Good Mythical Morning
Good Mythical Morning
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  • Jeremiah pranking Britney

    We've had some weird presidents lol! Hooray President Rhett! Loved this episode, love you guys!

  • Mercury MIST 92
    Mercury MIST 92 2 minutes ago

    I had Texas Roadhouse on Monday 🥴

  • JP Outdoors
    JP Outdoors 2 minutes ago


  • T Rev
    T Rev 2 minutes ago

    I tasted craft once, never again. Never!

  • Arudanel
    Arudanel 3 minutes ago

    Arr. Bottoms up, lad. 'Cause they be down on the can later, after eatin' that lot!

  • Bald 182
    Bald 182 4 minutes ago

    Hahah chilli madness! Actual thing I've expierienced! XD

  • Rob Smith21
    Rob Smith21 4 minutes ago

    6:10 feel you josh. I feel you

  • Kiara Rodriguez
    Kiara Rodriguez 5 minutes ago

    William Haynes 😍

  • Transform987
    Transform987 5 minutes ago

    Noone is talking about how strange it is that Link thought the quail egg was a robin egg... A ROBIN EGG!

  • Margaret Wilson
    Margaret Wilson 6 minutes ago

    For concealing the poopie smell, get a diaper genie. Very important for new moms. 🤔

  • aaron lizotte
    aaron lizotte 6 minutes ago

    Does anyone else at all want to go in this show just to taste the weird things that they do?! Anyone else!?!

  • dylan Baker
    dylan Baker 7 minutes ago

    They need to do more of these! It’s really fun and interesting to see all the behind the scenes

  • arcticblue2
    arcticblue2 9 minutes ago

    Oh wow, I know exactly where that old studio is. My sister lives just down the street and I've driven by it countless times without any idea that's where GMM had started.

  • VampiraTDLS
    VampiraTDLS 9 minutes ago

    We have cabbage rolls in Greece as well, we call them lahanodolmades. It is not considered to be a Christmas dish though.

  • zmoss
    zmoss 10 minutes ago

    They should do a multiple choice format for stuff like this

  • Hedda Axelsson
    Hedda Axelsson 10 minutes ago

    When I first heard about Swedish fish I was like: why would someone wanna eat fish as a snack? Like which fish? Salmon? Then I realized it was candy! Made in Canada

  • Benito Mussolini
    Benito Mussolini 10 minutes ago

    It’s the dan akyroyd skull vodka bottle

  • Jeremiah pranking Britney

    All those calories! 😂 good job Rhett! Loved this episode, love you guys!

  • Rob Smith21
    Rob Smith21 15 minutes ago

    Someone...I want a testicle count..

  • Mr. M.
    Mr. M. 15 minutes ago

    His co-workers at Subway used to approach girls in the freezer with the Jared?

  • Nicolas RAGE
    Nicolas RAGE 16 minutes ago

    2:32 did he just say fill-its?

  • Archer, Emissary of the Gorgonites

    Tell that guy with the glasses to shave and be kylo ren for halloween

  • BlackPiano
    BlackPiano 17 minutes ago

    “In a way, don’t they ALL know?”

  • Cecilie Regenberg
    Cecilie Regenberg 17 minutes ago

    Come to denmark!

  • Destry Duncan
    Destry Duncan 20 minutes ago

    The forgot to order a 'mcgangbang'

  • Aaron Friend
    Aaron Friend 20 minutes ago

    If they're gonna keep doing "satisfying" videos, can they visit a chiropractor??

  • Tonee.
    Tonee. 21 minute ago

    Rhett: Actually Its 2 Pts Cause Its The 2nd Round But I Like How You Said Cause Its 2 Blanks RHETT LOVES BUSTING LINKS BUBBLE 🙊🤣

  • Sauna Mad Man
    Sauna Mad Man 23 minutes ago


  • Elvis Queme
    Elvis Queme 23 minutes ago

    What a babe.

