup?

  • Carmen 0108 Kassis
    Carmen 0108 Kassis 14 hours ago

    Ilysm u are amazing ❤️❤️❤️

  • Brittany Slaby
    Brittany Slaby 14 hours ago


  • Sara Haque
    Sara Haque 14 hours ago

    21:10 Sophie my goodness I used to love these There so light and so suttle Am gonna get rid of those

  • Ellie B
    Ellie B 15 hours ago

    When testing a mascara try buy lash wands and then the product is clean, use a new brush every time you dip back in! May not give a true review of the brush though :(

  • Nicole Lay
    Nicole Lay 15 hours ago

    Okay. Now I know who I thought you looked like. But it’s like Disney channel days Sabrina carpenter before she did whatever she did to change up her look.

  • Ida Holappa
    Ida Holappa 15 hours ago

    I think you can put like old makeup in a bag and return them to a kicks store and they will properly recycle them because you actually shouldn't throw makeup in the bin because I think makeup is like "problem waste" like paint and phones and stuff

  • Charli Tingey
    Charli Tingey 15 hours ago

    Can u do a review of the drawers x

  • SophieAndLois X
    SophieAndLois X 15 hours ago

    Ahhhhhhh. I wanted to come but my birthdays is on that day and I’m going to see a show in London xxxx

  • Memi
    Memi 15 hours ago

    #questionoftheday advice for being picked on in school (i.e comments from ppl etc. not bullying). Love your videos esp. chatty style ones. Hope you're doing well❤

  • Jorja Faye
    Jorja Faye 15 hours ago

    I don’t really trust the primer that was used as I have it and it makes my shadow crease and stick real bad, so I don’t know about the pallet still

  • Itz Mais
    Itz Mais 15 hours ago

    How long do u keep ur mascaras for? Cus you have to keep them for 6 months but some of mine are older so what do u do xxx

  • Aliyah Ali
    Aliyah Ali 15 hours ago

    ahhhhh love the declutters

  • Ellie Gacha 2
    Ellie Gacha 2 16 hours ago

    Exciting on the way..? Special announcement? Ooh- I think I know what it is..

  • Emily Burton
    Emily Burton 16 hours ago

    3:29 Relatable