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  • Lilly T Baird
    Lilly T Baird 48 seconds ago

    She went for the knife AHAHAHAH

    GAMER FC Hour ago


  • hirushinz
    hirushinz 4 hours ago

    my god that spray tan

  • Serena Orme
    Serena Orme 10 hours ago

    I cannot deal with Diane touching everything without washing her hands after cutting the raw chicken

  • Grace Barnett
    Grace Barnett 10 hours ago

    Anyone else think they should do a part 2 of this

  • Kaicha116
    Kaicha116 10 hours ago

    You should make a thatcherjoanne channel

  • Elena Nowers
    Elena Nowers 11 hours ago

    the worst would be banana and Nutella by far!!! banana is the most disgusting food ever let alone hot ?!?!?! nearly threw up watching that omgggggggg

  • Julian Bithell
    Julian Bithell 11 hours ago

    Great job

  • George Stokes
    George Stokes 11 hours ago

    I love salami cheese and tomato sauce with extra mozzarella my least favourite is Gurkings egg and cheddar cheese

  • debra knox
    debra knox 12 hours ago


  • Dank Shank
    Dank Shank 13 hours ago

    I have that orange mug

  • Irish Tap Dancer
    Irish Tap Dancer 13 hours ago

    Cheese = Vile Tuna = Even Worse Jelly = Yummy! Tuna + Jelly + Cheese = Death

  • Julian Bithell
    Julian Bithell 13 hours ago

    Hand up if you want too see dianne hair colour

  • Leah Hookway
    Leah Hookway 13 hours ago


  • Julian Bithell
    Julian Bithell 13 hours ago

    Tuna and jelly and spam and mushy peas

  • Julian Bithell
    Julian Bithell 13 hours ago

    i love it

  • Ruby Baker
    Ruby Baker 14 hours ago

    I am a 1 for spice like you Joe

  • Samuel Jones
    Samuel Jones 15 hours ago

    Nutella and banana is my favourite and the chili one I wouldn't even try it

  • Lilia Holmes
    Lilia Holmes 15 hours ago

    I would least want the tuna and jelly 🤢😂 and mostly want banana and nutelllla 💜👍 such a gooood video!!!! ❤❤❤❤

  • RaYt Quifx
    RaYt Quifx 17 hours ago

    Spam stands for softly pressed American meat the Americans sent in to us the British when we were in war

  • Andrew Larkin
    Andrew Larkin 19 hours ago

    What the heck is a cheese tosty

  • pätiplika
    pätiplika 19 hours ago

    banana and nutella, strawberry and cream

  • Jessica Dorsey

    You should make your fave diner food in honor of Joe in Waitress!

  • Kerry Garrad
    Kerry Garrad Day ago

    Why aren't you using canvas bags ditch the plastic bag usage!!

  • Lily Marie
    Lily Marie Day ago

    I love how it’s 11:00 am yet Dianne asked the guy in the balcony to come for dinner 🤣🤣

  • Kate White
    Kate White Day ago


  • AJ 99
    AJ 99 Day ago


  • Nathan Gathercole

    He didn't take the juice out of the tuna so it made the toastie go soggy

  • Nathan Gathercole

    I love tuna and sweet corn toasties they are the best

  • Boopbot Bleeeblooo

    Diane if you are reading this give it to Joe Joe please propose to Diane at least one more year because you guys are the cutest couple and I think it will really work

  • Ava Priestley Murat

    Anyone ever see a comment and think “Damn...I wish I commented that” Like this one🧐

  • Ava Priestley Murat

    Hahahahahahahaha shmore😂😂😂

  • Kyri Hadjikakou

    I don’t like cheese

  • BeccaBearSc
    BeccaBearSc Day ago

    SMORE Not SCHMORE theres no C or H

  • @JoeWest
    @JoeWest Day ago

    FLASH-PLAYERr =loves to complain but never fix the issues

  • Figlio Nash
    Figlio Nash Day ago

    How the S'mores maker works: You fill it with cold water so the device doesn't melt. Those arm make sure that the s'more doesn't fall apart.

  • Renate Antonie Berger

    how did she make so mutch diffrent food and he just maked spagetti ande meetballs lol

  • Gaming Gigglingpotato

    I could smell the onion while watching this

  • Sophia Spiropoulos

    im like a 3 on handling spice, my mom is like a 0

  • dose of gaming

    Would like to see in the pan with zoe and Alfie with Dianne and Joseph that would be a good video

  • Abbera Ahmed
    Abbera Ahmed Day ago

    Girka is so sweet i want to see him moreeeee

    SOLTBRAF Day ago

    Joe is like a mother hen around Dianne sometimes😄he always thinks no matter what, that she will chop her fingers off. Is she actually clumsy enough to justify that? Genuinely asking

  • Lucy Readfearn


  • x Emma x
    x Emma x 2 days ago

    This was so funny 😆

  • Kayla Harting-Brain

    I really hope Diane washed her hands after that chicken cause she was touching everything else and even put the spatula that she had to stir the chicken back onto the chopping board 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ I’m anal as frick with chicken

  • Itsss Shazz ‘n’ Dani

    I would want banana and Nutella but not avocado and marmite 🤢

  • Liv Portrey
    Liv Portrey 2 days ago

    i’d say i’m a 3

  • Grafzaaiers
    Grafzaaiers 2 days ago

    "It's pork and ham, that's why they call it spam!" ..........?

  • Ed Sheeran #1 fan
    Ed Sheeran #1 fan 2 days ago

    I’m such a big fan of u both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️💛💛 when r u doing another in the pan vid?????