  • Rob Smith21
    Rob Smith21 24 minutes ago

    Lost me at coconut, sorry big boy josh

  • Your Friend Stan
    Your Friend Stan 24 minutes ago

    9:47 That's what she said.

  • Jeremiah pranking Britney

    I love watching these old episodes but its also kind of a bummer bc i cant contribute to the bolder lol! Loved this episode, love you guys!

  • Gabrielle Brown
    Gabrielle Brown 32 minutes ago

    "Stop smiling so large!" 😂

  • Seth Milam
    Seth Milam 32 minutes ago

    Bugles are not that good just sayin

  • Welpthis worldisboring
    Welpthis worldisboring 33 minutes ago

    We just gon ignore Rhett’s Rihanna’s shirt

  • Christian Melendez
    Christian Melendez 33 minutes ago

    After watching a lot of these videos I have to say the guy with the glasses is the weak link of the show. Feel like he holds the show back.

  • Ali Alsabkha
    Ali Alsabkha 34 minutes ago

    My grandpa kicked the bucket, The bucket went real far

  • Chernobyl Raisins
    Chernobyl Raisins 35 minutes ago

    Barbra through the entire video: *a u d i b l e f e a r*

  • Indy Gupta
    Indy Gupta 37 minutes ago

    12:54 "big things ahead"....i love Links look at Rhett here know exactly that Link was thinking back to Rhetts rant about Community College haha

  • Tron -
    Tron - 39 minutes ago

    crazy red heads turn me on

  • wierd ness
    wierd ness 39 minutes ago

    Doritos are in Ireland too

  • Nomadicall
    Nomadicall 41 minute ago

    Nooooooo nooooo why its alien cheek clapping day

  • Hari Menon
    Hari Menon 42 minutes ago

    Did they rename this episode?

  • Justin George
    Justin George 42 minutes ago

    I like how they started the increasing points per round so comebacks could happen but no matter what, the final round is always the decider.

  • David Riddle
    David Riddle 42 minutes ago

    The crew is always doing too much

  • Owlelephant 129
    Owlelephant 129 45 minutes ago

    5:50...He definitely said “TEXAS ROADHOUSE”

  • Holly Lebeck
    Holly Lebeck 45 minutes ago

    This is my 5th time watching this...

  • Nicole Valle Gross
    Nicole Valle Gross 45 minutes ago

    It’s been a year, you could do this idea again and no one would be mad. :)

  • Kilgore
    Kilgore 51 minute ago

    I know a few T*** R******* employees and I've heard all kinds of nasty stories about that place. As if the food wasn't enough of a deterrent

  • Christopher Hull
    Christopher Hull 51 minute ago

    was any one else turned on by the blank blank employee carrying a knife?

  • Christian Jared
    Christian Jared 52 minutes ago

    5:49 deffinetly Texas Road House

  • Double A
    Double A 52 minutes ago

    They need to bring this game back!

  • Chris Ganley
    Chris Ganley 54 minutes ago

    This show is slowly working its way up to that TV-14 rating

  • KodyLox Productions
    KodyLox Productions 55 minutes ago

    Not my favorite episode.

  • KidderKidd
    KidderKidd 59 minutes ago

    whats number threes job

  • RUTHless
    RUTHless Hour ago

    Y’all should’ve tried the cheeseburger big bite

  • Reggie Rushing
    Reggie Rushing Hour ago

    gayest thing i ever watched

  • GravityToy
    GravityToy Hour ago

    What was the guy from the train scene in EuroTrip doing in her car?

  • Harlice Laver
    Harlice Laver Hour ago

    They do have cinnamon life

  • Brandie /A beacon of light


  • Swerve
    Swerve Hour ago


  • Aiman Ridhwan
    Aiman Ridhwan Hour ago


  • sens4tress
    sens4tress Hour ago


  • Rob Smith21
    Rob Smith21 Hour ago

    7:40 three grown men STRESSING over a bunny rabbits diet. 😂😂🤷🏼‍♂️

  • 10000 subs with 0 Videos

    Day 500 of asking them to go to action park

  • bobbycone2
    bobbycone2 Hour ago

    I knew a guy that used to piss in the pickles at subway.

  • Fresh Prince
    Fresh Prince Hour ago

    Hey Youuu Scrolling downnn... Ive got something to say... Have a great mythical day 😉

  • God 4.
    God 4. Hour ago

    me listening to 1700s sea shanties intensifies

  • Ted Fundy
    Ted Fundy Hour ago

    "Why is she Irish" I was thinking the same thing Rhett. 😂😂😂

  • 805Franco
    805Franco Hour ago

    1:59 I'm an advocate for equality so sorry that doesn't matter.

  • RouletteBeauty
    RouletteBeauty Hour ago

    I missed Jordan soooo much!!! MORE Jordan please????!

  • KzCreationz & More

    Why did I actually guess pickle in the frosty?

  • lightning mcgee
    lightning mcgee Hour ago

    At the Harvey's in my hometown they caught the workers jacking it in the "special sauce."

  • Drew Chamberlian

    Jordan is my favorite crew member! Please include more of him!

  • bobbycone2
    bobbycone2 Hour ago

    Texas Road House.

  • Leslie's ASMR
    Leslie's ASMR Hour ago

    My guess was “make love in the freezer with the bread” I was suprised they didn’t think of bread😂😂

  • Akeelah McLean
    Akeelah McLean Hour ago

    Who else is watching this at area 51

  • Stevens Studios
    Stevens Studios Hour ago

    It's cat tounges all the way down.

  • Kathy Waughtel
    Kathy Waughtel Hour ago

    Link what the f

  • Hashtag Lan Fbx
    Hashtag Lan Fbx Hour ago

    I miss the old GMM 3-episode format :(

  • wadiub
    wadiub Hour ago

    pirate more like we (pir) ate

  • Exotic_ Dummy
    Exotic_ Dummy Hour ago

    6:00 I never got this joke until now 😂

  • TwoBlocks
    TwoBlocks Hour ago

    Rhett’s Rihanna shirt is amazing!

  • Deidra Hale
    Deidra Hale Hour ago

    I've always used prego thanks for confirming my decision lol

  • RD JR
    RD JR Hour ago

    even though its blurred i can still tell he says texas road house

  • TheDrakenZ
    TheDrakenZ Hour ago

    10:10 - When Links panic turns into enjoyment.

  • Chris B
    Chris B Hour ago

    5:49 he says texas roadhouse

  • mrspaisley1
    mrspaisley1 Hour ago


  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover Hour ago

    I thought she put in her period blood in the salad for the second one...

  • Cutie Pie
    Cutie Pie Hour ago

    So I work at a fast food resturant and sometimes its just a bad day. But I love the people I work with. So when a customer asks for a specific amount of sauce I always give them one more than what they asked. For some reason I feel rebellious when I do it. Anyone else do this?

  • Booty Full
    Booty Full Hour ago

    Eye eye captain 👀

  • Spree Gaming
    Spree Gaming Hour ago

    Is it weird that I already knew it cost 25k to put a hit on someone..?..?...

  • Ty Hyde-Smith
    Ty Hyde-Smith Hour ago

    I wanna play beer pong with josh

  • Gabriella Maierle

    Next year I’m turning 13 on the 13th of Merch what just happens to be on Friday next year

  • Klaus Watts
    Klaus Watts Hour ago

    I literally got the Subway one right haha, I thought of the dumbest thing I could possibly think of and no joke o it right!

  • Allison Komeshak

    Nobody: Marshmello:

  • Thien Cubing
    Thien Cubing Hour ago


  • Sabirah Gallie
    Sabirah Gallie Hour ago

    Treasure Planet is so underrated

  • Samantha V
    Samantha V Hour ago

    It deeply bothers me that Rhett held up 2 fingers when he said 4 nights only at 0:15 😱

  • EvanescentTuber
    EvanescentTuber Hour ago

    This is my favorite episode!