  • Erin MacGregor
    Erin MacGregor 2 days ago

    Omg indianna Jones has turned up lmao lol 😂 in dead

  • Brooklyn
    Brooklyn 2 days ago

    4 spice level

  • lifes0a0bitch
    lifes0a0bitch 2 days ago

    it hurts that your using a metal fork in a non stick pan...... poor pan

  • lily Aldous
    lily Aldous 2 days ago


  • Poppys Life
    Poppys Life 2 days ago

    I love these vids, Love you guys, This is so funny! Aslo I love how dianne was so exited when joe got tuna!

  • Roisin Williams
    Roisin Williams 2 days ago

    I just watched an advert that had the in the pan music in it. It was for honey and had nothing to do with in the pan

  • Hannah O'Toole
    Hannah O'Toole 2 days ago

    I can eat a hole ghost pepper

  • Orakats 123
    Orakats 123 2 days ago


  • Savannah Fogarty
    Savannah Fogarty 2 days ago

    Honestly, I would not be eating food by someone who didn't know what a mushroom was called

  • Danica Mathew
    Danica Mathew 2 days ago

    Dianne was Soo drunk by the end of the episode 😂😂😂

  • Kay And Zay
    Kay And Zay 2 days ago


  • gracearianator slip

    Now: 2019 anyone Next year: 2020 anyone

  • Abi Gillies
    Abi Gillies 2 days ago


  • Will Morris
    Will Morris 2 days ago

    Gorka did not like joe , dianne fancies him like mad , she was all weird around him , joe was extremely jealous , god so much going on

  • nikkiwithfries
    nikkiwithfries 2 days ago

    i think that if you did strawberries and cream cheese it could taste like cheesecake

  • Em H
    Em H 2 days ago

    The water is to weigh down the hands to stop the smores from getting to big so they r easy to eat

  • It’s lil - bunny -pizza

    Love ya

  • lala maru
    lala maru 2 days ago

    Tuna actually isn't that bad just add mayo in it mix it up well even add some relish to give it a tangy/vinigar taste and its pretty good

  • Ava Griffiths
    Ava Griffiths 2 days ago

    I would try joes because that’s my fave food

  • Hannah Miller
    Hannah Miller 2 days ago

    I'm a -100 for spice I HATE spicy things

  • Lucy Marsh
    Lucy Marsh 3 days ago

    Joes meal please

  • Sofia Perna
    Sofia Perna 3 days ago

    Sorry dianne but linguine looks amazing

  • ruby willford
    ruby willford 3 days ago

    Diane you did well joe you did too I have to say joe but daine it was still good

  • Scarlett Wallwork
    Scarlett Wallwork 3 days ago

    i hate kippers i would have joes dish cause i love the presentation and love what he has cooked sorry dianne

  • Jeizl Jett Crabano
    Jeizl Jett Crabano 3 days ago

    "i'll pipe your bag in a minute" - joseph sugg 2k19. an icon, a legend.

  • Miah Quenn
    Miah Quenn 3 days ago

    right as Dianne was spitting out the spam, i got a spam ad. talk about perfect timing

  • Olivia Pass
    Olivia Pass 3 days ago

    everyone have some tuna to appreciate how Joe hates it

  • katherine collins
    katherine collins 3 days ago

    Poor joe 😂 They’re so cute when they’re cooking together

  • Brooklyn
    Brooklyn 3 days ago

    14:19 it sounds like she says sperm

  • Amelia D
    Amelia D 3 days ago

    Joe's dish won

  • Amelia D
    Amelia D 3 days ago


  • KINX
    KINX 3 days ago


  • Hannah Marsh
    Hannah Marsh 3 days ago

    Northerners say scone that rhymes with bone

  • Kayla brookes
    Kayla brookes 3 days ago

    2222222 hate kipper

  • laleh
    laleh 3 days ago

    dianne eating that spicy one like it’s chocolate 😂

  • Yvonne Banning
    Yvonne Banning 4 days ago

    i know

  • Nilufar Patel
    Nilufar Patel 4 days ago

    Dianne had such a good opportunity to say 'there's not mush-room for these mushrooms'

  • natalie conradie
    natalie conradie 4 days ago

    Day made!! Thank you for this. The end was EVERYTHING. Hahaha

  • bethany crown
    bethany crown 4 days ago

    the amount they talk about kids, I'm curious👶🏼🤔

  • Tasha Mitchell
    Tasha Mitchell 4 days ago

    The hot water travels through the whole thing and it melts its from the bottom

  • Scarlett Willis
    Scarlett Willis 4 days ago

    its a smore😂😂

  • Sonia Hale
    Sonia Hale 4 days ago

    Now this is the kinda shit I wanna see at 3am

  • Amelia Myhill
    Amelia Myhill 4 days ago

    i hate anything from the sea like fish sea weed and crab also lobster shrimp so yea i would go with joe’s dish

  • Kayleigh Fosker
    Kayleigh Fosker 4 days ago

    The spam can do one 😂🤣

  • Hannah Marsh
    Hannah Marsh 4 days ago

    I call the reduced bit compost corner 😂

  • Hannah Marsh
    Hannah Marsh 4 days ago


  • Arthur T Bebbington

    0 tick

  • Matty C
    Matty C 5 days ago


  • Barbara Morse
    Barbara Morse 5 days ago

    alot more cooking videos plz😃😅

  • Barbara Morse
    Barbara Morse 5 days ago

    make the hottest chilli

  • Ella Corrigan
    Ella Corrigan 5 days ago

    Such a great video!! Quick question though - I noticed the video was monetized, but these are ideas taken from Pinterest, which means they are likely copyrighted. How did you avoid a copy strike? I'm curious because I want to make crafts from Pinterest but they're technically someone else's intellectual property. Are the rules different with food? lol